Burkas and Buffoons: Boris Johnson, Baroness Warsi and the War on White

Have you ever seen a scorpion try to sting a stone? Me neither. But I’ve seen something very like it. It was an article in the Guardian with the headline: “‘They’ve brought evil out’: Hungary’s poll on migration divides a nation.” The article excoriated the Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán for “whipping up xenophobic sentiment,” “spreading hate,” “sowing tension,” “spreading poison,” and making “Hungary’s small minority population even more uncomfortable.”

Foot-soldiers in the War on White

With articles like that, the Guardian has been trying to inject verbal venom into Hungarian politics. It wants to paralyse Hungary’s natural and healthy desire to put its own people first and preserve its unique ethnic character, culture and history. But the Guardian is a scorpion trying to sting a stone. Its verbal venom dribbles harmlessly away, because shrieking about “racism” and “divisive politics” simply doesn’t work in Hungary. Why not? Well, the article itself mentioned one central reason: the “small minority population” there. Thanks to its sensible refusal to accept Third-World immigrants, Hungary doesn’t have large numbers of resentful outsiders ever-ready to condemn native White Hungarians for their ideological sins and to demand harsh laws against hate speech and discrimination.

Sadly, Western nations like Britain, Australia and the United States are no longer like Hungary. They all have fifth columns of resentful outsiders imported by the hostile elite to serve as foot-soldiers in what might be called “The War on White” – on White people, culture, history, traditions, self-confidence and self-worth. Sometimes the foot-soldiers are literally violent, like the Pakistani Muslims who stabbed and burned a 15-year-old White boy to death in Scotland or the Blacks who raped, tortured and stabbed a 16-year-old White girl to death in England. But sometimes the foot-soldiers are ideological, like the Korean SJW Sarah Jeong, whom the New York Times has happily accepted onto its editorial board despite her long history of spreading “hate and poison” against Whites.

The Brown Baroness

Another ideological foot-soldier in the “War on White” is the vacuous but vindictive Muslim peer Sayeeda Warsi, who was once appointed by David Cameron to serve as nominal co-chair of the British Conservative party. The real boss was the Jewish businessman Lord Feldman. Like Cameron’s meddling in Libya, the appointment of Warsi backfired spectacularly. She did not meekly accept her intended role of ethnic token and tried to get the Tories to follow Muslim interests. That was unacceptable: like Labour under Blair, the Tories are a wholly owned subsidiary of Zion Incorporated. Warsi noisily resigned in a dispute over Israel and began to wage a guerrilla campaign on the Tories from the House of Lords. In June 2018 she claimed that the party is “poisoned by Islamophobia at every level.” In August she joined the chorus of execration that greeted an “Islamophobic” newspaper column by the Tory politician Boris Johnson. He wrote that, while he did not agree with a ban on burqas recently imposed in Denmark, he thought that women who wore them looked like “letter-boxes” and “bank-robbers.”

The Brown Baroness, Sayeeda Warsi

Johnson must have been delighted by the reaction, because it put him back in the headlines after his resignation from Theresa May’s cabinet. He was condemned as a fascist, racist and Islamophobe, and accused of provoking nasty comments to Muslim women. According to the anti-Islamophobia organization Tell MAMA (Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks), there were “five incidents reported in Guildford, Leicester and London on the day that Johnson’s column was published.” Since then, there have been several more “incidents.” But how many White women were raped and White men beaten up by Muslims over the same period? How many White girls were initiated into sex-slavery by Muslims with the help of drugs, alcohol and violence? Well, no respectable organization “measures” statistics like those and the Community Security Trust, the Jewish lobby-group that mentors and advises Tell MAMA, would reject with opprobrium any Whites who approached it for similar help.

Like Boris Johnson, Baroness Warsi must have been delighted by the reaction to his anti-burqa column. It put Johnson back in the headlines and gave Warsi a chance to indulge in more Tory-bashing. “As a feminist,” she thundered, “what really disgusts me in this whole episode is that Muslim women are simply political fodder, their lives a convenient battleground on which to stake out a leadership bid.” But has Warsi, “as a feminist,” been campaigning hard on much more important problems for Muslim women in Britain, such as honour killings, female genital mutilation and sex-selective abortion? Strangely enough, she hasn’t. Only it’s not so strange when you consider that she’s a foot-soldier in the War on White. As I pointed out in “Gas-Chamber Blues Revisited,” two ludicrous but unassailable axioms of anti-racism are that minorities are always in the right and the White majority always in the wrong. Warsi wants to magnify or invent White faults while minimizing or concealing non-White faults.

