Bad Medicine II: The Escalating Problem of Third World Doctors

For some time now I’ve been receiving requests to produce a sequel to a September 2017 piece on the disastrous consequences of the mass importation of doctors from the Third World to Britain. Until recently I resisted the temptation to do so because I felt the original article was definitive in outlining the major thematic issues: Third World doctors are responsible for at least 80% of malpractice cases at U.K. Medical Tribunals; Third World doctors are significantly more likely than native British doctors to engage in the sexual abuse of their patients; and, finally, the medical establishment seems to be complicit in both the covering up of these crimes, mainly via the imposition of extraordinarily lenient sanctions. A number of recent stories, however, from the United States and Australia as well as the U.K., have proven sufficiently unsettling and infuriating that further coverage and discussion of this horrific epidemic is necessary.

One thing that has become very clear in recent months is that the U.K. medical establishment is utterly beholden to multicultural dogma on “racism,” as well as a Soviet-like atmosphere of fear, spying, and denunciation. Take, for example, the case of Peter Duffy, a surgeon, consultant urologist, and one-time “Doctor of the Year” at England’s Royal Lancaster Infirmary. In 2005, this exceptional physician made the mistake of stating that “a doctor of Indian descent had missed an operation on a patient with suspected gangrene because he was out playing golf. He also said two other colleagues of Asian heritage were involved in possible overtime fraud.” Rather than leading to an investigation of these issues of malpractice, Duffy reports:

after flagging these concerns, he was subjected to “malicious, toxic and utterly false” allegations over the period of a decade, culminating in accusations made to the police that he was racist. In particular, tribunal documents showed that four anonymous letters were sent to the General Medical Council (GMC), Duffy’s professional regulator, between 2012 and 2014. Employment Judge Slater said that, from the contents of the letters, they appeared to written by someone within Duffy’s department and “alleged matters which, if true, may have called into question [his] fitness to practice.” [Emphasis added]

Under scrutiny and suspected of having “racist” tendencies, in 2015 Duffy transferred to another hospital. It was at this hospital that Duffy was voted Doctor of the Year by patients and colleagues. A lingering cloud of suspicion appears to have lingered over him, however, and he resigned in July 2016 after he claiming he was still unable to shake off insinuations relating to his issues with the three foreign doctors. After resigning, he was awarded £102,000 in compensation by an employment tribunal that judged he had been unfairly treated.

Operating in tandem with a culture of gagging and secret denunciations of “racists” is a flagrant disregard on the part of medical authorities for the seriousness of criminal misconduct by Third World doctors. In March it was reported that “1 in 6 doctors convicted of sex offences are still able to practice medicine,” and last year it emerged that more than 1,000 doctors in the U.K. have criminal convictions for offences including possession of child pornography, cruelty to children, soliciting prostitution, and the theft of drugs. The proliferation of criminal elements and foreign ethnic physicians in the British health service has led to a situation where recourse is no longer required to the records of the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service. There are almost daily headlines involving malpractice and sexual abuse among foreign doctors, though these pieces are always straining to treat the case on an individual basis. The aim of the following is to collate some of the most pertinent cases from the last 11 months in order to demonstrate a horrific pattern that is getting worse, not only in Britain but throughout the West. As White populations age and we divert more and more money away from training our own youth, we will become more and more reliant on immigrant doctors with low aptitude, poor training, and brutal sensibilities. This is a terrifying prospect.

I. Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse and misconduct remains the foremost cause for legal proceedings against foreign doctors. As suspects, defendants, and convicted criminals, South Asians from India and Pakistan are over-represented to an extraordinary extent. In July, Accident and Emergency doctor Mohammed Tariquezzaman, 55, was struck off the medical register after fondling a 20 year old patient during a routine medical exam. The victim, referred to as Patient A throughout the hearing, recalled how Tariquezzaman watched her get undressed in a consulting room in University College Hospital before he pulled her underwear down to her thighs and smirked as he said she had a “nice body.” Despite the patient saying she felt uncomfortable as he fondled her genitals, Tariquezzaman laughed and said: “This isn’t the first time this has been done to you.” He then asked for her phone number and offered her free treatment at his private practice, suggesting they “go out for a curry.”

Mohammed Tariquezzaman – “Want to go out for a curry?”

In January, midlands family doctor Jaswant Rathore, 60, was jailed for 12 years for sexually assaulting four of his patients. Rathore was convicted of eight charges of sexual assault and two counts of assault by penetration on patients over a period of two and a half years. He had assaulted patients who came to see him with medical complaints ranging from vomiting to hayfever, pretending that medical “massages,” or

Iftekhar Ahmed – “Do you like licking?”

intimate sexual groping, were necessary for diagnosis or treatment. In June, Huddersfield gynaecologist Iftekhar Ahmed was found guilty of several sexual misconduct offences in relation to his treatment of a female patient. Ahmed, 51, who is now believed to be practising medicine in the United States, is originally from Bangladesh. He was found guilty of conducting an intimate examination of the patient without her consent, asking her inappropriate sexual questions including: “Do you like licking?”, and asking her if she wanted to have sex while examining her. He then asked “what sex toys she used and if he could look at them.” Ahmed watched the patient undress, and later “accessed her medical records for her telephone number and called her numerous times, asking her more inappropriate questions about her privates.

