Jews in Edmund Burke’s Political Philosophy

The story of Jews in England begins with the Norman Conquest of 1066. Jews from Normandy, following in the footsteps of William the Conqueror, traveled to England to make their fortunes in a land that had always been, as far as they were concerned, terra borealis incognita. England was an ideal location for Jews; it was among the few places in Western Europe unaffected by the Crusading frenzy sweeping the continent, a state of affairs that lasted until the middle of the twelfth century  and often involved violence against Jews. Jewish immigration began as a trickle, but their numbers perceptibly increased with the establishment of permanent communities in metropolitan areas.  In medieval England, Jews influenced the English economy was far out of proportion to their small numbers. A growing Jewish population combined with their main occupation of money lending inevitably led to ethnic tensions with the Anglo-Saxon majority (see Andrew Joyce’s article on Jews in medieval England). The Jews practiced strange rites in an unknown tongue and deliberately segregated themselves from the general populace. This created an atmosphere of hostility, leading to occasional eruptions of sporadic anti-Jewish violence.

The Plantagenets, wishing to safeguard an important source of revenue, protected the Jews. The Jew was made a privileged foreigner, who answered to no one else but the king. Unlike the Anglo-Saxon peasant, the Jew had complete freedom of movement. As the king’s property, the royal sheriffs were obligated to ensure the Jew’s safety at all times and enforce collection of unpaid debts from gentile borrowers. Compared to the common people, Jews possessed great wealth and made enormous contributions to the Royal Exchequer. This mercenary relationship between English Crown and Jewry was not to last forever.

The Anglo-Saxon peasant saw the Jew as a predatory, money-grubbing foreigner. The Jew’s narrow- minded focus on the acquisition of wealth and power, regardless of cost, were always at the expense of the wider community. The church saw the Jews as a class of infidel moneylenders who actively resisted conversion to the Christian religion. The lesser barons also came to resent the Jews; they had to surrender land as collateral to Jewish financiers, otherwise they would not be able to cover their expenses while accompanying the king on his foreign military adventures. Many could not pay their loans back in full and became indebted to the Jews. Together, all three estates pressured Edward I into taking action. In 1275, the king enforced the ecclesiastical prohibition against usury; as a result, the Jews were banned from engaging in the practice on English soil. In 1286, Pope Honorius IV issued a bull to the Archbishop of Canterbury and his suffragans warning of the dangers of Jewish proselytism. In 1290, Edward, eager for a chance to display his Christian piety, ordered the expulsion of the Jews from England. They were not to return again until 1656, when they were invited back by Oliver Cromwell.

This medieval episode in English history is crucial to understanding Edmund Burke’s scathing denunciation of Richard Price’s 1789 speech on the Glorious Revolution of 1688. The Jew as the quintessential moneylender, without national allegiance of any kind, was a popular stereotype that had arisen during the Middle Ages. This conception of Jewish character served as the historical template for Burke’s negative characterization of Jews as greed personified. Like most ethno-racial and sex stereotypes, it was highly accurate. According to Gavin I. Langmuir, who cannot be accused of being biased against Jews:

“Jews had not been known as moneylenders in antiquity, but starting in the twelfth century, they became stereotyped as usurers. Like the Christ-killer stereotype, the usurer stereotype, although obviously an exaggeration, had a solid basis in reality. While medieval Jews were not all moneylenders and also engaged in other kinds of conduct, from the twelfth century onward they were in fact disproportionately concentrated in lending money at interest.”1

Of significance for Burke was Price’s delivery of his pro-Jacobin speech in a Protestant Dissenter’s meeting-house, colloquially known as the Old Jewry, in a part of London historically known by the same name. This was the main road in London’s medieval ghetto, which had been home to the Jews since the time of William the Conqueror, up until their expulsion in 1290. The Great Synagogue of London was located in the Old Jewry, an indication of the ghetto’s importance in medieval Jewish ritual and commercial life.

Price argued for a pro-Jacobin interpretation of the Glorious Revolution, using the language of popular sovereignty to emphasize its revolutionary character. The conservative answer to Price was Burke’s Reflections on the Revolution in France, published in 1790. Throughout, Burke is careful to connect everything about Price’s speech to the Old Jewry, including its audience, location and form of delivery. He does this about a dozen times. The significance of the Old Jewry would have been known to any Englishman familiar with London’s history and its financial district. It was the center of English Jewry until 1290. Burke wished to discredit Price’s revolutionary principles by dismissing it as the “doctrine of the Old Jewry,” thereby stamping it with the indelible mark of Jewishness. To be associated with Jewishness was to be associated with short-sighted, selfish, usually mercenary behavior in one’s dealings with others.

In a key passage, Burke compares the events of 1688 with the French Revolution:

“Other revolutions have been conducted by persons, who, whilst they attempted or affected changes in the commonwealth, sanctified their ambition by advancing the dignity of the people whose peace they troubled. They had long views. They aimed at the rule, not at the destruction, of their country. They were men of great civil and great military talents, and if the terror, the ornament of their age.”

Here, a world-view and mode of conduct antithetical to Jewishness is enunciated. Not having a Jewish mentality meant realizing that one’s own fate was inextricably tied up with the fate of the national community. For the well-informed, rational agent of Burke’s political philosophy–to quote Enoch Powell–“the supreme function of statesmanship is to provide against preventable evils.” Rational agency entailed practical governance, prioritizing collective psychological and material well-being by “advancing the dignity of the people.” The Williamite view of the nation excluded self-interested greed and utopian tinkering with the machinery of government. The framers of the 1689 Declaration of Right acted not for themselves, but for the future generations of Englishmen who would have to avail themselves of the law’s protection. To rule selfishly, such as by embezzling treasury funds or squandering it on foolish military adventures and unworkable utopian schemes, was to neglect the commonwealth’s affairs, bringing about its destruction for the sake of personal gain and self- aggrandizement. Burke continues:

“They were not like Jew brokers, contending with each other who could best remedy with fraudulent circulation and depreciated paper the wretchedness and ruin brought on their country by their degenerate councils.”

For Burke, the French revolutionaries were the perfect Jews; their revolution was, in essence, the systematic Judaization of European life and culture. In using government as a vehicle for utopian political experimentation, they manifested a high time preference, the opposite of the Williamite “long view” toward the effects of government policy on national community. In this respect, they mirrored the short-sighted greed and selfishness of the Jews. They treated the subjects of their novel experiment with callousness and inhumanity, similar to the callousness and inhumanity of the typical Jew. The French revolutionaries gathered together as a “degenerate council” and conspired among themselves to destroy France through “fraudulent circulation and depreciated paper”. This was not unlike the Jews, who secretly conspired in their own “degenerate councils” to plot the financial ruin of European civilization.

The Glorious Revolution would have been inconceivable without the union of church and state. Without this unity, chaos would have ensued and the state would have become just another feeding trough for predatory Jews and other elite free-riding parasites. Jews thrive on chaos, just as they did in the years following 1066, when the dukes of Normandy were still in the business of pacifying the Anglo-Saxon populace and behaving as an alien elite for whom the Jews were quite useful. A constitutional government, reinforced by the union of church and state, would serve as an effective bulwark against predatory Jewish economic behavior. This is why, writes Burke, “[t]he Jews in Change Alley have not yet dared to hint their hopes of a mortgage on the revenues belonging to the see of Canterbury.”

Before the revolution, preservation of the French ancien regime allowed the nation to quickly recover from the Wars of Religion. The France of 1789 was different. The revolutionaries had “attacked the fountain of life itself,” in reference to the machinery of state administered by clergy and aristocracy. The backbone of the aristocracy was then broken and church lands were “sold to Jews and jobbers.” Burke wrote:

“The next generation of the nobility will resemble the artificers and clowns, and money-jobbers, usurers, and Jews, who will be always their fellows, sometimes their masters.”

Jacobin egalitarian principles, the essence of Judaization, would ensure the bastardization of aristocratic bloodlines by prioritizing “money-jobbing” and “usury” over inheritance; without an aristocracy equal to the task of government, the downfall of the national community was inevitable. Apostatizing from their French identity, the Jacobins became Jewish proselytes. As ersatz Jews, they could not outdo the Jewishness of the stereotypical Jew. The Jews would either be their equals or their “masters,” just like the great Jewish banking families of nineteenth-century Europe, the Rothschilds, the Oppenheims and others. Whenever Judaizers were allowed to dominate the economic life of the national community, civilizational decline inevitably followed. Judaization always entailed the abandonment of nation in favor of a short-sighted, self-interested greed for money and power.

The Jews are guilty of much worse than the subversion of gentile economic life. Burke wrote:

“We have Lord George Gordon fast in Newgate; and neither his being a public proselyte to Judaism, nor his having, in his zeal against catholic priests and all sorts of ecclesiastics, raised a mob … which pulled down all our prisons, have preserved to him a liberty, of which he did not render himself worthy by a virtuous use of it. We have rebuilt Newgate, and tenanted the mansion. We have prisons almost as strong as the Bastille, for those who dare to libel the queens of France. In this spiritual retreat, let the noble libeller remain. Let him there mediate on his Talmud, until he learns a conduct more becoming his birth and parts, and not so disgraceful to the ancient religion to which he has become a proselyte; or until some persons from your side of the water, to please your new Hebrew brethren, shall ransom him. He may then be enabled to purchase, with the old hoards of the synagogue, and a very small poundage on the long compound interest of the thirty pieces of silver, (Dr. Price has shown us what miracles compound interest will perform in 1790 years) the lands which are lately discovered to have been usurped by the Gallican church. Send us your Popish archbishop of Paris, and we will send you our Protestant Rabbin.”

