The Riddle of Rotherham: “Mad Ash,” White Trash and the Hostile Elite

The Yorkshire town of Rotherham, that hotspot of vibrancy, is back in the news. A gang of Pakistani Muslims (and two White women) have just been jailed for what the judge described as an “appalling catalogue” of sex-crimes against under-aged White girls. The ringleader, Arshid “Mad Ash” Hussain, received 35 years; his brothers Basharat and Bannaras received 25 and 19 years respectively. According to their victims, the gang seemed to “rule Rotherham,” committing brazen crimes “with impunity” for two decades. And there are lots more like them. A lawyer has said: “This trial is just the first of many and it is the tip of a very big iceberg.”

“Tip of a very big iceberg”: Mad Ash & Co.

“Tip of a very big iceberg”: Mad Ash & Co.

The Rotherham Triangle

And there you see one of the deep mysteries about the vibrant rape-gangs of modern Britain. In smarmy liberal terminology, the Rotherham criminals are of “Pakistani heritage.” Pakistan was once part of the British Raj, an empire created when India was conquered by relatively small numbers of Whites from vast numbers of non-Whites. Whatever your opinion of British imperialism, this was an impressive military and strategic achievement. The higher intelligence, technology and organization of Whites gave them a decisive advantage over less intelligent and less organized non-Whites.

But in modern Britain that situation is reversed: a minority of non-Whites are behaving as though they rule Whites. The latest vibro-trial from Rotherham has provided stories like these:

One girl was locked up in a room above a restaurant in Blackpool for weeks and forced to have sex with a succession of men to “pay her way”. A 12-year-old was forced to perform sex acts with a group of men in a car after she was picked up from a children’s home. The main victim in the trial was abused by Arshid Hussain almost on a daily basis in churchyards, garages, above a pub. …

Some of the girls suffered horrific violence, one had cigarettes stubbed out on her body, another was blindfolded and had petrol poured on her feet. When one of the victims tried to find a safe house to escape, her abuser threatened to kill her brother. He also told her he had a policeman on the inside so he would always know how to find her. … The horrendous abuse mirrors cases elsewhere in the country and is part of a suspected wider pattern of abuse in the town whose reputation was shattered in August 2014 when Prof Alexis Jay concluded in a report that as many as 1,400 children were exploited in Rotherham over a 16-year period. (How a Rotherham gang with history of criminality abused vulnerable girls, The Guardian, 25th February 2016)

Recall the behaviour of Mohammed Karrar, a Black African Muslim who turned Oxford into another hotspot of vibrancy: “Karrar was brazen in his exploitation of Girl D and acted in the belief that the authorities would never challenge him — something that for years proved to be true.”

Why were Whites unable to organize against and defeat a tiny minority of non-White criminals on British soil? Why is this still happening up and down the country? It’s very puzzling.

Champions of the Proletariat

And it gets even more puzzling when you consider that Rotherham is a stronghold of the Labour party, which was founded, as its very name proclaims, as a passionate champion of the working-class. This is a second deep mystery about the rape-gangs. The girls who were abused in Rotherham are what the snobbish bourgeoisie would call “chavs” or “white trash,” precisely the kind of vulnerable people the Labour party should have been protecting. A phrase like “white trash” would certainly never cross the lips of that dedicated socialist Denis “The Slug” MacShane. But although Denis was Labour MP for Rotherham for nearly twenty years, he failed to notice that large numbers of his young female constituents were being raped, prostituted and threatened with incineration.

Myopic mollusc: Denis MacShane

Myopic mollusc: Denis MacShane

Denis has claimed that “police kept the abuse secret from politicians.” But the politician Nick Griffin, then leader of the British National Party, knew about the abuse long ago. He made a speech condemning it in 2004 and was prosecuted by the New Labour government of which Denis formed such a shining ornament. Denis subsequently went one better than Griffin: in 2013 he was not just prosecuted but jailed for fraud committed on behalf of the Jewish community, which he served far better than he ever served his White working-class supporters.

Cherchez la Féministe

Denis is also a committed campaigner for women’s rights, which raises a third deep mystery surrounding the crimes in Rotherham. Where were the feminists? The behaviour of Arshid Hussain and his brothers represented patriarchal oppression at its foulest and rape culture at its most brazen. Year after year, feminists in the Labour council and social-work departments of Rotherham knew what was going on. But it seems that they were never able to pick up a phone, write a letter or dispatch an email to alert the wider Sisterhood.

It was the Times, the snobbish centre-right newspaper, that exposed the horrors being committed against “white trash” girls in Rotherham, not the staunchly feminist Guardian or the BBC, which broadcasts a daily Woman’s Hour overseen by the part-Jewish matriarch Jenni Murray and the Jewish producer Alice Feinstein. The Guardian and BBC also turned away the lesbian feminist Julie Bindel, who had been trying to alert her comrades to the “grooming gangs” for years. Instead, Bindel had to publish an exposé in a neo-conservative magazine called Standpoint.

