The Bestial of British: How Non-Whites Enrich a Stale Pale Nation

Where would Britain be without its communities of colour? For one thing, journalists would have much less to write about. The obscure northern town of Rotherham has achieved world-wide infamy thanks to its hard-working Pakistani rape-gangs. The southern city of London isn’t obscure, but it had fusty associations with stale pale males like Charles Dickens and stale pale institutions like parliamentary democracy.

Vibrancy and violence

Mass immigration has changed all that: in the twenty-first century, London vibrates with murders, gang-rapes and acid-attacks. A Black Londoner called Theodore Johnson has just hit the headlines after being convicted of killing his third “partner.” That’s some achievement, particularly at the age of sixty-four, but Johnson isn’t as remarkable as the Black Londoner Delroy Easton Grant, a serial rapist who specialized in attacking elderly women.

Black enrichers, White victim

These high-achievers originally came here from the small island of Jamaica, which has supplied many more murderers and rapists to Britain since our traitorous elite allowed mass immigration to begin after the Second World War. As the twentieth century closed, Tony Blair and his Jewish immigration minister Barbara Roche began to source our violent criminals from the entire Third World, with entirely predictable consequences. Blair and Roche are now long out of office, but their treachery goes on giving. At the end of December, a London newspaper wrung its hands and listed “the names of the young people we lost to violence in 2017.” A feast for phoneticians then followed:

Djodjo Nsaka (19), Quamari Serunkuma-Barnes (15), David Adegbite (19), Abdifatah Sheikhey (19), Karim Samms (16), Abdullahi Tarabi (19), Jordon Wright (19), Mahamed Hassan (17), Elijah Dornelly (17), Joao Ricardo Gomes (18), Abdirahman Mohamed (17), Osman Sharif (16), Mahad Ali (18), Joshua Bwalya (16), Soban Khan (18), Daniel Namanga (19), Jermaine Goupall (15), Abdul Mayanja (19), Corey Junior Davis (14), Saif Abdul Magid (18), Aren Mali (17), Michael Jonas (17), Kacem Mokrane (18), Jason Isaacs (18) (London youth violence: These are the names of the 24 teenage boys killed in stabbings and shootings in 2017, Get West London News, 29th December 2017)

But London’s “yoots” didn’t rest on their laurels after that busy  2017: they saw in the New Year with “Four fatal stabbings in one night,” as the Guardian’s hand-wringing headline put it. In the article that followed the Black female crime-expert Temi Mwale told us that “young Londoners inhabit an environment akin to a war zone, where the threat of serious violence is constant, leading to high levels of fear and anxiety.” She then offered her solutions: she wants to spray lots more fatuous jargon and spend lots more White taxpayers’ money. Okay, Britain has already spent many billions of pounds trying in vain to cure non-White pathologies, but Temi has finally found the key to ending that failure. The money has to be spent “holistically” and with “cultural competence”:

Young black boys are still over-policed and under protected. They urgently need culturally competent services that work with them holistically, addressing their sense of identity in a society that is hostile towards them. … We need a public health approach that works with communities holistically. We need to invest in the infrastructure so that young people can live in environments where they thrive, not fight for survival. Grassroots community work is what will restore hope and provide a sense of purpose to a generation that has been failed by our society. … There is no quick-fix solution. But long-term investment in long-term interventions that deal with the root causes of violence, such as unaddressed trauma, would be a step in the right direction.

Violence affects us all. While not everyone will or should work on the frontline, we can all play a role. As many of you make new year resolutions, I urge you to commit something to this struggle. We need your time, resources, skills and networks to empower those of us in the position to create change to make a bigger impact. Too many people have accepted children killing children as a tragic yet normal feature of life in London. I cannot. (Four fatal stabbings in one night – and Sadiq Khan’s slick words ring hollow, The Guardian, 2nd January 2018)

Laughing lawyer: Temi Mwale

Temi Mwale has a degree in law and is described at the Guardian as “the founding director of The 4Front Project, a youth-led social enterprise to empower young people and communities to live free from violence.” In other words, she’s a budding Batmanghelidjh: like the Iranian psychotherapist Camila Batmanghelidjh before her, she’s identified a lucrative role for herself offering fatuous and futile solutions to non-White pathologies. In “the past three months” alone, she’s jetted off to Chicago, New York and Los Angeles to study “arts-based therapeutic services and social enterprises addressing trauma.” With her exotic name, her lawyer’s cunning and her confident deployment of liberal jargon, she can look forward to lots more trips and lots more funding.

Paralysed by political correctness

But will The 4Front Project absorb millions and then collapse amid farce and financial scandal, as Camila’s “Kids Company” did in 2015? It’s a distinct possibility. What’s certain is that The 4Front Project will not solve the problem of non-White violence in Britain. That would involve admitting the truth and liberalism is based on denying the truth. At the beginning of 2017, the Guardian began a hand-wringing series called “Beyond the Blade,” which purports to offer “the truth about knife crime in Britain.”