Symbols of supremacism

That’s also why, despite her self-proclaimed feminism, she hasn’t been loudly expressing disgust about the behaviour of Muslim men in her natal county of Yorkshire. White girls in Rotherham have suffered far worse things from Muslim men than any burqa-clad Muslim woman has suffered from White “Islamophobes.” And I’m puzzled that any feminist could defend garments like the burqa and niqab. They’re clear symbols of male supremacism and patriarchal control, as you can see in the very illiberal and anti-feminist nations where they are most often worn: Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan, for example. These garments are not expressions of female choice, as Muslim apologists and White liberals pretend, but of male intimidation and what Marxists would call “false consciousness.” These things don’t matter to Baroness Warsi, because she isn’t really a feminist. She merely finds it useful to pose as one while she tries to advance Muslim interests and harm White interests.

I don’t blame her for that: why should she care about Whites or the historic nation of Britain when she is neither White nor British? Her behaviour is far more honourable than that of Boris Johnson, who is seeking to advance no-one’s interests but his own. I find him completely untrustworthy. He has a good brain, because he studied classics at Oxford, not law like Blair or PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) like Cameron, but he’s a narcissistic buffoon all the same. He’s a more intelligent version of Blair, supremely self-centred, self-interested and addicted to publicity. He certainly isn’t pro-White or pro-British, because he’s supported mass immigration and called for an amnesty for illegals, as you might expect from someone who is himself the product of immigration: he has both Jewish and Turkish ancestry. But is his “Turkish” ancestry also Jewish? The crypto-Jewish group known as the Dönme (or Dönmeh) have played a central but little-recognized role in the conspiracy-riddled history of Turkey and may have been instrumental in the Armenian Genocide.

Ground Zero for liberal lunacy

Some liberals have accused Johnson of conspiring with the former Trump advisor Steve Bannon, whom he met shortly before writing his anti-burqa column for the Telegraph. I can see something in the accusation: Johnson obviously recognizes that the political tide has turned in Europe. For example, the “far-right” Sweden Democrats are currently leading the opinion polls for the forthcoming Swedish election. That is an astonishing development in a nation that has long been Ground Zero for the worst forms of liberal lunacy and xenophilia. A Swedish-based journalist called Peter Wolodarski is appalled by the ascent of the Sweden Democrats. He’s the Jewish “editor-in-chief of Dagens Nyheter [Today’s News],” an influential liberal newspaper. He’s also the Guardian’s go-to guy for commentary on Swedish politics — which is odd, when you consider how often we are assured that Jews have no influence in Sweden and cannot be blamed for the suicidal immigration policies there.

Peter Wolodarski: an anti-White Jew based in Sweden

In fact, Jews like Peter Wolodarski and Barbara Lerner-Specter have wielded enormous influence in Sweden and have been instrumental in its Balkanization and slide towards civil war (note particularly the role of David Schwarz: “The Origins of Multiculturalism in Sweden”). It’s yet another example of the leading role played by Jews in the War on White. As the late great Larry Auster put it in America: “It is not surprising that these Jews look at mass Third-World and Moslem immigration, not as a danger to themselves, but as the ultimate guarantor of their own safety, hoping that in a racially diversified, de-Christianized America, the waning majority culture will lack the power, even if it still has the desire, to persecute Jews.” That’s why Jews in America and Britain have been so consistently hostile to Donald Trump and his supporters. For example, the Jewish Chronicle condemned Boris Johnson’s meeting with Steve Bannon. It said that “the former Trump guru is a dangerous man and no mainstream politician should go near him. Mr Johnson should be ashamed of himself.”

Shame of the Game

The Jewish Chronicle reprised this theme after Bo-Jo’s burqa column. It did not try to be objective or balanced about Johnson’s arguments, but asked that eternal and all-important question: “Is it good for the Jews?” At present, the Chronicle does not think that criticism of Muslim foibles is “Good for the Jews”:

Mr Johnson’s shame: The JC Leader column

Imagine the outrage if a leading politician — a man, indeed, who could well be our next Prime Minister — had been revealed to have spoken sneeringly about Chasidic Jews, attacking their clothes and hats and implying that they somehow did not belong in Britain.

It does not require much imagination, given the appalling comments by the Leader of the Opposition [Jeremy Corbyn] unearthed daily.

But we are not referring to Mr Corbyn.

