Reality is Racist: Fighting Hate-Logic with Stereotype Denial

Logic is a fascinating subject, full of subtleties, paradoxes and intellectual adventure. But it has one shocking flaw: its evolution has been dominated by stale pale males. Men like Aristotle, George Boole, Gottlob Frege and Bertrand Russell all belonged to the White majority in their societies. This toxic legacy has tainted logic for far too long.

Jeremy bursts the envelope

But now there’s some good news. Some astonishing breakthroughs are being made by men and women from oppressed minorities. The tainted logic of stale pale males — hate-logic, as we might call it — is being challenged by a vibrant new logic, or vibro-logic. And are you surprised to learn that Jews are leading the way? You shouldn’t be. Take Jeremy Newmark, national chair of the Jewish Labour Movement (JLM) in Britain. He hasn’t merely pushed the envelope of logic: he has burst through it and triumphed over millennia of gentile hate.

Jeremy Newmark of JLM

Jeremy Newmark of the Jewish Labour Movement

Here’s the story. In 2013 he appeared before a legal tribunal that was investigating a claim of anti-Semitism against the University and College Union. A lawyer alleged that Mr Newmark had attempted to “push” his way into a meeting despite not having the right credentials. You might think Mr Newmark then had two options: to deny the allegation, if it was false, or to accept it, if it was true. But that’s hate-logic. Mr Newmark applied vibro-logic and came up with a devastating response: he was being stereotyped as a “pushy Jew.” In other words, the truth or falsity of the allegation was irrelevant. It invoked a stereotype and ipso facto could not be made against him.

But alas! The tribunal refused to accept Jeremy’s ingenious use of stereotype denial:

Evidence given to us [the tribunal] about booing, jeering and harassing of Jewish speakers at Congress debates was also false, as truthful witnesses on the Claimant’s side accepted. One painfully ill-judged example of playing to the gallery was Mr Newmark’s preposterous claim, in answer to the suggestion in cross-examination that he had attempted to push his way into the 2008 meeting, that a “pushy Jew” stereotype was being applied to him. (UCU cleared of antisemitism — Anthony Julius charged with ‘being rubbish’, New Left Project, 26th March 2013)

The tribunal was obviously using hate-logic, which is simply unacceptable in a vibrant multi-racial society like twenty-first-century Britain.

Deploying Stereotype Denial

America is also a vibrant multi-racial society, so hate-logic is no more acceptable there than it is in Britain. Fortunately, Jews in America are also hard at work promoting vibro-logic and use of stereotype denial. For example, Donald Trump gave a speech in early October 2016 in which he accused Hillary Clinton of being the willing servant of a “corrupt globalist establishment that’s raiding our country and surrendering the sovereignty of our nation.” He spoke of a “small handful of global special interests,” of Hillary “meet[ing] in secret with international banks to plot the destruction of U.S. sovereignty in order to enrich these global financial powers,” and of a “global power structure” that is “robbing” the “working class,” “stripping” America of “its wealth,” and using “media power” to “destroy” anyone who challenges its hold on the “levers of power.”

These are shocking allegations, but they’re echoed by many on all sides of American politics. Should we ask how much truth the allegations contain? No, not at all: that is a hate-question only someone who believes in hate-logic could ask. The only important thing is that Trump is invoking toxic stereotypes about the world’s most vulnerable minority:

Just listen to Louis Mensch, ostensibly a conservative blogger for Heat St, whom Wikileaks just outed as a Hillary campaign helper: “’Globalists’ is a racist code word for Jew because there are none. Free trade between sovereign nations is not a wish to abolish the former.” By Mensch’s convoluted logic, since globalists don’t want to completely destroy national sovereignty, they aren’t really globalists. Therefore when people say globalists, they must mean Jews.

Or let’s hear from the Republican campaign strategist and “Never Trump-er” Rick Wilson: “‘Globalist’ … why don’t you just say ‘Jew’ and get it over with?”

Then there’s Bret Stephens from the Wall Street Journal, who demanded conservative columnist Laura Ingraham be fired for using the term “globalist cabal.” “Globalist cabal is an anti-Semitic dog whistle of the first order. Fox News should act,” Stephens insisted.

And Louis Mensch again: “‘Globalists’ is, like ‘zionists’ or ‘zios’ the new antisemitic code word for Jews.” Distressing news no doubt to anti-Zionist Jews and critics of Israel, who are used to being spuriously accused of anti-Semitism.

