A Thousand Points: Reply to Commentators

My latest TOO essay, “A Thousand Points of White”, and the piece by Giles Corey that inspired it (“American Roulette”), have drawn over 200 comments combined—a sign that such matters are of some importance.  This is unsurprising, given the chaos of recent months.  It also provides a good opportunity to respond to some of these many comments, and to make a few observations more generally on the need and value of useful and constructive feedback from readers.

The two essays share several points in common.  Both pieces emphasize the urgency of the White plight and the need for concrete action on behalf of White interests.  Both mention the importance of the Jewish enemy, of the need for armed self-defense, and of the desirability to move out into the public—versus, say, spending all day writing blog posts—in order to effect change.  Both essays argue that, at a national level, the United States is a lost cause, and therefore that action must be taken at a local level.  To this end, something like “White autonomous zones” will be necessary.  The result will be a kind of micro-secession movement.

There are, of course, some differences:  Corey argues that virtually all future scenarios will involve massive violence and bloodshed, whereas I hold out the possibility of relatively civil political change.  Corey calls for a concentration of White nationalists in rural states, whereas I propose local White autonomous declarations in all states and in all social settings: city, suburb, and rural.  We both recognize the need for an economic response, but Corey suggests withholding federal tax payments, whereas I call for local, White-only currencies.  And then there are some minor quibbles:  Corey mentions the concept of “White genocide” but I have argued against such terminology (here); and he declares himself a Christian, whereas I have argued that Christianity is intrinsically anti-White and thus self-defeating for any White nationalist movement.[1]  But we won’t linger on these points.  More urgent matters are at hand.  In the case of a pro-White movement, our points of commonality are more important than our differences.

Reader commentaries, as usual, brought in a variety of perspectives.  And as usual, the more concrete and specific that a given essay is, the more critical the commentary.  Given that my piece was, by design, more specific in its suggestions than Corey’s, it seems that my piece drew the most criticism.  And this is fine with me—preferred, in fact.  Like all serious writers, I encourage and welcome critical feedback; this is how we all sharpen and refine our arguments.  Here, I’d like to respond to as many of the substantive points as I can, and then offer some broader thoughts on the role and nature of reader commentaries at large.

The Good, the Bad, …

A number of remarks were substantive, coherent, and useful; let me begin with these.  (I won’t cite commenters by name—any interested reader can track them down.)

The heart of my proposal was to conduct a highly decentralized effort by encouraging numerous local groups to create independent White-interest groups—perhaps as “White Lives Matter,” perhaps as something more innocuous.  These groups would be (relatively!) low-key and uncontroversial, operating simply as a starting point to get local Whites talking to sympathetic others in their immediate vicinity.  Of course, a public group, openly meeting to talk about White issues, is itself sure to draw negative attention.  But this publicity should be seen as a positive development; it will force the issues of White interest and White well-being into the public eye, and in a way in which Whites will partially control the narrative (unlike today).

Once established, they would work, first, to make their local areas as White as possible by simply choosing local boundaries (neighborhood, city, county) and then discouraging non-white presence: “you are no longer welcome here” is the message to send out.  And by this I mean: not living here, not working here, not attending school here, not making deliveries here, not “passing through”—nothing.  This step alone could well be a long-term effort, taking months or years.  But it would have a huge effect.

Once this was largely attained, the working group could then go on to a second phase, of exerting actual political control, at first by volunteer efforts and later by formal political and legal action.  At that point, we might functionally have a real “White autonomous zone”.  But again, this must be seen as a long-term goal that could take years.

All this would happen against a background of a decaying federal system that will become increasingly unable to exert its will in local events.  At some point, they will huff and puff…and do nothing—rather as is now happening with the Seattle “autonomous zone.”  Future developments will only work to our advantage.

Most commenters seem to endorse the essence of such a plan, and offer useful elaboration.  One says “do not be overtly organized…do not have one leader,” which is in the nature of any form of decentralized resistance.  Others call for “sticker campaigns” or pamphlets, which could be good advertising programs for White interest groups.  One reader suggests we might need background checks on new group members (likely so, if they are unknown to the group), and advises that White groups control their own means of existence and communication, such as by owning their own meeting place and their own web servers.  Others recommend low-tech communications, such as with good old paper and pen (right!), and that we learn to survive economically by withdrawing, as much as possible, from the corrupt, Jewish-driven economic system—which was the sentiment behind my suggestion of ‘Aryan Bucks’ as a local currency.  A key objective, as one reader says, is to get other Whites to start thinking in racial terms—not to be ‘racist’ per se, which is obviously a pejorative, but rather to conceptualize issues in racial terms, even if subconsciously.


Some readers are concerned about appearing too obviously pro-White, and suggest various strategies for disguising this fact.  “Blue Lives Matter” (pro-cop), “covert NGOs,” or otherwise Euro-centric groups may well be pragmatic options, depending on local conditions.  But bear in mind, a main objective is to make White presence felt in society, as an active force; hiding or disguising the Whiteness of the movement undermines this vital point.  Other commenters call for specific pro-White actions, such as homeschooling children, or offering financial aid for young White mothers.  Another reader suggests pressing on weak points in the American Judeocracy, such as the Holocaust story—a matter near and dear to my heart![2]  Yes, by all means, we must do everything to expose the weakness and corruption of the occupying power.  As the same reader says, we need a multi-pronged approach to deal with this particular Hydra.

A few readers, however, want us to go further, and take more assertive action.  My suggested approach is generally fairly mild, nonviolent, and legal.  To me, this has the best chance of drawing support from the maximum number of Whites.  However, and though I can’t quite endorse them, there are obviously harsher options available.  Giles Corey cites the need for active, armed militias, and some readers clearly like this alternative.  One commenter calls for “armed revolution” and the need to “blow these [expletive] commies back to the Stone Age.”  It could come to this, but no need to jump the gun.  Other readers are a bit milder; one suggests “a constant stream of small but unpleasant events” which could encourage non-Whites to move on, and another specifically demands that “Jews…and those who serve the Jews” in media, academia, government, etc. ought to “feel the pain”—hard to argue with these sentiments.

Such harsher actions are in line with my ‘accelerationist’ argument, i.e. that we ought to hasten the inevitable collapse of the irredeemable American system.  Some readers object to my partly (but only partly) tongue-in-cheek suggestions that we promote immigration, affirmative action, riots, and so on.  But seriously:  The system cannot be salvaged; it is under the control of pathological, homicidal, kleptomaniacal fiends, and therefore it, indeed, needs to be brought down.  Increasing multi-racialism will speed its collapse, as will economic chaos, environmental disaster, or extreme political paralysis.  What, exactly, one ought to do to assist collapse is a complex and intricate topic that I cannot examine here.  Simple actions, like voting for polarizing candidates or avoiding tax payments, have a role, but some will want to take a more proactive approach.  One might study, for example, the history of revolutionary actions by, of all people, Jews and radical leftists, who, at various times in history, sought to bring down a hated government.  Radical environmentalists are another source of information.  For example, environmental writer Derrick Jensen wrote a mainstream book entitled Endgame (2006) that is surprisingly explicit; volume two of that work has a few sections on (wink, wink) ‘pacifism’ that describe how a mere handful of motivated and well-prepared individuals can wreak havoc on a nation’s infrastructure, thereby hastening collapse.  Again, though I cannot endorse such actions, curious readers may want to track down that book.

…and the Ugly

On the other hand, I have my share of critics.  Anything like a “White Lives Matter” will “never be permitted to form in 2020 America,” says one; such groups “will be snuffed out immediately.”  My whole approach, according to others, is “a very bad idea,” “childishly naïve,” “not workable,” and is based in a “loss of perspective.”  The proposal is hopeless because Whites have given “no sign that they want to organize.”  My passing suggestions for acceleration of collapse are either “an extraordinarily lame attempt” at humor or “suicidal insanity”; consequently, I am either “not thinking very clearly” or else “a buffoon.”  (I vote for buffoon.)  Indeed, my (very mild) suggestion that individuals book a room somewhere in their neighborhood, advertise it as a meeting-place for a pro-White group, and see who comes, “may be the single worst piece of advice ever published” on TOO!  Well!

The overriding concern of such critics seems to be that “the system”—that is, the feds, the cops, Blacks, antifa, disaffected youth, etc—will rain down on any such WLM group with such speed, viciousness, and brutality that it will make your head spin.  “Hoards of brainwashed young White zombies” will eat your brains; you, your spouse, and everyone in your family will be summarily fired from their jobs; and your lives will otherwise be “destroyed.”  Any pro-White movement will be “easily crushed” by authorities.  “They’ll play Whack-a-Mole with you,” says one reader.  Ouch!

But seriously—what is the motive for such remarks?  First of all, the critics have no basis for claiming that my approach won’t work.  In fact, local, decentralized civil resistance groups have a long history of effectiveness and success.  Has my approach been tried, and failed?  Ten, 20, 30 times?  In various parts of the country?  Until then, we ought not be so certain of failure.  At best, the critics can say that they would not join such a group; fair enough.  But don’t draw general conclusions from your personal reluctance to participate.

Yes, there will be resistance—from local law enforcement and local protesters, but not from “antifa” (whoever the hell “they” are).  Certainly, a single large event, like Charlottesville, can be targeted by a large number of radical leftists.  But that’s precisely why we need numerous, simultaneous, independent, local groups.  Massive decentralization virtually guarantees that neither the feds, nor antifa, nor any large national group will effectively target you.  My critics are overly-cowed by pictures on TV.  Jews and their allies are experts at puffing up their perceived power.  But outside New York and Washington DC, their power on the ground declines dramatically.  The multi-city riots of recent days were conducted mostly by opportunistic Black criminals and random anarchists; it was not a centrally-planned effort, and such people pose virtually no threat to local White groups.

Furthermore, I hate to disparage commenters, but I can’t stop wondering how many leftist/Jewish trolls we attract here at TOO.  Probably a fair number.  We need to keep in mind:  If someone’s “comments” or “suggestions” are virtually identical to what a Jewish or leftist opponent might say, then we need to take them with a huge grain of salt.  Our opponents would like nothing better than that we do nothing—hence, for them, every suggestion for concrete White action is necessarily stupid, unworkable, or doomed to failure.  Right.  Don’t believe it.  Critical comments are welcome, but they should be coherent and constructive.  Mindless opposition serves no purpose, other than to cast suspicion on the commenter.

More pragmatically, what actual risks would White activists face?  Is being fired a real threat?  Perhaps, depending on the person and the circumstances.  But first, I think such threats are generally overblown; a few high-visibility cases get lots of media time, thanks to our Jewish friends, but realistically, this is a small risk for most people.  Secondly, there are large groups of people for whom ‘firing’ is not a threat at all:  retirees, students, stay-at-home moms and dads, the self-employed, the family-employed, those with strong support systems (like unions), and so on.  Not to mention—the already unemployed!  Lots of those around lately.  No doubt there are plenty of folks in a position to attend such a group.


And there were other minor criticisms sent my way.  Activist Whites comprise only “a small, perhaps aging, powerless minority”—and therefore, what, we should just give up?  And is there any data for such a claim?  Regarding my reference to the conventional figure of 6 million American Jews, another critic claims “at least five times that number,” hence 30 million.  Again, data?  And again, does it matter?  Should we therefore surrender?  Then a reader turns the tables on me, asking for data for my claim that any nation of 330 million is ungovernable.  This is actually incidental to my argument, but in short, to respond to the critic, there is a lengthy history—dating back to Plato and Aristotle—of a “size theory of politics.”  This suggests that only small populations can achieve rational and stable governmental forms along with high qualities of living.  Contemporary data suggests that 10 to 20 million is perhaps the most that can be rationally and justly governed.  But this is a topic for another time.

The Judeocratic Election of 2020

If we wonder where our national politicians are, amidst the many signs of governmental breakdown and cultural decay, we need not look very far.  By all indications, things will get much worse after the 2020 election, even if, God help us, Trump wins again.  The implicit or explicit anti-White stance taken by virtually all politicians, left or right, and by virtually all news media (Fox included), is a consequence of the same thing:  Jewish money and Jewish power.  Even more so than in the past—if that’s possible—Jews have thrust themselves into dominant positions in both major parties.  And it can only spell disaster for American Whites.

Regarding political money, we only have to take a look at the major donors to date, for the upcoming election.  The website www.opensecrets.org is one helpful source.  They list the “top individual donors” to date (here) for both “dems/liberals” and “reps/conservatives.”  Click on the table headings for a sorted list.  If we select for the top Republican donors, we get a heavily Jewish list; among the top 12 donors, half (6) are Jews, and another—the top highest donor, Richard Uihlein—has a likely Jewish wife.[3]  Jewish donations amount to at least $49 million of the $132 million (37%) given by the top 12.  If we include Uihlein’s surely philo-Semitic views, the figure comes to $81 million, or 61% of the money, coming from pro-Jewish donors.  Either way, the figures are substantially higher than the typical 25% that conservatives get from Jewish sources.

