A Thousand Points of White: One Strategy for Achieving White Nationalism

This essay is intended as a response and follow-up to the excellent recent article by Giles Corey, “American Roulette.”  Corey’s piece is passionate, clear, and well-written.  He makes a powerful and inspirational case, in a short space.  My intent here is to build on his ideas and add some needed details.  The chaos of the past few months has given us new opportunities to move forward.  In the spirit of Corey’s piece, I will be concise and blunt; the time for niceties is fast coming to an end.

Herewith is a brief outline of an argument and a strategy for establishing a functional form of White Nationalism.  For sake of clarity, I will express it in a series of numbered paragraphs.  Let’s start with the big picture:

  • The United States is irredeemably corrupt. It cannot be salvaged and it cannot be saved.  The entire political and economic infrastructure is lost.  We have neither a democracy nor an oligarchy, but rather a Judeocracy: rule by Jewish power and Jewish money.  Jews are assisted at all levels by Whites (and others) who act as their willing front-men, and who thus disguise the deeper workings of the system.  Republicans, Democrats, Greens, Libertarians—they’re all the same.  No party has the guts to confront the Jewish power structure.  The media, of course, is also hopelessly corrupted by Jewish influence; witness the battle between CNN, MSNBC, and even Fox News, to see who can display greater fealty to Jewish interests.[1]  Thus we can expect nothing but biased and malicious reporting from any of them.  The American system cannot be reformed; we should not even try.[2]
  • American corruption can work to our advantage. As the US continues on its path of decay and decline, more and more opportunities will emerge for White nationalists.  The American Judeocracy will inevitably destroy itself; it’s only a question of time.  Jewish misanthropy and kleptomania will consume itself and the whole federal infrastructure in the process.  However, the American system will likely not collapse in a sudden, catastrophic paroxysm.  Rather, it will be a slow and steady loss of integrity, of stability, of coherence, and of credibility.  This is what has happened in the latter stages of most all imperial-like political entities in history.  Eventually, the political system and the ruling authorities simply lose the willpower and ability to intervene against rebels or invaders.  We are seeing precursors of this in the Seattle “autonomous zone.”  This works massively to our benefit.
  • White Nationalists should assist the process of decline. The more ethnic diversity, more economic disruption, more political division, and more crime that we experience, the faster will be the process of decline.  As bad as it looks, “Black Lives Matter” is doing us a favor.  Arsonists and looters are doing us a favor.  The moronic liberal elites who defend these low-lifes are too ignorant to realize that such actions are undermining their very system of power.  Recent events are making clear to millions of Whites that a multiracial, Jewish-run America will be a catastrophe in the future.  And they can’t be too happy about it.

So, let’s help the process along:  More Latino and Asian immigration!  More Blacks in corporate America!  More Jews in Washington!  More aid for Israel!  More affirmative action!  More leftist street marches!  Defund the police!  More looting!  More arson!  We can use the liberal Zeitgeist against itself—use its own logic to drive it into the ground.

  • Washington is rapidly losing the moral and political basis for effective action. Trump’s various stupid proclamations and (in)actions and the paralysis in Congress are all good signs.  We are seeing federal dysfunction at all levels: in the response to the coronavirus, in various military conflicts around the globe, and in international relations.  The US is being pushed around by hostile nations, and our allies—even the Jewish-dominated ones in Europe—are increasingly ignoring us.  Again, this is all good news.
  • Whites deserve, and have the right, to self-rule. There is no good reason why Whites anywhere should submit to rule by Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, or any combination of these.  This is not because such people are “inferior”; rather, every race and every ethnicity has its own values and its own culture, rooted in genetics, and these should not be imposed on unwilling Whites.  Whites have the right to be proud of their values and their cultural achievements, which comprise the highest and greatest achievements in human history.  Let the other races build their own nations and their own cultures, in their own lands.[3]  And let them live with the consequences.
  • White self-governance cannot be achieved at a national level in the US—not for a century, at least. We need to give up on Washington.  The federal system needs to end, and governance rebuilt at the local level.  A nation of 330 million is ungovernable, even of a single ethnicity; a multiracial nation of this size is utterly unsustainable.  Perhaps someday, many decades down the road, a kind of White American coalition or confederation will be possible; but not in our lifetimes.  Again, this is not bad news.
  • Start local, start small. Given that there will not be a federal White nationalist movement or party, we need to look for local or state-level groups advocating White self-rule—or at first, White identity and White self-interest.  Here’s one suggestion:  Start a local “White Lives Matter” group.  What’s good for the goose…  This process can be very small and very simple.  One person can reserve a room in a library, school, or church basement.  One person can reach out to friends, spread the word on social media, or print up flyers to post around town.  Pick a day and time, book a room, advertise—and see who comes.  Even a small turnout is a start.  We ought not forget that, in Germany many years ago, National Socialism began with weekly meetings of just seven or so men (“the same old seven,” lamented Hitler)[4].  If you get seven at first, consider it a victory.
  • “It’s just a club.” At first, any such “WLM” group will likely be a mere discussion group:  politics, news, local developments.  Think of it as a social club:  like-minded Whites getting together, on a regular basis, to discuss issues of common interest.  This alone, as innocuous as it might seem, is a radical step in today’s climate.  The sheer existence of a WLM group will likely draw negative attention; be prepared, stay cool, stay calm, stay rational.  You have a right to your own self-interest.  Use negative publicity to your advantage.  Remember: Anyone who accepts BLM but rejects WLM is an evil “racist.”
  • Become politically active. As the group grows, establish some structure:  take attendance, collect modest annual dues, have officers.  Watch out for spies and moles; they are inevitable, but can be managed.  Once the group is stable, then you are in a position to engage in local politics.  Write op-eds or post things on a local blog.  Make yourselves known; be open, be public.
  • Have definable and clear local objectives, moving toward a White society. It doesn’t matter if you live in a city, suburb, or rural area:  establish a group, meet regularly, and get engaged.  If your area is already mostly or all White, there should be little resistance.  If it is majority-minority, consider moving.  If your area, like mine, is a mostly-White suburb but with encroaching non-whites, put up resistance.  The larger objective is for White self-determination and self-rule, and this starts by making non-whites realize that they are no longer welcome here.  Pick a local geographic region—neighborhood, city, or county—and declare it White.  Don’t hold a vote, don’t look for a majority—just declare it.  This is essentially what a bunch of Seattle hooligans and degenerates recently did; again, that blade cuts both ways.  How outrageous!—a dozen (say) local folks declare their neighborhood or city to be White!  And then they have the nerve to say, publicly, that non-whites are not welcome, and should leave!  Revolutionary!  But that’s what it takes.  No ugliness, no violence, no cross-burnings.  Just a polite and civil statement:  This is now a White area, and non-whites are no longer welcome. Orania in America.
  • Develop a local identity. This will likely mean creating your own distinctive logo or slogan.  Put them on stickers, letterhead, flyers, T-shirts, flags, yard signs.  Spread them around.  You want to see these things on cars, houses, neighborhood kiosks, etc.  Even people who won’t attend a meeting might be sympathetic and put a sign in their window.  Public visibility has a tremendous effect.

Let’s pause here a moment.  By the above simple and elementary acts, Whites everywhere can take concrete steps to reassert their right to self-governance.  Groups need not adhere to any specific ideology, nor align with any particular White movement.  To be counted under the broad heading of “White nationalist,” groups need only endorse something like the follow general precepts:

  • The White race is of inherent value to humanity, and as such deserves protection and defense.
  • Whites have an intrinsic right to self-rule and self-governance.
  • Whites everywhere are under threat due to (a) declining numbers, (b) declining physical, mental, and moral health, and (c) loss of political autonomy and self-government. These threats are various and complex, and require action on several fronts to address.
  • The chief threat to White well-being comes from the global Jewish lobby, which has an inherent interest in seeing a general decline in White prosperity and a loss in White political power. Jews must therefore be confronted and challenged at all levels of society.
  • All humans are, by nature, best suited to live in social and environmental settings from which they evolved—societies that are broadly uni-racial and monocultural. Humans have little or no evolutionary experience living with diverse races or ethnicities, and doing so causes inevitable problems.  Therefore, racial and cultural diversity have profound negative effects on society.
  • The only long-term solution for many present-day problems is to restore human society to its natural and original conditions—uni-racial and monocultural, broadly speaking. This entails political separation and/or expatriation of minority peoples.
  • As a rough provisional goal, White regions of self-governance ought to aim for a minimum of 95% White populations, with all non-White minorities numbering, collectively, less than 5%. Jewish numbers ought to be severely limited, amounting to not more than 0.5% under any circumstances.
  • Only Whites will be fully enfranchised—that is, possess the right to vote, and to hold public office. All others will have minimal civil rights, perhaps on par with a foreign tourist today—basic legal protections, but little more.

Most any sane White person who wishes to live in a stable, secure, and prosperous community ought to accept these points.  Those who do not are likely either (a) paid to oppose them, or (b) brainwashed by our present Judeo-centric culture and academia.  The brainwashed can be educated, but the sell-outs, especially the White ones, are utterly contemptible; they deserve the harshest punishment we can muster.

Additionally, we need not worry excessively about who “counts” as White.  In the vast majority of cases, it is obvious:  those whose ancestry derives from indigenous European peoples and nations.  There are ambiguous cases, such as Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia, that deserve more discussion.  More important, though, is who is not White:  Jews are not White, despite their own frequent proclamations to the contrary.  Arabs or other Middle Easterners are not White.  Hispanics and Latinos are not White.  ‘White’ is not simply a matter of skin color; it is also a question of heritage, of worldview, of culture, and of values.  Don’t be fooled by light skin or blond hair.[5]

This said, we can console ourselves in the fact that America is still a predominantly White nation, and will be so for many years to come.  White Americans currently number about 195 million, in a nation of nearly 330 million.  And even though our numbers are projected to decline slightly in the coming decades, we will still long be the numerically-dominant ethnicity.  Hispanics here could top 100 million by 2050, but that is roughly half of White numbers; Blacks will not number more than 55 million or so, and Asians not more than 45 million.  And we mustn’t forget that American Jews number only some 6 million.  One of our strengths is our numbers, and we must always bear this in mind.  Jews and other non-Whites certainly know it, and they fear it.  Large numbers of active Whites spell doom for them.

Still, based on combined effects, America will be a ‘majority-minority’ nation at least by 2045, and coalitions of non-Whites, led by Jews, could soon exercise even more power than they do at present.  And the trends for the end of this century are even more dire.  This is unacceptable, hence the urgent need for White action on many fronts.

Let’s conclude with a few final points, in our drive for White nationalism.

  • Gradually assume more power, quietly and nonviolently. As local White or WLM movements grow, and as intimidated non-Whites move out, White groups will be able to assume a greater civic role, just by default.  Volunteer groups can provide social services, self-police, and participate in local schools.  White nationalists will then naturally come to gain power in local politics, exercising yet more autonomy.  All the while, the autonomous zones should continue to grow, by declaration.
  • The biggest threat will come from local and state police, and potentially state National Guards. Small, decentralized White autonomous zones generally need not fear the feds.  Yes, we all remember Waco and Ruby Ridge, but those were anomalies of the past.  With a degraded federal justice system, and with (hopefully) dozens of White zones popping up around the country, the feds will be in no position to confront them.  The larger threat, I think, is from local and state authorities.  Fortunately, these groups are now being alienated on a large scale.  As current policemen resign in disgust, less and less qualified people will take their places, resulting in growing inefficiency and incompetence.  Eventually they will be unable to, or chose not to, take action against peaceful civilian groups who only seek self-governance.  Remember, the goal here, at least initially, is to create White autonomous zones which are self-governing and relatively independent from state or federal authorities.  The central tactic is to ‘walk away slowly,’ rather like you might do when confronted by a maniac with a large knife.  Don’t antagonize, don’t threaten—just walk away.
  • Undermine Jewish financial power. Jewish power derives almost exclusively from their vast wealth; 6 million American Jews control some $50 trillion in assets.[6]  But this is denominated in corrupt, inflated, debt-ridden, and intrinsically valueless US dollars.  Therefore, we need to declare the US dollar worthless, and move our financial assets into new, local currencies—perhaps something we might whimsically call ‘Aryan Bucks.’  AB’s could, by law, be held and spent only by Whites.  They would be declared worthless and illegal in the hands of Jews or other non-Whites.  At first, both currencies would have to circulate in parallel, but as quickly as possible, Whites would want to migrate to their own financial system.  The political and economic benefits from this step alone would be enormous.[7]
  • Accelerate growth of autonomous zones. As White zones grow, and as disaffected Whites move into the newly-declared regions, the remaining areas will grow darker in complexion.  This will only accelerate the decline of multiracial America.  Ideally, a positive feedback situation will emerge in which Whites rapidly move into local safe-zones as the other regions collapse.  This makes expansion all the easier.

Numerous local White zones, incidentally—meaning, several in each state or large city—make for a much more practical strategy than, say, picking a few large rural areas.  There aren’t many White Montanans or Californians ready to move to rural Arkansas, but they might be willing to move an hour or two away to a local zone in a familiar area.

  • Be prepared to fight, as a last resort. If we are smart, we can achieve nearly everything we want non-violently.  But sadly, that may not always be the case.  Therefore, as Corey states, we will need to be armed.  At present, something like 35 million White households own at least one gun; presumably, most by the man in the family.  So let’s say we have 35 million armed White males in this country—an awesome force, indeed.  If there is one thing Jews and Blacks fear more than White men, it’s White men with guns.  I wouldn’t hesitate to state that armed White American civilians constitute the most formidable fighting power on Earth.  No one—not even the Jewish-run American military—could defeat them.  If the US military can’t subdue a few thousand low-IQ Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan, they haven’t a prayer against millions of pissed-off Whites.  This is our ace-up-the-sleeve.  But we need to use it judiciously.

Ideally, White autonomous zones would pop up like mushrooms around the country:  a few in each major city, several in the rural areas of each state.  Under good circumstances, they might grow and join together, combining their collective power.  These “thousand points of White,” as I like to think of them, would pose an insurmountable problem for federal and local authorities, especially if they were peaceful, and especially at the early “club” phase.  Being decentralized, there is no single pressure point for the feds to squeeze; they would have to address multiple, simultaneous local issues at once.  And if there were still on-going riots, or economic chaos, or some new pandemic, …well, the authorities will quickly reach the end of their rope.  And then we win.

Thomas Dalton, PhD, has authored or edited several books, including a new translation series of Mein Kampf, and the book Debating the Holocaust (4th ed, 2020).  For all his works, see his personal website www.thomasdaltonphd.com

[1] Sean Hannity of Fox is particularly pathetic in this regard.  His repeated and unconditional defense of Israeli and Jewish interests is utterly appalling.

