Hyper-Whites with Hyper-Privilege: Jews Are Losing their Status as Persecuted Victims

Jonathan Portes is a Jewish economist and a big fan of mass immigration. In collaboration with the Jewish immigration minister Barbara Roche, he was central to New Labour’s successful conspiracy to open Britain’s borders to Eastern Europe and the Third World. The conspiracy was very bad for Labour’s traditional supporters in the White working-class, but very good for the rich Jewish businessmen who funded Tony Blair and dictated New Labour’s policies.

Inflammatory nonsense

But while Portes (pronounced “Port-iz”) believes in open borders, he also believes in closed mouths. In other words, he’s a big fan of censorship and doesn’t like Whites discussing racial differences and the effects of mass immigration. When the conservative philosopher Roger Scruton was sacked from a government committee for alleged anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and racism, Portes welcomed his departure and condemned him for peddling “inflammatory nonsense,” “tabloid-level ignorance and straightforward falsity.” He then went on to peddle some inflammatory nonsense of his own when he praised the heavily Jewish “Race Relations Act of 1968,” claiming that the Act “outlawed direct discrimination in housing or employment, as exemplified by signs saying ‘No blacks, no dogs, no Irish’.”

“More Blacks, More Dogs, More Irish”: SJWs exploit an urban myth

That’s how hate-filled the White English were in the 1950s and ’60s, you see: when they were offering houses or rooms for rent, they put up signs saying “No blacks, no dogs, no Irish.” Thousands of signs up and down the land. Well, hundreds, anyway. Well, they were a common sight. So common, in fact, that there’s no solid proof that they ever existed. The Irish Studies Centre (ISC) at London Metropolitan University (LMU) has a single photograph of “somewhat uncertain” “provenance” donated in the 1980s. And when the academic Steve Bruce was researching the topic in the 1990s, he “tried without success to find one and had to fake one for a book cover.” Writing in 2015, Bruce issued a “plea to Guardian readers. If ‘No Irish’ signs were as common as is asserted, there should be plenty of them remaining in private collections, local archives and the like. … Can we please see some?” No, we can’t. Instead, we need to have faith. Dr Tony Murray, Director of the ISC at LMU, says that: “Ample evidence exists in numerous oral history interviews with both Caribbean and Irish migrants that such signs existed well into the 60s.”

An urban myth

No, that’s not “ample evidence”: it’s anecdotage. I don’t believe that such signs ever existed. They’re an urban myth peddled by people who, because they hate the English, want to believe that the English are haters. Yes, there is solid proof that English people put up signs saying “no coloureds” and “no West Indians.” But I don’t think such signs were proof of “hate.” Blacks are much more likely to be bad tenants than Whites are. Everyone who has dealings with Blacks learns this. For example, the BBC exposed non-White Asian landlords in 2013 for “discriminating” against Black tenants. Back in the 1950s, the notorious Peter Rachman (1919–62) installed violent and noisy Blacks to drive White tenants out of houses he wanted to buy or convert into flats. That’s how the English language acquired the handy word “Rachmanism,” meaning “the exploitation and intimidation of tenants by unscrupulous landlords.”

15th July, 1963 picture shows Peter Rachman, the London property owner who made a fortune as slum landlord of West Indian immigrants in West London, pictured at his desk…15th July, 1963

Peter Rachman, an unscrupulous Jew from Poland

That definition is from the Concise Oxford English Dictionary, which describes Rachman as a “London landlord.” In fact, he was a Jew from Poland, part of the post-war influx of Eastern European Jews that also brought us the mega-fraudster Robert Maxwell (1923-91), a Jew from Czechoslovakia whose real name was Binyamin Hoch. It’s remarkable how the tiny Jewish community have supplied the world with so many financial crooks and confidence tricksters like Rachman and Hoch — compare Bernie Madoff and Michael Milken in the United States. But if you do remark this pattern, you’ll be in serious trouble. Noticing racial patterns is strictly forbidden in the intellectual Flatland of the modern West and in Britain there are now strict laws against signs like “no coloureds” and “no West Indians.” And who can we thank for these laws, which ended the right of free association and free control of private property? It was Jews like Anthony Lester and Jim Rose, who “founded the Runnymede Trust to combat racial prejudice and promote policies for overcoming racial discrimination and disadvantage.”