For their part, the Democrats are an utter basket case.  Sorting the list for their top donors, we find, amazingly, that 11 of the top 12 are Jews:  T. Steyer, D. Sussman, M. Bloomberg, K. Tinklenberg Jurvetson (probable), D. Simon, J. H. Simons, G. Marcus, H. Laufer, G. Soros, J. Bekenstein, and S. Klarman.  Just these 11 Jews have given, to date, some $153 million to Democrats and liberals, vastly outdistancing non-Jewish sources.  At this rate, something like 90% of liberal donations will come from Jews—a record-breaking figure, by far.  No matter who wins in November, Whites lose.

No halfway-intelligent White can take such numbers lying down.  Post-election policies will get dramatically worse for all Whites, particularly if Biden wins, and catastrophically, if Dems take the Senate.  We can expect massive immigration and amnesty, Black and minority handouts, continued debasement of White and European culture and values, and substantial increases in Jewish power nationally.  If you’re not ready to revolt now, just wait six months.

In the face of all this, is it asking too much to form some scattered White interest groups?  And then to declare that enough is enough, and that Jews and other non-Whites are no longer welcome here?  It’s time to be heard.  Make a stand.  Organize, speak out, defend your rights.

Corey ended his piece with an inspiring quotation from Oswald Spengler’s Man and Technics (1931).  In closing, let me build on this.

In his final chapter, Spengler decried the corrupt, machine-driven civilization that was crushing humanity.  We in the West have attained high culture, but ultimately “every high culture is a tragedy.”  Indeed, “the history of mankind as a whole is tragic.”  In this present world, “all things organic are dying in the grip of organization.  An artificial world is permeating and poisoning the natural.”  For Spengler, this artificial poison was “the machine,” but for us, it is our Jewish taskmasters.  Corruption was endemic at the top:  “The tension between work of leadership and work of execution has reached the level of a catastrophe.”  Now, “it is mere human nature to revolt against the role for which the machine”—today, the Jews—“earmarks most of [humanity].”  Thanks to our careless pandering to other nations and ethnicities, “the unassailable privileges of the White races have been thrown away, squandered, betrayed.”  “The innumerable hands of the colored races,” Spengler says, “will shatter the economic organization of the Whites at its foundations.”  “This is no mere crisis,” he adds, “but the beginning of a catastrophe.”

In his conclusion, Spengler is resigned:  “Faced as we are with this destiny, there is only one world-outlook that is worthy of us”—namely, “a short life, full of deeds and glory, rather than a long life without content.”  Naïve and optimistic Whites, believing that all will be well, display a shameful lack of integrity and courage; in the present situation, says Spengler, “optimism is cowardice.”  The book ends with the passage on greatness and honor that Corey cited.

Now is the time for action.  Take a stand.  The sooner we act, the better for us all, and the better for the world at large.


Thomas Dalton, PhD, has authored or edited several books, including a new translation series of Mein Kampf, and the book Debating the Holocaust (4th ed, 2020).  For all his works, see his personal website www.thomasdaltonphd.com

[1] Recently I have written (here):  “Consider this question:  What in God’s name (so to speak) is even remotely pro-White about the Bible?  I’ll tell you:  nothing.  The Old Testament was written by Jews, about Jews, and for Jews.  It is resolutely anti-goyim.  It is nothing more than a war manual for the defense of the Jewish race, along with some moronic theological cover.  The New Testament was also written by and about Jews:  Jesus, Mary, Joseph, 12 Apostles, Paul, ‘Mark,’ ‘Luke,’ ‘Matthew,’ ‘John’—all ethnic Jews.  The chronology of events, furthermore, strongly suggests that Paul invented his demi-god Jesus, primarily, it seems, as a stunt to undermine Roman paganism and to draw in the gullible masses, to persuade them to worship the Jewish God and his “son.”  With its emphasis on the presumed afterlife, Paul’s constructed theology was profoundly anti-life, anti-world, and anti-corporeality.  He never believed in it—that artful liar—nor did any of his fellow Hebrews.  Present-day Jews are laughing up their sleeve over the foolish Christians and their ‘love thy neighbor’ and ‘turn the other cheek’; and of course, they are right there, first in line, ready to exploit that love.

There is no sense, then, in which the Bible is pro-White.  In fact, the New Testament, rightly understood as an anti-Roman manifesto, is profoundly anti-White.  At best, we might say that the Bible is pro-humanity.  But even here, it is cloaked with an insidious Jewish leveling of all peoples, all ‘equal before God’—all except the Jews, who are first among equals.

The bottom line:  Can anyone who worships a long-dead ethnic Jew as his god and personal savior really be alt-right?  Really?”

[2] For those interested, see my books The Holocaust: An Introduction and Debating the Holocaust (4th ed.).

[3] The six Jews are S. Schwarzman, J. Yass, G. Palmer, B. Marcus, P. Singer, and I. Moskowitz.  Uihlein’s wife is the former Elizabeth Hallberg.  Hallberg (or Halberg) is a traditional Jewish-Ashkenazi surname.  Furthermore, they have a daughter, Frederika (‘Freddy’), whose married name is Goldenberg.  Not proof, but highly suspicious.

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  1. Anthony Kimball
    Anthony Kimball says:

    I stand by my criticism of your idea to form whites-only clubs at this extremely late hour of America’s history. The 1970’s and the 1980’s were also, it could be reasonably argued, “late” in terms of how much our culture and society had already been deformed and debased by the enemy, but at least our people were still relatively free to associate with each other and able to communicate amongst themselves without (much) fear of being “found out” and, consequently, losing their livelihoods. One could indeed acquire the use of a library or other such public space for meetings and even promote and advertise such gatherings in local publications. Alas, these things are no longer possible. And if you actually have to ask “why” these things are no longer possible, then that instantly tells me you are somebody who is blissfully (not to mention pathetically) unaware of the world in which we currently exist. Furthermore, even if we could, in 2020 America, hold open meetings of the kind your earlier article mentioned, what exactly would we be talking about? All of us who have been in this movement for any length of time already know everything we need to know. We know our own history, we know who the enemy is, we know (all too well) the obscene things that have been perpetrated against our culture and heritage, we are all well-versed in the words of past movement leaders and thinkers. Above all, I think we all already know what needs to be done and how to do it. We already know there is no political solution to our problem. What is urgently required at this stage is not white people gathering together to bemoan their current condition, but white people, on their own, coming to the inescapable conclusion that, at this point, only deeds will have any hope of keeping our people alive. Only deeds, rather than more talking, will put fear into the hearts of our enemies. Only deeds will inspire our people to cast aside their hesitancy and cowardice and join our side full-time without concern for consequences. Anybody who claims to be “one of us” who advocates anything less than that is manifestly unworthy of consideration. Anybody who doesn’t realize that our people are right now up against the figurative (and soon to be literal) wall and that the only viable solution that even has the possibility of succeeding is (many) smart individuals doing (many) smart deeds should be roundly ignored.

    • Alphonsus
      Alphonsus says:

      Well said. Well said indeed. Words, words, words…. And they’ve gotten us nowhere. Like Trump, all talk and no action.

  2. Thomas Daley
    Thomas Daley says:

    Thought provoking and at least a prescription for action on the part of the writer Instead of the usual Intellectual banter on micro points of history of no effect on mediating or overcoming our diminished white Influence in this world of Satanic Jew Vengeance!

  3. Wael Ahmad
    Wael Ahmad says:

    What is the matter with the white Americans, ordinary and intellectuals?!

    Despite their refined genome, (we admit that), and their higher IQ levels, (again we admit that), and their superior civilization’s achievements in literature, arts, science…etc, ( and that’s true also), but why their educated and intellectual elites are so confused and doesn’t know ow to fight and defeat a minority of Jewish enemy that makes less than 2% of the population?!!

    It’s the courage & bravery that they don’t have, they’re frightened & terrified of the label ” anti-Semite “, they go very far trying to avoid it, this is an obvious weakness amount to submission and surrender.

    Why the white Americans don’t face up with their corrupt, Jewish owned politicians in congress?, should they elect them when they are all take the Jewish money (bribes) and sign the pledge to protect Israel? It’s clear that all of them are traitors, and the Americans should boycott their campaigns rallies and voting.

    How about establishing a third party, people’s party, for the whites and the rest of the Goyem & Gentiles,( remember that despite your white race, you’re still Gpyem, in the eyes of the chosen Jews), and you should make alliance with all the oppressed people, Muslims, Christians, Asians, Palestinians and all those suffering from the worldwide criminal Judaic enslavement systems.

    The coming economic depression is a golden opportunity to point all the fingers at the Jewish bankers and the thieves of wall street, the Rothschilde bastards and their traitors in the presidency, congress, state governors and mayors, media, newspapers and social platforms, OCCUPY JEWS STREET,I believe that the aftermath of the economic collapse, the millions of jobless workers, the millions of no-future Millennial generation, the millions of underfunded pensioners, the millions of broken whites, brown & black, Hispanic, Latinos, Asians, all Americans should be part of this revolution to root out the Jewish power, and it will spread all over the world, and I believe that any attempt to change the current catastrophic conditions, depending on American white race group only, without a coalition with all social components, is doomed to failure.

    • Wael Ahmad
      Wael Ahmad says:

      Sorry for two typos in my comment:
      9th. line : how instead of ow.
      29th. line: Goyem instead of Gpyem.

    • ChilledBee
      ChilledBee says:

      This has to be the most constructive and intelligent proposition I have ever read. While most pro-whites sites have just become mere echo chambers, going over and over the same ground ad nauseam without any kind of a solution, this comment actually gives a strategy.

      They are accelerating the pace to have even more protection i.e. Goyim receiving government contracts on the proviso that they sign and acknowledge they will not in any way shape or form support BDS – which is just another way of saying that any and all criticism of Israel will not be tolerated. Talk about Chutzpah!

      As the article states so clearly – things will become dramatically worse for white people after the next election – and whether Republicans or Democrats win – white man will be the loser.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” What is the matter with the white Americans, ordinary and intellectuals?! ”

      Both ordinary and intellectual Whites typically have a severe lack of actionable political intelligence ( not mostly an IQ issue ).

      The author T. Dalton is not a typical White intellectual where he offers actionable intelligence even tho much of it is controversial .

      “Actionable” means viable / practical / feasible / doable / pragmatic intelligence .

      A major , indispensable and historicly proven factor in winning wars are the many secret meetings where secret plans and secret strategies are established with actionable intelligence .

      As was noted by the author Dalton , christianity is de facto antiWhite and thereby creates a huge impediment to White racial survival since most Whites are either catholic or protestant christians .

      Ditch christianity and get onboard with the new religion of
      {{{ The PRIME DIRECTIVE }}} for mankind to thrive-n-survive beyond any Specified-n-Guaranteed Extinction Event .

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      “they’re frightened & terrified of the label ” anti-Semite”

      The accusation of antisemitism, racism, etc. is a wall seperating freedom from tyranny.

      Whites, and not just Whites, are an occupied territory.

      And the only way to liberate an occupied territory is with agression.

      Many of us have talked for years about the need for alliances.

      Unfortunately, it hasn’t been all that popular a topic, even at TOO.

      But that will have to change.

      Whites will have to act for themselves, of course.

      But they won’t be able to sustain much acting alone.

      And even if they were successful they would still need to interact with the rest of the world.

      They obviously can’t stay isolated for long.

      So alliances are key. And they shouldn’t be all that hard to make.

      Obviously, the elite know this. That’s why they are more ready than ever to hurl the accusations of antisemitism, racism, etc. at Whites, or anyone who steps out of line.

      But the elite is not invincible and our problems are not insuperable.

      That’s why the wall has to come down.

      Those who knock down the hostile elite’s wall of tyranny will have pulled off a major upset.

      There’s always a lot more we can do about our problems than we think.

      Knocking down the wall of tyranny has an almost irresistable charm about it.

      It’s certainly something that could be used as an organizing principle and source of inspiration.

      They only need to muster the courage and convince others to join them.