Had Boris Johnson written about Chasidic Jews in the way he discussed Muslim women who wear the niqab, the Jewish community — and many others — would rightly have condemned his words.

Despite his image, Mr Johnson is no fool. He knew what he was doing when he wrote that Muslim women who wear the niqab look like letter boxes and bank robbers. He was turning a perfectly valid criticism of the veil into dog-whistle politics of the worst kind.

This is the key point. It is perfectly appropriate that Islamic religious practices — as with any religion — should be criticised. Indeed, in a free society it is vital that the fundamental tenets of any religion should be critiqued.

But Mr Johnson is well aware that, while anyone should be able to condemn the niqab, the form of words used to make that condemnation is vital. And Mr Johnson’s words were those of a bar-room bigot.

Our community is rightly sensitive to tone and nuance and while Mr Johnson was, on one level, making a reasoned, liberal case for condemning but not banning the niqab, he was, at a more visceral level in the same piece, sending a nasty, illiberal message.

Our politics has been degraded enough by Mr Corbyn; it is truly depressing that the gutter is now becoming even more crowded. (Mr Johnson’s shame, The Jewish Chronicle, 10th August 2018 / 29th Av 5778)

Stephen Pollard asks the all-important question

Stephen Pollard is the editor of the Jewish Chronicle and was probably the author of that leader. If Pollard heard that an asteroid was going to hit the world tomorrow, his first thought would be: “But is it good for the Jews?” That is the only criterion that he and his paper apply. He and other Jews support the Third-World colonization of the West because they see Muslims and other non-Whites as an early-warning system for Jews. If British Whites start to defend themselves and criticize Muslims, who knows where it might end?

Patricians and plebeians

But Pollard’s criticism of Johnson and Bannon does not mean that I trust either of these men. Johnson enjoyed political success as Mayor of London and Foreign Secretary only by serving Jewish interests and grovelling before Conservative Friends of Israel (see, for example, the report “Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson hails ‘miracle’ of Israel” at the CFI website). Even if the Jewish Chronicle is sincere in what it says about him, there are certainly powerful Jews who support Johnson — and also support Tommy Robinson, another untrustworthy “Islamophobe” and publicity-addict who has recently enjoyed a lot of coverage. Is Johnson being readied by Jewish interests to lead the patrician wing of a prospective anti-Muslim political movement, while Robinson leads the plebeian wing?

Boris Johnson at Conservative Friends of Israel

Perhaps so. But here’s a Latin saying for the classics scholar Johnson: Unda fert nec regitur – “Waves are ridden, not ruled.” Whites are waking up across the West to the future planned for them by the hostile elite and its little helpers like Sarah Jeong. These goyophobes and West-despisers haven’t been able to restrain their hate until Whites were truly helpless and at their mercy. Instead, the hostile elite and its helpers have made it perfectly clear that they want to dispossess us and turn us into despised helots in our own nations. In response, “populism” is rising across the West, from Donald Trump’s America to Matteo Salvini’s Italy. Would-be populists like Boris Johnson, Tommy Robinson and their Jewish backers may want to ride this rising tide to power, but they didn’t create it and they don’t control it. Very interesting times are ahead and the prophecies of great men like Enoch Powell and Pat Buchanan are starting to come true.

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  1. Polynik3s
    Polynik3s says:

    Mr. Langdon,
    Please do research Trump’s background. He is New York Kosher Nostra. Myers Lansky ties into Trump’s first casino. Roy Cohn was his mentor. Rothschild and Wilbur Ross bailing Trump out of bankruptcy. Trump is likely a crypto-Jew. His family has married twice into the tribe. Kushners father went to jail for Honeypot blackmailing numerous people (Mafia). Kushners father was involved with the sale of Twin Towers while working at the Port Authority. Trump and USA Jews fleecing Russia by means of Chabadist Feliz Sater.
    How can the Occidental Observer be so blind to Trump?
    Limited hangout for goyem Hicks? Or true disclosure?

    • Trenchant
      Trenchant says:

      Sure, but Trump is the Likud’s man with an Israelocentric agenda, upsetting the Diaspora’s agenda-setting. There’s necessarily a tension between Eretz Israel and destroy-the-goyim endeavors.

    • Right man for the job
      Right man for the job says:

      I never cease to be amazed at the credulity of people who make grandiose statements about others whom they deem the enemy, but never provide “proof” for their silliness.

