Bad Medicine III: Jews Involved in the Cover-Up

For the last two years I’ve been covering the rather sordid tale of medical malpractice among ethnic minority physicians, mainly in the UK (see here and here). In 2017, I conducted an analysis of Britain’s Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service’s list of tribunal decisions — an analysis that revealed non-British doctors (25% of the total) were responsible for at least 80% of tribunal cases in 2016, the vast majority of them bearing Muslim, South Asian, or African names. Most referrals to this disciplinary board were due to sexual abuse and related misconduct, negligence, incompetence, drug abuse, fraud, and violence. My explanation for this state of affairs was, and remains, straightforward. Britain, like much of the West, has for decades been subjecting its various public services to the enormous strain of mass migration. Lacking any sensible planning for the future, our governments have irrationally and repeatedly proposed to cure every one of these self-inflicted socio-economic problems via an injection of yet more “diversity.” As such, in contemporary Britain, massive pressures on the National Health Service caused by mass immigration are being “eased” via the mass immigration of dubiously-trained foreign doctors. The main result of this development has been the rapid decline in the quality of service offered by the NHS, the increased danger faced by patients, and the further expansion of multiculturalism into all areas of life. I have argued that the only sensible solution to this chaos is to conclusively bring the multicultural project to an end, to repatriate the surplus populations, and eject those whose dubious “skills” are no longer required. Now, some two years after I started examining this subject, both the BBC and the General Medical Council (GMC) have taken notice – but their conclusions are rather different.

The BBC reports:

Figures obtained by a BBC Freedom of Information request suggest the GMC is more likely to investigate complaints against BAME (Black and Minority Ethnic) doctors than those who are white. Black and Asian doctors make up around a third of the workforce in the UK but are over-represented in fitness to practice cases. The GMC said: “We know employers are more likely to refer BAME doctors than white doctors to the GMC. We want to understand why, and have commissioned independent experts to carry out a major piece of research into those disproportionate referrals.”

The language used here is a case study in how the Marxist media discusses the problematic behavior of ethnic minorities. The fact that Black and Minority Ethnic doctors are more likely to be reported to disciplinary tribunals is contorted in such a manner as to insinuate prejudice and oppression, even if no facts have yet been produced to suggest such a state of affairs. Thus we are told that the GMC is more likely to investigate complaints against BAME doctors than White doctors — the rhetorical door being left open to the idea that complaints against White doctors are being dismissed, or treated less seriously, rather than there simply being less complaints against White doctors. And whereas the next sentence makes it clear that hospital managers are indeed referring BAME doctors at a higher rate than White doctors, this is portrayed as somehow sinister, with the GMC launching a “major piece of research into these disproportionate referrals.”

The manipulative and evasive language on display here is very similar to that employed when discussing the disproportionate exclusion of Black students from schools. For example, the American Psychological Association “Zero Tolerance” Task Force has written that while African American students are over-represented in both suspension and expulsion, there is

No data supporting the assumption that African American students exhibit higher rates of disruption or violence that would warrant higher rates of discipline. Rather, African American students may be disciplined more severely for less serious or more subjective reasons. Emerging professional opinion and qualitative research findings suggest that the disproportionate discipline of students of color may be due to a lack of teacher preparation in classroom management or cultural competence.

However, as Richard Lynn remarks in his forthcoming Race Differences in Psychopathic Personality,

This is a remarkable assertion because the most common reason for school expulsions and suspensions is conduct disorders (also termed behavior problems or “oppositional defiance disorder”), consisting of excessive aggression, violence, disobedience, and criminal offenses such as drug dealing. … The most straightforward explanation for the race differences in school suspensions and expulsions is that these are the result of the differences in conduct disorders. … Whatever the explanation, the conclusion of the American Psychological Association Task Force that there are “no data supporting the assumption that African American students exhibit higher rates of disruption or violence that would warrant higher rates of discipline” can only be regarded as bizarre.

Like the American Psychological Association, Britain’s General Medical Council is engaging in a bizarre denial of reality, forming its own “task force” to investigate something that is already self-evident — ethnic minority doctors are a major problem and a danger to patients. Or rather, one suspects that the “major research” about to take place will not examine the background of those being referred (as I have done for the last two years), but instead target those “racists” making the referrals and complaints. One can almost hear explanations already, like “poor preparation in hospital management or cultural competence.” In other words, the massive over-representation of ethnic minority doctors in cases involving sexual abuse, negligence, incompetence, drug abuse, fraud, and violence will be explained entirely by the insidious and oppressive, yet always nebulous, presence of White racism.