Lord Gordon was the instigator of the eponymous anti-Catholic riots of 1780. He was imprisoned in Newgate for libel against Marie Antoinette, a year after his conversion to Judaism. In Burke’s eyes, his defamation of the French Queen, considered a threat to international tranquility by the British government, was far more disgraceful than his membership in an already disgraceful Semitic cult.

Unlike the “Protestant Rabbin,” the Jews had not threatened chivalry by openly slandering members of the monarchy or aristocracy. Burke’s lyrical celebration of the chivalric ideal in the Reflections, dismissed by his colleague Sir Philip Francis as “pure foppery,” is fixated on the person of Marie Antoinette. As a seemingly ethereal being, who “hardly seemd to touch” the ground upon which she tread, the queen is treated as an object of veneration; any who defame her reputation deserve to be harshly punished.

In Burke’s political philosophy, chivalry was “the glory of Europe.” It “inspired courage” among soldiers and gentlemen, but “mitigated ferocity,” making commoners the companions and friends of king and aristocracy, rather than mere pawns to be milked for taxes or impressed into the army whenever manpower was in short supply. Subordination to nobility produced by this code of honor was an “exalted freedom,” introducing a “noble equality” between those who work, those who fight and those who pray (deriving from Indo-European culture), without “confounding ranks.” Chivalry “ennobled whatever it touched,” distinguishing the ancien regime in Europe from Asia and the civilizations of classical antiquity.

The leveling, materialist philosophy of the Enlightenment removed “all the decent drapery of life” by reducing mankind to the lowest common denominator. The identification of regicide with “common homicide” was the logical conclusion of this ruthless striving for social and political equality. By banishing the “public affections,” or the “love, veneration, admiration, or attachment” felt by the commoners for king, queen, nobles and clergy, the laws of the land would have to be enforced through the “terrors” of judicial punishment. The oath of fealty between a lord and his subject was the most important antidote to tyranny, freeing the king from having to fear his own subjects. Of the French Jacobins, Burke wrote: “In the groves of their academy, at the end of every vista, you see nothing but the gallows.”

To teach Gordon “a conduct more becoming his birth and parts” Burke advises him to read the Talmud, otherwise he can wait until the French are able to bail him out of prison. With compound interest from the thirty pieces of silver used to betray Jesus to the Sanhedrin, Gordon can purchase the lands “usurped by the Gallican church.” As a Jewish proselyte, Lord Gordon is as much a Christ-killer as any Jew. Richard Price, a spiritual Jew by virtue of espousing Jacobin revolutionary principles, “has shown us what miracles compound interest will perform in 1790 years.” Through quiet subversion of the national community, he reveals himself to be a Jewish proselyte who also bears responsibility for the murder of Christ.

The French revolutionaries are regicides because of their anti-monarchical sentiment. In Thoughts on French Affairs (1791), Burke speaks of King Louis XVI being “among traitors and regicides.” In this regard, the Jews are spoken of derisively as the Jacobin’s “new Hebrew brethren.” Together, French regicide and Jewish deicide form a single united brotherhood; but the French regicide is also a deicide, if only symbolically; he has murdered Christ with the materialism and deism of the French Enlightenment. In a 1791 letter to the Marquis de Bouillé, Burke wrote:

“As to France–I believe it is the only Country upon earth, thro which, for so long a way, a spectacle of suffering Royalty . . . could have passed, without any other sentiment, than that of the most barbarous and outrageous insolence … But those who have deny’d the God of humanity, and made the Apotheosis of Voltaire, are deprived of all the feelings of nature and of Grace. They cry ‘give unto us Barrabbas.’ When they suffer as the Jews, they will have more pity from good men, than they are entitled to from any they have shewn to suffering dignity and content Innocence.”

A parallel is drawn between the earthly suffering of Christ and French Royalty. Those who have replaced God with “the Apotheosis of Voltaire,” have murdered Christ, the logos made flesh. Like the Jews, who betrayed Christ and mocked his sufferings, the Jacobins greet the spectacle of suffering royalty with “barbarous and outrageous insolence.” The Jew’s callousness and inhumanity stem from his obsession with money, but for the Jacobin, his embrace of radical Enlightenment philosophy has turned his heart to stone in the face of human suffering. Instead of Christ, the French mob demand their metaphorical “Barabbas,” Voltaire and the other philosophes, who challenged the traditional hegemony of the ancien regime.

Of course, Burke did not dismiss every member of the Jewish race as “itinerant Jew-discounters” or “Jew-jobbers.” Although many were selfish and grasping, a few were upstanding men. “We have in London very respectable persons of the Jewish nation, whom we will keep,” writes Burke. He continued:

“[B]ut we have of the same tribe others of a very different description,–housebreakers, and receivers of stolen goods, and forgers of paper currency, more than we can conveniently hang. These we can spare to France, to fill the new episcopal thrones: men well versed in swearing; and who will scruple no oath which the fertile genius of any of your reformers can devise.”

Many Jews are thieves and fraudsters who should be exported to France, where they can be with their fellow Jews in spirit, the French revolutionaries. Once there, the “itinerant Jew-discounters” and “Jew-jobbers,” initially driven out of the Temple by Jesus, would be brought back in and given positions of ecclesiastical power and influence. “So long as the Jews have assignats on ecclesiastic plunder,” wrote Burke, they would use it “to exchange for the silver stolen from churches.”

Burke’s anti-Jewish polemic conceptualizes Jewish identity as a series of monetary transactions, such as bartering, brokering, buying, selling and mortgaging. This is because, historically, the stereotypical Jew was always defined in terms of his relation to money and its function in the market economy. This narrow obsession with turning a profit at every opportunity, which gave Jews the ability to exercise disproportionate control over the commercial life of medieval England and elsewhere, alienated everyone around them. By becoming indebted to Jewish moneylenders, Anglo-Saxon freemen were reduced to a condition of wretched servitude. As a result, the Jews had to be driven out from the host society or they would utterly destroy it.

For Burke, the Jews are a people set apart. Even at his most sympathetic, Jewishness is always incompatible with English identity. Not once in any of his extensive body of writing does he ever countenance the idea of an Englishman of Jewish faith. The Jews belong to the “Jewish nation” or “Jewish tribe,” whereas the Anglo-Saxon belongs to the English nation. The Jew is always a Jew because his interests are diametrically opposed to the Englishman’s; the Jew sees everything in terms of pounds and shillings, but the Englishman does not. If a Jew wishes to become an Englishman he must first shed his identity as a Jew. Becoming non-Jewish means abandoning his own nature to embrace English customs and mannerisms. This he can never do, as the following discussion makes abundantly clear.

What constituted English identity for Burke? In Letters on a Regicide Peace (1796), Burke lists the defining characteristics of European civilization:

“The nations of Europe have had the very same christian religion, agreeing in the fundamental parts, varying a little in the ceremonies and in the subordinate doctrines. The whole of the polity and oeconomy of every country in Europe has been derived from the same sources. It was drawn from the old Germanic or Gothic custumary; from the feudal institutions which must be considered as an emanation from that custumary; and the whole has been improved and digested into system and discipline by the Roman law. From hence arose the several orders, with or without a Monarch, which are called States, in every European country. …”

Burke views Western culture as a synthesis of disparate elements, Christian morality, Roman civil law and Germanic custom. These have been welded by force of historical circumstance into a unified whole. This cultural similarity meant that “no citizen of Europe could be altogether an exile in any part of it.” The dominant ethnic markers of English identity are Protestant faith, English common law, as influenced by the Code Justinian, and Anglo-Saxon custom. Clearly, Englishness had nothing in common with Jewishness, except by way of Christianity, but even that relationship was a tenuous one. Christianity is as different from Judaism, both doctrinally and culturally, as modern Hinduism is from the Vedic rituals of the invading Aryans who subdued the aborigines of the Indian subcontinent. Jews spoke a different language, namely Hebrew, followed the halakha of the Torah, and observed Semitic practices originating in the Middle East.

Cultural and civilizational differences were not the only reasons for Jewish incompatibility. In the Reflections, Burke wrote:

“You will observe, that from Magna Charta to the Declaration of Right, it has been the uniform policy of our constitution to claim and assert our liberties, as an entailed inheritance derived to us from our forefathers, and to be transmitted to our posterity. …”

Since Magna Carta, rights and liberties were inherited by the English people; whether one possessed rights and liberties guaranteed by Magna Carta determined whether one belonged to the English  national community. The framers of Magna Carta, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the English barons, were descended from an amalgamation of Germanic tribes; on the other hand, there is no historical record of Jewish habitation in England before 1066. The Jews who settled in London after the Conquest were considered the king’s property and were regarded by the peasants as alien interlopers.

According to Burke, the Jews were “royal serfs,” a nation set apart, not to be confused with the Anglo-Saxon villeins. Magna Carta applied only to free men and the only free men in England were of the native English; the rights and liberties promised by King John were “for us and our heirs forever.” With the abolition of villeinage in the late medieval period, the lower orders of Anglo-Saxon society were granted the same rights and liberties because of shared ethno-racial origin. How English could Jews fit in if they could not inherit English rights and liberties by virtue of descent or ties of blood? Burke’s concept of English identity is, at bottom, explicitly biological; Englishness is transmitted from generation to generation,  not embraced, copied or assimilated.

