Brexit: The Banality of Treason

“We have no real democracy at the present time, because again and again the people have voted for decisive action, yet again and again their will has been thwarted by obstruction in the talking shop at Westminster. Democracy only begins when the will of the people is carried out.”
Sir Oswald Mosley, 1931

One of my all-time favourite fictional stories about the nature of political belief is Flannery O’Connor’s The Barber, published in 1948. This remarkable short story, written when O’Connor was just 20 years old, follows a number of interactions in the life of George Rayber, a college professor who decides to visit a new barber just prior to a governor’s election. Rayber is a typical liberal, blindly convinced of his progressive beliefs and his own intellectual powers. In contrast to Rayber, the Barber and his other customers are supporters of the racial status quo. As Rayber sits for a shave, and discussion moves to the election, the interaction between college professor and barber becomes a masterful allegory for competing political philosophies and behaviors. Rayber finds himself arguing with an audience that is grounded in reality, immune to abstraction, and who seem to understand the economic interests he has in the election better than he does. It is the Barber who repeatedly reminds the conceited, and self-deceiving, college professor to really “think” and to use his “horse sense” rather than blindly follow progressive fantasies and intellectual fashions. Rayber, incensed by the reactionary views of the Barber, is nevertheless unable to offer an articulate, factual rebuttal, sitting mute and angry. Frustrated and embarrassed by someone he sees as an ignorant bigot, he then neurotically spends the night writing a “systematic analysis” for why voting for his candidate is a good idea, and plans to confront the Barber with it before the election. The story reaches a climax when Rayber finally gives his impromptu lecture in the barbershop, is greeted with laughter and derision, and subsequently lashes out by punching the Barber — confirming, with his violent loss of self-control, his own ideological, intellectual and personal defeat.

Although it’s been noted by biographers that she enjoyed “racist jokes,” O’Connor was politically ambiguous and her precise intentions in this story went with her to the grave when she died of lupus aged 39. In this case, however, I subscribe to the school of formalist criticism in that I see The Barber as possessing a life and existence beyond its author and her intentions. Regardless of what O’Connor intended, or how other critics have interpreted it, the story remains one of the most profound and succinct fictional portrayals of modern left-liberalism. We know, for instance, from several scientific studies that although leftists believe themselves to be agents of rationality they are in fact more likely than Rightists to be swayed by emotion.[1] They are also prone to weaker levels of emotional regulation and to “extreme acts of solidarity … with groups to which they do not belong originally.” The ongoing tragicomic presence of Antifa, recently filmed screaming “Nazi” at a milquetoast female conservative approaching her eighties, and the growing culture of censorship, are surely proof that the spirit of George Rayber is alive and well. The Left continues to evade debate, forfeiting argument in order to punch the “ignorant” in the smug belief that the Left, and the Left alone, are both intellectually and morally correct.

This smugness, and the inability to accept defeat even when it’s right in front of them, has typified the actions of the left-liberal elite in relation to both Donald Trump and Brexit. When the Mueller Report, a kind of modern day Democrat version of Rayber’s “systematic analysis,” provoked all the laughter and derision it deserved, the Democrat’s simply dusted themselves off and “punched” the GOP with a new set of outlandish claims concerning Trump and Ukraine. Similarly, when Britain voted to leave the European Union, the left-liberal elite “punched” the British public by blocking Brexit legislation, dodging a proposed general election, and then accusing Boris Johnson of inciting violence against them. Irony is often lost on the Left, but they have a talent for inadvertently producing it.

I must make myself clear. I am ambiguous about the actual meaning of Brexit. I firmly believe that the day after Brexit there will be violence in the streets, chaos in hospitals, resources and infrastructure will be stretched to breaking point, and government will be totally ineffective. Britain will be a disaster. But this will also be the case the day before Brexit, just as it has been the case in Britain ever since the multicultural project was embarked upon. Britain’s most pressing crisis has little or nothing to do with a series of transnational treaties binding it to other European member states. Britain has already imbibed the most potent of toxins, globalism and multiculturalism, and these toxins will remain in the system with or without supervision or government from Brussels. My point is that Brexit will not cure Britain of any of its ills. It will not stop or slow immigration, it will not halt cultural decline or the march of Cultural Marxism, it will not stop Britain being ruled by elites far removed from the life and environment of the everyday Briton. More than a departure from European bureaucracy, Britain needs a new departure from itself.

That being said, of course I support the national principle and the idea that the British should be self-governing. I am, all things considered, a Brexiteer, and someone who believes that Britain should have the “cleanest break” possible from the EU system. But we must place all such rhetoric in context, and it is this context that reveals the circus in Westminster to be a particularly banal form of treason.

Brexit’s Immigration Paradox

The ethno-nationalist looks at the Brexit debate and what does he see? He sees a choice between the migrant-welcoming EU globalist behemoth and … what? For a start, he sees “the most ethnically diverse” British government in history, led by a Prime Minister whose first act in office was to rule out setting any limits on the numbers of immigrants flooding Britain. This places Brexit voters in something of a quandary because the primary motivation for the Brexit vote was concern about immigration (see the excellent research of University of Kent’s Matthew Goodwin). What they are now faced with is a Brexit that won’t do anything to change immigration other than reduce the numbers of Poles and increase the numbers of Indians, Pakistanis and others from the Third World. As The Economist put it in February, “Europeans in Britain are packing up. The rest of the world is moving in.”

Goodwin pointed out in his analysis of Brexit votes that although leaving the EU would reduce the influx of East European migrants to Britain, “of the twenty places with the largest proportions of non-UK EU nationals, eighteen voted to remain in the EU.” In other words, the vast majority of British towns with the largest migrant worker populations from Poland and other East European countries were not moved into an anti-EU immigration stance. Nevertheless, since Brexit voters responded to surveys by insisting that they voted for Brexit due to immigration concerns, how do we connect these two facts? How do we reconcile an anti-EU Brexit vote motivated by “immigration,” with the fact EU workers are tolerated or welcome in many parts of Britain, including those where they live in the highest concentration?

Goodwin’s theory is that some towns were overwhelmed by the pace, rather than nature, of EU migration and, in some cases like Boston in Lincolnshire (first nationally for Brexit vote percentage) this seems to be the case. Similarly, Jonathan Portes, Professor of Economics and Public Policy, has argued that Brexit was simply a vote “against free movement of workers within the EU.”[2] But I’ve consulted the demographics for boroughs in England that ranked highest for Brexit votes and the theory that Brexit was a reaction against fast-paced migration from Eastern Europe really only partly explains what’s going on. Against Goodwin’s theory, I posit that Brexit wasn’t merely a reaction to the increased pace in arrivals of Poles and Bulgarians but rather, for most people, a more general protest vote aimed at, to use Nigel Farage’s own terminology and propaganda phrase, “taking back control.” Or, to put it more bluntly, Brexit was a general reaction against multiculturalism and multiracialism, and not against EU immigration as such.

An excellent example of a White area desperate to take back control from multiracialism is the borough of Thurrock in the East of England. Thurrock ranked fourth nationally for Brexit votes, but Poles and other EU nationals are nowhere near it’s highest non-British group. Rather, that title goes to Black Africans who increased more than 1,000 percent between 2001 and 2011 (jumping from 971 to 9,742 — around 4 times as many as East Europeans). By sheer coincidence, drug sales, gang activity, and violent crime also increased in the area in line with the Black demographic. The situation is very similar in Fenland, East of England, which ranked sixth nationally for Brexit votes. When residents were questioned about their attitudes to immigration, most respondents made it clear that EU workers were tolerable and in some cases welcome, but that the “majority wanted the numbers of asylum-seekers and refugees to be reduced,” and some “veered towards overt racism, including negative comments about Muslims.” A Brexit vote wouldn’t limit African and Muslim migration to Britain, but one assumes that voters in these areas saw it as a move in the right direction — a move towards “taking back control.”