In another horrific case, homosexual Indian-born family doctor Manav Arora, 37, was jailed for two years after  being found guilty of sexually assaulting a male patient. Arora performed oral sex on the patient, who had limited movement, while inserting a catheter. The trial also heard from two men who claim they were assaulted in the same way by Arora four years earlier. After the verdict, the prosecutor said Arora had also been suspended in 2005 after a similar accusation was made at a hospital in Portsmouth, but had then been allowed to resume working with the public. Arora had also received a caution from West Midlands Police after being caught engaging in a sex act with another man in a public park less than two weeks after the incident for which he was convicted. The case was reminiscent of that of Farouk Patel, 35, a Leicester family doctor who was cleared in January of sexually assaulting a male patient but admitted to having “risky homosexual sex” with a number of men in his consulting room, and was described by prosecutors as having “a voracious appetite for homosexual sex.”

Female patients of course represent the majority of victims. In March, hospital doctor Maher Khetyar was struck off the medical register after being found guilty of sexually abusing two female patients and a female colleague. In the case of each of the patients, Khetyar pretended to conduct legitimate medical examinations, fondling their breasts for sexual reasons.” In April, family doctor Rajeshkumar Mehta, 64, was jailed for sexually assaulting a patient who visited him fearing she had heart attack symptoms. Mehta used the opportunity to grope the woman’s breasts before asking her “questions about her personal life and sexual partners.” Just after I published my first TOO essay on this subject, family doctor Mohammed Ihsan, 35, went before a medical tribunal following accusations of sexual assault against one of his patients. According to reports, Ihsan “unzipped his trousers and offered to have sex with a female patient when she asked him about the contraceptive pill.” He then allegedly put his crotch in the face of the woman and kissed her on the lips, telling her: “Having lots of sex makes you healthy.” Alan Taylor, a lawyer for the General Medical Council, added: “Following that, doctor Ihsan said to Patient B: “I want to show you something. I want you to see my b***s.” He repeated this and kept saying: “I really, really want you to see my b***s,” and he stood up, unzipped his trousers and put his crotch near her face.”  He also asked if he could install pornography on her home computer.”

Mohammed Ihsan – “Having lots of sex makes you healthy.”

The most notorious recent case of sexual abuse on a patient, however, did not occur in the U.K. but in the United States, where the problem of Third World doctors is also rapidly coming to prominence. Last week, Texas doctor Shafeeq Sheikh managed to avoid doing jail time despite being convicted of raping a heavily sedated and asthmatic patient. What makes the light sentence even more galling was the calculating and callous nature of Sheikh’s crime. Everything had been premeditated, including his disabling of the patient’s nurse alarm, and measures he undertook to ensure uninterrupted access to her room.

Patients are not the only at-risk persons from Third World doctors. Colleagues, especially junior colleagues, and other members of the public are equally vulnerable to the predations of sexual psychopaths from the sub-continent. In November 2017, Imran Rauf Qureshi received just a 12 month suspension for groping a nurse’s breasts while working at Trafford General Hospital in Manchester. Qureshi later claimed he was “looking for a romantic friendship” with the nurse but that “cultural differences” meant his approaches had been misinterpreted — an excuse dismissed by the Medical Tribunal. Just a few months ago, Accident and Emergency doctor Srikishen Parthasarathy, 44 and from Bangalore, received just a 2-month suspension from the Medical Tribunal after sexually assaulting two trainee nurses, including grabbing one between the legs. One nursing assistant claimed Parthasarathy tried to “grab her breasts, slapped her on the bottom and asked ‘do you swallow?” In March, orthopaedic surgeon Milind Mehta, then located at a hospital in Scotland, escaped punishment of any kind despite being found guilty of sexually assaulting a colleague. Mehta “asked the woman into his office at Dr Gray’s Hospital in Elgin, Scotland, on the pretext of showing her medical slides — only to press himself against her chest before kissing her repeatedly around the neck and shoulder.” He apparently escaped punishment for this by organizing Powerpoint presentations using himself as the example to stop other doctors harassing colleagues. A more reassuring punishment was delivered when in November 2017 Accident and Emergency doctor Mohammed Yasin was struck off the medical register after repeatedly groping two nurses and pressing himself against them. Egyptian senior gynaecologist Khaled Ismail, 50, was permanently struck off the medical register in June after groping a midwife while she was busy delivering twins, and molesting three other female junior colleagues over a two-year period.

II. Negligence and Incompetence

Aside from sexual abuse, the most common instances of malpractice among Third World doctors concern gross negligence and incompetence. Back in March the world stood aghast at news that Kenyan doctors at Nairobi’s Kenyatta National Hospital had performed brain surgery on the wrong patient. The entire staff involved in the surgery was suspended after it came to light they only discovered they had the wrong patient after hours of searching for a blood clot that was in fact in another patient. Such stories may, among those with the darkest sense of humor, have a certain comedic value. Unfortunately, the West’s ongoing practice of importing medical staff from the Third World has resulted in similar travesties being played out in our own nations. In June, a medical tribunal found that Indian senior gynaecologist Vaishnavy Laxman committed a “failure in her clinical decision-making” when she decided to make her patient deliver a premature baby naturally rather than via c-section. According to The Telegraph:

When Laxman urged the patient to push whilst she applied traction to the baby’s legs, the baby was decapitated with the head remaining stuck in the womb. Two other doctors subsequently carried out a c-section to remove the head, which was “re-attached” to the baby’s body so that his mother could hold him.”