[2] Throughout the South, they have signs saying “Pray for America.”  What they should say is “Pray for America’s destruction—and soon.”

[3] Just recently, CNN reported on the nation of Ghana, which is inviting Black Americans to “come home” and resettle there.  An excellent plan, for all concerned!

[4] Mein Kampf, volume one, section 12.11.

[5] Mixed-race individuals are also problematic, but again, they are a small minority.  Roughly speaking, we can say that anyone with three-quarters or more of White heritage counts as White, presuming that they do not adhere to non-White values or culture.

[6] See my article here.

[7] The idea of local currency is well-established in the US.  Wikipedia lists over 100 active local currencies.

144 replies
  1. Rerevisionist
    Rerevisionist says:

    Very interesting article.
    May I suggest another precept. Blacks, Chinese, Arabs etc are told whites ae evil and horrible etc. In my view, rather than ignore them, fight back, as these examples suggest:

    * “Whites tortured and killed huge numbers of Germans. – True, but we were lied to by Jews, and foolishly did what Jews said. We will do better.

    * “The US Civil War was the worst war in history up to that date” – Very foolishly, whites were lured by Jews into war. [Add details depending on knowledge]

    * “Whites invented slavery, a horrible institution” – No, that’s all wrong. Jews owned slave-ships and bought slaves from other blacks and brought them to the new world. Blacks sold fellow blacks as slaves [or other variations]

    * “The Nazis were the more evil vicious subhumans etc” – You haven’t understood that Jews in the USA funded Jews to wreck Russia. Jews hated Slavs and Germans and arranged things so they killed each other [vary with knowledge of WW and WW2]

    * “You whites are greedy, mean, and should donate everything to blacks” – No, you haven’t understood the Jew hold on paper money. Whites have been ripped off, the currencies inflated, their work wasted. Whites are startig to fight back”

    * “Whites ruined Vietnam with napalm, chemcial warfare, rape and etc” – That’s true, but Jews such as Kissinger were ultimately responsible. Whites were doing other things [with variations]

    * “Whites destroyed priceless parts of Chinese heritage, and flooded the country with opium” – true enough, but again it was Jewish policy and Jews who profite, not whites. We’ll try to do better

    Just a few suggestions.

    • Canadian guy
      Canadian guy says:

      The “Brits” that flooded China with Opium were the Iraqi-Jewish Sassoon family. It’s hard to believe that the Jewish infiltration of Britain and then the subsequent bad behavior of Jews “as Brits” is the fault of whitey. Brits genuinely tried to keep them out for 350 years but… it wasn’t enough.

      • Rerevisionist
        Rerevisionist says:

        Hi Canadian – I don’t know what you mean by ‘Brits genuinely tried to keep them out for 350 years’. For example, the Church ‘of England’, the King James Bible, was solidly Jewish; as therefore were most academics and vicars etc. Aristocrats were married into, attacked in various legal and other ways, defrauded etc.
        Most people want to ‘improve themselves’ and this often means going with the flow, even if this is suicidal in the long term. Conversely, I would guess that if Jew money gets choked off, their successes will reverse in an ever-enlarging way.
        I think in almost ANY group there’s scope for half of them to benefit, at the expense of the other half. So everyone has some potential motive for weakening other members of their group. Jews seem to have positioned themselves as the starter, and catalyst, and beneficiary of such processes. It’s almost an algebraic question of quantity of power.

        • Jerry Cornelius
          Jerry Cornelius says:

          Rerevisionist. In the form of a request..
          It would be good if you could supply some links to support; the Church of England and KJ bible ”Jewish” Connect? Also what about East India Co… both Dutch and the British, who had a huge influence on Empire. Jews were active in The dutch lands and then seemed to move across the water to Britan and across again to the US.
          Some say Venice was Phoenician. Anyway, some pdf files or whatever would be good, thanks.

  2. Anthony Kimball
    Anthony Kimball says:

    White clubs and organizations, of the type described in this piece, would never be permitted to form in 2020 America. Such groups would be identified and snuffed out immediately. If we were still living in the 1970’s or even 1980’s, starting a whites-only club would indeed be possible and might well, as described in this article, have been the spark to set up chapters in adjoining locales. Sadly, we no longer live in those decades. We live in 2020, and therefore we have to adjust our strategies to the realities (harsh though they undoubtedly are) of our present moment.

      • Leon Haller
        Leon Haller says:

        I agree. Dalton lost me right there. The only way you can start a WLM group is if you’re already dealing with extremely awakened whites – which sort of undermines the entire rationale. We absolutely need awakened whites to get offline and meet up, but it must be done maximumly INVISIBLY, not visibly. I have discussed this on the Corey post. I will repost here.

      • Red Pill Squad
        Red Pill Squad says:

        Yes, that is the bind we’re in with no way out. We might own the comment sections at Breitbart and Fox News and have a strong internet presence, but the moment we try physically aggregating in the real world, we are disrupted or attacked or shut down. You ultimately can’t exercise power if you can’t even explicitly gather your people.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      Perhaps what you are saying is true if attempted in very big cities, but such groups already flourish (albeit still somewhat in infancy) in rural areas. Two things such groups have learned from the mistakes our folk have made in the past (particularly in the USA), to wit:
      1) Do not be overtly organized. If anything, be as easy to pin down as (to quote Teddy Roosevelt) jelly on the wall with a thumbtack.
      2) Do not have one leader, and overtly be leaderless.

    • Trenchant
      Trenchant says:

      So keep it informal. The charter doesn’t have to be written down. Getting together with friends won’t be illegal forever.

      • Richard B
        Richard B says:

        “Getting together with friends won’t be illegal forever.”

        Maybe not. But it’ll be noticed.

        You can be sure of that.

        And not just noticed.

    • NorthWitch
      NorthWitch says:

      I was just coming to say this. It seems to me childishly naive to think whites can just form organizations and go from there. If it were that simple it would have been done long ago. The current situation is one in which every single thingbwhites have ever built is being torn asunder. Absolutely no one is going to stand by twiddling their thumbs while a White Lives Matter group books a library room for meetings. The library would never allow it; anyone who shows up would lose his job; his children will face both violence and retaliation by teachers at school and elsewhere; he would lose his bank account; he may lose his children. Not to mention such a group would end up comprised primarily of feds. This is not a workable path forward.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      “White clubs and organizations, of the type described in this piece, would never be permitted to form in 2020 America.”

      That’s exactly right.

      The first four sections of Dr. Dalton’s article were so good it just lifted me up and filled me with hope for all of us.

      I don’t just read the articles here, I read the comments as well (time permitting I try to read all of them).

      And, for all of our disagreements and squabbles, for all of the occasional head butting, there’s a lot of convergence, and he articulated them as well as I’ve seen anywhere in those first four sections.

      My heart started to sink, unfortunately, with the fifth one and continued to drop throughout the rest of the article, even though I found myself in agreement with just about everything he said.

      “Whites deserve, and have the right, to self-rule.”

      But our whole problem starts from the fact that Jewish Supremacy Inc. and their Proxies have successfully taken away this right and have made it clear they have no intention of giving it back, ever.

      Worse, they can respond with considerable and deadly force at any attempt at disobedience.

      Yes, they’re going to crumble. I’ve said that here many times, referring to is as The Pyrrhic Victory Of Jewish Supremacy Inc.

      But they could still easily crush any such attempt as suggested by Dr. Dalton the moment it appears.

      I mean, forget Ruby Ridge, how about Schaeffer Cox? And he was no White Nationalist. He was just perceived to be one because of the paranoia that comes from their world famous persecution mania (ie; panic at the thought that anyone, especially Whites, refuse to be a part of their new world of blind obedience to their authority).

      Also, I have to say, I was concerned by both his and Mr. Corey’s suggestion that we go public, without any real mention of the very obvious dangers to those who should follow through.

      Just look at what they did to the step-mother of the police officer currently being framed for murder in Atlanta.

      What do you think they’d to anyone inspired enough by The Corey-Dalton Proposal?

      That’s a rhetorical question, of course. We all know the answer.

      I juist found it odd that two men, so obviously intelligent and sincere, failed to point out the obvious.

      When that happens you can be sure that a ruling idea is blocking the way.

      And I think that idea is their goal itself. They both see it and they want it and so do many, if not all, of us, however differently we might view the overall picture.

      But, by being so single-mindedly focused on such a desirable goal they seem to have missed some of the all important means to the end.

      The article an ensuing discussion has to do with a plan. And, as I understand it, a plan, objective, or goal

      influences thought, which directs action that produces consequences.

      Toward that end, and as long as we have this forum and possibly others, we should strive for the utmost clarity.

      Also, we should assume we’re being watched, or, in this case, read. btw, Hi JIDF Trolls 🙂 Welcome!

    • Kai Wolframenko
      Kai Wolframenko says:

      I concur with other commentators here on the dangers of creating a local, public-facing “White Lives Matter” club. Certainly 1A protections would protect its existence, BUT in practice, doxing and other harassment would quickly be routed your way, potentially by Antifa (even from outside your city/town). Additionally, most normies sympathetic to your ideas or cause would worry about such harassment and refuse to join (possibly even to visit, as they’d rightly worry that antifas might be lurking and recording people’s faces–indeed a real security concern).

      What I’d instead recommend is a stickering campaign with a local email and social media, a locally-oriented slogan, and maybe a “hatefact” (crime stats, likelihood of Blacks murdering cops vs cops killing unarmed Blacks, etc.) or an inspiring, dog-whistly line like “We Don’t Kneel to Thugs” or “Our Lives Matter”. Check local legality, but I believe you can legally sticker on utility poles, crosswalk poles, etc.–certainly, people do all the time. Stickers are very easy to conceal and rapidly applied. Hundred Handers have a great setup with a Brother label printer that makes stickers for 1c each–you could use theirs in a pinch, but wiser to make your own local slogans (possibly with more normie-friendly optics).

      Then, wait for replies to come rolling in. Try to weed out glowers-in-the-dark and don’t click on links. Select for normies that are open to your ideas; converse for a while by email before you consider a voice call, and focus not so much on them being fully redpilled as just being honest about what they believe and how they came to those beliefs. If you come across people that claim they are already redpilled, do make sure to vet them thoroughly still (even antifas can ape our language).

    • Leon Haller
      Leon Haller says:

      I touched on this fact in a comment on the Corey essay. I repost it here:

      The important point to convey to all rightists is that we are at WAR with the Left (more precisely, they have declared war on us). Therefore, we must stop pretending that there are non-conflict methods (Christian moralist, conservative, family values, free marketist, public admin policies) to ensure our survival. We must confront the Left, for now legislatively, eventually, I suspect, martially. For every one ethnonationalist site like this one, there are several conservative or libertarian or Christian traditionalist or Republican ones which just don’t get it. They think good government, or economic growth, policies will secure our futures from people literally seeking to erase us. Moreover, stupid conservatives keep thinking we’re strong, “the people are mostly with us”, etc. None of that is true. Pro-white whites, or even just “non-antiwhites” – regular whites who won’t “take a knee”, but aren’t white nationalists – are actually a small, perhaps aging, and definitely powerless minority in this country. I may be in the technical racial majority, but with whites so divided (this is obviously the real problem: whatever evolutionary defect lurks as the final cause of our division into white survivalists and white suicidists), I am actually a powerless minority, an internal refugee in my own country.

      There is much we can do – but no one seems to want to do it. This is where we are so inferior to Lenin, Trotsky, Hitler, Mao, Castro, etc. They put their lives on the line. We seem not to want to jeopardize even our livelihoods.

      We need serious national “community organizing” leadership. We need a national organization, like the NRA or NAACP, but dedicated to our people. If a straight racial appeal still won’t fly (“White Lives Matter”? that won’t get anywhere), how about a coded one? The American Heritage Preservation Society, a group formed to lobby against the erasure of American heritage, specifically to protect American statuary. The America First Discussion Group. Etc. Our chief problem, aside from the ongoing immigration invasion and the control of the FedGov by antiwhites, is our own white atomization. That must be mitigated and overcome. That can only happen offline. Once COVID is past, we must start a national organization whose purpose is to promote awareness of, and defend, traditional America (in reality, to educate and mobilize our people). SUPPORT THE POLICE is one such idea.

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        @Leon “Pro-white whites, or even just “non-antiwhites” – regular whites who won’t “take a knee”, but aren’t white nationalists – are actually a small, perhaps aging, and definitely powerless minority in this country”

        – I think this is a correct analysis, that the truly patriotic whites (defined as being committed to their own people ie to the genetically similar irrespective of what language they speak) are a small percentage – I would say 15%, although apart from these there is a large majority of white people who cannot see what is going on and who can easily swing either way – left or right – according to whatever message they pick up from the dominant culture, which in the West today is set by the TV & MSM, and as these are now run by the far-left, anti-whites, and Jews, therefore they culture we have for the majority unthinking whites to absorb is anti-white and so the majority just go along with it, like the same sheeple go along with TV adverts and buy this chocolate or that hairspray, because they feel ‘it is the thing that everyone is doing’.

        Most people do not think to any depth about political matters, such as whether there is media bias or not, as they are just not wired for this type of thought, and this includes educated people with degrees who are intelligent in other ways, but not clever at all in being able to spot what is going on all around them regarding the attacks on white people – they are just not able to spot agendas or media bias, so they have no chance of realising that most white politicians are in fact hostile to the interests of white people, and not because they are greedy and corrupt and simply want back-handers, but because they actually wish to inflict harm on white-run countries, ie malice to whites is their primary motive, not greed or money or power (although they are also corrupts and greedy and want power).

        We can see why humans are like this (unable to think clearly about politics) as in prehistoric times when the king said ‘that tribe stole out land! Let us attack them!’ than the tribe that hears their king say this and then breaks into small groups for group discussions about borders before giving ‘feedback presentations’ to the whole group – this tribe is not going to win, the tribe that shouts in unison ‘they stole our land!’ – this tribe will win.

        When WWII was declared, men queued to enlist. There was never a single case of ten of these men sitting round a table near the queue, before committing to sign up, with maps of Europe laid on the table, and a few history books for reference, and the ten men studying the boundary changes and population shifts over the past in Europe, to determine who legitimately owned what, and referring to the history books to determine whether Hitler’s land claims were valid or not. No, this never happened. No group of men ever arose from such a study group and said ‘we have studied the history of the region for 6 hours now, and have decided to sacrifice our lives now as these boundary changes of Hitler are clearly not justified. We must be prepared die to rectify these boundary changes.’

        – And so we can see that humans are simply not programmed to think about politics and are instead programmed to ‘join in’ ie follow the culture.