      1. Kindly cite the verifiable source that Lansky had ties to Trump’s casino.
      2. Ross is called “The King of Bankruptcy” exactly because he could negotiate deals and leverages. He was raised a Catholic attended Catholic school and his family has plots in Catholic Mount Carmel Cemetery, Tenafly, NJ. For all his implied “connections,” his mother taught elementary school for forty years, and was not known for being a deep-cover Rothschild agent during summer breaks.
      3. Roy Cohen handled the examination of David Greenglass, brother of Ethel Rosenberg, which resulted in the Rosenberg convictions and ultimate executions. Do you have an explanatory for that? It was J. Edgar Hoover who recommended Cohen to Sen. Joe McCarthy. Was McCarthy a crypto-Soviet agent?
      4. Your unverified comment “Trump is likely a crypto-Jew,” is as vacuous as it is specious. There is no genealogical survey of his family that even hints at such an assertion. What is the source for your “theory?” It reminds me of Bircher Welch who had all sorts of “proof” that Dwight Eisenhower was a conscious agent of the Communist conspiracy, later followed later by loonies who KNEW that Ike’s mother was a negress his his father a Jew….Yeah! that’s why Ike refused to pardon the Rosenbergs!

      One of the proven patriots of America was William “Wild Bill” Donovan, also smeared as a Jew dupe by the empty-headed “rightists.”. Donovan was a “man’s man” with a distinguished record in military, public and private service. Those who knew nothing about him were his biggest critics.

      Now, you are undoubtedly a wisened interpreter of Judaic influences, yet I am puzzled that you wrote “goyem” instead of the correct form “goyim.” BTW the correct spelling for another faux pas is “hick.”

      • Polynik3s
        Polynik3s says:

        1)In 1987 Donald Trump purchased his first casino interests when he acquired 93% of the shares in Resorts International. Resorts International has a sordid history which began in the early 1950’s when it evolved from a CIA and Mossad front company which had been established for the purpose of money laundering the profits from drug trafficking, gambling, and other illegal activities.

        The socioeconomic engineering benefits of mass population manipulation through means of drug addiction, gambling, and other vices, far outweigh those provided by money laundering alone. It can be assumed that money laundering acted as a secondary advantage in much the same way that the subjugation of the Chinese population through the spread of opium financially benefited the East India Trading Company centuries before.

        On October 30, 1978, The Spotlight newspaper reported that the principle investors of Resorts International were Meyer Lansky, Tibor Rosenbaum, William Mellon Hitchcock, David Rockefeller, and one Baron Edmond de Rothschild.
        2) same as above.
        3) Roy Cohen was likely at the McCarthy hearings to make sure the investigations never went in the wrong direction.
        This investigator on YouTube and patreon should help you.
        4) Trump likely being a crypto-Jew. Running low on time here on family vacation. He is in bed with Sheldon Adelson and Bibi and Kushner. He is a Zionist, the new dirty word, and a Neocon. The people that did 911 are still in power. I’m going to play with my family. Good luck RIGHT Man.
        This reporter will help too.

        • Polynik3s
          Polynik3s says:

          Right Man, This forum is handling big issues about Western Civilization. You are a distraction. You also have nothing intelligent to add. Remove yourself, fool or Hasbara tool.

          • Right man for the job
            Right man for the job says:

            Alas! Alack! Polynik3s has discovered my true identity! Oy, Vey! Why wouldn’t he? A LIKELY handler of LIKELY big issues about Western Civilization! He understands “the history of the world through the combination of observable patterns and ESOTERIC AWARENESS. HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE …and ARCANE INTERPRETATIONS of the ANCIENT MYSTERY SCHOOLS.” Whew!

            He is such a valiant fighter in conspiratorial cyber-wars that I only wonder why his moniker is Polynik3s and not PolynikBS.

            My LIKELY Mossad handler, Rabbi Kutcherpeckeroff, has advised me to LIKELY obey the LIKELY interpreter, Polly-want-a-cracker.

            Shalom, Gornisht! I’m going home to family….

          • Right man for the job
            Right man for the job says:

            Alas! Alack! My true identity and purpose are revealed by super-sleuth PolynikBS! Oy vey! What will become of me? I am exposed by that humble cyber-warrior who believes all sorts of LIKELY things. His self-identifies his favorite web site, Philosophy of Metrics, where he learns ESOTERIC AWARENESS, HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE AND ARCANE INTERPRETATIONS OF THE ANCIENT MYSTERY SCHOOLS! Whew! I slink into deserved obscurity in the presence of such mighty brainiacs who prate their ability to handle the big issues about Western Civilization! (Ahem! But haven’t solved any yet)

            Rabbi Kutcherpeckeroff, my Mossad handler, has instructed me to return to Tel Aviv to receive additional training to deal with self-adulating bupkes.

