Condition Red: Your Visual Displacement is Now Complete

Editor’s note: This is a 2-part article. The link to the second part is at the bottom of this one.

Understandably, at this point in time after the 2020 elections, many observers are laser focused on the struggle for the Presidency between the incumbent and the cadaver. Accounts of voter fraud are mildly interesting, but observers are, in my view, missing the larger and far more important story: The race war against Whites has reached a new level, yet many people who shouldn’t be are distracted by the details of day-to-day politics, much to our collective peril. Today I will try to remedy this by using a method falling between essay writing and a video: I will use a photo essay to represent what is being done to the White race in real time. This will be ugly.

In essence, I will use my academic background to show why images are important in a struggle for existence and power, and how those images are used by a certain group to weaken the White race.
Over a decade ago, I began on this site an examination of the changing representations of who we Americans are. As part of that, I introduced academic texts that — to be honest — accurately showed “the deep-rooted stereotypes which have fueled anti-black prejudice” and buttressed White dominance, which is not really surprising given that Whites comprised roughly 90% of America’s population (and all of the elite) for the entirety of European settlement in the lands that were to become The United States. Breathlessly, we read in grad school books such as Ceramic Uncles & Celluloid Mammies: Black Images and Their Influence on Culture and White on Black: Images of Africa and Blacks in Western Popular Culture that dutifully convicted the American majority of racism. In short, all such accounts concluded: “White Man Bad.”

Not surprisingly, during this period of shift from written to visual culture, professors poured out non-written texts such as oral histories and film, giving us budding academics more ways to cement that overweening verdict: “White Man Bad.” Thus, in more than one graduate class, we were treated to multiple showings of documentaries such as Ethnic Notions, which promised:
Through these images we can begin to understand the evolution of racial consciousness in America. Loyal Toms, carefree Sambos, faithful Mammies, grinning Coons, savage Brutes, and wide-eyed Pickaninnies roll across the screen in cartoons, feature films, popular songs, minstrel shows, advertisements, folklore, household artifacts, even children’s rhymes. These dehumanizing caricatures permeated popular culture from the 1820s to the Civil Rights period and implanted themselves deep in the American psyche.

This focus on African Americans soon gave way to a growing range of “lament” groups who clamored to give their own version of “White Man Bad,” resulting in, for instance, studies of Asian Americans. In 1988, for example came Slaying the Dragon, which offered a “comprehensive look at Hollywood’s treatment of Asian and Asian American women since the silent era.” Or consider Picturing Oriental Girls: A [Re]Educational Videotape, an excursion through film, television and more providing a “text from ‘mail-order bride’ catalogs and men’s magazines, clips from over 25 films and television programs [that] explicate the orientalism and exoticism prevalent in mass media images of Asian American women.” Here the White Man is Bad for creating the sexual objectification of Asian women in Hollywood films and film’s successor, television. Of course, we savvy TOO comrades know, the location of film production in America should be written as (((Hollywood))), a point to which we shall steadfastly turn below.

Very quickly during those propaganda sessions, I tried a two-pronged approach upon experiencing this onslaught against a Nice White Guy like myself. First, I appropriated those analytical tools to show how the tide had been turning against Whites in visual realms since at least the 1970s, and second, I pointed out that those creating this growing stable of less-than-positive portrayals of White men were not exactly White themselves. Rather, they came from that “Culture of Critique” crowd that had been assaulting White civilization for centuries.

Swiftly, however, I was informed that these new academic tools were not to be used by White men, for we had already an abundant basket of privileges that would never expire. Further, I was informed in ways ranging from implicit to explicit that no longer would straight White men like me work again in the academy, the prophetic results of which you can see in almost any American university today.
Mine was a mighty battle just to slink out of grad school with an actual Ph.D. in hand, and sadly, I watched this Cultural Marxism seep out like an unappetizing poison throughout the wider culture, year after year … after year. Off in some forgotten corner of the globe, I was able to craft university lessons about this ominous development and have shared the fruits of my efforts here on TOO and in TOQ, so I have continuously been attuned to how imagery has been used in the Great Racial Battle Against Whites. Reader, the situation is extremely dire, as I will unenthusiastically show below.

It is not surprising that my approach has well matched the overall intent and direction of our editor Kevin MacDonald’s vision, for I was taking the written evidence from The Culture of Critique and extending it to film and other popular culture. The package may differ, but the weaponized content is the same. By the way, the term “critique” is far too polite; in actual fact it is unbridled warfare.
MacDonald has been tireless in addressing this topic on TOO, also encouraging many of us contributors to share our own expertise on the subject, much of which can be found on the site under Jews as a Hostile Elite, one of the most numerous categories available on TOO. MacDonald has consistently argued that Jewish activism has been in opposition to White civilization, with the awful year of 2020 and its events right up to the currently contested election. This development, MacDonald tells us, is about “removing the traditional culture of America, and … removing Whites from the center of the American story. It is about replacement — first the monuments and the culture, then the people.”
In perhaps more boisterous form than Prof. MacDonald’s dispassionate writing, I’ve contributed countless TOO articles with this theme, practically from the beginning. For instance, as far back as mid-2008, I wrote, “Hollywood, it seems, has not favored us [Whites] over the last half century or so. Either they supplant favorable White images with favorable images of African Americans and more recent Americans such as Jews. Or they create images of Whites that are far more negative than typical of the first half of Hollywood’s existence. Why the change?”

Of course the vast majority of TOO readers understand the reasons for this change, but here my point is that I’ve consistently been warning our Tribe that we face a clear and present danger, literally one over our very existence. Though toning it down a bit, I concluded, “Speaking only for myself, I fear that such fictional images of the dispossession of white males signal a real desire on the part of some segments of society to dispossess White males in real life. What then will future films look like when in fact the majority has been eclipsed?”

Ominously, we are now seeing far more of that dismal future.

Since 2008, I’ve continued my emphasis on leading visual trends in America more generally regarding the proper race of “Americans.” In short, it’s been very bad for White males. Should we graph the number of affirmative portrayals of White men, the graph would point ever downward, while negative portrayals would steadily trend upward.

Take, for example, the direction ads have gone. In the first decade of this century, Microsoft, which didn’t need to advertise to make more money, began a series of ads in The Atlantic and elsewhere that airbrushed White males out of the picture entirely. The caption below reads “We see a rocket scientist,” and in the center of the two-page spread is a black youth as the future rocket scientist. Around him are an Asian boy, a presumably Hispanic boy, a mulatto girl, and two White girls. Real White male rocket scientists and astronauts need not apply.

Microsoft ad: “We see a rocket scientist” (I don’t)


Microsoft was not the only large tech company featuring ads sans White males. In The Atlantic again we see Lockheed Martin spurning the overwhelming majority of its past and present engineers with this absurd dream for its future:

Lockheed Martin ad featuring non-White female aerospace designers

In what alternate universe would this financially benefit Lockheed Martin or provide technically superior products? None, I tell you. This is being done for completely other reasons, which I intend to explore more fully in this essay.

