The Nation Publishes Ethnically Motivated Anti-White Hate Propaganda Screed

A “journalist,” Max Berger, has published the following at The Nation magazine. You really have to read it to believe it. Given the status of The Nation among the elite left cognoscenti, it warrants a thorough review.

How to Understand White Male Terrorism

We’ve been here before, and we know that violent backlash is at its fiercest when movements for racial and gender justice are winning.

Everywhere I look lately, there are signs of white men panicking about their supremacy over American society.

A group of white men shot at young Black Lives Matter protesters on consecutive nights in Minneapolis last weekend, injuring five people. Donald Trump, still a leading Republican presidential candidate, proposed creating a database and ID cards for Muslims, leading even some Republicans to label him as a fascist. White Student Unions are popping up around the country in response to demands that university administrations do more to fight racism on campus. Finally, Robert Dear opened fire at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic last week, killing three people and injuring nine.

As a white man [??; see below], I want to understand what it is about the ideas of “whiteness” or “America” that’s causing white American males to be the country’s largest terror threat. Why isn’t white violence that is intended to shut down black movements, or male violence intended to intimidate women, considered terrorism by so many?

The bad faith here is astonishing. Obviously, Muslim minorities across the West commit an enormously disproportional amount of terrorism, whereas members of the White majorities commit a relatively smaller amount (see Peter Brimelow’s summary, including the recent San Bernardino killings committed by Muslims and, as The Economist points out, in Europe the still-small Muslim minority commits an overwhelming majority of terrorist killings). More generally, Blacks and Hispanics commit the overwhelmingly majority of murders of innocent Americans.

Berger also fails to mention that evidence suggests the Minneapolis shooting was in self-defense against Black attackers. He also fails to mention the Roseburg, Oregon shooting rampage perpetrated by the half-Black Chris Harper Miller. But, as we’ll see, building a factual case is not Berger’s strong suit.

I want to understand why, at this particular moment, white American men seem to be losing their minds.

Since the civil-rights movement, the Republican establishment — the big bankers and CEOs that actually run the party — have danced with racists in the white grassroots by conflating racism and fear of the government. Instead of providing all Americans with decent healthcare, education, jobs, or housing, the racist white grassroots and rich establishment agreed that everyone should be on their own — so black people and immigrants don’t accidentally get anything good. [. . .]

Everyone’s on their own? Black people and Hispanics obviously receive enormous handouts from White America in the form of indefinite welfare transfers. In fact, an astonishing 81.5% of Black families with children are on welfare (54.6% overall), as are 76.4% of Hispanic households with children (54.1% overall).

However, Berger is making an important point insofar as Republicans do race-bait and engage in implicit White identity politics (guns, gays, abortion . . .) to get voters. The problem is that they do not defend the interests of Whites. This is evident in the panic of GOP elites at Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, et al. faring so poorly and the ascendancy of Donald Trump. Rather, Republican politicians are slaves to the media and their donors, and therefore serve only the interests of Big Business and Israel.

The political institutions through which our society is supposed to deal with these problems have been captured by the same interests that are causing the problems. Democracy—rule of the people, by the people, for the people—is in peril.

The emergence of fascism has always depended upon democracy’s failure. The growing proto-fascist, white-supremacist movement in the Republican Party is preying upon non-rich white people who are literally dying of despair, turning to drugs and suicide to deal with a reality they can’t bear, and a society they believe doesn’t care for them. Over the past 15 years, the death rate for white men has actually increased — an unprecedented rise in modern times that’s comparable to the emergence of the AIDS epidemic. White people are right that they are under attack — they’re just pointing to the wrong culprits. For the wealthy elite who fund the political operatives and media companies that tell white people who to blame for their plight, the race war is a very useful substitute for the class war.

Ignoring the will of the people on opposing immigration is “democracy”? Trump’s bringing unprecedented attention to this issue in the presidential campaign is “fascism”? What Berger doesn’t want to talk about is the failure of elites in both parties to look out for the interests of White Americans, and you don’t have to be on the Alternative Right to notice this. Here is Ross Douthat in the New York Times:  “freaking out over Trump-the-fascist is a good way for the political class to ignore the legitimate reasons he’s gotten this far —  the deep disaffection with the Republican Party’s economic policies among working-class conservatives, the reasonable skepticism about the bipartisan consensus favoring ever more mass low-skilled immigration, the accurate sense that the American elite has misgoverned the country at home and abroad.”

Berger again:

What’s new in this moment is the Republican establishment’s losing control of the grassroots for the first time in the post–civil rights era. Instead of the corporate Republicans winning the white vote with coded racist language, the grassroots outsiders are competing with one another to be more and more openly racist.

Berger is terrified that White identity could overtake the Republican Party’s traditional strategy of controlled race-baiting while doing nothing to change the status quo. But if the candidacy of Donald Trump illustrates anything, “racist language” is not enough any more when it comes from establishment politicians with a record of being long on promises and short on delivery.