            And so to you, Gornisht, pre-eminently distinguished among the kvetsh mavens of chutzpah, I return to my family!

        • Curmudgeon
          Curmudgeon says:

          At the risk of nitpicking, your answers, while they make reference to business transactions, do not necessarily equate to being part of the Kosher Nostra. Business transactions are not proof of “ties”. Organized crime has never been “Italian”. My uncle, who was a Jew, married into the family. My grandmother was very upset, and while the family was not hostile, they weren’t totally accepting. Meanwhile, the “boys” in his family saw us as business opportunities. After using their businesses a few times and being overcharged for getting a “deal”, we understood the game. Does that make my family “tied” to Jews?
          Roy Cohn prosecuted the Rosenbergs. The US Military has sought help from organized crime repeatedly since WWII, and there are plenty of “ties” between organized crime, government agencies and the JFK assassination. Does that “tie” Trump to the assassination?
          There are a lot of things not to like about Trump, including his position on Israel.There is no need to speculate on his “ties” to the Kosher Nostra.

        • Right man for the job
          Right man for the job says:

          ‘Philosophy of Metrics (POM) is the art of understanding the history of the world through the combination of observable patterns and ESOTERIC AWARENESS. HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE has been passed down through the generations across various cultural practices and ARCANE INTERPRETATIONS of the ANCIENT MYSTERY SCHOOLS.

          That’s from your recommended web site. Everything but verifiable FACTS.

          So a summary of your responses….
          1, Philosophy of Metrics esoteric, arcane mystery religions delusions.
          2. Same as above apologia.
          3. Roy Cohen was LIKELY,,,
          4. Trump LIKELY being a crypto-Jew

          I know what is really LIKELY, but I wont release it in this venue for legal reasons. I am acting on orders from the Priory of Sion which had a recent meeting with the Supreme Interplanetary Council of Thirty-Third Degree Freemasons in the basement of St. Peter’s at the Vatican.


        • Right man for the job
          Right man for the job says:

          It was really done by UFO aliens whose plan is to make Earthlings kill each other off. Then Princess Astarte of Region Seven (Venus) will assume control of the pieces as she begins her rule from Cambodia. It’s so evident! Why do you even ask? I can’t tell you the source of this information because I promised only to tell the closest of my fifty friends and you’re not one of them. Sorry. In the meantime the aliens are publishing books which are meant to confuse the right-wing you-know-whats.

      • TJ
        TJ says:

        Now, you are undoubtedly a wizened interpreter of Judaic influences, yet I am puzzled that you wrote “Cohen” instead of the correct form “Cohn.”

      • Polynik3s
        Polynik3s says:

        I just gave enough info on Trump and the Kosher Nostra for you to mull over and groc. No, I did not major at NYU on Jewish Mafia Studies, get over it. Stay focused on the debate. So TJ, who do you think did 911? Is Trump a Neocon? Remember any gramatical errors will disqualify you. Between autocorrect and the narrow margins, this is not easy to send out grammatically correct.

    • Luke
      Luke says:

      I am not a blind apologist for Trump, although I did vote him in 2016. And, since doing so – I have been one of his biggest critics. However, whenever I see people accusing Trump of being a crypto-jew and then claiming that he is nothing more than another jew tool, I have to ask – if that is the case, then how do you explain the foaming-at-the-mouth, vitriolic hatred that jews in the mainstream media spew at the guy?

      Is the ‘he is a crypto-jew’ crowd trying to tell us that all of this hate and venom that is exploding from the jewish controlled mainstream media, and from the jewish controlled Hollywood celebrity crowd at Trump is nothing more than a big act? For what reason would they go to this much trouble to demonize Trump, if he was secretly one of them? I mean, if Trump is a secret jew – then that means, that the jews who control his puppet strings sat down and wrote his 2016 campaign positions and platform in such a way as to appeal to 63 million Whites who are finally becoming racially aware of the jewish agenda to minoritize them, right?