Just how White racism has been able to prevail in the British medical system is difficult to explain given the rapidly declining representation of Whites in the medical profession and the formation of ethnic blocs, and often quite clear ethnic networking, in both the NHS and the General Medical Council, as well as higher legal spheres. An excellent example is that of Ronald Cohen, a Jewish anaesthetist who had restrictions imposed on his ability to practise medicine several years ago after it was discovered his pre-operative and post-operative care and assessment and his note-taking and note-keeping fell “significantly below the required standard.” As a result of his incompetence, one of Cohen’s patients was left so seriously ill that he will never walk independently again and will require 24-hour care for the rest of his life. Cohen was, however, fortunate enough to have his flimsy appeal heard, and granted, in the High Court by Judge Stephen Silber, a fellow Jew whose expertise normally lies in immigration appeals and granting British asylum to Third World migrants. Thereafter, Cohen was permitted to resume his profession without restrictions.

Stephen Silber: Cohen is good enough for the goyim.

Aside from being overruled by higher courts, the GMC also suffers from ethnic networking within the organisation, as well as now having a Jewish Chief Operating Officer (Susan Goldsmith) who has introduced a radical new “Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Strategy.” Quite contrary to the growing list of raped and abused patients across Britain, Goldsmith has asserted that “the UK has an increasingly diverse medical workforce. This is a good thing.” Her strategy document continues:

The principles of equality, diversity and inclusion are critical to us being an effective regulator and employer. This strategy represents the first time the GMC have directly addressed the inclusion agenda, and I am hugely excited to be leading our work to build on the commitment and enthusiasm for inclusion displayed by our staff.

A major objective of the GMC under Goldsmith is to “increase the number of Black and Minority Ethnic and disabled job applicants who receive job offers, and improved career progression for groups of staff who are currently underrepresented at senior level, for example, women or Black and Minority Ethnic staff.” In other words, Goldsmith’s solution to the problematic results of diversity within the GMC will be to radically increase the level of diversity in the GMC.

Susan Goldsmith: “The UK has an increasingly diverse medical workforce. This is a good thing.”


This is despite the fact it’s difficult to imagine how the GMC can become more diverse. The organization already has a “Black and Minority Ethnic Doctors’ Forum” that is home to the Association of Pakistani Physicians and Surgeons, the British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin, the British Sikh Doctors Organisation, the Egyptian Medical Society, the Indian Medical Association, the Medical Association of Nigerians across Great Britain, the Progressive Muslims Forum, and the Sri-Lankan Medical and Dental Association in the UK. And these groups have very aggressively fought for their interests in terms of accessing jobs and positions of influence in the UK medical establishment. In 2013, the Royal College of General Practitioners threatened to sue the British Medical Journal (BMJ) after it published a dubious article claiming that “subjective bias owing to racial discrimination” could not be ruled out as a reason for consistently high failures rates among Black and Asian trainees taking the Membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners (MRCGP) exam. Faced with these allegations, the Royal College of General Practitioners maintained that Black and Asian failure rates were due to the inadequacy and incompetence of the applicants, and stated that any allegations of “discrimination” were defamatory. The article at the heart of the debate was written by Aneez Esmail, an Indian General Practitioner and member of the British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin. This organization simultaneously sought a judicial review against the Royal College of General Practitioners over low pass rates for doctors from ethnic minorities in the clinical skills assessment (CSA) component of the exam, which involves a mock consultation, with an actor posing as the patient. Esmail’s own research found that “ethnic minority doctors trained in the UK were four times more likely to fail the exam at the first attempt than UK-trained White candidates, while ethnic minority doctors trained abroad were 14 times more likely to fail.” However, follow-up investigation by the GMC found “no evidence of discrimination.” The legal case was simply an example of ethnic minority doctors attempting to strengthen their representation in the medical establishment despite the clear fact that most of their co-ethnic candidates were beneath the accepted standard to practise medicine.

One of the more frustrating aspects of the latest call to “investigate” ethnic minority over-representation in medical misconduct or failure is thus, as seen in the above case, that we’ve been here several times before. In 2014, the UK medical webzine PulseToday published a story confirming that “Black and ethnic minority doctors from the UK are 30% more likely than white UK medical graduates to have a complaint made against them and twice as likely to face sanctions from the GMC.” In response, a number of studies were undertaken in order to determine if “systematic prejudice” was in play, all of which, as the GMC noted in 2018, “found that the GMC’s processes do not introduce disproportionality in investigations into doctors.” A pattern has thus emerged in which ethnic minority doctors continually fail exams and attract very serious complaints, leading to investigations that are commenced with the explicit intention of finding that the disproportionality is due to systemic prejudice and discrimination. These investigations then fail to find any evidence of systemic prejudice and discrimination, and the issue of ethnic disproportionality is then quietly dropped for a year or two. The problem is then “rediscovered,” triggering a new wave of investigations that are commenced with the explicit intention of finding that the disproportionality is due to systemic prejudice and discrimination.

