A Rejoinder to “The ABC’s of the Alt-Right: A Guide for Students” by Thomas Dalton, Ph.D.

I read with interest Professor Thomas Dalton’s article posted here on December 8th, 2019, “The ABC’s of the Alt-Right: A Guide for Students.”  As has Professor Dalton, I have spent many years on American university campuses (I recently retired)—in my case, 42 years as a professor, plus an additional five years at the instructor rank early in my career.  And as has Professor Dalton, I have written extensively on white racial matters.  My experiences and analyses have led me to different conclusions and proposals than Professor Dalton expresses in his article, however.  Different doesn’t necessarily mean better—readers will make that judgment.  I hope what I set out here in response to Professor Dalton’s article will prompt reasoned dialogue and debate.

I’ve decided that the best way to get across my take on things is to comment on the last section of Professor Dalton’s article, which he entitles How to Organize.  In this section, he addresses his university student audience (“I now shift my focus to you, the student reader, and your efforts to make a positive impact on this troubled world.”).

I’ll begin this rejoinder with a quote from my writings that gives a sense of my concept of what white university students are like:

I spent my working life around white university students, and of course I’m generalizing here, but based on my experience with them, their most central motivating impulse is to be characterized, by others and themselves, as decent and fair and just—which, by the way, is why the idea of social justice, prevalent in today’s universities, resonates so well with them.  They don’t want to be great, they want to be good.  And they don’t want to be on one end or the other of a social/political spectrum.  Rather, they want to be secure and accepted and respected in the middle of wherever they are, in the dorm or in the community. They very much want to belong; they fear being marginalized.  In sum, they want to be seen, and to see themselves, as OK people. Political correctness in universities—at least as it is pitched to them, as the way to be OK—is very attractive to them.1  

If you are going to attempt to win over the hearts and minds of white university students, you had best take their basic posture, what they are really like, into account.  Those on the left who have gotten themselves center stage in universities have done that extremely well.  White advocates and activists could learn much from how they went about it.

Now to my comments on quotes (in italics) from the section of Professor Dalton’s article, How to Organize:

You have more power than you think.  In a university, you are the paying customer. 

It’s important to distinguish between collective and individual power.  True, collectively students have power as paying customers, to use that term.  But students don’t live their lives collectively; rather, they live their lives one at a time, as separate individuals.  They live inside and direct the being that looks back at them in the mirror.

From the perspective of an individual student—let’s call her Mary Smith—she’s not a paying customer.  Mary’s application was accepted by the university and she feels really good about that, and her parents are proud of her for getting admitted; they drove her to campus just before classes started and helped her move things into her dorm room, and they met her roommate, who seemed very nice.  Being in the university setting is a big adventure for Mary, and it is a test to see if she can make a go of it on her own for the first time.

Yes, Mary could quit school and take her (or her parents’) tuition money with her.  To the university, the loss of a single tuition wouldn’t matter; it would simply admit somebody on the waiting list, no problem.  But to Mary, dropping out of school and perhaps transferring to another university would be a disruptive and, very possibly, upsetting, experience.   It’s no small matter for her to move out of her dorm room or apartment, say goodbye to her friends, break off her connections with her favorite professors and courses, and to end her school activities.  And what will this mean to her parents?  They’ve been telling all the relatives how well Mary is doing in the university, and now she’s checking out.  Will Mary see herself as letting her parents down?  Will she look upon herself as a failure?  You see where I’m going with this: it’s a more complicated matter than students being paying customers who can take their money elsewhere, and if we are going to do well by students, and by universities as a whole, we need to take that complexity into account.

You have the right to speak up and make yourself heard.  As long as you stay within the broad rules of the university, they can’t punish you.

The university can’t punish you?  Really?  How about verbal disconfirmation and looks of disdain, and never calling on you in class, and giving you bad grades?   How about turning down your application to be a residence hall advisor or teaching assistant?  You say you need a recommendation for foreign study, or for employment or graduate school?   Go somewhere else for it, loser.

Keep in mind that it’s not just university faculty and administrators that punish; fellow students do it too, and they are exceedingly good at it, they’ve been doing it since grade school.  Put-downs, smirks, snubs, rejection, exclusion, social media badmouthing.  Think that can’t hurt?

Thomas Dalton is a pen name, and I assume that he hasn’t personally taken shots from his university.  I have expressed my racial views under my own name, and trust me, universities can and will punish, and they will do it no-holds-barred. And, indeed, it inflicts personal and professional bruises and scars.  I would never advise students, or faculty, to assume that they can go public with white advocacy or form white organizations in a university with the idea that they aren’t going get hit hard where it hurts for doing it.

Create a student group or club that explicitly advocates for alt-right views.

