Will 2020 See the Emergence of a Nationalist Left?

“The life of the individual is a constant struggle, and not merely a metaphorical one, against want or boredom, but also an actual struggle against other people. He discovers adversaries everywhere, lives in continual conflict and dies with sword in hand.”
Arthur Schopenhauer, On the Suffering of the World

Although Nietzsche seems to be the philosopher of choice for many on the Dissident Right, I’ve always had a soft spot for Arthur Schopenhauer. His cantankerous philosophical pessimism has always struck a chord with my own temperament, and for many years I’ve found his quasi-Buddhist and highly compassionate conceptualisation of suffering to be strangely comforting. That life is a struggle involving endless adversaries and competitors also forms an aspect of Schopenhauer’s philosophy, and this continues to be significant in shaping my political and philosophical outlook. Certainly, it goes without saying that adversaries have never been in short supply for members of the Dissident Right. They are arrayed before us now, emerging from all points of the political spectrum, and often even from within our own ranks. Dissident right political philosophies, more than any other, appear destined to be mired in continual conflict, and I often find it difficult to shake the dark impression that one day I will die, metaphorical sword in hand, with every battle raging but far from won. For this reason, I sometimes permit myself the relief of optimism (a form of cowardice to both Schopenhauer and Spengler), and part of this is the attempt to find allies where formerly one may have seen only foes. This brings me to the subject matter of this essay — recent developments on the Left which appear to suggest the emergence of an anti-globalist, anti-immigration, and anti-Zionist/anti-Semitic politics.

Swedish Communists Wake Up

Just days ago, Sputnik reported on the fact that almost half of the members of the Communist Party in Malmö, Sweden, are resigning. They plan to establish a new workers’ party that no longer features multiculturalism, LGBT interests, and climate change as key policy goals. Nils Littorin, one of the defectors, told a local newspaper that today’s Left has become part of the elite and has come to “dismiss the views of the working class as alien and problematic.” Littorin suggested that the Left “is going through a prolonged identity crisis” and that his group, instead, intends to stick to the original values, such as class politics. Littorin adds “[The Left] don’t understand why so many workers don’t think that multiculturalism, the LGBT movement and Greta Thunberg are something fantastic, but instead believe we are in the 1930s’ Germany and that workers who vote [right-wing] Sweden Democrats have been infected by some Nazi sickness.” In a piece of simple insight previously rare on the Left, he argues that the rise in right-wing votes for people like Donald Trump and Boris Johnson are in fact due to “widespread dissatisfaction with liberal economic migration that leads to low-wage competition and the ghettoisation of communities, a development that only benefits major companies.” Rather than being beneficial to working class Whites, Littorin condemns a “chaotic” immigration policy that has led to “cultural clashes, segregation and exclusion due to an uncontrolled influx from parts of the world characterised by honour culture and clan mentalities.”

Littorin continues to talk sense when it comes to the LGBT agenda. He explains that LGBT issues and the climate movement are merely “state ideologies” that are “rammed down people’s throats”. Littorin adds that phenomena like these happen at the expense of real issues, such as poverty, homelessness, and income equality: “Pride, for instance, has been reduced to dealing with sexual orientation. We believe that human dignity is primarily about having a job and having pension insurance that means that you are not forced to live on crumbs when you are old.”

As well as prioritising jobs and pensions over the flamboyant celebration of buggery, Littorin and his colleagues have pledged to abandon the name and ethos of Communism, describing it as a

word drawn to the dirt, a nasty word today, and not entirely undeservedly. In communist parties, there is this risk of elitism, self-indulgence, and a belief that a certain avant-garde should lead a working class that does not know its own best interests, instead of asking people what they want. 20th-century Communism died with the Soviet Union, it has never been successfully updated for the 21st century but has been stuck in 100-year-old books.

Curiously, events in Malmö have been mirrored somewhat in broader Swedish Left politics, with Markus Allard, the leader of the left-wing Örebro Party, expressing similar thoughts in an op-ed titled “Socialists don’t belong to the left,” accusing the mainstream left of completely abandoning its base, switching from the working class to “parasitic grant-grabbing layers within the middle class.”

British Socialists Reinvent Themselves

Almost simultaneously, an identical process is occurring in Britain with George Galloway’s announcement of a new Workers Party of Britain. At the time of its launch Galloway described the party as “hard Brexit and hard labour,” and added: “If you’re a liberal who thinks it’s Left if you’re still pining for the EU, if you think shouting “racist,” “homophobic,” “transphobic” at everybody who doesn’t agree with you is the way forward, we’re probably not for you.” Galloway’s pro-Brexit stance is rooted in his belief that the modern British Left “have no vision for an alternative to rampant neoliberalism and a deindustrialised, finance-led, low wage economy, they calculate the best way to make this work is within the EU.” He argues that the cosmopolitan leadership of the Labour Party in particular “think we are some kind of uncivilised tribe, painting our faces blue, and only able to vote in a right-wing government,” a view he finds “not only deeply insulting, but also self-defeating and overly optimistic about the EU.” On immigration, Galloway argues that there is “nothing left-wing about unlimited mass immigration. It decapitates the countries from which the immigrants leave, and drives down wages in those where they arrive. The wealthy benefit from it, as they can afford cheap labor for their companies, or cheap au-pairs, cheap baristas, cheap plumbers. But the working class suffers.”

Galloway has also stressed that his new party will strongly pursue anti-Israel politics, and is fully committed to opposing the IHRA definition of antisemitism.

Galloway and the Workers Party of Britain have also taken a stand against the more extreme forms of LGBT indoctrination, particularly the mass promotion of transgenderism. Galloway, who has previously been attacked by a self-styled “trans anarchist” while giving a speech, is here following the lead of the pro-Brexit Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) which recently published Identity Politics and the Transgender Trend: Where is LGBT ideology taking us and Why does it matter? In this text, and other articles on the party’s website, including this very interesting speech denouncing transgender ideology as anti-materialist and anti-scientific, the argument is made that

Biological differentiation between male and female is a real thing. It doesn’t just exist in humanity, it exists in many species throughout the natural world. Sexual reproduction is a natural biological process that has persisted in nature due to the diversity it engenders; it is a phenomenon encountered in the natural world. And let’s not forget how this debate impinged upon us. We’ve been following this ideological trend, and encountering identity politics (idpol) among supporters and candidates for membership of our party, and amongst people we’ve been working with for at least four or five years. Because idpol has become a fashion in that period. And it is a fashion; it is a trend. And it suddenly — from being very marginal to certain academic institutions in the 1970s — became mainstream globally worldwide; it was actively promoted. Not promoted by communists, not by socialists, but picked up on and accepted by many of them, because they are led by, and they blindly followed, bourgeoise society down this dead-end. There is a group of self-proclaimed ‘socialists’ who are not actually any longer fighting against our oppression, they’re fighting against reality!

The Left in Crisis?

None of these developments are entirely surprising and, in fact, the argument could be made that they are the inevitable side effect of what Nils Littorin termed the Left’s prolonged “identity crisis.” The endorsement and promotion of multiculturalism and its sex-politics corollaries never did make much sense within the framework of rational critiques of capitalism, and the tension between the nominal desire for working class solidarity and divisive pseudo-Marxian doctrines (e.g. Whiteness Studies) designed to mobilise imported ethnic factions against the largest section of the working class (blue-collar Whites) was always destined to bring about significant stress fractures when Leftist fortunes began to decline.