Predation was ended by expulsion

I described the work of the Runnymede Trust in “Barons of Bullshit.” It has an Orwellian name, because Runnymede was where, in popular legend, freedom-loving barons forced tyrannical King John to sign Magna Carta and grant his subjects protection against the monarchy and its allies. As Francis Carr Begbie has pointed out at the Occidental Observer, when the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta was celebrated in 2015, there was no mention of “two crucial paragraphs” in the charter that sought to protect gentiles against “the Jews” and their financial wiles. Patterns of Jewish predation were obvious in Britain many centuries ago, but they abruptly ended in 1290. That was when King Edward I issued an Edict of Expulsion against Britain’s Jews and they had to depart for the European mainland.

Most settled in Spain, Germany, Poland and Itlay (Venice, of course, had its own Jewish Ghetto) The edict was not overturned until 1656.

Edward’s Edict: Jews were expelled in 1290

Jonathan Portes and other Jews would call Edward I a “hater.” I’d call him a pattern-recognizer who acted for the benefit of his White Christian subjects. But the English monarchy was briefly toppled in the seventeenth century by Oliver Cromwell, who allowed Jews back into Britain. When Jews came back, so did Jewish predation, as Charles Dickens noted when he created the Jewish master-thief Fagin in Oliver Twist (1838). I’ve also argued that Dickens created a Jewish villain in the poison-dwarf Quilp of The Old Curiosity Shop (1840) and that M.R. James attacked both Jews and Cromwell in “The Uncommon Prayer-Book” (1921). Dickens himself said: “Fagin in Oliver Twist is a Jew, because it unfortunately was true of the time to which that story refers, that that class of criminal almost invariably was a Jew.”

That’s more hate, Portes and other Jews would say. I’d say it’s more pattern-recognition. Dickens was a genius because he was so good at recognizing social, psychological and cultural patterns and then re-creating them in his stories, often embellished or exaggerated for comic or satiric effect. The Jewish genius, by contrast, is for creating seductive ideological patterns that aren’t based on reality even as they pretend to offer deep insights into reality. Jewish ideologues like Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud and Franz Boas were masters of smoke-and-mirrors, and their seductive ideologies all contributed to the egalitarian cult that rules the modern West.

Some are more equal than others

However, although the cult claims to believe in human equality, it belies this by its behaviour. For example, the cult incessantly condemns “under-representation.” But only when its favoured groups — non-Whites, gays, women and so on — are affected. When Whites, men and Christians are “under-represented,” the cult ceases to care. The Guardian has recently reported that “More than 15% of the BBC’s workforce are now from a BAME [Black and Minority Ethnic] background — more than the wider UK population — and the corporation says it is set to meet its targets for ensuring its staff reflect disabled and LGBT people by the end of this year.”

Non-Whites are over-represented at the BBC, but this is not a problem. Nor is it proof that Whites are being discriminated against. Rather it’s cause for celebration. The egalitarian cult really seeks power, not equality. And it wants to harm Whites, especially White men, not to help non-Whites and women. As Steve Sailer puts it, there’s a “coalition of the fringes” who define themselves by their difference from, and hatred of, the heterosexual and historically Christian Whites who have formed the core of societies like the United States and Britain.

The coalition is cracking

Jews have been at the centre of this coalition across the West. Jonathan Sacks, the former Chief Rabbi, said in 2007 that Jews began “identity politics” and “the process” whereby “minorities and aggrieved groups jockeyed first for rights, then for special treatment.” Jews promote minority worship, or the sacralization of racial and other minorities, because they see themselves as the archetypal persecuted minority. That’s why, for example, Jewish egalitarians like Dr Richard Stone claim that “Jews and Muslims are natural allies.” Against whom? Against the hate-filled White Christian majority, of course.

But there are interesting signs that the coalition of fringes overseen by Jews is beginning to crack. In the New York Times, the Jewish journalist Bari Weiss has described the Somali Congresswoman Ilhan Omar as “exactly the kind of politician a vast majority of American Jews, who overwhelmingly vote Democratic and who have long aligned themselves with liberal causes, want to celebrate.” After all, Omar is “a refugee, a mother, a Muslim and a woman of color — the first woman of color to represent Minnesota in Congress.” In other words, she’s the very opposite of a stale pale Christian male. But alas! She has turned out to be an “anti-Semite” for, among other offenses, noting the power of Jewish money behind the Israel Lobby. Jonathan Goldstein, “chair of the Jewish Leadership Council” in Britain, has condemned Omar in the Jewish Chronicle:

The Jewish community’s position is simple. We want — and as a minority community are entitled to expect — zero tolerance towards anti-Jewish racism. If you are a political leader who cannot live up to that standard, then your words are meaningless to us. Ilhan Omar can’t propagate old fashioned tropes about Jewish power and money and then claim to be an ally on racism directed towards Jews. She is part of the problem not part of the solution and her crocodile tears are plain offensive. (I am tired of Labour MPs who condemn antisemitism one day and campaign for Corbyn’s party the next, The Jewish Chronicle, 1st May 2019)

Stale pale male vs vibrant vixen: Jonathan Goldstein and Ilhan Omar

Unfortunately, most progressives will laugh to see a stale pale male like Jonathan Goldstein condemning a hijab-wearing Black Muslim woman like Ilhan Omar. But that isn’t the only problem Goldstein faces, because Jews can’t even rely on their favourite accusation of “anti-Semitism” any more. Back in March 2019 another member of the Jewish Leadership Council, the “leading Holocaust educator” Dame Helen Hyde, “suggested dropping the use of ‘antisemitism’ because students do not understand what it means.” In his condemnation of Omar, Goldstein was using Hyde’s new alternative, “anti-Jewish racism.” He hammered away at this concept in his article, referring again and again to “racism directed towards Jews” rather than to “anti-Semitism.”

Hyper-Whites with Hyper-Privilege

The concept of “anti-Jewish racism” is certainly easier to understand than “anti-Semitism,” but it’s also easier to question. How can a Black Muslim woman like Ilhan Omar be “racist” against a privileged White male like Jonathan Goldstein? Jews are so successful and so prominent in world affairs that, according to the Jewish Chronicle, “One in seven people polled” in a recent survey “thought Jews made up more than 20 per cent of the world’s population — which would amount to 1.44 billion people.”

“One in seven” is 14 percent and “Only 7 percent of [the] survey respondents correctly” said that Jews were “less than 1 per cent of the global population.” But would it be good for Jews for the tiny size of their community to be more generally known? I don’t think it would, because it would raise questions about why Jews are so successful when much larger groups like Blacks and Muslims are so unsuccessful. More and more progressives see Jews not as a persecuted ethnic minority, but as hyper-Whites with hyper-privilege. That’s why Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the British Labour party, has been able to survive repeated accusations of “anti-Semitism” and retain his popularity with ordinary Labour members and non-White voters.

Expanding the concept of “hate”

If Jews switch to accusations of “anti-Jewish racism” against Corbyn, they will fare no better. After all, his Shadow Home Secretary is the Black Jamaican Diane Abbott and his Shadow Attorney-General is the brown Bengali Shami Chakrabarti. How could two non-White women like Abbott and Chakrabarti be such close allies and associates of Corbyn if he’s racist? One possible answer is that Abbott and Chakrabarti are racist against Jews too.

But it’s presently impossible for Jews in Britain to openly say that these two vibrant women are racist, although it follows logically from Goldstein’s accusation that Labour is an “institutionally racist party.” There are signs, however, that Jews and their allies may be making attempts to extend the concept of “hate” so that non-Whites can be guilty of it too. When I visited a webpage run by Victim Support UK about the “Scottish Government Consultation on Hate Crime,” I was very surprised to see how it illustrated the theme of “Islamophobia.” There was a large photo of a Black youth gleefully pouring beer over the hijab-clad head of a pale-skinned Muslim girl:

Hater and hijab-wearer: A Black youth pours beer on a pale-skinned Muslim girl

The image is evidence that Muslims are now higher than Blacks in the victimhood hierarchy, although the Black victimizer has to be male and the Muslim victim has to be female. The webpage doesn’t give the provenance of the image, but it looks professionally produced, like another surprising image created by a famous advertising firm in London. It’s a poster that shows a Black man ranting at a lesbian couple in a pub (unfortunately I haven’t been able to find it in a larger size and have had to expand it with loss of definition):

Hater and hand-holders: a Black male rants at a lesbian couple

This image is evidence that the “LGBTQ community” is now higher than Blacks in the victimhood hierarchy, although again the victimizer has to be male and the victims have to be female (one of whom is herself Black). The image was created by the advertising firm M&C Saatchi London for an “anti-hate” campaign run by the British government. M&C Saatchi takes its name from Maurice and Charles Saatchi, the two Jewish brothers from Iraq who founded the earlier firm Saatchi & Saatchi, and who ran a very successful account for Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative party in the 1980s. Now look at another anti-hate image created by M&C Saatchi for the government’s campaign. It shows a kippah-wearing Jewish youth being shouted at by two hate-filled White men:

Haters and Hebrew: two White males shout at a Jewish youth

Now the role of hater is being filled by Whites in traditional fashion. But it’s very interesting that, as we’ve seen, the Saatchi campaign used a Black hater to illustrate lesbophobia and Victim Support UK used a Black hater to illustrate Islamophobia. Will we see more of this in future, as Jews use their enormous media power to re-shape the traditional categories of hate and victimhood? After all, many Jews are very worried about the rise of figures like Jeremy Corbyn and Ilhan Omar, whose political careers can survive repeated accusations of anti-Semitism. Jewish power is enormous but fragile, and I see welcome signs that it is beginning to crack.

