Demonizing Daniel: We Shouldn’t Trust Jews Who Oppose the Muslim Invasion of Europe

How’s that for gratitude? In 2006 the Conservative MP Daniel Kawczynski was one of the grovelling goys who staffed an All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Antisemitism and who listened with entirely straight faces as Britain’s richest and most powerful racial minority pretended to be powerless and persecuted victims. When the Inquiry was complete, those goys urged that even more censorship and surveillance be imposed on Britain to defend Jewish power.

Consorting with racists

And who was the chairman of the Inquiry? Why, it was the Labour MP Denis MacShane, who was working hard for Jewish interests in London even as he ignored the White working-class girls being raped, tortured and prostituted by Pakistani Muslims in his Yorkshire constituency of Rotherham. In other words, the Inquiry into Anti-Semitism supported by Daniel Kawczynski was both deeply fatuous and tragically ironic. But Kawczynski’s goy-grovel and dutiful service for Jewish interests in 2006 counted for nothing in 2020, when Marie van der Zyl, President of the Jewish Board of Deputies, loudly condemned his “decision … to speak at a conference [in Rome] featuring far-right European politicians” and demanded that he be disciplined by his own party for appearing with the “anti-semitic” Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán and other racist opponents of Muslim immigration.

Jewish leader Marie van der Zyl pledges to be “a committed ally” of Muslims at an Interfaith Iftar

The Jewish Chronicle backed the Board with a pungent editorial, which said that “by consorting with racists, Daniel Kawczynski sends a clear message that he believes their ideas are legitimate and respectable.” Kawczynski was duly forced into a humiliating “apology” by an “official warning” from the Conservatives, but his critics were not satisfied. As one headline put it: “Jewish and Muslim groups condemn Tory ‘slap on wrist’ for MP who attended ‘festival with fascists’.”

What’s best for Jews?

You can see there how Jews and Muslims act as “natural allies” (the exact words of Jewish anti-racists like Dr Richard Stone) against the interests of Whites and Christians. The Board of Deputies and the Jewish Chronicle still plainly believe in that Jewish-Muslim alliance, but a minority of other Jews now think that Muslim immigration into the West is not in the best interests of Jews. And in fact Kawczynski’s “festival with fascists” was addressed by a famous Israeli academic, the yarmulke-wearing Yoram Hazony (called a “gatekeeper” by VDare), and was partly sponsored by an Israeli think-tank called the Herzl Institute, whose Star-of-David-bearing logo was on prominent display throughout.

Yarmulke-wearing Yoram Hazony

In other words, it wasn’t a “festival with fascists” at all. Of course, the Board of Deputies and Jewish Chronicle didn’t mention any of that Jewish involvement in their condemnation of Kawczynski. They were being dishonest, but Yoram Hazony returned the favour when he defended Kawczynski in an article at Quillette entitled “The British Conservative Party Should Stop Cancelling Conservatives.” Hazony and his co-author didn’t mention the prominent Jewish criticism of Kawczynski, because they didn’t want to draw attention to the central Jewish role in censorship and “cancel culture.” But another Jewish academic, the sociologist Frank Furedi, wasn’t dishonest like Hazony. He openly named and condemned the Board of Deputies in an article entitled “The witch hunting of Daniel Kawczynski”:

Almost overnight, Kawczynski, a respected MP, was transformed by his media and political detractors into the incarnation of xenophobic evil. Very few mainstream commentators and politicians were prepared to stand up to the powerful campaign of vilification directed against him. Very few even asked the question, ‘What did he actually do?’. Instead, the very fact that some media outlets branded him ‘far right’ was enough to condemn him.

Kawczynski’s alleged crime was that he attended a meeting of fascistic European politicians who apparently are in the business of promoting anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. In the words of former Tory Party chairman Lord Pickles, who serves as the government’s ‘special envoy on post-Holocaust issues’, Kawczynski brought ‘comfort’ to ‘racists and extremism’. Pickles claimed Kawczynski had ‘let fellow Conservatives down’.

It is worth noting that Kawczynski himself is not accused of saying anything remotely racist, xenophobic or anti-Semitic. In the eyes of his persecutors, his crime was that he attended a conference with questionable people. In other words, he is guilty by association.