Similar impact no doubt comes from a constant theme Hollywood has been pushing for decades now: that of “The Numinous Negro,” initially enlisting Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington as such negroes. The word “numinous” is a Roman term for “the presiding divinity . . . of a place.” It also means “spiritually elevated.” Accordingly, “the Numinous Negro presides over America …” If there’s any consistent theme I’ve emphasized in my Hollywood writing, it is this, and readers can find explicit unpacking of the many films of both Freeman and Washington, here and here, respectively. (For later parsing of Washington films, see here and here I & II.)

What Hollywood accomplishes by blatantly using these two Black actors is a race reversal through visual sleight of hand. In short, the characters played by Freeman and Washington are full of agency and morality (most of the time), while the White males are either evil or mentored by the older Blacks. The meme: Blacks in America are naturally more powerful and moral, quite in contrast to reality. (For a fully academic treatment of these topics, see my TOQ article “Understanding Hollywood: Racial Role Reversals.”)

Why this propagandistic trend? Essentially, the facts show, it has to do with the “Culture of Critique” ethnic group that has amassed unrivaled power in the modern West. One arm of that power, of course, is Hollywood, which writer Neal Gabler correctly described as Jews’ “Empire of Their Own.” With respect to blacks and Hollywood, Kevin MacDonald demonstrated in his 2007 collection Cultural Insurrections: Essays on Western Civilization, Jewish Influence, and Anti-Semitism, that for Jews, “making alliances with other minority groups has been a critically important part” of their effort to unseat Majority Whites as primary power holders in America. (See in particular Chapter 6, “Jews, Blacks, and Race.”)

Blacks, in reality, have been used as foot soldiers in a war on Whites. Again, the TOO audiences knows this, but much to my amazement and concern, as the George Floyd and other riots (“mostly peaceful,” of course) raged across America in the spring and summer of 2020, some Dissident Right sites inexplicably described these developments as a result of Black agency when there was overwhelming evidence that these were top-down events promoted and enabled by our hostile elite standing aside as arrests weren’t made, or if they were, the arrestees were immediately released without bail.

Returning to the contention that media is creating a picture of America that in no way reflects reality, I again offer a 2009 skit from The Daily Show With John Stewart [Leibowitz], coming right after Obama assumed office. Called White in America—the Children, it flaunted the dismal truth that Whites’ days as majority Americans were numbered. Stewart opened the skit by announcing that “President Obama was elected on a message of change. But is that change good for everyone?” Light-skinned Black Larry Wilmore adopted the role of reporter, introducing one set of Americans at risk: “There is one group of Americans who are now facing the biggest challenge in their history: White people.”

This “once proud race” faces dispossession at the hands of Blacks, Asians “and most rapidly, Latinos” (the transition being represented in the skit by White minivans being replaced by Black cars, Asian motorcycles and low-rider Mexican American cars). In a faux-serious interview, Wilmore faces a group of eight White children and tries to make them understand that their future is bleak. The children — brainwashed already by a steady diet of multiculturalism — are not only in denial about their prospects, they positively welcome the coming change. Talk about rubbing our noses in deliberate extirpation.
Again, some Whites do see and acknowledge this war on Whites. For example, American Renaissance ran a good article about a woman who experienced this through raising her son. In Motherhood Changed the Way I See Race she wrote:

Over the past 20 years I have raised the most reviled creature on the planet — a healthy white male, my son.
It was only after he was born that I began to fully notice the relentless propaganda of the mainstream media, and how it promotes miscegenation and presents men like my son as bumbling weak fools. I saw how our people’s history is appropriated and manipulated in arts and entertainment, and how our nation’s heroes are twisted and discredited — their monuments torn down and replaced. I’ve shopped for children’s books and been unable to find one with a protagonist who was a positive example of a white male. I’ve filled out countless college and scholarship applications only to find that opportunities for white males are reduced or blocked entirely — regardless of his good grades and impressive test scores. Each one of these things, combined with my experiences at work, pushed me toward the truth about which race is truly disenfranchised and oppressed in our country. It was a realization that fully awoke the protective mothering instincts inside me.

And with that, the ground is set for a visual exploration of what America has come to digitally like during the reign of Donald Trump since 2017.

“Condition Red: Your Visual Displacement is Complete”

Three years ago, one of the best commenters on TOO articles, Franklin Ryckaert, provided a heart-stopping account of what was visually being done to the White race. Introduced by former TOO contributor Lasha Darkmoon, it came with the blunt title of “White Genocide by Design: The Role of the Mass Media in the Destruction of the European People” and featured this incredibly unsettling picture:


Darkmoon begin her introduction with a quote from the essay:

Miscegenation cannot be commanded, but it can be promoted. Depriving Whites of the possibility to be among themselves in terms of residence, study, work and recreation is one thing. Suggesting miscegenation in films, TV series and commercials is another thing. There is nowadays hardly any form of media that is not full of this race-mixing propaganda, mostly in subliminal form, and it is the Jews who control the media.

There, in the second half of the above quote (emphasis added), can be found a large portion of the message in the present photo essay. None of it can be denied.

Reasons for Reluctance
In contrast to my productivity with TOO articles in years past, I sat on this photo essay for nearly a year, weighed down by two things. First, other worthy writers have aptly addressed this obvious trend — and being so obvious, it seemed unnecessary to repeat. Second, this is an unusually depressing reality with which we are facing, and Lord knows we on the Dissident Right have been producing copious amounts of depressing written and spoken words for decades, further demoralizing ourselves and giving succor to our racial enemies. Because I’m as guilty of that as any other writer, I was reluctant to continue in the same vein. In the end, however, I felt the mendacious narrative must be shown.

Thus far, I’ve assumed TOO readers have been in agreement with me about the larger interpretation of Jewish power, but I’m not sure how widespread is the conclusion that an important change in Jewish-Gentile relations came about after WWII. On the whole, I concur with Ryckaert’s assertions here:
Because it was mostly European countries that expelled them, the Jews came to consider Europeans as their greatest enemies.

After WWII and the intense Holocaust propaganda it brought in its wake … the organized Jewish community became convinced that Europeans were a threat to them as a race and that they should therefore be neutralized as a race; in other words, that GENOCIDE of the European people, now better known as “White genocide”, would be the “final solution” to the European problem.

But how could a small ethnic group of only 15 million people like the Jews exterminate ONE BILLION people of European descent spread out all over the world ? The Jews came to the conclusion that it would be possible to neutralize Europeans racially, not by physically exterminating them, but by causing them to mix with other races, thus losing their racial characteristics for good….

The real purpose of these productions is not to sell goods or to entertain, but to promote the inglorious end of the white race through miscegenation, dispossession and race war.

Two More Images from Ryckaert’s Essay:

In addition to Ryckaert’s essay, there are many other sources addressing this trend. Years ago, I remember a flurry of articles about how the advertising industry worked so hard to picture mixed couples — and the articles went on to show that advertising in North America and Europe was overwhelmingly a Jewish preserve. That knowledge is so common that I won’t even bother to cite it here.

More recently, we still find accounts of how miscegenation is portrayed in advertising. Take this truly despicable image for example:

How old is this girl? Fifteen? She can’t be his daughter. One is left to think that he is preying on her shamelessly. One can only imagine what kind of father she has (if any).

