Now or Never: A Call to White Resistance

I harbored no illusions about Donald “Platinum Plan” Trump, and did not plan on voting at all in this election. I knew that this election was almost wholly irrelevant to the American prospect, to the fate of White America. It isn’t that the “breathing room” argument is unsound, but rather that President Trump has never once shown the will or capacity to match his rhetoric with action. It’s the fact that the Republican Party is just as compromised by Satanic Jews as the Democrats, and the fact that Republicans have presided over the ruin of our nation without presenting any more than token opposition to the increasingly totalitarian Left. My feeling, put simply, was that the Judeocracy already had the reins of our nation firmly in its grasp, whether they permitted Donald Trump to be reelected or not.

And yet: I still voted for President Trump. I went to vote with the intention of only voting for the local and State elections, given that these are the people who most directly affect our lives, but, while I stood at the machine, I could not bring myself not to vote for Donald Trump. Despite the incalculable lost opportunities of the Trump Administration, despite my hard-nosed calculation that Whites were accelerating toward genocide either way, despite it all, in the end I clung to the hope that maybe another Trump Administration could in fact give us time, if only a little, to prepare to resist the Great Reset. More significantly, though, I saw it not as casting my vote for the man, but for the character that others had made him: the avatar of White America. My vote for Trump was a vote for decent, red-blooded Trump supporters.

I have spent the past three weeks ravenously consuming the daily revelations of what is, without a doubt, the most massive electoral fraud in American history. The evidence is too immense to recount here, and has been amply documented elsewhere, thanks in large part to the heroism of attorneys Lin Wood and Sidney Powell, as well as websites like The Gateway Pundit.

I would like to be optimistic regarding the President’s odds of emerging victorious from the stolen election, but this seems foolish given the totally corrupt nature of our occupied government. To those of us who would argue that the enormity of fraud that took place to steal this election doesn’t matter, that we need to “move on,” I would say that it does matter. In fact, nothing matters more right now. The moment we “move on,” we concede; this concession, mind you, would be no ordinary concession, but rather a concession of our nation, our civilization, and our very lives.

We saw the color revolution as it was set into motion; in this respect, it was not surprising in the least. Watching the coup d’état in real time, however, is a different matter entirely. As Kevin MacDonald wrote in his preface to my book, this is the endgame in the Jewish conquest of White America. They are not hiding it now—it’s all in the open, plain for any thinking White to see. This election was not stolen from Donald Trump. It was stolen from White America.

There is one silver lining to the nigh impenetrably dark storm that now looms directly overhead: The System has been completely delegitimized for tens of millions of Whites in one fell swoop. This delegitimization will be irreparable if, after all of his efforts are exhausted, the American system of government fails to deliver the White House to President Trump. The President’s legal efforts will ultimately end in the Supreme Court, where there is only one reliably conservative Justice—ironically, Clarence Thomas, a Black man.

Even if those legal efforts fail, Republican State legislatures could simply choose not to certify their Electors for the Electoral College and instead send their own competing slate of Electors to vote for President Trump. Can Republican legislatures be relied upon to do the right thing? Unfortunately, they almost certainly cannot, although Pennsylvania is making moves in that direction.

So, if the President limits his options within legal means, he is likely—though not guaranteed—to fail. Too many compromised demons in human skin stand in the way. If he really does lose this, if a senile pedophile controlled by International Jewry is really allowed to steal this election, that’s it. Tens of millions of Whites will know, as the vanguard of White Nationalists have for decades, that the System is a sick, nihilistic sham. This Great Disillusionment is a tinderbox that, paired with the gleeful acceleration of the Great Replacement, provides us with all of the preconditions for civil war.

The Great Disillusionment promises to be a great boon for our cause. With each new betrayal by the Republican Party—the party that White America emphatically defeated and spat upon by voting for Donald Trump in 2016, more normie Republicans look to the solutions that we offer. Fox News committed suicide this month, and its tens of millions of viewers crave the answers that only we can give them. With every single new instance of anarcho-tyranny, average Americans understand that we are on our own. The Jewish Sackler family, solely responsible for initiating the opioid epidemic which has killed almost one million Americans, were just “punished” with a penalty that doesn’t even rise to the standard of a slap on the wrist. They deserve to be condemned to a lingering death as they watch their own loved ones waste away in thralldom to the poison they intentionally pushed on Whites for twenty years. Whites are awakening to realize that electoral politics is a will-o’-the-wisp leading them astray into a dark cul-de-sac, not the path to salvation.

There has already been at least one opportunity for civil war. President Trump’s base of support is emotionally invested in him; again, not as himself, but as the avatar of themselves, their families, and, somewhere deep down inside, their race. They will follow him if he calls them. In the immediate aftermath of the stolen election, the President should have called his followers—all seventy million of them—into the streets. At the Million MAGA March, he should have gotten out of his motorcade and led an impromptu rally. Instead, he allegedly played golf. Later that night, his supporters, who have gone unprotected by the State for four years, were beaten and harassed by Negroid monsters, Jewish black bloc militants, and deluded Whites. All it would take is one word from the President to conjure violent White resistance. We know it is a fantasy to expect him to do this, but White resistance is no fantasy. Far from it.

It truly is now or never. The Jewish Enemy is poised to irrevocably destroy America and annihilate the White race from the face of the earth. Consider what they are publicly planning for us; I will not recount the litany of policy proposals that the parties behind the potential “Biden Administration” have unveiled, as you’ve seen then by now. This is nothing short of extermination. But before then, humiliation. They state, openly now, that the Allied occupation and remaking of postwar Germany was too lenient, that Southern Reconstruction was far too kind to the White South. They look to South Africa as a shining beacon. White genocide is real, and it’s here. The fact that they feel no need to hide, explain, or justify it says everything. This is it. This is the end.