And decline they have. Of course, we have to set aside rampant ideological and cultural success. Figures and cliques operating under the banner of social equality and eternal progress continue to hold the reins of power in government, academia, and the mass media. But the Left is without question currently subject to a period of political decline. It’s losing votes, and more important, it’s fast losing hearts and minds. I should also add that they aren’t losing them to right-wing ideas, but to the hollow shells of right-wing ideas (Free Enterprise! Build the Wall!) and to the charismatic globalist play-actors who promote-these ideas like salesmen selling used cars or aftershave. White working-class people are voting for free enterprise without hesitation while Jewish vulture capitalism operates with impunity under that very banner, destroying their towns, exporting their jobs, and repossessing their homes. The same people vote for a wall they’ll never get—and would never really solve the problems resulting from capitalism or ensure a majority White future. And they do it not because of concern about identity or racial destiny, but in the same way one might decide to install CCTV in a grocery store — the ever-elusive Wall will never be built so long as it represents nothing more than the aspiration to protect mere inventory. The hollow men of the pseudo-Right-wing offer flimsy placebos, and yet the political Left, supposedly the historical repository of hard materialism, can’t seem to compete.

There’s been a scramble to blame the situation on a lack of charismatic leaders, disunity, a lack of attractive policies, and even the idea that the European Left made the fatal mistake of trying to meet the Right on its own turf by “flirting with closed-border nationalism or neoliberalism.” But the real reason is surely the fact the Left has consistently alienated and browbeat working class Whites, while slowly revealing itself to be an elite-run clique of cosmopolitans, who are living the high life while waxing lyrical about oppressions that are rarely real and often imaginary, and in any case never affect them personally. Added to this is the fact Leftist ideology has become so convoluted and contorted, with the square-peg doctrine of Marx endlessly forced into new and increasingly abstract circular and triangular holes, resulting in Marxist interpretations of such ephemera as graffiti, pop music, and drag queens, all of which strike the average blue-collar worker as a steaming pile of effeminate middle-class navel-gazing. All this plays out as young yet dithering social justice warriors, jobless and senseless, search for oppression like an old lady with dementia searches for a purse she hasn’t owned in 20 years. As the pundits split hairs, I look on, and it occurs to me rather simply that right now the pseudo-Left-wing liars aren’t quite as good as the pseudo-Right-wing liars.

Are These Rebels Potential Allies?

When I was around 11 years old, my mother made a new friend, a Scottish woman in her 30s, who always struck me as very strange. It was her eyes. I didn’t know at first what schizophrenia was, though I would soon find out. One day she arrived at our house and, recognising her, I opened the door and welcomed her in. I called to my mother, who was upstairs, and made small talk with the Scottish woman, who, standing still and staring right at me, seemed perfectly cheerful and articulate. She asked about how I was doing at school, and we talked a little bit about science, which she seemed to know a lot about. It was only after a few minutes that I noticed the smell and deduced that the woman had fouled herself. By the time my mother arrived, the Scottish woman had descended into a stream-of-consciousness gibberish that culminated in her attempting unsuccessfully to retrieve a knife from the kitchen before running from the property. She’d simply stopped taking her medication. We later discovered she was found by police that night, dancing and weeping with bare, bloody feet in a nearby graveyard, wearing nothing but a nightgown and proclaiming to the dead that she was God, distraught at the death of the crucified son.

The episode has remained with me now for over two decades, shaping my perceptions of reality, relationships, and trust. Here it suffices only to remark that the insane talk sense at times, even as their psyche shatters. And if we dig deeply enough into the statements of these moderately “awakened” Leftists, do we yet see signs of madness? A look again at the statement from the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist), along with some reading between the lines, suggests something decidedly off. Yes, “biological differentiation between male and female is a real thing.” Of course it is. But so is biological differentiation between races, and yet here our erstwhile British hardcore materialists, currently led by a full-blooded ethnic Indian named Harpal Brar, decide to fight against reality. On that note, we should add that Brar’s daughter, Joti Brar, has been announced as George Galloway’s deputy leader at the “hard Brexit and hard labour” Worker’s Party of Britain. Galloway, it’s worth adding, has been married four times, with three marriages to non-Whites (Palestinian Amineh Abu-Zayyad in 1994, Lebanese Rima Husseini in 2007, and ethnic Indonesian Putri Gayatri Pertiwi in 2012). So for all his protestations of being against mass migration, one gets the distinct impression that Galloway is a committed multiculturalist and that his party will be internationalist in every meaningful sense of the term.

If there is any hope for some sanity in this camp of frustrated Leftists it is for the simple reason that these small new pockets of reason are for the most part free of Jewish influence and all the intellectual distortions such influence entails. In a 2018 essay titled “On “Leftist Anti-Semitism”: Past and Present,” I considered the gradual shift of Jews away from the hard Left due to growing anti-Zionism, and their growing confinement in centrist neoliberalism:

Jewish blindness to their privileges, genuine or feigned, is of course one major cause for the undeniable friction between Jews and the modern Left. It was perhaps inevitable that foolish but earnest egalitarians on the Left would come to the slow realization that their ‘comrades of the Jewish faith’ were in fact not only elitists, but an elite of a very special sort. The simultaneous preaching of open borders/common property and ‘the land of the Jewish people’ was always going to strike a discordant note among the wearers of sweaty Che Guevara t-shirts, especially when accompanied so very often by the cacophony of Israeli gunfire and the screams of bloodied Palestinian children. Mass migration, that well-crafted toxin coursing through the highways and rail lines of Europe, has proven just as difficult to manage. Great waves of human detritus wash upon Western shores, bringing raw and passionate grievances even from the frontiers of Israel. These are people whose eyes have seen behind the veil, and who sit only with great discomfort alongside the kin of the IDF in league with the Western political Left—the only common ground being a shared desire to dispossess the hated White man. For these reasons, the Left could well become a cold house for Jews without becoming authentically, systematically, or traditionally anti-Semitic. One might therefore expect Jews to regroup away from the radical left, occupying a political space best described as staunchly centrist — a centrism that leans left only to pursue multiculturalism and other destructive ‘egalitarian’ social policies, and leans right only in order to obtain elite protections and privileges [domestically for the Jewish community, internationally for Israel]. A centrism based, in that old familiar formula, on ‘what is best for Jews.’  

As seen in the recent clash between Jews and the UK’s Labour Party, the political relocation of Jews to a kind of amorphous and opportunistic centrism will bring them into direct conflict with those on the hard Left who not only pursue anti-Zionist politics but also object to manifestations of raw Jewish power like the mass adoption of the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism and the economic abuses of politically ambiguous (neither Left nor Right, but Jewish) oligarchs like Paul Singer. As such, and together with their natural aversion to being part of the Right, Jews will increasingly find it difficult to define themselves politically as anything other than Jews, leading to the increased visibility of their activities and interests — something witnessed in the unprecedented step of Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis openly calling for British Jews to move against Jeremy Corbyn. This increased visibility can only be a good thing for those concerned with Jewish influence, and who have been frustrated in previous periods by Jewish influence masquerading in various political guises.

A potential opportunity, imperfect but perhaps feasible, may therefore be arising whereby White interests could be subliminally or even publicly defended through savvy, nominally hard-Left activism against mass migration (on economic rather than racial grounds), against Israel and international Zionist influence, against some aspects of PC culture, and against the capitalist excesses of the Jewish vulture funds. It goes without saying that Leftist activists don’t receive anywhere near the same level of social, professional, or legal punishment for their activism as those on the Right, especially the dissident Right. I don’t think I’m too wide of the mark in suggesting that an anti-immigration agitator with “Workers Party of Britain” plastered over his social media is less likely to lose his job than someone with public National Front affiliations. It may therefore be worth serious consideration by young activists as to whether they might want to cultivate a kind of “Leftist” mask to defend White interests in much the same way as Jews in the past have adopted various convenient political masks while concealing deeper ethnic interests. I am suggesting a combination of infiltration and masquerade. What matters most is the private motivation and the potential benefits of the ultimate goal — White interests and objectives serving them.