Despite the tribunal’s findings, Laxman was permitted to return to work immediately because, in the tribunal’s estimation, her conduct represented “a single error of judgement made in very difficult circumstances” — an apologia likely to bring little comfort to the mother of the decapitated infant, or to those who are yet to come under Laxman’s “care.”

Hadiza Bawa-Garba

Another doctor soon to be back in U.K. hospital wards is the Nigerian Accident and Emergency physician Hadiza Bawa-Garba. Just a couple of weeks ago Bawa-Garba successfully overturned a decision to strike her from the medical register following her role in the death of a six-year-old boy with Down’s Syndrome. Jack Adcock had been admitted to hospital with sickness and diarrhoea. After an initial examination, he was treated for acute gastroenteritis and dehydration but his condition continued to deteriorate. It subsequently emerged that he had been suffering from pneumonia. He went into septic shock, which led to organ failure and a heart attack, and he was pronounced dead within hours of his arrival. In reviewing the case, the Medical Tribunal found a series of errors committed by Bawa-Garba, a fact that led to her receiving a criminal conviction and a 24-month suspended sentence for gross negligence manslaughter. The General Medical Council subsequently moved to have her permanently struck off the medical register, but was frustrated in its efforts by an appeal court which ruled days ago that “Dr Bawa-Garba is a competent and useful doctor, who represents no material continuing danger to the public and can provide considerable useful future service to society.”

III. Drug Abuse, Fraud, and Violence

Third World doctors have also proven highly problematic in relation to access to drugs. Indian Hemanth Karkala Kamath was struck off the medical register after it was discovered he had stolen 16 ampoules of drug Midozalam, a hypnotic sedation drug, while working for Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS Trust in the anaesthetics department. Meanwhile Zimbabwean oncology doctor Tichafasey Mtetwa, was struck off the register after it emerged he had a history of stealing prescription drugs for personal use as well as there bring “concerns raised about his clinical assessment, diagnosis, knowledge and behavior.”

Kashif Samin – Miracle Man

Questions should also be raised about the assessment and verification of qualifications purportedly held by immigrant doctors. In July, 41 year old family doctor Kashif Samin was struck off the medical register after it was discovered his curriculum vitae boasted of 46 years of medical experience— meaning the miraculous Mr Samin was practising medicine five years before his birth. Samin also claimed to be a Fellow of the American Association of Aesthetic Surgeons when he was not, and claimed he’d had an article published in the Journal of Gastroentology, but no evidence was found that it existed and it was deemed “entirely fictitious.”

Patterns of aggression also continue to be observed among immigrant medical staff. Last week Turkish eye doctor Erkan Mutlukan was struck off the medical register after complaints were raised about his conduct at a Scottish hospital. Mutlukan appears to have expected this result and has already relocated to the United States, where he is recorded as operating an ophthalmology clinic in Wilbraham, Massachusetts. A Medical Tribunal found Mutlukan had demonstrated a “sustained and repeated pattern of appalling behaviour including stamping on a colleague’s Dictaphone, calling black agency staff apes and primates, and branding elderly patients time-wasters.” In a decision unlikely to comfort the citizens of Wilbraham, the Medical Practitioners’ Tribunal Service (MPTS) concluded that Mutlukan “posed a potential danger to patients.”


The Western reliance on, and need for, foreign doctors is largely illusional. We need surplus doctors only to the extent that we possess surplus populations. One of the problems of the contemporary West is not only that we have lost sight of our past, but also, and perhaps more importantly, that we have lost sight of our future. There is almost no sensible planning for the future or co-ordinated education of our youth. We live in an age where the supposed cure for every socio-economic problem is the injection of more diversity, rather than producing more children and educating them according to the needs of the present and future.

The belief that importing workers is a panacea to economic pressures was always built on false foundations. The classic example is the nation bemoaning a lack of plumbers and builders, which then imports cohorts of foreign plumbers and builders – who then need many more homes to live in, requiring more plumbers and builders to construct them, and so on. Similarly, in contemporary Britain, massive pressures on the National Health Service caused by mass immigration are being “eased” via the mass immigration of dubiously-trained foreign doctors. The only result of this development is the rapid decline in the quality of service offered by the NHS, the increased danger faced by patients, and the further expansion of multiculturalism into all areas of life.

The only sensible solution to this chaos is to conclusively bring the multicultural project to an end, to repatriate the surplus populations, and eject those whose dubious “skills” are no longer required. If we hope to make any progress at all in this respect, we will need to see an end to the culture of denunciation that singled out Peter Duffy. And we will need to turn the tables on traitors sending anonymous letters about “racism” and consigning their countrymen to a fate worthy of despair.