Another example comes with Thomas Goodrich, writing on the National Vanguard site, who correctly puts this image into context, explaining that “Jewish enablers have been pushing White genocide via replacement with hordes of darks flooding the Euro nations of earth. Now, while this program has been in place since the end of WWII, Jews are currently ramping up their attacks against Whites in advertising. Just as with population replacement, the end game of Jewish advertising is also nothing less than our extermination.”

The same photo is also used by a liberal source, “Inside the Biracial Advertising Boom” to celebrate the direction White nations are taking. While the writer is too stupid to understand the long-term implications of this practice, we White Nationalists can still learn what these advertising images are really peddling.

For a more in-depth treatment of this unwelcome trend, see Richard Houck’s 4,000-word article, “The War Against Whites in Advertising.” He begins by writing:

The mass-marketing of interracial relationships, particularly white women with black men, has become so ubiquitous and so militant, even the least observant members of our culture have begun to notice. Walking through a mall recently I noticed three large marketing images of couples in three different stores. Two of the three were interracial couples, depicting a white woman and black man; the third couple was white. Perhaps what struck me as most peculiar was the fact that the city where I was shopping, whites make up about 97% of the population, blacks are less than 2%.

Methodically, Houck lays out the case against White women breeding with Blacks.

Currently, 70% of black children are born out of wedlock, however when the mother is white and the father black, the rate jumps to 97%. 98% of white mothers studied reported the father does not support their children financially, 97% report the father is not in the child’s life, and 97% of the women have used welfare to help support themselves and their children. Only 10% of women that have children with black men out of wedlock end up marrying. … White women are displayed with non-white men not to sell items, but as a tactic of psychological warfare against our civilization.

And Houck shows that he sees the Jews behind this genocidal campaign and what their aim is. Here, contemplate this “ad,” then realize it was created out of pure hate for Whites:

(Since only about nine people under the age of forty are ever going to read more than a few paragraphs of anything, direct them to this more visual video format of Houck’s work. This will surely shake things up around the clan dinner table at Thanksgiving and Christmas.)

This expose was so good that readers of the article offered further examples and clamored for more documentation of the literal war on the White race. You can find the results in Houck’s follow-up article (with video) here. This “War on Whites in Advertising: A Follow-Up” is also extremely well done, though highly disturbing — and infuriating, opening as it does with this vile image from an advertising video:

This turned out to be one of the rare cases where a completed ad was rejected for public consumption, but the point is, someone thought it important enough to do. In his research into the ad, Houck found that the ad “depicts a white, blonde woman on her knees in front of a black man, and we hear her thinking, ‘I could really go for a Sprite right now’ as she performs oral sex on him, and at the end she has Sprite foam sprayed all over her face while she thinks, ‘I love Sprite!’”

Not at all to my surprise, I found a Usual Suspect behind this ad. As Houck writes, this ad “goes much deeper into the woods. The Huffington Post article that discussed the ad mentioned that the name of the producer and director was Max Isaacson . . . Isaacson? Interesting last name.”

Even though no network picked up this race-mixing video, it still had a considerable impact, as Houck shows. “This particular spec ad hit over a million views within days after first being published online, and has since been viewed millions more times as it has been re-uploaded and shared on social media and Websites.”

From Race Mixing to Race Nixing
Images of racial mixing are one thing, but my true emphasis here is on the next stage: full-on replacement of White males (and I need only point out briefly that once actual White males have been eliminated in the real world, White women will surely follow them into oblivion in a generation).

White males, as noted, are symbolically eliminated when statues of White men are removed or destroyed, as they have been since the 2017 protests over such statues in Charlottesville, Virginia. Long before that, however, we had to deal with universities routinely downgrading creations of White males and replacing them with the concoctions of women and non-Whites, you know, “The Eternally Oppressed,” resulting in removal of “Dead White Males” from university canons. Even before that, we had the tremendous power of the American government itself hobbling millions of White males in their honest quest to compete fairly for careers and employment, despite the fact they had personally committed no crimes or infractions themselves other than being White. Out with the old, in with the new, I guess is the general shallow thinking.

I’ve grown up with this over the decades, and, as mentioned, have studied the trends in depth. Still, beginning late last year (2019), I was stunned at the audacity of our advertising image creators to take the blatant step of doing away with White males altogether. Poof! Gone. And this was well before the anti-White riots ramped up in late May upon the death of George Floyd, immediately anointed a SAINT by the liberal media.

There is no way — ever — that I am going to believe that this was a coincidence. No, it was far too meticulously coordinated to be that. For advertisements without White males to be scripted and created takes time, meaning this was done in early 2019 at the latest. Then came the spring and summer riots enabled by You-Know-Who.

Part of this coordinated visual assault was superbly chronicled right here on TOO this summer, with Jack Antonio’s article “Fade to Black,” the subtitle of which reads, “The darkening of our screens and stages and its part in the theft of our past and future.” Written by a White male with a front-row seat to the systemic displacement of White males, it is an absolute must-read for the TOO audience, our relatives, friends and neighbors. While mostly writing about the British stage, this actor could just as easily be describing the scene in America.

Not Wakanda but Merrie Olde England


Based on his long experience, Antonio can confidently write that “I know the world of advertising and show business. And I know how, why, and (((by whom))) our screens are being darkened, I am being denied work, and our past and future are being stolen from us” [lovely parentheses added].
Antonio ends his article on the replacement of White males with this: “If you don’t believe me, just go to a movie or play. Turn on your radio or TV. Or, just open your eyes. It’s happening. It isn’t a sitcom or movie. It’s real. It’s deliberate.” But of course it is.

Trust Your Eyes
Now that I’ve set the stage, so to speak, I’ll commence with images from ads over the last year. I didn’t have to look for them; instead, they all came up on my screen through the normal use of my computer. You know, check your bank balance, your car insurance premiums, your healthcare provider — across the board the following are pictures I’ve seen every single time I fire up the computer, tablet or iPhone. An e-mail message arrives from the airline I use, and the pampered passenger is a black man. Or all the promotions offered this week from my supermarket feature non-Whites and women. It is pervasive. Go check ads from any big corporation. Like clockwork, all their ads show blacks, women, browns — but no White men. You know this is true because you’ve experienced this month after month — after month. Admit it.

Like Mr. Antonio, I know what is happening, why and how. This could come straight from the pages of Jacques Ellul’s classic “Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes.” One of Ellul’s greatest insights concerns the need for repetition of the propaganda message. At first, it takes great effort to sway men from their set thinking, but, in Ellul’s words,

once the individual has been filled with and reshaped by propaganda, the smallest dose now suffices. It is enough to ‘refresh,’ to give a ‘booster shot,’ to repaint, and the individual behaves in striking fashion — like certain drunks who become intoxicated on one glass of wine. The individual no longer offers any resistance to propaganda; moreover, he has ceased to believe in it consciously. He no longer attaches importance to what it says, to its proclaimed objectives, but he acts according to the proper stimuli. The individual is arrested and crystallized with regard to his thinking.

Perhaps, on second thought, this quote is not exactly what I wanted, for I am no longer talking about “booster shots”; instead I am talking about non-stop salvos from hundreds of siege guns. The fact remains, however, men’s — and importantly now, women’s — minds have been formed by this media onslaught. And with that, I offer an endless display of the world an American now sees on the computer or other screen.