There are, of course, also dangers in supporting such movements. I am not suggesting the investment of serious time and money in these groups, since the risk is great that the majority of their members are committed to a politics that is ultimately antagonistic and destructive to our own ultimate goals. There is also huge potential for betrayal on many of the issues where we might have common ground — immigration, LGBT madness, PC culture — and I find it difficult to shake off the impression that these developments bear the mark of a temporary despair and are designed to dupe blue-collar Whites into voting Left once more.

Still, 2020 may open up a new front in the war, and as the New Year approaches, I’ll silence my inner Schopenhauer and toast to that.

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  1. Michael Moran
    Michael Moran says:

    This is a return to old labour politics, nothing more. Much easier to advance pro white politics within this milieux than amongst the Zionist scum of Britain First, Tories etc.

    • JM
      JM says:

      ‘This is a return to old labour politics, nothing more.’

      Except that the people doing the ‘returning’ have blood on their hands and a political corpse cannot be revived and return to the politics of the – say – the 50’s and 60’s. It will take little time for Galloway and his new fabrication to prove that.

  2. Wael Ahmad
    Wael Ahmad says:

    Being a follower of the Occidental Observer for few months now, and I enjoyed reading the vast majority of the published articles, impressed by it’s brave & moral position on many issues, such as immigration, LGBT & transgender movement, neoliberalism, and most importantly the Jewish powerful influence in spreading all these movements, and the power that the Jews exerts to apply it to their own advantages. But sometimes I cannot help to notice or ignore that some articles goes so far in adopting the pro white position so extremely that it’s can be compared and indistinguishable from the Jewish extremist’s stance with their race, and their claim of choosiness, specially when this article claims that not only the biological differences between male & female exists, but also between the races, this claim is scientifically false, as false as the Jews are the only humans and gentiles are animals in human shape, Humans can differs in cultures, IQ, color of skin, face and body features & characteristics, but humans of different races can mate and reproduce normally,

    I wish that the rightful and justifiable defense of the white people in their homelands and communities, will not go as far as raising them above the other humans, this is wrong, amoral, and dangerous.

    • Harbinger
      Harbinger says:


      You state:

      “But sometimes I cannot help to notice or ignore that some articles goes so far in adopting the pro white position so extremely that it’s can be compared and indistinguishable from the Jewish extremist’s stance with their race, and their claim of choosiness, specially when this article claims that not only the biological differences between male & female exists, but also between the races……”

      There is clear differences between the races and it has very much been scientifically proven. The only problem of course is that when the powers that be are promoting the complete opposite, into pushing the world’s peoples to destroy their nations by procreating with everyone and turning the world into one, homogeneous blob, then any papers written on the subject, not only don’t make it into the main stream and academia, but the authors most likely lose their jobs and subsequently blacklisted.
      The most obvious example of racial difference is the fact that blacks, in the USA (and the rest of the west, for that matter) are vastly over-represented in the world of sport and athletics. There is absolutely no discussion on the reality that blacks gravitate towards these careers, due to their propensity and natural ability, but when you state the same to whites and academia, you’re immediately branded a racist.

      The simple answer to understanding that there very much is difference between the races is success, none more so than civilisation. Blacks have achieved nothing in comparison to the European, Middle Eastern and Asian peoples in regards to civilisation. To put it bluntly Wael, if the Europeans had never gone into Africa, guaranteed, it would still be living in the stone age today, with the whole continent housing a people no different to the Masai or one of the non contacted tribes of South America.

      Fact is fact. There is, always has been and always will be a difference between the races, that is of course if the new world order is destroyed. If not, guaranteed, world miscegenation, intermixing with blacks will continue the plummet of the world’s IQ.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      I don’t want to speak for Andrew Joyce. He hasn’t asked me to, and certainly doesn’t need me to.

      So, speaking for myself, I would say that you have made a rush to judgment out of confusion.

      And that could be because you’re a little touchy on the subject.

      I think anyone under 50 has been raised to be touchy on the subject, exactly so they become incapable of healthy emotional detachment, thereby making intellectual insight impossible.

      This is my impression of your comment.

      Because the rest of your comment and your other comments which I have read and admired are the proof I would offer that, when it comes to this issue, you jumped the gun, so to speak and rushed to judgment based on a misunderstanding.

      The bottom line is, from a personal point of view, race and race mixing might be pretty straight forward, ie; it’s either something one is for, or one is against.

      But from a larger social context it can become a very complex and heated topic indeed. For this reason it helps to a clear head so as not to indulge in misrepresentation.

      • Richard B
        Richard B says:

        The #1 objective of TOO in general, and I think Andrew in particular, is White Interests (see TOO’s Mission Statement), not White Exceptionalism, White Elitism, White Supremacy, or any of the other smears coming from what I refer to as

        Jewish Supremacy Inc. (JSI)

        And it is JSI that has made the discussion of White Interests so important.

        No JSI, no need for TOO.

        Looking at the comments of this article over at The Unz Review I read Ron Unz’s response to the article in which he referred to Andrew rudely and dismissively (ie; behavior typical of JSI) as a “WN-type.”

        To which I responded that Ron’s comment ignored the obvious fact that JSI created WN in the first place.

        From their the projection starts.

        Because they are the real supremacists.

        A real supremacist wants three things.

        1. to be placed above criticism
        2. loved (or valued) unconditionally
        3. blindly obeyed

        I know of no person concerned about White Interests who want this for White people. Not one.

        I know of individual parents like this. They’re all over the place, and of all races, including Whites (and Family Systems is a subject very much worth looking into for developing a better understanding of the social roles at play in a larger context).

        But I know of no thoughtful, intelligent White person concerned about White Interests that wants this for Whites.

        I’m not saying they don’t exist. But they aren’t taken seriously, for a reason. They don’t deserve to be. Because they are not representative of what is best in us.

        And the best thing I could say about White people is that they have the strongest Drive Toward Reality, which includes a recognition of their own imperfections and a willingness to use that acceptance as a starting point for continuous learning, change, and growth.

        We are the only people in the history of the world who ever permitted their authority to be criticized.

        Our only mistake was in being to open and trusting to others, because we were convinced they would respect those values, when, as events revealed, just the opposite is true.

        I think sites like this are willing to examine this point, accept it as a mistake, and respond accordingly.

  3. Harbinger
    Harbinger says:

    There will never, ever be a nationalist left. The left, sold out to corporation and banking in the 60’s. They stopped being of the nation they were of and became the purveyors of identity politics. The rights of the LGBTQ+, immigrants, minorities is their rallying cry. Anything right of communism, to them is hate and the more each successive generation passes through the state brain laundries, the more they see hate from the right. They have been thoroughly brainwashed into believing that the reason for all the wrongs in this world are because of white people. They have been brainwashed into believing that LGBTQ+ is perfectly natural, normal and moral behaviour. They have been brainwashed into believing that the human race are all the same with no sub-species and that the world should have no borders, with people free to roam and live wherever they so choose. They have been brainwashed into attacking anyone who disagrees with their LGBTQ+, immigration, minority mantra.
    This is the reality here.

    Here in the UK, the Labour party was created in order to fight against unscrupulous landlords, landowners, business owners and the gentry. They fought for the rights of the workers, to be paid a fair wage with job and life security. The aforementioned bodies hated this because it of course, cut into their profits, profits they failed to see were due to the workers’ labour that they employed. The left, pre WW2, along with the right and the centre were all nationalists. They had a love for their culture and their nation. But as stated above, the banks and the corporations got in touch with the left and broke a deal that if they stopped attacking them, they’d support their ‘identity politics’ cause. And the rest is history. The left no longer represents the working man. It is filled with middle and upper class agent provocateurs who seek the utter obliteration of their culture and their nation.