But who is he guilty of associating with, precisely? Some of his persecutors have alleged that he mixed with well-known anti-Semites and therefore he helped to legitimise anti-Semitism and racism. Marie van der Zyl, president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, carelessly waded into the discussion, asserting that the Tories ran the ‘serious risk of the public assuming that they share [Kawczynski’s] views’, unless, that is, they made an example of him. The Guardian and the Independent echoed this sentiment, implying that Kawczynski’s guilt was beyond debate. …

It is a shame that Marie van der Zyl and her colleagues at the Board of Deputies have such a shallow grasp of what anti-Semitism actually means. Even worse, at a time when anti-Semitism is on the rise in many parts of Western Europe, crying wolf about it trivialises the seriousness of the threat faced by Jewish people today. If anyone should apologise as part of this sordid, concocted controversy, it should be Eric Pickles and Marie van der Zyl. (The witch hunting of Daniel Kawczynski, Spiked Online, 10th February 2020)

Dedicated shabbos-goy and pie-eater Eric Pickles

Myself, I would trust Frank Furedi as far as I could throw the famously rotund Eric Pickles, but I have to give him credit for naming and attempting to shame the Board of Deputies and for noting that Pickles is “the government’s ‘special envoy on post-Holocaust issues’.” Furedi didn’t explicitly conclude that Jewish organizations play a central role in censorship and “cancel culture,” but he certainly supplied evidence for others to reach that conclusion.

It’s also interesting that Furedi himself seems to have attended the anti-immigration conference in Rome, because it would surely have horrified him during his days as leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP), a Trotskyist groupuscule that argued for the “rejection of all controls on immigration.” Furedi’s former underlings in the RCP have continued to argue for open borders at venues like Spiked Online, but it appears as though Furedi may no longer believe that open borders are a good way to combat the anti-Semitism that so obviously and deeply concerns him (see his words above).

Viva Italia! Viva Israel!

Anti-Semitism also deeply concerns the Italian politician Matteo Salvini, who had been scheduled to appear at the conference with Viktor Orbán and Yoram Hazony. Salvini didn’t appear in the end, but his views were fully represented there. After all, Salvini strongly opposes Muslim immigration and just as strongly supports Israel. Here’s a translation of part of a speech he made at the Italian Senate proclaiming his love of Israel and blaming anti-Semitism in Italy on Muslim immigrants:

The anti-Semitism of the right, neo-Nazi, neo-Fascist, or of the American/European white supremacist, is our enemy. Similarly our enemy is the anti-Semitism of the left, like the Islamists, like this definition of the modern anti-Semitism, like the red-green alliance. … we are also more concerned with the anti-Semitism that is accepted in some institutions … [like] a European Union that denies its Judeo-Christian roots. A European Union that labels Israeli products produced in disputed territories. A UN which in 2018 dedicated 27 condemnations of Israel in security resolutions, and one against Iran, and not even one on human rights in China and Turkey …

The enemies of Israel are the enemies of civilization and peace. The friends of Israel are the friends of liberty, rights, progress, and peaceful co-existence among peoples, and I remember as one of my greatest satisfactions when, after the meeting I had with Bibi Netanyahu, in a press conference, the Israeli prime minister said, “I have met a friend of Israel.” I am honored, I am honored to be that. And I will fight with all my strength, in all forums inside and outside of the institutions, so that our children and your children never re-live the errors and horrors of the past. Whatever [unintelligible] source or political justification they might have. Long live Italy. Long live Israel. (Matteo Salvini’s Complete Speech on Israel and Jew-Hatred, Gates of Vienna, 22nd January 2020)

I dislike Salvini’s use of the historically baseless term “Judeo-Christian” (giudeo-cristiano in Italian), which was devised in the United States in the 1940s to serve Jewish interests (in another sense, “Judeo-Christian” is a legitimate term in the study of early Christianity). But I don’t think Salvini is a shabbos-goy like Daniel Kawczynski. After all, Salvini said “Long live Italy” before he said “Long live Israel.” I think that a true shabbos-goy would have put Israel before Italy.

Pretending that Jews had no role in Muslim immigration

Nevertheless, Salvini’s praise of Benjamin Netanyahu is a useful warning, just like Daniel Kawczynski’s attendance at the supposed “far right” conference in Rome. We should keep a careful eye on Jewish and Israeli involvement in pro-White, pro-Christian political movements, because those movements might turn out to be not so pro-White and pro-Christian as they appear. Jews like Yoram Hazony and Marie van der Zyl are not really on opposing sides, because Yoram and Marie are merely supplying different answers to a single all-important question: What’s best for Jews?