To my way of thinking, white advocacy is best positioned as a centrist movement; there is nothing inherently right, or left, about it.  The left-leaning people who now control the universities have successfully gone for the center, where the action is.   They may at times refer to themselves as progressives, but by-and-large they have stayed away from political self-labeling.  They avoid calling themselves leftists or liberals because of the negative connotations those identities have for many of the people they are seeking to influence.  Instead, they associate themselves with a cause—blacks, women, gays, etc.—or simply portray themselves as the good people in life’s drama waging a righteous battle against the bad people perpetuating unfairness, oppression, and injustice.  White advocates should take that approach—discuss the dire consequences of whites becoming a minority and the unfairness of what is happening to whites (e.g., the increasing prevalence of anti-white hate crimes, the unfairness of affirmative action to whites, the fact that non-whites consistently vote for the left with its emphasis on welfare programs and essentially open borders) without focusing on labels that have already been tinged with opprobrium. I’m not about to encourage students to assume an alt-right identity.  Taking on that label with all its negative loadings is akin to declaring yourself a communist during the McCarthy years.  People aren’t going to listen to you or join up with you; rather, they are going to attack you.

Don’t make it a “guy’s club.”

If there has been anything the alt-right thrust has been good at doing, it’s spooking young women.   Professor Dalton’s article includes what he calls “A Brief Manifesto” with references to whites  being under global threat, the repatriation of minority peoples to their native lands, and confronting and undermining Jewish power, which plays decidedly better to 30-year-old male readers of this magazine than it does to 19-year-old women enrolled at State U.

A rule of thumb: match up to where people you are trying to influence are now, start there.  Be patient about getting your message out.  It could be a year up the line, even more, before you get into some concerns.  First things first: get your foot in the door.  Whatever Martin Luther King eventually wanted to get across, whatever he ultimately wanted to achieve, he rooted himself initially in ideas, values, and tangible outcomes that resonated well with the mass of people, including woman: freedom, fairness, equality, human dignity, the promise of America, racial integration.   Other movements—women, gays—have done the same kind of thing.   These groups have been particularly good at tugging at our heartstrings, making us feel sad about their plight, getting us to emphasize with them, feel for them, which has worked particularly well with women.  The strident alt-right tugs at nobody’s heartstrings. Again, the focus should be that the present regime is unfair and hurtful to whites.

Here’s an example from my writing of the kind of thing I think we should be doing more:

Our children are hearing their race and heritage denigrated in schools, and they are being deluged with crude and vulgar images and messages from the lowest rung of black culture, and they are the victims of racial discrimination when they apply for college or a job, and even more basically, their race is steadily disappearing from the face of the earth.  I received an e-mail yesterday from a father who told me that his daughter, who had worked incredibly hard in school and had graduated at the top of her high school class, had been rejected by all the Ivy League schools she had applied to while many of her black classmates, with far lower academic achievements and test scores, had been admitted.  He said his daughter “cried and cried.”  After reading what this father wrote, I cried and cried.  A white narrative should be broadcast that includes this white girl and the countless others like her, along with the invitation to young white people to expel their fear and come together to put a stop to the injustice and cruelty against whites that is going on.  Doing that isn’t about being against anyone or tearing anyone down.  Rather, it is about racial self-love and self-preservation and self-determination, which are the rights of every race of people.2

Stay agnostic on religion.  Keep religious ideas safely to the side.  Be particularly wary of fundamentalists, who tend to be too irrational to be much good.  The same holds for so-called Christian Zionists.  Beyond this, there are good reasons to believe that Jesus, for example, is a Jewish construction, and serves Jewish purposes (read Nietzsche).  And in truth, all Christians (and all Muslims) worship the Jewish God, albeit with a different name.

America is my focus, and whites have historically done very well for themselves in this country with Christianity being a central element of the dominant culture.  It’s been since World War II that whites have gone downhill here, and that has coincided with the successful attacks against Christianity.  Don’t be too quick to distance yourself from Christianity, or even go so far as to root for its demise.  As I put it in an article posted here a few weeks ago:

Assume your adversaries know what they are doing.  People who have it in for white people also tend to be the most bent on pulling the props from under the Christian religion.3

It’s a good general strategy to look for ways to use everything to your advantage.  With the example here, rather than staying agnostic about religion—and keeping in mind that a large percentage of the people you are trying to attract to your cause are Christians—ask yourself, how can I/we use Christianity to achieve my/our purposes?  See what you come up with.

Name names. In other words, be specific and detailed in your critiques.  Use facts, and check your facts.  Instead of saying “the Jews in the Sociology department are complaining about us…” say “Jewish faculty like Bob Greenberg and Joel Baumgarten in Sociology are complaining…”  

That may be a good idea in some instances, but be very cautious about doing it, especially if you are a 20-year-old student.  Why?  Because professors Greenberg and Baumgarten are very likely to retaliate against you, and they might well get students to work you over as well.  After you graduate, they could text a potential employer or graduate school advisor warning him to stay clear of this Nazi.  We need to think hard about what we tell twenty- or twenty-two-year-olds to do.  Because it isn’t us that’s going to take any grief that comes out of it, it’s them.

Insults are a badge of honor. Don’t take it personally when your enemies start calling you names.  In fact, welcome it; it’s a sign that you are succeeding.  

Based on an unfortunately large amount of personal experience, the idea that insults are a badge of honor and a sign that I’m succeeding has proved to be of little—and most often, no—comfort to me at eight at night when I was alone and really hurting and anxious as hell and wishing it were eleven o’clock so I could go to bed and blot out the distress but knowing that wouldn’t work because all the shit coming at me has led to a bad case of insomnia.