      As I said, I am his biggest critic. And, I am noticing that very little of what he promised his base he was going to do regarding his #1 signature issue – immigration, building the wall, hiring thousands of new US Border Patrol agents, deporting illegal aliens, ending DACA, drastically reducing legal immigration, rewriting our immigration laws to cut off the left’s agenda to import millions of low IQ, unskilled, parasitic blood sucking third world leeches, etc., very few of these promises have been
      enacted or even been high priorities on Trump’s agenda.

      The question then becomes: Has Trump not done most of these things because he lacks the support he needs in Congress, due to the infestation of RINOs in the GOP? Or, was he lying in 2016 and never intended to push the promised agenda? If Trump is a crypto-jew – was his 2016 promised
      agenda nothing more than a gigantic kosher con job?

      There is one thing that I have learned about jews and it is that they cannot resist the temptation to gloat, mock and rub their deviousness and cleverness in the faces of the White goyim. Whenever they successfully pull the wool over on the lowly goyim, they have to brag about how they outsmarted and snookered the dumb White race once again. So, if Trump was their stooge – and he executed their 2016 con job and snookered 63 million Whites into electing him as President – we would be hearing hoots and howls of laughter exploding out of the jewish community. But, we don’t hear any of that.

      Instead, we hear 24/7, 365 non-stop hate and venom. What does this tell us?

      • Polynik3s
        Polynik3s says:

        The useful idiots of the Left are not in on the con job. This is the dialectic at work. In the last century, Bolsheviks were funded by New York Jewish Capitalists. They arrange the two warring parties and own the synthesis. They think that all variables are controlled and that this is a sure way to own the future. And it does work similar to the Matrix. The rebels all gather to Zion and are eliminated in a last stand battle every 50 years or so.
        Sheldon Adelson chose Trump. Check out Know More News on YouTube.

      • Polynik3s
        Polynik3s says:

        When Obama broke his election promises and appointing Goldman Sachs henchmen in 2009, he was called a Jedi.
        When Trump breaks his election promises, he is performing 3D Chess. See a trend?

      • TJ
        TJ says:

        Here is the real skinny: The war is those who issue the never ending supply of fake money versus everyone else on Earth.

        The left-right war is a Kabuki theater diversion, to deflect discussion away from the money question. I presume the outrage over Trump is an act, but I am not sure.

        But wait, Not Sure is the hero of Idiocracy. . .

      • ilena
        ilena says:

        We aren’t hearing the “hoots & howls” yet, because the Trump Admin job is in construction, not completed yet.
        IT’S HUGE what they are doing. It is a total restructuring of the entire Geo-political world.
        I voted for him too, but I won’t do it again.
        Most people tend to look at political culture from the perspective of the Trees but not the Forest.

        If You are a Big Picture person, you aren’t going to be looking at the trees so much as the forest. The focus on various details will just be seen as purposeful distraction from the main larger picture.

        While people are consumed with all the ‘details’ most are missing out on the Big picture show that is enfolding in front of us.

        For example, we tend to want to look at the mass migration into Europe, in particular, as an Anti-white endeavor by hostile elites. And much of that is true, just as Israel is supporting much of it as they want to depopulate regions around Israel. I think there’s more than one reason it is being allowed. It is surely not because of declining white population….I don’t buy that one. But all of this is detail and small picture stuff.

        However, the bigger picture part of it, is to Possibly help build a pool of Military age males for the potential WW that may be on the horizon. Can you imagine going up against China, Russia, Turkey, Iran, and the many other growing numbers of States that are aligning against the West?

        The Globalists are exactly as they sound – Big picture Forest people. They are quietly planning behind the scenes while their Mainstream media outlets keep supporting conflict within.

        Trump, I believe, is part of that Global center. He’s doing a great job in keeping everyone distracted.

        There will be things that he says or does that sound like he is on “our” side…but in the end he is not.

        • Eric Novak
          Eric Novak says:

          So if Trump ends mass immigration and Chinese domination of trade, he’s a Zionist? Oy vey, where can I get a yarmulke online? Plots-within-plots that lead nowhere are a heriditary mode of thinking common within-and possibly unique to-the ethnic group under scrutiny on this website. You and the other poster are advised to spend $100 on finding out who your ancestors are with genetic haplogroup testing. You might be in denial about the results.

          • Trenchant
            Trenchant says:

            “If wishes were horses then beggars would ride,
            If turnips were swords I’d have one by my side.
            If ifs and ands were pots and pans
            There’d be no work for tinkers’ hands!”