Because the real answer, that Blacks and ethnic minority doctors are more dangerous and incompetent, is simply unacceptable in the current zeitgeist, these studies will continue to be commissioned. The latest exercise in futility will be led by Roger Kline, a Research Fellow at England’s Middlesex University Business School. Kline is custom-built to provide an “acceptable” answer to the question of ethnic minority doctors, having previously written of his background:

My parents were Jewish. … They would be horrified at the post Brexit referendum hysteria which has demonised anyone who looks or sounds different. My parents were part of a generation where such talk led to a slippery slope of attacks, of wearing badges to show you were Jewish, and eventually the concentration camps. We are a very long way from that at present, but the time to stop the slide is now. So that’s where some of my ethics come from and that’s why I am here today. … I owe, we all owe, a great deal to people from every corner of the world without whom the NHS would collapse overnight. Yet despite this, discrimination against such staff whose parents or grandparents are from overseas is rife in the NHS.

So clearly Dr Kline will be an entirely objective investigator, following the perfectly logical, and not remotely hyperbolic, chain of argument that complaining about and reporting the misconduct of ethnic minority doctors will lead to concentration camps and the overnight collapse of the National Health Service.

Roger Kline: “We all owe, a great deal to people from every corner of the world without
whom the NHS would collapse overnight.

In truth, Kline has a considerable history of anti-White intellectual activism in the National Health Service, having previously written “Discrimination by Appointment: How Black and minority ethnic applicants are disadvantaged by NHS staff recruitment,” (2013) and “The ‘snowy white peaks’ of the NHS: a survey of discrimination in governance and leadership and the potential impact on patient care in London and England.” (2014) Contrary to all available evidence from the GMC disciplinary panels, and the failure rates of ethnic minorities in examinations, Kline begins the latter article with the assertion that “there is increasingly robust evidence” that a “diverse workforce” is “linked to good patient care.” Ethnic minorities fail so many exams because, argues Kline, NHS recruitment processes “disproportionately favour white applicants.” To redress the alleged discrimination, Kline proposes a radical diversification of the UK medical establishment, changing it (p.5) “once and for all.” As part of his 2014 research, Kline also contacted one local NHS Trust to “challenge” it for “disproportionate disciplinary action against BME staff.” The Trust responded by stressing that “there was no indication that managers focused more on BME staff, and that its data was broadly in line with national figures, citing a report from NHS Employers in 2010.”

Essentially then, the local Trust insisted that their Black and minority ethnic medics were more likely to be a danger to patients and that this pattern is also observable on a national scale. Kline, in his article, simply twists this assertion to meet his purposes and describes this perfectly sensible reply as a “curious response to an allegation of discrimination” because the Trust is basically admitting it is “no worse than a questionable national average of discrimination.”

In other words, in Kline’s worldview, finding no evidence of racial discrimination is evidence of racial discrimination. Kline doesn’t offer any evidence supporting the idea that national averages for disciplinary action against Black and ethnic minority doctors should be regarded as “questionable.” He doesn’t mention the fact that, although these statistics have been “questioned” again and again and again, no evidence of systemic discrimination has ever been found. Instead, the sole, solitary explanation for racial disproportionality in competence, misconduct, and employment, is always and everywhere “racism.” And, based on this belief, Kline concludes his ideology-infused study with a call to arms (p.66) against White leadership in the NHS (‘snowy white peaks’ being a metaphor for the white hair of older White men in management positions): “It is surely time to urgently and decisively address the widespread and deep-rooted, systemic and largely unchanging discrimination that black and minority ethnic staff within the NHS face … There can be no better time to change, once and for all, the ‘snowy white peaks’ of the NHS.”

This is a clear case of Jewish intellectual activism utilizing ethnic minorities and concepts of racism and discrimination in order to subvert and ultimately topple White influence in one of the major public institutions in a White nation.