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    • Bobzilla
      Bobzilla says:

      The thing they have in common with the Catholic priest scandal is that they are both products of the radical Left. In the one corner you have Multiculturalism and Diversity infecting our hospitals and medical establishment. In the other corner you have a cabal of deviant evil homosexual pedophiles that have insinuated themselves into and used the Church as cover for their pedophilia. This doesn’t absolve the Church of not having done a proper job of being alert for these homosexuals, but it isn’t the Church that committed these crimes; it was a foul Satanic nest of homosexuals that did.

      • George Kocan
        George Kocan says:

        Over the centuries various trouble-makers have infiltrated the Catholic Church, among these, Freemasons, commies, Jews and homosexuals. Not surprisingly, these same groups now attack the Church for the behavior they themselves introduced into the Church. I should point out that public school teaches have a higher rate of sexual abuse than do Catholic priests. And, why shouldn’t they? The sex education programs in public schools are set up to promote sexual liberation, the separation of sex from marriage which logically includes sex with children. Alfred Kinsey, the guru of sex education in public schools, had no problem with adult-child sex and employed perverts to do sex research on children.

  1. BlackedOut
    BlackedOut says:

    I don’t use physicians whose names I can neither pronounce nor spell.

    Male nurses of all races creep me out.

  2. Rusty Carcas
    Rusty Carcas says:

    ‘The belief that importing workers is a panacea to economic pressures was always built on false foundations’

    Indeed. Just look at public-private partnerships (so called private finance initiatives) hospitals built by loans sharks for droves of imported immigrants. Our grandchildren (not theirs) will be paying them off. I have hardly ever met a person from even the so called hard working and ‘productive’ immigrant groups that actually pays taxes. Just like the remarkably primitive and utterly base lack of morals on display here they seem to regard paying tax as mere foolishness. I have had many Asian doctors who own companies registered to empty shop fronts and whose accountants are first generation immigrants who if they are caught will simply abscond abroad.

    Immigration in Britain used to be justified by the British empire-that commonwealth citizens could add to Britain’s society. From 1997 however it was just about demographic swamping. I laugh when people say Muslim grooming gangs are the problem. The Hindus are just as bad-ask a woman what it is like to catch the metropolitan line in evening rush hour (basically a section of the tube which services suburbs filled with people from the subcontinent-I have relatives who flat out refuse to use it EVER).

    I have seen it written that western morality is not universal and that the third world is far closer to humans true nature i.e that western values are not universal but an artifact of an advanced culture. I tend to agree. Why the hell are any of these people here?

    A universal morality is no morality. Universal morality for fellow Whites only everyone else tribal distrust!

  3. RoyAlbrecht
    RoyAlbrecht says:

    “…Kenyan doctors at Nairobi’s Kenyatta National Hospital had performed brain surgery on the wrong patient. The entire staff involved in the surgery was suspended after it came to light they only discovered they had the wrong patient after hours of searching for a blood clot that was in fact in another patient. Such stories may, among those with the darkest sense of humor, have a certain comedic value.”

    @Prof. Joyce:-

    1) Some of us have been at the short end of
    Jewish and Goy-cuck-socker-of-the-Jew abuse for over half a century…,
    to the point of having our lives so depravedly ruined that they are arguably too far gone to be salvageable for the child rearing duties we should have been undertaking.
    2) We accepted these abuses, alienations and deprivations not so much because we were sacrificing ourselves for the very same people who are now being abused by these (((“…Faux-reign Doctors…”))),
    we did so because we could not bring ourselves to live a lie.
    3) However, now that “..we..” have gone through the grinding mill of…,
    half a century of poverty and isolation and
    having long ago realized that the (((Medical Mafia))) is our enemy and
    that preventative-lifestyles and self-medication are the only guarantor of health in a hostile environment and,
    4) We sit by in our growing old age to witness these erstwhile “…friends…”,
    who so willingly abandoned us in our youth so they could chase the (((American Dream))),
    only to now be raped, ruined, ravaged, and literally ripped apart as a consequence of refusing to face up to reality,
    while we were taking the brunt of the psychologically and financially torturous mistreatment starting some half a decade earlier and,
    5) While they (the ones who abandoned us so easily) are now in their old age,
    having worked all their lives only to have what they worked for slowly be taken away from them and their children through (((legislative theft))),
    while we are not only in relatively good athletic health but also in a renewed state of financial health and,
    not on any prescription medication and
    self-treating the mild dietary adaptations that are required as metabolisms slow down,
    whilst preparing for World Sailing or Cycling Odysseys..;-

    How can you justify calling the schadenfreude humour at picturing a bunch of functionally retarded “…doctors…” groping around in another retards brain looking for tumors that are in-fact in the brain of an altogether different retard in the next bed as being the…, “….darkest sense of humour…”?

    Please except my apologies for my seemingly callous behaviour Prof. Joyce,
    for I respect you as one of the best writers at TOO and this article is by all means no exception,
    but somehow,
    after decades of fighting and suffering at the hands of Jews and their lackeys in high places,
    and being alienated by members of my own Racial kinfolk for doing as much,
    it is now my turn to laugh at the “..rewards..” they have chosen to reap and
    I do so without restraint or concern for their sensibilities.