      • Trenchant
        Trenchant says:

        Dime to a dollar the gloating and joking would have been thick and heavy in Israel after 9/11 and the Iraq war, though probably in Hebrew lest indiscretion endanger the Diaspora, largely hostile to the invasion.

        On Trump: Kissed the Wall, moved the Embassy, huge plans for Iran. His fans in Israel are no less genuine than his detractors in America.

  2. Rerevisionist
    Rerevisionist says:

    [i]… mass Third-World and Moslem immigration, not as a danger to themselves, but as the ultimate guarantor of their own safety, hoping that in a racially diversified, de-Christianized America, the waning majority culture will lack the power, even if it still has the desire, to persecute Jews.”[/i]
    I fear you have misread the history of Christianity. Probably it was just another Jew intrusion designed to keep moneylending a Jewish monopoly. Just as Islam was a later invention of Jews. No wonder they seem confident.

  3. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    Whoever penned the Jewish Chronicle article stating: “It is perfectly appropriate that Islamic religious practices — as with any religion — should be criticised”, while referring to the burka is merely stirring the pot, to advance the project. Imams have criticized the burka stating there is nothing in the Koran referring to them

    • Polynik3s
      Polynik3s says:

      My phone does not display these long threads well, so I reply here.
      Trump as a front man for the ownership of Resorts International if highly incriminating. Rothschild and Myers Lansky and others would not likely give an illegal casino operation over to a legitimate businessman. The value of an illegal operation is much higher than a law abiding casino. The illegal operations likely continued with the new front man.
      As for Roy Cohn, the work of Ryan Dawson of the Anti-Neocon Report is my source. Cohn oversaw the McCarthy Hearings much like the 911 Commission was handled by insiders. Jewish involvement was not allowed to surface in the hearings, aside from token Rosenbergs.
      As for speculation on Trump’s ties to the Kosher Nostra, it is ubiquitous. Casino owner Sheldon Adelson, Likkud Zionist, selected Trump. Adelson wanted the embassy move and it happened. Kushner’s father went to prison for Honeypot blackmailing numerous people (even his brother-in-law).
      You have a lot of research to do. Have you stopped at Fox News or Alex Jones? The war on terror will end when 911 is solved. Try –
      Christopher Bollyn: The Man Who Solved 9/11

  4. PaleoAtlantid
    PaleoAtlantid says:

    Surely it is in our interest as White Nationalists for moslem women and men to wear their traditional burkas and kaftans, the more outlandish the better. We want a sharply defined delineation between us and them, so that any normal White person walking down a street seeing the contrast in dress will instinctively know these people have no place in our lands. It will also make repatriation easier when we have the resources and resolve to do it.

    • Dave Bowman
      Dave Bowman says:

      Bravo. I have always believed we can take much comfort from their medieval, undeveloped awareness of human nature and the ways of those outside their particular religious and cultural madness. The truth is, their habitual, congenital, low-IQ Moslem stupidity will go a long way to ensure they keep demonstrating publicly their absolute inability – and absolute lack of desire – to even attempt to assimilate to western society’s norms in any meaningful way. This will in turn continue to underline their unchangeable status of alien and outsider in the eyes of any normal, balanced, rational White native. The final steps, when they come, will therefore be made very much easier – namely the separation of those who wish to belong, and those who do not.

  5. Peter
    Peter says:

    Is that blonde or gray hair on Boris Johnson’s head? I have read about Johnson’s Jewish background from different sources, including here, so I don’t doubt it. But I believe he also has some British blood in his veins. In fact, there is a picture of young British women that I’ve seen a few times who were visiting Germany in the late 1930’s, They’re smiling and having a good time and they’re all giving the “Sieg Heil” salute. One of the young women is related to Boris Johnson. I recall reading about this and I think someone in the Johnson family talking about the picture and the “anti-semitism” in her own family.

    I don’t know how much Jewish or actual European, or even British blood Boris Johnson has, but from what I’ve read it only takes a little Jewish blood to make someone choose the Jews over the Europeans, in this case, the British. I can think of several examples. In National Socialist Germany I think 1/4 Jewish was the cutoff point. If you were 1/4 Jewish you basically had the rights of a German, if you had more Jewish blood you were probably considered a Jew unless something else about you showed you were loyal to Germany.