What will result from the activities of those like Silber, Goldmsith, and Kline? Statistics indicate that many more patients will be placed in danger. Many will be sexually assaulted, some will die. A culture of silence will take hold, as already witnessed in the case of Peter Duffy. Duffy was a surgeon, consultant urologist, and one-time “Doctor of the Year” at England’s Royal Lancaster Infirmary until, in 2005, this exceptional physician made the mistake of stating that “a doctor of Indian descent had missed an operation on a patient with suspected gangrene because he was out playing golf. He also said two other colleagues of Asian heritage were involved in possible overtime fraud.” Rather than leading to an investigation of these issues of malpractice, Duffy reports:

after flagging these concerns, he was subjected to “malicious, toxic and utterly false” allegations over the period of a decade, culminating in accusations made to the police that he was racist. In particular, tribunal documents showed that four anonymous letters were sent to the General Medical Council(GMC), Duffy’s professional regulator, between 2012 and 2014. Employment Judge Slater said that, from the contents of the letters, they appeared to written by someone within Duffy’s department and “alleged matters which, if true, may have called into question [his] fitness to practice.” [Emphasis added]

Under scrutiny and suspected of having “racist” tendencies, in 2015 Duffy transferred to another hospital. It was at this hospital that Duffy was voted Doctor of the Year by patients and colleagues. A lingering cloud of suspicion appears to have lingered over him, however, and he resigned in July 2016 after he claiming he was still unable to shake off insinuations relating to his issues with the three foreign doctors.

This is the kind of working culture promoted by Kline and his colleagues — a system of denunciation in which complaints against ethnic minority doctors and wider issues of disproportionality are reduced by the only means they can be reduced —  by inducing fear of allegations of “racism” in all White staff.

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  1. Richard L Gearon
    Richard L Gearon says:

    Nobody should be surprised that a bunch of jews are telling lies about the competency of the BAME doctors. After all, the jews are the main group of people who started and continue the assault on all white people, so as to destroy white culture and, indeed, kill off all white persons. The jews are responsible for same-sex marriage, miscegenation, unrestricted abortion, and many other abominations. There is only one thing preventing the jews from their stated goal of ruling the world, and that is the presence of white people. The fact is that about 100 million white people, in America, own several hundred million GUNS, is the only thing standing between freedom and slavery for white people all over the world. I, for one, am ready to die, which I will probably have to do, to stop this war, by the jews, on all mankind.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Richard, ” … I am ready to die ” ! Allow me to paraphrase Patton addressing a West Point graduation: Among you today, are a number of sons of bitches ready to give your lives for your country. Well, let me tell you, the only way to win a war is to make the other sons of bitches give up their lives for their country !

      Shoulders back; chin up !

  2. pterodactyl
    pterodactyl says:

    This doctor was struck off and recently reinstated. From the Daily Mail article:. “A crowdfunding appeal subsequently raised £347,000 in legal funds for Dr Bawa-Garba.”

    From this article it appears that the reason the child died was because the computer was down, and in the absence of the computer telling her what to do this doctor could not diagnose sepsis.

    “He explains: ‘Normally with blood samples abnormal numbers flash up in red and they’re easy to see.’ Instead, he says, ‘she was given 15 to 20 numbers at speed which she was writing down. She was under pressure and didn’t think about what those numbers meant.’”

    “Blood tests taken from Jack shortly after his arrival revealed abnormally high levels of urea and creatinine, suggesting kidney problems and contradicting Dr Bawa-Garba’s diagnosis of gastroenteritis.”

    So it seems that if the computer had been working, the computer screen would have flashed red numbers (and presumably suggested appropriate medication).

    But because the computer was down, this doctor failed to associate high levels of urea and creatinine in the blood as indicative of sepsis (which then caused death) and instead diagnosed gastroenteritis.

    Reading between the lines here it seems as if the doctor could not perform basic diagnosis without the help of the computer. In this case the correct diagnosis ‘should have been obvious to a trainee’ according to a quote in the article that was critical of the doctor.

    These are the type of people getting promotion these days in the medical profession.

    Political correctness trumps the care of patients.

    In modern Britain we are willing to have incompetent doctors if this is the price that we have to pay to avoid favouring our own over foreigners, as favouring our own is the worst possible outrage one could commit under our modern set of lefty morals that Britain now subscribes to.

    The goal of hindering and preventing white people having power, top jobs, or influence is so worthy as a goal from the perspective of our new set of morals, that all other considerations have to be caste aside if they block this goal in any way.

    I have suffered bad health from a foreign doctor’s incompetence, and what annoys me is that if I say ‘a black doctor failed to give me the appropriate tests’ to a white NHS nurse that I know, she will be more outraged that I mentioned that he was black than she will be outraged that I had to suffer from the incompetence. This is why this country is destined to get worse and worse. Too many white people are programmed deep down to be, like this nurse, ‘over-loving’ to other races and severely triggered by any negative comments about other races. These are ‘moral people’ whose love for mankind has blinded them to the practical effects of loving the world. They think all humans are the same and will love them back.