    • Right man for the job
      Right man for the job says:

      In addition to Medicare, I have a valued secondary insurer. I am free from remaining in any PPO or HMO. Last year I needed immediate, though not life-threatening, care. It was a Saturday, and I found the closest care facility which could accommodate my situation. As I waited with a roomful of other ailing, hapless, doomed victims of the “American” medical establishment, I walked to a bulletin board on the wall of the room where photos and bios of the fifteen attending physicians was posted. Not a single European face or name, merely a motley aggregate of black, brown, yellow, and various combinations thereof.

      A receptionist, who could barely enunciate anything in English, called out my name (which I didn’t recognize at first). The “medic” who entered the room didn’t even look at me but began muttering something in Russian. She may have been born in Russia, but she was DEFINETELY N O T an ethnic Russian! It shouldn’t take more than one guess to identify what “persecuted” tribe sired this female monstrosity. About forty years of age, she had the most grotesquely curled toes jutting out of her shoes; they reminded me of the rubber Halloween pull overs we wore as kids. Her stubby hands were crowned with lengthy fingernails, painted ruby red on top, but unclean underneath as their length betrayed an accumulation of who-knows-what (a veritable hotbed of bacteria and human effluvia); they were more like the talons of a raptor which had captured some unfortunate ground mammal. I shant digress to her dreadful headful of dandruff.

      She was going to dress the would but didn’t even bother to wash her hands. I called that to her attention and she became insulted that I would tell her what to do !! Tough feces, Comrade! And quite expectedly, she FAILED to cover the wound. She was a graduate, per the bulletin board, of some obscure medical school in the Urals. Her asymmetrical head and bizarre body habitus inspired me to identify her as a new species of possible humanoid, Tyannosaurestein…escapee from Jewrassic Park.

      The larger health systems area importing these incompetents and are squeezing out American trained physicians (of all races). In my experience many of the non-American technicians who are capable professionals come from Poland and the Philippines. Almost uniformly, they are conscientious, CLEAN, possess amiable personalities and have a TLC which relaxes even the most irascible patient.

  4. Yuri
    Yuri says:

    Thank You to Dr. MacDonald and TOO for providing this insightful and frightening article. Third World doctor incompetents indeed! Even 40 years ago my family encountered crappy treatment and incompetence from various “physicians” in America but born in Cuba, Philippines, India, Trinidad and other wonderful locales. The grace America with their presence! And “Obamacare” has brought us many thousands more. Joy.

  5. Troll King
    Troll King says:

    Good article. I’ve probably said this before, but I have witnessed similar and worse problems inthe USA. There have been numerous foreign doctors brought in on the H1B visa system who have ranged from not very good to completely incompetent, ringing up millions of dollars in lawsuits in some cases.

    During the late Obama administration, foreign doctors were allowed for a period to enter the country and become licensed to practice medicine WITHOUT HAVING DONE MEDICAL SCHOOL OR RESIDENCY IN THE USA! Normally, a physician must complete at least a residency program in the US. Some of these people in my direct experience have been abominably incompetent, injuring many patients. Things worse than you describe, which actually sound rather mild.

    Moreover, this influx of foreign doctors created gluts in some fields and graduating domestic residents had to go out of state to find jobs. There is an art to medicine, and even those who are competent—and some are good—may be merely competent and not excellent. Of course, by foreign I mean third worlds, not Germans and Scandinavians.

    I would very like someone with journalist investigative abilities to study the duration, extent, and motivation of that program. I would not begin to know how to undertake it myself. I simply cannot understand the mindset and motivation of someone who would do that.

  6. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    How dare you tell the truth, Dr, Joyce. Shame on you for questioning the wisdom of the great and wonderful Wizard of Diversity.

  7. jimmie moglia
    jimmie moglia says:

    Where I live, a few years ago, a ‘Third World doctor’ was finally prohibited from operating in the hospitals of the State. He then emigrated to Australia, where he actually killed (the word used by the local examining board), at least 85 patients. They condemned him to 7 years in prison, though he had already returned to the US, where he currently lives in a multimillion dollar home. Earlier on, when he first arrived here, he came with praising and glowing recommendations from a well-known New York hospital.
    I personally happened to know of two other doctors belonging to the described category, who, excelling in butchery, were prohibited to conduct further surgeries, though they were not convicted of sexual abuse.

  8. Carl-Edward
    Carl-Edward says:

    Attlee started all this by giving the scum Commonwealth passports. If, as they alleged, the English treated them badly, then why in the world did they choose to live in England? The sensible thing would have been to say in effect: ‘We have given you the independence you demanded. Now you are on your own.’

    What a pity Enoch Powell did not become Prime Minister!

  9. Alouicious
    Alouicious says:

    I worked as a nurse for 20 years. Let me tell you, the foreign nurses are no better. The African nurses are just stupid. The worst however are the Filipinos- imported into the U.S. by the millions every year, to where you can’t get a job anymore. They are STUPID, ARROGANT, AND INCOMPETENT. They ‘own’ many floors- all the nurses, including the supervisors, are Filipino. I have literally watched them kill patients and cover it up amongst themselves.