In fact, it offers more evasion and obfuscation. Crime has biological roots and Blacks excel at violence for the same reasons as they fail at physics and mathematics. The explanation lies in their genetics and their evolutionary history. They are biologically different from Whites and they do not belong in a White society. But liberals refuse to admit this, preferring to deny reality and allow non-White pathologies to continue.

That reality-denial has horrific consequences. When the Labour MP Ann Cryer was trying to combat “large-scale paedophile abuse” by Muslim men in her northern constituency, she naturally sought the help of Britain’s foremost progressive and feminist newspaper. She failed to get that help: “I couldn’t get The Guardian interested. Its reporters seemed paralysed by political correctness.”

Importing Africa

That was in the 1990s, but the Guardian is still ignoring horrific crimes committed against vulnerable women and girls. Knife-crime is by no means the only non-White pathology flourishing in twenty-first century London:

In 1999 I witnessed a gang rape in Sierra Leone. I was forced to watch a group of rebel soldiers taking it in turns to rape a young girl in front of an audience of jeering men. It was the height of the civil conflict and rape had become a devastating weapon of war. When I moved to Britain I believed I had escaped such horrific sexual violence. As my Dispatches investigation tomorrow night [21st June 2009] shows, I was mistaken. Gang rape is happening here – and what I have found most disturbing as an African is that a disproportionate number of these attacks are being carried out by black or mixed-race young men.

Towards the end of last year [2008], police and child welfare experts working on Channel 4’s Street Weapons Commission told us of their concerns about gang rape. Then two big cases hit the headlines. In December, nine schoolboys, some as young as 13 at the time of the attack, were convicted of raping a 14-year-old girl. She was dragged between tower blocks in Hackney where she was threatened with a knife, hit and raped during an ordeal that lasted an hour and a half – some of which was filmed on mobile phones. In January, three men were convicted of gang raping a 16-year-old with learning disabilities for two hours before dousing her with caustic soda in an effort to get rid of the evidence.

How prevalent is this crime and why it is happening in Britain? Despite the seriousness of the crime, I was amazed to discover that no national statistics exist: gang rape is simply not recorded as a separate crime category. So over a period of several months we set about collating our own. We approached the Crown Prosecution Service, the Association of Chief Police Officers, all 50 police forces, crown courts, barristers and rape referral centres to try to establish the numbers.

One of the few police forces to have begun recording the figures of reported gang rape is the [London] Metropolitan Police. In 2008 alone, they received reports of 85 gang rapes. Using the Met’s definition of gang rape – those involving three or more perpetrators – we began to look at the number of convictions. We tracked down 29 cases, from January 2006 to March 2009, in which a total of 92 young people were convicted of involvement in gang rape. One fact stood out. Of those convicted, 66 were black or mixed race, 13 were white and the remainder were from other countries including Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. (Gang rape: Is it a race issue?, The Independent, 20th June 2009)

“Is gang-rape a race issue?” asked the Black journalist Sorious Samura back in 2009. The answer was as obvious then as it is now: yes, it is definitely a race issue. But that “issue” is never going to afflict East European nations like Hungary and Poland, because they are refusing to allow non-Whites to enter their territory in large numbers. Israel, on the other hand, was “infiltrated” by many thousands of African Blacks at the beginning of the decade. Horrific crimes inevitably followed: in 2012, for example, an “83-year-old woman was raped and beaten for hours in the courtyard of her apartment building near the central bus station in south Tel Aviv by a young Eritrean migrant.”

“Infiltrators Out!”

The response of the Israeli government was swift and highly effective. It ended the influx by putting up a border-fence and strengthening enforcement of its already tough laws against illegal immigration. Now it has a new and even tougher law that will allow it to deport Blacks against their will. The Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is speaking softly while carrying a big stick: “The infiltrators have a clear choice – cooperate with us and leave voluntarily, respectably, humanely and legally, or we will have to use other tools at our disposal, which are also according to law. I hope that they will choose to cooperate with us.”

And Israel doesn’t have to bother about crime committed by non-White goyim who have immigrated legally, because they’ve found a highly effective way to avoid such crime. As the Jewish Chronicle has said: “changing the country’s immigration laws and opening an avenue for large numbers of non-Jews to move to Israel … remains a political taboo.” There is no nonsense about “ethnic enrichment” in Israel, because Israel’s attitude to immigration is governed by reality, not by fatuous liberal fantasies. Blacks and other non-Whites are biologically different. They do not belong in White societies and their presence here is something to deplore, not to celebrate.

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  1. Rob Bottom
    Rob Bottom says:

    Nevermind the stabbings, the gang rapes, the acid attacks; what matters is that Jews like Barbara Roche feel more comfortable in a diverse London.