Then there’s neocon blowhard Jamie Kirchick’s response to an incoherent tweet by Paul Ryan challenger Paul Nehlen, about Ryan’s staffer Dan Senor: “With globalist advisers like @DanSenor it’s no wonder @PRyan is to the left of @HillaryClinton on #TPP.” To which Kirchick responded: “Why don’t you just say ‘Jew?’” Senor is indeed Jewish, and is rumored to be the person who leaked the infamous Trump-Billy Bush “pussy” tape to the press. …

Trump’s Jewish attackers want to pretend that Trump is an anti-Semite and all of his attacks on globalist institutions or individuals is a personal attack on Jews. That’s preposterous, and projection. Trump’s Jewish attackers don’t want to admit their Jewish privilege. We Jews (yes, I’m one) are the wealthiest religious group in America and the second richest ethnic group behind Indian-Americans. For our tiny size, we are by far the most politically influential. The worlds of finance, media, journalism and law are home to extremely disproportionately high numbers of Jews. Leading globalist institutions like the World Bank, IMF, and WTO have high numbers of Jewish executives and staffers, as do organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations, which one informal estimate claims is around 50% Jewish. Half of the US’s billionaires are Jewish. Jewish donors play an enormous role in funding Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The normally Republican and predominantly Jewish neoconservatives have thrown their support behind Hillary. None of this is evidence of conspiracy. Jews are overrepresented in a many other fields as well, such as mathematics, physics, medicine, philosophy, etc. Jews like to argue with each other and with gentiles, and anybody positing a unified Jewish perspective on any issue has obviously never had Shabbat dinner with a typical Jewish extended family. But claims that Jews are using their disproportionate wealth and influence to support Hillary Clinton are, in fact, true. (Trump, Anti-Globalism and the Anti-Semitism Slur, Counterpunch, 14th October 2016)

“True”? What has “truth” got to do with it? It’s distressing to note that Jonathan Taylor, the hate-thinker responsible for that vile attack on vibro-logic, is himself Jewish. Fortunately, the Jewish community is throwing its considerable weight overwhelmingly behind the promotion of vibro-logic and stereotype denial. If an accusation invokes a hate-filled stereotype, the accusation can be dismissed out of hand. Its possible truth is irrelevant. When reality is racist, decent people have only one option: to reject reality.

Battling for Bernie

Decent people also know that stereotype denial and the rejection of reality open glorious possibilities in the field of jurisprudence. Look at poor, persecuted Bernie Madoff, who was found guilty of stealing huge sums of money in a giant Ponzi scheme. But those allegations invoked the ancient hate-stereotype of the “crooked Jew.” Because Madoff is Jewish, vibro-logic tells us that the allegations are irrelevant. It doesn’t matter that hate-facts and hate-logic have “proved” his guilt. In vibro-reality, he is innocent and he should be freed at once.

The same is true of poor, persecuted Robert Maxwell (born Abraham Hoch in Czechoslovakia). During his lifetime, he faced many allegations that he was a devious crook unfit to be in charge of any big company. Quite rightly, he accused his critics of “anti-Semitism,” because he was Jewish and they were invoking that ancient hate-stereotype of the “crooked Jew.” But when he fell off his luxury yacht and drowned in the Atlantic, his critics seemed to be vindicated. Hate-facts and hate-logic were promptly used to “prove” Maxwell’s guilt. In vibro-reality, of course, he was innocent and he should receive an immediate posthumous pardon.

Vindicating Vibrancy

Stereotype denial can be used by all persecuted groups, not just Jews. Think of those hate-stereotypes about Blacks and their propensity to commit violent crimes like murder, rape and robbery. Every day, right across the Western world, Blacks are appearing in court to be hate-stereotyped as “murderers,” “rapists,” and “robbers.” Prosecutors then use hate-evidence and hate-logic to find many of them guilty.

In hate-reality, their guilt may indeed be “proven.” But decent people must reject hate-reality as an abomination. In vibro-reality, stereotype denial says that these Blacks are innocent and should be freed at once. Not only that: they should be compensated for the horrendous racist injustice they have suffered.

The benefits of stereotype denial should be obvious to all decent people. And those benefits don’t just apply to the direct victims of hate-stereotyping. When Robert Maxwell died, the Israeli government and people were happy for him to be buried on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. That choice of resting-place then fed the vicious anti-Semitism that erupted when the hate-stereotype about Maxwell was proved “correct.” Why did Israel’s most sacred site welcome one of the biggest crooks in financial history? It’s a hate-question that could no longer be asked if vibro-logic is written into Western law as it should be.