Let’s start with the most common character I’ve seen for twelve months running: The media-created “Peppy Mulatto.” Here she is:

Or here:

Or here, a bit older:

She’s everywhere, really. Younger versions frolicking on a suburban lawn, late teens at an Ivy League university, any of the above women greeting you from Exxon-Mobil. The bigger point is, however, Blacks of all hues have replaced Whites, unless we’re dealing with a mixed-race situation. Let’s say you want to log on to Yahoo Mail. Here’s what Yahoo forces you to see these Africans:

Next, let’s say you have a health plan at, for example, Kaiser Permanente. What are you bombarded with? This:

And who receives and provides the healthcare? People like this:

Don’t like Kaiser? Then try, say, Banner Health:

Or another health-related website:

You know it’s true. Whatever healthcare provider you use, whatever hospital lobby you walk into, all the screens and posters will show blacks, browns, and women even if you live in the Whitest Whitopia in America. Let’s move on.

Tax time? Go to H&R Block:

Shopping online? This:

Or these two examples:

(Asians pop up from time to time, too)

Continuing, we all have credit cards — Visa, MasterCard, whatever. Should you use an American Express card, you will be a visual slave to this:

Editor’s note: The rest of Edmund Connelly’s very ambitious and thorough article may be accessed here. A pdf of the entire article is here.

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    • Floda
      Floda says:

      Imagine you’re D J Trump after the hullabaloo of the post election kerfuffle and you’re DONE! All those appeals ran to nothing and you’ve been let down by almost everyone in the GOP. You’re on your own pal, suck it up. You know they cheated and your supporters know it, there are tens of millions of them who would follow you over a cliff. I suggest DJT begins planning a spectacular (what else?) revenge. He had around 80 Million (!) voters which is now an undreamed of source of revenue. One of his first moves is to buy the bankrupt CNN from the liquidators, sack the undesirable staff and re-brand it the, Trump News Network, headed up by Don Jnr. The rest I leave to the readers imagination, too many variables but I will bet London to Brick on one thing: He is not going quietly, anyone else yes, but not Trump.

  1. Pat Kittle
    Pat Kittle says:

    Utterly beyond satire:
    “Black Lives Matters in Milwaukee Classrooms”
    — [ ]

    Spoiler alert:
    Stereotyped Communist Jew “teacher” (up-talking John Fleissner) agitates
    Milwaukee’s brilliant Black “students” to hate Whites…
    — Academic success rates for these budding rocket surgeons
    — Lenin portrait @ 1:08
    — Fleissner’s Red Star tattoo & BLM shirt @ 1:31
    — Taxpayers funded this district $820 million last year.

    PS: Thanks, Mr. Connelly, for this superb red pill. I’ll be passing it on.

    • Slovenec
      Slovenec says:

      And then, only 12 years later, the Slovenian city of Drezno was turned into rubble by the Western philosemites, because Adolf’s lie wasn’t able to defend it. If you’re going to push that same German lie again, expect American cities to turn into rubble too. This is of course not a threat, but rather a historical necessity — because lies don’t work for a long time.

      In the meantime, you can listen to some wonderful trumpet playing by a negro Clifford Brown (my favourite being the With Strings album), mostly tunes by Jewish authors. And ask yourself honestly: what constitutes the American culture? Clifford or Adolf? I know this is a tough one, but to us that nothing is more important than the truth — however unpleasant it may be — the answer is simple: one that cannot win the cultural war will loose an armed one. And that’s what happened to Adolf.

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    Years ago there were many ads im magazine for a clothing line named “Colours by Alexander Julian.”

    They featured non-Whites.

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    Many thanks , Dr Connelly . It is surely the case that the advertising agencies have their own’ Madmen’ ” Jews of Primetime” , flimsy facade . The question is how many ovine Whites will believe it.

  4. bruno
    bruno says:

    Well, we’re getting ready for the holiday and lack time to adequately reply. This is an excellent brief on the state of affairs. I know the children of highly educated Ws and they’ve been to the best of universities. Results: They can’t get decent jobs. One young man has a high paying position. However, when those above him got golden handshakes, they were replaced with incompetence; males from -get this- Haiti. Whites at his place of employment can’t understand them. The Haitians don’t know their jobs, blame Whitey for the breakdown(s).

    We have seem the kids of friends, who’ve been educated from birth by Ameryka’s teaching programs. The children believe in the BLM ploys and actually reject their own. I would suggest that parents read the propaganda from schools. It’s amazing that such could ever even be considered.

    Unless something is done about the kultura of Z lobbying of the elite political class and monopoly media broken up, the Civilization created by EuroMan will go the way of the Whopping Crane. Besides all that, how can the wealth be taken from the likes of anti-Ws like Soros? The author deserves praise. Have a great Turkey Day.

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      Bruno: “they were replaced with incompetence”

      The same is happening in S.Africa but they are further along the path, and they are at the stage of frequent power cuts due to appointing quotas of black engineers.

      Banks in S.Africa have to do the same. The banks and multinationals and big tech must surely realise that there is more profit to be made from a properly run nation that is not corrupt, than they will make from semi-anarchy and promoting blacks beyond their ability. Such a nation will certainly generate far less wealth for them to take their cut. The banks, Jews and multinationals MUST know this, therefore their motive is not power or money, it is just that they feel compelled to submit to the anti-white agenda even though it is against their interests, either because they feel they are forced to (and are too cowardly to protest), or because they actually support it. Either way, they know their profits will fall and they know China will not be giving them a cut of their wealth.

  5. George Kocan
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    This essay reminds me of the film “The Equalizer,” with Black actor Denzel Washington playing the lead as Robert. The character is a highly trained killer, in retirement, and working in a big box hardware store. He helps people in trouble, apparently as a hit man. Frankly, I enjoy movies about such hit men, regardless of race. Nevertheless, Robert ends up helping a young woman, a prostitute, escape her occupation which Russian immigrants have forced on her. Now, these Russians are awful, the worst ever, with all kinds of bizarre tatoos and bad attitudes. Of course, the story gives no hint that in real life a lot of these Russians are Jewish, having come to the US straight out of Russian prisons, along with Jews who grew fed up with Communism. Worse, in my opinion is the visual subtext. In one scene where Robert confronts the leaders of the White slavery ring, the background shows an Russian icon of the Blessed Virgin. That is, we are supposed to believe that Russian Orthodox Catholics are the scum of the earth. This echos Hollywood’s depiction of the Sicilian Mafia in the context of Roman Catholic ceremonies, conveying the same idea, that Catholics create cold-hearted murderers. I also do not think it is a coincidence that a Black man, Antoine Fuqua, directed and possibly wrote the screenplay for the Equalizer film. As a film, however, I thought it was well done, better than the sequel.

    • Autobot
      Autobot says:

      The movie Eastern Promises has this too. A Russian mobster with blue eyes and blond hair takes off his shirt to reveal a huge Eastern Orthodox cross tattooed on his back. See the book Red Mafia for the true account.

      • George Kocan
        George Kocan says:

        “Red Mafia,” thanks. So, Robert helps a young White girl. That provoked a thought. Doesn’t the Black community have troubles related to sex trafficking of young women, along with all kinds of other criminal behavior? What is Robert doing helping White people? Oh, also he helps a Hispanic family whose business was being extorted by white cops. But, apparently, Black communities are immune to these social ills.