        The good news is that white people do have other inner urges in addition to culture following (I exclude the committed left or right here as they are not culture-followers, but culture-setters, trying to pull the culture one way or another) – the good news is that white people in the middle also have other urges that they share with the committed-right – urges to organise fight back as a group when pushed and under threat, and to value self interest over self-harm (obviously!), so if the pendulum does swing the other way to the Right, the new culture that they will then follow, this new patriotic culture will be fully in line with all their other inner urges, instead of contradicting them and making them uneasy as at present.

        So perhaps there is nothing we can do (the majority – those who will decide what we will do – already have access to the views of the right via the internet if they seek them, so our message is already out there for the looking) except wait for the majority to reach the point where they are no longer safe, rich and pampered, then they will think differently and perhaps switch to following a right wing culture, one that is in line with self-interest, rather than follow one that is anti-self as at present.


        • Leon Haller
          Leon Haller says:

          These are difficult questions about which men of goodwill can legitimately disagree. I know exactly what needs to be done, not just strategically but tactically, to save White America and finally White civilization. But I do not possess even an infinitesimal portion of the wealth or influence (celebrity, name recognition) that would enable me to get things moving.

          I do know this: revolutions are made by elites. I know also that humans by nature tend to be temperamentally “inertially” conservative, Orientals the most, I think, Jews and other Semites the least, whites somewhere in between, but closer to Oriental passivity. But I also know historically that that inertia can be overcome. The history of peaceful social change, as well as violent insurrectionary, movements attests to this. But people can’t just sit around expecting forces of transpersonal historical change to do the hard work of organizing for them. Whites need to mobilize across all fronts, and keep pushing and going and going … (like the old “Energizer bunny”). The question is, again, how to start this mobilizing process? I suggest whites engaged in prepping activities should be the starting point. For more manly and already redpilled types, gun and hunting clubs must get formed, or if existent, moved in a more political direction. I think we could also start a DEFEND THE POLICE backlash against pro-thug DEFUND THE POLICE propaganda.

          The real bottom line is for people to get more active, and get offline. Recall the magazine Instauration in the 80s? It had a letters column called “The Safety Valve”. I really have started to think that that’s all these comments sections are – safety valves for disgruntled whites. We come here and elsewhere; read intelligent and sympathetic commentary; discover others who recognize the truths we do; vent a bit; and then go away thinking we’ve done something. That’s not good enough anymore.

          • pterodactyl
            pterodactyl says:

            @Leon Haller
            “I suggest whites engaged in prepping activities should be the starting point.”

            Actually someone did something in Britain the other day along the lines of ‘doing something’ that had a profound effect. A football match was played, without spectators (Man city vs Burnley) and a Burnley fan flew a plane over the match with a large trailing banner ‘white lives matter’. The outrage on the TV was intense, and left no time in the news barely to refer to the stabbing to death of three white men ( a history teacher, his friend from the US, and one other) in a park in daylight by Ahmed somebody, a refugee from Lybia.

            Anyway, the police tracked down the white man who flew the WLM banner and were intending to press charges, and the papers duly reported this with no criticism, when there was, I detect a backlash. Eg in the Daily Mail (the largest circulation paper & online) one comment said 10,000 comments in favour of the white man had already been deleted and thousands more kept appearing.

            At this point the police & MSM collaborators suddenly decided that no offence had been committed after all.

            In other words it IS possible to actually awaken the majority whites when the situation is so outrageously unfair on them – namely that ‘BLM’ is okay as a phrase, but ‘WLM’ is illegal. Even the most dormant white was triggered by this.

            It also shows that at this stage the treacherous government can only do things by consent and has to back down when they go to far and the white majority actually wakes up over an issue.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        ” We seem not to want to jeopardize even our livelihoods.”

        Jeopardizing your livelihood is not a small matter . One of the biggest deficiencies of individualism is a general lack of materiel support , from other individualists , for persons whom suffer losses from participating in conflicts to preserve individualism or pertinent causes such as WNism .

    • Becky
      Becky says:

      Hi, first time poster here. I was thinking perhaps it might be possible to organize without naming it something that would attract the wrong kind of attention but would still gather the right kind of people. It could be something more mainstream, or it could be something like a large survival prepping/hunting group, etc. It could also be attached through gun shows and conservative rallies.

      Normally I would say that as long as no one is bashing BLM or antifa or making threats of any kind that it doesn’t matter, but I believe that this will not be good enough and that our free speech is going to be severely limited in this decade.

      One other suggestion I have is perhaps consider using old-fashioned pen & paper to communicate when discussing something life-changingly important, for example if it becomes necessary for a group to meet to discuss strategic self-defense in the event it’s illegal for people to even stick up for themselves openly.

      Technology is much easier to track than old school methods of communication. As for infiltration from domestic terrorists like antifa, greater minds than I might be able to come up with accurate ways to limit exposure to them. Just a thought, thanks for reading. 🙂

    • Charleston
      Charleston says:

      I thought this too, there’s no way these clubs or political groups would be allowed. They would be identified, infiltrated and vilified before the first meeting. This article does make some good suggestions regarding currency. The white demographics is heartening but that’s the sad part, we still outnumber them in the most western countries but we are not allowed to exercise this demographic advantage for our own benefit democratically. Any pro white political party is demonised with a majority of whites unwilling to vote for them. The way forward is to educate and wait for whites to awaken. More and more and moving away from urban areas to areas that are more white so the process has started. Where I live they’ve started to bus in more immigrants from Africa and middle Eastern Muslim countries to try reduce the white majority from the 95% it is. We only have one or two generations time to reverse this but I don’t think major urban centres have two generations left before they implode and signal once and for all that multiculturalism and white decline is not something to be celebrated. Once that consensus exists we can begin the greater white awakening as people will be receptive to the our messages and cause. We need former police and military and even better present military factions to side with us. That may be likely with the coming collapse of the urban centres.

    • gregg marchese
      gregg marchese says:

      We have to try it. To hide out and sneak around and pretend is demoralizing, which is part of their plan for us. As the author says, as law and order begins to decay, enforcement gets lax. We had open carry militias mounted in front of stores and churches and giant flags preventing the race rioters from doing any damage recently. No one messed with them. I say we go ahead and test the reactions. Courage brothers. The reactions cannot be as bad as we fear. Let us all find out.

  3. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    Thank you, Dr. Dalton. These are all excellent points, pragmatic and historically proven.

    I think one of the most important truths is in regards to money. While a certain group that seeks our oblivion derives its power almost exclusively from money, we should go in the opposite direction and learn to live with as little money as possible. In short, get out of the big cities, learn a marketable blue collar trade or some other skill that is useful to a White rural community, and GET OUT OF DEBT AND STAY OUT OF DEBT.

    Learn to barter. Learn to garden. Learn how to use firearms, and learn how to hunt. Learn to harness gravity, the sun, and the earth. Remember, our people did just these things up to a little over a hundred years ago, and we remained very, very strong.

    If we are to disable the ‘salesmen’ we simply need to stop being the customer! Nothing will bring down the ‘salesmen’ quicker than their finding that their money is no longer needed.

    • Karen
      Karen says:

      I agree. (((They))) want us to chew our cud and then go out and spend all our money at big box stores and corporate restaurants. Stay home and eat and go to the thrift stores and look around, first. I spend only what is absolutely necessary.

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        You are entirely correct. Only real financial independence can give you real political freedom. I make it a point to support locally-owned stores, despite minimally higher prices.

        Years ago I was obliged to buy something carried only by a Toronto-area Lowe’s Building Centre box-store. There would have been a certain percentage of Palestinians among their apparent ME clientele. I wondered how many knew, that they were themselves financing their own dispossession, since Lowe’s contributed financially to the Settlers’ land-theft.

        [ Admittedly mere peanuts compared to the average US taxpayers’ congressionally-extorted contributions to fund innumerable real, imaginary and merely graft-motivated programs.]

  4. George Kocan
    George Kocan says:

    This looks like a long term strategery. I do not think enough time is available. The current trends portend division and strife in the US, followed by partition, as happened in Poland, some two hundred years ago, when German, Austria-Hungary and Russia split up Poland shortly after it passed the first Constitution on the continent of Europe. The question, then, remains who will the powers divide and distribute the US? My guess, Cuba will take Florida and maybe the surrounding states. Israel will take New York. China will take the northern Pacific coast states going up to Washington. Mexico will take the states running from southern California to Texas. Russia will take Alaska. Canada will take the norther states, possibly Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      Well, hell, if that’s what we have to look forward to, then what do we have to lose? Nothing ventured, nothing gained my friend.

      I had to smile, though, in reading your geopolitical divisions of the USA. Personally I’d like to see our Blacks take the Deep South – our folk are not a semi-tropical people anyway. And, portions of the Southwest are already de facto in Mexico’s hands, as is NYC with the Jews.

      The Canadians have their own problems, and insofar as Russia is concerned, I personally believe the Russians would make much better friends than enemies. At least the Russians still believe there are only two genders, that marriage is one man and one woman, and that those with dual citizenship are aliens in substance if not in form.,

      • George Kocan
        George Kocan says:

        Geopolitically, the US is a big prize. Commandeering its military would be worth a lot of trouble.

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        I totally agree with you about the Russians. That alone was/is sufficient for Russiagate: only equaled by a desire to repeat its total financial- and resource-rape as so effectively managed by Harvard’s President [[[ Summers ]]] and his dual-citizenship cohorts in the mid 90s. Co-opted drunkard Yeltsin’s New York election experts’ manipulated enthronement aside.

        Had I been their Minister of Justice, and presently found myself in a good mood, I might start considering parole for the Pussyriot band which chose to perform in an Orthodox Cathedral. Why were they not offered a venue in a Synagogue for their endeavor in didacticism ?

        And what of this sick and burgeoning movement which considers pedophilia as a mere, personal, harmless variation on normal sexuality ? At the very least they should all be castrated after a good-faith trial, before spending five years breaking rock in some far-off quarry.

    • Trenchant
      Trenchant says:

      The managed (((decline))) shows to full effect the efficacy of long-term strategizing and the reprise will likewise span generations. The foreign intervention you posit will never happen. The Nation-State is a but a pale shadow of its previous incarnation. The enemy is within.

        • Trenchant
          Trenchant says:

          Sure, but the CPC has its hands full enough just keeping control over its own subjects, hence the Social Credit Scheme. Not to mention the serious economic problems that beset the country.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          All this China talk has me worried about body snatchers. How can these comments be reconciled with those of the old George Kocan, the gent who could be counted on to blame everything, even the Chicago weather, on the ethnic Irish and the Illinois Democratic Party?

    • FUZOG
      FUZOG says:

      At this point anything short of an armed Revolution against our enemies will fall way short of saving any future for ourselves and our families. The Bolsheviks will continue to destroy our past as they demoralize us into submission. We are under attack. Recent history has seen this before. People don’t take it serious until suddenly they find themselves being slaughtered. We MUST form citizen militias with neighbors and family members and blow these asshole commies back to the stone age. Whites must finally realize it has went too far. Every facet of government is subverted with Jew money and control. We must act now.

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        “People don’t take it serious until suddenly they find themselves being slaughtered.”

        This is the core of the problem – whites’ inability to see that which is right in front of them. You could have perhaps excused them a few years ago for being ignorant of where they were heading, but by now I would have thought it was so obvious as we leave the cliff edge that surely now the whites will wake up – but it seems not.

        Most whites still shut their ears & eyes if you even just mention demographics and point out that their countries will be minority white, as if the white fools do not even think this is a problem. They stupidly, stupidly think that things really will just remain roughly as they are now for generations.

        And some whites even now keep up historic animosities such as British vs US calling each other names over the War of Independence! Or Irish hating the English still for the potato famine, and Scottish hating the English, and both these countries who feel hostile to England are both welcoming in Africans and arabs at present, so it seems they object to the English but not to Africans.

        Sometimes I wonder if white people actually deserve what is coming to them, as they keep voting for more of the same, apart from just a minority who do not want white countries to become multiracial.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          Individualism is in the White genome . Individualism is basicly apolitical if not anti-political . It may take a miracle of some kind to save from genocidal extinction the Westernworld Whites ( includes USA Whites ) from the existential disabilities of “individualism” in the face of political genocides against them .

    • George Mackenzie
      George Mackenzie says:

      The Chinese can have Vancouver. Whites will take the North West, kick Gates out of WA, join with Idaho and Montana and the Dakotas. US citizen Hispanics can have parts of Arizona, but the border area along with all of Texas stays white, to prevent the illegals. Sadly NYC will have to be sacrificed to the Jews, but it will sink without surrounding areas like most of NJ, Connecticut, rural Pennsylvania and parts of Upstate. New England can join with Toronto and Quebec to form a Euro ethnostate, and first order of business is deport any non-white immigrants. They don’t like the cold anyway. The Heartland stays white and sends the non-whites to the respective zones described or out of the country back home. The Northwest will be the most contended area, since the white liberals will resist the inevitable white ethno-region, and sadly another brother civil war may occur. Unless the Jews try to push their CHAZ further, and even liberals will join the white cause.

  5. John
    John says:

    Excellent, thought-provoking article. Right on the money. After establishing White zones, true political power would quickly follow, starting in smaller areas and spreading out. We’d be able to elect our own sheriffs, mayors, and city councilmen and just putting pro-Whites into those positions alone would be an absolutely massive paradigm shift. It would serve as a motivator and energizer for Whites worldwide (which is why it would be ruthlessly fought against but who cares).

    • ChilledBee
      ChilledBee says:

      ” It would serve as a motivator and energizer for Whites worldwide (which is why it would be ruthlessly fought against but who cares)”
      Great point, John. We are all being fought against anyway – in particular now more than ever so what does it matter. We’ve had a good century of being fought against but most people -(myself included), had little idea of who was fighting for our demise. I guess that screechy cat is very much out of the bag. Lots of “normies” are twigging onto this big-time – which means there is so much hope.

  6. Andrews
    Andrews says:

    In the current crisis, one major problem is that there are few calls for Americans to come out into the streets to demonstrate against the BLM and other forces.

    Neither Trump, the GOP, decent Whites and Christians, nor anyone else is making such a call, except for some very small counter-demonstrations which are usually limited to supporting police.

    • Leon Haller
      Leon Haller says:

      Ahhhhh, but BLUE LIVES MATTER or a new SUPPORT THE POLICE group is precisely the type of reality-based organization that could easily, eventually morph into something more along Dalton’s overtly racial preservationist lines. The first step is getting a real organization that is implicitly pro-white up and self-sustaining, so that, at first, anti-BLM whites can get to know each other (many of these will eventually become pro-whites, with time and deteriorating conditions).

      • Chris M
        Chris M says:

        Should be:

        Especially considering the facts that he says “Shalom”, at the beginning, middle, and end.