For decades, abused women and girls throughout England have been in desperate need of feminist help against violent non-White rapists and pimps. They have never received that help. Instead, feminists have thrown their abundant energies into witch-hunts against elderly White scientists and the promotion of blatantly ridiculous rape-hoaxes. They’ve also campaigned for a tiny minority of mentally unbalanced men who claim that, while they might look like lumberjacks on the outside, they’re actually ladies on the inside. In the same week that Arshid Hussain and his rape-gang were in the news, so was this heart-warming tale of trans-positive feminism:

Lesbian lumberjack: “queer trans disabled” Anna Lee

Lesbian lumberjack: “queer trans disabled” Anna Lee

The first “queer trans disabled lesbian woman” to run for women’s officer at the National Union of Students (NUS), Anna Lee, celebrated her birthday on Tuesday by giving herself a rest from interacting with online abusers, trolls and transphobes. … Lee says that campaigning on women’s rights issues, which she has done for the past two years, has “gone beyond a passion” and taken over her life. She has worked on campaigns to improve sex and consent education in schools; bring greater gender diversity to the curriculum; tackle stigma around periods; get rid of the tampon tax; and stamp out sexual harassment at universities. …

This isn’t the first time that Lee has had to deal with transphobia. When she came out during her first year of university, she lost almost all of her friends — they didn’t want to hang out with a trans person because it was too embarrassing, she says. … This stigma made Lee afraid to run for women’s officer last year. “No one like me has run for a role like this in the past. I’ve never seen it before and that creates a barrier and makes it feel like it is something that you can’t do.”

But, encouraged by young women in the women’s movement, she changed her mind this year. “I’ve had a huge amount of support from women, and people in the women’s campaign. I felt confident putting myself forward for the role because they rallied round and supported me.” Jo Gowers, women’s officer for the Union of Students in Ireland, has already publically supported Lee, saying: “Anna recognises the gravity of the challenges facing Northern Ireland and Scotland in relation to abortion legislation and, importantly, how this challenge will cascade to Wales and England. I’m proudly backing Anna for NUS UK women’s officer.” (First trans student to run for women’s officer stands up to backlash, The Guardian, 27th February 2016)

Resolving the Riddles

So we have a series of riddles about Rotherham and other hotspots of vibrancy: the impunity of non-Whites, the impotence of Whites, the indifference of feminists and the Labour party. What is the key to unlocking these riddles? I would suggest that it lies in the “community” for which Rotherham’s Labour MP Denis MacShane did work successfully: British Jews.

The ideology presently dominant in the UK might be described as minority worship, or the sacralization of any group whose interests are antagonistic to those of the White majority. The martyr-cult of Stephen Lawrence, as overseen by the Jewish “anti-racist” Dr Richard Stone, has bullied the police force into giving non-Whites ever more latitude for misbehaviour. From the Jewish perspective, this is a Good Thing. If British Whites are tolerating active harm by non-Whites, is this not a further guarantee that British Jews are safe from another inexplicable outbreak of irrational anti-Semitism?

However, the pathology induced by minority worship has gone beyond passive tolerance of non-White crime to active collaboration with it. When the father of one of the many victims in Rotherham attempted to rescue his daughter, the police arrested the father for “racial harassment,” not the non-White criminals who were abusing her. But when “three adult [Pakistani] men” were discovered “at 12.45am in the bedroom of a girl in a care home,” guess what? The men were “not arrested.” That’s why it has been impossible for ordinary Whites to organize against the rape-gangs: the authorities are on the side of the criminals, not of their White victims. After all, as Richard Stone and his fellow anti-racists have told us for so long, the so-called criminals are from saintly minorities who are constantly attacked by hate-filled White racists.

“Not a Jewish place…”

The same pro-minority Jewish attitudes are apparent in feminism, which supports mass immigration from deeply misogynist Third-World nations while hysterically insisting that White males are the source of all patriarchal evil. As Labour MP for Rotherham, Denis MacShane combined feminism with pro-Jewish activism while ignoring what was happening to the White working-class in his constituency. To understand his behaviour, examine an article published by the Jewish Chronicle about another New Labour politician: “How Jewish is Jack Straw?” The Chronicle noted that Straw has Jewish ancestry and “looks like a shul warden,” but concluded that “Straw’s father is from Barnsley — not a Jewish place.”

Rotherham isn’t a Jewish place either. Like Barnsley, it’s a benighted goyish town in Yorkshire, many miles from the comfortable Judaeo-centric world of London-based socialists like David Aaronovitch. Denis MacShane, Friend of Israel and connoisseur of haute cuisine, chose to stand for election in Rotherham because it is a safe Labour seat, not because he wanted to help the White working-class there. White votes merely provided his entrée to parliament, where he could pursue his real interests: fighting “anti-Semitism,” curbing free speech, and collaborating in Europe with Jews like Moshe Kantor.

Ultimate Responsibility

In short, the horrors in Rotherham are an example of what happens when Whites allow themselves to be manipulated and dispossessed by a hostile Jewish elite. Remember the words of the lawyer after Arshid Hussain was jailed: “This trial is just the first of many and it is the tip of a very big iceberg.” And that’s just in Rotherham, which even now most British people couldn’t find on a map.

But the non-White rape-gangs are only here because the hostile elite imported them. The ultimate responsibility for these crimes rests with liars, tricksters and propagandists like Tony Blair, Denis MacShane, Sue Berelowitz, Richard Stone and David Aaronovitch. And I don’t think life in jail is a strong enough punishment for what they’ve inflicted on British Whites for so long.

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