Learn about the real Nazis. Since it’s inevitable that you will be called this, you might as well learn something.  “Nazi” is short for National Socialist, and there is nothing inherently evil about either nationalism or socialism.  Adolf Hitler was arguably the first major alt-righter of the twentieth century. 

The late white activist William Pierce once shared with me that he wished he were respected and accepted by prestigious mainline intellectual and cultural figures and invited to conferences and to speak at universities.   My immediate reaction was to think, does he really believe he can tangle himself up with Hitler and National Socialism as he has and expect anything other than to be trashed and ostracized?   Perhaps I should have been honest with him, but at that moment he looked alone and diminished and unwell (he died soon after this), and I replied something along the lines of, “It is a shame that you aren’t honored highly and welcomed among the very best in this country.  You certainly deserve that.”   Which was true; Dr. Pierce was a great man.   But it was unrealistic to expect or hope for what he wanted to happen the way he presented himself to the world.  My advice to white advocates is to keep your distance from Adolf Hitler.

Be visible. Take some time to get organized, but once you are up and running, get the word out.  Put articles or ads in the school newspaper.  Post flyers around campus, or leave them loose on desks in random classrooms.  Scribble messages on blackboards/Whiteboards.  Go on the school radio.  Talk to local media.   

And be prepared to take shots for it.  Take shots if you want, but don’t kid yourself, they can do major damage.  I’m reminded of lyrics from an old Simon and Garfunkel song, “The Boxer”:

In the clearing stands a boxer
And a fighter by his trade
And he carries the reminders
Of ev’ry glove that laid him down

I can personally relate to those lyrics.   I carry reminders.

Being visible isn’t an imperative, it’s an optionI decided twenty years ago to be visible—use my own name—with my expressions around race, because damned if I was going to be silent and invisible like my dear father was all of his life.  But I knew I would have to pay heavy dues for going public as me, and indeed I have paid heavy dues.  I’m fine with how I’ve come at it, I’d do it again, but it’s not the only legitimate way to proceed.  I can envision an honorable life staying completely invisible.  The great writer Albert Camus stayed invisible in his activities for the French resistance during World War II, and he has my utmost admiration and respect.  As with just about everything, the best thing to do depends on who you are and what you are trying to accomplish and your particular circumstance.  There isn’t a right way, there is your right way.

An effective group will get attention, and a really effective group will get a lot of attention.  At some point, they—the university bureaucracy—may well concoct some reason to shut you down, even if you’ve broken no rules.   

My bet is if you come on as an alt-right, the university will never give you the chance to organize in the first place.  They will paste one of their firmly established epithets on you—”racist,” “white supremacist,” “white nationalist,” “neo-Nazi,” “anti-Semite”—and that will be the end of it.  If somehow you get organized, it won’t be may well concoct some reason to shut you down, it will be will concoct some reason to shut you down.  Back to Albert Camus, rather than forming a conventional student organization, you might be better off if you see yourself in circumstances akin to those of the French resistance during World War II.  Secret meetings, pseudonyms, coded communications, the whole bit.  The French underground organizations were very effective.

Note that it is “might be better off,” not “will be better off.”  You’re one of a kind and your circumstance is one of a kind.  What’s best for you to do should be determined by what you and your reality are like, and I don’t know what that is.   I’m not telling you to form an organization or not form an organization.  You have to make that call informed by a clear understanding of your purposes and capabilities and a rigorous assessment of the possible implications, both short- and long-term, of the various options you are considering.

Don’t get too stuck on ideological labels. “Right” and “left,” like “liberal” and “conservative,” are vague terms, and arguably are more harmful than helpful.  In reality, they don’t allow for much subtlety of definition.  Yes, you are alt-right, but don’t hang everything on this one label.  Many liberals have some conservative opinions, and many alt-righters hold some traditionally liberal views.   

My best advice on how to avoid getting stuck in ideological labels is not to use them.  Say what you think, propose what you prefer, do what you do, but don’t tack a label on yourself or what you are doing; or at least be very considered when doing that.  A label can set your proposal up for failure (“That idea is coming from an alt-right type; can’t be any good”); set you up for attack (“Oh, he’s one of them—stone him!”); make you a candidate for guilt by association (“One of his crowd shot up the Holocaust Museum”—I got that one); and put off everybody who doesn’t define him- or herself by that particular label.

Don’t be “woke.” “Woke” is one of those truly stupid labels that you should avoid.  It comes from Black slang (appropriately), and refers to a heightened sensitivity to racism, black interests, oppressed minorities—in other words, all those traditional leftist views.   It represents political-correctness run amok.   

That woke has a black origin doesn’t discredit it for me; jazz has a black origin, and I think jazz is fine.  That being woke involves a heightened sensitivity to racism, black interests, and oppressed minorities doesn’t give me a problem either.  Caring about the fate of white people doesn’t preclude caring about other groups as well.  Being woke is associated with a radical left outlook, but whether young people adopt that perspective is their decision, not mine.  While I’m opposed to “wokeness” being propagandized, as it is these days by the media and schools, I am also opposed to telling anyone it is stupid and to reject it out of hand.  I want young people of all races to choose the frame of reference that guides their way forward in the world freely, autonomously, in a thoughtful, considered way, from various options, and I want to help them do that.