    • George Mackenzie
      George Mackenzie says:

      That’s not what we saw in my region of Southern Oregon. Open carry militias patrolled the streets, posted up outside businesses and churches and flagpoles, and no one messed with them. Oathkeepers is mobilizing and organizing. They are calling for volunteers to escort tourists to the national monuments in DC and protect them from defilement by ‘anti-american idiots’, in the verbatim words of Oathkeepers. They are having a March for our Lives 3.0 event in the WA capital of Olympia tomorrow, I might have gone had I more notice. I am sure much else is going on. Please let’s not spread pessimism until we know for sure. Much of mobilizing at this time, so Join It!

      • Barkingmad
        Barkingmad says:

        “They are calling for volunteers to escort tourists to the national monuments in DC and protect them from defilement by ‘anti-american idiots’, in the verbatim words of Oathkeepers.”

        I am so glad I got to see Mt Rushmore, the “I-Mean-Business!” claims of the Guv’nor of South Dak. notwithstanding. Boy, what a massive installation, and still under construction. Tons of foreigners (Asians) there. If bad people swarm Rushmore, looking to do as much damage as possible, I don’t know what the result will be. Either a minor war or the government yet again lets it happen. And White Amerika goes back to sleep. Why did it take Drumpf so long to state that all monuments are now protected, I wonder. After hundreds are removed or irreparably damaged.

  7. Forever Guilty
    Forever Guilty says:

    Exactly. However. I should add, there is a need for moderate “enlightened racism” so to speak. I think that moderate but consistent and systematic racism actually very human and preventing high level violence when things suddenly go out of control..

    It is absolutely ridiculous for example that some Tribe of ancient usurers and White race traitors could live enjoyable life in White suburbs and not feel any peer pressure…

    If there was a constant stream of small bu unpleasant events each day and week it would help them in resolve to move to their Promised Land

    Things like punctured tires, scratched front door , mishandled mails and parcels , graffiti with words of some wise White leaders of the past. Run over home pets etc etc…

    Also members of Tribe and White race traitors should be ostracized and pushed out of any significant administrative position and valuable profession, starved of resources and means of existence Members of White community should not speak to them and keep them out of any community activity…

    Average person not able to become “bad ass” accomplished anti Tribe pro overnight. It is like common office worker suddenly performing on professional sport level. No, small things but done consistently, practicing of trade in real life, that is a way to success.

  8. Flim flam picasso
    Flim flam picasso says:

    ‘American Jews number only some 6 million’

    Good luck with that pal there are at least five times that number.

    Ever heard of crypto Jews?

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      We don’t know how many Jews there are. Jews lobbied the census not to count them, or so I understand. I would guess that they are no more than 3% of the population. They seem more numerous because they have devoted their efforts to dominating the “power and influence” positions in society, which are highly visible, and have helped each other to do so.

      They have done this while whites haven’t helped each other at all — not even their own family members in many cases.

      Look up “court Jew.” The Jewish strategy has been to ally with the richest, most powerful and most influential members of a given society and then gradually take over.

    • Titus
      Titus says:

      I read somewhere, maybe in MacDonald’s site or in Revilo’s writtings, that jews were around 1/4th of the population of the western roman empire when it collapsed. With all those orthodox jews breeding like rabbits on goyim bux, i wouldn’t be surprised if they comprise 1/4th of the collapsed american empire too, depending on how long they can keep feeding the negroes.

  9. JRM
    JRM says:

    I’m not sure what to make of this. Prof. Dalton seems to be suffering from some loss of persective, perhaps due to the quickening pace of social disintegration we are all seeing of late. Prof. Dalton has done good work before; he deserves our indulgence. But come, let us reason together.

    After an initial push for accelerationism, the article takes flight in a fantasy of successful White organization on a micro level. A “thousand points of light” is well
    chosen for appropriation in the title. There probably needs to be an interim segue which discusses the amount of time, or conditions for, the transition from acceleration to grass-roots organization. Real accelerationism is a dangerous game to play, and the author owes a bit more detail if he wishes to prompt serious effort on the part of others. Acceleration and grass-roots organization for White interests are not the same thing at all. How does the author wish us to pursue the accelerationist part of his scheme? Should we donate to BLM? Vote for Biden?

    “One person can reserve a room in a library, school, or church basement. One person can reach out to friends, spread the word on social media, or print up flyers to post around town. Pick a day and time, book a room, advertise—and see who comes.”

    Right. See who comes, indeed. This may be the single worst piece of advice ever published on this site. Libraries, schools, and churches are already in enemy territory. Any effort to avail use of these would likely be denied. If permission were granted, the blowback from Leftists could be potentially fatal. As for “social media” – please. Social media statements would be censored, result in bans, or firings from jobs. The author seems tone deaf on this topic. I can’t go a day without reading about someone being fired for being insufficiently supportive of BLM on social media. The new trend is to get the spouse fired, too.

    “You have a right to your own self-interest. Use negative publicity to your advantage. Remember: Anyone who accepts BLM but rejects WLM is an evil “racist.””.

    This does not work. Whites no longer have a clear right to self-interest. Sounds crazy, but try putting this principle to the test. I can guarantee loss of livelihood and/or jailtime. It is now also established dogma that non-Whites cannot be guilty of racism. Racism can only be performed by Whites. This is all but law in this country now.

    “The chief threat to White well-being comes from the global Jewish lobby…”

    Partially true. The biggest, most existential threat comes from Jewish control of the courts and educational apparatus. But the more immediate stumbling block is the large number of young Whites who identify with black causes. These hoards of brainwashed young Whites are an army of zombies that can be used as blunt force against established White communities and values. They are ready to defend blacks and black values on command. They will be the first to come at you with a bike lock or skateboard. So be prepared to go to war with your own kind when you advertise your “White Book Club” or discussion group.

    There are good points in the article. There are worthwhile strategies. But the chronological and conditional order for them is not detailed. There will be a time for some sets of actions; and there will be another time for another set to come into play. I firmly believe once the Federal Gov. collapses, we can seize the opportunity for a massive rebuilding project. It will take time. Right now is too soon to act in any way that exposes your identity to the Fed Gov or Antifa.

    This system is unquestionably entering into its final chapters. The actual collapse might take fifty years. Or it might take a few months. Things are moving much faster now than they were even a year ago.

    My advice: buy land; get the hell out of the cities; stock up on ammo and weapons; learn to farm, fish, and hunt. Have White children and homeschool them. Teach them what you wished you had been taught about “democracy” and “minorities”.

    Keep your eye on the pressure from both the Gov. and the blacks and or Hispanics. Is there wholesale slaughter in the cities with little justice for White people? At what point do you know in your heart that your local LE is unable to respond meaningfully, and all personal defense must be handled by you?

    Defend yourself and family first, and start making neighborly connections to fellow Whites so you know who can be trusted when GOV is no longer able to exert its will.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      Great comment.

      “the author owes a bit more detail if he wishes to prompt serious effort on the part of others.”

      I know this quote has to do with accelerationism in particular, but it could cover the much of the article in general.

      “At what point do you know in your heart that your local LE is unable to respond meaningfully, and all personal defense must be handled by you?”

      This seems to be happening now. Social media has exploded this week with posts from people who normally would not post such content.

      The content being black on White violence. Children with Children,

      Random attacks in public places that are being justified by claiming the White victim actually used a racial slur (in spite of the fact that in some cases, the attacker has a friend video record it, so they can post it later).

      There’s a particularly vicious attack of a black man on a White woman.

      You get the idea. It’s all over the place.

      I think it won’t be long before they declare self-defense an act of terrorism.

      Just as they’ve already declared supporting Trump as a crime against humanity (instead of an act of hopeless desperation).

      So, your suggestions are sensible and well worth considering.

    • Billy Thistle
      Billy Thistle says:

      Well said. You mentioned accelerationism w/ misgivings. All the media need is for one white conservative to get caught in a BLM riot and it “proves” racists are instigating these disturbances. How convenient would that be for them!

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      @JRM “These hoards of brainwashed young Whites are an army of zombies that can be used as blunt force ”
      Some are brainwashed, and when the pendulum swings the other way they will do so too, but some other whites are so dedicated & so full of hatred for whites that in my view patriotic whites have to at some point divide geographically from the other type of whites, as the white hating whites are so passionate in their hatred that the only explanation is that they have different genes to make them like this. We will never have peace until most of them are gone to live elsewhere, eg in Wakanda with those they admire.

      Perhaps it is the gene for ‘leftism’ that confers a hatred on any person with superior behaviour patterns (and today this means white people), as this tendency to hate is a prerequisite for being able to abandon normal morals so they do not get in the way of the other urges the left have, to steal and take from others who have more things by their own hard work and superior behaviour.

    • Luke
      Luke says:

      “So, let’s help the process along: More Latino and Asian immigration! More Blacks in corporate America! More Jews in Washington! More aid for Israel! More affirmative action! More leftist street marches! Defund the police! More looting! More arson! We can use the liberal Zeitgeist against itself—use its own logic to drive it into the ground.”

      I don’t know if this paragraph was an extraordinarily lame attempt by Dalton to inject some sarcasm or if he wrote this with complete seriousness, but in either case – anyone who ‘claims’ to be on the side of Pro-White activism and who writes this kind suicidal insanity and tries to peddle it as ‘advice’ that we all need to follow – is either a buffoon or an individual who is not thinking very clearly.

      Does Dalton not realize that advocating for the importation of even MORE non-whites into America will only serve to speed up the reduction of Whites to a numerical minority? Does Dalton not also realize that once that tipping point has been reached, the FIRST THING that the virulently anti-White minority majority and their jewish string pullers will do is to abolish the Second Amendment and make it illegal for Whites to lawfully possess firearms? Oh, and the First Amendment will also quickly be erased and replaced with draconian ‘Hate Speech’ laws that will be used to criminalize any speech by Whites that might be viewed as standing up for the rights of White Americans?

      This one paragraph just destroyed the rest of this article by Dalton.

      • Richard B
        Richard B says:

        “This one paragraph just destroyed the rest of this article by Dalton.”

        It seems a lot of us feel that way.

        The first four sections, or paragraphs, were great.

        After that, it wasn’t just bad, or unrealistic, it was downright suspicious.

        And not a few folks have had some concerns about that too.

    • George Mackenzie
      George Mackenzie says:

      ‘See who comes, indeed. This may be the single worst piece of advice ever published on this site. Libraries, schools, and churches are already in enemy territory. Any effort to avail use of these would likely be denied. If permission were granted, the blowback from Leftists could be potentially fatal.’

      Yours may be among the worst advice. A colleague and I did this very thing, successfully for 3 public meetings in our local public library, until the COVID scam shut down the libraries. I tried to organize in my home thereafter, but it didn’t assemble. We called our events Dissident Truth Public Assemblies, and started with Immigration, then Gun Control and Mass Shootings, then Climate Change. We got from 15-20 people. One of them is now the Republican nominee for County Commissioner. We saw rumors of opposition on social media, and talked to Library security and hired our own security guard (waste of time and money), but nothing happened. Our events went off well, we built relations and networks, had great public discussions… it was awesome! I highly recommend it for every community. I am going to start up again now that the Library is open. Maybe our next topic will be Patterndemics. Or history of Communist Revolution. Yeah, that might do.

    • George Mackenzie
      George Mackenzie says:

      ‘The biggest, most existential threat comes from Jewish control of the courts and educational apparatus. But the more immediate stumbling block is the large number of young Whites who identify with black causes. These hoards of brainwashed young Whites are an army of zombies that can be used as blunt force against established White communities and values. They are ready to defend blacks and black values on command. They will be the first to come at you with a bike lock or skateboard. So be prepared to go to war with your own kind when you advertise your “White Book Club” or discussion group.’

      You provide much gist for discussion. I would put control of finance and media including ‘entertainment’ as significantly above courts and education. But why distinguish? It’s almost all in the control of the Jews. Or so it seems.

      We sure as hell should not be afraid of a zombie army with bike locks and skateboards. LOL. Fear-mongering like you are doing here is only adding to the problem. As I said already, we held three public meetings in the Library and none of your doom scenarios materialized. We also hosted Christopher Bollyn for two slide shows/lectures at two public libraries on the Israeli/Zionist role in 911. Jews and their sychophants protested and infiltrated and tried to disrupt one event, but we prevailed with library supplied security and our own determination. Courage brothers and sisters. The resistance to our efforts is weaker than you realize. Unser kampf.

    • George Mackenzie
      George Mackenzie says:

      Gov is already no longer able to assert its will, or its will is malevolent to us, more correctly. Because it’s ZOG. I thought we all knew that, and the article makes that clear. We are our own government now. LE is mixed and is trending worse. What about those who resign? They will be our allies. Oathkeepers is a growing possibility.

      I think you have been looking into the Palantir too long and deep brother. It sounds like you are getting close to becoming a Wormtongue. Much of what you write here is wrong. I have experienced a very different reality. I have handed out brochures on the hate, oppression and bigotry expressed by Jews at a counter- C-ville event called Unite for Justice attended by 200 liberals, where our federal senator spoke. I was stopped at the door coming and going, but admitted when people behind me complained at the delay. No one assaulted me. Some people appreciated what we handed out, and I found only 12 brochures in the garbage, which I retrieved and handed out to others.
      We have to test our fears. That’s what courage is. They are weaker than we think. And than they think. It is fear that keeps us back, and not much else sometimes. Courage.

  10. Richard McCulloch
    Richard McCulloch says:

    “A nation of 330 million is ungovernable, even of a single ethnicity”

    What is the basis or support for this claim? To allow a reference to Hitler, his most intense and uncompromising opposition was directed at those who would split Germany into separate entities, the various factions of so called “Little Germans,” such as those who would separate Bavaria, the source of his strongest early support, or Prussia, from the rest of Germany. He would accept only a fully united Germany, and when he came to power he finally removed all the vestiges of German disunity that still remained. Beyond this, and again contrary to the “Little German” Bismarck, he was a proponent of “Great Germany” (Gross Deutschland) which he achieved in the Anschluss with Austria, the ultimate dream of the original German nationalists. He did agree with Bismarck in not wanting to annex any non-German populations, but he wanted all Germans to be united, as needed to achieve his other goal of true independence in a world of powerful and potentially hostile adversaries. I agree with the estimate of 195 million Whites in the current US population. Perhaps 180 million of them are still salvageable, e.g., don’t have non-White children or relatives they refuse to separate from. In an over 90% non-White world it is in the White racial interest to be as unified as possible to defend their racial existence and independence. Any unnecessary division would weaken the White race and such advocacy should be seen as anti-White.