    You’d have to be mad if you think that any nationalism would emerge from the left. In the past we had the centre, which moved left into socialism and then into communism. Socialism, technically no longer exists. We simple have the centre and communism now. Anything right wing of anyone in the left’s beliefs is a nazi, fascist, hater, white supremacist, racist, homophobic xenophobe. We now, simply have the left vs the right. The centre has technically vanished. We now have the climate, ready for civil war, as was the intention all along. Keep the people busy and away from the workings of the men behind the curtain.

  4. Lorenz Kraus
    Lorenz Kraus says:

    I’m on the ballot in New Hampshire as a 2020 Democratic party presidential candidate.


    I’m self-funding using a digital asset of 10 billion units that will be turned into US currency, once I’m president. That’s post hoc public funding with access to the funds now. That gets Zionist money out of politics and has the potential to create and fund an independent media. Anyone else who would like to run for office or do media should get in touch: team@kraus2020.com




    The only way to beat a FAKE NATIONALIST, like Trump, is with GOOD FAITH NATIONALISM.

    America took Donald Trump to the prom, but he went home with the Dancing Israelis.

    A progressive socialist-first attack will not put Trump on the defensive or win the middle. Calling him out as a fake nationalist will. That’s the unexpected attack the GOP is not prepared for; an attack none of the DNC candidates can or have tried to make; and must be paid not to make. That would make the election about who is the better nationalist.

    Unfortunately, progressives don’t comprehend this. They aren’t nationalists. They over-estimate their appeal. Only half of all democrats are liberals; progressives are a fraction of liberals, which is why Sanders hovers at 15-20%. The Bern only goes so far; within the progressive echo-chamber. Once you bring up mass murder communism and show pics of Bernie Sanders drinking vodka in Moscow during the Cold War, it’s over.

    The Young Jerks, funded by Jeffrey Katzenberg’s $20 million, push everything that repels the heterosexual married-voter. That dooms democrats. A progressive should be defined as a person with revulsion to the power of usury, Zionist-wars, and the RULING SCUM’s subversion tactics of deception and degeneracy (which is what the tranny fest is all about, to sh*t-wash critiques of the power of usury). That’s the only way to have credibility and make progress.

    Galloway, the communist who worked with Jewish terrorists in South Africa to bring in communism, must be hinting that we’ve reached Peak-Tavistock. The ruling scum has begun a contrived move from the top to normalcy; while letting Europe choke on its ongoing “suicide” of infinite equality, initiated by the FAKE STATES, imposed on them by the British empire.

    To get us out of the death spiral, we need to disband those fake states. They only way to disband them is by disbanding Washington Deceive. That’s why I am running for president to dissolve the presidency. You delegate the administration into regional governments; and effectively forfeit WWII. That’s the only way for Europe to survive. It’s that or the murder of Europe by the hands of America.

    Good faith nationalism beats the Jewish billionaires (Bloomberg/Steyer), the Jewish “bolshevik” (Sweat Hog Sanders), Zionist (Biden), and Deep State Rhodes Mafia (Buttigieg, Booker, Tulsi, and Warren). If only that message could get through.

    If you want to make money and get involved, get in touch. Anyone with a Youtube channel who wants support get in touch. Need a small team of activists to break through. Thanks.

  5. Trenchant
    Trenchant says:

    From Thatcher on, every administration has overseen an increasing centralization of power allowing easier manipulation by special interests. Any effective, long-term strategy will come from local activism and networking. Bottom-up resistance against top-down domination. The complexion of the top is a distraction.

  6. Achilleas
    Achilleas says:

    A very insightful and interesting article.I totaly agree with it’s assessment of the situation.Congrads.

  7. 9593
    9593 says:

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive” – from Sir Walter Scott’s “Marmion”, a romantic poem. The Zionist epic is a bad piece of software that contains so many lies that it is no longer possible for the operators to predict what outcome will result from a proposed action. The objective is to bleed assets from a civilization in a stealthy manner. But no man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar. (Abraham Lincoln). Eventually, the Electorate catches on. In which outcome, Israel is the proposed venue of escape.

  8. Transvaal Boer
    Transvaal Boer says:

    “[T]he hollow shells of right-wing ideas” – couldn’t have put it better myself. In general, dr. Joyce describes a very queer phenomenon (no pun intended). Although it probably should have been foreseen decades ago. And that is the hardcore bolshevists rebelling against the GloboHomo initiative as described in the article. One should keep in mind that Cultural Marxism was founded upon this idea. By way of “soft”/cultural Marxism, in the guise of projects like the promotion (and eventual celebration) of feminism, sodomy, the Holocaust™ industry, and miscegenation, it was possible to “soften” traditional White Christian peoples to more easily embrace “true” Marxism. This is indeed ironic.

  9. Eric
    Eric says:

    We need a political program that will appeal to working class whites. They are our main constituency. White libertarians will have to learn to live with the idea of closed borders, fair trade and a generous safety net paid for by higher taxes on the top 10%. Working class whites are not going to settle for less, nor should they. And none of us, regardless of ideology, should accept multiculturalism, Jewish influence, and mass Third World migration.

    Unfortunately, such a political program is only feasible within the context of an already-existing white ethnostate. That is, it would be counterproductive to promote generous social programs that benefited non-whites as well as whites, immigrants as well as citizens. Europe might be able to pull it off by immediately closing its borders to further Third World immigration. But it’s too late for the United States.

    The unfortunate fact is that it doesn’t matter what your political position is in the United States anymore. There is no political solution at all for whites in this country. That horse escaped from the barn a long time ago. All we have left is the red pill. All we can do is try to get whites to recognize their peril, see who their enemies are, and defend themselves. We can do that in any political party. So I agree with Dr. Joyce. By all means, infiltrate.

    • Carpenter E
      Carpenter E says:

      “They are our main constituency.”

      Always funny to hear amateur declare that you and your fellow workers are “the main constituency” and “the ones who are against immigration”.

      Here’s the reality, from the actual numbers: Nationalist parties are always started by middle-class men from the Right. The vast majority of their activists are middle-class men from the Right, while the workers in the party prefer to do almost nothing. The majority of their voters come from the Right.

      Regarding the examples in the article, Sweden and Britain, these facts are completely true for the Brexit Party and the Swedish Democrats. It’s the same in the rest of the West. Looking at the U.S., which presidential candidate opposed immigration? The one from the Right. Who made up most of the activists working for him? Middle-class people from the Right.

      Workers are people who were too lazy to study in school, and when they grow up they vote for the party that promises to steal from their former classmates, the ones who studied and got an education and made something of themselves, and give it to the lazy asses instead. They have known for generations that the parties they voted for were anti-British and anti-Swedish, and they applauded it. I have seen workers for decades spit at patriotism and “racism”. They applaud mass immigration as it brings them allies.

      Now some of you change your minds, and in true socialist fashion you blame the people you have been robbing by voting for the parasite parties. Despicable. But lying is at the core of socialism, ever since it was invented by the anti-White Karl Marx and his co-ethnics.

      • Leon Haller
        Leon Haller says:

        First rate observations, Carpenter E. I LMAO at these posturing leftists – and their pathetic, hang-dog white “nationalist” new-minted supporters trying to be working class “hip” with the hopes of getting some “free” [to them, not to REAL working men] socialist cash.