Speak the truth.  Sometimes these days, just saying the truth out loud is a revolutionary act, one that calls for real courage.  The truth is on your side.  Be strong, be confident, and speak the truth.  

You can be strong and confident and speak the truth . . . and get your head shot off.   My thinking, be grounded in your goals, which I presume have to do with living a happy and productive life, looking out for the people close to you who need you, and making the world a better place because you have lived for a time on this earth.  If speaking the truth in a particular circumstance serves those ends, by all means, do it.   If it doesn’t, either keep quiet (for now at least) or express yourself anonymously.

Don’t give up, don’t apologize, don’t surrender.  

I can think of occasions in life where the best thing to do is give up (on dead-end undertakings), apologize (when you’ve mucked up), and surrender (sometimes that’s the best way to live to fight up the line when and where the odds will be more in your favor).   Almost always, the opposite of a good thing is also a good thing; it depends on the circumstance.  The ideal is to have a wide range of contrasting capabilities in your personal repertoire, and at each moment to employ the one that best serves the life you’ve chosen to live.

You have justice and truth on your side.  Your cause is just.  You have the weight of history behind you.  Many great thinkers of the past and present stand at your side, ready to help.  There are people around who can help with questions, problems, or advice.

Making the world good for white people won’t be the outcome of having justice and truth on our side.   It will be the result of what we successfully get done, here and now.   We need to work on ourselves so that we become insightful, savvy, results oriented, and efficacious.  We especially need to appreciate the worth of small things, because small things add up to big things.  I’m writing this up, a small thing, on a Monday night when I could be watching a film on the Criterion Channel because I consider it the most productive racial action I can take right now.  It’s not that I feel the weight of history being in my favor, anything like that.

It’s reassuring to think that there are people who stand ready to help their racial kinsmen, including when they run into problems, but I’m not going to tell young white people that they can count on support when the going gets tough.   Seek it out, but don’t depend on it being there.   And understand that even if it is there, it may well not alleviate your difficulties.  Bottom line, I see the world as a dangerous place for racially conscious and committed young white people.  If that’s you, the best advice I can think of to offer you is to cover your ass.


  1. Robert S. Griffin, “Don’t Give People a Club to Hit You Over the Head With,” The Occidental Observer, posted March 11, 2017.
  2. Robert S. Griffin, “A Message in the In-Box, 2010,” in the writing section of www.robertsgriffin.com.
  3. Robert S. Griffin, “Why I Owe Jim Bakker an Apology and Thank You,” The Occidental Observer, posted October 26, 2019.



29 replies
  1. Anthony Hudson
    Anthony Hudson says:

    This article is insightful and balanced. It offers genuinely practical advise based upon a lifetime of real world experience. I would like to thank the author for taking the time to share these thoughts with others.


  2. Dr ExCathedra
    Dr ExCathedra says:

    “their most central motivating impulse is to be characterized, by others and themselves, as decent and fair and just”

    This sounds to me like the Achilles’ heel of the post-WWII White race as a whole: a foolish moralism grounded in nothing more than their reflection in the mirror and the approving nods/blaming fingers of the crowd around them.

    PS. While this is a White disease, I believe that White women suffer from a far more virulent form of it, since women are far more attuned to social validation. And their invasion of the universities has been the ingredient which has rendered the system an archipelago of Maoist daycare centers with 24/7 rehearsals of soap operas.

  3. Wael Ahmad"
    Wael Ahmad" says:

    You think that you can win a major battle against evil & immoral enemy by way of peaceful means, and if speaking the truth can get your head shot off, you describe exactly what kind of enemy is facing you, and you leave the decision to one’s goals, and you recommend saying the truth if particular circumstances serves it’s ends, otherwise be quite, my question is: is that a Christian principal? did Jesus picked favorable conditions to preach his message? I don’t think so, besides, there is no struggle without casualties, specially with the evil power that’s controlling not only the universities, but everything in America and the western world, it’s the Talmudic power, the enemy of humanity, it will not allow you to have any “circumstances” to have any sort of free speech, let alone truth.

    I picked only this segment of the article, because I thought that it shows that the whole aim of the article is mainly to discourage young students from organizing and defending their principals and beliefs, it marginalize consciousness with respect to self interests, and maybe that’s the reason that Dr. Griffin lasted for 42 years in his position, finding no good circumstance to criticize anything, so he’s definitely not like Dr.Thomas Dalton ( I hope that this is his real (not pen), name, whom I agree with his article and suggestions.

    And finally, I want to mention to Dr. Griffin that only Muslims and Christians worship the one God, Jews ( Talmudians) don’t believe in resurrection and judgement, they have their own god, and only for them, because they don’t consider non Jews as humans.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      “…if speaking the truth can get your head shot off, you describe exactly what kind of enemy is facing you,…”

      Superb point .