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  1. anarchyst
    anarchyst says:

    It’s not “smarts” or “IQ” that gives jews an advantage over gentile whites, but is their rabid insistence on cultural and social cohesiveness, insularity and nepotism (but only for themselves) that gives them an “advantage”. This same cultural and social cohesiveness that is prized so highly by jewish interests is denied to gentile whites. Jews, to a man will fight to deny this same cultural and social cohesiveness to gentile whites that they themselves enjoy as it is a major part of the jewish purpose–the destruction of gentile white culture, which IS superior to any jewish cultural or social society. If jews did not possess this power, they would most likely be rag merchants, liquor merchants, or furniture merchants–nothing more. As I have previously stated, jewish success is based on cultural and social cohesiveness and insularity–NOT “smarts” or “IQ”. Once enough jews get into a position of power in the work world or education systems, they will hire and promote their own, bypassing more qualified gentile white candidates.
    Jews have latched on to cultural cohesiveness and nepotism, as it serves their purpose exceedingly well.
    At the same time, jews pushed the concept of racial “equality”, (but only for gentile whites), backing it up with “civil-rights” and “equal accommodation” laws which are enforced by governments—in the United States, at the point of bayonets–but only against whites. These “civil-rights” laws are used as a “battering ram” against gentile whites to diffuse and fragment any semblance of gentile white solidarity and cohesiveness that may arise.
    A great reckoning dealing with the jews is coming. As gentile whites become more marginalized, the accusation of being tagged as “racist” or a “holocaust denier” is rapidly losing its “sting”.
    Increasingly, jews are more wary of being “called out” and recognized as “jews”. One can call a jew a shyster, shylock, bankster, criminal or ne-er-do-well, and it will roll off his back like water off a duck, BUT call a jew a “jew” and he will recoil in horror, having been “found out”.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      “Jews, to a man will fight to deny this same cultural and social cohesiveness to gentile whites…”

      Because they wouldn’t stand a chance if they did. Just as Whites don’t stand a chance if they don’t. But, since Whites don’t have that cohesiveness they don’t stand a chance.

      “If jews did not possess this power, they would most likely be rag merchants, liquor merchants, or furniture merchants–nothing more.”

      But they do possess this power. A power they took from Whites, easily. So, if a bunch of rag merchants, etc. could steal an entire civilization from the people who created it, what does it say about those people?

      Leaving that deadly question aside, what did jews have that Whites didn’t? One obvious answer is, Knowledge. Knowledge of the value of operating as a group in form. They knew then and know now that without that the smaller group will be crushed by the larger. But that with that ability the smaller group could end up controlling the larger. And that, in fact, is exactly what happened.

      “A great reckoning dealing with the jews is coming.”

      From Whites? How? I mean, exactly how? I’m not saying it isn’t possible. I’d just like to know how.

      Has anyone here ever heard of Schaeffer Cox?

      I heard a member of the press give a really good talk about the Russian Collusion fiasco which included an excellent description of exactly what the FBI did to help the Swamp bury Trump. If they can do that to the President of The United States, imagine what they can do to a freedom-lover with no axe to grind against any particular group and with no history of defying any of PC’s “values.”

      There was an excellent article titled The Federal Framing of Schaeffer Cox. I shared a link here a while back. If you try to search that article now, well, give a shot and see for yourself. Fortunately, someone read it for his yt channel and it has a few hundred views. So, you might want to check that out while you still can.

      It was awful what they did to him. And after what they did to Trump, Trump should Free Schaeffer Cox.

      But of course he won’t. He’ll probably live out his life never knowing who Schaeffer Cox is.

      They deep sixed an article about the federal framing of a man who did nothing wrong. But TOO and video channels like Know More News still operate providing excellent content, not to mention interesting and intelligent comment sections.

      And I think about that.

      TOO and KMN are pressure valves. The hostile elite’s way of throwing us a bone. They keep us on our keyboards and off the streets.