    There is another group, the lefties, who simply hate white people for being better, and these lefties have persuaded the ‘moral lovers of mankind’ to help them bring the third world to the West. Those whites who want to love mankind are being used by those whites who hate white people and want to do to their own country the same as the left did to S Africa. That is the goal that the left seek, and the silly moral whites are helping them to achieve it.

    What I wonder is if we show a film of what it is like in S Africa now, including farm murders and the intense anti-white hatred, what I wonder is if we show such a film to a group of white people in Britain, and say that assume for the sake of argument that this is the destiny for Britain – to be corrupt, lawless, with white people becoming attacked just for being white, and there is disease, civil conflict and starvation even, what I wonder is that on the basis of this assumption, that this is Britain’s destiny, would you:

    (a) Vote for white rulers who want to ‘be racist’ and deport other races and then Britain becomes safe & peaceful & prosperous again, or:

    (b) Carry on as we are and accept our destiny to be like S.Africa?

    I wonder how white people would respond when offered these two choices.
    We all know that the 15% true lefty whites(or whatever they are) would choose (b) as this is their goal in the first place – to make us like S.Africa, but what would the large group of go-gooders choose, many of whom donated to the £347,000 in legal funds raised for Dr Bawa-Garba?

    Sadly, I think quite a substantial proportion of white ‘do-gooders’ including white doctors who do not actually hate their own race as the left do, a substantial proportion of these white do-gooder lovers of mankind would also choose (b) as our certain destiny if we carry on as we are, and the do-gooders would choose such a future of (b) not because they would like a 3rd-world-type future for Britain – they would hate it – but because to them the sin of favouring the white race is just too big a sin to commit, even if the outcome of committing this sin is peace and prosperity for your own people.

    The do gooders would still refuse to commit the sin of pro-white racism even if they were told that once the other races were removed we would pay for the other races to have electricity and clean water and hospitals in Africa. The do gooders would still say ‘no’ to option a above. They would choose the collapse of the West and misery for whites AND blacks rather than commit the sin of favouring white people in white countries.

    (PS I recommend people pay a few hundred pounds for a private consultation after being seen by an incompetent dr)

    • Curmudgeon
      Curmudgeon says:

      It is important to remember that diagnostic testing, whether laboratory, diagnostic imaging, etc., are supposed to used to confirm a suspected diagnosis. For example, if a patient presents with symptoms of meningitis, doctors don’t wait for lab results to begin treatment with a wide spectrum antibiotic. The test results will confirm (or not) that it is meningitis, and narrow the spectrum to the best antibiotic to be used to treat that specific form of meningitis.
      In your referenced article, there are many holes in the narrative. Getting results over the phone was the norm, prior to computerization. Physicians are expected to know normal ranges for Lab tests. Flashing red results as opposed to verbal communication are no excuse. As for the X-Rays, the article does not state when they were done. Normally, X-Rays would be ordered at the same time as blood work, and would have been done before the Lab results had been returned. The article implies that there was no Radiologist available to read the X-Rays, which would be unusual, during the daytime, particularly at a children’s hospital. GPs, although they think otherwise, are not qualified to make a nuanced diagnosis on an X-Ray. I find it difficult to believe a Radiologist’s report was not available.
      What the article has made clear, is that White doctors make mistakes, just at a much lower rate. The studies are trying to pretend that no whites are reported.

      • tito perdue
        tito perdue says:

        “We’ve always been a universal nation.”
        David Brooks

        Yes, indeed; Jewish trespassers like to imagine America has always been an allochthonous harbor for all the world’s racial sewage. In fact, for almost 400 years, America has been 90% white or better.
        To make America white again, I propose an immediate resumption of the [redacted], this time to continue to completion.

    • Vehmgericht
      Vehmgericht says:

      Yes indeed, it is now axiomatic that fewer white males in any professional demographic is an unalloyed good. Evidence for this proposition, if ever provided, takes the form of cherry-picked studies.

      The BBC subjects all new staff to ‘Unconscious Bias’ training where women and minorities are urged to regale the attendees with the pathos of their thwarted lives, and dubious science such as the ‘Finger Test’ and ‘Stereotype Threat’ is reported as established fact. Those who demur are reported to line-managers as ‘resisters’.

      A recent piece in the Guardian newspaper ventured that ‘Britain cannot be reborn’ as a multicultural utopia while whiteness remains untoppled, and all these actions and initiatives in the public sector, academia and now the corporations are aimed that ruinous goal.