    • Troll King
      Troll King says:

      Yes! That is a characteristic of the “doctors” I have encountered as well. This appalling supercilious arrogance and disregard for human (white?) life. Rings true

    • Thorgrun
      Thorgrun says:

      I was a patient in a large hospital in California. The nurses were by far Filipino. Before the operation I was to have a regime of intravenous, I knew this because I listened to the head nurse who was not Filipino. So, just about time to be carted away by another more vibrancy, an African that was rapping to some tune that only he could hear and most likely knew he was annoying me, I had to remind the Filipino nurse of the missing IV…Oh, and forget privacy, after coming back to my room, a number of these same nurses just had to keep checking out my should I say private parts and speaking in a language I did not recognize..oh the joy of diversity…

  10. Trenchant
    Trenchant says:

    First: The drug abuse problem is much worse that the conviction alluded to by Dr. Joyce would suggest. As audits of addictive/proscribed drugs are regular and rigorous, the addict anesthetist typically under-sedates his patient and reserves for personal use the difference between the actual and stipulated dose.

    Second: “Free” or tax-deductible heatlhcare has dramatically boosted demand for medical practioners. The professional guilds resist proportionate increases in local training in order to keep wages high, and native doctors gravitate to the more attractive specializations and geographic locations. Less attractive positions or locations are filled at lower pay rates by foreign doctors. The professional guilds conspire against taxpayer and patient, often the same person, in the case of whites.

    Finally, medicine is a favored profession for Jews. I can’t think of any other faculty where they are so heavily represented in percentage terms, not even law, hence the “Soviet-style” speech codes.

  11. RoyAlbrecht
    RoyAlbrecht says:

    I am sure I mentioned this before, but it deserves to be stated again for it is something I am truly thankful for.

    In Iceland, about 3 years ago I was admitted for overnight observation and a rigorous battery of tests at the provincial hospital in Reykjavik.
    My entire time there, I was treated by Icelandic (not Crypro-Jewish or Third World imitations) medical staff.
    Before that time I had serious post traumatic stress disorder as a result of being tortured involuntarily by Crypto-Jewish, Free Masonic and other Mongrelized and Mentally ill Medical Staff of a diverse nature, in Hamilton Ontario.

    1) The nurses in Iceland are like angels…, I can not stress this enough. The sheer beauty, charm, youth, radiance, cheerfulness, and COMPETENCE is enough to cure even the most shock disordered German of his mild post traumatic neurosis’s.
    Waking up in a hospital bed with an Icelandic beauty looking down upon you and into your eyes is like awakening from a dream thinking one has died and gone to heaven ! I am not joking here, for I actually though this when it happened !
    2) I found the doctors to be equally confidence instilling. Whether they be older White male doctors with bald heads or your standard Icelandic lovely, they behave professionally, compassionately, and thoroughly.

    It’s too bad that since my visit to the Icelandic hospital, my Canadian (((Medical Mafia))) imparted PTSD is history and I have lost about 35Kg.,
    run or cycle for a few hours every morning except Sundays and holidays and
    am feeling better than I have in decades,

    because if I was sick I could go back to the hospital again !

    Now I look forward to the day that I can become sick again so I can relive the heavenly experience of being attended to by a line up of Miss Universe Icelandic Nurses !

  12. James Clayton
    James Clayton says:

    There’s no larger promoter of immigration and third-world evangelism than the Seventh-day Adventist organization which expects all members to tithe. Their primary tool is healthcare and early childhood education (Read “brainwashing”). Any community with an SDA population is full of third-world medical workers at all levels, e.g,, Loma Linda, Walla Walla, you name it.

  13. cecil
    cecil says:

    This is happening to the Canadian health system too:

    Phase 1. Let in millions of immigrants, forcing up property prices so that the Canadians can’t afford to buy homes in their own country;

    Phase 2. Raise taxes on the Canadians to fund healthcare, housing, and schools for said immigrants;

    Phase 3. Canadians, faced with high taxes, and expensive housing, can’t afford to have children. Provide free abortions to speed up the process;

    Phase 4. Point out that Canadians have fewer children, thus necessitating the acceptance of millions more immigrants.

  14. Scarlett
    Scarlett says:

    Andrew Joyce, I love you so much.
    I am permanently banned from twitter and have no wish to return to that hellscape.
    However, I am able to read entries by the people I used to follow.
    I read yours regularly and appreciate your pinpoint clarity and precise ability to shine light on the massive hypocrisy which our enemies use.
    Thank you for everything; it does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.
    Above all, don’t despair…
    As you say: “No guilt, no regrets and (above all) no mercy”.
    Hail victory.

  15. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    The atavistic, inter-racial dystopia, (medical and otherwise), of the Jewish influenced and/or dominated Anglo countries is indeed appalling. One has to wonder just how long credulous Whites will remain (((under the spell))), and in a make-believe state of mind, until racial reality finally bitch slaps them awake.

  16. Johnny Rottenborough
    Johnny Rottenborough says:

    A few months ago, Peter Hitchens included in his weekly column a photograph of how British hospitals used to be. He wrote: ‘Is there any better illustration of the huge Soviet-style revolution we have suffered than this moving picture of nurses in an NHS hospital, praying before the start of their shift, half a century ago?’

    Click here and scroll down.

  17. Wuulfe
    Wuulfe says:

    I’m in the medical profession, work in a hospital, so I can vouch for the incompetence of non-White doctors. My father died from an irreversible error caused by an Indian Hospitalist on staff at a local university teaching hospital.