A similar theory to my own is apparent in the research of Simon Hix, Eric Kaufmann, and Thomas Leeper (London School of Economics) who have issued a working paper titled “UK voters, including Leavers, care more about reducing non-EU than EU migration.” Their surveys found conclusively that “British voters prefer EU to non-EU migrants. … This pattern of preferring immigrants from inside the EU to those from outside holds across all social groups in our data.” This adds to Kaufmann’s findings that “the increase in non-European (BAME) respondents in a White British person’s local area in the 2000s was a somewhat stronger predictor of their support for UKIP than the increase in local European population.”[3] This is Brexit’s immigration paradox — the vote brought about by a desire to tackle non-White immigration is, even if finally successful in removing Britain from the EU, utterly powerless to achieve that goal.

Nothing conservative about the Conservatives

Several days ago, conservative elements in the UK press celebrated a speech by Britain’s India-derived Home Secretary Priti Patel, who has now pledged that she will, post-Brexit, introduce an Australian-style points system (or work permit system) for migrants. Such celebrations are woefully misguided because such a system will almost certainly do nothing to reduce immigration, and, if anything, will probably skew immigration even more towards non-EU migrants — a situation the British public clearly doesn’t want. In fact, thus far the government has promised only to “end free movement in its current form.” [emphasis added] In other words, after Brexit, Britons can expect a slightly new form of free movement and ongoing mass migration. The Migration Observatory at Oxford University issued a paper last year showing that non-EU labour migration to the UK has been increasing since 2012, and that the largest group by far in this category are Indian men. Using existing patterns of work visa issuance, the paper makes the perfectly logical prediction that the primary beneficiaries of this Indian Home Secretary’s much-vaunted post-Brexit “points system” will be … her fellow Indians. Szymon will make way for Sanjay, Radek for Ramesh.

In fact, Patel, who is a darling of civic nationalists because she talks nonsense about being tough on crime without actually doing anything (UKIP YouTube personality has hailed her “Priti the Barbarian”), is busy using her new role to build as many bridges to India as she can. Days ago she introduced a new two-year post-study work visa that is almost perfectly tailored to Indian graduates in Britain, providing a gateway to permanent settlement. Sir Dominic Asquith, British High Commissioner to India, has said the development is “fantastic news for Indian students, who will now be able to spend more time in the UK after completing their degree. … I’m delighted that numbers of Indian students coming to study in the UK are constantly increasing, having doubled over the last three years. Last year alone we saw a massive 42% increase … 96% of all Indians who apply for a UK visa are successful — meaning the vast majority of those who wish to come to the UK are able to do so.”

Adding to Patel’s dubious effort to “take back control,” Boris Johnson has pledged to support “an amnesty for half a million migrants who do not have proof of their right to stay in the UK,” something he has expressed enthusiasm for even while mayor of London between 2008 and 2016. Speaking to a leadership campaign event in the east of England before being elected Prime Minister by the Conservative Party, Johnson said, “I don’t think it’s commonsensical to think we can deport such a large number of people. We do need to think of how to regularize their status.” One assumes that Johnson, deep down, feels that it isn’t “commonsensical” to “take back control” of immigration, but he is happy to play the role of Brexit messiah if it keeps him in power.

The Banality of Treason

Pantomime is a classic British tradition, consisting of a type of musical comedy stage production designed for family entertainment. One of the typical features of a pantomime is that the audience is expected to raucously boo and cheer the production’s villains and heroes. Make no mistake, Brexit is at the present time little more than a pantomime in which the British public is encouraged to cheer for Boris Johnson and his “Best o’ British” cabinet of globalist Indians and half-Jews against the wicked Remainer factions in Parliament. And thus far the British public is dutifully playing along, with accusations of treason and declarations of “will of the people” becoming more and more commonplace, even though the original and ultimate goal of the Brexit vote, an end to mass migration, is becoming ever more distant.

I don’t deny that treason of a sort is evident. In November 2016 I noted that Jews were very prominent in leading the fight against Brexit, and John Bercow, the Jewish Speaker of the House of Commons, has been credited with stopping Brexit thus far and is said to be capable of ousting Johnson. Jeremy Corbyn’s tactics thus far have revolved around avoiding a turn to the electorate, and keeping any further decision-making out of the hands of the British public. All such actions are indeed in flagrant opposition to the will of the people as expressed in the 2016 Brexit vote. But, as a general election becomes more likely, the ruse that we will see a noble fight by Boris against a treasonous faction in Parliament is the stuff of pure fantasy. There are traitors in Parliament, but they occupy every seat, and not just those on one side of the House of Commons. Boris Johnson, in proposing an amnesty for half a million illegal immigrants, acts against the will of the people. Priti Patel, in easing the path for thousands more of her co-ethnics, acts against the will of the people. Treason from government is not a novelty, and is not tied to Brexit. It is endemic and banal in equal measure.

Part of the reason for the inertia and paralysis of the British response to the Brexit pantomime is that the Brexit vote was the result of a coalition of anti-globalists, Eurosceptics and nationalists. The referendum campaign was driven by anti-globalist and nationalist propaganda and instincts. The best example is the classic “Vote Leave” poster titled “Breaking Point” which depicted not factories filled with Polish agrifood workers, but streams of Syrians. And yet, almost as soon as the vote was announced, the focus switched to Eurosceptic concerns about trade, tariffs, and legal powers. Anti-globalist and nationalist elements became almost silent in the ongoing Brexit pantomime, revealing that the majority involved were in truth little more than the willing puppets of Eurosceptic business interests who wanted to use the emotive pull of immigration concerns without any intention of actually acting on them. This, and not the banal charade played out by Corbyn and his ilk, is the greater betrayal of the British people.

Brexit Britain: Still at Breaking Point

The curtain will fall on the pantomime at Westminster only when the British people come to the realisation that proxy votes do not work — whether for UKIP, Brexit, or other parties, causes or interests where there is no clear programme for action on immigration and multiculturalism. The result of Brexit will inevitably be a UK in some form of union with the EU, in some form of scheme for some form of free movement, and with some form of provision for ongoing mass migration. Britain will have moved from one form of globalism to another, and the British electorate will be numbed for decades by apathy, exhaustion, and disillusionment.

I opened this commentary on Brexit with some lines from Sir Oswald Mosley not merely because the quote seemed appropriate, but because Mosley himself had ideas on a European Union that are worth considering. Mosley greatly desired an end to European “brother wars” and envisioned a voluntary union of European member states that made common cause for one another, supported one another, and exchanged the traditions and cultural values that made Europe a global titan. He sought an end to the “destruction of Western civilization by the simple process of first dividing the advanced nations of Europe and then setting them at each other’s throats in quarrels which have neither material nor spiritual relevance to reality.” Mosley’s European Union, conceived for the exclusive benefit of the European peoples, would have been something worth fighting for, rather than against. How different things might have been if we had the Union of Mosley instead of that of Coudenhove-Kalergi — a European Union conceived as the vehicle for the suppression and replacement of the European peoples. This, sadly, is our reality, and such as things stand, the pantomime must play on — the endless parade of the banality of treason.

[1] R. Pliskin, D. Bar-Tal, G. Sheppes, “Are Leftists More Emotion-Driven Than Rightists? The Interactive Influence of Ideology and Emotions on Support for Policies,” Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 40:12 (2014), 1681-1697.

[2] Portes, J. (2016) ‘Immigration after Brexit’, National Institute Economic Review, 238(1), pp. R13–R21.

[3] Kaufmann, E. “Levels or changes?: Ethnic context, immigration and the UK Independence Party vote” Electoral Studies 48 (2017), 57-69.