  2. Jason
    Jason says:


    Thanks for the great article, Sir. The key fact is that blacks are genetically aggressive and violent. When they see a white person, their blood boils with rage, that God made the other person so beautiful and white, but him black, so he takes out his anger on the target.

    But the Brits allowed this 3rd world invasion by not voting for BNP.

    Blair was bribed by his Jewish masters and ordered to flood the country with 3rd world aliens. The Brits voted for Labor often, while the criminal Blair flooded his country with aliens. Blair has now set up bogus charities and his Jewish masters are giving “donations” to his fake charities. An online search will give you a list of these charities and their Jewish donors. These are fake charities which will then pay this money to Blair disguised as salaries and consultancy fees. These are bribes to him for flooding the country with 3rd world aliens who are assaulting white girls. The Brits could have voted for BNP or amended their constitution to allow binding superseding national referenda and banned immigration themselves. They should arrest the criminals Blair and Cameron and try them for crimes against humanity and vote for BNP only or have binding superseding national referenda so people can ban immigration themselves.

  3. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    “We need a public health approach that works with communities holistically.”
    Well, I suppose that could work. If there is an outbreak of the Black Plague, public health officials would move to eradicate the fleas causing the disease. Unfortunately for the rat communities holistic measures require rats to be eliminated with the fleas. Somehow, I don’t think Temi Mwale has something akin in mind.

  4. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    Good article until Israel was used as a shining beacon of hope at the end.

    Who is behind this attack on Western societies and urging us all to take in more more more whilst practicing common immigration policy sense themselves? Who has organized our destruction via “cultural enrichment”?

    What people control Great Britain and have set the policies to allow this situation to fester? Who owns the media that ignores these things and still paints pretty pictures for the increasingly disbelieving populace?

    Should have stuck with Poland and Hungary and just left Bibi out of it. Israeli “racism” is, once again, being given a pat on the back; these very same people will be the first to condemn anyone in the West who opposes these protective standards of immigration in their own native lands.

    Heck, Israel is even booting legit Ethipian Jews out of their country primarily due to skin tone, insisting they take payment and leave or face punishment. The “sons of Ham” are not particularly favoured by the Tribe.

    • John Smith
      John Smith says:

      No, it’s a good point because it

      A) Illustrates pragmatic and effective immigration policy.
      B) Shows the hypocrisy of Jews preaching open borders in the diaspora while practicing the opposite at home.

      Tobias Langdon has covered both points many times before in his articles. Netanyahu is exactly right on this.

  5. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    The ‘joys and wonders’ of Negritude are never ending. Thanks for the unpleasant reminder, Tobias. Why White people anywhere tolerate and mollycoddle simian-like Negroid miscreants in their midst is incredibly unbelievable. That is, until you actually see the surreal nature of the destructive problem, and the fact that many (((media anesthetized))) Whites are still pretending to ignore the racial nature of the disaster confronting them. Most unfortunately, I think that we have a mega problem with White credulity, writ large.

    For a better understanding of the problem, see Richard Fuerle’s excellent book: Erectus Walks Amongst Us, available as a free internet download.

    • Ned McLoser
      Ned McLoser says:

      White people “tolerate” a lot of things because in order to address a problem you have to talk about it and talking about it is too ‘dangerous’, except anonymously in off-Broadway venues by people who have no career or family to worry about. Soon even that will be impossible. You might be able to change this state of affairs by making selective alliances with Muslims, blacks, Asians, Latinos, but that would spoil the fun of indulging the impulse to trash non-whites.

  6. Ger Tzedek
    Ger Tzedek says:

    I have not yet read the article, but by now I fully feel the Jewish pinch. Doing nothing means only postponing my own demise at a higher price of our collective demise. Doing what I do, has turned everybody against me. Jews and their henchmen do not even bother to say hello to me by now. They have had their setbacks with me, that doesn’t change them. The only reason why I am still around is their fear of scandal. Deliberately climbed the steps to a higher office, not to complain, rather mention the name of my Jewish (overrated) chief of department in unflattering light. This has caused her to slightly calm down. Even the process of her becoming chief of department was, obviously, irregular. Many Jews that she has hired, were hired in contravention with the procedures.

    I have a fine plan how to do them all in, but I am stretched very, very thin. My path forward is very narrow, and without choices. One minor slip, and off I go to oblivion.

    • ariadnatheo
      ariadnatheo says:

      I wish you good luck. I look for your occasional asides in the comment section. They are like a side plot at the back of the stage that grows more suspenseful every time. More real, for being personal, than the main narrative thread.
      Try not to be predictable o (((them))), not a mean task while being consistent and true to yourself, but remember that they are easily confused being literal minded. Again: good luck.

      • Ger Tzedek
        Ger Tzedek says:

        I had one big disadvantage. I came to my senses all of the sudden, in 2015, thanks to Barbara Lerner Spectre and “wilcommenskultur” genocide. And I behaved as the newborn that I was, completely inexperienced in the new territory. They knew the game. They had seen this situation a million of times before. They are quite happy to get rid of one more White man, whatever the excuse be. It didn’t help that I have very high academic standards. This set in motion all sorts of complaints against me, from students. All that said, I am playing it very fine, and have caught up fast.