  4. jimmie Moglia
    jimmie Moglia says:

    Though an agnostic, I do not think we should under-estimate the inherent ‘pro-white’ attitude of a section of current Christian Catholics. There is a strong anti-current-pope movement in America, centered around ex-nuncio Cardinal Vigano’. He recently wrote an open letter to Trump, in which it is clear who is referring to in the text. E.G. ‘the children of darkness’, ‘…these two sides, which have a Biblical nature, follow the clear separation between the offspring of the Woman and the offspring of the Serpent,” “…it appears that the children of darkness – whom we may easily identify with the deep state which you wisely oppose and which is fiercely waging war against you in these days – have decided to show their cards…” etc.
    There are well known priests, here and in Europe, who, though reaching the limit of Catholic internal tolerance, still speak and write against the judaization of the church, promoted after the second Vatican Council, and continued and enhanced by the current pope.
    Based on some exponents of the movement whom I happen to know, they are – in my view – one of the extant and better organized groups (at least that I know of). It may be worthwhile at least to start a conversation with them. Please let me know if you think I may help in this direction.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      I had meant to thank you earlier for your comment. That its careful expression and close observation have apparently gone unnoticed in the main says a great deal, little of it complimentary, about the steadily waxing tendency hereabouts to bury the hatchet in the head of quondam allies who have been discovered speaking or thinking something insufficiently hostile to Christianity.

      Apropos especially to your second and third paragraphs, you might be interested in seeing how your observations are supported by an active poll at a rather rough and ready forum frequented by Traditional Catholics of many varieties and intelligence levels. The vote count is small, unfortunately, but the questions don’t mince words, and the delta of response is mighty impressive.

      Whatever peculiarities some of those folks have, blindness to Jewish subversion and perversion is not among them.

  5. John
    John says:

    If Conservatives/Whites/Christians cannot even now come out in large numbers into the streets to counter-protest the Left/Blacks/Anarchists/and a certain powerful “ethnic-religious grouping” that is referenced in the above article, what hope is there?

    The good Americans are sitting at home or at work watching their country being burned down, and few of them are doing anything about it except complaining.

    All the commitment, energy, youth, and even courage is with the Left/Blacks/Anarchists/ and that “group.” I really am sorry to say that but do we not have to face the truth that we are losing our country?

    Trump has not been a good leader in the last few months. Why has he not called on his supporters to come out into the streets?

    That our only choice is Trump but does not mean that good Americans and Trump are using the correct tactics.

    Trump seems to be counting on a White vote backlash. I am not sure how that will work as the Left is highly energized to vote.

    Let’s have some suggestions please.

  6. Angelicus
    Angelicus says:

    I agree with your points of view. Particularly those referring to that cancer that has been eating away Western civilization: Christianity

  7. James Bowery
    James Bowery says:

    Shift your paradigm to evolutionary medicine and you can get a much better grip on the practicality of strategies and tactics. We’re dealing with the evolution of virulent organisms that have infected both our body politics and our very bodies. That is the commonality between the viral pandemic, “take a knee”, the Federal Reserve’s “bail outs”, immigration as holy sacrament, and the rest of the diseases afflicting us.

    Evolutionary medicine tells us to view the evolution of virulence as a consequence of horizontal transmission of the disease from the sickest. This is clearly the case in the evolution of Jewish virulence as they batter down borders between nations so they can exploit and run — favoring the most virulent of Jews in each succeeding cycle. What is not so clear to people is that actual viruses benefit from “open borders” as well as the most virulent of various peoples.

    There is a reason I’m “stating the obvious” here.

    The range of organisms/people that have evolved the “borders are evil” instinct is now widespread and far more deeply adapted than white strategists can comprehend. Evolution is like that. Its adaptations are, in many cases, incomprehensible even given a scientific community that isn’t infected, as is ours.

    That means the single most important principle — more important than “white preservation” — is the principle of replacing prisons with exile and border exclusion for any reason whatsoever a jurisdiction may deem suitable. While it should be obvious that this would, not only slow, but reverse the evolution of virulence in peoples like Jews and similar groups, what may not be so obvious is the applicability to the current pandemic; at least not until I mentioned it, eh?

    In public health, such measures are called “protective sequestration”, and it was how Princeton University was spared any deaths from the 1918 pandemic. Nowadays, of course, you have virulent organisms infecting the Ivy League, like Steven Pinker spouting off about the futility of public health measures for entire communities, in utter ignorance of the Ivy League practical demonstration he is just plain wrong.

    We must face the fact that any attempt at “the politics of exclusion” targeting virulence will be regarded as Satanically Evil by the de facto supremacist state religion of virulence uber alles.

    There is a practical consequence of the evolutionary medical paradigm, however:

    We are going to be forced to kill large swaths of the “erstwhite” population whose virulent parasites have occupied their minds rendering them little more than extended phenotypic zombies. These will be people in our own communities flailing about it moral outrage at anything that might decrease virulence in the world. They are quite literally “possessed”. The situation is that dark.

    The carnage can be minimized by a simple diagnostic test which will separate friend from foe across all races, not just white.

    That test is to take the moral high ground by replacing “white” with “fair“, defined in terms of those who are willing to tolerate borders that exclude them.

    Think of this like the use of a mirror in a vampire movie.

    I’ve worked on this idea for decades and have been very sad to see the white nationalist community fail to come to terms with it due to the siege mentality besetting whites. This is understandable since the essence of whiteness is exceptional fairness evolved over tens of thousands of years in a culture of individual integrity, only touched on by KMac’s magnum opus. We are inundated by peoples burdened by a 6 million year culture of group integrity — peoples that “breath together” as one far more naturally than do we, who had “breathing room” to individuate in our relatively recent natural history.

    Don’t give up your moral superiority as the light unto the nations of the world. Separate the wheat from the chaff across all races and cultures, and don’t worry about the fact that many will try to deceive their way through the killing. They will be effectively quarantined by sorting proponents of social theories into governments that test them while killing the rest.

  8. dave schneider
    dave schneider says:

    You can’t ignore the Bible. I’ve argued the Bible is a war manual for 20 years. I’ve read Paul Colinvaux on mimicry at the agonistic interface and KMac on mirroring. The Talmud is nothing but commentary on a war manual. You have to know it. I’ll be brief.

    Make your learned behaviors intuitive.
    Practice quality birthing.
    Practice quantity birthing.

    That’s what drives the anti-Semitic cycle

    The proof and the strategy are in Genesis and here in 18 pages:


    Or would you rather give Nazi salutes and get smacked in the head on street corners?
    The alt-right has it all wrong.

  9. Mari
    Mari says:

    One essential thing would be to do an extreme background check going all the way back to birth certificate of anyone who offered to join or a pro White organization wanted to recruit.

    Moving to an all White town; why would the locals want to join a new comers movement?

  10. dave schneider
    dave schneider says:

    “The bottom line: Can anyone who worships a long-dead ethnic Jew as his god and personal savior really be alt-right? Really?”

    No, the alt-right can continue to stand on street corners giving Nazi salutes and getting smacked in the head.

    • Ceridwen
      Ceridwen says:

      Worshiping a long-dead ethnic Jew is the only other option to standing on street corners giving ROMAN salutes and getting smacked in the head then?

      Who the heil does that anyway? That would be awfully moronic.

  11. Ceridwen
    Ceridwen says:

    “The bottom line: Can anyone who worships a long-dead ethnic Jew as his god and personal savior really be alt-right? Really?”

    And this is just one of the many reasons to love and respect Dalton. What a Goy.

  12. JRM
    JRM says:

    As someone whose previous comments included one that was dealt with in Dr. Dalton’s rebuttal with a reductio ad absurdum characterization, please allow me to respond.

    When I saw that Dr. Dalton was issuing a follow-up to his recent article, I was hoping to see an expansion on his previous, barely articulated accelerationist program. Unfortunately, while suggesting that he was not in complete earnest about this, he also excused himself from any further explication of the part he *is* serious about. Maybe next time; but I would hope future authors take the time to enumerate the perceived benefits (and risks) of dangerous courses of action, so that we may properly evaluate them.

    I could attempt to take this new essay sentence by paragraph, underlining any small (or ugly, as Dr. Dalton might say) objection I could find to make. But I value Dr. Dalton’s contributions, and I fully understand that we aren’t all going to see the same picture here. I disagree with the cavalier attitude taken towards losing one’s job; this is no laughing matter, especially for those with families, but the author seems to see it as no more than a minor inconvenience, if that.

    Similarly, his assurance that outside of NYC and maybe a handful of other establishment strongholds, vocal opposition to BLM (for example) carries no real risk leaves me less than reassured.

    Lest I appear to be a coward, let me just say that yes, front and center opposition to a system that is slowly strangling us is noble, and has its place. But let’s talk *tactics*.

    Presently, we are in the heat of the moment in a crisis that rises to the definition of mass-hysteria. Our numbers are fairly small; how many people could be rallied to the kind of fight Dr. Dalton proposes? Because, in spite of his self-proclaimed moderation, taking his advice at face value will land you in a fight. Most Whites would not be responsive to pro-active marches, public statements, etc.

    So, if we aren’t able to move people into the field in numbers to rival the current Leftist insurrection, much less take on our local police force, what should we do?

    I would suggest that each White life that is aware of our challenges, the kind of folks who read this site, is precious. If you are of child-bearing age, or young enough to be raising young children, your life is doubly precious. We can’t throw bodies at this problem- we don’t have enough of them.

    Reading Dr. Dalton’s piece above gives me an uncomfortable image of a man saying “do you want to live forever?” as he urges us into enemy fire. He seems a bit reckless in spite of his several caveats. There is a time to prepare, and a time to rush to action. I suggest that the American Empire is ripe for collapse. For numerous reasons, some mentioned by Dr. Dalton, the edifice appears to be poised for an eventual fall. I give it 20 more years, give or take, but that’s just a gut guess. Remember, Rome spent the entire fifth century collapsing. But the American Empire might even be done in less than 20 years; things are not looking good.

    I say, we watch and wait. This Empire, though riddled with problems, is still more than capable of devastating the lives of a handful of activist Whites. Don’t confuse the apparent impotence of the FED GOV in the face of Antifa with their potential response to a White Identitarian. This GOV still has a good sting left in its tail, and Whites will be the favored recipients.

    I will close with this: if you can have White children, do it now. If you have White children, homeschool them – please. This is critically important.

    Some folks have expressed a reluctance to cede the cities to the left and the blacks. I prefer a large scale strategic retreat to the countryside. Our law enforcement is less Marxist here. The cities will go first when the collapse comes, I can assure you. But wherever we are, each of us must make the best use of time that we can. Become as self-sufficient as humanly possible. Teach your kids valuable skills and teach them how to think past the emotional propaganda the GOV produces. Be prepared to defend your family at all costs. Make a network of like-minded White friends and neighbors. If you know them well enough, start talking to them about how you would mount a defense of your local area. Heck, you won’t even need to discuss race – yet. They will know who the threat will come from without you saying a word. If you get comfortable enough with them, share educational material like this site with them.

    White lives are precious. Enlightened Whites who understand what we are up against are incredibly valuable. We don’t have enough such lives to throw into the maw of the current corrupt system just to prove the point that we’re willing to fight. The time will come soon enough when we will *have* to fight. Let’s use our heads, and prepare accordingly.

    • kikz
      kikz says:

      as to that strategic retreat.. you must be ready to defend your turf when they come.. and come they will; those fleeing the violence, and those predators who will bring it to your door. at some point they will try to take what is yours. the truckers have already told us, they’re not going in to the collapsing cities. so friends, be ready for the mad max hordes when they come. good luck, and God bless. i’m in the expensive (still mostly red) exo-burbs, 20+mi N of Dallas proper, Collin Co… we have no where to run/hide, no relatives in the country, and no financial out.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      Excellent! Thanks!

      “I disagree with the cavalier attitude taken towards losing one’s job; this is no laughing matter, especially for those with families, but the author seems to see it as no more than a minor inconvenience, if that.”

      Bravo! That’s exactly right.

      “This Empire, though riddled with problems, is still more than capable of devastating the lives of a handful of activist Whites.”

      That Dalton didn’t take the danger of losing one’s job and/or life seriously made it impossible for me to take him seriously.

      He seemed much more interested in his proposal than in the consequences to those who might act on it.

      And he didn’t do a very good job defending himself and his position, because he couldn’t do it without attacking those who criticized his proposal.

      His response was defensive and self-focused.

      “Let’s use our heads, and prepare accordingly.”

      Perfect ending to a great comment.

      And wise counsel.

  13. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    The bottom line: Can anyone who worships a long-dead ethnic Jew as his god and personal savior really be alt-right? Really?

    However useful this quotation’s revelation of the profundity of Dr. Dalton’s thought processes, he might have saved himself and everyone else a considerable amount of time by simply reducing this essay of his to its nub: “I was right before, and I still am. Those who say otherwise are fools or knaves or both.”