    The author seems to have a non-biological and non-genetic definition of race. Regarding who should be counted as White:

    “There are ambiguous cases, such as Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia, that deserve more discussion…. ‘White’ is not simply a matter of skin color; it is also a question of heritage, of worldview, of culture, and of values. Don’t be fooled by light skin or blond hair. [Continued in footnote:] Mixed-race individuals are also problematic, but again, they are a small minority. Roughly speaking, we can say that anyone with three-quarters or more of White heritage counts as White, presuming that they do not adhere to non-White values or culture.”

    How can someone be three-quarters or more White heritage? Is that like three-quarters or more White values, worldview or culture? Are these things even divisible? Does this make any sense, specifically, racial sense? It does make sense (specifically, racial sense) to say someone is three-quarters or more White ancestry, as ancestry is a biological and genetic reference, and to do so recognizes the biological basis and reality of race.

    When I was given the 1959 edition of the World Book Encyclopedia for my tenth birthday one of the first subjects I looked up was race, and the description of race was totally based on biology and physical anthropology, of which race was a taxonomic category below species. The other credible sources I read about race after that, including John Baker’s “Race” (1974) and Carleton Coon’s “The Races of Europe” (1939) consistently agreed. Non-biological factors – whether worldview, culture or heritage – had nothing to do with the definition of race, and Ukrainians (the Indo-European homeland), Belorussians and Russians were part of the European racial grouping. There are other groupings, e.g., “Volk”, ethnicity or nationality, that add non-biological factors such as culture, heritage, values, worldview, etc., to their definition of the group, and traditionally include race as well, but those non-biological factors should not be confused with race. Any deviation from the biological is not only confusing but assists those who claim race is some sort of non-biological cultural construct. Heritage, culture, worldview, values, etc., are all creations of men and exist in the minds of men. Race is a creation of nature and, if we be religious, of the Creator, and as such part of objective physical and biological reality, independent of the ideas, values and other content of the minds of men. We should never allow confusion on this most important and fundamental of all matters.

    • Floda
      Floda says:

      Take a close look at the Ukrainian female, you will see they are among the most beautiful on Earth. Any suggestion the native Ukes aren’t white is ridiculous, their territory was a large part of the old ‘pale of settlement’, where Jews were permitted to live and ply their trade. This left a poisonous legacy and is why they are in the economic situation they’re in today. Look at Biden and his son giving US Aid money a ‘haircut’ with American and Ukrainian Jewish shysters involved from top to bottom. Ukraine has a Jewish Prime Minister and President, thanks to the US State Department. So long as a single Jew remains in that poor country Ukes don’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell.

    • George Mackenzie
      George Mackenzie says:

      You sound certain of that. I’ll accept your definition of race, it seems you have educated yourself, which I admire.
      It looks to me like the ideological divide among whites in America is a major factor. I am not confident many can be converted, though as conditions get worse, some more will be. It may be quality more than quantity that is the focus. From there, I say we need a common cause and a common enemy. The Jews have divided us politically, with liberals obviously race traitors, and conservatives increasingly so too. Jews have made us think the other ideological opponent is the common enemy of each.
      Our common cause is: Freedom.
      Our common enemy is: The Jewish Cabal. (Not all Jews)

  11. Tom
    Tom says:

    Anyone who thinks that a kick-ass approach to re-establishing exclusive European ethno-states will work is seriously deluded and not in touch with the vast majority of cowed, de-racinated, and de-culturalized whites. The Left only succeeded in achieving cultural hegemony with messages of meekness and victimization. Granted, the messages were all based upon lies and exaggerations but that doesn’t take away their effectiveness. Had Communists stuck to their old propaganda about abolishing private property and physically exterminating the capitalist class, they would have gotten nowhere in the West. Instead, they rightfully spoke of their passion for equality, democratization, love, kindness, human rights.

    The right of Europeans to exist in their own exclusive homelands first has to be propagated as a positive wish that threatens no other peoples on this earth. Only then can the wish become universal and capable of being taken seriously without accusations of “white supremacy”, “racism”, “populism” “fascism” or whatever other claptrap the media and academic morons will throw at it. Most people think with their hearts and not with their heads – women especially because of their nesting and nurturing natures. Whites have to present themselves as victims of a demographic catastrophe that is threatening their physical survival. All the talk about statistical peculiarities between whites and other racial groups will do nothing except to portray white activists as mean-spirited “haters” of non-Europeans. The message has to be about a specific biological self-preservation within the political and economic context of liberty and individual freedom.

    • Aldon
      Aldon says:

      Nice of you to convenient withhold that “The Left” has been long been operating from a position of power or backed by such. Lenin for example was funded by foreign powers. Robespierre and Co. weren’t farmers, they were the likes of attorneys. Desegragation with Civil Rights was backed by the Deep State, it was never just “grass-roots.”

      >The message has to be about a specific biological self-preservation within the political and economic context of liberty and individual freedom.

      And how you are going to make them listen to you when yapping about muh liberty? Is that meant to stop the drone strikes?

      You think other races REALLY believe in unconditional “social justice” (see Jews)? That they’d fight to defend Whitey if you act nice enough? Shut up cuckservative.

      No society prior to modernity thought like you do.

      Also, America deserves to fall apart and White cucks like you deserve to have your daughters raped by your Jewish and Black “neighbors.”

      • Leon Haller
        Leon Haller says:

        Dear moderator:

        Please explain why I have been “warned” in the past for my witty repartee directed against a moron too stupid to understand, even as he arrogantly denounced, my points, but you allow this type of genuinely ugly (and inaccurate and therefore unfair) comment from “Aldon” to stand. I’m wondering what the standard here is.

        (Mod. Note: Leon, I don’t catch ’em all; many slip through. Your language above still indicates “name-calling”. If I put a note on all such comments, I’d waste a lot of time and a lot of comments would never see the light of day. You can do better. Just stick to commenting on the article, not swipes at other commenters.)

        Aldon – you did not understand the substance of the comment you’re so quick to defenestrate. “Tom” is considering how to appeal to a particular set of whites – not Jews or blacks or pathological antiwhite whites, but to the type of endlessly well-meaning (and rather weak-minded and willed) whites who make up the bulk of Middle America, and whom one might meet at a Midwestern church on a Sunday. It may annoy you that such unawakened types exist, but they do, and in the tens of millions. Any pro-white movement had better be able to win over that group, or it and all else is lost. Anything “White powerish” loses with them. White survivalists must appeal to them on the basis of common, ultimately Christian-derived ethics.

        • Aldon
          Aldon says:

          Still waiting to hear how you’re going make the Deep State listen to you. What, going to run away and hide in Nebraska?

      • Richard B
        Richard B says:

        I understand that some comments might slip through. Especially in a comment section with a lot of traffic like this one.

        In fact, that was the best thing about this article. It has inspired a lot of comments.

        It’s also brought out the worst in some.

        But with comments like this one from “Aldon” I think it the worst was already there.

        “America deserves to fall apart and White cucks like you deserve to have your daughters raped by your Jewish and Black “neighbors.”

        This is tough talk from a weak man.

        It’s also corny and dumb.

        But, I have to say, though I do understand it must be difficult moderating a site like this, I was disappointed to see it slipped through.

      • George Mackenzie
        George Mackenzie says:

        I agree, comments like Aldon’s must be moderated. It is essentially trollish, whether by a paid agent or by osmosis, absorbing troll culture as so many unconsciously do, it still is inadmissible here.


        (Mod. Note: George, if by “moderated” you mean that only opinions you approve of should be published, then … sorry, if comment moderation worked like that, there would be no comments at all at TOO.)

    • HamburgerToday
      HamburgerToday says:

      ‘Whites have to present themselves as victims of a demographic catastrophe that is threatening their physical survival.’

      To whom? Other Whites?

      ‘The message has to be about a specific biological self-preservation within the political and economic context of liberty and individual freedom.’

      No. Liberalism and its shibboleths of ‘freedom’, ‘equality’, ‘individualism’ and ‘self-interest’ is how we go here and and how we’re living now. Whites want something more than the freedom to be a drone in Jewish capitalism, even if its run by Whites.

      The reason why the ‘victim narrative’ works for Jews and Blacks is because they instinctively know they are *not* victims. Whites actually are victims, they feel victimized and are too ashamed of being a victim — because of ‘individualism’ — to help themselves. Telling actual victims they are victims and their own chance to stop being victims is to appeal to the (non-existent) better natures of their abuser is a recipe for disaster. The only people helped are the enemies of Whites.

      We are past the time of ethical reasoning. Whites need to be galvanized. They need a revolutionary vision, a goal big enough to be inspiring, but concrete enough to be doable, like the White Ethnostates/Butler Plan.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        The Vision  is called 

        {{{  The PRIME DIRECTIVE  }}}

        which is also the new religion needed to facilitate

        the quest of mankind to  thrive-n-survive  beyond

        The Solar Extinction Event

        by developing the technologies to locate

        and then colonize a distant planet similar to our earth .

        The deity of this new religion is called

        {{{   The God of Empirical Reality   }}} .

        The progeny of people whom are not interested in this quest for mankind to continue having fun  ( where  “fun”  is very broadly construed )  are destined to perish in The Extinction Event — or possibly even before it .

        The eventual fate of mankind ( includes Whites ) is GUARANTEED OBLIVION if enough of the right people fail to get themselves properly organized to preside over the development of the technologies needed for mankind to thrive-n-survive beyond The Extinction Event — before it is too late . Anyone whom may hold that it is not “doable” should present their argument here on the WWW . Those of us whom “know” it is doable have nothing to fear from the naysayers . A WN ethnostate would be an excellent place to establish the first mundane church of {{{ The PRIME DIRECTIVE }}} for the benefit of humanity and especially for Whites .

  12. todd hupp
    todd hupp says:

    It is interesting German wealth is still largely in the hands of the old- money white families who were in control pre WWII. Germany has prospered since the War from the Nazi racial purification policies. Germany will dominate the European economy. Perhaps a good model for the USA.

    Professor Dalton’s “Holocaust-an Introduction” is quite well done and factual. Just the facts. Reality.

    • Rerevisionist
      Rerevisionist says:

      Are you sure this is true? I’d have guessed it’s about as true as claiming the aristocracy, such as it is, and royal family, in Britain, are ‘white’, when in fact there’s a large but hard to quantify Jewish ‘admixture’.
      With respect, why not provide evidence, if possible without damage? Jews tell lies all the time!

  13. Rerevisionist
    Rerevisionist says:

    I’d like to caution against abandoning big cities, unless civil engineers and others (with detailed knowledge of water, electricity, maintenance, roads, subways etc) can show there’s no hope for them. London for example has a huge underground water main which must have cost a fortune; an a tube train network, ditto; and buildings of immense value.
    I recall being told the Xhosa in southern Africa were told by a young woman ‘prophet’ in 1900 or so, that if they destroyed their crops, all the whites would leave. (Or something like that). They did destroy their crops, and never recovered. This may be yet another Jew strategy.

    • HamburgerToday
      HamburgerToday says:

      There are plenty of medium-sized and small cities throughout the Midwest, West and South that could use more Whites, especially those who know how to make life miserable for non-Whites and anti-Whites. First step: Create covertly White NGOs to assist needy Whites. Second step: Terminate all public welfare. Third step: Pro-White NGOs turn away most non-Whites due to ‘limited resources’. If ‘civil rights leaders’ start to cause trouble, have the city government harass them in various ways until they get the message. This is pretty much now every ethnic group defends it’s turf and prerogatives.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        ” This is pretty much now every ethnic group defends it’s turf and prerogatives.”

        Superb observation .

      • George Mackenzie
        George Mackenzie says:

        Sounds like a good basic strategy. A few more details are necessary, but a sound foundation. First step: restore white communities. They were largely all Christian, focused around the church parish. How to get that back? Would existing churches allow ‘associate members’ to join as supporters and allies, even if not full ideological believers? We might need coalition partners, something like Oathkeepers which allows all kinds of members. No Jews or non-whites though.
        Then again, if properly vetted and confirmed, we might accept select Jews, blacks, others as associate support members. It appears to have been a mistake in history to omit potential allies.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          Christianity , both Catholic and Protestant versions , is a sheeple-oriented religion of self-enslavement to the chosenite jewmasters . Christianity has served-up Whites on a silver platter to the jewmasters .

          Why do you want to resurrect the dysfunctional churches ? Do you want to remain a sheeple in the sublimely treacherous churches and continue to be subservient to the will of the jewmasters ?

          JC asserted dominion over his sheeple in the Sermon on the Mount ( NT , KJV , Book of Matthews , chapters 5-7 ). Now 2000 years later , the jewish ashkenazi financial tribe has dominion over the descendants of those JC sheeple .

          Christianity is way past its sell-by-date .

          Ditch Christianity and get onboard with the new religion

          {{{ The PRIME DIRECTIVE }}}

          for mankind to thrive-n-survive beyond

          any Specified-n-Guaranteed Extinction Event .

    • JRM
      JRM says:

      The question of abandoning large cities is a complex one.

      The successful group strategy would seem to call for holding on, and not ceding the territory without a fight.

      The individual strategy would favor leaving the city, as our women and children cannot truly thrive in most of them, due to advanced cultural decay and the abandonment of the social contract of civility. Our women in particular are corrupted by the modern culturally Jewish metropolis.

      I would say that if your city is above a certain threshold of black population (perhaps 20-30%?), and you intend to have a family, you had best exit posthaste.

    • Titus
      Titus says:

      The important thing is resource acquisition and throwing wrenches at the jewish machine whenever possible. If you are earning big, you live in a “gated community” and can send your kids to private school why move out of the city. On the other hand if you are just going to get consumed by the degeneracy then better move to a less degenerate place, that is, the countryside or small town.
      If you woman is not willing to ditch the tv and devote herself to raising aryan children then find another one.

      • JRM
        JRM says:


        You wrote

        “If you are earning big, you live in a “gated community” and can send your kids to private school why move out of the city(?)”.

        Have you looked at footage of the unrest? These rolling groups of rioters and vandals might just surround your home, even if you do live in a “gated community”.

        You may find yourself driving in your car outside the gates when diversity strikes. Your children might meet diversity at the playground. I could go on.

        Obviously, these choices are up to everyone to decide on their own. If you are single, and have a good job in the city, I can understand a reluctance to leave. I do advise those with wives and children to seriously consider getting out into the countryside. If we get a real “SHTF” moment, the Whites in the large cities will have their hands full, perhaps on very short notice. Those of us in the countryside will have more time to put our emergency plans into place.

        I wish you the best, wherever you decide to make your stand.

      • George Mackenzie
        George Mackenzie says:

        Perhaps the greatest factor is community. Whether in country or city, close connection with neighbors and community is essential to our response. Ideological alignment seems necessary, though that can be stretched in crisis. Nationalist groups held out for months while surrounded by communist hostiles in the Spanish Civil War. This is to be avoided, but close solidarity and communion with even broadly defined like minded others can succeed, whether in city or country.