        • T. J.
          T. J. says:

          “. . .I came to my senses all of the sudden. . .”

          Were you living in a world of nonsense up until then?

          Actually giving up nonsense is the essence of red pilling- the senses being the starting point of science and objectivity.

          Remember when grandma used expressions like “nonsense!!.” Absolutely right.
          Most folks are trying to live in sense and nonsense at the same time- the human condition.

    • Floda
      Floda says:

      I think you need help, perhaps from an older relative, don’t dwell on ‘doing them all in’ look after yourself and don’t take things you read too seriously.

      • Ger Tzedek
        Ger Tzedek says:

        I am looking after myself just fine. I am old enough to be my own older relative. I am many other people’s older relative. If we limit only to looking after ourselves, we have lost. The situation is actually grim. This website is not my world.

      • Ger Tzedek
        Ger Tzedek says:

        On a bright note, Jews know that they live in a fancy impossible world. They are afloat in a very unstable equilibrium. Holocaust propaganda isn’t of much help to Weinstein. They all are in that position. The ball is still rolling against us though.

    • T. J.
      T. J. says:

      “. . .but I am stretched very, very thin. . .”

      If they ever take you away on a stretcher there may be little left to stretch.

  7. Andrea Ostrov Letania
    Andrea Ostrov Letania says:

    “In fact, it offers more evasion and obfuscation. Crime has biological roots and Blacks excel at violence for the same reasons as they fail at physics and mathematics. The explanation lies in their genetics and their evolutionary history. They are biologically different from Whites and they do not belong in a White society. But liberals refuse to admit this, preferring to deny reality and allow non-White pathologies to continue.”

    Actually, Liberals are confused on this. On the one hand, they say race is just a social construct, and there is only one Human Race.. and “we all bleed red” cliche.
    So, it doesn’t matter if tons of non-whites, even blacks, come to the UK. Blacks are just white people with black skin… or whites are just black people with white skin.

    BUT, Liberals also make the argument that UK needs these non-white colonizers because races are indeed different and whites have so much to gain from ‘diversity’.
    So, we are told that mixed-race people are more beautiful and more intelligent. On the one hand, race is just a myth, BUT mixing races somehow results in a superior mixed-race of higher IQ and greater beauty. (If races don’t exist, how can mixing them lead to superior mixed-race?)
    Mexico and Morocco are race-mixed with African, Arab, and Caucasian blood. Are Mexicans and Moroccons smarter and more beautiful than Swedes? If so, why don’t all the Liberals just move to Latin America or North Africa and live in those paradises of ultra-beauty and super-high intelligence. After all, George P. Bush is the epitome of super-intelligence and attractiveness.

    Also, the character of UK PC-pop-culture shows that Neo-Racism really prevails among Liberals. The main conflict is not between racism and anti-racism. It’s because Paleo-Racism and Neo-Racism. Paleo-Racism favored whites in the West or native majority over foreigners. Paleo-Racism not only governed Europe but inspired nations like Vietnam and Algeria that rose up against imperialism for nationalist-race-ist reasons: they said Vietnam for Vietnamese and Algeria for Algerians and YOU EUROPEANS GO BACK HOME.

    UK Liberals are Neo-Racists. They are addicted to virtue-vanity and self-righteous supremacism as the template for neo-snobbery. They are addicted to status supremacism, and PC is like virtue crack to these people. It gives them highs of instant holier-than-thou heartgasms. They sniff PC like idiots sniff glue.

    Neo-Racism is about favoring minorities, aliens, colonizers, and esp Jews and blacks over the native gentile population. And of course, homos are used as globo-agents of Jews. If indeed these Liberals in US and UK are anti-racist, why do they favor Jews over Palestinians? Why do they favor Israeli interests over Iranian interests? Why they allow Jews to defame whites but imprison or destroy any white person who calls out on Jewish hate? Why did the US media take the side of Trayvon Martin over George Zimmerman? Because Neo-Racism favors blacks over browns. Neo-Racism bitches about lack of black representation in Stem fields but never complains about the fact that Mexicans aren’t represented in LA football and basketball teams. So, even excessive black success is to be lauded. If a team is all black, that is wonderfully diverse. But if there are no Mexicans in LA Lakers, who cares?