  14. Robert Keith
    Robert Keith says:

    I think declaring a White Autonomous zone is rushing things. To do that is to validate the Black Autonomous zone, which is a concession that I don’t think we want to make. Rather, first, we should invite those who don’t like living here, being such a horrible place, to leave and go wherever where they came from, the choice of their destination being obviously up to them. It seems the logical thing do when this is such a horrible place in spite of the fact that non-White people all over the world are literally dying to get here.

    And, by the way, this invitation should be directed to the obvious minority, but should also include those who have established another country to flee to just in case, along with their Christian supporters who are beneath contempt.

    • Wael Ahmad
      Wael Ahmad says:

      What your next step if your invitation to the ones who don’t like living in America to leave to where they came from was rejected? And don’t you think that your suggestion applies also to the whites who don’t like living in America as it now?

      All of the commentary neglects that we are living in a globalized world, where many powers are rising and competing with America, like China, Russia, India and who knows who others to follow, and I don’t think that your retreat to rural areas or declaration of white autonomous zones are very strong deterrence strategy against powerful nations when America is fading and collapsing.

  15. Eric
    Eric says:

    Mexico is controlled by criminal cartels that rule that nation through acts of unspeakable violence and terror directed at their enemies. This is the way a small minority rules a vast majority in this day and age. There is no other way it can happen, unless you are already on top as a small minority (e.g., the Jews and their minions and co-conspirators). Of course, I completely reject such an approach.

    Since we are ruling out the “cartel approach,” then what do we have left? Not much. The only other way to win is to develop a critical mass of whites. That is, to get most whites on our side. Hasn’t happened so far. But I’m not ruling out that it might happen. Until it happens, though, there is nothing much we can do except try to persuade them. They are more likely to be persuaded by future events, which will be ugly.

    The last alternative is to create or join a white ethnostate. Again, this might happen in the future, but only in the aftermath of a total breakdown of society — which is a possibility.

    Nothing wrong with forming white advocacy groups. But at this point, realistically, they would suffer the fate of David Duke’s NAAWP (National Association for the Advancement of White People). They’d gain little support from the majority of whites, be laughed at by many, and eventually fizzle out.

    I see southeastern Alaska as the potential site of a white ethnostate over the long term.

    As for whites banding together in an organized way, I have recommended forming a church. Churches are relatively protected in the United States. If being pro-white is part of your religion, who can argue with that? Just don’t file for a 501 (c) 3 tax exemption.

    The church would be nationwide. It could start on the internet. Then individual churches would be formed in localities all over the country.

    In addition to services, they could provide schooling, opportunities for barter, social services, etc. We could pool all of our money in one place and control how it is spent.

    The church would be Christian because most white Americans consider themselves to be Christians. It would be open to all, but have a clearly pro-white theology (Jesus was a white Aryan, white Aryans are God’s chosen people, etc.)

    Eventually — if not from the beginning — the church would be international, uniting whites in Europe and Russia with whites in North America and in other parts of the world.

    The church would eventually form its own bank, buy land and farms. Etc.

    As the majority of whites feel more threatened, they would be drawn to this church more quickly than to any other conceivable organization.

    These are meant to be practical suggestions. I hope that people will consider them and, if they have any objections, suggestions or constructive criticism to offer, make those known to me.

    • dave schneider
      dave schneider says:

      A very practical suggestion Eric! We first find the self-sacrifice in the Rig Veda.

      “In a competitive engagement with men from another family, tribe, nation, or race, you have the choice between two absolutes at opposite ends of the behavioral range — you can choose to run or you can choose to fight. Individuals can run some of the time and survive, but coordinated group​ behaviors could not have developed in human communities if we all ran, every man for himself, from every confrontation. Coordinated group behaviors developed when one proto-human family refused to run, stood its ground in the face of inevitable confrontation, and engaged a common​ enemy. Since that decision was made, the human communities that have excelled in competitive engagements with other communities have done so by disciplining themselves to face death under the stress of repeated engagement.

      A discipline becomes religious when it is taken to its logical absolute. When you make the conscious decision to disregard your individual self for an ultimate concern, what you believe to be the greatest good, you are a religious man. The total commitment of what is an ancient and noble warrior’s perspective is known by many names but is most often called “gnosis” in the West and “enlightenment” in the East. This very core of all personal religion is a recognizable self-sacrifice. Its goal is mastery of the body. Jesus called it doing the will of the Father. He made very specific reference to the self-sacrifice when he said,

      “This is why the Father loves me, because I lay down my life in order to take it up again. No one takes it from me but I lay it down on my own. I have power to lay it down and power to take it up again. This command I have received from my Father.”
      Read it in context John 10:14-21! John is talking to YOU.

      Catholics say Jesus is one in being with God, his Father. Whatever he did was the will of his Father, which was his own will. Since he was doing what he chose to do, and was God by definition, we must naturally assume his behavior was flawless and intuitive. To live perfectly and intuitively is, also by definition, to have achieved gnosis or to be enlightened. Regardless of how one may philosophize about the significance of Gnosticism vis-a-vis Christian doctrine, the technical discipline for achieving gnosis and the technical discipline for assuming the self-sacrificial role of a Jesus as Christ are identical. The self-sacrifice is a universal. It is the common thread that runs through all formal religion, and it emerges in the oldest religious texts we have.

      In the Rig Veda, Agni is chosen by the gods to bring the self-sacrifice to man. The philosopher Antonio de Nicolas tells us that Agni is considered first​ among the gods, and even though Agni is only the representative of the gods, he is the leader of the sacrifice and no sacrifice can be efficiently performed without him. An obvious analog for the Rig Vedic Agni is in Canon 289, regarding the personhood of Jesus Christ. The canon reads, “The Son of God is true God, just as the Father is true God, having all power, knowing all things and equal to the Father….”

      According to this canon, Jesus is the living representative of God and he is “one in being with the Father.” The definitive act of Jesus’ life was his sacrifice on the Cross. In the much earlier Vedic hymns, Agni is also the representative of the gods. At the same time he is the leader of the gods who brings the self-sacrifice to man and he is essential in making a perfect sacrifice.

      Ontologically, Jesus and Agni are identical.”
      From Race and Religion: A Catholic View in Samuel T. Francis’s Race and the American Prospect, Essays on the Racial Realities of our Nation and our Time.

      The self sacrifice appears in the Gathas. Then it appears in Genesis when Abraham tithes to Melchizedek, (who is a copy of Re-membered Man from the Rig Veda’s Hymn of Man), it appears in Buddhism when the Buddha, a warrior, leaves home on a spiritual quest to merge his warrior aspect with his priestly aspect to make his life the warrior’s perfect execution of priestly wisdom. The self sacrifice is not only the core of Christianity. It is the core of ALL EurAsian religion. EurAsian religion is not about heaven. It’s about REAL Men.
      Churches are buildings, handy for keeping congregations of religious men out of the rain, but true religion is not housed in a church. It is written on a man’s heart and lived on the battlefields of his life.

      You have made a practical suggestion Eric. You’ve hit the nail on the head! Thank you.

      • Ceridwen
        Ceridwen says:

        “The self sacrifice is not only the core of Christianity. It is the core of ALL EurAsian religion. EurAsian religion is not about heaven. It’s about REAL Men.”

        It is absolutely not at the core of ALL EurAsian religion, and it certainly was never at the core of the European’s heart, pre-Christinsanity.

        How can REAL Men be real men if they have the Jewish mind infection of salvationism:

        “Salvationism: The totalitarian belief system that asserts divine intercession in history, and imbues suffering with redemptive value. Assumes superhuman rescue of humanity from its problems and off-planet, remote-control authority on morals, and divine retribution.”

        • Eric
          Eric says:

          “Salvationism” for the Jews has never been the same as it has been for Christians. The Jewish “savior” — there have been many, and all have failed — is nothing more than a tribal warrior who helps the Jews to conquer and enslave their enemies. Christ did not fit this profile, and so the Jews rejected him.

          A problem that persists in the alt-right or white nationalist community is the repeated claim that Jesus was a Jew and that Christianity is therefore Jewish. Christianity holds that Jesus is God clothed in human flesh. God is the Creator who existed before time and before everything in the world that exists. Therefore God is not a Jew, and by extension, Jesus was not a Jew. However, the human flesh that Jesus clothed himself in was Jewish.

          But what did Jesus do as a “Jew”? He destroyed the Jewish religion. He initiated a series of events that led to the destruction of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem. Without that temple in which sacrifices could take place, there could be no Jewish religion.

          What we call Judaism today is a counterfeit religion. It has no spiritual significance. It has no priesthood. It has no foundation in the past, because all of the priestly genealogies were destroyed.

          If we look at the history portrayed in the Bible from Abraham to the Epistles of St. Paul, what we find is an unending repudiation of Jewish tribalism.

          Abraham was the father of the Hebrews, who were not Jews per se. The tribe of Judah was only one of the twelve tribes of Israel. Ten of those tribes are lost to history. God made only one unconditional promise. That was to Abraham, who was a Babylonian, not a Jew. Abraham’s “seed” would be blessed and bring God’s blessings to the world. But that “seed” was not the Jews, as things turned out.

          God said that his chosen people would rule many nations. The Jews have never done that. But Christians have. St. Paul says that Abraham’s “seed” are those follow Christ.

          So what are we to make of the Jews’ claim that they are God’s chosen people? That claim has never been anything other than a Jewish tribal myth concocted by Levite priests. Jesus demolished that myth once and for all.

          As for salvationism in the Christian sense, it is partly based on the idea of transcendence — that the material world we experience is not the sum total of reality. We know that we didn’t create ourselves. The universe didn’t create itself out of nothing (something cannot come out of nothing). The universe has a design and is only possible because it lawful. That lawfulness is something we both observe in our daily lives and discover through science and mathematics.

          Truth is not something we arbitrarily posit. It is something we discover. To deny that there is objective truth is to contradict oneself (“It is objectively true that there is no such thing as objective truth”).

          These are questions that “pagan” Greeks considered. Christianity incorporated Greek philosophy into its theology. The Gospel of St. John presided over this marriage. “In the beginning there was Logos. Logos was with God. Logos was God.” Logos has many synonyms, but the two most apt ones are “reason” and “the divine order of the universe.”

          God is transcendent. But we can know him through reason (not just faith) and expect him to be reasonable. God chose to give us freedom. And freedom allows for evil to exist in the world. It is this evil that we wish to be saved from. And that is held out to us as a possibility, not in this world, but in whatever spiritual afterlife might exist.

          Christianity makes it clear, and so does Jesus: My kingdom is not of this world. The earthly Jerusalem is corrupt, the spiritual Jerusalem is divine. The Jews are the false Israel. The Christians are the true Israel.

          Does this mean that we have to be passive? Not at all. Christians are called to be Christlike. But Jesus was not passive. Choosing to sacrifice himself was not an act of passivity. Giving his tormentors a chance to redeem themselves was not passive. At all times, Jesus controlled the outcome. He confronted his enemies and fought them in a way that was most likely to result in their defeat.

          Far from being passive, weak and Jewish, Christianity is noble and essential to Western Civilization and white well-being.

          An archetype for the European shaped both by Christianity and by Greek and Roman philosophy is the man riding a horse. The horse represents passion. The man represents reason. And the reins represent the activity of Logos in the world.

          It was this combination that allowed Western Europeans to create the greatest civilization known to man and to conquer the world. That world-conquering and civilizing spirit has left us, along with our belief in God. I would warrant that every instance of the decline of our people and civilization has had a precise correspondence — without exception — to the decline of our belief in God.

          • Jerry Cornelius
            Jerry Cornelius says:

            The first word (logos) of the book of Genesis is Berashith or B, Reshith .Reshith is the creative utterance of God when God said ”Let There Be Light” Reshith also means beginning.
            ”The world was without form and void and darkness was on the face of the deep”
            Until God Said ”Let there be light” ie God spoke, there was darkness, ie without form and void(Chaos). B or Beth means a womb/palace/house and the Reshith was in the womb in darkness…B, Reshith..=.In the Begining or the beginning was in(The womb)
            It is no mistake that mantra, which means sound vibration parallels with ”The voice” of god.
            And the word was made flesh and so on. Like we use Logo in the modern sense ”the brand the word” we create everything by the word, by speaking. That is why the Left was always associated with evil, followers use the word in an evil sense-The Black lodge. Left in latin is called sinister. so the Left is literally sinister.

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            A belief in a supreme being — God — is much more persistent among people than a belief in any particular religion .

            Your lament has more to do with a pervasive decline in a belief in the fantastical religion of Christianity than with a decline in a more pragmatic belief in a God .