        You are so correct about the social and class origins of post-WW1 (the Great Calamity that erased the Old Regime and began the descent of the West) nationalist parties and anti-invasionism activism. My family is Middle-American Southern Californian (Orange County). My late dad was a combat veteran of the Pacific War who remained in CA after 1945, going to Stanford, then UCBerkeley for his scientific PhD, after which he went to work in industry, when SoCal HAD leading technical/manufacturing industries. We were very upper-upper-middle class (dad rose to a near CEO executive position with a Top 1000 company). They, despite raising four kids, were very involved with the John Birch Society when I was a little boy in the 60s, and then moved on to early involvement with the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in the 70s, when I began my life of involvement in the fight against the Invasion. ALL of the FAIR volunteers I can recall were solidly middle to upper-middle class. I don’t recall any “proletarian tough guys” out there passing flyers, going to meetings, etc. I went on to one of the Ivies in the 70s/80s, and then grad school. I did a lot of volunteer stuff on the anti-immigration front in the 80s-90s (though by around 2000 – and definitively no later than Obama’s reelection in 2012 – I concluded that my America was doomed, and could only be saved via pro-White ingathering within the USA, followed by ethnostatist secession).

        The precious “working class” has generally been utterly worthless in the fight to save our people. Their only value thus far has been to aid fellow whites behind bars (if they are there as well). My experience of the working class is that they generally do not give a s— about patriotism, America (and I suspect Britain or France or Germany, etc, too), the Constitution, or anything beyond getting their paychecks and getting drunk and getting “l—“. This does not mean most are in any sense actual race traitors (most of whom seem to come from the middle and upper classes) – though I would say that, like whites generally across all classes, there are many patriots and some traitors, but most are just “apathists”.

        I think intellectuals of all persuasions have a tendency to romanticize groups foreign to themselves. Recall how the stupid orthodox Marxists thought workingmen at the outbreak of WW1 would put their class “allegiances” above nationalism, and so not fight. Now today, various nationalist intellectuals, disgusted at white bourgeois weakness, look at more traditionally masculine blue collar workers and think that these will be the fighters we desperately need (assuming they can be first “awakened”, that is, have their Marxian “false consciousness” removed so that they will perceive racial realities).

        The problem, whether of IQ or education or moral character, is that most working class souls, even otherwise good men, lack real imagination and true patriotic self-sacrificial attitudes. Most working class men care only about narrow things; specifically, what affects them directly, and immediately. Talk to a “worker” and see for yourself. As long as they are not directly threatened in some way – they have their paychecks and pubs – they might grumble at the “wogs”, “n——“, etc, but they will not be roused to do anything about it. And in most (though not all cases), the working classmen will accept longer term racial/national dispossession in exchange for some kind of visible and near term economic benefit.

        If leftist parties are losing white working class allegiance, it is indeed mostly due to their treating these people like garbage as they hustle for PoC votes (and embrace bizarrities like the LGBTQ agenda and anti-jobs “climate change” scam).

        Finally, let no white nationalist be under the slightest illusion re Trump’s support. It is NOT “national populist”, except at the margins. Core Trumpers were people exactly like me: middle class or higher, educated, mostly secular (or at least not Bible-thumpers), and overwhelmingly full-spectrum conservative Whites who understand that the Diversity Invasion threatens us and all we cherish. Many post-2016 academic studies have corroborated this. Very few Trumpers were true “national populists” –> persons who reject Diversity but just love Big Nanny State Government and socialist welfare programs (ie, ones that our type in particular mostly pays for; the dreaded Top 1% pay a hugely disproportionate share of total taxation, but there just aren’t enough of them to really squeeze; it’s the upper middle class that pays the lion’s share, and always will).

        See also my lengthier comment on this thread below.

        • Eric
          Eric says:

          “Core Trumpers were people exactly like me: middle class or higher, educated….”

          Just looking at the demographics of Trump voters shows that you are wrong. Google “demographics of trump voters”. The first thing that comes up is a Pew Research study.
          Whites are broken down into “college grad” and “non-college grad.”

          64% of non-college-educated (working class) whites voted for Trump. Only 38% of college-educated whites voted for Trump.

          So much for working class whites “not” supporting Trump and middle class (and above) whites “supporting” him.

          You guys crack me up. I’m almost inclined to think you are disinfo agents out to confuse the goyim. But I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and just say that your ideology has cut you off from reality.

          The working class might not show up to pass out leaflets. But the blue collar guys with guns and military experience will save your asses when you have nobody (including yourselves) to defend you.

          When whites attack other whites on the basis of class (or anything else) at a time when whites need to unite, I think people have a right to be very suspicious about their motives and their claimed white identity.

          • Leon Haller
            Leon Haller says:

            You either didn’t closely read or understand my comment. I was truly referring to “Core Trumpers” – not which demographic mostly voted for him. And your stats are wrong: I saw multiple post-election analyses showing that Trump won every single class-based white demographic (of course, one can divide up the electorate in ways that would show him losing many white groups: “white liberals”, “white gays”:, “white government workers”, etc).

            The core of Trumpism is white, middle class conservative (nb: people can be middle class without a college degree), not white, working class, economic leftist. My grandfather (no college) was a WW1 vet. My highly educated father was a WW2 vet. My uncle with two Master’s degrees, was a career military officer and Vietnam vet. I have a couple of friends who served and have graduate degrees (real ones, from prestige schools).

            Beyond all this, my larger point was that, in America, rightist politics has not usually arisen from within the working class. That is a factual assertion. And so this situation is still today. I am pro-white working class. I have been accused by colleagues of having a “blue collar outlook” (mainly due to my reactionary politics). I have been involved in much Hard Right activism centering on anti-immigrationism. I worked hard for Pat Buchanan in the 90s, esp 1995-96.

            I absolutely repeat: blue collar whites may well be moving to the nationalist right (as I stated above), but the core of the America First nationalist movement has been middle class self-styled conservatives.

          • Eric
            Eric says:

            My point stands. 64% of working class whites voted for Trump. Only 38% of college-educated whites voted for him.

            “….your stats are wrong.” No, they are right. I’ve cited a poll by Pew Research. You’ve cited nothing.

            There is no inconsistency between Trump getting most of the white vote and Pew’s statistics. It all depends on the relative size of the two groups — college educated vs. working class.

            It’s time for you to face the fact that most middle and upper class whites don’t agree with you. And that’s probably not going to change in the near future.

            The natural constituency for white nationalists is working class whites. They bear the brunt of affirmative action-style discrimination against whites and males. They are the ones who have to compete the most with immigrants (both legal and illegal). They are the ones who have seen their wages declining and have experienced whole industries being shut down. They are the ones whose jobs were the first to be offshored and sent to other countries.

            In politics, you have to offer people something. All you offer working class people is insults. Until that changes, white nationalists who lean right when it comes to economic policy are only going to do one thing — lose!

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        You sound like a Jew.

        “Dumb lazy goyim cattle”….”dumb lazy white workers.”

        I’ll bet you’ve never gotten your fingernails dirty and done an honest day’s work in your life — the kind of work that leaves you sweaty, sore and bruised.

        And you misread my comment. I said our natural “constituency” is white workers, not that movement instigators and leaders would necessarily be white working class people. Workers have to work. They don’t have the time or energy to get involved in politics.

        You also ignore the obvious fact that Trump would not have won without the white working class voters who had previously voted for Obama and Clinton, hoping that they would actually do something for them.

        “Workers are people who were too lazy to study in school.” Yes, you must be a Jew to make a comment like that. Or at least, you think like a typical Jew.

        Let me clue you into something. 1) We only need so many doctors, lawyers, college professors, engineers, etc. We can’t be a society of “all chiefs and no Indians.” 2) Not everybody wants to work in such fields, even if they have the intelligence to do so.

        To dismiss such people as lazy and as losers is pretty creepy in my opinion. It is only thanks to them that you have so many things you take for granted: heating, cooling, gas, electricity, sanitation, food, clean water, etc.

        Even a king in the Middle Ages would not have shown the contempt that you show for what you regard as “the lower orders.” If you claim to support white people, you are a liar.