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        “Yes indeed, it is now axiomatic that fewer white males in any professional demographic is an unalloyed good”

        This happens because the majority CONSENT and ALLOW it to happen. The majority could stop the anti-white (= anti-self) culture and reverse it at any time they want – simply by voting differently. But the people choose to continue to submit to the anti-white narrative, even in the secrecy of the voting booth. Only 10% of voters in Britain in a by-election in Newport voted for the parties that will even mention immigration, and 90% voted for pro-mass immigration parties.

        The anti-white narrative has its source in a small percentage of the population, but they are able to direct the majority and bring the majority round to their way of thinking. Another example of this is the transgender phenomenon. Once again, the 99% are being dominated and controlled in this by the 1% who are obsessed with the transgender thing. There must be a mathematical equation where you multiply the number by the fanaticism to see which idea wins:
        1% in number want transgender stuff, x by fanaticism level of 1000 =10 units
        99% in number x by concern level of .01 = .9 units

        … so in the struggle it is 10 versus .9 and 10 wins so the whole country bows down to the transgender crowd.
        This type of manipulation of the majority by the minority could not exist in the past.

        The people are WILLLINGLY submitting to the anti-white programme/narrative that the MSM is telling them is the moral one, where what is ‘moral’ means that which the current elite tells them is moral via the MSM, school, and university.

        Anyone who sticks up for the white race is someone who is stepping out of polite society, is someone who is ostracised and an outcast, and the majority do not want to be thought of in this way, so they accept the demise of their own race and country just so they are not socially ostracised. They must know deep down what they are doing and for some it must cause inner stress and turmoil.

  3. Jack McArthur
    Jack McArthur says:

    Over and over again the Ancient Egyptians declare that “they are true of voice” and did so on the basis that this was the very foundation of what it meant to be fully human and worthy of eternal life.

    Their polar opposite are the people of the lie. Jesus said their father was the devil. They abhor truth and cannot abide its presence.

  4. Flossie
    Flossie says:

    Of course we have the very same sorts of problems here in the U.S. Affirmative action and the importation of incompetent and poorly-trained foreign medical personnel have led to mountains of malpractice. In addition to the medical malpractice is the widespread financial fiddling. Every couple of months we see a story about federal regulators uncovering gigantic multi-million-dollar insurance fraud schemes. Without exception, the participants are foreign-born. And when you hear about dental clinics run out of a residential garage, or antifreeze being injected into a woman’s buttocks . . . Yeah, same thing.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      She went to a clinic one cold day and was asked “what’s it like outside?”

      “OMG, I’m freezing my ass off!”

  5. Chris M
    Chris M says:

    “Political correctness trumps the care of patients.”

    Yep. PC trumps life itself.

    Even your comment wasn’t entirely free of it.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      @Chris – Western governments could set up ‘refugee cities’ in Africa or Mexico and any immigrant now in the West who wants to emigrate to these places would get a welfare card that gave him ‘free stuff’ for life. It would be given to anyone who wanted to go, no questions asked, but would only pay out in Africa or Mexico.

      It would be worth the financial cost if it means they will then return to the continent they love and call ‘my home’. It stops the liberals saying ‘We cannot send them to a place where there is no clean water”. Even in strict financial terms It would be worth it in terms of saving the cost of the crime they cause.

      There would be a huge exodus from the cities in the West that they now occupy and control.

      And there is nothing to stop the white lovers of mankind going there to serve them as doctors, teachers etc.

      It would achieve the same outcome as deportations, but without any conflict.

  6. Panadechi
    Panadechi says:

    The whites should create homogeneous independent autonomous communities in addition to colonizing new territories still virgin, and not allowing Jews and non-whites, or migrate to white countries of Eastern Europe. Otherwise they will perish ..

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      @Panadechi – the Africans & Chinese would not be bothered about this, but rest of the white world would not rest until they had destroyed such a place.

      This is how the Western governments acted towards white ruled S Africa. They were tireless in their dedication to the goal of destroying white rule. The same applied to Rhodesia. And while their governments did this, their populations never noticed or objected, especially as their MSM fed them with the appropriate narrative of ‘white man bad’ almost daily in the news.

      Even if right-wing white people fled to the moon to set up a colony, the white governments on earth would never rest until the moon was blown up or they were able to send Africans there to join them.

      I do not see a solution as all white populations have a left-wing portion who hate anyone or any country that is better or ‘superior’ and such individuals devote their entire lives to acting on this inner hostility that they feel, which includes hating their own people and country. Unlike some others here, I believe we would still have the self hate in the West even if all the Jews who fan the flames were to leave. Whilst the West remains rich, this provides factors that favour the left taking over, as at present. When Western economies collapse the factors will change and might not favour the left taking control any longer.