Although the Jews are a dangerous minority, Burke offers no real solution to the Jewish Question. The Jewish obsession with short-term profit, their self-interested greed and secret, ongoing conspiracies to financially ruin gentile societies, are recipes for national disaster. At best, Burke says, half-mockingly, the worst Jews should be shipped to France to join their revolutionary brethren in dismantling the French nation. There is not enough English rope to hang all of them, so why bother keeping them around?

Burke was ambivalent toward Jews, despite his race realism. He defended the Jews of the Dutch-owned colony of St. Eustathius, an island in the West Indies. In 1781, it was captured by a British fleet; under the orders of Admiral George Rodney, an Englishman, the island’s Jewish inhabitants were either deported or imprisoned and their possessions looted. In Parliament, Burke, an MP, condemned Rodney’s persecution of the Jews: “If Britons are injured, Britons have armies and laws, the laws of nations … to fly to for protection and justice. But the Jews have no such power, and no such friend to depend on. Humanity then must become their protector and ally.”

The philo-Semitism of this passage is mitigated by Burke’s explicit rejection of Jews as members of the European community. Britons, like other Europeans, have the “laws of nations” to rely on, whereas the Jews cannot rely on any such laws because they are a nation scattered throughout the nations of  Europe. Even though the Jews of St. Eustathius may have lived for generations in the Netherlands and assimilated Dutch language and culture, they were not Dutch, nor could they ever rely on Dutch laws for protection. For all intents and purposes, they were outside the “laws of nations”; but this did not mean that acts of violence could be committed against Jews with impunity, as some Europeans seemed to think. In Burke’s view, “humanity,” or international law, must serve as the Jew’s “protector and ally.” The Jew, for Edmund Burke, is the Eternal or Wandering Jew of legend. Although everywhere, he belongs nowhere. He is forever condemned to wander the Earth because his ethnicity and culture are fundamentally alien to mankind.

Burke was willing to extend “full civil protection” to Jews, at least in principle. In spite of this philo- Semitic gesture, he made no special effort to repeal England’s ostensibly anti-Jewish legislation, nor did he call for Jewish emancipation in the United Kingdom. Jews are bad for England, but there are always intervening humanitarian considerations preventing the most enlightened Europeans, such as Burke, from taking the necessary remedial action. This is because the roots of pathological altruism are deeply ingrained in the European psyche. If no satisfactory resolution of Europe’s age-old Jewish Question can be found, Jews will continue to be a troublesome minority for Europeans, far more troublesome than all other immigrant groups combined, including the current bumper crop of low-IQ immigrants, chiefly sub-Saharan Africans and Moslems of Middle Eastern and South Asian origin. As a result, besides Jews, there will be hundreds of imported ethno-racial groups actively promoting their own group interests at the expense  of whites. Given that Europeans have not been able to satisfactorily resolve the Jewish Question and many are welcoming the new immigrants, the prospect for European survival in the face of catastrophic non-White invasion is quite grim.

1     Gavin I. Langmuir, “Continuities, Discontinuities and Contingencies of the Holocaust,” in The Fate of the European Jews, 1939-1945: Continuity or Contingency? ed. Jonathan Frankel. (New York: Oxford University Press, 1997), pg. 16

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      • Andrew
        Andrew says:

        David Ashton: How do you know? And why do you keep trolling here? Don’t you have anything better to do in Israel?

      • Richard B
        Richard B says:

        If the Devil is a metaphor for the spirit that denies value, there most certainly is a Devil.

        Jews deny the value of all people in general and Whites in particular who refuse to acknowledge and agree to their insane demands to be

        placed above criticism
        loved unconditionally and
        blindly obeyed.

        Today it is not uncommon to hear a jewish activist or politician* say outloud to our face “You don’t have a culture.”

        Unfortunately, there’s no shortage of useful idiot shabbos goys who repeat this phrase like the chattering of an idiot, only less interesting.

        Of course it isn’t true. We most definitely have a culture. THE culture.

        The remark is just another example of their obnoxious and brazen effrontery and lying.

        It’s also delusional. Since no European man or woman needs their approval.

        And by European means also those from European man’s geographical extensions, ie; the USA, etc.

        I didn’t expect to write this much but I’m glad I did.

        This was an inspiring article!

  1. RoyAlbrecht
    RoyAlbrecht says:

    “…Given that Europeans have not been able to satisfactorily resolve the Jewish Question and many are welcoming the new immigrants, the prospect for European survival in the face of catastrophic non-White invasion is quite grim.”

    I do not think Jews are a “…Question…” for anyone with a brain.
    Even those who dare not speak the word “…Jew…”,
    for fear of being labeled and Anti-Semitic, Terrorist, Nazi by the Jew controlled establishment,
    implicitly or explicitly see Jews as a “…Problem…” and not a “…Question…”.
    There is no question that Jews are THE Problem.

      • royAlbrecht
        royAlbrecht says:

        1) White weaknesses must be identified and eliminated.
        Whites are too moral in their dealings with Jews.
        Yet Jews have no scruples when it comes to killing Whites or anyone in their way,
        whether by degrees
        (I.e. normalizing self-destructive behaviour through information dissemination of lies)
        or outright through mass murder
        (I.e. 9-11, Colour and Texture Revolutionary Wars for Israel, provoking the myriad of Dark on White civil crime, etc…)
        Therefore Whites must become bloody ruthless as well as shrewd again.
        Give to Caesar that which belongs to Caesar then add some English creativity and German efficiency.
        Believe me, if I gave examples none of them would see the light of day here.
        I am talking about stuff that goes beyond the pale of White behaviour.

        2) Identify Jew weaknesses and attack them.

        > Jews are numerically inferior to Whites.
        > Jews depend on others for material advantage,
        > Jews are innate cowards. (remember the Alamo)
        > Jewish foot soldiers are inferior to Whites on a mental and physical level,
        on a Racially cohesive level in that they are composed of a multitude of selfish, short-sighted, Racially and philosophically diverse amalgamation of peoples with tendencies toward immediate gratification.
        Their tendency will be to turn on each other if cornered.
        Whites on the other hand have shown time and again that when cornered, they will sacrifice their own lives for their own kind.
        > We must start to write open letters that are endorsed by 10’s of thousands of signatures to powerful Whites in position of influence.
        There is an active and ongoing murder of Whites going on as we sit here and debate amongst ourselves.
        We need powerful people like Trump to at least listen to and respond to our ideas in an open forum.

        Since IMO, there is a fairly broad consensus among Racially aware Whites that Jews are, more or less, composed of a Race of criminally insane murderers,
        with whom there basically is no chance of negotiating,
        the only way of stopping them is to kill or be killed.
        Any other defense against Jews besides all out war, be it through calculated White martyrdom in the form of lone wolf or small cell White preemptive suicide attacks or organized militia attacks will eventually end with our extinction.
        This war has been on going for millenniums,
        the last few centuries of which have been almost unilateral (Jew on White)…, only now Whites are beginning to see their end in sight.

        • J
          J says:

          I don’t think you realize what a Caucasian is.
          They are the twelve tribes of Judah who went over the Caucasus Mountains and settled Europe and the Americas. They are the “White people”, also called Caucasians. So, to be white, you have Jewish blood.
          The Kenites are the “bad Jews”. They come from Cain, who was of his father, the devil. It goes really deep and can be difficult to understand without proper study.

          • Andrew
            Andrew says:

            J: Your analysis is incorrect. First, it’s “the twelve tribes of Israel”, not “the “twelve tribes of Judah” (Judah was only one of the twelve tribes). Second, Jews only came from the tribe of Judah, which did not adopt the “Jewish” religion until long after ten of the twelve tribes of Israel were expelled from Palestine by the Assyrians. Last, there is no linguistic, archaeological, artistic, DNA or historical evidence of the ten tribes of Israel being “the Caucasian (white) people”. The linguistic, archaeological, artistic, DNA and historical evidence indicates that the Caucasian people originated in northern Europe and Russia and moved south to conquer the Mediterranean basin, northern India and Persia, among other places. They had their own gods and customs which had nothing to do with Hebrews, Israelites or Jews. Christianity was a Jewish imposition on the white peoples of the north. “Christian Identity” is an attempt to make Christianity “white” and white Christians into the “real Jews”. All it does is play into the hands of the Jews and keep non-Jewish white people wedded to their subversive influence.

          • royAlbrecht
            royAlbrecht says:

            I think you do not realize what a German is…, we are actually more closely related to Nigerians than Europeans…
            Germans are in fact Africans.. LOL

          • Denny Stanley
            Denny Stanley says:

            Researchers always wanted to know where these people come from that call themselves Ashkenazi Jews. So the University of Sheffield did DNA research on them. And found that they have only three percent ancient DNA so that means there European
            And they also have a mutation on their Y chromosome, so that means their Asian . So the Ashkenazi Jews aren’t from Palestine like they say they are

            There. The Europeans
            Mated with a warrior like people from Siberia called the Ashina
            DNA don’t lie. The Ashkenazi Jews are European Asians

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      Jews are a problem for Christians and Muslims . Christians are a problem for Muslims and Jews . Muslims are a problem for Christians and Jews . Religious//spiritual pathologies eminate from malthusian conflicts , between religious groups , arising from materiel resource scacites . No scarcity , no conflict . Harmony is the absence of conflict which is the basis of peace . Christianity seeks harmony with the good , the bad and the ugly — peace at all costs — if possible . Islam is called , by many , the religion of peace because of its historicly violent depopulation proclivities against nonmuslim agents of conflict . Jews are at peace when nonjews are either happily enslaved or permanently eliminated .