    There is another angle to Neo-Racism. It believes in Black Superiority(along with Jewish supremacy). Because blacks excel in sports, run faster, jump higher, shake booties faster, punch harder, sing louder, and have bouncier butts and bigger dongs, white Britons worship blacks as the superior race(sensually even if they don’t say so officially). It’s like Jewish Homo Milo saying he’s not ‘racist’ because he worships a big black dong up his bung. He is blind to his own Neo-Racism. A true anti-racist would argue that no race is better than others. But Milo’s homo bung now only accepts black dongs and shuts out all others because he deems blacks superior as sex partners. And Andrew Sullivan the British ‘conservative’ feels the same way. He got HIV by having his white bung porked by endless parade of black dongs.
    And British women are increasingly into ACOWW or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs because they are into rap culture, black icons, black athletes, and black porn. British girls pay big bucks to see Ariana Grande who sings about how her poons needs endless supply of big black dongs.

    And BBC features black guy as Zeus, black guy as Achilles. So, the idea is that the Superior Icon of Manhood is the Negro. This Neo-Racist ideal says white women should go with black men and white men should graciously and cuckishly accept this inevitability.. or try to regain some of their lost manhood(vis-a-vis the Negro) by taking Asian women from yellow male soyboy losers. Inferior to black men, superior to yellow men. So, the Neo-Racist ideal is for black dongs to colonize white wombs and for white dongs to colonize yellow wombs. As for yellow boys, they can have sexbots.

    Why do Muslim men use torture and rape to get white women? They got no appeal as studs. Unlike black guys who can get tons of white poons by shaking booty, playing ball, or singing, Muslim men must use organized criminality to hold and rape young white girls. And why are so many white girls vulnerable to this? Cuz white working class have been morally corrupted and debased by hedonism, materialism, and family breakdown.

    Neo-Racism favors blacks. Why? We live in a pop culture world of sports, music, dance, celebrity, and even porn(as it’s gone mainstream). Some races have iconic value even if they aren’t talented with brains or achievement. Take Jesse Owens and Joe Louis. Blacks as a race had close-to-zero power in the 1930s and 1940s in terms of economics and technology, BUT they gained great prestige as icons of sports and music. They matter because the gods of modernity are the sports stars, music stars, and sex symbols on TV.

    Blacks never produced great scientists, engineers, doctors, lawyers, military generals, and etc. But they produced lots of great athletes and musicians. And MOST PEOPLE seek pleasure from entertainment of sports and music. So, even though the Western economy and technology were made and are sustained by white men, the heroic icons that represent the body-and-soul of the nation are black. Whites keep all the electrical systems going, but what do white people see on their electronic TV and computers when they come home from work? Black icons of sports and music.
    It’s like Japanese and Koreans make tons of TVs, but the world doesn’t watch yellow boys on TV. Instead, all that technology made by whites and yellows celebrate black icons of music and sports and sex industry. So, whites and even yellows are working so hard to build all this great technology… only to celebrate a dangerous thuggish race that, on its own, can’t do shit and only degrade civilizations. Look at China. So much economic development and rise made by Chinese workers and engineers. But what do Chinese boys watch on TV as their heroic icons? NBA black athletes.

    Neo-Racism is about the power of icons. Whites in UK worship black icons because blacks are iconic as athletes, loud singer, bouncy-booty twerkers, and big-donged humpers.

    Paleo-Racism understood this threat and tried to keep blacks out or suppress them. But Jews took over UK elite culture and pushed the Neo-Racism whereby cucked out Brits came to worship blacks as iconic heroes and saviors.

    Also, there is the ant-grasshopper symbiotics between Northern Europeans and blacks. Brits developed their great nation with much hard work, discipline, manners, self-sacrifice, and social order. This made for a stable society but it often felt drab, repressive, and constricting. They were like hardworking ants that achieved much but didn’t have much fun.
    In contrast, blacks are like grasshoppers who be looking for fun 24/7 and having no sense of responsibility.

    So, white ants took pity on black grasshoppers and took them in. But white ants also envied the sunny grasshoppers who seemed more fun and easy-going. The repressed and inhibited ants felt liberated and emancipated by the wilder nature of the grasshoppers. It’s like a frigid person loves the sun. When British culture began to thaw from its self-discipline and inhibitions, it felt attracted to blacks who seemed sunnier and happier with their sexual and musical spontaneity. Not for nothing did 007 story begin in the Caribbean. And in time, Anglo-Saxons culturally became Junglo-Saxons as New British Music came to be about drawing inspiration from black music to come up with stuff like Beatles, Stones, Led Zeppelin, and etc.

    So, UK really went from Paleo-racism to Neo-racism. The current PC is not about racial equality. It’s about how blacks are superior as electro-icons of sports, entertainment, and sex industry. And since modern Western Culture is all about vanity, narcissism, and hedonism — why else are flamboyant homos worshiped? — , wild and funky blacks have an advantage over whites.

    Who’s the boxing champion of UK now? It’s some black guy. So, even though white men do all the hard work to sustain British economy and technology, the iconic heroes and gods of UK are black. People work to make a living but look to sports and entertainment for thrills, excitement, and heroics.