  14. Jacobite
    Jacobite says:

    The Talmud is nothing more than Jews arguing over several thousand years about the double standards that apply to the Chosen People and to the ‘Akum’. These double standards apply to everything — from who can touch who to who must not be saved from accidental death (guess who?). The endless harping on the most picayune details of every imaginable situation not only give me a headache every time I try to read a page, but it tells us exactly where the whole concept of “totalitarianism” was born. To add another item to the international policy of Jews, don’t forget that Jacob Schiff hated Russians so much that he funded the Japanese in the Russo-Japanese War of 1905. Although Jews hate all “Abhodah Zarah” (worshippers of idols), their special hates are for Hellenes (Western Civilization), Philistines, Romans, Germans, Poles, and Russians. Interestingly, Europeans traditionally admired the Cossacks for their determination to preserve their freedom (the most famous painting of the Cossacks was the Jewish painter, Repin’s, “The Zaporozhian Cossacks Writing a Reply to the Turkish Sultan” from the mid-19th Century). But with the decline of the Ottoman Empire, the mercenary Cossacks came to serve the Poles and the Russians. Because the Cossacks were fervent Orthodox Christians, Jews, Mohammedans, and Catholics were considered special enemies. Proximity dictated that Jews were the most often-encountered foes, as both the Poles and the Russians considered them to be “problems”. The Jews returned the compliment, with the Bolsheviks as a race or people being targetted by the Jew/Bolsheviks for extermination.

  15. Bethany
    Bethany says:

    I like the idea of small grassroots communities, but definitely NOT publicized. You see the white man will always be wrong, criticized, and condemned; fairness and equality doesn’t apply right now to us. So please Don’t give the abusers any more reason to abuse us and publicly humiliate us. Do things privately, in your own home or discreetly at public parks and beaches, in white areas. I live in multi cultural S FL and I deliberately seek out a white world and avoid the crowds. I check profiles for Airbnb, karate schools, and bike to private, more secluded beaches. Renaissance fairs are still a safe way to celebrate European culture. I wish there were more European cultural activities like for European dance or knitting, or book clubs that study the classics or European history. I think getting young people involved and excited about tradition is a tall order especially when compared to technology.

    As for excluding biracial individuals, we should always remember our Christian roots and love others as we love ourselves and have compassion. Have compassion that many whites have been under psychological warfare for the last 30-40 years and may have bi-racial kids as a result. I would say probably 1/2 the white population. All we can do in those cases is encourage and hope to influence those kids to choose white partners in the future. I think many do anyway.
    Let’s not succumb to the enemy and be as low as they are. We can’t be bigots even though they are. We have to be fair even though they’re not fair to us. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Whites have to help other whites, either by way of the church, supporting their businesses, helping other whites build businesses and by celebrating and learning about European history and culture. And smiling big warm welcoming smiles to all who come and take an interest in us.

    • Richard McCulloch
      Richard McCulloch says:

      “Have compassion that many whites have been under psychological warfare for the last 30-40 years and may have bi-racial kids as a result. I would say probably 1/2 the white population. All we can do in those cases is encourage and hope to influence those kids to choose white partners in the future.”

      Are you really saying that half the White population has bi-racial children, e.g., mulattoes, etc? Wherever did you get that idea? Please, the truth is bad enough. We don’t need wild and demoralizing exaggeration. The last figures from the CDC that were readily accessible were in 2013 and showed that 11.8% of the children born to White women that year whose fathers were racially identified had non-White fathers. Twenty years earlier the proportion was about half that, and another twenty years earlier that proportion is again reduced by about half.

      Are you really saying that you want those mulatto and other bi-racial children to marry Whites? If so I must assume you don’t want the White race to continue to exist, because that is the fastest course to racial destruction.

    • HamburgerToday
      HamburgerToday says:

      ‘As for excluding biracial individuals, we should always remember our Christian roots and love others as we love ourselves and have compassion.’

      This is how Christianity became a partner in White dispossession. A philosophy that demands we facilitate our genocide, that we take no active measures to create a safe space for Whites and Whites only cannot be central to our movement.

      ‘Let’s not succumb to the enemy and be as low as they are. We can’t be bigots even though they are. We have to be fair even though they’re not fair to us. Two wrongs don’t make a right.’

      Whites can no longer adhere to self-defeating maxims such as these. Admitting that our enemy is ‘low’ and bigotted and unfair but then not fight them with every tool at our disposal is simply suicidal.

      ‘Two wrongs don’t make a right’ misunderstands the purpose of retaliation to mistreatment. The purpose of retaliation is not to set the world right, but to present a deterrent to further misbehavior.

      Go wash some feet.

      • Leon Haller
        Leon Haller says:

        Christianity is NOT a religion of white racial suicide – though one and all can be forgiven for thinking so. Bethany is wrong. No one here is advocating committing unchristian acts against nonwhites – as they commit against us in the millions every year. But as Dr. Greg Johnson sagely notes, nonwhites do not have a moral right to access white societies and civilization (I would add, anymore than I have a moral right to “access” your home or your wife). Whites have a moral right UNDER CHRISTIANITY to live with our own kind. There is nothing in the Bible or classic theology that contradicts this – no matter how many lies to the contrary come out of the churches today. Catholics especially believe in “natural law”, an aspect of which is that humans should live in accordance with their essential natures, provided they are not giving in to evil temptation. A regime which forces people to live in unnatural ways is ipso facto an evil regime. Multiracialism is not natural, and therefore monoracialism is not evil. Multiracialism is not per se (from a Christian perspective) evil, if that is what some wish. But whites today have had the right not to be coercively integrated taken away from us. The issue is indeed one of liberty vs coercion. Whites today have had their associational liberty completely stolen. We have been denied our right to live with whom we choose. That is the root of our racial problems (along with, secondarily, black miscreancy).

        White survival is not mandated by Christianity, but neither is it disallowed.

        • TJ
          TJ says:

          “The Catholic tradition teaches that human dignity can be protected and a healthy community can be achieved only if human rights are protected and responsibilities are met. Therefore, every person has a fundamental right to life and a right to those things required for human decency. Corresponding to these rights are duties and responsibilities–to one another, to our families, and to the larger society.”

          [from pamphlet on Catholic Social Teaching]: “All the goods on Earth were placed here by God FOR THE USE OF ALL.” By implication- the high living of Whites is due to stealing from God.

          From UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

          Article 25.

          (1) Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.
          (2) Motherhood and childhood are entitled to special care and assistance. All children, whether born in or out of wedlock, shall enjoy the same social protection.

          From Economics prof [Long Beach State!]: “Capitalism is the most efficient method of allocating society’s scarce resources.” So if someone makes a chair, it belongs to society and not to the maker! Abolition of private property [Communist Manifesto].

          Wealth either comes from God, or if made by actual individuals, does not belong to them. Therefore Whites do not have any moral claim to wealth, even if they produced it.

          The others must be let in to claim their rightful share.

          btw- Long time since Catholic Charities and Lutheran Social Services were named here. They receive billions and billions. One LSS administrator in the Great Lakes areas was pulling in at least $400K.

          Catholicism has long championed the Law of Non-contradiction. If you ask- does the maker own his own chair- yes, of course he does. but but over here you assert that all wealth was placed here by God. . .for the use of all. . .A big fat contradiction. . .

          “From each according to ability, to each according to need”- Marx got this from book of Acts 4:32

          • Leon Haller
            Leon Haller says:

            I despise institutional Christianity today. It has succumbed to real evil (if I were more superstitious I would say the Churches have become the Devil’s disciples). No one should ever give a dime to any church, except maybe a very rightwing local Protestant one. ONLY donate to pro-white causes at this point (exceptions are causes which indirectly advance whites, like gun rights; in Occupied CA, I give annually to the Howard Jarvis group fighting to preserve low property taxes).

            That said, your post is riddled with logical as well as theological errors. Too many for me to rebut. And it did not really address what I said.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        ” The purpose of retaliation is not to set the world right, but to present a deterrent to further misbehavior.”

        Amen to that .

    • Titus
      Titus says:

      Your comment is a perfect example of why women have been and are excluded from decision making in any competitive and competent organization. Keep your moralizing and your nonsense to yourself, you are the problem.

  16. Panadechi
    Panadechi says:

    I offer a shorter and more direct path to a white Ethno-State.
    Whites are on the racial survival countdown.
    Exposing the Jews (Main Enemy), and the white genocide fostered through them, memes, blogs, publications, meetings, pro-white rallies.
    Massive white immigration to semi-depopulated regions, Example Alaska, Dakota, Arkansas .. and create strong autonomous, local independent governments ..
    Remove autonomous governments from the nefarious influence of Hollywood, Media, Education, Culture, entertainment of anti-white indoctrination.
    Develop and enhance white Ethno-centrism, which is the superior life force of evolution and survival.
    Create global and local inter-white contact bases (Global White Brotherhood).
    Create ideological, philosophical, moral, political, religious, productive and structural bases for a white ethno-state.
    In two decades the fruits would be noticed.

  17. Spence1000
    Spence1000 says:

    It is terribly important that white parents get their children out of the public schools. There has been nothing so damaging to our children than the pollution they are exposed to, in the absolute hateful propaganda feed to them. It has been clearly apparent that the white youth we see partaking in BLM marches, “protests” (not limited to destruction and looting), that white parents must homeschool their children, to protect their minds and identity. From grade school they are further cultivated as they enter colleges and universities ripe for further brainwashing.

  18. John
    John says:

    I would like to see White groups circulate on email and social media where and we can confront the left-wing and non-White demonstrators.

    We can do it but it needs leadership.

    The leftists and non-Whites with their demonstrations and rioting have scared politicians, who bend to their will.

    Politicians must from now on be scared of Whites and their allies.

    We can’t wait until some time in the future to act.

    We must act now or the leftists and non-Whites will win.

  19. Hank
    Hank says:

    My introduction to the alt-right was by way of Dr. William Pierce’s “American Dissident Voices,” which I found both emotionally and intellectually fulfilling. His broadcasts were also amazingly prescient. When I turned on the TV September 11, 2001 and saw the twin towers ablaze, it was already old news to me thanks to Dr. Pierce. He had predicted it in at least two broadcasts. I was teaching English at the time, and a special interest of mine was “literature of the Id”—at its finest in the works of Conrad and Dostoevsky. Thus these last two weeks of riots and appeasement are likewise hardly a shock. I am completely serene about what is going on and how it will end. It is also better everyone see these irreconcilable genetic fault lines sooner rather than later. It is a process that will literally burn and murder itself out in due course, mostly in dem-run urban areas. In the meantime, stay fit and inure yourself for a tit for tat of mass shootings out of which the prospect of a white ethnostate will charm the dreams of even coal burners and snowflakes. Travel will for some time require caution. But nothing a new Google app couldn’t manage that flags concentrations of black-on-white murders, robberies, and rapes. Of course for a while it may be hard to see the country, let alone the road, for so many thousands of flags. But if you pan in…

  20. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    The Jews have a plan and its working a treat. However Mike Tyson said that everybody has a plan until they get a punch in the mouth. Our problem is that the Jews and maybe more importantly, those who serve the Jews via the media, academia, government, military, police etc are not being punched in the mouth i.e. they are not feeling any pain so they carry on. We are feeling the pain.

    We are waiting for “someone” to punch them all in the mouth. It’s not going to happen. Be the change you want to see or watch your nation and culture disappear.

  21. Eric
    Eric says:

    As bad as things are now, I think the advice given in this article is premature. Whites have given no sign that they want to organize and create separate enclaves. If only 1% or 5% of whites actually do this, they will get nowhere at best, and get targeted at worst.

    For the time being, I think it would be better to make alliances with a broader group of people. We should not be forming specifically white groups (apart from our private lives) but working with members of other racial groups that, for the most part, do not hate white people.

    We should remember that the Jewish-controlled media is always narrowly focused on the worst aspects of society. This can distort our perceptions of reality.

    My guess is that no more than 10% of any non-white racial group in the United States hates white people. But they are the ones that the media focuses on and the politicians pander to.

    And while whites are more threatened in a multi-racial society than they are in a white society, we should remember that the other races don’t necessarily get along either. I don’t see them uniting against white people and working against us as a team — in spite of the fact that Jews are trying to make that happen.

    We can afford to be welcoming and kind to people of all races and religions, and we should do so. Doing that does not contradict taking pride in our white heritage and taking steps to preserve our people.

    In addition to the above, humor and clever memes (plus some carefully thought out false flags) might be the best strategy. There are endless possibilities for mocking our enemies, as one will quickly find out by going on Twitter and 8chan.

    I say all of this living in California. Not a lot of black people here — maybe 7% of the state. Plenty of Jews, but not like in New York or Florida. What we have here are whites, Latinos, and Asians who generally get along with each other. I might feel differently if I lived in Baltimore or Saint Louis.

    • HamburgerToday
      HamburgerToday says:

      Much of what you say is fairly typical of a person in denial about the issue of race — specifically the status of the White race — in America.

      ‘Whites have given no sign that they want to organize and create separate enclaves. If only 1% or 5% of whites actually do this, they will get nowhere at best, and get targeted at worst.’

      The Cognitive Dissonance is strong in this one. Notice how the ‘get targeted at worst’ substantively puts into doubt the claim that ‘Whites have given no sign they want to organize and create separate enclaves’. Seems to me the author is hiding the fact that Whites that do want to live apart get targeted by the State. The author seems to know this is true, but wants to blame White people for this state of affairs. Get the Jew out of your head. Also, under US law it is *illegal* for Whites to formally exclude non-Whites from their spaces. This is the law. Informally, nearly every race ‘enclaves’ as much as they can, most especially Whites and Asians (for obvious reasons). Swisscows ‘racial dot map’ and look at the self-segregation. Were it not for the Jews and their attorneys and judges, the legal ‘segregation’ of races would be be deeply entrenched in America.

      ‘My guess is that no more than 10% of any non-white racial group in the United States hates white people.’

      The author states this as if it should be a comfort. It’s not. One out of every ten non-Whites is tens of millions of people. The implications are *right there* but the author refuses to see them.

      ‘And while whites are more threatened in a multi-racial society than they are in a white society, we should remember that the other races don’t necessarily get along either.’

      How does the fact that races that hate Whites don’t get along makes being hated better for Whites? Why should Whites accept being threatened in the societies they built?

      ‘I don’t see them uniting against white people and working against us as a team.’

      Then you’re not looking. Both of the major political parties pander to non-Whites. Nothing has been offered specifically to Whites in two generations.

      ‘We can afford to be welcoming and kind to people of all races and religions, and we should do so.’