      • Jerry Cornelius
        Jerry Cornelius says:

        According to the Hindu Veda, we are coming to or are in Kali Yuga, the last of the four Hindu ages in a day of Brahma (Brahma sounds very similar to Abraham the Patriarch-in mantra it is the same sound-Mantra are similar to Hebrew mamatraa or creative utterance–ie”And God said”Logos- the word)
        Some say in the dream of Nebuchadnezzar interpreted By Daniel; The Statue is taken from the older text, ie Veda… it talks of the four great ages, and the Iron feet at the bottom correspond to the Iron age of Kali.
        General explanations of Kali Yuga are becoming disturbingly familiar in todays world.
        The Hindu Golden and silver and brass and the iron ages respectively Correspond to the statue in the dream.
        the two have many parallels

        • Jerry Cornelius
          Jerry Cornelius says:

          Money talks
          Not so- I was brought up a Roman Catholic but rejected the belief-What I write explains that Christianity found it’s base in earlier religions. You will also find me berating Christianity.
          I do not so much lament its demise as lament the demise of my community and the two are linked, hence the schism, In many people, here.

    • Achilles Wannabe
      Achilles Wannabe says:

      This is a very interesting idea. Have you written more about this? I would like to know more details

      I was raised Catholic and was a long time atheist until I began to think that atheism is Jewish = vulgarly materialist I recently “converted” to a paganism so vague as to be difficult to even discuss. But very recently I have found myself wishing I had a CHURCH. – a white church of course

      Meanwhile, in order to understand the Jews and the Judaized I have been reading the Bible for the first time,. I find the OT psychotic, racist and genocidalist but the NT potentially white and national socialist friendly.

      I could conceive of being in a kind of ecumenical Christianity – one where Jesus was God, or a great prophet/reformer/ visionary or something in between. But the thing is he would be an Aryan conception – a messenger tor our people who embraced fairness, honor, order, self defense – especially a revolutionary self defense against the OT and its people with their usurious practices and ethnocentrism.. I think I could get all that out of the NT without bending it much. But I would be open to a variety of interpretations providing spirituality meant some sort of concern for the social welfare of white people

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        See my reply to Ceridwen above. I don’t think you need to get rid of the Old Testament. You just need to sort out who the Jews were in relation to Abraham (a Babylonian from Ur of the Chaldees), the Hebrews, the 12 tribes of Israel, the splitting up of those tribes into two kingdoms (Israel and Judah), the expulsion of the 10 northern tribes of the Kingdom of Israel by the Assyrians (at which point they are lost to history), and what happened subsequently in the Kingdom of Judah, which the Bible finally comes to identify as “Jewish.”

        Then you have to understand Jesus as God in human flesh. God existed before time and created everything. God is not what he created. So God cannot be a Jew. Ergo, Jesus cannot be a Jew. When the Jews reject Jesus, they reject God. They take the side of Lucifer, the Adversary. As such they become enemies of God and all of mankind.

        They can redeem themselves, but only by giving up their rejection of God and following Jesus. All people are invited to do just that.

        As for Jesus’ human skin being white and his human physique being Aryan, there is no good reason to deny that possibility. The ancient Middle East was largely Aryan because of the presence of Greeks and Romans. Just look at the statues of ancient Greece and Rome. They look Aryan to me.

        It is true that Jesus paid lip service to the Jews and their mythology. Why would he begin his evangelism with them? Because they were monotheists, not polytheists. They believed in one god, not many. So it made sense to start with them.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          More people worldwide are beginning to realize that much of Christian narratives are nothing more than adulterized ( not adulterated ) children’s fantasy stories about reality .

  16. Leon Haller
    Leon Haller says:

    I am 100% in favor of the formation of pro-white political activist groups and general explicit racial (White Lives Matter) militancy. I just don’t think that’s a viable strategy at this time for very many whites across the US. Because of this, I don’t think much in this regard will actually happen.

    Dalton does not understand the present day political psychology of whites in general (ie, how utterly morally confused and/or characterologically, and thus racially, corrupted our race is), nor does he understand modal right-of-center white Americans (the only group we white preservationists can possibly appeal to). The proof of this latter claim is the hostility to Christianity demonstrated in footnote #1. Put aside the questions of a) whether Christianity is ontologically true (I think so), or b) whether Christian moral theology PROPERLY (classically) UNDERSTOOD actually necessitates white racially suicidal policies (I know it does not). Most (by no means all) Bible-believing or influenced white Christians are also social and cultural (and to a lesser extent, economic) conservatives, and not only on matters of “family/sexual theology”, but across the board, from immigration control to law & order to white heritage maintenance. Does Dalton think there are legions of whites who are non- or anti-Christian, but also pro-white? The vast majority of all non-Christian whites I have ever encountered or read or heard have been race-denying/betraying leftists, ranging from whiny sentimental liberals to sadistic marxist terrorist antifa. Numerous sociological studies confirm the contemporary link between secularism and leftism (very much at the moment defined at least as much by race-leftism as by abortionism or Green New Dealism or LGBTQism or Sanders socialism, etc) among whites. I emphasize: there is no empirical evidence against the reasonable guess that the SECULAR (or overt) white nationalist presence in America is anything other than very small.

    So WHO is Dalton’s target audience? WHO is his revolutionary vanguard? Does he believe there are vast hordes of whites like, no doubt, most of us here, men who are seething with rage at the defenestration of our country, and who would like to get active in resisting our dispossession? I had a slight debate with VNN’s Alex Linder a decade or so ago on this same topic. WHO is our agent of white racial preservation, exactly – the ones we seek to convert to racial rationality? Clearly, it can’t be the Left. A few immature and mentally unstable stragglers there might one day see the light and become pro-whites. But race is visceral, more than ever in the internet age. Many pro-whites may not understand some aspect of law or defense policy or economics. How many whites right now cannot see the race war that has been declared against us? I hazard that at least 90% (maybe much more) of whites out marching in BLM civil agitation are nothing less than racio-genetic defectives. They are what is most unique about our race, speaking racially: our unrivaled divisions on the very topic of white survival. No other race behaves in the pathologically ethnomasochistic way white race liberals do. This indicates to me an underlying evolutionary maladaptation that is mostly beyond overcoming via rational discourse. IOWs, liberals (the 90%+ who really believe their own propaganda, and don’t see it for the tissue of falsehoods it in fact is) are nuts! We will never be able to convert more than a handful of them. We need ultimately to separate from them; form our own sovereign ethnostate filled not with whites per se, but racially conscious ones; and then over a few generations, breed up a large, sustainable nation filled with our own people. Absent this, our race goes extinct (well, the white presence in North America will, anyway).

    Dalton’s target conversion group consists solely in right-of-center whites who have yet to embrace white preservationism and race honesty. Persons who are not yet pro-white, obviously, but who are also absolutely NOT liberal/leftist antiwhites. How do we appeal to these persons?

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      A very striking comment, especially in its second paragraph. The proportion therein of sensory observation to analysis derived from it is about 90% to 10%—something like the ideal. It is nonnegligible that both of Dr. Dalton’s essays swap those proportions.

      Mr. Haller harbors no illusions about the “vast majority of all non-Christian whites,” yet whether from fellow feeling or Christian caritas, he does not write them off as worthless or contemptible. In this regard his attitude stands in marked contrast to Dr. Dalton’s plain sense of his superiority*—as unconcealed as it is unwarranted—even to those very thoroughly “demythologized” whites he considers worthy to be bent to his will and to suffer and die for “the white cause,” whose content seems indistinguishable from his wants, his interests, his betterment.

      The more Dr. Dalton talks, the more he makes me think of a fictional man who is in every way his opposite: a certain Father Brown, the title character in a number of once-popular stories by G. K. Chesterton. Like Mr. Haller but unlike Dr. Dalton, Father Brown observed and analyzed in due proportion, as when he noted the following:

      It’s the first effect of not believing in God that you lose your common sense.

      —“The Oracle of the Dog” (1923)
      * Is it too much to suggest that Dr. Dalton stands as an emblem of one of the prime consequences of the Jews’ “redefinition” of the Western educational system during the past century, wherein they replaced its innards while preserving its outward form? To be specific, a century ago, is it likely that anyone evincing attitudes as ill considered and grandiose as his would have had a chance in a hundred of being admitted to grad school, let alone being awarded a terminal degree? With apologies to the ghost of Villon, où sont les normes d’antan?

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      Great comment Leon.

      A lot of very useful vocabulary of great importance in the 19th century was hijacked by the Left and used as a hammer to bonk people over the head with.

      One of them, of course, was the word “diversity.”

      It’s time to take that word back from them and use it as it was intended to be used, ie; to direct our attention to something in the real world.

      And to use it in that way in this context I think it’s important to direct our attention to the fact that Whites are arguably the most diverse race in the world.

      What that means in this context and in response to your comment is that there are lots of Whites with different points of view who are very concerned about what’s happening.

      You’re right, we need to seperate from racially indifferent Whites and join with racially conscious Whites.

      But I think that should be our only expectation of each other.

      If people show themselves to be sincere and acting in good faith than it doesn’t matter what their beliefs are.

      Organizing around race is going to be difficult enough. But organizing around race and specific beliefs is going to extremely difficult and very time consuming.

      And time is one thing there’s not a lot of right now.

  17. White Nation
    White Nation says:

    Dalton is wrong on most counts.

    Local white currencies will be a total failure. First there needs to be a change in consciousness in a critical mass of white population. 1~2%. More feasible would be to patronize local white businesses, buy from pro-white locals, give discounts to pro-whites, and sell at higher margins your products and services to anti-whites.

    Do anything possible to increase income streams to pro-whites, and shrink income streams to anti-whites. Don’t spend on a white, but anti-fa, babysitter, cafe, yoga studio, pub, bookshop. But do sell to the anti-whites at a premium. This is possible locally.

    Second, Japan has shown that you can govern a country of 130million people quite well. With modern technology, infrastructure, communications, governing a country of even 1-Billion with high living standards and a quality family life shouldn’t be impossible. You must visit Japan, and see it for yourself. They are doing quite well. And it is the largest creditor nation in the world today.

    Third, demoralization happens when we tune in to Jewish propaganda. When we tune out, which means cutting the cords and throwing out the TV, the Xbox, the Netflix, the CNN, the chances for enlightenment and a shift in consciousness will automatically follow.

    • JRM
      JRM says:

      Very sensible post. This gentleman has clear vision.

      One of our stumbling blocks, and I need point you no further than the comments sections on this site, is the old Christian/Non-Christian divide. We need a 10 year moratorium on religious arguments, after which, let’s review and see if we made any progress, at all.

      I know, wishful thinking on my part.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      “Japan has shown that you can govern a country of 130million people quite well.”

      Very true. But that’s because they have a very rich and very old culture.

      Whites cut off from a knowledge of their cultural history are at a profound disadvantage.

      Cultural History as a subject was being developed during the 20th century, especially after the second world war.

      But proposals to make it a course of study were squashed by the usual suspects. And for reasons that should be perfectly obvious to anyone here.

      That can be corrected, though, obviously, this isn’t the place for making recommendations.

      “…demoralization happens when we tune in to Jewish propaganda. When we tune out, which means cutting the cords and throwing out the TV, the Xbox, the Netflix, the CNN, the chances for enlightenment and a shift in consciousness will automatically follow.”


      Couldn’t agree more.

      And a shift in consciousness will be helped along if, after having ditched exposure to their propaganda, one begins to look into the cultural history of Europe and its geographical extensions (USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, etc). Especially the cultural history of the 19th century.

      No culture went through as profound a change as we have. The more we know about it the better.

  18. Thomas III
    Thomas III says:

    As bad as things seem with the plague, riots, defeatism and all, you can count on this: out of the ruins of our history and monuments, of our 1st and 2nd Amendments, will arise in any case an effective national resistance and thereby the realization of a true national community. I have no doubt that in lonely silos scattered across the country individual patriots are quietly working out the means of that salvation—be it through selective viruses, new theories of government, or secreted gun collections, etc. As the great writer Thomas Dixon put it, “Search for the hour of the birth of modern civilization and it will be found in the silence of a lonely room, where a solitary man sat watching the lid of a tea kettle rise and fall. From there flowed the history of a century of progress—the wonders of the age of steam.” Solitude is likewise the artist’s way to breakthrough—to the poem as paradigm shift in the cosmic life commensurate to those in science. That is essentially how one solitary author (Solzhenitsyn), surviving on a bowl of cabbage a day, brought down the Soviet Union and against all odds resuscitated Russia’s historical humanism. That is how Dr. MacDonald’s work gave clarity and enlightenment to thousands. Which is to say: It is imperative that each of us find our fit—be it poet, scientist, scholar, or soldier—and ride point on it to victory. Our thousands of acts of individual heroism and commitment will soon add up to a race that can never be vanquished.