    Engineers and plumbers are far more crucial to an economy than athletes and singers, but do you see anyone get excited about engineer or plumber? No, they get wild about athletes, singers, actors, and stars. And black icon-hegemony is destroying UK as it encourages a people who can create civilization worship a people who destroy civilization.

    It’s not just about PC. It’s about pop culture and its rule of icons.

    • Barkingmad
      Barkingmad says:

      I’ll sum it up for you: every coin has two sides; what has a front has a back and the bigger the front, the bigger the back. But technology- and science-immersed and preoccupied white Europeans don’t seem to get even these basics. A wise population and especially its leaders know that it’s about walking on a knife’s edge. We are not as smart as we think we are and now we are getting an almighty spanking.

      Maybe we should take Varg Vikernes’s advice and Go Barbarian. It might be the only way out; pining for a continued comfy existence – without obnoxious or outright treacherous minorities wanting in on the goodies – is for fools, stupider than cargo cultists.

  8. John King
    John King says:

    We need scholars who can produce solid works of sociology on these matters. You look in vain for a book that covers the United States from the time of the Civil Rights Act until the Ferguson Riots. But it would be comparatively easy to demonstrate the failure of some of the central tenets of Martin Luther King’s vision. Similarly, it would be fairly straightforward to write a history of Britain from the time of the Windrush to the epidemic of knife and acid attacks now, showing that the bright hope of multiculturalism actually led to a more violent, fearful, less trusting society. This is the work of this generation and of the next generation.

  9. Joe
    Joe says:

    Thanks for adding the last paragraph about our (((benevolent overlords))) headquartered in their private pirate state.
    Their victory in the Second World War along with their goy Britons who willingly fought for their own Empires’ destruction has given us this blessed fruit of diversity which infects EVERY white nation on earth. Until they wake up to historical and biological truths, they deserve every bit of horrid spice the minorities can apply to their lives. If and when they ever wake up, the only logical cure to the pus in their body is mass evictions and forced emigration on an unprecedented scale.

  10. Jim
    Jim says:

    There’s no hope for us. I live in a state that didn’t pop up on the DACA map on the news. Despite this, in just over a couple of decades, I have seen my town totally transform from white w/ a very small black population to what looks and feels like a majority Hispanic non-white population w/ whites in second place and a fast growing Caribbean black population of new immigrants. The majority of new births at our local hospital are Hispanic. If one were to drop off their child for their first day of kindergarten, they would discover that their Caucasian child is in the 10 percent white minority of the class with the 80 percent being Hispanic and the rest being probably local blacks or mixed race or immigrant Caribbean black.

    There’s no hope. The west is lost. We have no future. Regardless of a wall or stopping the ”dreamers act”…

    We should just check out. Stop paying taxes. Try to go on welfare ourselves and lock ourselves behind doors and wait for death by natural causes, home invasion murder, or suicide to end the pain. Let them see how things are without us. Their utopia.


    (Mod. Note: “Jim”, can you please administer TOO readers more black pills like above? After all, when the sentiment “All Hope is Lost” becomes widespread, that’s when Whites really begin the fight.)

  11. Mike
    Mike says:

    You might be interested in a very recent offering from the Daily Mail. It starts with:-
    Professor Green confronts far-right Britain First demonstrators shouting racist chants in Rochdale in wake of town’s grooming scandal –
    The Mail targets people of the right wing tending to the lower or mdiddle classes. The comments leave no doubt about their contempt for this propaganda.

    • Curmudgeon
      Curmudgeon says:

      Professor Green looks more like (((Professor Green))).
      As I have stated previously, “left” and “right” are irrelevant terms. The people of Rochdale elect the “left’ Labour Party more often than not. The “ignorant” working class views like through unfiltered lenses, not filtered ones like the “educated” upper classes. They tend to say what they think is the truth, which, of course, is offensive.

    • Michael Adkins
      Michael Adkins says:


      Green just doesn’t get it. The English and English American working class want change. What he offers is, don’t blame me, don’t blame you, blame the man behind the tree.

      We have a lot like him in the US, we call them hipsters, hennetasters and thralls.

  12. T
    T says:

    The elites and their hangers on knew quite well beforehand what would be the murderous results of their actions. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

    The below excerpt is a message from the past to the future. It is from an 1870 US book called One Hundred Years Progress of the United States. Towards the end of the book in a section entitled Marvels That Our Grandchildren Will See the writer attempts to project the future one hundred years forward. The excerpt below is from the concluding chapter starting on pg 521of this section entitled ‘The History Of A Day In 1970’ and describes a day in the life of a wealthy ‘progressive’ US business man of the future and what he observes rather nonchalantly of the inner city of a million strong metropolis in present day Utah. In this projected world North America as a whole has been integrated economically and politically into a single state, its population now numbering in the hundreds of millions, high speed rail travel (120 mph) has been achieved and is the order of the day, and wage slavery (ie chattel slavery and its trade monetized in the form of cheap labor/mass immigration) is the primary source of labor, much to the ultimate expense of the founding Anglo-Saxon stock general public as the excerpt makes plain. It is, almost needless to say, all rather quite ‘multicultural’. In a scene that would fit well in any of the 1970’s US produced inner city based police detective television series such as Kojak or Baretta the drug and hate fueled random act of ultraviolence directed at crowds of innocent bystanders or at the lone individual on the street in the form of knife slashing is a common everyday occurence.

    pg 526

    it would not surprise us to know, that in one of his fits of jealousy against Englishmen and Americans, he [a discarded ‘immigrant’] had assassinated some friend of ours.