      Christians may talk alot about defeating evil/satan but at the end-of-it-all they actually and typically yield to the serpents in favor of attaining some degree of HARMONY with ((( them ))) .

      “” But I say unto you ,

      That ye resist not evil :

      but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek , turn to him the other also …

      Love your enemies ,

      bless them that curse you ,

      do good to them that hate you ,…

      Be ye therefore perfect ,…””

      The above quote is JC verbatim
      as given in The Christian NT Holy Bible , KJV ,
      Book of St. Matthew , chapter 5 , verses 39 to 48 ( abstracted ) .

      Clearly , christianity is self-defeating ; a sheeple oriented religion of submissiveness .

      The harder christians try to ” Be … perfect ” the more enslaved they become to their jewmasters ; and consequently , christians then become all-the-more EXPENDABLE .

      White christians are the largest USA ethnic group ; and they are going toward extinction .
      White christian cultures enabled the establishment of a government which has turned against them . White christians cultures established the universities and public schools which have turned against them .

      In order for White christian cultures , anywhere in the world , to defeat their own propensity for submission-unto-extinction and be ” saved ” — in this life ( not the next life after death ) — they must first abrogate their self-extinguishing NT holy instructions , including the ones quoted herein , then apostasize from christianity the religion ( but not necessarily from JC the deity ) ; and then finally , former christians will need to find a new nonsuicidal religion .

      In the meantime , as author Prof. Griffin noted in the article , a ww2 type of French
      Resistance movement is the best way to prolong the survival of White christian cultures in the grip of the globalist ( which includes the crypto-jew Vatican ) Synagog of Satan genocidal campaign against Whites — against their respectable bloodlines .

  4. milan
    milan says:

    “Speak the truth. Sometimes these days, just saying the truth out loud is a revolutionary act, one that calls for real courage. The truth is on your side. Be strong, be confident, and speak the truth.”

    Okay!!!!!!!! May I suggest starting here:


    and after reading this truly astounding treatise on truth I imagine everyone will be scratching their foreheads in disbelief at the unbelievable lies being propagated and deception that we are all under these days.

    Wow, talk about an awakening!!!!!!!!

  5. Thomas Young
    Thomas Young says:

    Good points.

    I confine myself to helping my relatives, employees, friends and neighbors—and making guarded comments in class lectures and at Rotary club meetings.

    I am also delaying my retirement as I know my replacement will be chosen based on race. My workload has been increased and my salary reduced, but as my wants have decreased, I find I still have enough to help my people.

  6. Mel
    Mel says:

    There is probably no single right wrong way to organize a White group on campuses.

    It depends on the campus, its students, the composition and wisdom of the White group itself, and other factors.

    Does the author of this article have any examples of White student groups that have followed his prescriptions and became successful?

    Time is wasting. Due to “persons of color” births, Whites are rapidly becoming a minority.

    Will Whites then acquire the benefits of minority status?

    • Jacobite
      Jacobite says:

      You’re all looking at this backwards. Which means that your conclusions are going to be backwards. Whites in the US have been under merciless attack by our hostile alien elites since they created the ACLU, NAACP, and CPUSA around the time of WWI. Trying to whip uni-sex college students into shape is like trying to push a limp noodle through a keyhole. The correct approach to building the influence of a pro-white movement is to eliminate all the non-white movements — a purely technical problem. Motivated manpower may be available in the Balkans, as they are very race-aware, still being men. Are the Cossacks still in business? They were excellent.

  7. ia
    ia says:

    Nice sensible article. For your information there is something called the Collegiate Freedom of Association Act (H.R. 3128) that is attempting to preserve single sex organizations on campus. This bill is a reaction to Harvard’s shutting down same sex groups. Well, let’s face it, white male groups.

    “Harvard University began blacklisting and punishing members of single-gender organizations by barring them from leading campus groups or becoming captains of sports teams. Harvard will also exclude Greeks from receiving recommendations for prestigious fellowships, including the Rhodes and Marshall Scholarships.”

    If you want to find out more about this bill go here: http://fspac.org/

    I know fraternities and sororities aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but if they go down it’s going to get much harder for white men to organize on campus. First they came for the fraternities, then they came for . . . type of thing.

  8. Guilty Too(another you)
    Guilty Too(another you) says:

    I liked Dalton’s article, and I also appreciate this level headed corrective. Regarding letters of recommendation, the worst thing they can do is say yes and then send a negative letter. I think I had this happen to me once—probably at the behest of our friendly world rulers. Also, the higher fields and programs have a system of cues and hints when a phone call is suggested, so even if they fear to say something actionable in writing, they could convey it in private.

    I wish Prof Griffin would provide a suggested reading list like Dalton did, or comment on his. I’ve liked daltons books, but I thought he included some weirdo stuff, such as Kacinski’s writings.

  9. Eric
    Eric says:

    I think the advice given in this article is basically sound.

    My only other thought is: Maybe it shouldn’t be the students who promote our cause on campus, but rather non-students. Many if not most campuses are open to the public. Anyone can post flyers, distribute newsletters, etc. It’s just a matter of using discretion. Whether outsiders pretend to be students or not is a decision they would have to make themselves.