  6. Richard J Johnson
    Richard J Johnson says:

    As the late Lee Kuan Yew, the founding father of modern Singapore said, in multi-racial democracies, people vote by race. Ever since the 1965 immigration law, it has been a systematic displacement of the traditional occupants of the nation. And as a Danish researcher stated, you cannot have a functioning democracy with a median IQ under 90. The vast majority of the “replacements” are of low IQ levels

    My mind works this way: If something is prevalent in all peoples throughout history, I would suspect that it is hard-wired into our DNA. Any people that did not defend their own disappeared from the species gene pool. I am an AFFIRMATIONIST. I affirm myself, family, locality, culture, country, civilization, ethnicity, race, species, universe, etc. But affirming ones family, say, does not mean one wishes harm to the family next door. It just means that one values one’s own more than others. It is non-aggressive unless existentially provoked. but when under attack, affirmation demands that one defends.

    The Republicans and “official” conservatives do not have the courage to challenge the assault upon their people. Alleged conservative lawyers, talk radio hosts and politicians will not cross that bridge to denounce their own replacement. Look at how many are saying Trump should concede. If Biden is installed in January, he will open the floodgates at the borders to the whole world, and enfranchise countless millions They will never again even have to STEAL elections as whites and those with an affinity for their culture will be minorities in the land their forefathers founded.

    There are five stages of revolt:

    1) Despair
    2) Anger
    3) Seething
    4) Action
    5) Hardening

    We are at the Anger stage now, moving into the Seething stage. Once moved further into the Action stage, inevitably it will slide into the Hardening which is when the Hard Men assume leadership of the revolt. They will not “take prisoners.” And it is he appeasers on the Right, the Sunshine Soldiers” who will have brought this tragedy upon the nation.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      Thank you Richard. I could not have said it better.

      To paraphrase Jared Taylor, it is better that our friends and relatives curse us for what we do, than for our grandchildren to curse us for what we did not do.

    • Aitch.
      Aitch. says:

      I’ve been stuck in a state of permanent, seething anger at the people who are doing this to us since it began. The local surgery’s just called me in for a blood pressure check, and it’s going to be interesting to see where it’s at.

      • Anne
        Anne says:

        Aitch, I personally can’t stand it when people give me unsolicited health advice… but I do enjoy seeing you in the comments section, so forgive me in advance for what I am about to do.

        If you find yourself in need of lowering your blood pressure, here is a simple, non-medical way to do it: a few minutes of daily stretching.

        I found out about this from my brother. As a PhD kinesiologist, he was asked to put together an exercise program for a study that was trying to show that eating lentils would lower blood pressure.

        If memory serves me correctly, there were three groups involved in the study: group 1 ate lentils daily, group 2 followed a walking program daily, and group 3 (the “control” group) did a few minutes of stretching daily.

        The expectation was that groups 1 & 2 would see a lowering of blood pressure after a certain period of time, whereas group 3 would exhibit no change in blood pressure. But that was not what happened.

        The lentil eaters and the walkers saw no significant change in their blood pressure readings. But unexpectedly, the people who were doing daily stretches did see a “statistically significant” lowering of their blood pressure.

        The researchers were quite disappointed in the results (a lentil consortium had paid for the study) and my brother was baffled that the exercise program he had set up as a “control” actually produced the results they had been looking for in the non-control groups.

        Upon further investigation, he realized that performing simple stretches not only loosens up your muscles – it also loosens up the walls of your veins and arteries. It’s a simple bio-mechanical reaction. And creating more flexibility in the walls of one’s blood vessels results in a lowering of blood pressure.

        Unfortunately, I think it is quite difficult to procure funding for further research into this because there is too much profit to be made selling blood pressure medications. But there you have it. Do with the information what you will!

        …And, of course, if you can, avoid getting irritated by ads featuring miscengenating couples eating lentils.

  7. Schindler’s guest list
    Schindler’s guest list says:

    Even though I knew the author was telling the truth and that I’ve been bombarded with this messaging for years (despite being tuned out to mass media relative to most), I went ahead and did my own research experiment. Just to rule out any confirmation bias I may have. It was so disheartening and infuriating. Every corporation, bank, insurance company, government bureau, tech conglomerate, university, basically any institution of any importance or consequence in America had websites and internet advertising assailing the viewer with genius blacks, proud asians, happy mulattos, Bourgeois latinos, mixed race couples (with black men and white women of course), strong white women, but zero white men. Nowhere. It’s as if we simply no longer exist. My favorite was MasterCard. It begins with an image of a black woman hugging a mulatto woman displaying the message “we stand against racism”. This was followed by an Asian woman in a lab coat, a contented middle aged presumably single white woman, a laughing Latino woman, a black woman drinking a latte, a mulatto woman on her MacBook, three generations of a completely intact black family in a million dollar home, a happy urban professional Latino man and another black lady in another MacBook. FINALLY there are two young white male cooks, looking none too happy, crammed into a food truck preparing meals – presumably for the black couple wearing expensive suits in the next image. Well, at least they found a place for us in the gig economy serving our new masters. It’s hard to look at things like this and not sense absolute malice and contempt. I felt the same way when I watched the last Star Wars, where an impossibly strong white woman, a genius black guy, a sassy Asian chick, a swaggering Latino and pink haired Laura Dern’s rainbow coalition of middle aged cat ladies all take on absolute evil, personified by legions of blonde haired blue eyed white people. The only bad guy that wasn’t out of a Leni Reifenstahl film is jew Adam Driver who betrays the Empire to help destroy it – after he remembers who his father was (Jew Harrison Ford) and takes the name Ben (probably the most common Jewish name after Adam). It was so far beyond any message of tolerance or diversity, past the realm of “fucking kill yourself or we will do it for you” and out into biblical revenge fantasies. yet no one says anything, it all just floats by like this toxic miasma. That this comes from people whose entire luxurious and truly privileged existence is completely due to our (thoroughly manipulated) virtue and compassion, who would be bickering over the price of hummus in a desert bazaar without hitching their six pointed star to our civilization wagon, is just…….

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      The sad thing is that there are educated ‘normies’, some with degrees, who cannot see anything wrong with the Mastercard ad described by “Schindler’s guest list”, and even if you point out the themes, they will say you are a conspiracy theorist for even thinking there is an anti-white agenda.

      This type really deserve to live in the diversity-regions in the future if we ever split geographically into white ethno-regions and diversity-regions – even if only for a while until they see the error of their ways and repent them. What is the point of providing this type of white with a safe comfortable life when all they do is undermine the system that gives them all their comforts?

      Also, you can have patriotic parents and a ethnic-loving child, so the ethnic-loving children would have to be sent for a ‘gap-year’ in the ethnic regions if they started to feel hostile to their own people in the safe white wealthy parts.

      • Ludwig
        Ludwig says:

        Most of the university educated whites have outsourced their thinking to the likes of TED talks, or the myriad of other brainwashing endeavours that cloak themselves with the mantle of “science”.

        It’s incredible, people are either blind, gullible or wilfully self-deceiving.