    ..we have entered the purlieus of the lowest classes of the Chinese, Hindoo, and Malay population. Here is an opium shop, and on benches under the verandah lie ghastly -looking men and women, under the influence of the potent drug. They seem dead, and to
    have died in horrible agony; but soon one of them, and presently another, raises his head, and propping it up with one hand, looks around with an idiotic expression, and calls in utter wretchedness for more of the poison. If denied he presently raises up again, and may
    commit murder or become a violent maniac. A little farther on a crowd are gathered, who suddenly start and fly for their lives. A stalwart Malay, whose face is so malignant with all evil passions that it would make a capital study
    for Gustave Dore in his next picture of Satan, and who is maddened with vile liquor and opium has rushed out and is running amok, striking and stabbing with his gleaming Kriss every one in his way. Yet farther on the Hindoo,
    sleek, graceful, and eminently handsome in form and feature, but treacherous and deceitful, bows very humbly and obsequiously, but it would not surprise us to know, that in one of his fits of jealousy against Englishmen and Americans, he had assassinated some friend of ours to whom he had been equally obsequious and polite.

  13. Andrea Ostrov Letania
    Andrea Ostrov Letania says:

    Immigration is a side issue. It is the COLOR of immigration that is the main issue. If people like yourself come to your nation, it is immigration. But, if people unlike your people come to your nation in huge numbers, it’s colonization.

    If all the immigrants were white, would white patriots worry? No, the new whites will replenish whiteness already here. White power will grow stronger.
    But when non-whites arrive, they don’t so much assimilate as change the entire character of the nation. Look what the mass arrival of Jews did to what was once Palestine. It’s a Jewish state now. Look what Muslim Albanians did to Kosovo that was once Serbian.

    Why are Jews so pro-immigration in Israel? Because Israel allows only Jewish immigration.
    So, immigration in Israel means more Jews and more Jewish power.
    If Israel changed its laws and immigration to Israel became majority Arab or African, Israeli Jews would oppose immigration because non-Jewish immigration will eventually destroy Israel.

    Now, why do Jews push non-white immigration in EU and US? Because Jews are a minority in white gentile nations and want more minority power so as to guilt-bait and paralyze white people.
    Also, the issue of Diversity turns a huge number of whites into race-traitors who side with non-whites against fellow whites. These prog whites love to virtue-vape as their current-year identity is self-righteous supremacism. They are Justice Junkies.

    PC destroys all meanings. Diversity is defined as unity, strength, and equality when it is the opposite of those things. Woman is defined as a man with a wig. White is defined as blacks in the role of Lancelot and Achilles. Illegal Alien is called a Dreamer. Israel is defined as what America is all about. Rainbow and Pride are defined as homosexual. Africans and Muslims are defined as European. Christianity is defined as celebration of homos. Only Jews remain real Jews. Everything else is fluid and fracked into meaninglessness.

    • Lucy Lipinska
      Lucy Lipinska says:

      As always, nail on the head, Andrea. It is hard to name one single European country where the (((geniuses))) do not set the tone. The soo Christian Poland naturally isn’t an exception. Unfortunately, most people in Poland and abroad have bought into Poland’s “patriotic” rhetoric, too blind to see that Poland acts as it is expected from a vassal state.

  14. Karen T
    Karen T says:

    Mr. Langdon is correct in his assertion that blacks and browns do not belong in White societies but neglects to mention that their presence here was originally initiated and is strongly supported by the Jews. If the Jewish presence here had been deplored a century ago their goal of “the overthrow of civilization and the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality” would not be the reality today.

  15. Karlfried
    Karlfried says:

    Truth comes in order to help us.
    Truth comes from all sides.
    For example:
    Richard Wagner in the Opera “Parsifal”:
    “Toren wir, auf Lind’rung da zu hoffen, wo einzig Heilung lindert!”
    (roughly translated: We were fools as long as we hoped for little improvements. Only a complete salvation will help).
    Truth comes in order to help us.
    Truth comes from all sides.
    For example:
    Richard Wagner in the Opera “Parsifal”:
    “Toren wir, auf Lind’rung da zu hoffen, wo einzig Heilung lindert!”
    (roughly translated: “We were fools as long as we hoped for little improvements. Only a complete salvation will help”).
    The same with the negative impact of to many non-whites in England. Slow und half-way measurements will not help much. Please look at Austria, Hungary, Poland and also see Australia, Japan: many countries know what to to in the world of to-day.