Hate-stereotypes emerge in coverage of Robert Maxwell’s funeral at Private Eye

Defaming Denis

And what about Denis MacShane, the Labour politician and SJW who was jailed for fraud in 2013, despite his selfless record of campaigning for women’s rights and the Jewish community? Because Denis himself isn’t Jewish (even if haters claim otherwise), he can’t use stereotype denial to overturn his conviction for fraud. But he could use it to defend his reputation in another way. For nearly twenty years, Denis was MP for the impoverished Yorkshire town of Rotherham, sacrificing his love of the high life to toil for people whom some would dismiss as “White trash.” But during all those years as Rotherham’s MP, he somehow failed to notice that hundreds of his young female White constituents were being subjected to horrendous sexual and physical abuse by gangs of vibrant Pakistani Muslims.

How was such blindness possible? How could Denis not know what was going on and use his powerful role to expose it? In fact, one stale pale female from Rotherham has alleged that it wasn’t possible. She says that Denis did know and did nothing:

Broken and Betrayed is an account of the Rotherham abuse scandal by the key whistleblower, Jayne Senior. Last month [February 2016] three drug-dealing brothers — known locally as Mad Ash, Bash and Bono Hussain — were convicted of offences going back to 1997. The time scale, the severity of the crimes and the sheer number of victims are so staggering that even after three official reports the affair is far from over.

Rotherham’s investigation put the number of victims at 1,400, “all barely pubescent”. Senior spent 13 years working for a Rotherham council-funded programme aimed at identifying children at risk of sexual exploitation and she estimates there are more than 1,700 victims: this in a town of just 250,000. As of now, eight men of Pakistani origin and two white women have been convicted of abuse; five in 2010 after an investigation prompted by Senior; and, this year, the Hussain brothers’ circle, also on evidence collected by Senior’s team in 2002.

Yet it is not the severity of the crimes, nor the paucity of convictions that make the affair a scandal. It is the cover-up. Senior repeatedly found warnings went unheeded, evidence was destroyed and, when her team gave information to outside police forces, she was reprimanded and accused of distortion and unprofessionalism. … When Senior approached the police, she was given an electronic dropbox and told to deposit testimonies, details such as car registration numbers, and the names of men and descriptions. Many years later, she discovered the box could not be accessed by outside forces, and was never consulted by Rotherham police. Senior’s information only ever leaked accidentally and, each time it did, Senior received a reprimand and Rotherham social services hid the evidence away.

The first cover-up came in 2002. An academic named Adele Gladman had been seconded to Senior’s team, where she collated existing files to show the weight of evidence that already existed against the Hussain brothers. Gladman shared her report with the council, and local and South Yorkshire police commanders, with the result that social services raided Senior’s office and confiscated the files. Gladman was sacked. … In 2010, a 17-year-old named Laura Wilson was murdered by a young gang member after he discovered that Wilson’s child, which he believed was his, had been fathered by his older uncle. Senior had logged Wilson’s history for years and identified her as at risk. Though her warnings had been ignored, Senior’s team was made the scapegoat for the murder. Her cases were folded into Rotherham social services and, when she was told she must re-apply for a senior post, she left.

However, the council report on the Wilson murder was so heavily redacted that it alerted the suspicions of the journalist Andrew Norfolk. He managed to track down Senior, who shared her files. In the end, the failure of the cover-up created the story.

There is still no satisfactory answer as to why so many of Rotherham’s institutions behaved so badly. The MP until 2012 was Dennis MacShane, who resigned after being imprisoned for expenses abuses. Senior alleges that she wrote MacShane a briefing paper on the issues, ahead of a conference they both attended on child grooming. So she was upset when he later claimed on BBC radio that no one came to him directly with a problem. … (Rotherham whistleblower explains why sex abuse ring was covered up, The Daily Telegraph, 24th March 2016)

If Jayne Senior’s allegation is correct, then Denis was lying when he said “no one came to him directly” about the rape-gangs and the cover-up. But note this: the allegation rests on the actual existence of the rape-gangs. Yes, yes, I know: in hate-reality the existence of organized rings of Muslim sex-criminals has been abundantly “proved” by hate-facts and hate-logic, not just in Rotherham and the rest of Britain, but also in Sweden, France, Germany and Australia.