      JC tells his sheeple to be meek and wait for life after death to have eternal peace . Allah tells muslims they must conquer the world to have peace . And God ( JC’s daddy according to christians ) promised ownership of the world to the Jews for merely existing . Perhaps it is time for a new religion based on realism//empiricism rather than fantasies about what the deities want you to do in this life .

      • TJ
        TJ says:

        That would entail replacing religion with philosophy, which would require an IQ boost of around 30 points.

  2. Sarah Perry
    Sarah Perry says:

    “… the roots of pathological altruism are deeply ingrained in the European psyche.” Why? It’s Christianity.
    IMO, the Bible was written/edited to be a self-ful-fill-ing prophesy for the Tribe, a hoped-for dominion over all the earth forever and ever. After being kicked out of Britain in 1290, the jews went to Amsterdam and went into the printing business, then flooded Britain with their “book” before being re-admitted in 1656 under the Cromwellian Protectorate.

    • David Ashton
      David Ashton says:

      The “Bible” is not a single book, but a collection of documents written over a long historical period. Jews do not recognise the New Testament addition, especially its supersession and quasi-polytheism, and many blame antisemitism and The Holocaust on some of its passages about Jews. Jewish opinions about Jesus have of course varied, from the mamzer magician in ancient opinion to a great rabbi and/or SJW in much later commentary.

      There is good reason to think that self-abnegating guilt, which affects many non-religious liberals, is a by-product of NT Christianity, and of course it can go hand-in-hand with a vague respect for the Hebrew heritage.

      There is such a wide assortment of outlier non-Jewish opinions, from Anthony Ludovici and Hilaire Belloc to Jonas Alexis and Stephen Sizer that over-simplifications should be avoided.

      • Foxtrot oscar wilde
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        Why do you bother trolling here? Firstbyou were defending the devil and now you are hairsplitting again.

    • Denny Stanley
      Denny Stanley says:

      We have to realize that the Catholic church held Europe together, and the jews know this. There would be know civilized Europe or no America with out the Roman Catholic religion that Jesus gave to us. The jews are always behind the destruction of Christendom. The jews know if you loose your faith in the Lord they can enslave you. And they work very hard at it. Go to your local Catholic church and pray and let your fellow Christians know what the jews are up to. We can stop the jewish enslavement of the world if we put our hearts to it.

      • Jud Jackson
        Jud Jackson says:

        No America without the Catholic Church? Come on. Certainly, the Catholic Church is part of America but America is overwhelmingly Protestant.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        Christianity is a self-enslavement religion where ” jews “, the chosenites , are the [ masters ] whom warranty the enslavement of christians .

        *** The Synagog of Satan / Ancient Testament ***

        / Torah book of Genesis / chapter 1 , verse 27

        ( God created ” the jews ” ) __

        ” So God created man in his own image . . . male and female created he them .”

        / Torah book of Genesis / chapter 1 , verse 28

        ( God instructs ((( them ))) — ” the jews ” —
        to reproduce prolificly
        ; and to conquer the world and enslave everyone ) __

        ” And God blessed them , and God said unto them , Be fruitful
        and multiply . . . and subdue [ the world ] and have dominion . . . over every living [ being ] that moveth upon the earth .”

        Note __ ” dominion ” means to have [ ownership//control ] which in turn means [ enslavement ] for people whom are the object of control .

        / Torah book of Deuteronomy / chapter 7 , verse 6

        ( the Lord God confers [ chosenite ] status upon
        ” the jews ” ) __

        ” . . . the Lord thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself . . .”

        / Torah book of Leviticus / chapter 11 , verses 44 & 45

        ( God declares ” the jews ” to be holy
        ; and confirms the declaration ) __

        44 : ” For I am the Lord your God . . . and ye shall be holy ; for I am holy : . . .”

        45 : ” For I am the Lord . . . to be your God : ye shall therefore be holy , for I am holy .”

        / Torah book of Leviticus / chapter 20 , verse 26

        ( God again confirms the holiness of ” the jews ” ; and
        makes them elites ; and declares ownership of them )

        ” And ye shall be holy unto me : for I the Lord am holy , and have severed you from other people , that you should be mine .”

        / Torah book of Leviticus / chapter 25 , verse 46

        ( God declares that ” the jews ”
        will always have nonjewish slaves ) __

        “. . . they [ and their progeny ] shall be your [ slaves ] forever . . .”

        The [ New Testament , KJV ] is the exclusively noncatholic christian holy book that most Whites are familiar with . Therefore , I will not bother to specify this short list of wellknown NT verses that should be easily recognized as self-enslaving __

        Love your enemy

        [ where your master is the enemy
        ( note that many sheeple are happily enslaved ) ]

        Turn the other cheek to also be slapped

        [ when your master is reprimanding you ]

        Be like a child to get into heaven

        [ where children are slavelike dependents ]

        Obey your master

        [ in other words , do not oppose your enslavement ]

        . . . and so on .

        Modern biological genetics scientists have reason to believe that HOLY INSTRUCTIONS & DECLARATIONS are obvious environmental influences//factors ; and after thousands of years of observation/acceptance/adherence of those factors by the pertinent tribe , they become , in ways not yet fully understood , encoded by DNA into the tribal genome .

        DNA adaptations to environment factors is also called ” genetic mutations “. Minor genetic adaptations , or simple nondetrimental changes , occur in the DNA of both biological parents , during the interim between consecutive sibling births , to give same sex siblings their distinctive features . There is not yet any known way to easily un-encode genetic environmental adaptations .

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          p.s. __Wikipedia has voluminous up-to-date and detailed scientific literature on genetics . Please keep in mind that any unrecognized errors of contemporary understanding will be corrected as the science advances and as needed . That is the way of true and honest science .

      • Andrew
        Andrew says:

        I’ve tried to tell Catholics about the Jews. Their response is the equivalent of somebody putting his fingers in his ears while you’re talking and loudly saying “la la la la la la la la la la la la” to make sure he can’t hear you. Then you are told what a sinner you are and how you need to pray for forgiveness. Catholics are brainwashed by their own church. They are uninterested in information, facts or logic when it comes to their own religion.

        As for the Catholic Church holding Europe together, yes, the Church did hold Europe together through despotism. It replaced the indigenous “folkright” based on honor, courage, reciprocity, and love of truth and freedom with mindless submission to a Jewish invention called “Christianity”.

        The problem with Christianity is that it makes no distinction between the god who tells his chosen people, the Jews, to destroy their neighbors and Jesus/God who tells the un-chosen people to “turn the other cheek” That’s what has been happening in “Christian” nations — Jews wreaking havoc and the Christians letting them get away with it.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          Precisely . Christians unwittingly , via christianity , enslave themselves to the chosenite jews whom in turn warranty , via judaism , christian enslavement .

    • Grand Inquisitor
      Grand Inquisitor says:

      Why is it Christianity when the West is mostly post-Christian? Why didn’t this happen when Christianity was far more robust in the West? Why are the barbarian invasions not happening to, say, Russia, just as Russia is turning more and more back to Christianity? Promotion of abortion, feminism, sodomy, usury, etc. is rampant throughout the West these days. Is that also due to Christianity?

      • Denny Stanley
        Denny Stanley says:

        I don’t know where you have been. But isn’t it the jews who promote Abortion, Femenisim, Sodomy and usury. This is all brought to you by jews, when they get you to loose your faith in Christianity

        • Grand Inquisitor
          Grand Inquisitor says:

          That is exactly my question. Why would one see all of the destructive forces unleashed upon the West and accurately attribute them to the (((agents of chaos))) and yet blame Christianity for barbarian invasion, another destructive force? It makes no sense. Why wasn’t this pathological altruism a factor in, say, the 12th century when the West was far more Christian? We are far less Christian now. This is why we have barbarian invasion of the West.

          • Andrew
            Andrew says:

            Muslims began invading Europe, the Middle East (Byzantium), and north Africa (which were Christian at the time) in the 7th century A.D. and continued — with the help of the Jews — to attack and conquer parts of Europe (particularly Spain and the Balkans) for almost 1,000 years. The Muslims demanded that Christians convert to Islam or pay a “dhimmi” tax. Naturally, the Christians didn’t want to do this. That’s why they resisted. Comparing that “barbaric invasion” to the one that is going on now is comparing apples to oranges. While the West is largely secular now, the character of Westerners and their institutions has been heavily shaped by both Christianity and Judaism. That’s where the “pathological altruism” that permits today’s barbaric invasion comes from. That, plus the fact that we are no longer in control of our own nations. They are ruled by an international oligarchy that couldn’t care less what ordinary people want. That oligarchy wants to mix all the races and religions together, eliminate nations, and establish a world government controlled by the elite.

          • Denny Stanley
            Denny Stanley says:

            And when jews get in full control of a nation, they always haulocaust that nations people. Jews take over of Ukraine. 14 millons Ukraine’s starved to death. Jews take over of Russia. 66 millon Russian people tortured and murdered in th gulags. Jews take over of Armenia. 1.5 million Armenian Christian people rapped tortured and murdered. Americans better get jew wise very fast. We ain’t gonna let this happen to Americans

      • Andrew
        Andrew says:

        Grand Inquisitor: Promotion of abortion, usury, sodomy, feminism, mass Third World immigration into majority-white countries, discrimination against white males, and pushing Christianity out of the public square — all of these are due to the failure of Christians to totally separate themselves from Jews and the Jewish Torah (first five books of the Old Testament, whose god selects a “chosen people” and then sends them on a murderous rampage against other peoples. That “chosen people’s” world task is to infiltrate, betray, undermine, corrupt, destroy and/or enslave and rule over all other people).