      Whereas Schaeffer Cox, a young married man in his mid-20’s with two children (ie; the future for Whites) simply pointed out the obvious, that the American people, who the government bascially works for, no longer has the power of the purse and the power of the sword; and he suggested in a stirring speech or two, how we might get it back, lawfully and peacefully, and people were listening. In short, he was a young and thoughtful freedom-lover with a promising future capable of moblizing lots of people within the confines of the law.

      THAT is what they fear! Not web pages and youtube channels. THAT is why he’s languishing in a maximum security prison as if he was a terrorist. He is their #1 warning to any thinking of taking a stand for freedom and against the hostile elite.

      So, again, how is the reckoning going to happen?

      • Dave Bowman
        Dave Bowman says:

        If jews did not possess this power, they would most likely be rag merchants, liquor merchants, or furniture merchants–nothing more

        Money-lending. You forgot Money-lending. You forgot the ancient, noble, constructive, loving and godly pursuit on which the entire rotting, stinking edifice of world Jewry was built from the beginning.

        But those they have crossed and attempted to destroy will not forget. God help them – though I’d be prepared to lay money he won’t.

        • TJ
          TJ says:

          There is absolutely nothing wrong with lending money. Interest is the price of renting money. If the interest should be zero, that implies that the borrower has a right to free capital.

          The lender does not get something for nothing- he forgoes the use of his capital for a time- that is the price he pays. And he assumes the risk that he might not get paid back!

          The evil/fraud [true usury] enters the picture when the lending is of fake money. It is actually nothing that is being loaned. Fake warehouse receipts, and so on. They can be printed- precious metals cannot be.

          “Bankers” loan nothing, but want to be repaid in something. . .”No state shall…coin money, emit bills of credit, make any thing but gold and silver a tender in payment of debts..” The latter was probably/possibly inserted by “bankers”, who would loan paper but demand repayment in real money. . .

          If the borrower left the bank with the actual precious metals all this scamming would stop. The public came to believe that the fake warehouse receipts were “as good as gold.”

  2. Richard
    Richard says:

    I spent a significant portion of last summer in the UK for academic and professional endeavors. The blatant PC culture and immersion of cultural Marxism throughout the country — especially in Cambridge and London — was nauseating to say the least. I remember taking an evening stroll through Regent’s Park and nearly 90% of the women that I saw we wearing a burqa. It was the epitome of Londonistan.

  3. Ed Morrow
    Ed Morrow says:

    Good article, but I’m not sure how to take Mr. Langdon’s remarks about the “No Irish…” signs other than being skeptical, as it isn’t very hard to find pictures of them, and find old ads and newspapers with the “…no Irish,” sentiment.

    There were probably more of them than the “No Jews…” signs at country clubs that Jews moan about. Then we have Jews like the hack architect Frank Gehry (Ephraim Frank Goldberg) who used to frequently claim he saw “No Jews” signs all over the place when he was a small boy in Canada. Sure he did.

    While Mr. Gehry probably continues his lies, one can find lots of old ads stating No Irish, and No Italians and so on, it doesn’t take much effort no matter what search engine is used. One person somewhat amusingly filled up their Twitter with all kinds of “No…” ads. Yeah, Whites had their differences. Still do. Those need to be stowed until the Jews are removed from their (temporary) throne in the West.

    There has been effort here and there by Jews to claim that anti Irish, anti Italian and so on sentiment were all exaggerated or mythical while at the same time the Jews (as most of us know) insert themselves as the ones who were discriminated against. All great grand-uncle Morrie wanted to do was work in the coal mines to earn an honest living, but those evil nepotistic Irish (or Italians, or GERMANS) wouldn’t let him.


    • ChilledBee
      ChilledBee says:

      “All great grand-uncle Morrie wanted to do was work in the coal mines to earn an honest living, but those evil nepotistic Irish (or Italians, or GERMANS) wouldn’t let him.”

      Just brilliant!

  4. Pat Etheridge
    Pat Etheridge says:

    A lot of the victim narrative is intended to neutralize different groups that might help form an opposition to the displacement of native Western populations; the different group members are intended to think, “This victimization could expand to include me also.” It is my opinion that even though many of the victim narratives are fictitious, they are often primarily intended to help serve that purpose.

    Supposedly, it was once common for there to be signs in American businesses, restricting access on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, etc. I questioned my grandparents about this, inasmuch as two of them were alive during almost all of the last century. My grandparents said yes, indeed, in many places there were signs indicating the presence of the segregated enterprises of blacks and whites, but this was lawful segregation long designated as constitutional. As far as other groups (Jews, Catholics, etc.), they said encountering such signage was extremely rare, to the point of being nonexistent, and often signs were not necessary even for the segregation of blacks and whites, as those groups knew which establishments were their own, and which would not grant them admittance.