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  1. Denny Stanley
    Denny Stanley says:

    The western world desperately needs a new Adolf Hitler, and they need him now. Hitler was the people’s man just like JFK and Bobby were the people’s men, that’s why there not around anymore. Hitler was a blue collar guy, he was trying to unite the white people of Europe against the ruling Royalty and Elites, and the good for nothing jew mobster bankers of London and europe. The jews were controlling Europe, they were starting wars and getting very wealthy off their I’ll gotten gains. They would of enslaved Europe if Hitler hadn’t came along. The Russian and European jews and Stalin would of conquered Europe if not for the brave S.S. troops. Hitler set the agenda for corporations not like in america the corporation’s set the agenda with all their think tanks and lobbyists and the jew controlled lobby and think tanks. Hitler gave pay raises to workers, and gave them vacations and ocean cruise vacations so average Germans could enjoy their live. When American corporations found out how good Hitler was to the people they wanted him gone also. People came from all over Europe to join the S.S. to fight for a united people’s Aryan Europe. That’s all we ever hear about is the Jew and Elite controlled lies about the Nazis. We would never have this jew problem in Europe if the Nazis would of won the war. Americans fought a war against the Nazi’s that should of never been fought. Hitler didn’t want no world conquest like the jews do. People were lied to about the Nazis. It’s a dam shame us letting these Ashkenazi’s getting away with their crimes against Europe and all western civilization.
    Sieg Heil, Adolf Hitler

    • Rob Bottom
      Rob Bottom says:

      I’m surprised this comment was allowed to be published. With the spelling and grammatical errors one can only assume it is a troll attempting to make TOO’s readership look bad. If it’s not a troll, I would suggest Denny keep his comments to the subject at hand and not larp as a Nazi every time someone mentions Jews.

      • .Denny Stanley
        .Denny Stanley says:

        Rob, you’re the the zionist troll. You been on this site before trolling. You just changed your name and email address just like a jew would do. And thanks for calling me a Nazi, because I would rather be called a Nazi any day of the week than the Bolshevik you are.

      • Fenria
        Fenria says:

        Why would an adherence to National Socialist values make anything look bad? Unless, that is, because you have done absolutely no research into the worldview of NatSoc or the tenets therein, upon which you would find that it blends very closely with the goals of most white people here for a future time orientation of our race and nations. Please do not “tut-tut” other posters with this liberal finger shaking routine retooled for the right. It’s tiresome and pearl clutchingly cringey.

      • Harbinger
        Harbinger says:

        I’m very sorry to have to state but there isn’t one falsehood in Denny Stanley’s above reply. In fact it’s spot on.
        Henry Makow will certainly continue to promote the concept that Hitler was an agent of MI5, a relation of and working with the Rothschilds to bring about a world war that would decimate the best of the European peoples, but let us not forget that only one man has ever jailed a Rothschild and that man happened to be Hitler. If only more statesmen would follow suit, this world would be a far better place.

        We have been continually indoctrinated with the ‘Hitler is evil’ mantra, while being fed lie upon lie of what happened in WW2, never being told the truths and the evils our own countries have done to Germany and the German people. We destroyed a technologically advanced and superior nation, a nation that posed us no threat at all, whatsoever, but we went to war with them, because they threatened the banking monopoly of Jews amongst their many other controls within western society.

        And I am not a national socialist.
        I will tell you that before WW2, here in the UK, conservatives, socialists and liberals were ALL nationalists. I can certainly state the same for not only the USA but every nation in the west. There was no need to have a national socialist party in the UK or anywhere else in the Anglosphere because everyone within was a patriot, a lover of their country, their culture and their fellow European people. It was the Jews, within who never felt part of that land, because they were hated for many reasons, none more so than what they did to Germany, the Weimar Republic after the other Jewish created WW1 and the Treaty of Versailles, along with Russia and many other nations throughout history.

        National Socialism, a left wing ideology, but right of communism, was the only cure for Bolshevism. Had it been allowed to take its course; had the west united with the Germans to destroy the Jewish stranglehold upon the west, we would not be in any of the mess that we’re in today.
        We backed the wrong horse and we’re going to pay dearly for it. We will lose everything, our nations, our culture, our civilisation and our race.

        • Rob Bottom
          Rob Bottom says:

          You know, it’s not like I want to play the school marm. Comments like Denny’s is like seeing dog shit while you’re out walking your dog. As someone who dutifully picks up after my dog to keep my neighborhood clean, I can’t stand the dog owners who do not. They’re irresponsibility makes all dog owners, including me, look bad.

          • Harbinger
            Harbinger says:

            Rob Bottom,

            To quote yourself on your above reply: “I’m surprised this comment was allowed to be published.”

            Truly, I am. It has absolutely nothing, whatsoever to do with the original post and is nothing more than deliberate flaming on this forum.
            But to answer you reply, Denny’s comment is nothing of the sort, whatsoever. More so, when I used to walk my dog, before the dog poop ban came into effect, I used to pull my dog to the side of the street, where it would poop in the gutter, where rain would wash it into the sewer beneath.
            Did it ever occur to you, just how much is being made, in taxation for the making and distributing of the little blue, dog poop bags? And how much more money is being made from the collection and disposal of them? I wonder if any politicians have any shares in companies that make them?

            As to dog poop on the street, well you see, I always look where I go in life. I very, very rarely stood in dog poop. There is nothing more degrading, to watch, than dog owners, bending down to pick up dog poop quite frankly.

      • silviosilver
        silviosilver says:

        I’m surprised this comment was allowed to be published.

        Hah, that’s the pro-white movement for you. Appalling lack of judgement and gross ineptitude at every turn.

      • Tedesco
        Tedesco says:

        I agree with you, Rob. This guy (Denny Stanley) cannot be real. He sounds like a Hollywood Nazi. Worse, even.
        His comment is off-topic. This article is about Brexit and the treason of Britain’s ruling class.
        Some people seek to discredit the author, because he is so effective.
        I am a big fan of Andrew Joyce. I have saved some of his Twitter Tweets. They make good reading, even after 12 months.
        I cannot image why the ADL would seek to have him censored – /sarc

      • Tim Folke
        Tim Folke says:

        The man (Denny Stanley) simple spoke from his heart, and within that context he is factually correct.

        And, in regards to the spelling and grammatical errors you mentioned, he did not “‘larp’ as a Nazi” as you put it. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

      • Hatecrime Hotline
        Hatecrime Hotline says:

        Very unfair comment, Rob. As far as i can see, Denny’s point remains, at root, entirely correct, and one that most modern whites would agree with if they hadn’t been ‘reconstructed’ from youth by the extensive apparatus of public and private anti-white, philo-semitic machinery.

        It must be remembered that the men of the NSDAP, no less Hitler himself, were forged into steel by the furnace of the hellscapes of the 5 and a half years of the First World War. Our menfolk have had no such experiences, and as such, even the ‘manliest’ examples of our kind are deficient in virility and courage.

        Hitler was without any shadow of a doubt the greatest Aryan man of the past 200 years, and considering the sheer scale of the mountain that he climbed, the speed in which he was able to accomplish it, and the absolute bona fide genius of his ideas, his visions, his speeches, his abilities and, let us always remember, his legacy – considering all this, it wouldn’t be over-zealous to ponder the possibility that this was the greatest Aryan man of at least the past 2000 years. Depending which way the wind blows, one day Hitler may be revered by surviving Aryan folk almost in a similar light as Mohammed is by Arabs, or as Julius Caesar was by Romans.

        In my reading and study over the past 11 years, i’ve yet to come across a more suitable remedy to our critical ills than Hitlerism. The Third Reich was, after all, the only true antithesis to the anti-traditional, philo-semitic, Jewish-materialist, internationalist world-virus that has been infecting the West over the past 200 years. That is why it was wiped from the face of the earth.

        But they could not bomb a vision and a legacy.