    The whole idea of student activism is questionable anyway. Students are in college to learn and be exposed to new ideas. Let’s bring those ideas to them.

  10. RoyAlbrecht
    RoyAlbrecht says:

    “And what will this mean to her parents? They’ve been telling all the relatives how well Mary is doing in the university, and now she’s checking out. Will Mary see herself as letting her parents down? Will she look upon herself as a failure? ”

    Depends on the reason for dropping out or failing.
    If the student was a widely known Holyhoax Whistle-blower from a young age…,
    while living in a Jew-Limey Occupied city that housed Canada’s Military Intel Headquarters…,
    then having your life sabotaged from a pre-teen age onward put the student at a marked disadvantage in a system designed to steal resources (I.e. Uni. tuition fees) from lower scoring students by jam packing them into overflowing auditoriums and giving them no recourse for catching up,
    like credits for courses passes if continuing at a lower community college level,
    to complete some sort of degree.

    In Germany, all systems of education are integrated so even though one does not manage to complete Uni., those credits completed successfully are applied to a less demanding collage course in a similar field so the loss to the student is minimal.
    Likewise, if the student manages to complete a 2 or 3 year Community College degree, they can receive credit or time off from a continued university degree at a later date.

    In Canada, if the student is a Mungicake White Dufuss who socked Jew cock in order to be accepted,
    yet had no idea that their lives were being unilaterally attacked by Jews who were screwing them systematically,
    and parents wrongfully assumed that the playing field was level,
    then self-confidence issues are bound to arise within the student.

    “…You have the right to speak up and make yourself heard. As long as you stay within the broad rules of the university, they can’t punish you. ”

    Laughable! You are obviously not an honest German coming from Canada!
    In Canada Jews and Free Masonic Sh!t Stains, do whatever the hell they please…
    Unless you are extremely wealthy and well connected, there is absolutely no way to legally win a fight against an Establishment that has essentially been Jew hi-jacked and a population that is arguably Endemically, Jew-induced, Mentally Retarded.

    Flight from the country to Iceland is about the best recourse I have been able to find after 50 years of being on the receiving end of injustice…,
    and even Iceland is fraught with Jew Power Nodes of opposition, social engineering and sabotage.


    “…If there has been anything the alt-right thrust has been good at doing, it’s spooking young women.”

    This is something that is a real problem. Without wanting to blow my own horn, I can remember my first time entering the Gymnastics Gymnasium at McMaster U. after finishing a Spiritually Enlightening Gap year as a Vedantic Monk while cycling, canoeing, jungle bush-whacking, fasting, meditating, nearly dying and generally doing things that should have killed me…
    Long, curly Hazel, red and blond hair, a ginger coloured beard and adorned with marathon participation T-shirts and World Gymnastics Championship track suites, girls were mostly eyeballing me with the giddy excitement that most young girls display on the first day in a new class room, but the second day,
    after they sorted out WHO I actually was…,
    (I.e. German, Holyhoax whistle-blowing, Racist, Supremacist, Hater, Nazi…)…,
    I suddenly found myself in the usual, alienated, attacked-from-all-sides, “…tour de force of one…” situation that my life had by then become used to.


    “…but be very cautious about doing it, especially if you are a 20-year-old student. Why? Because professors Greenberg and Baumgarten are very likely to retaliate against you, and they might well get students to work you over as well. After you graduate, they could text a potential employer or graduate school advisor warning him to stay clear of this Nazi. We need to think hard about what we tell twenty- or twenty-two-year-olds to do. ”

    This is where, in my opinion, as a ten year old boy, my Secretary of State uncle and other well placed relatives failed.
    How was I to know in the 1970’s that the Holyhoax Lie of the Filthy Jews was to become a multi-billion dollar Jew-mind-F#ck designed to psychologically disenfranchise Germans, but now by extension, all Whites, of their desire to fight for the right to live.
    The gravity of the War upon Us should have been made explicitly clear at an even younger age than 20.

    “…My advice to white advocates is to keep your distance from Adolf Hitler.”

    Not so fast…, instead of keeping your distance, simply redirect them to the plethora of peer reviewed, revisionist literature out there
    (.I.e. CODOH, Adelaide institute, TOO [especially for example, the 9 or 10 part series by John Q. Public on the State of Maine and similar articles], Carolyn Yeager(?), etc…)
    without seeming passionately pro or anti Hitler.
    Let the counterbalancing facts speak for themselves and stay out of the fray.
    These days, young people are looking for a way to rebel and Hitler is providing the pathway to catharsis.


    “In the clearing stands a boxer
    And a fighter by his trade
    And he [the boxer] carries the reminders
    Of ev’ry glove that laid him down, …”

    Do not forget the last part of the song…

    …and kept him till he cried out,
    In his anger and his shame,
    I am leaving I am leaving,
    but the FIGHTER still remained.

    Experience in battle counts for more than classroom or gym time.


    While reading the author’s various strategies and tactics for success, it reminds me of the way old school (I.e. pre-Alpha Zero) chess players used to think.