      No, we can’t. And no, we shouldn’t. Why? Because (a) until mass non-White immigration turned this country upside down, this was a White nation and (b) our efforts have *never* been reciprocated. This is the multi-culturalist claptrap that provides the intellectual energy to the entire ‘hate Whitey’ educational and NGO apparatus.

      ‘I say all of this living in California. Not a lot of black people here — maybe 7% of the state. Plenty of Jews, but not like in New York or Florida. What we have here are whites, Latinos, and Asians who generally get along with each other.’

      You don’t get along with Latinos and Asians, you’ve yielded to them. They are the majority and you are the minority that has to navigate *their* preferences. The reason you hold the views you do about non-Whites is because your place and culture are dominated by non-Whites.

      • Titus
        Titus says:

        Don’t mind Eric, he’s a terminally cucked christian. Just pray he doesn’t change his poster’s name so you don’t waste time reading his verbosity. Christians are following the South African model all around the world and they believe everything will be just fine, because Jesus is coming back and he will fix everything for them, eternal life and bliss is just around the corner. Many of them are a 5th column at best, if you go to JW’s meetings you will find out they are almost indistinguishable from jews, as they preach exactly the same on all the important matters, from immigration and race to climate change. Except they are the suckers who will pay the bill.

        Christians, jews, marranos and the like abound in this comment section and they can’t stop preaching the wonders of “one world one race”, equality, the “not all jews” absurdity, and so on, and so on, and so on.
        Internet is enemy territory, and everything you say will be used against you if you are high profile enough. Furthermore all the complaints and plans just give intel to the jews, as the Trump campaign showed (he just regurgitated all the internet complaints and talking points). So keep the real deal to the meatspace.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” We should not be forming specifically white groups (apart from our private lives) but working with members of other racial groups that, for the most part, do not hate white people.”

      That advice also seems premature .

      Whites on average are probably the most individualisticly oriented people in the world . Consequently , they have perhaps on average the weakest sense of racial identity of any of the major races ( aka subspecies ). Given White’s overall lack of adequate political intelligence , another byproduct of individualism which is also at least partially encoded into the White genome , they are usually more easily manipulated into subservience to other race’s agendas in a mixed race group . Whites are basicly in dire need of strengthening their sense of racial identity , which the ((( enemy ))) has nearly obliterated in many regions , before mixing it up with other less individualistic races whom are more adept at applying group pressures and can somewhat more easily manipulate individualistic Whites into unwitting ignomious subservience to a nonWhite/antiWhite agenda . Whites are generally too politicly retarded ( not mostly an IQ issue ) to effectively resist becoming eventually enslaved to other races .

  22. pterodactyl
    pterodactyl says:

    “The chaos of the past few months has given us new opportunities to move forward.”

    Before the events of recent weeks, the majority of whites believed they would remain rich and safe their entire lives, and also that all races can live together in harmony, and that the MSM do not have an agenda and are just reporting the news. They thought that blacks and the white Left just want fairness and nothing more. They though the Right talk rubbish and should be dismissed and never be given a platform. They thought that if they were at the poorer end that by voting for the left that they would end up being better off in money terms (due to wealth redistribution).

    All these views are now being reviewed. The former narrative, one that has been hammered into them for decades by education and the MSM, this former narrative as described above, is now being shattered.

    The only fallacies the majority of whites still believe are that whites are the only villains in history, and also that racism (favouring one’s own) is always wrong (in white people anyway), whereas now some are rethinking even this and realising that their very survival now depends on whether they can become racist themselves. This is the big step they cannot make at present, to rethink this last point. Although it will be framed in more positive language, such as patriotism and loyalty to one’s own, and not using the term ‘racism’, which our internal enemies ((and allies)) invented to beat us with.

  23. pterodactyl
    pterodactyl says:

    “The moronic liberal elites who defend these low-lifes are too ignorant to realize that such actions are undermining their very system of power.”

    The white left (and those Jews who hate us) are in my view NOT working to any ‘clever plan’ or strategy. There is no laid out direction that they read up on then follow like instructions. True, there are attempts by some of the super rich and powerful have their private meetings together for some aspects of strategy, but in the main the left (& allies and blacks) are just acting on their own instincts, and always just go as far as they can go in the direction their inner urges instruct them to.

    If you go on Twitter or any comments section anywhere you will see numerous lefties who are not in any chain of command or organised or receiving directions.

    For example, no-one told the blacks to riot all over the world at this particular time in co-ordination. It was not planned for 2020, it was just egged on by the MSM and it spread naturally after the blacks have been encouraged over the years to behave like this, including by being endlessly told that they have grievances against whites. BLM did not organise them last month, it just inspired them. No leftie in academia has actually ever said: ‘we should give the blacks grievances’, no, this notion just comes to them by instinct. No-one said “in 2020 we will introduce ‘giving the knee'” – it was never planned and came from a stunt of a few black sportsmen. No-one rang them up and told them what to do and when.

    So the left and ((others)), by their just following instincts, consequently often use bad strategy and commit own goals.. The trans-sex fanatics went too far by rubbing it in our faces and demanding men can go in girls’ toilets – an example of going to far and it making people turn against them.

    The left were doing better with slowly, slowly immigration into white countries, but they could not wait and wanted the downfall of whites in their own lifetimes (Jews have more patience and play the longer game) and so mass immigration increased far too rapidly. This was their main error – alerting the whites to their future in a multiracial country too soon when whites are still in the majority and able to do something about it.

    • Jack
      Jack says:

      “For example, no-one told the blacks to riot all over the world at this particular time in co-ordination. It was not planned for 2020, it was just egged on by the MSM and it spread naturally….”
      Who owns the MSM? The Jews and their fellow elites! So when the MSM “egged on” the riots, it was really the Jews and their lackeys coordinating the riots.
      The media and those who operate it for the Jews are one of the most valuable assets they have. It has been used to dismantle our civilization under the guise of entertainment and we have applauded them for it.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” The white left (and those Jews who hate us) are in my view NOT working to any ‘clever plan’ or strategy.”

      Maybe not . However , there are plans and strategies behind what they do .

      The ultimate GOAL of the globalist jewmasters is not a plan nor a strategy but rather precisely this ancient directive __

      ” And God said …

      let them have dominion …

      over cattle ,

      and over all the earth ,

      and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth .”

      ( verbatim words quoted from the jewish holy Torah ( aka OT ) , KJV , Book of Genesis , chapter 1 , verse 26 )

      where :

      God = [ The Lord God creator and ruler of all the universe/cosmos ]

      dominion = ownership/control

      cattle = [ goyim/gentile/nonjewish Whites ]

      earth = [ world and dirt of the planet ]

      [ creeping thing ] = [ humanity and all other creatures ] .

      Clearly , the globalist ashkenazi jewish tribe , via both their secret and nonsecret strategies and secret and nonsecret plans , has already attained ownership/control of the major portion of the world at this very historical era and they are in the process of gaining control of the remaining mostly christian Westernworld White “dominions” .

  24. Stogumber
    Stogumber says:

    Even if I agree that not everything and everyone should go public, I am convinced that Whites, too, need a public representation. Which should behave like the early Christians: modest, patient, unaggressive. Whites need to be presented to the public, and it is our problem how we do it (not leaving this risky task to the most aggressive fringe of the White population).
    This will not shift the public opinion in one year or a decade, but well within a century.

    • HamburgerToday
      HamburgerToday says:

      Try as you might, you cannot get the Jew out of your head. Even though there’s no White Advocacy organization, you’re already figuring out how to exclude certain Whites from it. Whites need a anti-fragile, resilient White advocacy organization that presents it’s ‘nice’ face as much as possible but does not do the ‘disavow thing’ with more ‘dramatic’ elements. The Jew cannot be allowed to think they can divide us. As soon as Whites create an advocacy group, there is going to be a Kosher alternative. If you’ve already accepted that some Whites are not welcome in ‘our thing’, how will we ever distinguish the Real Thing from the Kosher Alternative?

  25. Stogumber
    Stogumber says:

    The Aryan Bucks idea is quite funny, but has Dalton seriously thought about it? Not taking money from a Jew (but giving) means not selling to a Jew – which sounds as if the White shopkeeper or handyman is to shoot into his own foot. Also how do we now that the Bucks have lost their value, if someone other has taken them from a Jew and uses them for to pay us(which will be the regular outcome)?

    • HamburgerToday
      HamburgerToday says:

      A stable currency is important for a functioning economy. If Whites wish to create a ‘shadow state’ inside the USA, having a ‘white dollar’ or ‘Aryan buck’ would be a good idea. There are various ways to implement this, but they all come down to one factor: trust. If White people are willing to use the currency for common transactions between Whites (facilitated by a combination of eBay/Craigslist), then it has value. A cryptocurrency can perform this task and 3D printers can product ‘coins’ that, integrated with QR scanners and databases — would mitigate against counterfeiting of currency. I personally do not see the advantage of preventing non-Whites from using a ‘White currency’.

      • Leon Haller
        Leon Haller says:

        It will never happen, unless it’s gold or silver, classic currencies with universal value. All these suggestions, in fact, simply replicate the fundamental problem: how to get brainwashed, and now often physically intimidated, non-suicidist whites to unite. That can be done, but it requires a new ethics for survival; the widespread dissemination of that ethics; and then gradual mobilization and radicalization.

  26. Kai Wolframenko
    Kai Wolframenko says:

    One other minor point of disagreement with Dr. Dalton: while I’m all for (intelligent and moral!!) accelerationism of the declining USA empire, more money for Israel is not the way to do it (in fact, we should see if we can goad BLM into opposing money for Israel the next time Israel commits big war crimes, which is likely coming up with the planned annexation of much of the West Bank). Financially, while lots of money for the small Jewish state, it isn’t enough to bankrupt the US gov’t in one fell swoop, and it obviously helps the most supremacist and violent segment of the Jewish cabal. I’d rather my money go to Black crack dealers than to Zion.

  27. Ludwig
    Ludwig says:

    Interesting read as are the comments.

    Identifying the problems with any proposal is usually a little easier. But how to formulate a viable and effective plan to deal with the situation we find ourselves in is a another thing entirely. I’m thinking we need a multi pronged approach.

    I caveat this, although I use some military terms I’m not advocating violence. We need to go on the offensive in some ways. The offensive must be serious and have more than one front – like guerrilla war strategies. We also should take ‘defensive actions to protect behind the lines’. That’s where we need better coordination by good strategic organisers.

    I suppose we should ask ourselves where we think our enemies are most vulnerable to formulate offensive actions. This is probably going to vary from place to place but there will be over arching issues. Also where are we/our people going to need the most protection?

    I can think of one very sensitive spot they have. The holocaust is a place where much progress has been made. I think we should keep at it helping some very brave individuals who have been doing a great job of that. We should help them with support. Support for our revisionist historians by way of buying books and supporting lectures etc. not only helps them but also helps to slowly increase awareness. That is a very important work but it takes time. Allied to this is our children are very important and we need to take control of educating them. This is another place we have allowed ourselves to be undermined. So we take it back.

    I think some form of public group made up of hardened, brave politically astute whites that are willing to form a coalition of European/white Lives Matter is probably necessary at this point. They will need grassroots support with a network behind them. In fact we already have the beginnings of this with the various forums online and the conferences that have been running for quite a few years. But at this point its a loose international association with a part-time approach. This site is also part of that network.

    So a serious organisation to start coordinating and deploying the strengths of all these groups needs to be born from our midst. This will include some form of fighting fund.

    It seems about time to release some sort of position paper using a similar tactic to Satoshi Nakamoto. By that I mean, an anonymous figure with all the theater and mystery to enhance curiosity amongst white people. It must be in language that will inspire but be factual. Other projects to communicate to whites that are not yet willing to follow can be formulated and executed.

    The FED bank and fiat money must be fought and kept in the spotlight by the same organisation. This is another front in the battle where we can make further strides.

    I’m not sure exactly how we approach the problems of executing any of these things, or the possibilities that will arise by thinking about and starting to work for tangible projects.

    Of course, fleshing it all out is a lifetimes work that may not see an overall victory in our life time but one thing is sure we have an opportunity opening up that wasn’t there before so we should take advantage of it.

  28. Ludwig
    Ludwig says:

    One more thing has occurred to me that almost never gets mentioned.

    The criminal elite such as Šoroš, Kissinger, etc etc. how are they to be dealt with? Because, remember this plan is a global problem. Unless we deal with them also this war will be a long and protracted one.
    Go have a look at the world economic forum website https://www.weforum.org/ and see this is getting all pervasive. They are getting ready to impose unpleasant measures that will make it more difficult for any fight back.

    This is another front where we must take the offensive. Exactly what more than educating people and confronting politicians by writing about this, I’m not sure.

    • Luwig
      Luwig says:

      Andrew Joyce reminded me in his latest article:
      “Latter-Day Flagellants, Christianity, and the Politics of Evil” that another important vulnerability of jewish supremacy is the content of the talmud.

      It’d be good for scholars to write articles that are of reasonable size exposing and critiquing the talmud. But pitched to the college educated normies. They need to be deployed in various news feeds and perhaps with a slightly different approach for evangelical christians as well as catholic folk.

  29. Karl Austin
    Karl Austin says:

    You do realize there are white groups at there who already meet publicly? American Renaissance for one and Patriot Front also still does street demonstrations. In the South people pay ungodly fees to belong to a deep camp and hunt. Do you think those are multiracial deer clubs? In my college days I joined a group which mandated polygraphs and background check for all perspective members. I thought that was wise and ought to be adopted by any serious racialist group! Our second priority is to own our own meeting house. I am given to understand the League of the South owns its own meeting place and has yearly conferences there. The first priority is to own our own webs hosting sites because eventually we will lose all.

  30. dave schneider
    dave schneider says:

    Anybody who still espouses a white territory or white nation doesn’t get out of the house much.

    Organize as reading groups or sports groups and keep your groups tightly segregated from them. They are everywhere in diaspora. They are organized on every social media platform because they passionately believe – you are Nazis and will rise up eventually to murder millions of them. Their segregated breeding colonies are spreading like wildfire because they have the highest birth rates in the world. Mirror them. Create your own technical religion in which all men fight to the death and execute traitors and keep your heads down while organizing, but most importantly, HAVE BABIES! And only *marry your smartest daughters to the smartest husbands*, enlist your daughters instead of letting them date with anybody they find in the streets. There are two creations of man and woman in genesis. In the first one, man and woman are created equal, but when the biblical author introduced Abraham’s pronatal covenant with God, he went back and created man and woman a second time taking woman from man’s rib and subjugating her for childbirth to have as many children as she could. If you can’t get your women to understand and help you, how do you expect to get any further and win back the world you’ve created? Do it religiously for the long haul – generations, but keep your heads down until you are ready to act instead of react.