  8. pterodactyl
    pterodactyl says:

    Re the picture above of the black savage with his white prize and the remark: “this incredibly unsettling picture:”
    We can split the white population into several types, which are just as distinct from each other in our population as worker ants and soldier ants are in theirs.

    One estimate amongst the white gentiles might be:

    1) 15% – Those who find the picture incredibly upsetting.

    2) 45% – Those who are uneasy about it, and somewhat stressed by the prospect, but conclude that it is better to say nothing and accept it as our fate if it is what the dominant culture demands, as we must submit to the dominant culture whatever that might be, as otherwise we would be in a group that gets picked on and is officially disapproved of, and that won’t do. Easier to play safe and say “I must join the winning group, even if the group is anti-white and I am white myself, as this will give me an easy life.” (There is a fault in the logic here – these people do not see the flaw in being anti-self in the long term, even if it can have very short term benefits e.g. job promotion and social acceptance).

    3) 20% – Those who do not really care and are far more interested in sport or celebrity gossip or career to even think about it. This type cannot even see the bias that George Kocan outlines in ‘The Equaliser’ and if you point it out they still do not see it or believe you. Neither do they think anything is amiss with mixed races in all the adverts.

    4) 20% – Those whites who find the picture quite exciting as a possible common scenario of the future for white people. These types can be seen holding ‘refugees welcome’ posters, and many of them work for the immigration charities and the ad agencies making the TV ads. This type feels drawn to politics, charity work where the govt provides the funds, academia, education and the media.

    (Jews are not included in the table but they will tend to be more towards the higher numbers).

    In the ‘natural way’, i.e. without a hostile MSM or ((hostile invaders)) and without the voters using democracy to vote in traitor politicians who hate them, without these things, (1) would be in charge of white society and (2) would willingly side with them, and so would (3).

    – But we are not following the natural way, Nature’s way (of putting self-interest and your own people first), thanks mainly to the MSM controlling the culture, and also because politics and education are institutions that the left feel drawn to, although without the left running the MSM, the left could not dominate politics or education. Due to the left’s dominance in these fields, what we have today is (4) in charge of setting the culture and all the other sections of the population submitting to them apart from 15% in (1).

    The only way whites can survive is if white culture changes to stop being against itself. Collapse of their wealth and standard of living combined with high crime – these things could prompt such a change, although the whites might have to be starving before they decide to change and vote differently, as happened in 1930s Germany. S.Africa is actually collapsing right now, but the whites there are not changing their culture, and they remain submissive and apologetic, and perhaps the reason is that all the wealthier ones can at present just flee the chaos and take their money with them, but in future this option will be less available as whites run out of places to flee to, and as the banks collapse.

    Perhaps whites who are not against whites will end up living in their own geographical regions, but bear in mind that the other whites, who are anti-white, will make it their life’s aim to either send the ethnics to join them or genocide them. Who knows if Natural Selection will allow this or whether Natural Selection will actually decide to remove the white-haters along with their poison genes.

  9. S. Clark
    S. Clark says:

    I’ve enjoyed this article, and all of this only recapitulates what I have observed. The difference is now, more whites agree with me. As I’ve posted elsewhere, Obama really woke us up; I noted almost the week after he was elected, every radio commercial had a black voice. I recall a post in Amren where someone said they worked in public relations, and noted how most people were pretty average middle class Americans, but the head of the department was always a Jew. What we see is what someone on VNN called a midrash on reality; that is, the globalists and Jews create this perception on TV and mass media, and present to us as real. of course, does the perception create reality? Sort of like TV cop shows, that all take place in L.A., and after a few years, cops all over the country started swearing L.A. blue uniforms.
    As for Floda, I remember a campaign by United Colors of Beneton doing the same thing.
    On the post about American culture, Hitler said there was no real American culture; perhaps the Indians were the only genuine culture. he saw Americans as being totally materialistic and Jew-controlled. I’d add our upper-class is totally anglicized; note the tons of British BBC shows you see on PBS.
    There is an odd commercial that puts this in a peculiar light. Geico had one of a happy white man and black wife, very middle class yuppie, and when they try to enjoy their peace and quiet, awful pounding comes from the apartment above; a family of cloggers have moved in…a white folk dance style…the cloggers tap their feet every waking minute, the family (very white and happy, with at least three children) wearing a kind of 19th century dress, making the most God-awful racket…and what can the mixed couple do?? Well, Geico had an answer, but the interesting thing here was a deliberate portrayal as white culture being noisy and disruptive…unlike another culture we all know, and how whoever did this liked to insert white culture into an ad. I’m a folk dancer myself, and this was kind of fun, but also subversive.

  10. Karlfried
    Karlfried says:

    I have read the article and I have seen the disgusting pictures. In Germany we have a very similar situation, but by far not to this extent. But that is only a question of time, we Germans usually get the same things as the US-Americans (fashion, inventions, life situation), but usually there is a time gap of five years. So we can see into our own future.
    What can we do?
    Have no contact with those who -at this very time of today- are killing us and our folk and our race.
    Do not try to impress or convince the do-gooders (=Gutmenschen, liberals). Do not speak with them, it is useless.
    If there are three parties there, me, the liberal and a neutral person: Make clear, that the do-gooders in the logical and clearly seeable outcome of their worldview are mass-murderers, murderers of the white folks. It is enough to say that in general, there is no need to adress the liberal one personally. He stands there, he hears it and he has to act.
    Either he goes backwards, than you show to the neutral one who is winning the discussion.
    Or he defends his liberal world-view (Gutmenschenweltsicht), than I just repeat my point that in the result people of this world-view are the killers of our folk.
    The liberal (Gutmensch) usually tries to laugh at you, he tries that it seams that your are silly, he often is just quiet and goes away. Usually there is not only one of those, but they are in a large majority (and they control themselves [group pressure]).
    Therefore it is important, that you have a go-out-plan.
    That plan must be simple and it must work. For example: After my main sentence I break the conversation and I go away. Therefore the do-gooder stands alone, now he has not the possibility to break the conversation. A simple trick: The conversation is over anyhow, and I was the active one.
    These said simple tricks will work very good, I do this since several years. At first not so good as now, but I am trained now. All these sentences are pre-fabricated, and in case that the circumstances are promising, I play them in a completely mechanical order.
    These above said cheap tricks are useful, but they are a very small part in our Fight-for-Life.
    The situation as described in the article, produces a strong feeling of disgust in us, and I use this very strong negative feeling to transform it into a super-strong positive drive in order for our life and survival.

  11. James Bowery
    James Bowery says:

    When leadership gets addicted to economic rent collection, it is very much like crack cocaine addiction and the result is civilization collapse. Jews have retained their collective memory across such cycles and have learned not only to anticipate and surf the waves, but to exacerbate the cycles. They push civilizational crack cocaine: Pushing the cost of protecting property rights off of property owners and onto earners. The result is accumulations of huge central stores of capital that highly evolved rent-seekers from many thousands of miles away can sniff out and go into absolute hysterics to get in on. Then it’s all about carving up the golden goose.

  12. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    Two related but distinct comments.

    (1) There has been a great deal of praise, here and elsewhere, for the comprehensiveness shown by Edmund Connelly in this “very ambitious and thorough article.” Whilst comprehensive, ambitious, and thorough the article certainly is, it is also something else that is rather less remarked upon but, in the long run, is ever so much more remarkable and important: it is genuinely profound in its observation and analysis.