Trump and Ben Carson are far-right populists rushing to turn non-rich white people’s fear and despair into ever-greater inequality by blaming others for their situation. [. . .]

Does Berger realize that Ben Carson, by all accounts an idiot, is supported by so many Republicans precisely because they want to prove their anti-racist credentials by supporting a Black candidate? And yes, non-rich White people should blame ruling elites and their elected representatives for undermining their interests.

In this moment of polarization, those who politically, economically, or emotionally depend upon the domination of black people are forced to cling ever harder to their hatred.

Typical meaningless post-Freudian psycho-babble. No need to link to any evidence whatever that Whites depend on Blacks for any of the above (see stats on welfare use cited previously).

The successes of past movements are good indications that the polarization happening across America will be, in sum, a good thing. The mask is slipping and more people are seeing the violence inherent in maintaining white supremacy and empire. The courage and wisdom of this generation of young black leaders [sic] has already shifted the scope of what’s possible in a very short amount of time. [. . .]

But for every cop charged with murder for killing a black child, there is a Darren Wilson [who was obviously innocent of any wrongdoing]. For every city full of young black leaders transforming this country for the better, there is a potential Dylann Roof. The process of ending white supremacy will make this a better country for everyone, but in the struggle it will almost certainly bring more pain to those who already suffer most.

White supremacy is a source of constant terror to people of color and is damaging to the humanity and prosperity of people who are considered white. [sic] So, what would it take for the sad, angry people clinging to their whiteness to have something else to feel good about? How can other white people hasten the end of an America that depends on violence, exclusion, and domination?

The answer, of course, is to deny the existence of race entirely. In Berger’s data-free world, people are only “considered white”; there is no reality to being White. And given Berger’s premise, there can be no legitimate White interests. This a common technique to oppress and disorganize a people: Deny its very existence. Jewish Zionists have also used this technique against Palestinians, with the usual shameless chutzpah.

I think, as Ta-Nehisi Coates says, that it will take us waking other white people up to the myth of their whiteness. People believe they are white because someone told them they are. [!] Who is white has shifted over time to reflect the political needs of those in power, and will continue to change. Americans have to learn that race is invented [an idiotic view; see previous two links], but the experience and rules of racism are all too real. Moving beyond white supremacy will require more of us that “believe ourselves to be white” to confront some tragic, simple human truths: Life is short and fragile, each of us has very little control over our fates, and we all belong to the world; it does not belong to us.

The myth of white America depends upon denying these basic, shared aspects of our humanity. It means denying the terror we inflict upon others to enable our domination — and seeing every act that opposes our domination as terrorism. The myth will continue to have power until white Americans realize we are connected to the other peoples of this country and this world, that “whiteness” is a myth invented for profit, and that America is an imagined political community like any other, and is only good if we make it so.

I have come to believe the fears of white Americans are really just reflections of the things that white supremacy and empire have done to others. White America has not been terrorized by people of color; we have terrorized people of color.

Berger is denying the tragedy of many, many thousands of innocent Whites who have been raped, murdered, or otherwise victimized by non-Whites. And how strange that, despite supposed White terrorizing of people of color, so many Africans, Muslims, and Mestizos are still so eager to force their way into the West — to mooch off our rule of law, our welfare states, our job markets, our harmonious societies, which they have so far failed to produce in their ancestral lands.

Black wealth is not based on stealing from white people; white wealth is based on stealing from black people.

I guess White people steal from Blacks and then support the great majority of Black households via welfare? Again, data-free, viciously anti-White nonsense.

Instead of confronting the reality of our history and what our country has become for most people, too many Americans would rather kill those mourning their dead and send orphans and widows to a hellscape we created  [here Berger might want to ponder the complicity of sections of his own ethnic community — the Israel Lobby and neocons — in creating the hellscape in the Middle East]— all in order to preserve the myths of whiteness, masculinity, and empire [actually, it was about the welfare of Israel].

I have to imagine the white men who commit these egregious acts of terror do so out of a silent, personal fear that the myths of whiteness and masculinity engender in themselves [or, more likely, that a job in the military looked a lot better than other options available in an economy that is brutal for working class White Americans]. The dehumanization white supremacists perpetrate on others has to be, in part, a projection of the dehumanization they feel themselves. [Huh?? Classic psychobabble.]  The sad men that hang out on 4chan plotting the destruction of innocent others don’t believe they can be the strong, virile, white male dominators they are prescribed to be. No one who feels good about themselves talks as much as Donald Trump does about how he is a “winner” and other people are “losers.” [I’d say that Trump has billions of reasons to feel good about himself.] No one who is confident of their humanity would deny acceptance to a 5-year-old orphan refugee [so, I guess Israelis have absolutely no confidence in their humanity, given that they have refused all {non-Jewish} refugees].

And yet, these white, American men are taught they must be silent in considering their fear, because to even admit they feel it would be to undo the myths of whiteness and masculinity they cling to.