Defending Denis

But do you see what this means? The West now harbours a hate-stereotype of the “Muslim sex-criminal.” The Jewish anti-fascist Liz Feteke deplored this gentile toxicity in a hard-hitting indictment of racism in Britain:

There is, as you will know, a long history of racialising sex crimes in this country — Jews being associated with paedophilia in the 1930s, West Indians with pimping in the 1950s and now the focus has shifted to Muslim ‘groomers’. And statistics (just like attitude surveys) are not scientific and neutral but can be manipulated to suit an argument. … It recalled for me the time in the 1980s when the media and the fascists were creating the spectre of the ‘black mugger’ and the Metropolitan police added to the moral panic by isolating ‘assault or threat of violence upon a person, especially with intent to rob’ from all street crime and then providing the ethnicity of the perpetrators. Then, young African-Caribbean men were being accused of racially-motivated attacks on ‘little white old ladies’ in much the same way as Muslims as a whole are accused of anti-white sex crimes. (Grooming: an open letter to Nick Lowles, The Institute of Race Relations, 15th November 2012)

Liz has laid it on the line: although in hate-reality Blacks may indeed be over-represented as “muggers” and Muslims as “groomers,” that is entirely irrelevant. In vibro-reality, Black muggers and Muslim groomers are the victims of vicious White racism. Because there is now a hate-stereotype of the “Muslim sex-criminal,” Muslim rape-gangs do not “exist” in the highest and best sense of the word.

Accordingly, Denis MacShane could not have been told about them by a so-called whistleblower. It was Jayne Senior who was in the wrong, not poor Denis. She was peddling a hate-stereotype about Muslim sex-criminals who existed only in hate-reality. In vibro-reality, those caring Muslim men were organizing after-school chess-clubs, yoga sessions, and computer-coding workshops for under-aged White girls, not “abusing” them. This is as true in Rotherham as it is in Oxford, Rochdale, Derby, Bradford, Oldham, Telford, Ispwich and London.

Hate Never Sleeps

All decent people must therefore call for the immediate release of any Muslim male imprisoned for sex-crime, plus an immediate end to any current investigations and prosecutions. Hate-stereotypes must not be allowed to destroy the lives of vibrant non-Whites who, although “guilty” in hate-reality, are entirely innocent in vibro-reality.

But decent people have a big task on their hands: the haters are busy creating a new hate-stereotype in Britain. Following the closure of the “Jungle” refugee-camp in France, traumatized refugee-children are finally being re-united with their families in Britain. But are the haters celebrating this joyous news? No, they are not. Instead, they are alleging that some of these vulnerable children are in fact fully grown men in their twenties and even thirties.


A vulnerable child-refugee

The stale pale male Conservative MP David Davies is exploiting the hate-stereotype of “fake refugee-children” in a particularly disgusting way. He has called for dental tests on the vibrant newcomers, alleging that growth patterns in human teeth are an internationally recognized way of establishing whether someone is older than eighteen. The MP is plainly a believer in hate-reality, someone who would shamelessly use hate-facts and hate-logic to exclude Third-World enrichers from Britain. In vibro-reality, these refugees are any age — indeed, any thing — that they wish to be. If they claim to be human embryos, pterodactyl chicks or papier-mâché models of the Taj Mahal, that is exactly what they are in the eyes of all decent people.

Jewish geniuses to the rescue

This sturdy defence of vibro-reality would, I am sure, be heartily endorsed by Jeremy Newmark of the Jewish Labour Movement. He was called “pushy” at that tribunal hearing (see above), but he’s Jewish and the “pushy Jew” is a hate-stereotype. Therefore he is not now and never has been “pushy.”

The Jewish journalist Jonathan Freedland is another passionate advocate of the idea that reality is whatever an oppressed group says it is:

On the left, black people are usually allowed to define what’s racism; women can define sexism; Muslims are trusted to define Islamophobia. But when Jews call out something as antisemitic, leftist non-Jews feel curiously entitled to tell Jews they’re wrong, that they are exaggerating or lying or using it as a decoy tactic — and to then treat them to a long lecture on what anti-Jewish racism really is.

The left would call it misogynist “mansplaining” if a man talked that way to a woman. They’d be mortified if they were caught doing that to LGBT people or Muslims. But to Jews, they feel no such restraint. So this is my plea to the left. Treat us the same way you’d treat any other minority. No better and no worse. If opposition to racism means anything, it surely means that. (My plea to the left: treat Jews the same way you’d treat any other minority, The Guardian, 29th April 2016)

Jonathan’s message is clear: if reality is racist, sexist, Islamophobic or anti-Semitic, so much the worse for reality. Hate-facts and hate-logic must not prevent oppressed groups getting their own way.

The difficulty is that oppressed groups are starting to disagree with each other. Jewish vibro-reality is clashing with Muslim vibro-reality, which is particularly troubling when you think that Jews invented the concept of vibro-reality in the first place. Worse still, Jews have worked tirelessly to import Muslims into the West and to defend them from hate-stereotypes. Why are Muslims failing to recognize Jews as “natural allies” in the minority fight against majority hate?

It’s a sorry situation. But we must look on the bright side. With Jewish geniuses like Jeremy and Jonathan on the job, I’m sure that a golden multi-racial Paradise is still where it has been for many decades: just around the corner.


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