      The strange thing is that Russia, the first to embrace the self-hatred of the left, now no longer subscribes to it, yet East Germans who also experienced being ruled their lefties full-on, they still seem willing to embrace the self-hatred. Why do the ex East Germans vote for an African invasion, but the Russians do not? Are the Russians different genetically or is it due to their history?

    • Floda
      Floda says:

      Yes, complete segregation, obviously the only way Whites will ever survive long term. Trouble is the enemy knows it and has for a very long time. They will stop at nothing to prevent it. Look no further than what is happening at the US southern border. Brown and Black skinned people unable to create prosperous well managed societies clamouring by the millions to get into one created by the White man’s energy and ingenuity. The same thing is going on all over the World. It will take men (and some women) like America’s Mr Trump, Italy’ s, Salvini, France’s Ms Le Pen, Hungary’s Mr Orban and a dozen more, patriotic nationalists ON STILTS to bring it about.

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        Floda – Trump, Salvini, Orban, yes. Le Pen, non. She has already shown her unfitness via her boyfriend.There is a great deal of anti-establishment energy in France but she cannot corral it. She should be replaced.

  7. Visitoe
    Visitoe says:

    Being a doctor is not such a great job. Their children become lawyers because it is easier to sue a doctor than be one. Hence, the need to import them.

  8. Rob Bottom
    Rob Bottom says:

    We must stigmatize, mock, and ostracize anyone who uses attack words like racist, white supremacist, and so on against us. People should not only be afraid to use these words, they should feel foolish doing so – the way nobody can accuse anyone of being a witch. Perhaps whenever someone is labeled a “racist” we should accuse them of being a witchfinder general to make the association clear. Otherwise they will simply continue to use it, for it’s clear they will never willingly admit that disparities arise naturally (if they did, the whole globalist-mass immigration house of cards would soon collapse).

    It may be that the genetic research into IQ will force them to admit racial differences in intelligence and behavior, but they will fight it tooth and nail and obfuscate and deflect as long as possible, by which point we may be minorities in our own lands. Then they’ll happily flip flop and admit the racial differences are there, but they’ll claim whites must embrace miscegenation to improve the IQ of the darker races, and that nothing can be done about the non-white majority now occupying our territory, and so on.

  9. william chandler
    william chandler says:

    The Billionaires think they have a right to use their wealth to interfere in Our lives with their “social engineering programs”
    We have the SAME right to interfere in their wealth.
    “Funny” how these BILLIONAIRE Leftwingers believe in Socialism and Sharing (YOUR) property……….
    but Their’s is THEIR’S ….. no WAY are they gonna share.
    Who is funding all these Socialist Groups that hate Our Freedoms and Our beliefs? The Rothschild’s, Rockefeller’s, Mellon’s, Kuhn’s, Vanderbilt’s, and the CRIMINAL BANKING FAMILIES, Kochs, Buffett, Soros, Bezos, Gates, not happy with their riches they wish to OWN you.
    These SCUMionaires do not even GIVE to charity. They establish tax free “trusts & foundations” where THEY control the money and get paid to do so and you actually subsidize them because you pay higher taxes to replace what they avoid. “The more money communists accumulate, the more they preach morality to others”
    When they decide to step across Our threshold/line with Their wealth to interfere in OUR lives, it is the same as trespassing into Your house and we have the Right to TAKE their wealth.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      @William Chandler – the reason the politicians cannot take the wealth off the billionaires eg via special tax is the same reason the kings and rulers in Europe over the centuries could not expel the Jews who were controlling them – the reason is that these people have powerful connections and have ways of destroying the careers of anyone who tries to interfere. (Although sometimes when a rival group takes over, the rival is not being controlled to the same extent) Companies like Google have connections in politics, finance and the media. For example, facebook closes accounts for political reasons and so does Paypal. As far as I know, no MSM newspaper or TV channel has run a story about this even though it should be a top story.

      Another point is that many of these billionaires have not created or done anything that is original or unique (ie nothing that deserves such huge rewards), and their achievement is only to be the one that comes out on top in the struggle to be top dog. This takes ‘legal genius’ and ‘connections genius’ more than inventive genius.

      Eg the Paypal boss is a billionaire. There is nothing unique or clever about the concept of Paypal, and the software is nothing special and can easily be reproduced by a rival, if there was such a thing, which there is not, as a rival can only arise if the banking elite wishes it to arise, and not simply on the basis that ‘the market’ would like one. In fact if the market were in charge (rather than monopoly controllers) then within one week a rival would emerge that was like Paypal except that it did not close down accounts for political reasons.

      It is the internet that creates the opportunity for a Paypal type company to exist, and so the internet is the source of the wealth, not the ‘creative genius’ of anyone in Paypal, as there is no creative genius at all involved in making the Paypal computer programs.