  19. TooMuchLibertarian
    TooMuchLibertarian says:

    Whites have been inculcated with with the idea that individualism is the end-all, therefore we don’t think as a group for group interests. The few “whites” who contribute huge sums to political candidates virtually always do so in the name of “libertarianism”, free market ideology, import any people willing to work hard for low wages. Profit uber alles. Culture be damned.
    Gentile Whites, even very wealthy ones, almost never donate money for a White tribal cause. Literally never. Jews do it a lot, of course, and they are much richer on average.

    • Trenchant
      Trenchant says:

      Apposite, the quotation marks in an era where the State encroaches massively on all spheres of whites’ lives and minimally on others’.

  20. TooMuchLibertarianism
    TooMuchLibertarianism says:

    Whites are too individualistic to effectively fight back at this point. I know from my own relations with (white) friends and family that way too many of them believe the bullshit being fed to them. The monopoly media juggernaut that accepts and promotes the wrong premises of BLM has them by the balls.

    KM is correct, we whites are too altruistic and trusting. Very few of us can see the utter bullshit being done to us, and we are probably mutants from the white biological norm.

  21. TooMuchLibertarianism
    TooMuchLibertarianism says:

    The fact that Republicans also kneel, and never do anything substantive to protect statues and American cultural history proves they are just libertarians who don’t give a sh×× about anything but money.

    They probably don’t understand that, now, a huge number of Americans are starting to actually hate their own country, and can hardly recognize it compared to the country they grew up in prior to 1992. Who would fight for this shit-show of a country now?

  22. Achilles Wannabe
    Achilles Wannabe says:

    The bottom line: Can anyone who worships a long-dead ethnic Jew as his god and personal savior really be alt-right? Really?

    Do you really think you are going to have a successful alt right movement in AMERICA without Christians? Forget about what Christianity REALLY is. Christianity is a myth that is REALLY what any group of particular Christians think it is. I am a pagan but I can see plenty in that ethnic Jew and the NEW testament that can be used against our ENEMIES who were also that ethnic Jew’s ENEMIES. After all, they didn’t get him crucified for nothing. Let it go at that. We need all the allies we can get.

  23. Jody Vorhees
    Jody Vorhees says:

    I agree that we can and must do what is being described. But to ask: “What actual risks would we face?” To answer that question, simply turn on your television or pull back the curtains of your living room window and look at the carnage already in our streets.

    We can start out slowly. If all other groups possess the luxury of group identity, we can stand on that principle also. Start small, and build quickly and carefully. Going the church route would provide more than tax exemptions; I believe that is the route we should follow.

  24. bruno
    bruno says:

    Just a few points. First is the mention of camaraderie overcoming sub issues in unity. Excellent view. I saw this from E. Berlin to the heart of the Workers’ Paradise (Leningrad-Moscow)

    The second item is local types of “City States.” Reminds me of Uncle Joe’s relocation policy. He moved millions in the USSR’s south (Tartars, lots of mixed populations and others). Millions of Polonians, Ukrainians and tens of thousands of Balts were sent to the happy vacation lands of the White Bear, Kazakstan, etc. Relocation is possible in some regions. However, here, due to indoctrination, millions of Ws will side with non Euros. Just look at today’s revolution; masses of Ws are against their own thanks to schools, academia, etc. W troop strength has been decimated.

    At present openly discussing W issues is suicide. The Fed, anti-majority FBI, MSM and too many others to list would destroy any open advocate of W free association. Hell, a person can’t even debate certain magic numbers.

    Currency is the third issue. Millions of those over 55 years old are semi-retired or retired. They have city, state, governmental and academia rewards for years of service. They got under the line before the 4K frauds.

    Home Schooling is another mentioned pertinent factor. However, it’s not as easy to accomplish due to time constrains. People get MIs, CVAs have their children /relatives become divorced. We live in a family fragmented society. Millions of males no longer trust the obligation of legalities. I did home schooling for a year and thought it would last through high school. A health issue put a halt to such endeavors.

    One doesn’t know where Mr. D resides, however, the innuendo of increasing multi-racial realities is already part of Amdom. Just go to most mid to large size metropolis and you’ll see a multitude of young high school females hugging, ambulating… with those who often exhibit animal like behavior. The more this metastasizes the more drastic is even the slightest possibility to overcome the situation. The fact is, the noted copulate and increase their psychological, physical and political troops.

    The best method for studying the animal kingdom, is not along the book path. The most appropriate means of learning is to take time off from work and venture off the autostrada through various dangerous regions of unofficial official City States. Then, spend a few bucks and take a tour in sub-Saharan Africa, along with visiting other third world hell holes. It takes but a small amount of time and is not that expensive in terms of bang for the buck. It provides a lifetime of reality learning. the problem: Less than one percent of the intelligentsia or activists will do this. They mostly carry the banner of philosophical innuendos.

    Regrading the remarks pertaining to WLM-type of scenarios certainly the author is not a buffoon and has many qualities. The reason the Solidaity movement in Central Europe toppled the despised regime was because the society was homogeneous.

    If you flip the demographic coin over and go to South America you will see that in Venezuela and many other countries indigenous populations -implying the masses- rebelling against the upper hierarchy (Ws). Here, you have millions of Ws who are willing to battle EuroMan’s civilization to make the US a colorful utopia.

    There are a lot of solid stands in Prof. D’s weave. Things will get worst. He’s correct. This is especially due to what has objectively been demonstarted in recently seen revolution. As for political money, one saw the devaluation of European currencies. The life savings of millions went down the drain, families were destroyed. Nearly all those around 70 -with a good 15 years left of life- were lost. As of this writing, the solution(s) to ensure EuroMan’s civilization have not been found. The bottom line: Continued communique seems to be the only path available until better building tools are provided. It’s too bad that Prof. D was unable to ambulate amongst the recent BLM rebellion in Tampa. It was about 50% W. Had he been there he’s have heard the soul of those indoctrinated cuz that’s where Amdom now stands.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” As of this writing, the solution(s) to ensure EuroMan’s civilization have not been found.”

      EuroMan’s civilization is caput . All the bs , nonsense and crimes against humanity that has been used to hold it together is beginning to fail . EuroMan’s best bet is to get onboard with the new religion to build a new civilization that EuroMan started many centuries ago beginning with __

      {{{  The PRIME DIRECTIVE  }}}

      which is also the new religion needed to facilitate

      the quest of mankind to  thrive-n-survive  beyond

      The Solar Extinction Event

      or any other Specified-n-Guaranteed Extinction Event

      by developing the technologies to eventually locate

      and then colonize a distant planet similar to our earth .

      The deity of this new religion is called

      {{{   The God of Empirical Reality   }}} .

      The progeny of people whom are not interested in this quest for mankind to continue having fun  ( where  “fun”  is broadly construed )  are destined to perish in The Extinction Event — or possibly even before it .

      The eventual fate of mankind ( includes Whites ) is GUARANTEED OBLIVION if enough of the right people fail to get themselves properly organized to preside over the development of the technologies needed for mankind to thrive-n-survive beyond any Specified-n-Guaranteed Extinction Event — before it is too late . Anyone whom may hold that it is not “doable” should present their argument here on the WWW . Those of us whom “know” it is doable have nothing to fear from the naysayers .

      A WN ethnostate or any viable WN enclave anywhere in the world would be an excellent place to establish the first mundane church of {{{ The PRIME DIRECTIVE }}} for the benefit of humanity and especially for Whites .

  25. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    Thank you again, Dr. Dalton for your timely thoughts. I appreciate your tactful diplomacy in leaving the commenters unnamed.

    I, too, have wondered about the presence of trolls – Jewish or otherwise – on TOO. I do know it is a favored strategy by them to introduce themselves with a series of accepted truths, in order to lend credence to the lies that surely follow.

    Your have presented a number of workable strategies. So then when do we start? Let’s start today! As Patrick Henry said, “When will be stronger? Tomorrow? In a year?…”

    I also like your comment on doing more than blogging. Yes, let’s get off our seats and into the streets.

  26. JRM
    JRM says:

    Thinking along the lines of practical and safe things we can do, here is an idea I’d like to offer.

    Print up a small batch of business cards, but instead of your name and contact info (or include it if you want to, this will work either way), print the website address of your favorite “red pill” sites. Of course this very site should be on there. Other sites that you feel present relevant information, knowledge that is hard to find in MSM, etc. can be listed.

    I would avoid off-beat religious-oriented sites. If they are interested, they can follow those trails on their own. I’m talking about sites or posted video URLs (though YouTube videos are vulnerable to takedowns so I wouldn’t go too heavy on those) that will tend to educate and win fellow Whites to the cause. Some of the websites that chronicle violent black-on-White attacks might even be included, it’s your call. I’d keep it down to a mere handful of useful sites that you are very familiar with and can vouch for personally as worthwhile.

    Just last year I happened to meet a man, a stranger to me, and we got into a conversation (guns were the subject that we started on) that fairly quickly revealed him to be of a generally like mind. We even talked about websites we like to visit. If I had been carrying such a card, I would have unhesitatingly given it to him.

    As mentioned, you need not print even so much as your name (and I don’t recommend physical address or phone numbers). Just say “here are some good sites you might enjoy” and offer the card. You would be surprised how many “good old boys” know there is something drastically wrong in this country, but don’t have the intellectual tools to get a firm grasp on it. We can help each other.

    Just as an example, there are thousands of people in this country who question the events of 9/11. These folks are prime candidates to come over to our side. They have already displayed a healthy mistrust of FEDGOV, and they are usually inclined to do at least a little “research”, even if that research is limited to watching some YouTube videos; they are receptive to narratives that expose Gov. deception.

  27. JRM
    JRM says:

    Dr. Dalton says, of his “independent White-interest groups”:

    “Once established, they would work, first, to make their local areas as White as possible by simply choosing local boundaries (neighborhood, city, county) and then discouraging non-white presence: “you are no longer welcome here” is the message to send out. And by this I mean: not living here, not working here, not attending school here, not making deliveries here, not “passing through”—nothing. This step alone could well be a long-term effort, taking months or years. But it would have a huge effect.”

    Tim Folke writes: “Yes, let’s get off our seats and into the streets.”

    This course of action is actually quite radical. Please re-read Dr. Dalton’s prescription quoted above. As it stands, this recommendation is quite literally a violation of Federal Laws- more than one.

    Now, I don’t say these laws Dr. Dalton advocates that we break are good laws. No, they are in fact, very bad laws. Many were passed without a real mandate from the people. But laws they are.

    Does Dr. Dalton really expect anyone to start acting on this? The arrest and imprisonment good White men would be subjected to would be devastating to their families. The legal process will be traumatic, economically ruinous, and dangerous.

    I’ve outlined a different plan, one that can be practiced without fear of arrest, one that will leave you more fulfilled and healthier, and more, not less free. I can’t compete with the glamour of Dr. Dalton’s hard-line approach. Perhaps my plan doesn’t get your testosterone flowing. But I would appeal to your common sense.

    Don’t be afraid that you won’t get a chance to fight- it’s coming. I advise enthusiastic and decisive self-defense. I also advise patience when it comes to defying the current GOV. It’s losing power almost daily. An economic collapse, foreign invasion, unlivable and violent cities- they may be in the cards, one or all, sooner or a bit later.

    There will be a better time to flout the law. We are not there yet. But, in the meantime, if anyone does decide to go down Dr. Dalton’s path- please keep us up to date with your progress. Let us know how the first month goes, by all means. I’m very serious. I’m sure we are all interested in how it goes for you. Good luck.

    • Forever Guilty
      Forever Guilty says:

      “Does Dr. Dalton really expect anyone to start acting on this? The arrest and imprisonment good White men would be subjected to would be devastating to their families. The legal process will be traumatic, economically ruinous, and dangerous. “

      True. But you could start small and deal it up and down as environment permits.

      “I also advise patience when it comes to defying the current GOV. It’s losing power almost daily. An economic collapse, foreign invasion, unlivable and violent cities- they may be in the cards, one or all, sooner or a bit later.”

      Exactly, the more ((( Tribe))) controlled GOV loosing power, the more can be done on local level.

  28. DDearborn
    DDearborn says:


    I believe that the author is improperly framing the debate in religious terms. Specifically, targeting “Jews” as the “enemy”. “Jews” in general are no more or less the “enemy” of the Republic than any other religious group. The enemy is a political ideology called ZIONISM. Of course, the fact that there are far more White Christian zionists than Jewish zionists in America presents a problem for ethnic centered narrative.

    By framing his movement in religious terms, he has handicaping himself from the outset. Why? because like or or not, good or evil, practicing one’s chosen Religion is an unalienable and thus protected right under the Constitution. On the other hand, political ideologies like zionism have no such protects…..Therefore, those unwilling to protect all religions is in fact advocating protecting none of them…….