    On three occasions errors made by Indian medical residents could have caused my mother’s death had I not caught them! During one visit, 5 of the 6 residents on the floor were Indian…one White male. Then there was a black physician on staff from Nigeria who wanted to remove a respirator too soon telling me she was in a coma and wouldn’t live. Went to the Patient Advocate Department, insisted that doctor no longer treat her. They assigned a seasoned Jewish doctor who took excellent care of her. She went home 5 days later perfectly fine. How many family members would have believed the Nigerian doctor…said OK? How many patients did this doctor murder?

    I caught a black resident making a wrong diagnosis in the ER!!! He discharged the patient instead of admitting her!!!!

    Punishment by the hospital for errors and incompetence…a slap on the wrist!

    50% of all those admitted to this medical college as students and hospital as residents are foreigners…40% Indians. 10% are Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean. A few blacks. There are more qualified Whites not accepted all in the name of diversity. About 40% the residents hired are Indians.

    This is a level one trauma center hospital affiliated with a well-known highly respected university and medical college. No sense going to another hospital…they are all the same!

    Best thing is to refuse to be treated by them. Make sure you have a patient advocate…wife, husband, daughter, son, friend to watch over you. Often at night, there are only foreign medical residents on duty.

    White nurses are very good at catching errors…telling residents they can’t do certain things, but some Indians are sneaky and do things behind their backs.

    Try to sue and you will be told by lawyers…despite having evidence, it’s too hard to prove, doctors won’t rat out on other doctors, and it’s too costly for how much hospitals will pay out if they lose. Payout is based on the patient’s life expectancy. So, they don’t like taking cases involving older patients. It’s as if “who cares” an error was made, the patient is old. Generally, they prefer easy cases, the wrong kidney was removed, for example.

    An IQ of 98 is acceptable for admission of non-Whites to medical school. At least 115 for Whites.

    Thank you for exposing this, Dr. Joyce, but it looks like we are at the mercy of incompetent non-White medical care until we unite against it.

  18. bruno
    bruno says:

    If time permits, I would like to type a few lines. I was really surprised to see this vital topic. Where else could we see such besides this group? We in this gathering are very lucky. This brave sector brings sanity to an environment that is going through turmoil.

    I’d like to first touch touch upon KMac. Thoughts about him will be just what’s within my inner being. Also, a few of the remarks that were elicited here will be mentioned, as I stroll along the path pertaining to an element that has been classified as belonging to something referred to as the human lineage. You know, something that’s evolved, within a short period, beyond click-sound languages, to the standard and equality of today’s American… to become doctors (MDs examining majority populations).

    It should be emphasized we are extremely fortunate to have discovered KMac. I’ve known his soul since either the 1980s or 1990s. As a person who has ventured all around Mother Earth’s neighborhoods, you can believe me when I tell you KMac is one of the greatest of individuals. An hour contemporary times he is a red bird for our people. He is a true hero.

    It is because of him that large segments of Mankind are able to engage in freethinking on numerous verboten topics. He is known all around globe. Now let’s return to the subject at hand.

    When I was younger astute individuals all over the Soviet Empire would indicate that those students from the dark continent could never, in fair terms, finish most of their regional high schools. Instructors and institutes of higher learning would laugh and joke about the issue. The jest of their humor was that those coerced into their environment would be going to the West; they would serve the inner cities and such a changing metropolis as London. One time I was at a gathering were a Third World male held vocabulary of the average 12-year-old European.

    Skipping over time, I would like to refer to time of ambulating on a white silver sand beach with a pretty gal. She had been saving up for longtime because her desire in life was to be physician. The sun was setting and all of a sudden she nearly cried. She referred to those of third world heritage that were studying medicine with her. According to that beauty, they were not only dangerous to society, in general; they were dangerous to the upcoming generation and it was just not fair. She never mentioned their taking the spots of more qualified youth.

    Over the course of time, in various Western countries, one would read horrendous stories about the Incompetence and malpractice of diversityites. One case in particular stands out. It was in Florida. A male, of Third World heritage, had either caused the death of several individuals, for the near expiration of multitude of citizens (I can’t exactly recall). However, the point being made is that, in nearly every case, the MSM jumped all over itself with excuses with defenses.

    Throughout the last decade I have heard stories pertaining to third world nurses employed in prestigious hospitals throughout the land. The commentary would be from those in the healthcare profession and also from patients.

    One particular incident was very precious to me. The family member was severely ill and had to be hospitalized. We brought him to a reputable hospital. I noticed a physician who spoke in one of the Slavic languages that I could understand. When I conversed with him, his face changed to a smile and he asked why we were there. Upon telling him, he advised me to find a another facility. When inquiring about his reasoning, he said, in his language, -very diplomatically, that the people unlike majorities in England, Germany, Poland and other places, were all over and infested the operating room.

    Upon arguing the case with family members, it was decided that the place in question was clean, modern, and people had to know more than just doing simple repetitive tasks to become physicians. In other words, the thoughts from my educated lips (Ph.D.) And that of the cultured registered, license, physician held a little water when compared to the indoctrinated teachings other family members had obtained. One could go very deeply into this scenario. Unfortunately, there is a storm and the electricity keeps going off and on. It’s difficult to type. Just a few more words.