This last paragraph is yet another beautifully data-free example of psychobabble. Let me help you, Mr. Berger: many White men feel they cannot speak out because they would be swiftly punished (lose their job, slandered) for voicing any degree of White identity, any defense of their collective interests, or any criticism of non-Whites, no matter how true. Meanwhile, Jews organize with the ADL, Blacks with the NAACP, Hispanics with the National Council of La Raza [sic], etc.

I can’t claim to have answers about how we get more white Americans to treat others as human beings. I do believe that all Americans would be better off if we moved beyond white supremacy and empire, and it’s the responsibility of white people to say so. They are myths that rob us all of our humanity, and keep us from uniting against the plutocrats that are stealing our future. I have faith in this generation of leaders of color, and hope they will lead a multi-racial coalition that will uproot white supremacy, once and for all. I hope that white people will follow their lead, as well as join organizations like SURJ that prepare white people to contribute to the struggle against white supremacy.

I have to believe that the next task of our movements —not just the movement for black lives but all of our movements — is to put forth a vision of what it means to be an American that’s based on a recognition of our shared humanity. In the 21st century, we can’t keep living on systems designed for a time before emancipation, electricity, or public education. We have to put forth a vision of what this country and our lives could be like if it actually was designed to work for all its people.

Personally, I have never read such a deceitful, misleading pack of anti-White lies as this particular article. And I read a lot of this garbage. Really Berger has provided a highly-useful synthesis of all the lies and sophistry which are constantly used against our people.


Berger highlights the “one neat trick” central to all pilpul: It is easier to shamelessly assert a lie than to honestly prove a truth!

But let me point out the central flaw in Berger’s narrative: If there is “White supremacy” in the United States, why is it that White people — who largely oppose immigration — are about to become a minority in their own country even though most of Whites oppose the immigration deluge? The country which the Founding Fathers created explicitly for them, on the time-tested theory that one can only build a genuine nation among peoples of similar ethnic origin.

And, if more and more Whites, especially young White men, are awakening to White identity, it is because the Internet has allowed us, finally, to become aware of the injustices committed against us: Our massive under-representation in the Ivy League universities and much of the mass media (here, p. xlviff); the singular unfairness and hypocrisy that we cannot speak up and organize to defend our legitimate collective interests, while every other group can.

Finally, we cannot do nothing as — not just in North America, but also in Western Europe and Australia and New Zealand — Whites are becoming a minority, a vulnerable minority which will be liable to victimized by an ever-aggrieved non-White majority.

Now, Berger is a German name. But personally, I can sort of tell when a brainwashed, smugly ignorant White person is bashing his own people in order to be fashionable. No, Berger’s piece reeks with race hatred against our people. And sure enough:


Berger claims to write “as a white man,” and claims to lament the injustices that “we” Whites are committing against others. He is in fact an ethnically motivated, deceitful hypocrite. He “deeply believe[s] in the Jewish people’s right to self-determination” and yet claims that the mere organization of student unions for European-Americans, a massively under-represented minority in many elite universities based on IQ and test scores, is a sign of wanting to maintain racial injustice on campus. Jews, he claims, have a right to determine their own destiny, but any self-assertion by people of European descent is “fascism.”

By the way, Berger “works at Vice, is a co-founder of the Momentum Trainings [which appears to be some kind of lucrative diversity scam] and was a leading participant in Occupy Wall Street.” Berger’s role at Occupy Wall Street was presumably to distract protestors from noticing massive Jewish over-representation among Wall Street executives (Goldman Sachs . . .) and Federal Reserve chairman, and to divert their animosity towards Whites. “Evil Whites control America, goyim, there’s certainly been no ethno-plutocratic capture of America’s key financial-cultural institutions by a tiny clique of notoriously clannish Middle Easterners who are related to each other like fifth cousins!”

Oh yes, Mr. Berger, tell us about “White supremacy.” Tell us why Jewish oligarchs Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban work every day to defend the interests of their people, while Rupert Murdoch and Bill Gates undermine Whites through support for displacement-level immigration. Tell us how Hollywood, the Ivy Leagues, Noam Chomksy, the New York Times and Jon Stewart Liebowitz fit into this “White supremacist” America you claim exists. Tell us to whose money and whose media both the Republicans and the Democrats answer to.

No, you are an ethnically-motivated, hair-splitting, sophistic, mendacious, lying, anti-White communist You-Know-Who. And after the Revolution, I dare say, such mendacious and ultimately genocidal hate propaganda against our people will be severely punished.

Me, I’m a conciliatory sort. I really do think everyone can find reasonable solutions if men of good will work together to resolve their differences. As such, I invite our readers to tweet at Mr. Berger to tell him how they feel about his anti-White hate propaganda, about his hypocritical denial of European self-determination and support for Jewish self-determination, and about why he, for some reason, wants to send Muslim “refugees” to America and not to Israel. You can also write to The Nation’s editors (and possibly their advertisers) and threaten raise hell or boycott unless such anti-White bullying is removed and desisted from.

The time will come, one day, for our people. In the meantime, let us reread Kipling, starting with: “The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon.”

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