    Amost sixty years ago, a woman named Judith Crist, then the film critic of the old “New York Herald Tribune,” in noting with disappointment that Hollywood’s Oscar community had failed even to nominate Albert Finney for the Best Actor award for his performance in “Tom Jones,” guessed that the reason lay in the art-concealing-art character of Finney’s portrayal. That is, his acting was so good that people simply failed to grasp that he was acting.

    I suggest that something similar may be happening here. Because the materials that Ed Connelly has placed in evidence are so plainly illustrative of his thesis, he has in a sense made it easy (1) to see his thesis as somehow self-evident and (2) to conclude that the virtues for which he should be applauded are those of the honorable laborer or researcher, not those of a Jeremiah-like moralist or social philosopher. As I say, it’s easy to understand such a reaction, but it also does both the gentleman and his article a disservice.

    Finally, though Ed notes that, uncharacteristically, he “sat on this photo essay for nearly a year,” I can’t help thinking that the reasons he gives for holding off don’t tell the whole story. One need not subscribe literally to Horace’s famous advice to take something one has written and put it aside for nine years to see that big ideas and big insights profit from being tested and proved by time and reflection. Hence, my suspicion is that what Ed Connelly has given us here has probably been worth the wait.

    (2) I saw today that this article has been picked up by Unz. The character of many of the commenters’ responses is almost as attention-getting as Ed Connelly’s article, though hardly for the same reasons. To be precise, seldom have I seen the Unz commentariat so plainly reveal itself as rife with knee-jerk apologists for all things Jewish, on the one hand, and as deeply infected with a truly murderous animus toward Christians and the Cross, on the other.

  13. Mark Wiseman
    Mark Wiseman says:

    Wow those blacks really have ashy weird looking knees and elbows and inner things and so on.

    And really big lips and really curly hair, extremely curly.

    Evolution and pre neanderthal mixing supposedly…

    I don’t know however they try to sell them I have the feeling it’s slowly creeping up on many whites that they ain’t like us or something… Really different how their brains work, the huge egos and aggressiveness, the lack of impulse control, the psychopath mentality that is also well displayed in rap. Is the total dominance of this culture in the west or almost only bad for etno centrists, in many ways it does shine light upon the nature of other kinds…

    But yeah something has to be done…

  14. Aitch.
    Aitch. says:

    I had occasion to visit the pharmacy at Tesco’s (Cohen’s) this morning, and saw an NHS notice there offering the flu jab. The accompanying photo featured three people, all of them African negroes, laughing hysterically.

    • white dog
      white dog says:

      The Covid vaccine: It’s not a vaccine, it’s not even medicine. This is to destroy all currencies because of the de-dollarization world wide. The chip will allow for globalists to have a digital currency that will interact with the chip in each person and will give them total control of each person in his/her environment. Catherine Austin Fitts describes it in detail.

  15. Slovenec
    Slovenec says:

    Despite of being in love with (supposedly German) J. S. Bach (and baroque music in general), I believe that Clifford Brown playing tunes by Jewish authors constitutes the height of American culture. I don’t think it’s ipse dixit if one feels as a part of certain cultural circle(s).

    • Alastair Ross
      Alastair Ross says:

      Arnold Schoenberg ( supposedly Jewish ) was a typical Yankee Doodle Dandy composer ( and not an author ) whose work embodied Frontier values as stated in his politically engineered belief that “on the keyboard every note is of equal value”.

  16. Coll Doll
    Coll Doll says:

    My neighborhood is pretty much — kitchen table estimate — 99% white. The 1% are incoming Chinese. See this link I came upon yesterday at the display window of the local baby clothes store.

    I don’t know if I would have stopped to reflect on the window display but for my reading of articles like this one. Thank you Mr. Connely.

  17. pterodactyl
    pterodactyl says:

    “Because it was mostly European countries that expelled them, the Jews came to consider Europeans as their greatest enemies.”

    I cannot agree with this conclusion. The Jews can clearly see that the Europeans are their greatest friends, supporters, backers and protectors, and providers of their wealth, (nothing is reciprocated!) as shown by the following:

    1) The Europeans listen to their H story with tears in their eyes, and when ‘Holocaust Deniers’ are imprisoned no-one cares and everyone says they deserve it – so how can we be their enemies? We shun anyone who criticises them and doubts their H story, and we even shun those who got them to reduce the official figure from 6m to 4m , and we even accept that despite the new official figure being 4m, we should all still stick to the 6m figure as to use 4 would imply that they had been dishonest with the original 6. So we carry on using the wrong figure so as not to embarrass them for lying or show them in a bad light – hardly the response of an enemy.

    2) Last week the Jews extradited a 95 year old SS guard from Venezuela So an enemy war soldier was handed over to the Jews for punishment (in effect), 75 years after the War was supposed to have ended. This demonstrates the West is not hostile to the Jews and in fact indulges their revenge urges. So how can we be their enemies? This shows that there is no general hostility to the Jews as there was no outcry when they seized this old soldier to persecute him. In the popular British D Mail newspaper comments, most readers approved (assuming green/red arrows are genuine).

    3) The Jews can see from Breitbart that the Christians really love them – calling them the ‘custodians of the Holy Lands’. No matter how obnoxious and boastful the Jews are on Breitbart about their Nobel prizes, the Christian just listen patiently. The Jews must observe a huge store of goodwill for them, and the Christians do not act as an enemy would.

    4) The Right generally also see the Israeli Jews as an island of the civilised surrounded by savages, and the Right, preferring the civilised, side with the Israelis, whilst the Left in the West, when they observe the same conflict, will side with the savages as they instinctively hate the superior side in a conflict. The Jews know that the whites see them in this way, as civilised like themselves, and actually we have to admit that it is indeed a case of civilised versus backward in the Israel/arab land conflict, with the Jews being the civilised ones, despite some readers here not liking to acknowledge this.

    5) The Christians celebrate the Passover – they celebrate the day the Jews killed the first born of the non-Jews. Surely the Jews must realise that the people who celebrate the Jews’ day of mass murder and revenge – these people cannot be their enemies, they are their supporters.

    6) The Christians revere the Jews’ Old Testament book, including where it say the Jews are the Chosen People – this is not what a people hostile to Jews would do. Jews in the Bible – Solomon, Abraham, King David – all are revered as heroes by the Christians – what more can the gentiles do to demonstrate how much they respect the Jews? They will not even say anything bad against Judas Iscariot these days. (And the non-Christians, whilst not showing the same respect, are nevertheless not hostile to the Jewish heroes, for example Solomon is held up as wise, & Judas was ‘hard done by’, for example in the ‘JC Superstar’ musical).

    7) The US Rep voters do not seem to have a problem with handing over billions to Israel and most seem to accept that Israel is ‘their greatest ally’.

    8) The West passes laws prohibiting saying bad things about Jews and punishes their own who do so. (See the article by K MacDonald last year where a journalist had to resign just for saying ‘they are good with money’). However, this might be a display of submission under bullying rather than respect.