    Old school players relied on art, psychology, hypothesis, classical battle field tactics, and a certain amount of risk hedging among others…

    The computer, Alpha Zero, uses straight mathematics to “cross-calculate” the comparative value of every type of advantage
    (I.e. tempo, material, time constraints, position, etc…, in an ever expanding, “…self-learning…” program) and always trades one advantage off against the other so no matter what the position LOOKS LIKE, as the ending approaches, all its it’s pieces fall into place.

    It is as yet the only fail safe way that Alpha Zero has managed to beat every human on the planet.

  11. vasil
    vasil says:

    a good way to discriminate from “whites” to race counciously whites would be to form indo- european lingustic and cultural study groups in universities that would help us know who we are and what our mission in life is.

    start with the basics:

    Andronovo an aryan tribe building the system that still exist in india.
    Sintashta building the ethno genesis of iranian people that would end up spreading all over the middle east forming the first modern empire.
    Hittites another aryan tribe building a country that alongside egypt would became the most powefull in the bronze age, were the ones who invent iron metalurgy.
    Mitanni and cassites indo iranian elite dominating the rest of the middle east.
    Scythians becoming the king of the steppe and teaching the finno ugric and mongols the way of the life of the steppe.
    Afanasievo and tocharians spreading metalurgy, horse, chariots, apiculture to china that would let them start their girst civilization.
    And of course all of europe was aryanized italic tribes , mycenians and dorians the first civilization of europe.

    let the glory of our ancestors flow throw you

    -there woulnt be a better way of afirming our identity and developing a secret code at the same time that to learn the basic of proto indo european, our primordial language .against the the petty mediterranean slav-nordic disputes lets dig deeper to the root of our colective soul.

    sound too nazi to you?
    well there are hundreds of department across european universities dedicated to study the culture ,language and genetics of proto indo europeans ,the average white advocate studing in university should be smart enought to handle the situation and not end up retrated like those nazi hollywood caricatures.

    misticism should be another part of the puzzle to our awakening understanding organicallly and simbolically our roots and our mision, this part could atract a lot of smart geek guys that are studying hard sciences and engeeniering.if the jews have the old testament we have the vedas whose oldest fragments were wrote in a time were the proto indo europeans were still living in the steppe more than 4000 years ago.its the perfect book to develop a mistic understanding of our world throw sacrifices and rituals.

    the day when every one of us have afirmed his aryan identity its game over ,our colective unconcious alone would guide us to victory.

    we are the legitimate kings of the world its time to stop being afraid of what we are and embrace it in all its glory and responsabilities

  12. Sutter
    Sutter says:

    I don’t really think that activism of any sort is a winning strategy for whites. This is because all activism requires a baseline level of natural public support. If you want to protest McDonald’s for something, it had better be something that people are already predisposed to care about. Your job is to simply shine a light.

    But our cause is different. We are in a massive struggle of morality, ideology, and truth. We are an intellectual movement.

    The movement for white well-being is not so intellectual, but it is a stigma. So the way to organize would be to do it underground. We need semi-secret communities that have explicit and serious policies of non-interference with politics and public life. We then need to make babies like crazy and push ideas in intellectual, philosophical spaces.

    We still have some internal debates to straighten out. We must come to agreement on common but not unanimous stances in our circles such as racism (belief in superiority of certain races), anti-women’s rights, anti-homosexuality, anti-liberalism, and more. When the time comes to break into public life, it will be a debacle if we destroy our own mission because of someone yapping away with half-baked claims about women or black people, when such lines of argument are counter-productive or unnecessary (as I believe they are).

  13. Achilles Wannabe
    Achilles Wannabe says:

    I wish someone would write an essay about what non students can do to organize or should I say just become aware of each other and get together? Increasingly fewer white people will go to college which will be a good thing for their consciousness given who rules liberal arts and social sciences. But most of the rest of us are beyond higher ed anyway. Owing to my recent change in awareness or red pilling I am now never able to talk to anyone off line about anything important anymore. I am afraid I will lose everything if I do. I read about conferences in Norway or the back woods of Tennessee. The sheer isolation one experiences in the red pilled community is enough to drive one out of it. Except I don’t see how one can lose this vision or perception once one gets it.
    By the way, what happened to TOQ Live? I used to think of that as my Monday night conference

  14. P. George Stewart
    P. George Stewart says:

    I generally agree with a strategy of meeting people where they are. It’s a matter of nice judgement whether to use an intellectual battering ram or to use the Socratic method to lead someone gently by the hand, step by step and wait patiently for their own epiphanies. Most people respond best to the latter, but a few do respond well to the former – but that’s probably because they’ve been mulling things over themselves for a long time, and you just happen to come along to say the right “turning word” (as the Zen people say).

    Most people have gone through life constructing their own world model as they go, and even if you think it’s wrong, you have to understand they’re not going to give it up easily, they’re going to fight all the way, tooth and nail. And that’s quite right. It took me 7 or 8 years to give up my youthful socialism and move to classical liberalism, and it took me about 4 years recently to change again. When I argue with people, I can usually see where they are, what compromises they’re making to save face, etc., because I’ve been there myself.