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  1. LG
    LG says:

    Any “right winger” or “nationalist” who shills for Israel is simply not for real. Any European who does not oppose Jewry in all its forms is of no use and will always end up siding with jews against their own people. The historical mission of the Jews is to conquer and persecute Europeans, and they do so with utmost ruthlessness. One cannot be pro-White and pro-Jew simultaneously, it’s as nonsensical as being pro-health and pro-cancer. The oppressed need to fight the oppressor, not side with it or search in vein for “good” oppressors like Hazony. As long as Jews live in our countries, they are either bad or neutral, but never, ever good.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      The coronavirus manufactured crisis appears to be the grand finale trigger for the globalist ILLuminati jewmasters goyim last phase population reduction agenda .

      See the ” Club of Rome ” 1972 report on overpopulation at Wikipedia .

      See the videos on the ” Georgia Guidestones ” carved in granite stone world population limit on the YouTube channel .

      See the MIC website ”
      that shows an apx two-thirds reduction in the USA population by year 2025
      ; and no explanation for it is given .

    • David Ashton
      David Ashton says:

      Opposition through public legislation and education, following accurate analysis of the actual problems.
      “Kill All The Kikes” is not the solution and advocating it is counter-productive.

  2. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    “The enemies of Israel are the enemies of civilization and peace.”

    Sick, Crazy, and Stupid.

    Obviously, it’s the other way around.

    Israel is the enemy of civlization and peace.

  3. Carly
    Carly says:

    As I understand it, Jewish leaders in the US and Europe believe that Jews are safer in a multi-cultural country where a supposedly potentially dangerous, anti-Jewish, White majority does not rule. They fear another Holocaust, as but one example.

    Is there evidence for their believing that such a multi-ethnic/religious society is protective of Jewish life and power?

    We tend to think of Muslims as being anti-Jewish, but might that be mainly because of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

    Perhaps, aside from that conflict, Jews and Muslims have gotten along in the past especially in the Middle East. I don’t know.

    Do Jewish leaders want Muslims to become a majority in the US and Europe or do they simply want Muslims to be part of a larger multi-ethnic mix?

    I would like to see accurate polling done on this within Jewish communities to learn how they really feel. What % of the population do they want to be Muslim?

    I would like to see anti-immigration Jews in the US speak up more about why the Jewish community apparently wants large-scale Muslim immigration. Also, to what extent do US Jews really fear a White majority?

    • David Ashton
      David Ashton says:

      I am not a Christian, nor a Jew, nor a Muslim. But I found interesting “The truth about Islamic immigration,” TheRebbeBlog, March 5, 2018, online, re Jewish %age opposition to Muslim colonization.

  4. David Ashton
    David Ashton says:

    Some Jews and some non-Jews support Muslim settlement in Europe; other Jews and non-Jews oppose it. I am against the first lot whatever their numbers and influence; I am not against the second lot whatever their numbers and motivation.

    Am I really the stupid, evil bigot here?

  5. George Mackenzie
    George Mackenzie says:

    I didn’t know any movements at all even appear pro-white. Wouldn’t that be immediately labeled ‘white supremacist’, ‘racist’, ‘nazi’ etc?

  6. Diamondhead
    Diamondhead says:

    Do not tolerate anyone speaking against your race. Do what any red-blooded American would do in a situation like that… Close the gap!

  7. Eric
    Eric says:

    I’m surprised Salvini would be so pro-Jew.

    I didn’t think Anglo philosemitism extended into Latin Europe.

    I gather that it’s — above all else — a question of “following the money.”

  8. Dave Bowman
    Dave Bowman says:

    Thank you, Mr Langdon, for another fine article exposing an enemy of White people. Daniel Kawczynski has in fact had a very interesting and colourful career in Parliament so far, even according to his own public biography on the Jew-monitored and systematically Jew-edited Wikipedia. Quite apart from general persistent questions about his Parliamentary attendance and voting record – especially with regard to a Select Committee which he was expressly invited to Chair – and despite attention drawn also to his official Expenses claims in 2014, there appears to have been a very odd and unsavoury episode involving the repeated suggestions (which might well be construed as coercion) to a young female researcher to agree to date a “friend” of Kawczynski – a friend moreover admitted to have been much older than her, and indeed, even older than her father. Not only did Kawczynski ask a go-between to request this – but he eventually asked her himself, and was publicly Reprimanded in Parliament when the matter came to light – but has never discussed the matter, let alone apologised for it. I don’t think anyone would find it difficult to guess, in all probability, the ethnic identity of the innocent young lady – nor that of the “older man”.