        • claudius1889
          claudius1889 says:

          Excellent observation HATECRIME HOTLINE. Here at TOO, there are some people who are very ignorant, to say the least, about the roots of WW2 and the current horrendous state of the Western world. For anyone with a decent amount of brain cells, it is obvious that the origin of this nightmare we live in was 1945. The poison created by the Jews of the school of Frankfurt spread like a wildfire and is out of control. Only an imbecile or a Jew can deny this. Everything that is decent or noble is smeared and vilified and behind almost every subversive group destroying Western/Aryan civilization there is a Jew. The evidence is so overwhelming that, as I said, only an imbecile or a Jew will try to deny it.

  2. Harbinger
    Harbinger says:

    “Britain’s most pressing crisis has little or nothing to do with a series of transnational treaties binding it to other European member states. Britain has already imbibed the most potent of toxins, globalism and multiculturalism, and these toxins will remain in the system with or without supervision or government from Brussels. My point is that Brexit will not cure Britain of any of its ills. It will not stop or slow immigration, it will not halt cultural decline or the march of Cultural Marxism, it will not stop Britain being ruled by elites far removed from the life and environment of the everyday Briton. More than a departure from European bureaucracy, Britain needs a new departure from itself.”

    Excellently put!
    By the numbers, already here, in the UK of foreign nationals Britain’s indigenous will become a minority by 2060. That’s 40 years away.
    If these peoples are not repatriated back to their ancestral lands, simply through procreation will their numbers surpass the indigenous. While I know, very well, that Jewry is behind this I also have the common sense to understand that the demographic that will surpass the indigenous, is of course, those from the Indian sub continent, most notably Pakistani and Bangladesh origin peoples. While I know that Islam is merely the hammer, Jewry is using to destroy the western civilisation with, people fail to realise that when Muslims grow, en mass within any foreign land, they begin to implement their own culture and ways of life.
    In other words, through simple democracy, the UK will cease to become a ‘United Kingdom’ and instead part of the Ummah, the global caliphate as will the rest of Europe and the western civilisation.

    Repatriation is the only medicine to cure this ill. Isn’t it surprising that the very political parties (the National Front and the BNP) who promoted this were the only parties that have been advocating this policy and now, haven’t a hope in hell of ever being elected and deliberately targeted by the msm as ‘hate’ parties?

    • claudius1889
      claudius1889 says:

      Of course, it is not a surprise that the BNP and the National Front were destroyed by the Establishment and the MSM. They had to be destroyed because they were the ONLY patriotic movements in the UK. Their failure says a lot about the imbecility and cowardly of the average Briton who kept voting Labour or Conservative for decades refusing to acknowledge the treasonous nature of both parties.

      The cultural and racial destruction of the British people is the result of nearly 60 years of Cultural Marxism. It has successfully convinced the majority of the people to accept meekly their destruction. The poor results of the National Front and the BNP at the elections showed clearly that most Britons would not support a patriotic movement out of fear of being branded (God forbid!) “racist”. Even a phoney “nationalist” party like the UKIP with a very “soft” rhetoric failed to win considerable support. The British (like the Swedes) are gutless cowards that deserve EVERYTHING they get!

      • TJ
        TJ says:

        First, it’s cowardice. Then it’s Marxism.

        That is, it’s Whitey’s fault, but no, it’s not Whitey’s fault.

        • Harbinger
          Harbinger says:


          With all due respect it is whitey’s fault. It is cowardice. It’s a lack of principles within the peoples post war. It’s wilful ignorance, choosing to believe truth over lies. It’s fear of being ridiculed if the truth should be spoken so you accept the comfortable lies instead. It’s the creation of a society who worship Mammon over their own race’s survival. It is treason, high treason at the highest levels of British society. The English people’s royals sold them out. It was corruption within every major establishment that now is riddled to the core with Jewry, promoting Israeli ethno-nationalism but screw any other European country who want the same.

          Yes, the blame lies with Jewry, who have used the UK, built her empire as the vehicle that would seize hold of Palestine and create Israel. Yes it is Jewry, who have made their war with Islam, in order to create Greater Israel, our war by bringing Islam to us. However, it is, by far the weakness of the indigenous who never stood up to the wrongs being promoted in every day life, because they’d all been lulled into making money over saving their culture, civilisation and race. They accepted TV and every other culture in this land, attacking people who spoke out against the wrongs, failing to see in doing so they were smashing the very thin ice beneath their feet.
          If the people of the United Kingdom were as strong as they think they are, they wouldn’t be in the mess they’re in and the hell coming around the corner wouldn’t even exist.

        • claudius1889
          claudius1889 says:

          You completely missed the point. Cultural Marxism created the conditions for the disease to spread but it was definitely “Withey’s” fault because he didn’t do a thing about it. Don’t try to be clever. I remember arguing many times with Brits and it was infuriating to see how stupid and willfully ignorant about political issues they were.

          As things went from bad to worse the enemy became more open and insolent and yet, the average White would not put 2 and 2 together. Stupidity or cowardice? Take your pick. The fact is that the majority of our people deserve what they get, unfortunately, those who knew better and tried to do something about it must pay for them.

          The English had a fine leader and a true patriot in John Tyndall and chose to ignore him Serves them right.

    • Hatecrime Hotline
      Hatecrime Hotline says:

      ‘Repatriation’? You are kidding, surely? Repatriation may have been a viable logistic solution in the sixties, but in 2019, when the non-white population of Britain is at least several MILLIONS*, it is pie-in-the-sky.

      Back in the days when i naively thought that a ‘Great Britain’ could be realised again, i assumed that to bring this to fruition, massive quarantine zones would have to be set up where non-whites could be concentrated into their various forms and types until they were either A) expelled in manageable numbers, or B) sterilized on an industrial scale and given a small area of Britain to live out their existence under strict British supervision, until their numbers dwindled to zero.

      However, what makes this a ludicrous pipe-dream, is two-fold:

      A) The sheer numbers of non-whites, and how to categorize and distinguish between different ‘mischlings’ would be unmanageable.
      B) The quality of white men in Britain is alarmingly low. The psycho-social diseases in Britain – especially that of the inferiority complex – render any effective organisation and leadership impossible. There ARE men of Britain befitting the label ‘Aryan’, but they are so pitifully few in number and (if they have any sense) are probably too busy just raising families and making ends meet.

      Britain will break up, eventually. The birth rates make this inevitable. Until the government can no longer allocate adequate funds to Police forces around the country – at which point acts of heinous violent crimes and vigilantism will be ignored, mass movements will not be possible in this country, as proven by youth activist group National Action. The best thing honest white people can do in this country is to get out of the areas where they are surrounded by savage Third Worlders, and start concentrating in other areas. Though the numbers are relatively modest, there are currently large tracts of land in Britain where white make up 90%+ of the population. The afore-mentioned whites ought to raise heaven & hell to relocate to said areas if they value some semblance of an Aryan society, which means a society with rules, order, employment, politeness, manners, civility, tidiness, cleanliness, and most importantly, a safe haven for our families to thrive.

      I could also add a ‘C’, being that in such a pie-in-the-sky paradigm shift, the entire international community would have to be quite happy to sit back and allow this to happen without hindrance. This includes international businesses, whose workforces in their British workplaces comprise firstly, large amounts of non-whites, and secondly, thousands of white people against an active anti-non-white policy. Also, the nation would be utterly bankrupt and without any source of wealth from which to carry out this absurd masterplan. Resources too, would be scarce. Millions would simply refuse to ‘play ball’. 99.9% of white people want the ‘quiet life’.

      Parliament would have to be eradicated and replaced with some kind of unicameral, unified senate with a hierarchical government on anti-democratic platform, minus any women or degenerate types; The mass media in Britain would have to be wiped out; the hysterical anti-white international mass media available to Britons on the internet would have to have an Iron Curtain thrown around it; councils would no longer function; and i could go on and on and on. The whole idea of repatriation or ‘taking back the nation for ourselves’ is completely ludicrous at this stage, especially without powerful allies.