    The “divide and conquer” strategy in victim narratives is often visible even today. Talk to someone of Irish ancestry about America’s steady engulfment by the Third World, and many of them will quickly mention the mythical prevalence in the past of “Irish Need Not Apply” signs. My grandparents, one of whom was Irish, never encountered such signs, nor did they encounter hotel signs that read “Gentile Clientele Only,” or similar hogwash legends. Were the signs out there, somewhere? Yes, probably. But I am convinced they weren’t remotely commonplace. One of my grandparents was a manager at one of the most prominent hotels in the United States, and told me blacks, generally, knew the hotel was off limits to their patronage. As for every other group, he said the only things anyone cared about were proper decorum and the color green in the patron’s wallet. You’d never suspect this, watching a movie like “Gentlemen’s Agreement,” or similar propaganda pieces, and interestingly enough, the era in which the movie was set was exactly the time period when my grandparent was a hotel employee. I should add that this relative showed me hotel brochures from Miami, which mentioned that the hotels had a “Restricted Clientele,” or were “Exclusive,” and I asked if this meant discrimination was occurring, and was told someone being turned away on the basis of ethnicity or religion would have been extremely rare, primarily because it would have considered highly inappropriate and out of bounds to ask a guest personal questions about such things. In the movie “Gentlemen’s Agreement,” this reality is demonstrated somewhat, when Gregory Peck and a hotel manager have a semantic wrestling match before Gregory Peck announces himself as being Jewish.

    Anyway, I would agree it is helpful to clear away a lot of the mythology and lore and nonsense that are directly or indirectly useful in hampering our efforts at self-preservation. Some military strategist once said, “You can win on the battlefield and still lose a war if you lose in the arena of ideas.”

      JJJJJJJ says:

      Divide and conquer works much better when you empower a minority over the majority. The British Empire did this as standard operating procedure by giving guns and power to groups that understood that if they lost power, they would be relegated back to the bottom. You saw this with Muslims in India or other tribal factions elsewhere. It insures loyalty because they have the proverbial wolf by the ears so they dare not let go.

      I think this explains much of why we are now heading into the tech totalitarian dark ages now. The media is the ultimate prize and thanks to the internet and various new technologies, certain people are quickly losing their grip on the mass media. Once that is gone and everybody is on a level playing field, there won’t be much need for our overlords. In fact, they will be shown to the door.

  5. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    The thing is that even though jewish power and control is starting to grow stale and yellow at the edges, the damage is done. It is a Pyrrhic victory, with jews taking a back seat and diminished role in this new anti-white world that they have created. One wonders if it was worth it to them. Just how much do you hate whitey, jews? Enough to completely endanger your own chances of living safely in Europe and the entirety of the western world? Because that’s what you’ve done. Yeah, you destroyed so much of what you consider to be white power and privilege, but you’ve also thoroughly screwed yourselves in the process. You never seemed to realize that your safety in the west, and even in your own propped up pseudo nation, lies with a strong and dominant white race willing to protect you and designate space for you. In all its arrogant foolishness, the eternal outsider has once again foisted outsider status upon itself by disenfranchising the one racial group that it was ever able to coerce into caring for it.

    • ChilledBee
      ChilledBee says:

      As the old maxim goes “Be careful what you wish for, lest it come true” couldn’t be more appropriate now.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      . . .coerce into caring for it? It looks much more like trickery than coercion, even though government was employed. Whitey drank the Flavor-Aid, believing most all of the Cover Stories.

      Example of one cover story: Civil rights legislation is for Blacks. It is in truth anti-White, for the purpose of removing Whites from Earth.

  6. Prof. W
    Prof. W says:

    I ceased reading at: “…conspiracy to open Britain’s borders to Eastern Europe and the Third World”.
    So much idiocy in so few syllables.

    I’ve no idea if this article is offered in good faith, but if it is you need to immediately revise it.

    [Mod. comment: Well, Professor Dubya has spoken, folks. Time to immediately revise everything. Immediately! If not sooner.]

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      Thank you Prof. W for providing us with yet another example of denunciation without refutation in an article discussing pattern recognition!

      We’re also reminded that chutzpah is synonymous with brazen effrontery and unapologetic aggression, not emotional detachment and intellectual insight.