  10. royalbrecht
    royalbrecht says:

    For White Nationalists, one must take care never to let the Jews try to commit you into a psychiatric institution.
    They try to get you to admit to “believing in” the jewish conspiracy and subsequently label you as being delusional. You lose.
    If you “deny” the jewish conspiracy in an effort to “look normal” then they label you as paranoid because you will be exhibiting obvious defensive markers that they are very good at detecting. You lose again.
    Moreover, just being admitted into a psychiatric institute, no matter what pretext they get you committed on, automatically precludes you from so many different jobs and licenses like gun ownership etc. that you become employment disadvantaged for the rest of your life. You lose again.
    Whats more, if you fight them at a tribunal, they stack the (((arbitrators))) against you and unless you have a good lawyer that knows how (((the system))) works, you may well lose your case and then risk becoming involuntarily committed, or worse, a ward of the state.
    That opens the door to beginning the “curing” process; Injections, EMR scans, solitary, sedatives and other psychoactive meds, etc… that eventually “neutralize” (render one a basket case) the “patient” and eliminate (((their))) opposition.
    It is a truly hellish situation to be in because you are all the while locked up with seriously ill people and face the possibility of being there for a very long time.
    On the plus side however, if you manage to escape the traps you have a good experience to add to your collection!

  11. John Clark
    John Clark says:

    For the last 14 years of my working life, I worked at a very busy General Hospital in the north of England as a porter.I could recall many instances of professional incompetence,neglect and indifference, but the lack of hygiene protocols by mostly Muslim medical personnel, struck me.One particular occasion, a second year male doctor, after emptying his bowls in the A & E staff toilet where I was washing my hands, exited the facility and walked directly into the Resuscitation department to treat a seriously ill elderly lady having not followed any normal day to day hygiene procedure let alone the stricter regime at a hospital.This was at a time when the whole hospital was experiencing the highest instances of Clostridium difficile(c.diff.) and Streptococcal infections on record.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      @John – another observation is that many chemists are now staffed by muslim women in very strict religious dress. I know it is anecdotal, but I get the strong impression that they feel hostile to others who are not ‘in their group’ and enjoy telling them that they can’t do this or they can’t do that, when I know a white chemist would behave differently. Eg if you do not pick up a prescription the same day, and when you go in late for it they have sent it back or lost it. I get the impression they enjoy doing this sort of thing to the kaffir.

      What kind of madness takes over a nation that results in it inviting over 3rd world religious fanatics who hate them, then gives them power over us in medical ways as well as other ways? The anti-white whites enjoy the way that the white ppl have to submit in medical situations to foreigners who despise us.

      And none of the foreign doctors exhibit any kind of gratitude to that culture that gave them the training, wealth, and our highest-status positions over white people. You will never find a comment anywhere along the lines of ‘Britain did this for me’.

  12. ChilledBee
    ChilledBee says:

    The most disturbing aspect to stories like this is that many white people of the West are suddenly wondering how we have got to this point in our society where things are becoming intolerable. Had it not been for me taking time to see what is underneath it all, I, too, would have been completely oblivious to the agendas of the likes of Silber, Goldmsith, and Kline. When I first came across mention of this site, it was described as a
    right-wing, anti-semetic web site, which will obviously put many people off visiting it who are just searching for answers to who is primarily responsible for these insidious agendas that are literally being forced upon us.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      @ChilledBee “I first came across mention of this site, it was described as a right-wing, anti-semetic web site, which will obviously put many people off visiting”
      When you think about it, it is strange but true to say that those who have been exposed to the mainstream all their lives can learn more from this site in a few hours about how the world is and why, than they learned from decades of exposure to mainstream sources. And this includes those with degrees in history and suchlike as their education is more like propaganda these days. But you have to be open minded to be able to change your views in response to evidence. I personally had no idea about the impact of the Jews on Western society before looking up K MacDonald.

  13. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    Apologies to comment readers of TOO for repeating this story but it is quite pertinent: “Dr Kashif Samin, now 42, has been permanently banned after a week long hearing at the General Medical Council’s Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service. The doctor, from North Wales, fabricated his experience, university degree and other entries on job applications. In a CV posted online, he claimed he more than 46 years experience as doctor”, (despite only being the tender age of 41 at the time!).
    Treatment on the British (global) health service is free at the point of emergency care. BAME doctors consider it ‘racist’ to ‘profile’ ‘non-British’ for more costly care and medication: is the brown-skinned person a health-tourist? After all they assert, ‘They are not border guards’. Quite generous, though.

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