    Curiously, it’s usually people who are used to breaking taboos, transgressive people, who are easiest to convince; they don’t have as much of an internal barrier related to fear of losing status for wrongthink. The ironic double-edged sword there is that what you’re leading them into is a more conservative way of thinking! 🙂

  15. Pat Etheridge
    Pat Etheridge says:

    An excellent, reality-based article. During my college years, grad school, and most of my career in a government agency, I learned that most of what Dr. Griffin is stating is entirely accurate. It’s easy to say, “Jump out there into the crossfire and charge at the enemy’s lines!” when it’s not your nuts that are going to get blown off. When you have spouses, relatives, children, or careers that are going to take hits as a result of your actions, prudence is advised, not an impractical bravado encouraged by people who mean well but aren’t going to pay the consequences for your behavior. We are at this point in this struggle still in a phase involving guerrilla warfare. This doesn’t mean we can’t be very active, but, as we all know, great dangers exist. Measure the potential cost of your actions, then proceed carefully. Act anonymously, if necessary. Use your real identity if it is safe to do so. Sabotage our adversaries without leaving a trail leading back to you. In all things, large and small, push back against the forces assailing us. We can do much, and it is not cowardice to also protect ourselves and those around us. It is pragmatism. The important thing is to do something, as opposed to resigning oneself to despair and doing nothing.

  16. James Clayton
    James Clayton says:

    Frankly, I’d rather not consider whether my behavior appeals to young university White girls except to weed most out. Over the years, I’ve been involved with dogs including promoting them for protection service– schutzhund training and public relations including. And I’ve played a small part in the animal rescue industry and advocate for temperament testing. Temperament dictates as much as anything else in life. http://www.paw-rescue.org/PAW/PETTIPS/DogTip_Temperament.php. My sense is that Dr. William Pierce operated as he preferred, such statements to the contrary notwithstanding, because he probably could have behaved otherwise. For one, I am in my 70s and– while not fighting age, I had dad who was a role model for being one’s own man. At 6-8, a university basketball starter who plowed with horses and mules, like my wife’s father, supported the Harlem Globetrotters when they came to town for exhibition games by playing opposite them. Years later, we’d watched a shorter, less-impressive Meadowlark Lemon on TV together and dad having worked with Blacks all his life always referred to them as “nigras” https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/nigra and clearly understood that’s why they played good ball. Farm work and police work with animals teaches the importance of breeding, recognizing, and taking-into-account temperament. Much of it is breeding– at least the predisposition for it, but there is an environmental component that is sorely lacking in so many, particularly these days, leading to let’s just say less than manly behavior. See https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/obsequious. Entirely too many men aren’t there literally and figuratively, much less actually fathering but, for those with broad-enough shoulders including those who didn’t have manly behavior modeled there is William Pierce.

  17. Seamus
    Seamus says:

    I don’t think this articulates the situation well enough. When my grandparents fought for an independent Ireland, they were willing to sacrifice their lives for it. The cause became greater than their own life. Martyrdom became the highest sacrifice. In my view, this is the same situation facing white people. You have to regard yourself as nothing more than an expendable soldier. You won’t be killed, but your career and future prospects, your standing in the community, your reputation and good name – will be killed. That is the price to be paid. I think this needs to be spelled out, so that people know precisely where they stand. If they cannot do it, no problem, they should not be white advocates.

    • Pat Etheridge
      Pat Etheridge says:

      Theodor Herzl (of whom I am no fan) jump started the Jewish ethnostate by advocating for the creation of a homeland for Jews. He is quoted as having said, “I will state what I believe to be the truth, even if all the world as a result spits on me and shuns me.”

      We can relate to that quote, can’t we? But when you’re unemployed as a result of your activism, and spat upon by your neighbors, and looking into the face of your children, who are being pummeled in school because of the stigma attached to you, such an explanation rings hollow and selfish. Is a strategic caution thus justified? Consider that a child in Florida was recently hospitalized after a savage beating by schoolmates, simply for wearing a MAGA hat. Consider the presumed guilt of the Covington teenagers, who were only guilty of wearing MAGA hats and making eye contact with some black cult members and a loopy Native American. Consider that white people must now fret about what they do with their fingers, lest they be perceived as giving “white supremacy signals” to other whites.

      I comprehend that to do nothing is to impoverish our children anyway; they will ultimately become stateless pariahs with ownership of nothing, as we all know. In a dog-eat-dog world, however, consideration about immediate survival nonetheless must usually take precedence. Responding to a similar post that I made several months ago, another reader sneered about my concern for “the care of wet bottoms.” He suggested that ultimately those kinds of concerns would cause most of our sympathizers to remain passive. He may have been correct, but it’s easy to sound the trumpets and rattle one’s saber, when the wet bottom in question belongs to someone else’s child.

  18. TJ
    TJ says:

    Lost me at we need wahmen in the movement. 18-23 year old Women should not be going to university. They should be at home raising kids, far away from politics. This is the same boomer-tier nonsense that has kept us spinning our wheels for decades. Leftists in the 1960s didn’t pretend to be centrists. They were open radicals and everyone knew what they stood for. They took over regardless.

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