      • Prof. W
        Prof. W says:

        No I’m not a jew, not to any degree, genetic or otherwise. Although I will admit to occasionally lapsed emotional detachment… Ah, but I do have some Eastern European blood obviously, hence the terseness of my reply, I suppose!
        Yet, I suspect that even if I was not 1/4 Eastern European (and thus 3/4 Western European, in the interest of full disclosure) I still would have been inlined to object to the author’s careless parcelling of Eastern Europe (predominantly Poland I presume, as we’re considering migration into the UK) with the Third World.

        I’m not now going to endeavour to convince you of the legitimacy of Eastern Europeans, other than to say that discourse inflaming animosities between White Peoples is not the sort we should have much patience for, given present circumstances.

        Let’s have the jew dealt with as is fitting, but let us also remain exquisitely attuned to matters of White solidarity.

        If you require further encouragement, here is Slovak Soprano for you:



        You’re welcome!

        • Richard B
          Richard B says:

          Thanks for your response and for the links.

          Couldn’t agree more about the solidarity.

          All the best!

  7. CJ
    CJ says:

    No advert from UK Gov aimed at Pakistanis about the mass rape and prostitution of young whites? Its not just offensive but its an offence.

  8. TJ
    TJ says:

    Chateau Heartiste gone

    katana gone

    [Jim Stone,

    Laura Loomer, get onto your own platform Hosted in Iceland you can most certainly afford it.

    DITTO for everyone else, Laura, your life is not “ruined”, you’ll do OK there but you had better get a move on while people are paying attention.
    Nothing follows. Forget the “tick”.

    I have stated repeatedly that if you are not on your own platform, you will be de-platformed

    How many times over the years? A couple times a year at least – more than 10 times – and worse, if your OWN web site is using WordPress just because it was a Cpanel feature that came along with it, they will deplatform those also.
    Probably the only safe thing to use is Weebly site builder that is also in Cpanel from most providers, but I don’t use that either, I am just straight hand typed code. Weebly is supposed to be OK for a novice. ANYWAY –

    I will once again repeat what I have said all along. WordPress, Blogger and ALL of these other venues (need I mention Faceplant?) were set up to trap conservatives and others going against the leftist status quo, with great service provided for years for FREE, – great service that made it unnecessary to know how to run a web site (so many opted to not spend a couple weeks and learn it) and instead posted to these TRAPS that made all look well. And the trap has now sprung. This web site is not exactly invisible I’d say, for years it was well above Popular Science, the SPLC and many other well known sites (and probably still is) so it is not like my warning was invisible. But was it believed? There’s ZERO chance Laura Loomer did not know about this site, she covered my stuff more than once. And left her butt hanging out in the great wide open, just waiting to be spanked into oblivion. She’s not the only one this happened to. Obviously either she missed my warning or did not think it was serious.

    Evidently she’s a good Jew. One of the few. I actually believe she’s legit and totally trashed now. Too bad. Don’t go against the tribe even if you are one of the tribe unless you have a survival plan and your own place on the web. Anyway – to anyone else out there who thinks WordPress and others are going to be there for them tomorrow – if you really think so, you are blind as a bat in total darkness and flying in an anechoic chamber. Reality is going to hit you like the wall. You had damn well better get your site moved NOW and if places like Blogger could handle you, a shared server will work fine. Do it cheap. You’ll be OK. Preferably in Iceland. Look up Orangewebsite and set up there. You’ll at least have a chance. [https://www.orangewebsite.com/]

    If you don’t heed this warning and end up gone, you never realized just how bad the situation is, obviously. And that will reflect STRONGLY on the legitimacy of your reporting – if you did not see this coming who the * are you anyway? Had to say it. Not polite. Had to say it.

    So many are gone now that there are few left to save. But it is not like I did not warn people, I did, in spades.
    Don’t expect tomorrow to not bite your *ss like a starved piranha, you had better move off enemy provided platforms like your butt is getting chewed or you won’t have a place at all. ONCE YOU DON’T HAVE A PLACE, YOU CAN’T TELL PEOPLE WHERE YOU WENT. You’ll be starting from ABSOLUTE ZERO with total search engine censorship. You’ll be erased. You will not be “starting over”.

    • Dave Bowman
      Dave Bowman says:

      Good advice, probably.

      But someone help me out here: What the f— does a word of any of this drivel have to do with Mr Langdon’s masterly article above ?