        Christians still think of the Jews as special and chosen, so they let them take control of their societies’ institutions. The Jews then proceed to do what you would expect them to do to non-Jews: Promote all the things you mentioned.

        Thanks to Christian tolerance of Jews, we have had two world wars, 9/11, pointless wars for Israel, attacks on the first and second amendments, the rise of cultural Marxism, the murder of tens of millions of Christians, and now, the replacement of ourselves (as non-Jewish white people) in our own countries.

        There will come a time when Christians have to decide: Are they going to continue to be Judaizers? If they are, then they will have to be shown the door.

        • Grand Inquisitor
          Grand Inquisitor says:

          Agreed. The Catholic Church needs some reform and probably a new Pope, but I tend to agree with E. Michael Jones: it is time to return to the Church. That is the only real defense we have against the agents of chaos. It is the Protestants who are the Judaizers. And this is coming from one who was raised a Protestant.

          • Andrew
            Andrew says:

            Don’t be deceived by E. Michael Jones. His analysis of Jewish subversion in “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” is brilliant, but he won’t admit that the Catholic Church and Christianity have always been the primary facilitators of that subversion. At the end of the day, Jews are still the Chosen People, we must not do anything to them (like expel them once and for all), and the Jewish god that tells the Jews to enslave the rest of us is still the same as the Christian god who tells us to turn the other cheek and tolerate Jewish outrages.

            Catholics will complain bitterly about their own church, and some like Jones will complain about the Jews, but they will never do anything to solve the problem. The answer that Jones will give you in the face of these problems is always the same: become a member of the “only” truly Christian church — the Roman Catholic Church. And then you will be saved (maybe). Otherwise, you are going to hell.

            That’s it. No other solution offered. And Jones is fine with race-mixing. So he would never criticize the Catholic church for its extensive role in facilitating the replacement of white people by brown people.

            In fact, he is delighted to have brown Latin Americans — who are Catholic — replace American white people who either are not Catholic or are not as devoutly Catholic as the people in Latin America.

            And pointing the finger at Judaizing Protestants, which Jones loves to do, does not address the Catholic problem. It just denies that it exists.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          @Andrew __ Christians first need to acknowledge that they are ” Judaizers ” ; and then acknowledge that judaism actually does mean that which you brilliantly and very concisely stated in your comment above . That would be a tall order for a christian to fulfill given the typical nature of the religious mentality .

          • Andrew
            Andrew says:

            Thanks. I have tried to reconcile Logos (reason, truth, goodness, beauty, the divine order of the universe) — which St. John identified with God/Jesus — with Christianity and found it to be impossible. Christianity is Judaism-Lite. It is alien to our ethnos and must be discarded. And those who cannot be reasoned with will have to be discarded as well.

            I will always believe in absolute value (the true, the good, and the beautiful) that one might call “God”, but not what we get from Christians and Jews.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        Not too long ago , USA was indisputably a predominately christian country ; apparantly christianity was unable to hold it’s position of dominance . Please see my comment above for an explanation .

  3. JRM
    JRM says:

    Another excellent article. I enjoyed reading it, and I commend the author on his work.

    However…I feel the term “pathological altruism” is too strong to be applied to Burke, as the author seems to imply. It’s also a bit anachronistic. Burke was a man who valued reason, order, and who absolutely possessed a sensitive hierarchical understanding of duty and honor.

    Now, one might argue that the philo-Semitic positions as cited in the article tie Burke to modern pathological altruism, but I feel that is unjust to him. He certainly was fully aware of the corrosive effects of the Jewish sub-group on the Nation’s health. But his highly moral worldview made draconian solutions distasteful.

    Today’s sufferers of pathological altruism possess nothing like Burke’s keen mind and educated tastes. They wallow in the oversimplifications of Twitter and equate the grossest displays of emotion with evolved sensibilities.

    The truth of the matter is that Burke was an educated and eloquent man of his own times; tarring him with a charge of pathological altruism misses the point altogether. Burke in fact lived in an age when tolerance towards Jews who were unfairly treated was a reasonable and humane response. Coupled with an unstinting realism about the overall nature of the Jews, Burke was both moral and properly critical.

    We are losing the luxury of being able to indulge in sympathy for anyone outside our larger kinship group; a fact we sadly owe to generations of White men who lived between Burke’s age and our own age, and who failed to hand down to us a stable and healthy society. Roosevelt, Churchill, and Eisenhower are a few key names that come to mind. They made themselves readily available to be used and abused by the Jews, often as a result of a desire for luxury and ostentation, including the ostentatious parading of public “virtue”. We are woefully late in waking up to the damage that has been done.

    As a result, the very expression of good-natured fairness towards out-groups has been transformed from a fair-minded virtue into a dangerous show of weakness for us. Burke didn’t let us down; but our Fathers and Grandfathers did.

    • Andrew
      Andrew says:

      Were the Jews unfairly treated, though? They entered England with William the Conqueror as a privileged class, and came back under Cromwell as a privileged class. I suspect that it is Christianity’s privileging of the Jews as “God’s Chosen” that explains the soft treatment they got from Burke and have gotten from non-Jewish white people ever since.

  4. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    Schopenhauer said that the Jews are properly regarded as a “nation” — an “international nation” that pursues its Jewish interests by taking over other nations. No other group besides the Jews is allowed to govern their own country — Israel — and govern other countries as well — often as dual citizens. Just looking at the United States shows us what has been going on: Madeleine Albright, Henry Kissinger, Michael Cherthof, David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel, Ben Bernanke, Alan Greenspan, Janet Yellen, Arthur Burns, Michael Mukasey, Felix Frankfurter, Louis Brandeis, Louis Marshall, Henry Morgenthau, Sr., Henry Morgenthau, Jr., Samuel Untermeyer, Harry Dexter White, Stephen Mnuchin, Jared Kushner, William Cohen, Paul Wolfowitz, Dov Zakheim, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Adam Schiff, Gerald Nadler, David Wurmser, Paul Warburg, Bernard Baruch, Wilbur Ross, Mary Schapiro, Rod Rosenstein, the list goes on….Is it any wonder that non-Jewish whites are under attack today and that we are fighting Israel’s wars? This is exactly what the Jews want (see Barbara Lerner Spectre and rabbi Rav David Touitou for further details on the Jewish plan to replace non-Jewish white people).

    None of this Jewish influence in the White House, Congress, the Supreme Court, the State Department, and the Justice Department has been good for non-Jewish white Americans. Woodrow Wilson was a puppet of the Jews, as were Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Dwight David Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Hussein Obama. Donald Trump is their puppet today. Those who dared to stand up to the Jews met bad ends, experienced attempts on their lives, experienced family tragedies, or had their careers cut short: Presidents Jackson, Garfield, Lincoln, McKinley, Harding, Coolidge, Nixon and Kennedy. Congressmen Trafficant, Lindbergh, and McFadden. Ambassador and Navy Secretary Forrestal. I’m sure that the very same thing could be said of Great Britain, France, the European Union and Russia (Germany, of course, is still a vassal of the U.S.). Chabad Lubavitch rabbis surround our presidents. They also surround Vladimir Putin. Jews ran the Soviet Union and mentored the Red Chinese. They have long controlled Wall Street and “The City” of London. If you read Menasseh ben Israel’s petition to Oliver Cromwell for the readmission of the Jews to England (which you can google), you will understand that the Jews controlled the world economy as far back as 1651. Jewish international control is a reflection of the real Golden Rule: “The one with the gold makes the rules.”

    • .Denny Stanley
      .Denny Stanley says:

      Adolf Hitler came very close to defeating the jews. And he set their plans back years. That’s why they hate him so. History is proving Hitler was freeing the world from jewish enslavement.

      • David Ashton
        David Ashton says:

        Hitler in practical effect managed to destroy millions of “Aryan” lives and his actions created sympathy for Jews, reinforced the Zionist lobby in the USA and got us into the present situation.

        • RoyAlbrecht
          RoyAlbrecht says:

          I never studied the (on balance, false-)Jewish version of WW2 history, instead accelerating directly to the Revisionist Version. From that perspective, Hitler was rebuffed in EVERY EFFORT to come to some sort of compromise with JEW-DUPED, NON-German people in White Nations.

          In America during the Great Depression, America’s poor had soup kitchens.
          In Germany, before Hitler, they didn’t even have potatoes to make soup with!
          The only reason Hitler lost the war was due to the fact that Jews controlled the flow of lies going out to the people in White Nations thereby inciting “the World” to fight against the one man who would have put a stop to Jews in their tacks.
          Hitler’s handling of Jews within his own “Ethnostates”
          has set a historical example for other nations to follow in light of today’s reality.
          If Hitler had a Twitter account, Jews would be in chains and the White World would be the humming example of what all nations would Aspire to.

        • Andrew
          Andrew says:

          David Ashton: It’s obvious that you’re a Jewish troll, blaming the victim at every opportunity. If Aryans didn’t want to be destroyed by Hitler, then they should not have taken instruction from the Jews that they allowed to take over their countries, attacked Germany in WW I for daring to be economically superior to Britain, imposed treaty conditions guaranteed to cause another war, and then fought against the one leader who rightly rejected Jewish finance capitalism (usury) and Jewish communism.