    Having recently been hospitalized one could see first hand how people thought. One very competent nurse assured me, after we had become friends, that it did not make any difference how incompetent the subject under the discussion was. Those in authority were fearful of flunking what has become a special component of Western society. What had become of those teaching the next generation and (2) what had they been taught?

    Well, amongst the manuscripts I’ve absorbed I just read a DNA study by David Reich. Perhaps he’s an average teacher. In his research he states that he spent nine years in Jerusalem and he had a feeling that “…our group was special.” Like others he tells his readers that mankind originated on the Dark Continent. because of the story allow me to just note that many sincerely believe that future studies will repudiate his claim. They can’t obtain mass distribution of their labour. DR’s book is Who We Are And How We Got Here. But, let me return to the threat of this piece.

    Once again, we can be very thankful that KMac has created groups were intellectual discussion and experiences like this can be shared. In this day and age, his efforts are truly amazing. I would like to personally thank Dr. Joyce and others who have spent their precious time going beyond the excepted realms of politically correct policies to discuss this plague that could possibly alter Western civilization to a degree in which it might never recover. Don’t use doctors that have names you can’t pronounce. Becuz most journalists can’t tell the truth, ask yourself why they defend those who are incompetent. Then ponder about the health field and the sea of Third World nurses.

    Lastly, the fellow writing about Iceland is right on the mark. If you have time, check out those who have migrated to that huge snowball civilization. We know and were close to such a family. Despite the cold, they have found happiness.


  19. TGD
    TGD says:

    Over many decades, US medical schools rejected 10s of thousands of fully qualified American premedical university graduates due to artificial limitations on class size and the mandate to increase admissions of less qualified minority applicants- ie the Bakke decision. This created a shortage of doctors especially in rural areas, where newly minted white American doctors did not want to practice. If you travel to a small town, city or rural area in the USA, you will see that most of the specialists are foreign trained, many from Mexico, Central America, the Philippines and Taiwan in addition to India and Pakistan. Academic standards especially in Latin American medical schools are a lot less rigorous than USA standards producing less competent practitioners. Unfortunately, there’s not much that can be done to change things.

  20. Pierre
    Pierre says:

    I survived the anxiety, the distress is a better word, of multicultural health care services on my last visit to the hospital here in Montreal. All the receptionists were French-speaking Africans, the whole staff of the dental clinic I attended, with the exception of the dentist who was white, were from third world countries. I felt very strange to say the least. When you are sick and anxious you want to be greeted and taken of by people of your own kind. Thats the way we humans are, including the third world staff at the hospital. How stupid can you be to think other wise.
    Although a group can sometimes go out of its way to save another group, as says Jean Raspail in his book, The Camp of the Saints:

    “Man has never loved the whole of humanity in one bloc, all races, religions, and cultures as one, but only those that he recognizes as belonging to his own kind, those of his group, no matter how vast it is. For the rest, he forces himself to love everyone and he has been forced to do so, and in the end, when the evil has been done, there will be nothing left of him.”

    Those who love their own the most are the ones that will come out on top. That’s the way it is my friend and there’s nothing we can do about it.

  21. Homer Buckles
    Homer Buckles says:

    I wouldn’t hire “Dr.” Hadiza Bawa-Garba to do the laundry in a hospital, far less do anything of a medical nature. Just look at that face! On the other hand, white youth are being wasted, with no mentoring. I can think of three 18 to 25-year olds, (sons of men I know) who have no idea what to do with their lives, while the sons of non-whites (especially orientals), know what they want to do from the age of 16, and follow it through to the end and are rewarded for it with good jobs

  22. Acquitaine
    Acquitaine says:

    My children went to high school with the children of a Pakistani Muslim couple. The father is an engineer of some sort who has worked here in the US for many years, and they have four children, all born in the US, 3 boys and 1 girl. Despite outward appearances of assimilation, they are actually quite devout and have raised their children accordingly. With that as background, the point of my comment is that two of their three sons have gone to medical school here in the US. Their sons have been excellent students, but no more so than the thousands of white Christian Americans who currently apply to US medical schools but aren’t admitted. Rather, it is patently obvious that both these boys were accepted into US medical schools because they are Muslim and thus good for the diversity index. What are we doing to ourselves?!?

    I ran into the younger boy at a grocery store just before he started medical school, and having known him since he was in seventh grade and not having seen him in four years, without thinking my white Southern self automatically hugged him. Tellingly, he absolutely froze and I immediately realized my mistake. So unless this boy becomes a urologist, he will be treating female patients whom he cannot stand to touch. Such are the consequences of our utter folly.

  23. Steve
    Steve says:

    Keep these things in mind when seeing a doctor.
    1. American medical schools are the best however, not all American medical schools are created equal.
    2. Is the MD board certified? If she or he isn’t find someone else.
    3. Are they FACS trained? All surgeons need to be Fellows, American College of Surgeons. Before you let someone operate they need to have FACS designation.
    4. Do they belong to the National Association in their specialty? Better yet have they been in positions of leadership in their specialty association? If not that might give you pause. Its not a disqualifier however, pay close attention.
    5. If you have difficulty in understanding or communicating with them leave.
    6. Generally, if the patient and the doctor are of the same race then there is a higher level of trust. Study after study have shown this to be the case with all ethnic groups.

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