  16. A Mayer
    A Mayer says:

    Regarding the Daily Mail, five or six years ago, the paper published a photo of young London evacuees during the war. All were blond children being pulled along on a trolley by rail workers. That city now has a totally different population to those 13 children.

  17. John
    John says:

    President Trump addressed this problem on Jan. 11.

    WASHINGTON — In bluntly vulgar language, President Donald Trump questioned Thursday why the U.S. would accept more immigrants from Haiti and “shithole countries” in Africa rather than places like Norway, as he rejected a bipartisan immigration deal, according to people briefed on the extraordinary Oval Office conversation.

  18. dofornow
    dofornow says:

    Re The important old info, that for most folk will be new: The BBC’ Series on the WW2 blitz on London/Bristol/Hull/Clydebank What tales of deceit and playing both ends against the middle is exposed ….. or not…… takes some believing.
    I think this stuff got through, mainly because they used stuff uncovered by the Open University, in local authority archives. Too hot to ban ?
    The important stuff was reports written by children….. Within days experiencing aerial bombardment! and the physical and mental harm!
    The government got their lakys to do the Big Bro stuff… visiting schools and giving their diktats to teachers.
    They interviewed some of these school children … Yes still alive! Had no idea they were writing stuff for the PTB. The look on one fellows face when he was reading something he wrote all those 70 years ago. It included the teachers grammar and spelling corrections on crappy war grade paper …talk about verified info!………..It has to be the tops.
    I’ll keep it short.
    All this kind of deceit is happening now !OK.
    No information on the injuries from the inquests ..I suspect that too many are the result of stampeding adults.
    One must not put folk off taking children to these virtue signalling events.
    Too put things on a personnel level : My mother had to take me to Great Ormand Street Hospital for treatment to a abscess in my left arm at this time, Several visits. What struck me as a child ….most of the side streets were blocked off with very high fences and the timber supports in (I see no damage) the hospital were, white as were the sandbags. BLAST WALLS this is clue .
    I had no idea whatsoever of the level of destruction and hardship was putt on folk. Most of the images new to me.
    Now I know.

  19. Fabrice
    Fabrice says:

    Here is a very useful integration!!

    “Londonistan: 423 New Mosques; 500 Closed Churches”

    What a great satisfaction for British globalist puppets!!

    Anyway, I don’t know who they ( the greatest British globalist puppets ) are in UK but in my country, Italy, I know for sure that the first greatest globalist puppet who strongly supports wild immigration is George Soros, in fact, he has also strong links with the main Italian party ( Partito Democratico = Democratic Party ), the second greatest globalist puppet of the same kind is Pope Francis, he is so much in favour of wild immigration from Islamic countries that he has become a sort of Anti Pope!!

    Best regards.

    Fabrice, greetings from Italy.

    • Fabrice
      Fabrice says:

      Excuse me, I made some mistakes!!

      Here is the correct version of my post!!

      The Correct Version!

      Here is a very useful integration!!

      “Londonistan: 423 New Mosques; 500 Closed Churches”

      What a great satisfaction for the British globalist puppeteers!!

      Anyway, I don’t know who they ( the greatest British globalist puppeteers ) are in UK but in my country, Italy, I know for sure that the first greatest globalist puppeteer who strongly supports wild immigration is George Soros, in fact, he has also strong links with the main Italian party ( Partito Democratico = Democratic Party ), the second greatest globalist puppeteer of the same kind is Pope Francis, he is so much in favour of wild immigration from Islamic countries that he has become a sort of Anti Pope!!

      Best regards.

      Fabrice, greetings from Italy.

      PS all in all, just three more letters, “eer”, for “puppet”, anyway, it could be understood by intuition!!

  20. Charlie
    Charlie says:

    One most important phrase to drop from your vernacular:

    “They’re just like me and you”

    Blacks don’t think like me and you
    Blacks don’t speak like me and you
    Blacks don’t live like me and you
    Blacks don’t act like me and you
    Blacks are not like me and you

  21. Via Pulchritudinis Fumigans
    Via Pulchritudinis Fumigans says:

    Politics is the art of what can be done based on what is. The first reality to take into account is the “biological” reality. A country whose population is stagnating, diminishing, or aging, creates a vacuum for younger, more active, poorer peoples. The second reason is a corollary of the first. A country that no longer has children is a country that has lost confidence in itself, its culture, its history and its values. It is plagued with “cosmopolitanism” meaning, not so much a generous welcome of others, but rather the stagnation which preludes death. The immigrants sense that, in this depressed country, they can keep their own customs while benefiting from the local wealth, for the natives no longer have a zest for life and camouflage this death wish beneath a false notion of welcome and sharing. ~ Fr. Gregory Celier, SSPX, Angelus Magazine, May 2017

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