          If we had sided with Hitler and told Jews like you to take a hike, we would not have the cultural Marxist degeneracy, hollowing out of the middle class, and white genocide that is going on today.

          • David Ashton
            David Ashton says:

            (Mod. Note: “Mr. Ashton”, you seem to be repeating the “shit-stirring” that got you banned a couple of years ago. I’ve let your comments through lately to see if you’ve learned to temper your ways. It appears you haven’t, since I’m seeing the same devolution from commenter to hostile trolling. Go elsewhere to post this crap.)

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            ” If Aryans didn’t want to be destroyed by Hitler . . .”

            is confusing and should be [ If Aryans didn’t want to be destroyed by Hitler . . . ] .

            Excellent comment otherwise .

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            Apparantly angle brackets make content disappear .

            The attempted unconfusion in my above comment should read

            ” If [ nonGerman ] Aryans didn’t want to be destroyed by Hitler . . . “

        • Ludwig
          Ludwig says:

          David, given the depth, mendacity and volume of the lies, the moneyed position of jewry and the strategic positioning of influence of that money and lies, it’s little wonder any defeat of European interests resulted in worse position after the fact.
          Germany was pale because it had so many plotters against it.

          Even, Hercules would have failed. The real blame rightly sits on the shoulders of the western political and business class that allowed itself to be tricked, out smarted and bribed into siding with the “enemies”. Patton, had it right.. The so called “allies” were on the wrong side!

          Thereby hastening Europe’s destruction and today’s worst results.

        • Ludwig
          Ludwig says:

          My earlier response seemed to have disappeared into the ether.

          David Ashton, Germany was doomed to failure on account of jewish lies of such magnitude, mendacity, and all pervasiveness – fostered by the so called “allies” who wanted to demonise Germany to cover their own guilt. Not to mention the sheer weight of jewish money when the US got involved. But I think Patton had it right – the “allies” were on the wrong side! Vanquished, Germany was pale because she had so many ‘thieves’ plotting against her! By extension the rest of Europe.

          Hitler can rightly be blamed for many things but not for the situation where we are now. That belongs at the feet of the western political and business elite who allowed themselves to be tricked, bribed and blackmailed, or like Esau who traded in his birthright for a pot of lentils.

      • Andrew
        Andrew says:

        It might well be useless, which is why I recommend aiming for a white ethnostate (without Jews and non-whites) instead of trying to reform the current system.

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          How are you going to keep Jews out of your white ethnostate when so many Whites see Jews as white? Poupy Marx, for example, sees lots of non-whites as white, and I don’t see you taking him on over that.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          I second the motion . However , I think that simply having a fundamentally uncompromisable//unsubstitutable and overwhelmingly White-dominant ethnostate would be sufficient and much more attainable than a pure-White state ; either one probably would require a civil war to establish it .

        • Ludwig
          Ludwig says:

          From what I can see the US is on the road to “balkanisation” already well on the way … a confrontation is marching toward Europeans, in fact anyone standing in the way. jewish proxy warriors are being motivated, soon to be unleashed.

          jewish strategists have been setting you up for war. They are placing “sanctions” on you and trying very hard to disarm you. Isn’t this what the western nations did to the middle east for the sake of jewish interests?

          To save the US will mean war, but for a state republic to secede from the union will also mean war.

          If enough people – 10 – 15% of the population ~ 35 – 50 mil – take to the streets – similar to HK – and prevent governing the US. If it was self policed – dealing with agent provocateurs to prevent in-fighting – it might work. But it’d need to have clear objectives and plans in place before it gets ugly. It’ll be a long drawn out affair as the other side is playing for keeps, this isn’t just a hobby.

          • Andrew
            Andrew says:

            Our biggest problem is other non-Jewish whites who refuse to see what is going on right in front of their faces. They will side with the Jews. We will have to “seed” a new nation or set of nations with racially-aware and Jew-wise whites. It will be a small group. What we are seeing is history repeating itself. Ancient Greece, ancient Rome — both fell because what began as white Aryan nations or empires ended up being overrun by other races through migration and miscegenation.

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            “” . . . the other side is playing for keeps, this isn’t just a hobby.””

            Superb point .

  5. Joe
    Joe says:

    “Judaization always entailed the abandonment of nation in favor of a short-sighted, self-interested greed for money and power.”

    My God… if this doesn’t describe the current plight of modern America, nothing does.

  6. Sophie Johnson
    Sophie Johnson says:

    ‘Jews from Normandy, following in the footsteps of William the Conqueror, traveled to England to make their fortunes …’

    The view of English Medievalists is that the Conqueror brought the Jews with him to be his tax collectors. They were his protected people, and harm to them was punished in the name of the King. This protected status of Jews preceded the Plantagents by fully 88 years.

    • The Hunter of Soest
      The Hunter of Soest says:

      After expeling the Jews Edward I and his succesors were forced to regularly call Parliament to raise revenue for the crown. Their expulsion necessitated the development of representative government, a thing beneficial for the people of England.

  7. r1b1
    r1b1 says:

    “…on the other hand, there is no historical record of Jewish habitation in England before 1066. …”

    Arguing per contra see the (presumably Jewish) Henry Straus Quixano HENRIQUES: “The Jews and the English Law” (1908), pp49-63 and particularly pp52-52:

    Quite possibly a more recent relative of the aforementioned, former High Court judge Sir Richard Henriques was appointed to review the Metropolitan Police’s handling of cases involving claims of (((historical))) child abuse by public figures:

  8. Exile
    Exile says:

    Good points overall. The revision and repurposing of Burke, scrubbed of race-realism and JQ awareness, in synthetic Jewish-engineered political hijackings like “neo-conservatism” and “national conservatism” is just their latest effort in providing the false historical underpinnings for America’s Second Founding mythology.

    Instead of dismissing intellectual pieces like this as impractical, those calling for “action now” on the site should recognize that we need to have J-woke arguments to address the pseudo-intellectuals of the fake Right and Left alike. I recommend they look at Nicholas Jeevy’s piece today at Counter-Currents “Becoming a Leader.” There are many roles to be performed in protecting our people’s cultural territory. We need intellectuals and philosophers. Anti-Whites won by broad-front pressure on any weak point in our cultural foundation. We need to push back in every direction as well.

    I’ll quibble with “pathological altruism,” though. Our altruism is a vulnerability. The “pathologen” is the presence of a hostile highly sophisticated, politicized foreign Jewish culture which has mastered cultural infiltration and manipulation. Without the Jewish cultural pathogen, our altruism is actually quite healthy. It resisted prior cultural pressure from other races like Blacks and Hispanics. If our altruism was pathological in itself, Whites would act self-destructively altruistic toward other Whites instead of out-groups alone. The culture of critique has weaponized our normally healthy in-group sustaining empathy and amplified it to self-destructive levels. Deport the pathogen and the patient will recover.


    (Mod. Note: One of the reasons I took the job of a TOO moderator was to not miss comments of this high calibre. Thank you, “Exile”!)

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      The basic teachings of Christianity are not on our side. I refer to the condemnation of self interest- the needs of others before self is central.

      Catholic social teaching asserts- “All the wealth on Earth was placed here by God for the use of everyone.” Whites broke into the wealth warehouse and hogged the wealth, thus producing poverty for the others. The others are coming here to claim their fair share of God’s
      bounty. White prosperity is due to stealing from the poor, and from God.

      It is jews who do what Whites are claimed to do, but jews steal from Whites and not from God.

      Primitive minds see things as zero-sum- that is, the gains of one must come at the expense of the other. “Selfishness” means being jew-like, running roughshod over others. “Moral virtue” consists of eschewing such “selfishness” and handing over the country to the rightful owners- the third world. Keeping America White would mean hogging wealth again- like giving the finger to God.

      The stuff Whitey has is UNEARNED and must be returned.

      btw The labor theory of value of Marx is based on the zero-sum idea
      that bourgeoisie wealth is stolen from the proles.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        ” The stuff Whitey has is UNEARNED and must be returned.”

        Many jews look like ” Whitey ” but are not . Regardless , are you insisting that the HUGE amounts of UNEARNED interest collected on [ fiat money loans ] by jew banksters and the HUGE amounts of fiat principal loaned by those banksters ” must be returned ” to whom ?

        Are you aware that the Rothschild Empire owns the largest fiat money loaning banking system in the world ?

        Do you have any idea of what would happen to you if you insisted on collecting that UNEARNED money stuff from the Rothschild Empire ? ( Hint : see the JFK video , on the internet YouTube channel , of his speech on [ secret societies ] and a [ global conspiracy ] ) .

        • Ludwig
          Ludwig says:

          Moneytalks, Yes, all true. But extricating ourselves from this current fiat central banking slavery will be a necessary part of overthrowing this ‘evil empire’.
          Without that you can forget about a white enthno-state!

          The banking cartel is one of the central pillars of the jewish stranglehold on European man, not to mention the rest of the world!

          Everyone will be better off without it. This in fact could be a point of cooperation with other races as the money power is so vast and powerful, but don’t misread my intentions. By saying that I’m not advocating a multiracial state, just cooperating to overthrow those banking criminals.

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            You are most likely correct about an alliance ; and the jewish controlled monopoly of global media conglomerates would also need to be busted up simultaneously or shortly after busting the banks cartel ; otherwise ” the jews ” would use their media monopoly to reclain their money monopoly ; or they would use their money monopoly to reclaim their media monopoly . Each monopoly is that powerful .