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        Interesting that my reply to Carpenter E, which I made two days ago, hasn’t appeared “yet.”

        So I’ll take another stab at it.

        Carpenter E:

        1) “…you and your fellow workers…” I talked about the white working class being our “natural constituency.” I have no idea where you get “you and your fellow workers” from that.

        2) It was working class whites in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin who enabled Trump to win. They finally understood that the Democrats would do nothing for them and that immigration was hurting their jobs and wages.

        3) “Workers are people who were too lazy to study in school…” Says the guy who takes for granted the food, fresh water, electricity, gasoline, sanitation, central heating, central air conditioning, plumbing, etc., provided to him by “lazy workers”.

        We only need so many doctors, lawyers, engineers, executives, etc. We can’t be a society of “all chiefs and no Indians.”

        And not everyone wants to do those jobs even if they have the ability to do them.

        Your condescension towards the white working class tells me that you are not pro-white.

      • Richard B
        Richard B says:

        Carpenter E

        Attacks the working-class and calls himself “Carpenter.”

        You write like a JIDF Troll.

        It’s bad enough that your comment was

        falsely premised
        poorly argued
        erroneously concluded.

        But that you present something so dumb as if it’s the absolute truth it makes you even more of a clown that you already are.

        Now on your bike girl.


        Leon Haller

        It says everything about you that you refer to the Carpenter’s comments as “First rate observations.”

        Then again, when it comes to [redacted], like holds to like.

  10. Margo
    Margo says:

    You may also want to check out Derrick Jenson (Leftist eco warrior) who today published a video about the “teaming hordes” migrating to our nations, making the point that its the fault of capitalism that theyre doing so -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APnXVe600hM&t=2s

    I get the distinct impression that he would prefer everyone to pretty much stay where they belong.

    • Leon Haller
      Leon Haller says:

      NO, it is the fault of GLOBALISM. That is a very different thing from my running a business living or dying in the free market. Free enterprise truly is the best path to a nation’s maximal prosperity. The literature on this is simply immense. What we did NOT need was the open borders advocated by the Cheap Labor-ites. For 30+ years I have advocated NATIONAL CAPITALISM, or CAPITALISM IN ONE COUNTRY. Capitalism + nationalism = the best path forward.This means we have an internal free market (far more so than what we do have), but we do have public/statist controls not only on ingress (immigration), but also on outsourcing and offshoring. There is no reason we needed to have allowed that in the past, or should continue to do so now. But don’t throw out the baby of prosperity (and I argue the fundamental justice of private property rights and liberty) with the bathwater of internationalism, globalism, and cultural and racial mongrelization.

  11. Peter
    Peter says:

    A very interesting article.

    On a different subject, I wish I knew enough about Ukrainian politics to know who to contact and how, so as to ask if they would accept Dr. Joyce as a guest speaker to speak on this subject. From historian David Irving’s website:

    “Now’s our chance!” Israel urges Ukraine to remove “Nazi” collaborators from its “List of Heroes”– Times of Israel

    YouTube has found it necessary to remove the many film clips of large Soviet crowds (including Slavic priests and nuns) welcoming German soldiers as heroes and friends as the German army entered different cities across the USSR (Minsk, Lviv, Riga, Tallinn and in Russia too) liberating them from murderous Judeo-Bolshevism, opening their churches the communists closed or destroyed and helping the Ukrainians and Russians repair and build homes to live in. Of course, the most important help the Germans provided was freeing these peoples from the mass murder of millions by their Jewish led communist government.

    I used to have the mistaken impression that people know their own history better than a foreigner knows their history, but I continuously meet ignoramuses (here in Ukraine too) that suggest this is not always the case.

  12. Luke
    Luke says:

    My sense is that there will not be a emergence of a Nationalist left.

    Why? Simple answer. The entire left and RINO-Bush-globalist RINO fake right are funded by jewish billionaires. And, they have far too much invested in the White Race Replacement / White Genocide Agenda – which is clearly the #1 top obsession of the virulently anti-White jewish elites. The Hating Whitey propaganda and 24/7, 365 anti-White brainwashing that explodes out of the mainstream media, Hollywood, TV and the print media and which has noticeably increased in temperature and brazenness over the last 3 or 4 decades appeals to millions of disgruntled, resentful, envious, and angry colored minorities and I see no possibility of the left being either willing or able to put this genie back into the bottle.

    In fact, and it pains me to have to admit this, but this anti-White poisonous propaganda has been so effective that America now has millions of White Americans brainwashed into hating themselves and we see Whites tripping over each other to join the jews and the coloreds in their lust to destroy the last remaining vestiges of White America. We have somewhere over 20 White Red State Governors – GOP governors – who are begging the White House to send them more non-white refugees that are being scooped up from the sewers of the Third World and these coloreds will turn their state bright Blue and destroy the GOP’s entire political future.

    I see these almost unbelievable acts of raw racial treason coming from White political leaders, and I can fully understand why the White suicide rate is as high as it is being reported. What I do not understand is the apathy that I get greeted with, whenever I try to bring up this White Race Replacement subject with a few White conservative friends and their attitude is, hey, who cares? I’ll be dead by then and besides, what can I do about it?

  13. Panadechi
    Panadechi says:

    One of the ideological bases of the dissident right should be to teach whites that ethnocentrism is positive, and is related to the positioning of a certain group in support of their interests, empirical evidience proves it in the following link of immigration of Chinese in Southeast Asia and its obvious success due to its ethnocentrism and high IQ. The Jews demonize ethnocentrism since they do not want competition.

  14. RoyAlbrecht
    RoyAlbrecht says:

    Galloway is an idiot…

    BLT+GQ Rights Crowd is there to allow Jews to do a cosmetic he-she or vice versa switch that enables them to:

    1) hide their Jew features more effectively and avoiding the coming “…Hunt to Kill the Jew…” and
    2) accuse anyone who points the finger at the Jew behind the mask as, “…anti-BLT+GQ…”.
    3) keeps the conversation firmly in straw-man territory while the Jew-crux issue remains to be addressed.

    After all, more than anyone else, Jews are disproportionately schizoid or crypto-schizoid when it comes to gender identification.
    What does one expect after millenniums of identifying with sexual deviants,
    stealing or buying, low quality female DNA from non-Jew host populations,
    and requiring ever more complex means of disguising themselves from a Goy population that is becoming Jew-savvy at a rate that the Jew can no longer compensate for quickly enough?

    The Alt-right idiots want to argue that Jew financing of the BLT+GQ crowd is being done to destabilize White societies…,
    when in fact the above are just straw-man arguments used to hide the primary Jew-camouflage reasons for the creation of the sexual misfits.

    Can anyone say: “…Jew dog-meat…” ?

    This is quite funny for me to read…

    Today I drove my 83 y/o Icelandic friend to the hospital for a checkup.
    After the usual 10 hour wait and hour or two of service,
    due to patient overcapacity,
    an under-staffed and probably under-paid…, primarily flawless nursing staff,
    an unbalanced social structure that ensures landless poverty and malnutrition among the masses,
    and a ruling oligarchy of Jews…,
    my friend was to be billed about $200.00 CAD for his short stay.
    Like me, my friend does not shy away from telling crypto-Jews who expect you to bow and scrape before them to…, shall we say…, pound sand…, which he did and left the hospital.
    When I went to pick him up again, the nurses told me that there was never anyone in the hospital that used his name!
    Clearly they were mentally retarded, because I sat attentively by his side finishing a reading a complete book on motorcycle history during the 10 hour wait before leaving.
    It’s like being told that the sky is pink with yellow poke-dots when clearly it is grey!
    I told the nurse she war retarded and asked to speak to a staff member with a brain!
    Then the entire reception staff turned against me…, so I had to let them all “…have it…!
    Finally a nurse who knew me from seeing me waiting/reading next to him appeared before me and clarified the situation.