    • Aldon
      Aldon says:

      “Freedom of Religion” is just liberal obsfuscation. The whole notion of demanding every “religion” be “free” requires there to be a force that can impose it on the citizenry (otherwise what stops us from burning down every synagogue and demanding Jews be confined to ghettos).

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      No. It’s the Jews.

      The Jew Samuel Untermeyer commissioned Cyrus Scofield to issue a Bible that turned evangelical Christians into Zionists.

      And Zionism, strictly speaking, is nothing more than the Jews wanting their own nation, which is fine with me.

      Let them go there and stop messing around with other nations.

      It’s the international Jew that is the problem, not the Zionist Jew.

      • Aldon
        Aldon says:

        Nationalism for all is cuck garbage.

        The Jews have made it clear they can’t be trusted to stay confined to their ghettos. Hence they need to be dealt with in a way that ends them as a threat.

        • Eric
          Eric says:

          Nationalism for all is better than what we have now. What alternative do you propose? Multiculturalism? Globalism? The UN? The EU? Those are things we shouldn’t want.

          The only trans-national arrangement we might conceivably support would be a confederation of white ethnostates free of Jews, Muslims and non-whites.

          As for the Jews, let’s just get them the hell out of our countries. We’re luckier than our ancestors. We have a place to send them now.

      • DDearborn
        DDearborn says:


        “Zionism” is a political ideology that by defintion in practices forces the world to draws direct parallels with the Nazis. Simply replace “Ayran” with “jew”. Zionism is built upon a foundation of jewish supremacy which indoctrinates its rabid followers with religious hatred, bigotry and contempt for all people save Judaism. Zionism claims jewish demands and jewish claims, many of which are thousands of years, old subordinate all others. Like the Nazis and the White Supremacy movement in old South African, Zionsim is a political cancer that is unquestionably toxic to the human race as a whole.

        And for the record I have a huge problem withany group that claims to have a right to a a State of just for them built lands stolen by force of arms and plain old fashioned terrorism. Lands that without question, belong to other people. But it doesn’t stop their, Zionists are demanding far more than just a empire for jews only. More to the point, in the real world, they have already committed more than half a century of war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide and Apartheid to build an ever expanding jewish only empire. If the Jewish Zionists had remained within their legally defined 1948 borders instead of waging war against the existing Palestinian peoples within Israel and the State of Palestine (i.e. let them keep their lands, homes and businesses) in fact all their neighbors, this conversion would never have taken place.
        Here in the real world your “international Jews” are in fact overwhelmingly Israeli Zionists

        • Eric
          Eric says:

          I agree that Israel should never have been created in the first place.

          But our problem in the West is much bigger than Israel. Our problem is Jews (who hate white people and Christians) having power over us in our own countries — a power they were only able to achieve by living in many different nations and then working internationally as a team to subvert and dominate those countries.

          In the U.S., they control Hollywood, most of the mainstream media, most of social media, and are disproportionately represented in banking, finance, the billionaire class, law, medicine, the fine arts, publishing, academia, etc.: all of the “power and influence” occupations. It is only because of this overwhelming Jewish influence that America has turned from what it once was — a country for white men — into what it is today.

          You can thank Jewish influence for mass Third World immigration, open borders, discrimination against white males, open hatred of white people, Christian Zionism, pornography, feminism, and cultural Marxism.

          Not to mention endless wars for Israel.

          Jewish influence has caused the same or even worse problems in other majority-white nations such as Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Ireland — and many more.

          Israel is an immediate problem for the Palestinians and surrounding Arab nations. The much larger problem for us is Jews living in our nations.

          Jewish supremacism has existed for thousands of years. It didn’t start with Zionism. And the problem of international Jews wouldn’t end even if Israel disappeared tomorrow.

          As bad as Israel is, it does offer a solution to the problem of Jews being in our nations. It is a place where we can send them.

          I would do what I could to help the Palestinians once all the Jews were there. Give them arms. Deny help to Israel. Help them defeat Israel and force the Jews to accept their minority status in an Arab nation.

  29. Aldon
    Aldon says:

    >In fact, local, decentralized civil resistance groups have a long history of effectiveness and success

    Name all the successful ones that weren’t backed by the local elite and tendrils of it like big business or backed by foreign powers.

    National Socialism is the only way out. If only White Murica didn’t decide to wage war on Hitler for tranny bathrooms.

  30. Floda
    Floda says:

    In South Africa where Whites are outnumbered at least 10 to 1, a number of Whites only organizations exist. I have been interested in one calling itself, ‘Suidlanders’. I think its fair to say Whites in SA are further down the slippery slope than we are anywhere else, certainly further than where I am in Australia and arguably Whites in America. Suidlanders claim they are a civil defense organization permitted under a charter by the UN which enables ethnic populations who feel threatened to organize. They openly state the trajectory of their country is towards a genocidal war of the Black majority against what remains of SA’s Whites. I’ve had an interest in SA and what goes on there for years, I get the feeling Suidlanders are not only preparing for a physical showdown with the Blacks, deep down they are actually looking forward to it.

    An example of how precarious things are is the electricity supply. SA has just one sole supplier called, ‘Eskom’. Last time I looked the entire country was on a, ‘two hours on, two hours off’ supply cycle. Suidlanders say if supply goes down to four hours off, it would take Eskom two or three days to restore supply, if it were to go down for a week it might take a year or so to restore it at all.

    Suidlanders know what would happen in say, the Johannesburg/Pretoria urban sprawl of around 10 million. In two days there is not a shop with a morsel of food, no gasoline or diesel, no running water or safe sewage system. On every street corner armed gangs of angry Blacks waiting for a White in a vehicle to ambush.

    They’ll get no Suidlanders because these folks had a plan. They had a pre-prepped All Wheel drive vehicle laden with food, camping and survival gear, including tools and weapons equipped with a CB Two Way radio and old fashioned road maps, since the Sat Nav no longer works without electricity. All over the country tens of thousands of Whites now flee to remote predetermined camps, carefully chosen for their distance from troubled urban Blacks, their strategic habitability. The Suidlander had the foresight to set up a network of repeater CB radio transmitters for communication long before the Eskom collapse.

    The location of these camps is known only to a few insiders, but obviously the objective is to wait for a response from the corrupt, bankrupt communist Black regime. Suidlanders expect it to be a serious if disorganized effort. The SA military is rife with HIV and much of their equipment is unworkeable. A few thousand Boers may become today’s Spartans.

    • JRM
      JRM says:


      This is very relevant to our discussion here. Far more practical than yet another go at whether Christianity is Jewish or not.

      I would highly recommend an in-depth, article-length version of this comment.

      SA would appear to now be about where we will no doubt be in the future. A further exploration of the Suidlanders seems desirable and necessary.

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      Thanks for that information!

      It sounds like blacks might end up begging whites to take care of them again.

      It also reminds me of Cortez’s conquest of Mexico. I think he did it with just a couple dozen men.

      The American version of whites taking back control would probably involve the red states and regions of the country cutting off food water and energy to the blue city folk. There has already been talk of truckers refusing to make deliveries to large cities and metro areas.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        “It also reminds me of Cortés’s conquest of Mexico. I think he did it with just a couple dozen men.”

        Yes and no. First, it was probably more like several hundred men—not that that reduced the odds significantly or diminishes the man’s astonishing achievement. Then the horses helped in a big way. Last but not least, once the five or six million people of the Aztecs’ hundred or so subject tribes spotted that Cortés had no intention of playing nice with Montezuma, Cortés found that he had allies flocking by the thousands to his pennants.

        Most of the peoples subject to the Aztecs had ideas about cannibalism and human sacrifice similar to those of their masters—though certainly not on the Aztec scale—but when after fifty years or so there is no turnabout in the regimen of those who do the eating and those who get eaten, the latter tend to grow pretty grumpy. People are funny that way.

    • Neil
      Neil says:

      That is a good idea. The whites are being treated terribly, revenge is almost Government policy. Julius Malema speaks of Revenge.

  31. Franz
    Franz says:

    There is no political or martial clapback available, that I can see, with any prospect of success that makes it anything more than committing hari kari.

    All articles henceforth should focus on the bare survival of white people and white ways..

  32. TimothyS
    TimothyS says:

    Sayyid Qutb in his “milestones” developed a series of objectives – milestones – on the path to strategic dominance.
    The Chinese communists waged their long marches through the institutions. Both of these were inter-generational strategies built on intermediate objectives. These highly successful strategies should be studied and emulated.

    1) To challenge orthodoxy, the terms of debate must change. The “I’m not racist, you’re racist” instinct of conservative has been roundly defeated. “irredeemably” so. They adopted the dialectic of their unacknowledged enemies.

    The left has made critical opening. Now there is far less resistance to recognizing the existence of an anti-white movement.
    Leon Haller asks “WHO is our agent of white racial preservation… Clearly, it can’t be the Left.” The left is now preaching the destruction of the occidental races more loudly and to a wider audience. It’s now easily demonstrated that shape-shifting dialectics like “racism” are anti-white. The pseudo-category of “people of color” means “only if you’re not white”.
    My suggestion: be absolutely sure the left is heard!

    2)As the James Bowery notes in his comment above:
    “Shift your paradigm to evolutionary medicine and you can get a much better grip on the practicality of strategies and tactics.”
    Absolutely correct. “Race” must be constructed as essentially related to biological reality.
    This message isn’t perceived as a drastic shift in the moral landscape. The public has been inoculated against such a direct challenge.
    However, once it is accepted that “race is a biological reality, the way is prepared. Evolution does imply certain moral imperative on our part, amoral as the process may be.

    3) As bruno pointed out, some whites must directly experience and witness population shifts and what those populations look like in their own habitat. Thus reality becomes concrete.

    4) These “milestones” are important in creating a broad appeal to pro-white messaging. The population must be large enough to be sustainable as White Nation remarked above.
    James Bowery’s tactic of “replacing prisons with exile and border exclusion for any reason whatsoever a jurisdiction may deem suitable.” Is sensible remedy. However, repatriation requires a large enough population to have achieved legal and moral legitimacy. That will take generations.

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      TimothyS: Regarding your point (1), this is how I would reply to somebody who said that I was a racist:

      Everyone is racist.

      Everyone sees race and knows there are racial differences, whether or not they admit it.

      Everyone knows that whites created most of civilization, whether or not they admit it.

      If you know all of those things, then you are a racist.

      Everyone knows all of those things.

  33. Will McCormack
    Will McCormack says:

    I fully understand the feeling of urgent panic, given the brutal natre of many non white races. I also understand that in some cases this will lead to a fixation with both nazism and hitler. I think the author has these tendencies for shure.

    Let’s look at the term aryan used by hitler the nazis and also the roman salute. The iranians are these days some of the most racially mixed peoples, on averege 15% east indain also part arab and so on. Hence the old aryans are dead.

    As for the roman salute, most italians are mixed with arabsa and north africans these days, partially as an effect of the roman empire.

    The swastika, is mainly used in india, where whites tried to stay separate but all mixed with non whites to some degree, the cast system probably reflects an attempt at keeping the mixture lover for parts of the population.

    Gene tests of hitlers relatives has shown mixture with berbs, north africans (could be berbs and arabs occupied spain, then spain occupied The Netherlands that is a neighbour country to germany which is bordering austria)…

    Hence all the choices of symbols by the nazis hevily represents racemixing. The ideology also led to 40 million people dying, most of them whites, 8 million of them german.

    The black lives matters thing is a bunch a different interest combining in an anti white effort. It is alos the others, the other races, and the racially mixed flexing their muscles, showing the strength of oganized anti racism. They have several agendas.

    1. The black panthers think there is an organized white effort to move böacks outa city centers and housing. So the riots and aggression is a way of blacks to keep controll over taken territory (from whites), and to gain new territory.

    2. It’s a way for jews, folks mixed with gypsies, the chinese commies (who want acces to us technology and universities to steal through immigration) and the like to scare pro-whites from organizing, cause then their hordes will attack them…

    3. It’s a way for the democraatic parties commie/extreme left part to try to get rid of trump.

    4. It’s a way for racemixed white looking folks and niggers and other anti whites to attack all white heritage, which they have been doin for years anyways, changing names of schools, lakes,… in a very obvious marxist way. Very similar to the way islam works, so I also suggest anti white anti trump pro arab immigration oil arab money.

    5. It could also be the most extreme nazis and some of their racemixed suporters (there are people who are only about 1/2 white who work with nazis a lot, to fool them, a double game, make them look bad, cause they also fear them, to try to control them and to use them as tools, because of the violence potential, and although racemixed they probably like the ideology), use the rioters in order to try to accellerate the fall of western society, which won’t work now anyways. This is in some sick perverted anti amrica thing cause the usa helped bring down the nazis and also wwI. Also nazis are very anti democracy and the US was founded to be the greatest democracy and so on.