            Jews effectuated the ww1 alliance against Germany . Jews effectuated the ww2 alliance against Germany . Jews effectuated the UN conflict alliance aganst NK . Jews effectuated the UN alliance against the NV conflict//war .

            Disentangling from powerful jewish political influences is virtually impossible without resorting to attempted criminal exterminations of ” the jews “. Fortunately , busting up their monopolies ( perhaps by way of guerrilla warfare ) and keeping them that way should be adequate for all practical purposes .

          • Andrew
            Andrew says:

            We would need to look at countries not tied into the central banking system (the very few that there are) to see what approaches are best. This could only be done through the creation of a defensible ethnostate or confederation of ethnostates.

          • TJ
            TJ says:

            So long they control the (((fake))) money our collective goose is cooked. Nothing can or will work.

            This may indeed be the final battle.

      • Ludwig
        Ludwig says:

        TJ says:
        August 24, 2019 at 12:27 pm
        “The basic teachings of Christianity are not on our side. I refer to the condemnation of self interest- the needs of others before self is central.”

        I understand your point and many – our enemies included – peddle such a one dimensional message. But consider that it’s not that one handed…

        Your reference I believe is for individual relationships and endeavoring to love your neighbour. It’s a call to regard others with respect and not ride roughshod over them with haughty pride. In other words, don’t do to others what you don’t want others to do to you. Surely you can agree on that?!

        But these teachings are also tempered by much other wisdom, for instance that we “…..brush the dust off our feet” from the ground of those who are our enemies. That we ought not be party to evil schemes. etc etc…Didn’t Jesus throw our the money-changers etc… Christian love can bind the wounds of the man attacked in the street, even if he’s not from your family, but Christian love can also make the streets safe by holding the attackers to account! Christian love isn’t mamby pamby as we are led to think. Being “meek” doesn’t mean we ‘bend over’ and allow ourselves to be defiled and used for ill. It means we don’t plot for domination of others as jewish parties do. We have honest dealings with our neighbors.

        I’m the first to criticise the Catholic Church, it has been the bane of good men and women in many ways. But it has also been a force for much good also. It has been infiltrated by opportunists, jewish destroyers and many malevolent groups like any human other endeavor. However, it did espouse a clear cut policy for jewish relations. Greedy prelates and princes often didn’t abide by that reasonable policy.

        However, I think going further by isolating Europeans from jewish power is a better option and necessary for our well being. The same goes for other groups and Europeans. we can have good relations and be good neighbors but we have our own homes and castles where we are sovereigns. This in no way contravenes the call to respect others.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          According to the Ancient Testament of the Synagog of Satan , God created the jews __

          Torah book of Genesis , chapter 1

          verse 27 : ” So God created [ jews ] . . .”

          verse 28 : ” And God blessed ((( them ))) , and
          God said unto ((( them ))) . . . have
          dominion over every living [ being ] that
          moveth upon the earth .”

          Are not ((( they ))) — the jews — doing that which God commands them to do where ” dominion ” means [ dominate ] ?

          And in the christian holy bible New Testament , God’s son JC says to his sheeple __

          New Testament ( KJV ) book of Colossians , chapter 3

          verse 22 : ” Servants , obey in all things your
          masters . . .”

          where ” Servants ” means [ slaves ] and ” masters ” means [ the chosenite jews ] .

          What is not to like about these ancient human sheeple behavior holy control scripts ? Perhaps contemporary enslavement realities need to be drasticly upgraded for the benefit of the slaves and not just for the benefit of the masters .

          It is time for a new religion based on realism//empiricism before EVERY LIVING BEING Goes To Oblivion . The clock is ticking down on us ALL as of yesterday .

          “” It means we don’t plot for domination of others as jewish parties do .””

    • Andrew
      Andrew says:

      We can thank William F. Buckley (who, incidentally, worked for the CIA) for “sanitizing” the conservative movement in order to make it acceptable to the Jews. He excluded the John Birch Society from the movement and then went on to attack Pat Buchanan for daring to call the U.S. Congress an “amen corner” for the Israeli Knesset.

      Buchanan was seriously burned by this attack. So he would not go after the Jews in his otherwise excellent series of books about the United States being transformed into a Third World country through massive immigration — and the many lies that were told to Americans about both world wars.

      Buckley also betrayed his fellow Catholics, siding with WASPs and Jews who systematically destroyed Catholic neighborhoods — as described by E. Michael Jones in his book “Slaughter of the Cities”.

  9. PaleoAtlantid
    PaleoAtlantid says:

    A remarkable article, it brings together historical threads most current admirers of Burke are unaware of. I’m surprised Burke views the English Revolution of 1688/9 as being fundamentally conservative in nature. The intentions of those who organised the overthrow of James II may have been ‘conservative’ and traditional but it cannot be denied that William was financed by Jews of Amsterdam and the Bank of ‘England’ was established during his reign. The results of 1689 brought civil wars to Ireland and Scotland, which in Scotland’s case only ended in 1745. Louis XIV was the muscle behind James’ weak attempts to regain the throne, also William’s opposition to Louis’ European policies led during Ann’s reign (the last ‘Stuart’ monarch) to Britain’s involvement in the Wars of the Spanish Succession. Those who financed those struggles made huge profits and seriously damaged France.
    The Papal opposition to Louis’ determination to become the master of Europe is ignored in most historical accounts or regarded as being insignificant. However, a recent international best-selling trilogy, ‘Imprimatur’, ‘Secretum’, and ‘Veritas’ by Monaldi and Sorti hints at Papal financial backing given to William, indirectly of course. Real history is probably a lot murkier and underhand than we realize.

  10. Jerry
    Jerry says:

    We first need understand this word “gentile”. The translators of the KJ bible for some reason pulled this Latin term into their translation. In Latin it means a member of the same race, in the KJV it is properly translated nations from goy of the Hebrew language and ethnos in the Greek. Most of the time gentile was translated as nations but their are many other times it was translated as gentiles. There is no word in either Hebrew or Greek for jew. The word in Hebrew is properly either Judean or Judahite, one who lives in Judea or one of the tribe of Judah, none of whom were ever called jews in any of the Assyrian, Persian or Babylonian inscriptions which detail when the Israelites were taken into captivity by these empires. The so-called jews are neither of any tribe of Israel nor are they semites. Contrary to what is stated above about the jews not being money lenders before the 12th century is nonsense. These edomites were the money-changers in the temple in Judea and have always conducted usury. The epistles in the New Testament are written to the twelve tribes scattered abroad and were just becoming the many nations promised to Abraham. What happened about 100 years before Christ was that John Hyrcanus , a legitimate Levitical priest converted these Canaanite-Edomites instead of killing them. That is the cause for the division in the NT, there were true Israelites in Judea but these edomites had come to rule Judea and the priesthood by the time of Christ. The 4 Gospels are a literal battle between Satan, the jew, and Christ and his people.

  11. Jerry
    Jerry says:

    To r1b1: I have not as yet read the book on The Jews and English Law but I do know that the basis for economic laws are from the Babylonian Shetar. I don’t know if that is mentioned in that book or not, but it should be. Gog and Magog and Mystery Babylon that are mentioned in the last few chapters of the Revelation are who these creatures are. They are also the Synagogue of Satan in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9. They are not Israel and they never have been Israelites.

  12. Robert Dolan
    Robert Dolan says:

    There is no “pathological altruism.”

    There is only jewish subversion.

    Christianity used to keep the nose in check until Scofield
    (Rothchild agent) introduced Christian Zionism.

  13. David 'The Diversity Mastermind' Lammey
    David 'The Diversity Mastermind' Lammey says:

    White Aristocrats = Good Cop

    Delegates role of:

    Semite Middleman = Bad Cop

    Not having any ties, being an alien race, bred for ratlike cunning, unscrupulous, ugly, resentful & full of hate, they did a much more efficient job of brutalizing the Native White population than native elites ever could.

    You see it today @ Cabal – taking license fee from White Mn under threat of jail for 24/7 numinous nagro / feminist brainwashing.

  14. JRM
    JRM says:

    Whew…wow, is it just me, or do most discussions on this site end up as debates about the Christian (Church) and its legacy in the JQ? Well, let’s just say I seem to see a theme.

    The problem is, everyone here is right. That is, there is an anti-Semitic tradition and history within the Christian Church. And there is also a pro-Semitic tradition within the Christian Church. And at various times, one has been expressed at the expense of the other; both sides have had their say, and debates can go on endlessly because each side has plenty of ammunition available.

    Look, the Semitic origins of Christianity are undeniable. The movement arose as a subset (among a few) of Hebrew religious and cultural activity in the era. The NT itself reveals the dichotomy and early anxiety/distrust between pro-Semitic and anti-Semitic camps. Look at Paul’s career and writings and observe the negotiations between camps.

    When what we call the Bible was finally boiled down to its modern form, and the apocryphal texts were tossed out, and the OT was enshrined as the privileged source of the “prophecies” of the Messiah/Christ (as well as the official cosmology), the Church was forever wedded to the Jews by philosophy and foundational text.

    As Rome fell, the Middle Ages ensued, and we got around to the early Modern era, plenty of anti-Semitic history had been generated in the West, and for many, often good, reasons the Jews were largely considered, and behaved as, enemies of Gentile and Christian Europe. Yet…no effort of any kind was successful in shedding the Jewish origins. And they lay like a sleeping virus, ready to one day cause many problems.