    But I think we should at least also mention… Well… the name. Daniel. Kawczynski. Although Poland is nominally Catholic, its Jewish population has for a very long time been the largest in Europe. A shabbos goy he most certainly is. But although he apparently attended a Roman Catholic school, he also fiddles White tax-payer funded Parliamentary Expenses, travels continually to Poland and considers its welfare to be at least as important as any of his paid work as an elected Member of Parliament for the UK, attempts to inveigle innocent White girls to consort with much older men – and sits on a Parliamentary Enquiry committee on anti-Semitism. If I was a betting-man, or rich, I would wager hard cash that no more than four generations back – and probably three or two – his family was fully Jewish, and that the way forward in hard times was, as ever, Jewish crypsis as White Christians.

    But I’m neither rich nor a gambler, so I’ll just have to keep my hate-filled thoughts to myself.

  9. Jay Johnson
    Jay Johnson says:

    The article could be subtitled: “Get a Glimpse of a Small Portion of the Jew Fifth-Column That Doesn’t Exist.” Or: “The Jew Fifth-Column That Doesn’t Exist Put a Small Portion of Itself On Full Display.”

    As to Jews and Muslims: Same as their partnership in the US Tyranny with black-Americans (The NAACP is a 1909 Jew founded org.). The Jews always seek out a minority group to utilize as an alternating wedge and hammer against the currency society they are plundering and destroying. In the US they had their emancipated slaves, but in Europe, needed to import a group to utilize (Watch the extremely revealing statement by Barbara Spectre for a rare open admission about this strategy). The Jews then expand this tool-base with other groups.

    European should take America and the US Tyranny’s history since at least 1945 and bolt it right on to their future history. Having plundered and just about destroyed America, the Jews are coming back to Europe. Europe will suffer, again, the same as we have: Perpetual war and rumors of war, poverty, societal chaos, child after child dead on foreign battlefields, citizen after citizen dead on the streets, decline, societal guilt from the multitude of foreign peasants killed in your name, decay, more war, the exportation of the manufacturing base, the fictionalization of everything, debt and more debt, more war, strip mall after strip mall in the shadows of decaying shuttered factories, tyranny disguised as Liberty, etc All the dreadful things we have suffered during our plundering and destruction will be Europe’s again. The Jew Rot will be yours again. God help you, he can’t help us.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” God … can’t help us.”

      You are most likely correct if you refer to the judeo-christian deity since

      christianity is a religion of self-enslavement to the chosenite jewmasters .

  10. Trenchant
    Trenchant says:

    “Even worse, at a time when anti-Semitism is on the rise in many parts of Western Europe…”

    Has this statement, even for one single moment, ever lost its currency?

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Even his infallible Royal Highness Abe Foxman has bewailed the counter-productiveness of false flag anti-Semitic incidents in the Israeli press. Of course that doesn’t preclude them from making the charts.

    • William Gruff
      William Gruff says:

      Like rape, ‘anti-semitism’ cannot but increase if the definition is made ever wider, ever more inclusive of criticism, ever vaguer and ever more meaningless.

  11. Panadechi
    Panadechi says:

    In order to deepen and understand the Jewish problem, we must take it to the biological field, we will go to the example of the honeycomb, bees, there are cells where future queens are raised, if two simultaneous ones are born they will fight to death, only one must survive, then the Surviving queen kills all other unborn larvae. It is a matter of power, money and control. For Jews, whites are their biggest competitors in the West and must neutralize or eliminate them, then they will try to eliminate Asians with the massive immigration of Africans and Muslims to their countries. Low Negroid IQ mass immigration is a biological weapon. We must devise answers and defense to this terrible biological weapon of the Jews,

    • ChilledBee
      ChilledBee says:

      “For Jews, whites are their biggest competitors in the West and must neutralize or eliminate them, then they will try to eliminate Asians with the massive immigration of Africans and Muslims to their countries.”