  15. RoyAlbrecht
    RoyAlbrecht says:

    “…It may therefore be worth serious consideration by young activists as to whether they might want to cultivate a kind of “Leftist” mask to defend White interests in much the same way as Jews in the past have adopted various convenient political masks while concealing deeper ethnic interests. “|

    These days just try and keeping a straight face while randomly throwing issues together as they appear out of a grab bag and defend them with a psychotic passion that verges on retardation.
    Anyone who opposes you can be labeled as a Jew Hater who wants another Holocaust.

    Remember…, anyone who actually partakes in the sh!t-for-issues that passes for political discourse these days (regardless of position…, I.e. Left, Right, Alt, Dissident White, etc. ) may as well be subjected to a completely random compilation of contradictory issues and then told they are Anti-Semetic if they disagree with you in even the slightest way.

    As I was telling the head nurse in the reception area of the hospital that she was mentally retarded in front of her 8 or 9 colleagues,
    for trying to tell me that a friend I spent 14 hours next to in the ward no less,
    while he was getting his attention,
    was never even in the hospital,
    you need to remember, out of the 9 staff who were witnessing my berating, there was at least one member who was covertly nodding her head in agreement with me because she saw me there!
    These Delusional Leftist are being increasingly hated by converts to the Right once within the Leftist crowd.
    Those converts are happy to see me take it to these Self-Righteous leftist Bitchoids that they would never dare talk back to personally for fear of being fired.
    But when all was said and done, the Leftist Bitchoid was wrong and I was correct.
    The Leftist was hence seen just one degree more closely resembling what she actually is and thereby lost one degree more influence over her fearful colleagues after our battle than before.

  16. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    An interesting idea, to use the left as cover for pro white motivations and agitation. Why not. All cards are on the table these days and we might as well subvert their movement to our causes if there is an opening to do so. As for the mushy jewish middle full of dull centrist masses who lean to either the hollow left or hollow right, this will continue to be the dominant social force in society. Not because it’s correct, but because it’s popular and easy, and the masses always do what’s popular and easy. No hearts and minds of sheep will ever be won over by ideologies that require people to think, scratch the surface, put down the remote, stop shopping, do their own research, or heavens forbid, read a small print book. Sadly, this world dances to the tune of the most basic, uncomplicated, unsophisticated ideological music possible, and right now, jews are having their turn as the DJ.

  17. JM
    JM says:

    Galloway has an evil record and anything he cooks up would be designed to co opt working people into voting in their continuing destruction. On the other hand, ‘entering’ such an outfit might educate (by negative example)/harden a group of young nationalists for the construction of a serious nationalist organisation primarily designed to win over large numbers of working people.

    The Swedish organisation might be more promising, but this is something only Swedes could answer.

    But the most interesting point arising from this political flip flop is that a section of the Left is on the run, undoubtedly because the working class is in large numbers connecting their class interests with their elementary national interests.

    Finally, it’s not that socialists shouldn’t defend the elementary right of peoples to live in traditional primarily mono-ethnic nations – indeed many once did – it’s just that virtually all socialist organisations have been, like all other institutions, subverted from within. This really started with the Russian Revolution but the infiltration of Cultural ‘Marxism’ was quite recent.

  18. Michael Moran
    Michael Moran says:

    Some of these comments are hilariously deranged and meandering. Cooks, cranks and life’s failures.


    (Mod. Note: LMAO!)

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      “Some of these comments are hilariously deranged and meandering. Cooks, cranks and life’s failures.”

      A JIDF Troll posts a hit and run ad hominem calling other people “cranks.”

      Notice also that by using the phrase “life’s failures” he actually believes himself to be the standard we all should live up to.

      Right, I want to be like a JIDF Troll crank who posts hit and run ad hominems like a little bitch so delusional she actually thinks we want and need her approval.

      At least comments like Michael Moron’s proves, once again, that The KKK really does exist.

      And it’s not the one The ADL & SPLC manufacture by using The FBI’s database to go fishing for people up for parole, or on probation, or who have cases pending. No.

      The only real KKK in The USA are

      The Kvetching Kosher Khazars.

      You know, like Michael Moron.

  19. Carpenter E
    Carpenter E says:

    “nothing left-wing about unlimited mass immigration”

    Um, sure. Leftists LOVE playing endlessly with -isms and their definitions, jumping from one leaf to another, so they can avoid responsibility for what their fellow gangsters have done. “No, THAT is not REAL leftism!” Or “The Soviet Union wasn’t REAL communism!” Even though it’s been the real leftism, the real communism, for generations.

    The vast majority of Whites are anti-socialist. Even the workers abandoned socialism more and more starting in the 1980s, which is why Margaret Thatcher won four elections in a row after Labour had almost destroyed Britain’s economy by freezing all change. Labour explicitly wrote in a 1980s document that they needed to push for mass immigration to save themselves.

    Likewise, in Sweden – a man who was active locally in the ruling Social Democrats has revealed how they said the exact same thing in the 1980s and 1990s. They knew Swedes were abandoning them, as the old fanatics were dying off. New generations were right-wing. Without mass immigration the Social Democrats wouldn’t have won A SINGLE ELECTION after 2000.

    “But that’s not REAL socialism!” Laughable. Every socialist professor pushes for mass immigration. Every socialist newspaper pushes for mass immigration. Every socialist party pushes for mass immigration. All the socialist Hollywood corporations push for mass immigration. All the socialists in TV news push for mass immigration. Then a few realize that hey, this importing of votes makes my neighborhood worse than I expected – and turn against what they have been actively working for, for decades. And pretend it’s not “real” socialism.

    Socialists always lie. If they wouldn’t lie, they couldn’t be socialists. All the facts are stacked against them, especially in economics, where they almost destroyed Swedens economy in the late 1980s, so the right-wing government in 1992 had to clean up after them – and then the state-owned television blamed the bad economy on the Right, ignoring that they were elected AFTER the crisis started. Because the socialists lost in economics, they have to push for homosexuals, feminists and immigrants. Always with the goal of winning highly paid seats in parliament for themselves. That is the only game they’re playing. The Right doesn’t. The Right consists of people who studied hard and made something of themselves, so they could work with something else. The Left consists of parasites who can only get high salaries through politics. If they have to destroy the country they hate by importing voters, that’s just a bonus. Their anti-British and anti-Swedish propaganda is on levels most outsiders cannot imagine. They truly nurture deep, vicious hatred for the country they are born in, its culture, and especially its history. Distorting every single war in history to make their own country sound as bad as possible. Centuries, millennia back. Everything has to be as bad as they can portray it. While immigrants are good as they are not British, and not Swedish. This is their agenda every single day in every school, every university, every day on television and in the newspapers.

    But – that’s not REAL socialism, right? Oh, hilarious.

  20. Leon Haller
    Leon Haller says:

    I posted this comment at American Renaissance. I think it’s at least tangentially relevant here, too:

    I share Gregory Hood’s deep disappointment with Trump, esp the latter’s numerous unforced errors. Trump is a lousy politician. The Hard Right gets this – and that Trump got elected due to his stances on nationalist issues, not his personal charisma (as Trump seems to believe). Of course, to be fair to Trump, he was beset unrelentingly by enemies from Day 1, and it’s only been his personal defiance and confidence that has led the RINO-GOP basically to back him up. Trump came into office with a lot stacked against him. In a sense, the real non-accomplisher – thank God! – was Obama. For his first two years, he had an all-Democrat Congress, including what Trump did not have: a once-in-a-generation filibuster-proof Senate majority. He could have done a lot more damage than he did. His innate caution saved us.