      *There are 20 million people within the M25 alone. 50% of these are non-white. The population of Birmingham, Britain’s second-largest city is around 50% non-white.

      • Harbinger
        Harbinger says:

        Hatecrime Hotline,

        I offer the only viable means of a taking back of Britain for the indigenous peoples. Your offer is backing them all into a cave, with no means of escape.

        All immigrants AUTOMATICALLY, upon entering the UK, head for the cities. Why? There’s a far, far higher likelihood of finding people from their land/race there than in the country. There are also more jobs and from what all of them no know, preference to the immigrant over the indigenous.

        I did not say that repatriation will be implemented I stated that it HAS to be implemented in order that there can be any hope of the indigenous maintaining themselves as a majority and living by their cultural and traditional ways of life, although rapidly disappearing.
        If there is no repatriation then guaranteed, by 2060, the indigenous will be a minority. By the turn of the century far more to the point that any government could essentially come in and start seriously twisting the knife in the back of the white peoples living there. They will do to us, what WE should have been doing to them – no positions of power and influence within society, no promotion of their immigrant cultures and religious beliefs etc.

        By moving into areas of the UK where there are more white peoples isn’t going to change anything, whatsoever. You’re simply running away, backing into a corner and you will be utterly powerless to stop the non white immigration into those areas, when the non whites wake up to see that these areas are not like the city hell holes they live in, then overwhelmingly all like Detroit. They’ll ultimately flee for the white safe haven and bring with them the ghetto and destroy what is.

        If white people don’t make a stand you can seriously forget about this being a European people collection of nations. Yes, certainly all the economic nightmares that you mention will most certainly come to pass – and? So what? Do you really, truly think the people responsible for it will give two hoots? Their very purpose IS the destruction of the United Kingdom, Europe, the USA, Australia, Canada etc. They want the complete obliteration of the western civilisation and the genocide of its peoples. They couldn’t care less if Britain turns into one big Detroit, or a Malmo in Sweden or many of the other cities in Europe where there are ‘no go areas’ that the police force, ambulance and fire services avoid. And there are many.

        The bottom line is simple – those responsible WILL, when that time comes, be living in Israel, ruling under a world government, with nuclear submarines patrolling the seas and control of a world, armed force, ready to utterly crush any rebellious country.
        If the western peoples DO NOT start repatriating non whites, sending back families who came there after WW2, then there is NOTHING that will stop the inevitable obliteration of the west. Nothing at all, whatsoever.
        Your running away, is simply backing people into a corner with no possible means of escape and a mass slaughter of them in the near future.
        My option, is the only option.
        Your option is suicide.

  3. RoyAlbrecht
    RoyAlbrecht says:

    This is another good essay by Dr. Joyce in that it partly describes the layers of deception used by Jews to taunt the British people with straw-men while proceeding along lines that the White British Public has been steadfastly against from the start.

    But even the obvious Accelerated Dark Demographic Replacement of Whites in the UK does not address the primarily Jew-Driven Reasons for overall Global Mayhem.

    The Well Springs of Population Shifts that are elevating hatred and mistrust between everyone except Jews is a Jewish War on the World that revolves around Absolute Control of all Life.

    The primary tool that Jews have used in this battle,
    aside from the tactic of disguising themselves…,
    through DNA theft and incorporation as indigenous peoples no matter which nation they have hidden themselves among…,
    has been an attack upon and control of the Financial System of every Nation where they have a foothold.

    The present doomsday scenarios predicted for the UK,
    unless a “…Brexit with Deal…” can be reached,
    are about as spurious as Hong Kong “…Citizens…” being worried about unfair extradition to Mainland China,
    where Human Rights are Regularly abused.

    The Hong Kong, like the UK, USA and most other Central Banks around the world are largely proxy-controlled by the Rothschild-Lead, Racially-Jewish Cohort of the coming Jew World Order.

    The movement of peoples through a combination of wars, lies, civil strife, poverty, government infiltration and Race-mixing is more about creating global confusion and keeping World Focus off Jew Responsibility for the Mayhem so Jews can continue to Misappropriate and Re-allocate their stolen Wealth,
    than any specific “…Cause de Jour…”.

    The British people are not stupid.
    Like the author mentioned, they clearly know that all the Jew Stream Media talk about…:
    deal/no-deal, immigration/no-immigration, whom to elect/not-elect…,
    is just a cover to delay what the people want…, control over their own nation.

    However, this sort of straw-man-contrivance-of-issues is taking place anyplace in the world where Jews are stealing wealth through banking fraud and applying this stolen wealth against the best interested of the people from whom this wealth was stolen.

    And this is the real issue at hand..;
    Once the Jews and their helpers are allowed to be popularly identified for exactly who they are and what they are doing,
    by doing away with the last barriers to political correctness,
    only then it will be possible to lock them down.

    Unless the above is done, fruitful discussion and resolution of the many problems Jews are causing will be impossible.

  4. Lucius Vanini
    Lucius Vanini says:

    FINALLY a White Nationalist besides myself and someone in “Daily Archives” talks sense about BrexSHIT. Before its entry into the EEC, the forerunner of the EU, Britain indeed HAD

    “….already imbibed the most potent of toxins, globalism and multiculturalism,” as Joyce writes,


    “these toxins will remain in the system with or without supervision or government from Brussels.”

    WNs are CRAZY to think Brexshit has anything to do with preserving Britain’s ancient ethnic/genetic/cultural heritage. Consider these indisputable points:

    *Brexit will contravene only European integration where Britain is concerned, not the integration of the ancestrally British with Afro-Caribbeans, Sub-Saharans, South Asians and Asian Muslims;

    *the vast majority of non-whites in the UK have come NOT via the EU but through the Commonwealth, from former provinces of the Empire–and still come;

    *their large-scale migration into the UK started in 1948 (both the A-Cs and South Asians)–almost a decade before the 1957 Treaty of Rome which laid the basis for the EU, and was in full swing by the 60s, more than a decade before the UK’s entry into the EEC and a generation before Maastricht;

    *the European countries which have done most to resist the Third World invasions ARE ALL IN THE EU–Hungary, Italy, Czechia, Slovakia, Austria, Poland;

    *if Brits had wanted to resist population replacement, they’d have done well to align themselves with the said EU states in a struggle against the globalists and traitors in Brussels–a struggle which Viktor Orban and others think Patriotic Europeans can win;

    *while the said EU states voted in governments unfriendly to the invasion, BRITAIN VOTED TO CREATE DISTANCE BETWEEN THEMSELVES AND OTHER EUROPEANS, THAT IS, WHITES, so that now the influx of fellow whites into the UK has been surpassed by that of non-whites;

    *the enemy is not European integration itself but the traitors and globalists who have hijacked it;

    *Brexit’s natural appeal is to the IDIOTIC little englander who regards the Indo-European Poles and Latvians as no less foreign than Sub-Saharan Africans, notwithstanding their FAMILIAL-level affinities with the ancestrally British–ethnic/genetic and cultural and linguistic–and the extremely divergent natures and cultures and languages of the African and Asian invaders relative to the ancestrally British;

    *the passage of Brexit indeed didn’t demonstrate the UK’s anti-invasion credentials: since the 2016 vote the UK has (1) kissed the arses of, and beat its breast over, the Windrush Generation, the advanced guard of the alien invaders; (2) received black African ancestry into its royal family; (3) signed the UN’s sinister and treacherous Compact on Global Migration (rejected by EU states Hungary, Italy, Poland, Austria, Croatia, Czechia, Bulgaria and Slovakia), which lays the basis for CRIMINALIZING mere criticism of migration; (4) tabled a proposal (by Boris Johnson) to grant amnesty to a half-million non-white invaders….