      I find it so amazing that it is taken for granted that Jews still have this control over predominantly White Christian countries and we just stand by and see the never-ending collapse of our once homogeneous existence. If an alien were to observe this situation I am sure his natural question would be “why would the White Christians go along with this madness?” Israel is free to dictate how their country is run, and it is always for the absolute benefit and protection of the Jewish population. White nations need to do the same.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        It took the White Europeans about 20 years ( 40 years in current terms ) to get their individualistic acts together in order to get militarily organized well enough to stop the Mongol Invasion of Europe ( apx 1220s-1240s / see Wikipedia ) and its concomitant slaughters . Whites may not be so lucky this time .

        • David Ashton
          David Ashton says:

          @ Charles Frey re Mr Panadechi

          Distortion is one thing. A question is another. Likewise an argument taken to is logical conclusion. “Jews will eliminate Whites” and then “eliminate Asians”. Will they subsequently “eliminate Negroids” or not?

          What I find OTT on TOO are posts proposing the “elimination” of “the Jews”, and you may be pleased to learn that I am wearying of putting contrary proposals, or evidence-qualified comments on Jews, on this website, which has instead previously hosted people who claimed that their leaders came from outer space or that they created nuclear weapons not as a reality (e.g. Manhattan Project, Dimona, &c) but as an imaginary fiction shared by world governments.

          Whatever the facts about “gas-chambers” reportedly run by psychopaths 60 years ago, there are problems with “echo-chambers” obviously inhabited by psychopaths today. The ADL, SPLC, Soros-funded Hope Not Hate, and the rest of them, must find surreal nonsense and counter-productive sadism a welcome gift to their propaganda mill.

          • Eric
            Eric says:

            You find posts proposing the elimination of the Jews over the top. Why?

            They advocate eliminating us (white people) by breeding us out of existence, or by using their proxy army of non-whites to kill us off — as is happening right now to white farmers in Jewish-owned South Africa.

            If the Jews don’t want us to propose their elimination, they should stop proposing our elimination.

            You are concerned about bad optics. But open hatred of white people in the Jewish-controlled media appears not to be bad optics. If it were, the media would go out of business.

            If the Jews are going to promote open hatred of white people, then we should promote their elimination from our white nations by whatever means necessary. That is called “self-defense.” That is all that it is.

            As for the Holocaust, it either happened as described by the Jews or it didn’t. They have stopped people from even asking questions. On that basis alone, we know that it didn’t happen as they say it did.

            You need to either stand up and fight or get out of the way. I suggest you get out of the way. Instead of fighting the Jews, you’re fighting us.

        • David Ashton
          David Ashton says:

          Let me SPELL OUT in more detail my question (not distortion) to Mr P:

          If “the Jews” eliminate “the Whites” and then “Asians”, will they later eliminate the “Muslims” and/or “Africans”, or not?

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            If the jewmasters eliminate Whites , then the question of Muslims and Africans is irrelevant .

          • Eric
            Eric says:

            “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world — only to serve the people of Israel…

            “Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat.”

            — Rabbi Ovadia Yosef

  12. Adam Hartman
    Adam Hartman says:

    Bravo, Tobias Langdon. I like to think of myself as perceptive and woke on the JQ. But your excellent article has shown me how naive I still am. I was sure Salvini was “our guy” but I was deluded. I knew Trump was a creation of our hopes and expected to be disappointed by him. But, Salvini…
    Is it possible that these men are being controlled by blackmail (especially sexual) or threats to their families? It’s been said that Harry Truman had a literal gun put to his head by Mossad in 1948 not just an electoral one. That’s why he recognised Israel against the advice of his top advisors such as Marshall and Forrestal.
    Thanks, too, for reminding us that we are surrounded by crypto-Jews. Anyone not familiar with that term and menace should read From Yahweh to Zion by Laurent Guyenot.

  13. David Ashton
    David Ashton says:

    I am “fighting” white people, am I, “Eric”? What do you know about me or my political work for decades past? You nurse the mentality of the synagogue bomber, but “stand up” without even having the guts to print your full name. You don’t frighten me; and your jejune inexperience, half-baked knowledge and above all incompetent strategy won’t deter anyone, Jewish or not, from promoting either non-white mass-immigration or black-white mass-miscegenation.

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