    The niggers are the naive stupid aggressive anti human easily manipulated quite often srong troops of the racially mixed (including many jews) against their real resistance, the few that can resurrect the white race race from it’s current sad state.

    Not even the police can work against them. What can you do. They will bring this upon you. And in my humble opinion jews are just the tip of the iceberg of racially mixed groups that are to different degrees acting against whites. How many of the super rich are racially mixed, a lot…

    Hence it’s the perfect storm of many different interest.

    I don’t think much of anything coming out of it.

    I don’t think sitting on these kindsa forums will bring real change either. You gotta reach out to your fellow whites. Your arguments must be extremely precise and to the point. It must be a combination of hard facts and truthfull honest depictions of the true horrors and threats of the non white hordes invading the territorries.

    Me personally, I have a very clear picture of what some jews have done. Then again I support Israel. At least the christian sites are relatively safe and one can visit many of them. In many ways the jews are doing the dirty work, so that in many ways the ideas of the crusades are coming about. And I disslike many things done by some crusaders or criminals recruited for them.

    As for jews, once upon a time they used to be white, 100% white. Hence the rule of laws from GOD forbidding them and in effect other whites to mary non whites, such as the cursed negro and arab. Jews are for the most part mixed witrh arabs these days (lika 8 %), and the bible states the mixed bring lies and the like, can’t be trusted. A jew killed a jew and his coming wife cause that jew was marrying an arab (at the altar if I remember correctly).

    There used to be 100% white jews maybe there are still some around, who knows, but most of them probably married gentiles. It’s a shame they are now mixed, the original white jews were a different kind for sure.

    As for keeping jews out of areas what are you gonna do, hunt everyone with a big nose. So if christian genious Mozart showed up: “look at that dudes big nose, lets hunt him down”, or what?

    I don’t think many whites will support this kinda action. I also don’t mind jews or half jews that much. Most of the jews I have worked with have been fine people and are not sceeming in some anti white plan in secret meetings. That’s mostly done by people who have some kinda jewish identity and are also part gypsy or negro.

    If we read the “documents of the elders of zion”, it is stated that they, the elders want everyone toobey the Hindu god Vishnu, or similar, the god og gypsies. Hence they, the majority of elders were peobably also part gypsy, probably because of mixture in eastern europe. So this anti white document was if not a fraud written by gypsy jews.

    To move forward there is a need for a new ideology, in my opinion.

    The holocaust and other horrors of wwII is the thing that has been used to make the massimmigration masslaughter of whites and massracemixing happen. It is quite possible reacemixed folks in germany and other places supported the nazis to try to controll them and knowing he would loose this would then bring about the PC climate we have now and the change and racial mixture they wanted and also probably they wanted to get rid of jews.

    The idea that some secret society or similar supported nazism because they knew hitler would loose and then communism would spread and satanists want communism because it’s focus on atheism which they see as a pathway to satanism, is something I read that makes sense also.

    It’s tons of different special interests trying to take controll and gain power and destroy through different actions most likely.

  34. T
    T says:

    Dear Readers

    Full disclosure – I am a non-European Muslim.

    I wish to give a different perspective on the issue of Modern Western Civilization and her coming demise.
    The Modern West was created by the Anti-Christ with the help of Gog and Magog. They allowed usury and finance capitalism to become acceptable. They lead the scientific/industrial revolution which to this day is still unfolding with the digital revolution. They encouraged colonialism and exploitation of other peoples in a manner unprecedented in the annals of history. They instigated the world wars. They then decolonized and left a centralized system in place for the world.
    They have pretty much got what they needed from the Modern West and now they don’t need her. So they are bringing her down from within.
    They are the ones behind communism, feminism, LGBTQ rights, mass immigration etc.
    Once the Modern West is finished as a world power, then Imposter Israel can claim to be the ruling state of the world and the Anti-Christ can come in person and claim to be the messiah.

    I think there is an eschatological line that needs to be understood. Those on the side of the Christ vs Anti-Christ. Western Man has got to make links with those on the Christ side of the line. His civilization whatever he may think of it and whatever its merits [and there are many] is firmly entrenched on the Anti-Christ side, this is not recent but at least 300 years if not more. [I would say that the acceptance of usury and finance capitalism was the most important dam that broke and has never been fixed…]
    I would advise the reader to read up on eschatology, Orthodox Christian, Islamic and Jewish. It will help fill in the ‘gaps’.

  35. Sam J.
    Sam J. says:

    Much as I like your idea it won’t work because of the way that votes are structured in the US. The cities have inordinate power over the countryside and they will come arrest you and jail you for “racism” if you try to do what you say.

    Here’s how to take over the whole country and change everything in less than a year by focusing on very high value points that amplify control of the legislatures. We don’t need a new Constitution. The one we have is just fine. What we do need is some politicians that will work what we have in our favor. We could totally change the power structure in the country in a few months. If the Republicans were willing we could take control of the out of control Judiciary. It only takes a majority in Congress to do so. The Judges may decide case law but Congress decides what cases the Judges can rule on in the first place. Don’t want Judges to decide any laws that have to do with treaties, immigration, national security as relating to foreigners, etc. Then Congress can just tell them to butt out. It’s written right into the Constitution in plain English.


    “…In all the other cases before mentioned, the Supreme Court shall have appellate jurisdiction, both as to law and fact, with such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make…”

    “…with such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make…” The important part. The earlier part declares what powers they have but it ends with control of these functions by Congress. Congress could tell them to butt out of any GloboHomo, Statist rulings. They could do that with with lots of stuff they keep ramming down our throats. The Judiciary could be stuck with only deciding water rights cases between States if they push too hard to SJW the Constitution to death.

    This only takes will power and the ability to to just ignore the point and shriek of the press which would go to stratospheric levels if Congress actually limited the Judges to deciding only cases that are delegated to the Federal government by the Constitution. There’s a whole massive amount of POZZ that could be cleared up if the Judiciary was brought to heel and States would be allowed to decide for themselves. The total lock down Blue States would carry on as before but as we have seen their quality of life would eventually become so bad as to destroy their power base. The Left could be allowed to destroy themselves while limiting their ability to impose the pozz on the rest of us WITHOUT breaking up the country, civil war or any other such drastic nonsense.

    What could we change that would vastly increase the power of Whites and guarantee out rights would not be run over?

    1. First we make sure all voters have some qualifications, high school diploma or equivalent, maybe pay a certain amount of property taxes, the actual numbers are not so important. The idea is that the voter have some skin in the game. Be a taxpayer or retired taxpayer who has put into the system instead of just receiving. This was ruled against by the Supreme court but this ruling can be tossed in the trash by a 51% vote in the House and Senate. Federal judges can be told what their jurisdiction is. It’s written right into the Constitution.

    2. Federal judges, once again, have ruled that in the States there can only be representatives based on proportional representation of the population. This court ruling gave more power to urban areas. Before they had representation in the Senates of most States based on regions and population based in the House. Just like the Federal government structure. It too can be thrown out. This would vastly curtail the power of the cities to tyrannize the rural areas. Think if Upper New York State and the rural areas of California had regional representation in the Senate of the States of California and New York. It would make a huge difference. A really big societal shift. The recent gun grab in Virginia would not even be a thing. It would have never even been brought up much less almost become law. The riots in the cities would have been shut down by State Senators in the rural areas forcing the governors to act. Many laws and rules the left are pushing would never even be voiced as an option because there would be zero ability for them to pass.

    3. Make sure all votes are by real registered and documented voters. Voter fraud is at extreme levels in the cities. They have more people voting than there are even voters in many districts. With the other two rules in place we would have the power to just call all their votes illegal and ignore them. We could have an electronic voting system that is foolproof against fraud, (this can be done I’m 100% positive and I even have a simple cheap way to implement). The votes could NOT be changed and each person and organization could 100% check each vote for themselves. Details here and end of the comment:


    The only problem with any of these systems is you must control who gets to vote in the first place and who is authorized to vote. With the two other powers in place this could be assured. We could have open voters list and only those preregistered could vote. No more showing on the day of the vote and registering. I would add that no one that immigrated could vote until the 2nd generation. If they don’t like it they can leave.

    If most States changed to the older method designed to protect minority rights, rural areas, then it would vastly improve our position. These two changes would insure that we could not be rolled over legislatively. Now some States may be lost already like California but they will lose power anyways because of the complete stupidity and incompetence of their Representatives. Detroit and other minority run cites have the same problems.

    After we have these tools then I suggest we go all the way back to 1965 and if anyone has immigrated and taken so much as one thin dime of welfare we deport them as undesirables. The courts could be told to piss off by the legislature. I suspect we could deport at least 90 million.
    All it would take is willpower to do this. The Republicans by party line vote have the power to do this right now and so do most States. I would say the majority. If pushed we could force the same on the other States with Constitutional amendments after power is consolidated.

    Starting from the civil war there has been nothing but one big fight between rural and urban areas. So far the cities won but it doesn’t have to stay this way. We don’t need to break up and we don’t need a civil war we just need to work the system that we already have and have had before that worked reasonably well.

    • Sam J.
      Sam J. says:

      I want to add people who want a little piece of this country can fuck off. I want the whole thing. It’s mine. My forefathers fought for it and it’s mine. I want it all and we can have it if we dare.

  36. William McCormack
    William McCormack says:

    @guest. Sun Tzu was a fake sneaky idiot. I red the book nothing in there was usefull. Marrying your spies to the king, yeah, jews marry jews with people they think are a threat, as is stated in documents of elders of zion. No racepure jew of the original stock wold do it. But I guess now, they follow the protocols. Thats the ultimateracemixed sneaky lowlife strategy. Anyone who uses this kinda strategy should be immediately killed for trying to sneakily alter peoples genetics. Which alot of racemixed people do anyways with their racemixing propaganda which consists of for example:

    1. Hide all crimes done by poc’s, don’t let it be reported in the media, however terrible they are.

    2. Amplify and reprt and owerblow all crimes done by whites, especially against poc’s.

    3. Report and write alot about the cultural expressions of whites. Push it down whites folks through the large record companies and media channels.

    4. Don’t reprt on art done by whites.

    5. Write tons of pieces about the poor immigrants and all the terrible things they fear in their hopme countries…

    6. Push hatred towards white men and men in general using feminism. At universities and school.

    7. Push for homosexuality in school and education actively encouraged by the state. Now there is so much female hormones in the water from birth control pills, the fish can’t reproduce. Hence alot of heteros are lured into the homo thing (like it is in prisons and private schools in the uk).

    8. Don’t outlaw dangerous things like bad chemicals (or whatever) or 5g, that is dangerous that will mainly be used in white countries.

    9. Use commercials to make propaganda for racemixing especially between white woman and the negro male. It is now almost a standard in commercials almost as common as white woman with white man. Although only like a percentage of relationships are between whites and members of the negro race. Also getting more common in films, but not yet a standard it seems. Use text directed to young females at a young age that are sensual in nature that oush the “dark exiting mysterious” male. Most of the racemixing propaganda is in kids shows. Just watch disney channel or the like. They push the racemixed latino aggressively as well as the negro. Often the young latin boy is portraited as the guy that all the white girls fall in live with, like 15 girls in a class, none of em interested in a white boy. Hence they effectively program the youth to do racemixing.

    10. Don’t give kids real knowledge about their culture but push the others in education and state schools, also with black history month and black music week and the like.

    11. Desegregate the schools while in Israel they have segregated schools between jews and arabs. Israel is now expelling negroes back to africa.

    Sun Tzu didn’t do shit about racemixing.

    In fact sun tzu may be used by those who push racemixing but just on a grand scale. Isn’t that what they do, marry the enemy to whites.

    Christianity is the true religion that is clearly against racemixing. Then again, I’m a modern Christian and think God changes his minds on matters. Still I think the scriptures are full of useful knowledge.

    I’m against attempts trying to sell the spineless yellow thing to whitey.

    I suspect they are racemixed infiltrators. People that are racemixed often lie and steal and have non existent morals.

  37. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    Sun Tzu was a fake sneaky idiot.

    If there were an annual Hans Christian Andersen Award for calling out naked emperors, we’d have our winner for 2020. I have waited forty years to see someone say or write the words above in a public forum—so now, to channel my inner Simeon, “nunc dimittis servum tuum, Domine.”

    For the man hungry for epigrams—or “wise sayings,” as Stan Freberg, winking, called them—Martial is still the best bet. For the fancier of military strategy, Clausewitz and A. T. Mahan are the cream that rises to the top.

    3. Report and write a lot about the cultural expressions of whites.

    That should be “nonwhites,” yes?

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