    For a fuller but relatively concise treatment of the issue, see “Brexit?!” and “The European Union: Myths and Realities” in THE EUROPEAN FAMILY, by googling “The European Family, Blog, WordPress, Europe” or by visiting my Facebook page, Lucius Vanini.

    Brexshit is a profoundly anti-European and therefore anti-white phenomenon, and no doubt was welcomed if not concocted by enemies of Western Civilization.

  5. bruno
    bruno says:

    The article was about Brexit and we have a moment about AH. Since everyone touched the sorry state affairs in once-GB, I’ll spend 5 minutes touching infighting. Be aware that I sincerely love our English brothers. I stopped going there when the 3rd World CA commenced metastasizing London.

    I have numerous German and GermanAM friends and (thus) often wondered about these AH worshipers. After all, there’s been a ton of info about his being homeless, failure to enter academia.

    Further, his planning Eurocide II in the 1920s, as noted in conflict speeches and his rambling Mien Kampf book. It was, of course, written by another, as he had no intellectual skills.

    Most valid are his war gambling, which put the German people’s fate in questionable outcomes during the Czechoslovakian and Marching into the Ruhr affairs. In the Ruhr event his army had not yet been built, even though tremendous effort was placed in rebuilding the weapons’ industry. Had France engaged, Eurocide II would have been prevented. In addition to his planning for the invasion of Poland in April and may of 1939 (months before WWII commenced), there is his invasion of Russia, with whom he had a treaty.

    I nearly married an East German gal. Her dad was a high ranking officer. When he would tell us about the early engagement and masses of soldiers not even having adequate clothing faces would have expressions that most in the West could not comprehend. The conversations about his deeming he had more knowledge that his generals would stagger the imagination. In fact, his continuing -more often than not- absurd refusal to allow retreat, caused the lose of hundreds of thousands of German lives (if not over a million). When, 1943’s end was nearing nearly all of average intelligence could see the writing on the wall. had he been killed in the April 1944 assassination attempt, over a million Germans would have had their lives saved and millions of other Europeans would not have been killed.

    When Germany lost control of the sky that was her end. Wars are not won by the childish philosophy of “will power.” Wars are won by weapons. By mid 1943 the Allies were out producing Germany in most areas by a hundred to one.

    In 1945, during the last year of that Brother War, when only the most ignorant did not see that lives were being lost needlessly, AH sought “Fort Cities,” like Berlin, where a civilian population of old men and little kids would face a battle experienced, well supplied Red Army. The reason about one to perhaps three percent of our GermanAm brothers can not see the above is essentially due to the immense anti-German propaganda. that is understandable.

    I overall love Germans and believe if there had been no AH today German would be the leading country or one of the leaders. I am surprised at the glorifying AH reply. It is time for brother Euros to be brothers. as for history buffs, they should not cherry pick, but read the actual bureaucratic records.

    Eurocide II was a complete disaster. GermanAms praise the WWII advance East. Russian praise the advance West. But, what about the lose of countless millions of our brothers and sisters!

    • Harbinger
      Harbinger says:


      You’re trying to imply that Hitler was responsible for WW2 and the deaths of millions of Germans. He most certainly wasn’t. Check your history. Hitler wanted to unite the Sudetenland Germans and free the previous city of Danzig and Germans in Poland, segregated from Germany courtesy of the dreadful Treaty of Versailles. The world had no problem with that. Hitler turned Germany from a sick animal, into an economic powerhouse overnight. He was on the cover of Time magazine three times, as the west praised his metamorphosis of Germany.
      However, when Hitler started to print government backed, bank notes, destroying Rothschild’s money empire was when everything started going wrong for Germany. Interesting as well that they murdered Abraham Lincoln for doing precisely the same thing.

      Remember Bruno, the west declared war on Germany, allying with communist Russia, even though Russia invaded Poland at the same time as Germany did.
      Hitler had no choice.
      He attempted at least 12 peace treaties with Britain, all denied due to Zionist shill, Churchill doing his master’s bidding (worked for the Focus Group a Zionist organisation who were bankrolling his luxurious lifestyle).

      Your belief that had the assassination attempt on Hitler succeeded millions would have been saved? You do know what the Russians and the allies did to the Germans after the surrender don’t you? If you don’t I suggest heading over to Lasha Darkmoon’s site to read what she’s written on the subject.

      Had Churchill not declared war on Germany, along with the other allies and united with Hitler, we would not be in the mess we’re in today. This website wouldn’t exist. The Jewish threat and subsequently the communist threat wouldn’t exist. No Korea, Vietnam, 7 Day War, USS Liberty, Iraq 1, Yugoslavia, 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq 2,7/7…..and so on.

      Hitler and Germany had no option BUT to defend themselves from the attack of the only world superpower left, a growing world superpower, much of Europe and worse, European peoples, kith and kin of the Germans, lied to by their media, by the Jews into exterminating one another.

      I suggest instead of speaking about the faults of Hitler, you address the faults of those who started this needless war and go from there. Hitler was defending Germany from the attack of the UK, France, Russia and the USA upon it.

      WW2 had NOTHING to do with the invasion of Poland, nothing at all. This is what we’re conveniently told about it to whip up emotion. WW2 was all about Rothschild, as was WW1 and every other major conflict for the previous hundred years. The royal family sold out the indigenous British to do the bidding of their master Rothschild. The people were lied to through the Jewish control of the msm, whipping up anti German propaganda to parallel what they did in WW1.

      Hitler was not this demon or madman that history likes to paint him as. We are taught history from the point of the Jew. Their enemies became our enemies, which is essentially everyone. People are waking up to the lies but sadly, not fast enough.

      • claudius1889
        claudius1889 says:

        HARBINGER = Excellent reply. I can’t believe that at The Occidental Observer we still have to meet idiots like this who keep bashing Adolf Hitler. That proves that the average Joe is an imbecile.

        With the enormous amount of information about WW2 and Adolf Hitler posted by revisionists on the Internet, their books and, especially, the cruel and hateful persecution they suffer at the hands of the Establishment, what more evidence do you need?

        Idiots like Bruno are obviously beyond help.

      • Cam OT
        Cam OT says:

        Hitler’s opposition to anti-white Jews, while we must recognize it’s merits (especially compared to the rest of Europe), would’ve been much more laudable if he didn’t want to replace Jewish rule with a German one for some whites.

        A lot of land that he wanted to take “back” from Poland was taken from Poland first, centuries earlier. Sudetenland didn’t belong to Germany either; for the most part, it was populated by German speakers since it’s Austrian occupation, iirc.

        What’s Hitler worshipers’ excuse for these things (among others)? If you want to “unite” Germans living in other people’s homelands, you might as well try and incentivize them to move, maybe even seeking the support of the state that has a historical claim to that land. Interestingly enough, Hitler managed to pull that off in Hungary. Unless you want to go around stealing, why not do the same with the Czechs, Poles etc.? Plus, Hitler wanted a lot of foreign land, not just ones with German residents; he certainly didn’t seek peace with Russia as he did with Britain, for instance. But you could mention the Netherlands, Denmark, or any country that he invaded.

        None of this is to say that Russia (or for that matter Poland etc.) were saints throughout history, but the sad reality is that if the Jews didn’t won WW2, Europe could very well be fighting another enemy for freedom, either Germany, Russia or both. (Though we can probably agree that either of those nations would be less dangerous than the Jews are today.)

        • Harbinger
          Harbinger says:

          Cam OT

          Hitler never wanted to rule over whites. He simply wanted a unified Germany and the end of communism as he saw it as a deadly ideology and rightly so.
          You haven’t spoken of British imposed rule upon 1/4 of the earth? You haven’t spoken of Dutch or French either? Should these not also be addressed if you wish to start pointing the finger?