    Ironically, the Jews, always assiduous in holding resentments, are still fighting the (now moribund and prostituted) Church like it was 1499. They still have the same target, which has meanwhile so changed in outlook and preachment, that they are now absurdly working to undermine a pro-Semitic entity!

    If we take the metaphysics out of the argument, i.e., we don’t focus on how “real” the Christian God or Savior are, and simply try to consider the religion of Christianity as to whether it is good for the Whites, or bad for the Whites, we are always going to have these endless circular arguments because *both sides are right*.

    Anti-Semitic White Man’s Religion? Yes, it was, once. And for a long time. So, that’s true. Jew-Loving Superstition that Promotes colored folks and Jews at all costs? Yes, that’s also true, not entirely because of canon, but more and more due to efforts to stay relevant, and to compete with Secular Humanism as a major Religion.

    These pro-Christianity/anti-Christianity debates will probably go on as long as any two White men are still around to discuss the issue. I do wish we could create some kind of moratorium on it until after the Victory, though…but I hold no illusions on the matter.

    • Andrew
      Andrew says:

      Well said. We can’t avoid the question because a thousand years of Christian (or, if you will, Jewish) dominance have shaped the Western white character and remain influential even in a mostly secular age. The Swedes, for example, can hardly be described as devout Christians when it comes to going to church, but their pathological altruism is the strongest in the world — and that altruism comes from Christianity. In the end, Christianity is a Jewish Trojan Horse that will always threaten us for as long as it continues to exert its influence. Yes, it is in many ways “anti-Jewish” which is why the Jews hate it (they demand complete submission), but it is not anti-Jewish enough. We made the god of the chosenites our god, and we’ve been paying for it ever since.

  15. Anti-Termite
    Anti-Termite says:

    “The church saw the Jews as a class of infidel moneylenders who actively resisted conversion to the Christian religion.”

    The Church (meaning The Roman Catholic Church) properly saw the Jews as far more evil than as “a class of infidel moneylenders who actively resisted conversion to the Christian religion.” The Church saw Jews as Jesus described them, as spiritual children of the devil who lie and murder (John 8:44) to destroy non-Jews and in particular Christians’ faith in God Incarnate Jesus who founded His Church to redeem the world.

    The author’s analysis here is a masterpiece in logic ringing of powerful truth:

    “For Burke, the French revolutionaries were the perfect Jews; their revolution was, in essence, the systematic Judaization of European life and culture. In using government as a vehicle for utopian political experimentation, they manifested a high time preference, the opposite of the Williamite “long view” toward the effects of government policy on national community. In this respect, they mirrored the short-sighted greed and selfishness of the Jews. They treated the subjects of their novel experiment with callousness and inhumanity, similar to the callousness and inhumanity of the typical Jew. The French revolutionaries gathered together as a “degenerate council” and conspired among themselves to destroy France through “fraudulent circulation and depreciated paper”. This was not unlike the Jews, who secretly conspired in their own “degenerate councils” to plot the financial ruin of European civilization.”

    “(T)he Wars of Religion” sounds like a politically correct (meaning typically deceptive Jew-speak) substitute for “Christendom’s defense against relentless Jihad attacks”.

    Invaluably insightful enabling instantaneous recognition of termites at work: “egalitarian principles, the essence of Judaization”.

    Prior to reading this article never recognized the necessary aspect of genes of the most capably suited as basic to the Euro aristocracy / nobility system and the natural effectiveness of those genes working with the Priesthood to run the government optimally in the interests of the nation’s people as a whole: “without an aristocracy equal to the task of government, the downfall of the national community was inevitable. ”

    “Apostatizing from their French identity, the Jacobins became Jewish proselytes.” Not to bring converts to Talmudic Judaism because those not of Jew ethnicity are unwelcome, but to spread Jew termite-like destruction of the structure of the previously healthy society.

    VITAL TRUTH: “Judaization always entailed the abandonment of nation in favor of a short-sighted, self-interested greed for money and power.”

    “The Jews are guilty of much worse than the subversion of gentile economic life.” True, they’re always trying to deliver the souls descended from historic Christendom to their spiritual father the devil away from the Redemption offered by God Incarnate Jesus through the church he founded as He warned.

    Because Jews are so much more practiced at subversion and infinitely more fearful of the dangers to themselves of the hosts’ appropriate scrutiny than their newly duped goyim golem, they restrain themselves in ways they never bother to train into their new recruits: “Unlike the “Protestant Rabbin,” the Jews had not threatened chivalry by openly slandering members of the monarchy or aristocracy.”

    Never knew that “chivalry” meant not merely customary conduct of the nobility, but more substantively noble conduct.

    A reality that needs to be made basic to knowledge of history: “The leveling, materialist philosophy of the Enlightenment removed “all the decent drapery of life” by reducing mankind to the lowest common denominator.” The vital point made in that paragraph insightfully elaborates on the Burke quote of its last sentence: “Of the French Jacobins, Burke wrote: “In the groves of their academy, at the end of every vista, you see nothing but the gallows.””

    Gordon and Price obviously did not contribute to the killing/murder of Incarnate God Jesus’ human body, but rather they are killers/murders of His work because their efforts undermine the work of The (Catholic) Church He founded.

    DEEP: “Together, French regicide and Jewish deicide form a single united brotherhood; but the French regicide is also a deicide, if only symbolically; he has murdered Christ with the materialism and deism of the French Enlightenment.”

    Powerful point of how the Jews transform their goyim golem into cold soldiers of Bolshevism, bringing to mind Bill Ayers’ quote about the need for 50 million people to die in order to implement a better system: “Like the Jews, who betrayed Christ and mocked his sufferings, the Jacobins greet the spectacle of suffering royalty with “barbarous and outrageous insolence.” The Jew’s callousness and inhumanity stem from his obsession with money, but for the Jacobin, his embrace of radical Enlightenment philosophy has turned his heart to stone in the face of human suffering.”

    Probably a minor flaw to interpret Burke’s use of “Jew-jobbers” as meaning Jews when more likely he used that term for shabbat goyim as is clear in prior mentions “sold to Jews and jobbers” and “money-jobbers, usurers, and Jews”, but worth raising for two reasons: 1) the most effective way to negate the parasite short of total exclusion is to neutralize shabbat goyim without whom Jews can’t even congregate; and 2) because the Jew seeks to destroy all goyim activity that is not itself either A) self-destruction or B) a money transaction upon which the Jew can take his rent as the author cites Burke’s work to so succinctly summarizes the most recent thousand years of human history:

    “Burke’s anti-Jewish polemic conceptualizes Jewish identity as a series of monetary transactions, such as bartering, brokering, buying, selling and mortgaging. This is because, historically, the stereotypical Jew was always defined in terms of his relation to money and its function in the market economy. This narrow obsession with turning a profit at every opportunity, which gave Jews the ability to exercise disproportionate control over the commercial life of medieval England and elsewhere, alienated everyone around them. By becoming indebted to Jewish moneylenders, Anglo-Saxon freemen were reduced to a condition of wretched servitude. As a result, the Jews had to be driven out from the host society or they would utterly destroy it.”

    Only the return of the historic Roman Catholic Church as founded by Incarnate God Jesus can solve this problem just as it prevented it during its first millennium when fissions began as described in this article which took almost the entire second millennium to manifest.

    “The Jew is always a Jew because his interests are diametrically opposed to the (host’s); the Jew sees everything in terms of (money so as to dominate), but (the rest of humanity) does not.”

    Superficial tactics chosen merely to dominate and destroy out-groups: “The Jewish obsession with short-term profit, their self-interested greed and secret, ongoing conspiracies to financially ruin gentile societies, are recipes for national disaster.”

    “The Jew, for Edmund Burke, is the Eternal or Wandering Jew of legend. Although everywhere, he belongs nowhere. He is forever condemned to wander the Earth because his ethn(o-supremecist) culture (is) fundamentally (lethal) to mankind.”

    Not a “troublesome minority”, a lethal pestilence; “the current bumper crop of (HOSTILE) low-IQ immigrants” none of whom would be welcome absent the trickery of that lethal pestilence.

  16. Free Speech Forum
    Free Speech Forum says:

    Nazis think problems are caused by Jews.

    Communists think problems are caused by businesses.

    Libertarians think problems are caused by the government.

    Fascists think white people should have kids to be raised to kill Jews and then after a few generations Jews will be dead.

    One reason Jews have been so successful is that they have taken over the world without firing a shot by playing the victim. Jews control Wall Street, Hollywood, the media, and the government.

    Hitler tried to take over Europe with force and failed. The Jews have taken over Europe with the EU.

    Racists have a huge challenge, but white people outnumber Jews.

    Jews prevent white people from getting rich by calling threats racists nutjobs and then destroying Nazis with threats of censorship, boycotts, IRS audits, arrests, and murder.

    White people can fight back by supporting racists.

    White people should start movie studios, stock markets, websites, newspapers, TV stations, radio stations, and magazines. Use volunteers. Sponsor billboards. Start a white rights association modeled on the NAACP. Use art and music to promote freedom.

    Move abroad.

    Speak in code. Avoid hiring Jews. Sell publications as European Christian news instead of KKK or Nazi publications.

    Praise places like Poland and Montana and criticize countries like Kenya and Mexico. Talk about morality, independence, balanced budgets, peace, and freedom.

    Stay fit and sober.

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