    Gustav Hertz was 1/4 Jewish. He was a Nobel Prize winning physicist who stayed and worked in Germany during the war. Interestingly, perhaps predictably, after the war he worked in the USSR and helped them develop their atomic bomb, which they demonstrated in 1948. He was not a part of he wartime German team that looked into developing the bomb. Fritz Lang was a famous German film director and he was 1/4 Jewish. Josef Goebbels offered him s prestigious job in Germany’s film industry. Fritz Lang turned the job down and moved to the USA (Hollywood) before the war started. Hans Bethe was a prominent physicist who later in life received the Nobel Prize for physics. He was one of the key men that worked on the Manhattan Project that developed the Americans first atomic bomb. He was half Jewish, half German, but he left Germany to work on building a bomb that was intended to be dropped on Germans. I wonder if someday people will say it was insane for countries to have Jews as part of their populations and even allow them into prominent positions and the country’s leading universities.

    • Dave Bowman
      Dave Bowman says:

      I wonder if someday people will say it was insane for countries to have Jews as part of their populations and even allow them into prominent positions and the country’s leading universities

      Some people, at least, in every western country, have been saying that for the past 2000 years.

  6. Polynik3s
    Polynik3s says:

    “Instead, the hostile elite and its helpers have made it perfectly clear that they want to dispossess us and turn us into despised helots in our own nations. In response, “populism” is rising across the West, from Donald Trump’s America to Matteo Salvini’s Italy. Would-be populists like Boris Johnson, Tommy Robinson and their Jewish backers may want to ride this rising tide to power, but they didn’t create it and they don’t control it. Very interesting times are ahead and the prophecies of great men like Enoch Powell and Pat Buchanan are starting to come true.”

    Very well written. I disagree that Trump is a populist, as I stated above. The Zionist spell broke for me. Does the author not believe that the dialectic is at work here? Hegelian dialectic has been abandoned by Rothschild and the Kosher Nostra?
    But what would a true USA patriot look like?

  7. Olaf
    Olaf says:

    In fact, Jews like Peter Wolodarski and Barbara Lerner-Specter have wielded enormous influence in Sweden and have been instrumental in its Balkanization and slide towards civil war (note particularly the role of David Schwarz: “The Origins of Multiculturalism in Sweden”). It’s yet another example of the leading role played by Jews in the War on White.

    Behind them are the jewish Wallenberg and Bonnier families, major owners in Sweden, the latter of an entire “media empire”, including the newspaper Dagens Nyheter where Wolodarski has been the chief editor in later years. It was also DN that promoted David Schwarz and his campaign from about 1965. The main swedish party on the right at that time did, by the way, also have a jewish party leader, Gunnar Heckscher, from 1961 to 1965. Heckscher did, of course, have major support from the DN newspaper. Until the ’60s Högerpartiet was more of a real conservative party, Heckscher was also the first leader not to be a confessing Christian. The party changed its name from to Moderaterna in 1968 and the same year they were the first to put forth a proposal in the Riksdag enlarging the rights of immigrant minority groups.

  8. jerry Cornelius
    jerry Cornelius says:

    Why are there complaints about the Burkha yet none about Orthodox Jewish women having their heads shaved and having to wear wigs? Definite similarity.
    I see plenty of them and it is just as oppressive. One lady in America started to grow hair with her husband’s agreement(hidden under the wig), but the Inner sanctum found out and they were ostracised and had their two children removed from the Jewish school.
    Boris plays the buffoon but is intelligent, sly and a total opportunist. I think he has mimicked Pres Trump as well, initially, he accused Pres Trump of ”quite stupefying ignorance”
    Boris Johnson has completely changed how he talks about Donald …
    https://www.independent.co.uk › News › UK › UK Politics

  9. enochered
    enochered says:

    You seem to be suggesting that Trump is a Jew stooge of some sort. Roy Cohn was a Jew and he also worked for Joe McCarthy who was not a Jew. Trump on the other hand seems to fit into all and everybody’s ticked box because he is a Catholic under the control of a Cardinal, which involves with the Knights of Malta and the Vatican and everything else as well. I have no doubt that Trump took some loans and as all the American banks are owned by Jews, like the American Government that is from whom he received loans.
    Just get over it, Trump is no worse than anyone else whom has filled the role of President for the past fifty years, and there is still hope that he has never forgiven the Jew Pharmacists whom infected his son with autism. He is the one with a debt to settle.
    He made a good start with the American Embassy move, which has kicked off international hatred against Israel and there are even calls for sanctions against these murderers, for the atrocities against Gaza and the continued theft of Palestinian land. The next step must be to awaken the White people to the reality of whom are deciding their future destruction, through the means which served them so well in South Africa. That would be the City of London.

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