    What Hood and others of his (I’m very sorely tempted to say “immature”) kind simply do not understand is that Americans in general; Whites in general; and especially Whites who vote, regularly or occasionally, Republican, WANT a booming economy. So what if Sanders and his socialist parasite + eventually bloc-voting nonwhite legions don’t understand economic growth, and just want Marxist redistribution? Trump has to do what HIS base especially, and the American majority generally, want – AND WE WANT A BETTER ECONOMY! We LIKE good employment numbers. We LIKE a booming stock market. We LIKE corporate profitability. We LIKE our businesses making higher profits. And the only way to have achieved this in ANY First World nation is via a return to limited government, pro-private property, deregulatory, and capitalist policies. Capitalism maximizes economic prosperity. This has been proven both deductively/analytically and empirically/historically (and even just in the difference between the Obama and Trump economic records).

    A “big infrastructure bill”? How stupid is Hood? This country has massive deficits, and an exploding National Debt. These are real things, with grave future implications. The last thing America needs is more wasteful spending going into overpaid union pockets. What is needed is a massive series of Federal Government asset privatizations, with the proceeds earmarked solely to pay down debt. Let private parties pay for and profit from mass infrastructure repairs.

    Hood seems to think, moreover, that an economically illiterate “national populist” would have the entirety of the Right’s vote sewn up, and then would just need to move Left economically to win new white voters. He now has Boris Johnson’s victory to point to. But Boris had the advantage of going up against a Third Worldist communist who truly would have wrecked Britain economically as well as racially. Also, he had Brexit, and the public’s weariness of it. If Trump were to move too far Left, either religiously (eg, abandon pro-life – an issue I hate, but which brings the GOP many votes), or economically (say by proposing huge new subsidies for useless higher “education” {Marxoid indoctrination}), he would lose a big chunk of the Right.

    What can Trump do? He needs to propose policies which address rhetorically some of the proletariat’s concerns, but by sticking the Left with most of the bill. Above everything, he needs to STOP TWEETING AND START MASS-EDUCATING. Many GOP issues are winners, if explained correctly. Here are a few:

    1. Propose reducing legal immigrant numbers, and reconfiguring remaining immigration (a moratorium may be a rhetorical bridge too far at this juncture) towards high skills, which would reduce its class warfare aspect, and actually help the economy, esp for the proles (it would also reduce nonwhite immigration while increasing white immigration). Detail the ways he will go about removing existing illegal aliens (who are easily above 20 million). Talk about The Wall in the context of national security, counter-terrorism, organized crime reduction, and contagious disease prevention.

    2. Propose FedGov nationalization of university endowments, with proceeds used to pay off a large fraction of existent student debt. If nationalization cannot pass Constitutional muster, how about a Warrenesque “wealth tax” on the university endowments? Also propose Federal legislation stripping universities of teacher tenure.(If we don’t start breaking up the Left’s absolute stranglehold on the entire education system, we’re done for.)

    3. Propose abolition of Dept of Housing and Urban Development, with property titles to existing public housing units simply given (“tenant-privatized”) to existent tenants. No more FedGov role in public housing. (Long game: HUD schemes combating “geographical discrimination” are a chief method for integrating/destroying still healthy White neighborhoods and communities.)

    4. Propose abolition of Depts of Education, Energy, and Commerce (except for US Patent Office). WE NEED TO SHRINK GOVERNMENT, both as a good in itself and because the FedGov bureaucracy is a bastion of leftist power.

    5. Sign Executive Order banning affirmative action in the US Armed Services – and as many other orders as are necessary to affect every area under Executive Branch control. Then start using the Justice Dept to sue any affirmative action regime in any walk of life: businesses, universities, state governments, etc. Affirmative racism began in the FedGov; its erasure can start there, too.

    6. Take a page from the socialists (I hate this personally, but it would be politically effective, without hurting the economy). Propose a 50% reduction in the hated payroll tax – but then remove the income cap on payroll contributions. Warren and (((Sanders))) are already proposing this (something I’ve thought of for years as a real populist measure), but without reducing the tax rate for working people. Thus, for them it just represents a huge new pool of socialist cash. We on the Real Right do not support either socialism or Big Government, but I think it is OK, both morally and economically, to soak the rich, who today are disproportionately racial/cultural/social liberals, as long as doing so is not an excuse to expand government’s share of GDP. Under my scheme, there would not be much more money flowing to the FedGov from the payroll tax than currently – but the high income wealthy would be paying a much greater share of it. If THAT’s not “Right-populism”, what is?

    7. Propose INDEPENDENT NATIONHOOD for the “dependency” (c’est le mot juste, non?) of Puerto Rico. Leftists salivate at the possibility of PR statehood, with its two new Democrat Senators. We must head this treason off at the proverbial pass. Also, PR is a huge welfare drain on the US Treasury. And how many Puerto Ricans vote GOP?

    All of these proposals would lead to positive outcomes for Americans, and esp White Americans. I think they would be very popular among the latter (along with standard and electorally necessary GOP fare, like pro-military, pro-life, pro-gun, anti-welfare, etc). One thing is certain, however: Trump/GOP must remain the capitalist/economic growth party, and Trump/GOP must do a better job educating the ignorant populace about real economics, as well as the harmful consequences of past and continuing mass immigration.

    My point for posting this comment here is that pro-Whites must encourage/force the Right to steal from the Left’s playbook, whenever electorally (and racially) advantageous – but we should never dissipate our energies trying to convert the Left to race realism. The Left is ultimately based in psychological commitments to utopian egalitarianism, which makes it very difficult for them to accept hierarchies, including racial ones. And our resources are frighteningly limited.

  21. RD
    RD says:

    The sad reality is that the orthodox left is the only political force with some presence outside of the internet that opposes neoliberalism. Most populist parties promote the same deregulation and open markets policies that foster immigration, destroy the middle and working classes, and give more power to multinational corporations that have no allegiance to nations or culture. In order to create a viable political force to stop all this, the left needs to shed some of its more extreme egalitarianism and not be tempted by identity politics (like in the examples this article provides) and the populist/dissident right needs to break with the mainstream right, especially when it comes to its allegiance to neoliberalism and building society around pure profit.

  22. RoyAlbrecht
    RoyAlbrecht says:

    RE: Nils Littorin


    RE: Prince William’s “Earth shot Prize”.


    Can a White Nationalists claim this prize?
    Is Prince William sympathetic to White Nationalism (Race Realism; True Diversity) ?
    If prince Charles is stuck in the Retardation of the Marxist Left, maybe Prince William, with a growing family and thinking well into the future of a UK he will be left to govern, has moved past his father’s Gay, Jew, hedonism and moved closer to the Queen’s Paleo-Conservatism?

  23. Moltas
    Moltas says:

    Good article. The traditional left (fair wages, good working conditions, taxpayer funded healthcare and education, and a safety net for unfortunate and handicapped people) are just normal decent people; likewise the traditional right (law and order, military, national traditions, economic opportunities for gifted and ambitious people) are also just normal decent people.
    It´s the jewish marxism and jewish neoliberalism that is the problem. Even though I mostly lean towards the left I´d rather live in an all white conservative country than in a multicultural leftist country, and, I suspect, the same applies to most normal white lefties.
    This fight between non-neoliberal conservatives and non-marxist lefties (i.e. most normal white people) only helps the jews. Instead of tarring all leftists as marxists and talking about fighting “socialist scum”, I think it would be better to use words like marxist, neo-marxist, or jewish left. There´s a lot of us traditional leftists who are looking for a normal nationalist socialdemocratic option, and we are not your enemy. In these bizarre times we´re in, I think it would be better if we both completely suspended all left vs. right discussions and only focused on the most important things: keeping europe white, calling out jewish treason, and stopping globalism. (Normal left/right discussions only applies to white industrial nation states anyway).

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