          The Sudetenland had a majority of Germans living there, overwhelmingly. And how far back shall we go of land belonging to whomever, taken whenever, then lost, then retaken and so on? It will never end if we go down that road.

          What’s odd with your reply, as already stated above, you seem to believe that only empirical views were of Hitler, when you are completely forgetting Britain. Did anyone, in Europe, for that matter start complaining when Britain was traipsing off around the world, invading, plundering and enforcing its way of life on non whites? The world remained silent because Britain, then as it is now, was completely under the control of Rothschild, who also happened to control the rest of Europe through control of banking.

          There is absolutely NO evidence, whatsoever, other than the whipped up hysteria of the Jewish press that Hitler was a megalomaniac who wanted control of the earth, absolutely none whatsoever. Your reply, sadly promotes the Jewish side of history in its view of Hitler.

          And no, I am NOT a national socialist. I am an anarchist (right wing) not left wing, as national socialism is.
          This view that had the Jews not won WW2, we’d be fighting against Germany is nonsense. This is the lie, that the Jews promote, that it’s better off we destroyed Germany because they would have attacked us. This sort of logic is the same as walking down the street and randomly beating the beJesus out of whomever and stating “getting you first before you get me.”

          You are forgetting that national socialism is the antithesis of international socialism. One wishes to impose national socialism on that nation and the other on ALL nations.

          Cam OT, with all due respect, you’re confusing national with international socialism when they were polar opposites. One’s about the promotion and protection of indigenous cultures, while the other is the wholesale destruction of indigenous cultures and subjugation of them under another = Judaism.

          I think you mean well in your views, but again, your view is very much the ‘official’ Jewish narrative and fear mongering.
          When one begins to think just how our society would be had we sided with Hitler and not communist Russia, removing all control of the Jews, their dominance over banking, politics, the msm, academia, the arts, film, music and sporting industries along with TV and the promotion of pornography and homosexuality, it would be the complete opposite of what it is today. We simply would have continued from pre WW2 in our cultures and ways of life, without having to worry about mass immigration, the promotion of homosexuality, constant wars all over the world, the rise of debt and the debt slave, an end to the control of the monarchy as parasites…..the list of pros, of siding with Germany, heavily outweigh the cons, that is if there are actually any.

          Germany was not our enemy in WW1, nor in WW2. The Jews conveniently turned the European peoples against one another, as they pretty much did, since they gained control of the British empire in the mid 17th century. The Jews whipped up lies about the Germans in WW1 and did the same in WW2, deceiving nations into fighting one another while they profited financially as well as gain the land of Palestine, for their apartheid, illegal, murderous state of Israel.
          I think you need to really lay off the ‘Jew’ version of history and start looking at the truthful version instead. Great for Jews, but not for the non Jews. We are living Jewish history, under control of Jewish talmudism and worshipping Mammon. We are a completely lost people.

    • PaleoAtlantid
      PaleoAtlantid says:

      Very true. If AH had remained an ‘artist’ in old Vienna and kept out of politics, the German people and indeed the whole of Europe would today be in better shape. His policies were a disaster for White people everywhere.
      General Franz Halder, who was no fan of AH, told him directly that it was almost inevitable that the United States would get involved in a European war and German industrial capacity could not match the industrial strength of the USA.
      It appears AH was in his own way a sincere leader, but his actions benefited the (((globalist))) schemes for world domination.
      The question remains; was AH something akin to “Manchurian Candidate” formed and used to fit the plans developed by the ‘globalist’ money power? We can only speculate and judge by the effects of events since 1939.

      • claudius1889
        claudius1889 says:

        PaleoAtlantid = I cannot believe your stupidity. In spite of the overwhelming evidence presented by everyday life (and TOO) about the Jewish control of the media, finance and academia you repeat the traditional moronic arguments of the conservative idiots who never understood Adolf Hitler’s greatness.

        Where do you live? In a bubble I suppose. Obviously you had not bothered to read one of the hundreds of excellent revisionist books that tell you the truth about Hitler’s Germany and WW2.

        If at this stage you haven’t realized what is going on you never will. You are a waste of space and an imbecile that parrots Jewish lies. I don’t know what the Hell are you doing here at The Occidental Observer, you should know better.


        (Mod. Note: “claudius”, please stop calling other TOO commenters “stupid”. Feel free to say why and where you think they are wrong, but please don’t feel free to call them names. I only let this comment through in order to make this point, for EVERYONE. Thanks.)

        • PaleoAtlantid
          PaleoAtlantid says:

          Mod, thank you for your comment.
          If I may briefly reply to Claudius; I’ve read widely on European history with particular reference to the events of both World Wars, and have not neglected important revisionist texts. The most recent book on AH written by the revisionist historian Michael Hoffman is well worth perusing.

          • Titus
            Titus says:

            Michael Hoffman, Michael E.. Johnes, etc. Are christian apologetics, each one of his own denomination, heavily biased by christian dogma and moral notions, they are not objective speakers (who is anyways), will short-circuit when faced with reality, and will adhere to mantras like “the only difference between an african country and any european country such as Germany is 2000 years of christianity”. Hitler and national socialists created a new worldview that would have suplanted christianity with time, you may not have understood this but they do, hence you shouldn’t expect a fair treatment of NS from those christians apologetics.

      • Ludwig
        Ludwig says:

        October 9, 2019 at 4:15 am

        “It appears AH was in his own way a sincere leader, but his actions benefited the (((globalist))) schemes for world domination.
        The question remains; was AH something akin to “Manchurian Candidate” formed and used to fit the plans developed by the ‘globalist’ money power? We can only speculate and judge by the effects of events since 1939.”

        I’m asking myself the same questions regarding AH.

        In as far as it’s possible for me to judge – I am by no means fully familiar with all the details – however, it appears many of his words and decisions were sincere. But there are also incongruent actions and decisions that have that “jarring” effect to make me pause to think that a “ruse” was going on.

    • Cam OT
      Cam OT says:

      Agreed. Hitler wanted German rule over whites instead of a Jewish one. He didn’t want the race to be free. And yes, brother wars should end for good once the Jews are [defeated for good].

      • claudius1889
        claudius1889 says:

        Sadly I must agree with you. The UK, and Western Europe as a whole, is gone beyond redemption. Most of Whites are imbeciles that have embraced the Neo-Marxist gospel of White-guilt, multiculturalism and miscegenation. They have lost their soul and have no pride, nor cultural or racial awareness. We deserve what we get. Yet we must carry on fighting in spite of everything. It is a matter of honour. Regards

    • Lucius Vanini
      Lucius Vanini says:

      Bruno, I commend you for your use of “brother Euros” and “brothers” and “sisters” to characterize Europeans. We are indeed a family–not only figuratively but all but LITERALLY, as Europe is by far the most homogeneous continent and Europeans from opposite ends of Europe share millions of ancestors as recent as the last thousand years (cf. Coop et al, 2013, “The Geography of Recent Genetic Ancestry across Europe”).

      Whatever doubts the old ethnologists had about the degree of European interrelatedness (though they did see it was great) have been swept away by the science of genetics.

      The Europeans are a FAMILY and it’s time they learn that and act with the COLLECTIVE EGOISM that makes families strong. There are tens of millions of aliens in Europe now–Asian Muslims and Sub-Saharan Africans–but the total continental population is still about 94% ancestrally European, and the growing efforts to stop and reverse the invasions may yet save the Continent if Europeans continue to wake up, resist, and support one another.

      One hopes for the obsolescence of idiots like the little englander, the demographic that carried Brexit, with his retarded conception of mainlander Europeans as no less foreign than Afro-Caribbeans, South Asians, Sub-Saharans LOL.