  9. John B Walker
    John B Walker says:

    The medium “is” the message.
    “Jewish power is enormous but fragile, and I see welcome signs that it is beginning to crack.” Let’s hope so.
    This truly great article goes to the the dark core of the reactor that is Zionism/Communism/One-World -ism, the power of the medium(s) as this intellectual hoard criminals start to crack become mental within the matrix-of-their-own design. And therefore very dangerous to themselves. Let’s see if I have the (uh-hum, theory) correctly.
    By building into the technological treasure hoard that is the very source of advanced Capitalism (thesis), “the other’s” were at leisure to prepare the working underclasses toward revolutionary thesis’ (id) and practice destabilizing governments in the name of socialist virtue (ego); then by uniting the dialectically polar opposites, first by revolution (a snap for the kabalistic mind) that established two-centuries of the Communist practicum (anti-thesis) in the West, and support of a “world” socialized underclass (to continue raising the collective Ego (First International or synthesis) that can then be controlled with in the framework of individualized identity politics while we maintain control of the ego by nature of our group identity (big brother or Superego).
    For the average white citizen of the West, being generationally informed by Christianity, this concept becomes complex; “too mental” and yet “all-to-real” affecting our ontological reality, our grounding in being.
    But the genius of genius, being able to take the long view pragmatically (racist, virtue claim of group identity driven by productive and energetic super-ego) in the midst of perceived prejudice, the small collective maintains the resources all the better to leverage the “collective” Disney-esque experience of freedom in the Greater Occident (anarchy).
    We need now, really need, to understand the message of this fine piece of work as it relates to the idea of propaganda.

  10. A Mayer
    A Mayer says:

    This is a good coverage of these people, who by parliamentary acts and various devices have promoted immigration into Britain. As Americans say ‘Why did we give them shelter’. A group of Poles on television said ‘We are sorry about what happened to them but we are glad they are gone. Not all of them, but most in power seem to loathe the whites in America, Britain and Europe. The star of Labour’ Milliband, head of a migrant body in New York urges Britain to accept more immigrants. He is yet another of the Jewish refugees families taken in by Britain..A brilliant blog that covers many of these issues is the Michael Mannheimer blog. I cannot recommend it too highly.

  11. Bobzilla
    Bobzilla says:

    Regarding the photo of the gentlemen sporting a shirt with “more blacks… more Irish…” emblazoned across it. Taken to its logical conclusion, I can only imagine that what he is really trying to tell us is South Africa needs a lot more Whites and Englishman (and quickly, please!).

  12. tma_sierrahills (@tma_sierrahills)
    tma_sierrahills (@tma_sierrahills) says:

    I’ve always been skeptical of Multi-Marx stories about whites or WASPs putting up signs: ‘No Dogs or Asians (Blacks, Irish) Allowed’ because unlike much of the third world, we tend not to see dogs as lowly unclean creatures.

  13. 9593
    9593 says:

    An excellent summary of the situation in Great Britain – essentially, the plot line of the “Book of Esther”. A strategy of suborning the leadership of the nation with tax collecting services, shares of the proceeds of usury, influence abroad via the network. Prime Minister Netanyahu lately presented President Trump with a finely-bound hardcover of the “Book of Esther”. The President did not seem to “get it” that he was being mocked.

    In America, the anti-semitism trope is further undermined by serious Jews who are recoiling from the manifest horrors of killing the Palestinians and stealing their land. A leader of “Jewish Voice for Peace” has openly renounced Zionism. A schism in progress.

  14. Pat Etheridge
    Pat Etheridge says:

    Ever noticed how all of the groups promoting their own victim status also promote various versions of universalism — which they themselves seldom actually practice?

  15. FantasyBuff
    FantasyBuff says:

    Hi Tobias,

    I read your linked article about Quilp, which escaped my attention when it originally appeared. It clarifies a running tradition I have noticed in the fantasy literature. Frequently, dwarfs symbolically represent Jews, and there has often been a related allegation of poison. For example, in the Worm Ouroboros it’s intimated that the dwarf ambassador is a poisoner. In the Silmarillion Eol the dark elf uses a poisoned javelin, shortly after which are the words “he speaks but the truth.” The dark elves in Norse mythology are the dwarves, and eol keeps the company of dwarves. In game of thrones Tyrion the Imp (the three letter name is an indicator), is accused of poisoning Geoffrey, but he has been framed as a scapegoat, in keeping with Martin’s obsessive cuckery. All this goes back to Quilp, and these writers would appear to be in dialogue with dickens. I wonder if dickens was the originator of it all. Apparently, other authors have agreed with your interpretation of Quilp. Where did you get the idea? There are other, deeper themes as well; for example, in the hobbit.

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