    All the above takes place despite the Jews never saying anything friendly or positive about the Gentiles, only carping comments, complaining about the past, moaning that they are still hard done by and are victims of the Gentiles despite their huge privileges they enjoy and despite them having far more wealth in the West than their proportion in the population warrants.

    9) The Jews can clearly see that the West is the only thing stopping the muslims driving them into the sea – as the West provides financial and military support. If the Jews weaken the West, they are weakening those who protect them – and they know this. So the Jews are clearly acting AGAINST self-interest when they undermine the West, and this suggests that their malice is stronger than self-interest. We can see if there are precedents in other races where the people act against self interest, and ask why.

    Acting against self-interest in other races:
    We can see many whites who want the West to be multiracial, and they love the anti-white agenda. This very clear from Twitter and newspaper comments under articles. And these are not powerful people, they are largely nobodies who will in no way be better off from race mixing, they will gain no money or power from diversity but clearly they are very enthusiastic – obsessively so in fact. Whatever their motive is, this makes no difference to the important point that they are clearly acting against their own interests, by their support of other races, and by strongly wanting other races to dominate their own race. (Perhaps their hatred of their own people and a desire for their own people’s demise, perhaps these things arise from an innate hatred in lefties from their genes of superior people, and a hatred of the better ones being in charge – and they identify their own people as the superior ones in the world, so they hate them and wish them harm).

    Whatever their motive is, one thing is certain – these white nobodies (and also, influential and wealthy white somebodies) who worship diversity are clearly acting against self-interest, as they strongly desire the transfer of power away from their race to other races, who they want to dominate (and bully) their own race – maybe persecute and genocide their own race even.

    This demonstrates the principle that people do NOT form loyalties by logically working out self-interest and supporting this. No, they form loyalties to groups in a way that is determined by their inner animal behaviour instincts, and follow these illogical urges. People in the same population are as different in their group behaviour from each other as soldier ants and worker ants are different from each other – in other words, completely different.

    Jews acting against self-interest
    There is no reason to doubt that it is thee same with the Jews – their hostility to the West and whites has nothing to do with self-interest, in fact is CONTRARY to self interest AND THEY KNOW IT, but they just cannot help themselves, as they, like the treacherous whites, are driven NOT by logic or reason or self-interest, but by their inner animal behaviour urges, that simply give them this hostility to all other tribes – especially superior ones.

    Perhaps this had benefits when they were warring tribes in the desert, as, for example, it enabled them to sack Jericho without any pangs of conscience or qualms. But there is absolutely no reason so suppose that behaviour patterns that were advantageous millennia ago in prehistoric times are suddenly going to be discontinued when no longer appropriate in a modern setting. There is no way to cancel them out, just as there is no way to stop domestic cats fighting over territory even though there is no advantage any more to the cat for this behaviour in a modern setting, only disadvantages (injury, stress). The cats, and the Jews, are slaves to their wired behaviour, even when it is disadvantageous, and their behaviour patterns cannot be discontinued in the modern world. How can Nature remove these urges? Perhaps there is one way – if ((they)) ultimately lead one of the other races to finally getting so sick of their hostility and behaviour that they end up in a major conflict with them.

    The Jews are clearly provoking, provoking, pushing and boasting about it, whilst at the same time getting us into trouble if we only repeat their own words as that is ‘antisemitic’. Just quoting their own words will get you banned from Twitter, but they can say them with impunity.

    They seek to sink the luxury liner in which they too live, knowing that they too will go down with the ship. This is because they hate the owners of the ship more than they value their own lives or comforts or wealth. There is no self-interest involved at all.

    “After WWII and the intense Holocaust propaganda it brought in its wake … the organized Jewish community became convinced that Europeans were a threat to them as a race and that they should therefore be neutralized as a race”

    All the Jews are doing is seeking justifications to themselves and others as to why they feel so hostile. A thug who enters a pub and punches someone for no reason does not say ‘I am a bad person and I hit for no reason’ No, he says ‘that man provoked me by looking at me in a strange way’. And the same with the Jews – they feel aggressive and hostile first, and then, secondly, they think of justifications and reasons to make it okay. So they try and argue that Europeans are a threat to them, when in fact we protect them and give them our wealth. They try and argue that they are the victims of historical wrongs from 2000 years ago, overlooking that so is everyone else at some point in their history, and overlooking their own wrongs in the past against others (including attacking Jericho in the OT, unprovoked).

    When the Right say the Jews have some sort of ‘logical’ reasons for their hostility (to prevent another H, because Europeans are a threat, because we are anti-Semitic for no reason, because they have been wronged in history and revenge is okay) all we are doing is excusing them and justifying their hostility – giving them valid reasons, excuses, when I believe they have no reasons or justification for their malicious activities.

    I am prepared to accept a ‘reason’ for black hostility as basically they are an inferior race and they feel this intensely and it makes them angry. In fact I can even give them credit for their racial loyalty.

    But I cannot give the Jews a reason for their hostility – they cannot be, as blacks are, sensing that they are inferior, so this cannot be the reason, in fact they thrive in our society, therefore their hostility, unlike that of the blacks * is completely unprovoked.

    * asterisk: I do not excuse the blacks for their aggression and hostility, I simple understand their motive – namely that they feel inferior. The Jews do not.

  18. New World Ebola
    New World Ebola says:

    Nations survive with Nationalism.

    “Diversity” benefits no one except (((stateless mongrels))) and anti-family egalitarian brainwashed degenerates.

  19. Karlfried
    Karlfried says:

    Hello Pterodactyl,
    I see your chain of reasons and observations and I want to add something:
    You say that some foreign group feels anger and envy towards us despite the (assumed) fact that they are more clever than we are and that they are richer and that they have large influence in film, universities, lawyers, and government. And you say, that this foreign group has no reason to envy us.
    I think that nonetheless a foreign group may feel hate and disgust: in Germany we live as German folk, the average German young woman is very pretty, the German boys are handsome and the foreigners who live in Germany can see this, each and every day.
    Our existence alone as a happy and pretty and handsome folk alone is reason enough to hate us, and much more so, if they see it each day and when they feel inside that they can (for clearly seeable reasons) not belong to us.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      Hello Karlfried
      This is a good point that you make. We can observe that the Germans are indeed naturally happy and attractive looking and good natured. They prefer to be positive and creative as a nation rather than huddling in groups dwelling on who wronged them 2000 years ago and devoting their lives to plotting revenge and causing harm to others.

      The Germans are very inventive in the arts and sciences, and can actually MAKE their own wealth, in contrast to only being able to thrive by living off the wealth of others in a parasitic arrangement.

      ((They)) must observe the other race that is not like them, and resent it. So in this sense they are jealous, despite being more wealthy as individuals.

      I wonder whether if they were attractive-looking and creative themselves, if then they might be not so full of malice. Perhaps they might still have malice, as there is also another genetic characteristic that they have, and which they share with the arabs, and that is that they do not feel goodwill towards strangers, whereas Europeans do. Europeans admire being fair to others, whereas ((some others)) admire cheating. I once related on Breitbart how I was cheated by Orthodox Jews, and the comments I got back included ‘that is why they were so successful’. In other words, they admired this underhand behaviour. Jesus was clearly not like the rest, and must have had genes a lot different from the average, as he valued goodwill towards strangers as shown by the parable of the Good Samaritan.

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