      But it’s a testament to the sad state of current European perceptiveness that White Nationalists can dream that Brexit has the LEAST thing to do with the preservation of European heritage. Brexit is a profoundly anti-white measure; and while the current embodiment of European integration, the EU, is scandalously faulty, a post-Brexshit UK will be even worse from the thinking White Nationalist’s perspective.

      Anyway, viel gluck, mein Bruder. Liebe nach Deutschland aus Italien.

  6. Tedesco
    Tedesco says:

    Andrew Joyce is right – the June 2016 Brexit vote was primarily against globalism and non-white immigration. That was its subtext. No one minds White Europeans – they are us. And of course, the EU is hostile to all Whites, not only the British.
    A no-deal-Brexit is a necessary first step to “taking back control.” Only after that, will there be any chance to reduce to zero all non-white immigration, including the bogus “refugee” racket.
    After he has achieved a no-deal-Brexit, Boris Johnson can be discarded, unless he adopts a nationalist position.
    Only 23 days to go. If all goes well, November 1 will be Liberation Day. Make it a national holiday.

    • Lucius Vanini
      Lucius Vanini says:

      LOL TEDESCO, I’d love for you to say how Brexit struck a blow against NON-WHITE IMMIGRATION into the UK. All but a relative few of the now teeming non-whites in the UK HAVE COME THROUGH THE COMMONWEALTH, NOT THROUGH THE EU, AND THEY STILL COME.

      They were coming long before–a whole generation before–Britain’s entry into the EEC, the EU’s forerunner.

      And don’t you know that the European countries which have done the most to resist the invasions are ALL IN THE EU–Hungary, Italy, Czechia, Austria, Slovakia, Poland?

      Czechia is an EU state. And it’s UNFRIENDLY to the African and Asian invasion. It’s not like the UK. Prime Minister Babis has said “We don’t want to live in the Middle East or Africa,” and “WE decide who comes to our country.” CAN YOU IMAGINE A UK PRIME MINISTER SAYIING ANYTHING REMOTELY LIKE THAT???

      If the UK had been interested in arresting and reversing the invasions it would’ve joined the growing bloc of European countries–ALL IN TH EU–in resisting the criminals in Brussels and taking back European integration–THE INTEGRATION OF WHITE PEOPLE WITH EACH OTHER–from the globalists and traitors who’ve hijacked it.

      But that’s just it. Britain does NOT have an anti-invasion constituency. Britain, I’m convinced, is incurably suicidal. And it’s for that reason that I’m in favor of the UK leaving the EU. There’s now a growing struggle for Europe–most of which is in the EU–between the traitors and the likes of Viktor Orban and Salvini (who’ll be back soon enough–as Primo Ministro); and if Britain stays it will almost surely be on the side of those who wish to destroy Europe by making it a Third-World shithole, just as it’s always been, excepting great men like Enoch Powell.

      BREXIT was a matter of Brits proclaiming their difference and distance from the only people the anti-white establishment allows them to hate–OTHER WHITES. And so little englanders gladly proclaimed their independence from frogs, krauts, polaks and dagoes….

      Let the ancestrally British, still 86% of the population of the UK, enjoy their Muslim Afro-Caribbean grandchildren….

      How many of you here know that that POS Farage, in confronting an objection that Brexit was “racist,” assured everyone that even more blacks would come into Britain after Brexit?
      Well, he was right. Relative to the number of whites who now come in, there are more blacks. The EU nationals who used to come to Britain, thinking to settle and work, aren’t coming in any more, knowing they won’t have the right to stay; and now the influx of non-whites surpasses that of whites–WHICH IT DIDN’T WHEN THE UK WAS PART OF THE EU.

      If thinking that Brexit has any molecule of White Nationalism in it isn’t a form of retardation, I don’t know what is.

      • claudius1889
        claudius1889 says:

        Lucius Vanini = Your analysis of Brexit is pretty good. The average Englishman is an imbecile without the slightest sense of national or racial pride and Farage is right “leader” for that kind of people. Brexit is a sham. The only difference that I may have with you is that winning or losing Little Britain will remain the shithole already is and very likely will get much worse. Is the price that this accursed country must pay for its role in WW2, the destruction of Germany and ultimately of Western civilization.

  7. Panadechi
    Panadechi says:

    I think that everything that has to be analyzed and spoken is already said and studied, the clock is against us, our plutocrat enemies without roots except theirs, will ignore our views. It is time to enter the resistance and solution phase. I said it before, it is necessary to create internal or external white autonomous communities, create new settlements inside or outside the nation, without Jews, and only whites. It is necessary to study, plan, design, structure and execute said project. The other option is an apocalyptic revolution of high cost and the loser loses everything and the winner takes everything.

  8. Panadechi
    Panadechi says:

    I think that everything that has to be analyzed and spoken is already said and studied, the clock is against us, our plutocrat enemies without roots except theirs, will ignore our views. It is time to enter the resistance and solution phase. I said it before, it is necessary to create internal or external white autonomous communities, create new settlements inside or outside the nation, without Jews, and only whites. It is necessary to study, plan, design, structure and execute said project. The other option is an apocalyptic revolution of high cost and the loser loses everything and the winner takes everything. Russia as an ally of racial patriots would have much to say in this revolution.

  9. RoyAlbrecht
    RoyAlbrecht says:

    1) Normally, I scan Jew Stream Media sources to give a general informational indication of what NOT to believe…, because when a Jew “…opens his mouth…” he lies/obfuscates.
    2) So after I have figured out what can be stricken as NOT being the truth…,
    using the general rule that Theft, Murder, and Mayhem is the Jews’ main tools of trade in their quest to replace Europeans…,
    I try to keep in mind the Jews’ general state of decay and their cash/resource flow/balance.
    Without a steady flow of stolen White material wealth, it becomes increasingly more difficult for Jews to kill Whites.
    Lying to and keep entire populations thoroughly brainwashed requires a constant input of resources…, lest the Truth be allowed to seep through the cracks in the dyke.
    3) One thing that is generally understood and agreed upon amongst most knowledgeable White Nat./Sep./Advct. is that the Central Banks in most Nations of the World are controlled by Jews and that these Jews are stealing White wealth through inflation (printing money out of thin air) and then preferential lending it to their Jew relatives on a statistically calculated need, depending on their Brainwashing Efficacy Quotient.
    In other words, “How important a Jew Operation is to the overall White Extermination Plan determines how much stolen White money one is given to spend”.
    4) The net result of this Theft and Spend, Jew behaviour is Hyper-inflation…, something that is very noticeable amongst even the most Retarded White person.
    When a Retarded White Person goes to a Jew owned Toxic Grub Outlet (supermarket) and from one month to the next notices that prices are increasing so dramatically that he is no longer able to buy is usual 20 liters of Coke per month, even he begins to ask himself why this is occurring.
    4) Since, like the entire Field of Economics…,
    where one spends nearly 10 years getting a Ph.D. and never once is the Jew mentioned, yet Jews proxy-control the entire Global Economic System…,
    so too do Jews desperately need to devise a plausible Scape Goats for financial degenerations that steer clear of anything to do with Jews.
    IMO, Brexit is a just another convenient Scape Goat in the steady Parade of Distractions that influence World Markets, either up or down, yet always seem to cost the White man more money at the end of the month.
    For example, near the end of last week, the Jew Media announced in unison that a Brexit Deal was close to being made, and by Friday the Pound Sterling (although no longer backed by silver) rose to its strongest level in nearly half a year.
    I would bet that a lot of people sold their GBP on Friday just before markets closed.
    By Monday the GBP weakened somewhat and excuses started to appear in the Jew Media that a Brexit Deal is still far away.
    Is it possible that (((Whoever))) is telling the Major Political Players what to tell the Jew Owned Media is positioned to buy and sell at just the right moments to make a lot of money very quickly?
    Yet one thing is for sure…, Whites always pay !

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