    As as soon as they see you stick your white heads up in an area you call a white area, they will have the minorities and even your own destroy you. They’ll play wack a mole with you as the moles. They’ve been doing this for 2,500 years. The Sicilian Mafia was created because Sicily was always occupied by a foreign force. Being in the middle of the Med. Sea it could not be bypassed for any conqueror wanting supremacy in the entire region. So think, what did they become, what did they do? Omerta – every man a secret warrior – and they survive until today.
    If you’re housebound, like these “white” authors, read a good book about organizing for survival against an overwhelming force, like Dune.
    It’s past time you can have a white area. Do you think you’re smarter than the Boers? Do you think you’re smarter than the Germans or the Russians? The long haul… avoiding notoriety, always planning, always growing. Stop the media. get your own internal media/communications. Don’t destroy your own civilization. Appropriate the pieces you need. Stay together. Pray together to a god of war. Bond, most of you don’t even like one another.
    white autonomous zones would stick out like a sore thumb (remember whack a mole).
    You have to live in the world while staying apart from it like they do, like the Cosa Nostra does.
    Don’t destroy. Appropriate. Build. Arrange marriages. Grow your numbers AND your brains. There’s still more us than there are of them, but that won’t last.

    • Leon Haller
      Leon Haller says:

      This type of “tough guy” posturing, allegedly “realistic”, is merely blackpilling to Dalton’s excessive optimism. Neither of you is remotely accurate. The white ethnostate will get formed, but only after several more decades of quiet mobilization and activism. That does start with people getting offline and networking in the real world, and doing so as book clubs and discussion groups, even described as totally apolitical activities. I have described this here in other comments.

      The notion that Big Bad Antifa are lurking everywhere is ludicrous and maximally cowardly. How many terrorists do you think there are across America? Indeed, say I could form a nationalist discussion group with only 8 men. Not sure why that would get to antifa, but say it did. Say further that our group met at a dinner at a public restaurant (once COVID lockdowns end), instead of at my house. Are a bunch of antifa going to storm the restaurant to attack us? I think that’s insane, but let’s say they did. Now if we were in a civilized (concealed or open carry) state, some of those antifa would either be shot dead, or held at gunpoint subject to citizens’ arrest. We would strip their masks off them, and plaster their visages across the internet. Take their wallets, and video their drivers’ licenses. The turn them over to the cops.

      Now let’s say we’re in an uncivilized, blue state, so we patriots are unarmed. Well, even there, why assume the antifa would win? Maybe we grab steak knives, and kill a couple. Or at least subject some of them to a beating, even if they can also beat us up in the time it takes for the restaurant or cafe owner to get the cops.

      Worst case? Antifa are able to beat up a bunch of peaceful people at a restaurant. How often does this happen, outside of crime gang or biker feuds? This would be front page news across the nation. A lot of redpilling would follow.

      It’s all a calculation of probabilities. So is getting on a plane. Bottom line is that whites, like vast numbers of other oppressed peoples throughout modern history, are kept powerless due to atomization. That is what must end. There is strength only in numbers – organized numbers.

      But due to the mental and moral weakness of whites, we can’t just appeal directly to racial survival (though we will, someday, as conditions continue to deteriorate). So we start out with IMPLICITLY WHITE groups, which can grow more explicit with greater numbers over time.

  31. Aitch.
    Aitch. says:

    This is a little bit off the subject, but I can find no other way to submit the question: back in 2015, Andrew Joyce mentioned (in his article ‘The SS Empire Windrush’) that he was working on a book about ‘aspects of Jewish influence.’ I’m wondering if he’s still working on this and, if so, whether it’s likely to be published in the foreseeable future?

    • dave schneider
      dave schneider says:

      Have you read KMac’s trilogy on Judaism? Why are you waiting for Andrew Joyce? What can he say about Jewish influence that KMac has not already covered?

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        Think “both/and” rather than “either/or,” dave. It’s less stressful for the digestion.

        Also, it’s not as if we—as in effect the nonjuring clergy in this Jewish Revolutionary People’s Republic of the Woke—are so spoiled for choice at present that we can profit from being picky or exclusionary.

  32. Wael Ahmad
    Wael Ahmad says:

    Thomas Dalton, with a Ph.D. degree in his credit, which I don’t know in which field, but certainly not in organizing or strategy!

    I wish that he can relax a bit, and think deeply about his road map plan, and not let his rage dominate his mind, and lead him and who joins him into either a disaster or scandalous failure that kills any future hope for his ” White Race “.

    Here I am posing some questions to him, hoping for answers:

    1: Since he identified correctly the main and only existential threat that is facing the white race, that is the Jews, and he knows exactly what Jews believes the rest of people are created for, doesn’t he think that ” GOYS LIVES MATTER ” is more galvanizing & attracting masses more than ” White Lives Matter ” ?, since all humanity are victims of Jewish crimes?

    2: Since he correctly established that the American system is dysfunctional and beyond reform, and aught to be dismantled and built on new foundation, how comes that he doesn’t try to win the alliance & joined forces of all non Jewish minorities in the struggle against the common enemy, (at least temporarily until victory),isn’t this is the intelligent strategy in such a war against deadly enemy? What benefit he gets from mocking the US military who couldn’t “subdue a few thousands low IQ Muslims in Iraq & Afghanistan,” therefore {the military} ” they haven’t a prayer against millions of pissed whites”, Is your struggle is about IQ’s or bravery?! You better learn a lot from Iraq, Afghanistan, Cuba, Hizbullah, Palestinians, all beneath your white’s IQ levels, but they have the bravery that you lacks desperately.

    3: What’s the definition of ” White Lives Matter ” ? Does it includes the millions of whites in military, police, SWAT teams, the governments operatives, who will come in total force to dismantle and smash your communities of pure majority whites?! What’s to be done with them after your victory? forgive ad keep them as whites, or what?!

    There are much more questions about Corey/ Dalton ideas and strategies, I can go on, but I think that I’ve raised enough questions for the readers to think about the validity of such kind of plans, and I must say, that after so many years of TOO campaign in exposing the Jewish destructive & corruptible power, all we ended up with a racially & religiously oriented base of thinkers, who in their efforts to free themselves from the Jewish evils, do exactly the kind of racial & religious divisions that the Jews always used to divide and rule.

    • Aldon
      Aldon says:

      None of the non-Whites would ever side with Whites against Jews. Keep up the fantasy.

      The reality is that Whitey’s cucked himself and about ruin for centuries. A few men like Hitler and Schmitt noticed some of it but they all failed.

  33. Susan
    Susan says:

    My small offering towards this big problem: I really don’t think most White people are aware of the precarious state of the race, birthrate- and percentage of the population-wise. The numbers aren’t offered up often, just very occasional articles on what most people would call “extreme” nationalist websites. Nothing should move people to action more than fear of their racial death. White people need more enlightening on this and need to see themselves in a racial light, especially those of child-bearing age. (I know this is preaching to the converted here.) It would be good to have a fund to help people with babies. Jews offer interest-free loans, refugee assistance, etc. to other Jews.
    I have been researching the use of pamphlets as propaganda. During the years leading up to the 2nd world war, there was a series of 72 Oxford Pamphlets on World Affairs distributed in Britain. The League for Industrial Democracy, previously the Intercollegiate Socialist Society, produced hundreds of pamphlets to brainwash American college students . Public Affairs Press cranked out hundreds of pamphlets at low cost covering all kinds of non-political topics with specific hot issues sprinkled in, on prejudice, busing, sex education, etc. The most famous one was The Races of Mankind. These are just a few of many examples, so they must have worked.
    Though we are in the digital age, some well-produced pamphlets might still be one way to inform. I would buy and spread some around, one of the few things worth doing with one of those damned masks on. Maybe with big sunglasses and sunhat, the mask would be an advantage to maintain anonymity.
    I am stuck in California with a husband that won’t move, but I would like to help the cause for future generations.

  34. Dugin Dude
    Dugin Dude says:

    Wait? … What??:

    “we need not worry excessively about who “counts” as White. In the vast majority of cases, it is obvious: those whose ancestry derives from indigenous European peoples and nations. There are ambiguous cases, such as Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia, that deserve more discussion.”

  35. Scott
    Scott says:

    Of all the things white people lack at this moment, the most critical lack, the fatal lack really, the lack that is our undoing,… is in academia. “My people perish for want of knowledge”. The average white person used to be able to look to colleges and universities for guidance on matters they had neither the time or the inclination to study. The academic elites were the Guardian Class. Then they were *completely* taken over by Jews.

    • Aldon
      Aldon says:

      That happened since Cuckservatives have long dismissed maintaining a tight grip on academia and the arts from a combo of factors (anti-intellectualism, “muh freedum”).

  36. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    Excellent article. Exactly what I’ve been preaching for decades now. We need to get these ethno states forming, and the more successful and safe they become, the more people are going to join up. I think a lot of people are just waiting to join something already in motion. We need to create that. But I’m half Russian. Am I persona non grata?

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      “Am I persona non grata?” To some hereabouts, almost certainly yes. Welcome to the club!

      We have been left in no doubt that Dr. Dalton’s plainly expressed passion for ideological, religious, and racial purity appeals to the conformist spirit in the Smug, the Snarky, and the Proudly Witless among us. If you take Star Trek pseudo-science as the interpretative exemplar, we are being told to embrace an alternative version of the quotidian universe, that being the one wherein people are being publicly shamed and fired from their job because a spouse, a child, or a friend has failed to express less than wholehearted enthusiasm for one or more of the new police-state orthodoxies stemming from the interrelated hoaxes of covid-19 and George Floyd.

      In ways both good and evil, most people are brothers under the skin. Many who would scorn the idea of “canceling” those who refuse to kneel to blacks are yet quite pleased to mimic Robespierre or the Tribe itself (“Are you Jewish? You don’t look Jewish”) in employing an effectively identical tactic in pursuit of the latest hot-from-the-oven standard of the most whitely whiteness conceivable.

      Since, at least for the nonce, resistance to this dangerous foolishness is probably futile, I am acting on the postulate that, in either universe, lying low is an essential component of staying safe, perhaps even alive. I recommend that you think and act along the same lines.

  37. Andre Surkis
    Andre Surkis says:

    I completely agree with your words: “The only long-term solution for many present-day problems is to restore human society to its natural and original conditions—uni-racial and monocultural, broadly speaking. This entails political separation and/or expatriation of minority peoples.” I think as long as humans can “see” the superficial differences of skin color, they will react accordingly. If we were all color blind it would be a different world.

  38. Robert Marlin
    Robert Marlin says:

    And why are Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus considered “ambiguous”? Certainly those countries have substantial ethnic minorities and there have been cases of intermarriage among the native Slavs and those minorities, but the exact same thing can be said about the US, and no one thinks there’s anything “ambiguous” about white Americans (as long as they are, in fact, genuinely white).

  39. Achilles Wannabe
    Achilles Wannabe says:

    Start a local “White Lives Matter” group. …This process can be very small and very simple. One person can reserve a room in a library, school, or church basement.

    Sorry. That is where he lost me. At my library or school one finds lectures on whiteness. I don’t know about church basements but I wouldn’t bet on them

  40. Antonio
    Antonio says:

    Reading in the article about Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Hispanics, I wonder what gives Thomas Dalton the power to exclude those groups from the “whites”, some without exceptions, some after Thomas’ examination and approval. Perhaps his Ph.D. title he thinks? Since the title has probably been granted by one of our modern universities, I understand the vacuity and pomposity of the statement. If this site and problem were not so important for the survival of the white races I would just skip the idiocy, but since they are important it must be not left without a comment. First, what is Hispanic in Mr Ph.D.’s understanding? Any definition used will take you to Spain or the Iberian peninsula, thus a blanket elimination of this group will by force assume that no pure (in the same degree of purity as those approved my Mr Ph.D.) European descendant is left. Any short trip to many of these countries will prove this assumption false. You just have to look at the last waves entering from Europe (dates and manner) to see the idiocy of the statement. About the Slavic countries (Belarus = White Russia, Ukraine = (Russian) Land at the edge, border): Notice how Mr Ph.D. says “Don’t be fooled by light skin or blond hair”. I suppose this is a cover for his attack on the Slavic people, in this case, Russian, since the three countries mentioned are Russia. Perhaps he thinks that having an English (?) surname puts him above the rest? The time when the Lords of England were heroes is gone, now Lords are homos and Jews. There is no more purity in one group than in the other. This attack on Spain, and Russia (all three countries) sounds suspicious to me. There is a known group that hates with equal intensity Spain (1492 expulsion, the black legend, etc) and Russia (see Rusofobia, Juri Lïna, etc). Perhaps we have here a Trojan horse trying to take over the ship?

  41. Achilles Wannabe
    Achilles Wannabe says:

    Moneytalks says: individualism is in the White genome

    But so is national socialism. Or weren’t the 20’s and 30’s European fascists White? Of course whites as a race are relatively individualistic but we are not genetically
    frozen into this war of all against all. One problem we particularly have in the US is that Anglo Saxons do seem to be organically given to this social atomization and their elites, WASP’s, use that to their own maximum benefit or, sell out their own people to markets and Jews
    But all American Whites are not Anglo Saxons. It’s just that we still draw our intellectual self concepts from them. As long as that goes on, we will be stuck with self defeating radical individualism. It is time for all whites to be white, not Anlgo white

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      Individualism is normally either apolitical or anti-political . DNA encoded “individualism” is not so much about what is encoded but rather more about what is not encoded ( in the peculiar case of individualism ) such as a priori political intelligence . Most Whites , being somewhat apolitical/anti-political , have probably not yet absorbed enough a priori National Socialism intelligence into their DNA in order to easily process NS ideological information .

  42. Corman
    Corman says:

    Worthy of further consideration, in so many aspects.

    The anti-white hysteria being what it is right now (who knows what things will look like in 6 months, or 2 years, except more collapsed), the resources and attention of our strident but shortsighted enemies can be effectively sapped and otherwise confounded by pursuing (deceptively) the options suggested by the author.

    Logically, the very concept of “______ Lives Matter” is exemplary Jewish humor, as it basically means: “Please, you tax cattle, keep paying for our housing, food, and sneakers, AND worship us in our perennial suffering, useless non-contributors that we are.” It’s PR genius, in the case of black lives, under Jewish direction. And because of this, it cannot be transposed, certainly not to whites. We don’t do victimhood.

    But I think it’s worth considering building false (WLM, etc.) campaigns, blind alleys, wild goose chases, to trigger the outrage and bait the hate hoaxers into a flame-out of hyper-absurdity, effecting their demoralization and self-destruction. They’re nothing if not programmable and predictable.

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