Will it be with a whimper, or shall it be with a bang? Are we men, or are we whores to Jewish money-power? Are we sons of the West, or whipped, besotted curs? We have run out of time. The United States of America might be a walking corpse, a rotting husk, but its people and our heritage are not. Our long slumber must not be mistaken for death.

The Enemy is the Jew. It has always been the Jew, and, until we act once and for all time, it will always be the Jew. We have no place anymore for anyone in our movement who does not accept this plain truth. Certainly, to enter into enlightenment on the Jewish Question, a learning curve is par for the course; yet once the truth has been illuminated for them, they must accept it. If they will not, they are not with us, and if they are not with us, they are against us. We care nothing for inclusion, but rather exclusion, for we cannot defeat that which we cannot name.

Speak now and spread the word among family, friends, and potentially sympathetic colleagues. Give them Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique, give Christians my own book, send them to The Occidental Observer—before it’s too late. You have far more to lose than your social standing in a world where sodomy and pedophilia are celebrated as virtues.

Any mainstream Trump supporter already possesses extreme, unadulterated animus toward Jewish figures like George Soros. Many are aware of the role of the media in bringing about the torrent of hatred that has rained down on Trump from the beginning, and, if they are unaware of exactly who owns the media and whose views it expresses, they are aware that it is the enemy and that it must be completely tuned out. The increasingly paleoconservative-oriented base of Trump’s support, and particularly the younger generation that comprises the “Groypers,” is deeply and rightfully suspicious of Israel and its neoconservative agents, who have become clearly identified as the instigators of the “War on Terror.” This passed without much mention in the news, but Trump supporters will not be quick to forget Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s congratulatory message to “President-Elect” Biden, especially given that Netanyahu was one of the first foreign leaders to do so. President Trump unfollowed the Jew on Twitter; this was not coupled with any corresponding action, but it is something to work with. The millions of Whites who believe in the QAnon theory are well aware of the Satanic ritual pedophilia that suffuses the “Western” ruling class, and the case of the Jews Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell will not leave their minds anytime soon. It would be no stretch to suggest to these open-minded citizens that this is a modern manifestation of Jewish ritual murder.

Jews do not possess unlimited power; directed by their father in Hell, there is seemingly no end to the heinous depredations which they have perpetrated against our people and our nation. But this aura of invincibility is simply a smokescreen, based upon the simple fact that they have faced no meaningful White resistance since Charles Lindbergh and the America First Committee, and no White resistance at all in recent decades. It cannot be overstated: The Enemy seems to possess unlimited power, but he does not. This is only because he has operated unchallenged for at least eighty years.

Steel yourselves and fulfill the destiny of your forefathers. Wollt ihr den totalen Krieg? The Enemy certainly is. Nun, Volk, steh auf und Sturm brich los!

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  1. Rob
    Rob says:

    The perennial problem of destructive leftist and jewish projects is the negative consequences blow back onto them.

    Making whites poor and humiliating us, putting us in Hell, is making us stronger meaner. The jews are creating their worst nightmare – a strong and determined white race that starts thinking collectively, and competes for niches that Jews believed they had to themselves, like business and banking and education and culture creation.

    The strongest swords are forged in the hottest flames.

  2. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    Thank you, Giles.

    We all have two areas from which we can choose to act – that place where we can make a difference, and that place where we cannot. Accordingly I would advise that we take action within our circle of influence (where we can make things happen), and not our circle of concern (where things trouble us that we currently cannot do anything about).

    The beauty is that the more we work within our circle of influence, the greater it will expand into our circle of concern.

    As someone once said, ‘The prerequisite to action is the will and courage to be truthful’.

  3. Albert Heid
    Albert Heid says:

    So many of my feeds give this signal now, but TOO is running in Orania mode already it seems.

    Songs to be re-explained. We are too busy with trivial things. We let morons and people with a backbone of whipped cream rule our country. Bread and circuses

    “D’you wear a black armband. When they
    Give me back my broken night
    My mirrored room, my secret life
    It’s lonely here
    There’s no one left to torture
    Give me absolute control
    Over every living soul
    And lie beside me, baby
    That’s an order!

    Give me crack and anal sex
    Take the only tree that’s left
    And stuff it up the hole
    In your culture
    Give me back the Berlin wall
    Give me Stalin and St. Paul
    I’ve seen the future, brother
    It is murder

    Things are going to slide (slide) in all directions
    Won’t be nothing (won’t be)
    Nothing you can measure anymore
    The blizzard, the blizzard of the world
    Has crossed the threshold
    And it’s overturned
    The order of the soul

    When they said (they said) repent (repent), repent (repent)
    I wonder what they meant
    When they said (they said) repent (repent), repent (repent)
    I wonder what they meant
    When they said (they said) repent (repent), repent (repent)
    I wonder what they meant

    You don’t know me from the wind
    You never will, you never did
    I’m the little Jew
    Who wrote the Bible
    I’ve seen the nations rise and fall
    I’ve heard their stories, heard them all
    But love’s the only engine
    Of survival

    Your servant here, he has been told
    To say it clear, to say it cold
    It’s over, it ain’t going any further
    And now the wheels of heaven stop
    You feel the devil’s riding crop
    Get ready for the future: It is murder

    Things are going to slide (slide) in all directions
    Won’t be nothing (won’t be)
    Nothing you can measure anymore
    The blizzard, the blizzard of the world
    Has crossed the threshold
    And it’s overturned the order of the soul

    When they said (they said) repent (repent), repent (repent)
    I wonder what they meant
    When they said (they said) repent (repent), repent (repent)
    I wonder what they meant
    When they said (they said) repent (repent), repent (repent)
    I wonder what they meant

    There’ll be the breaking of the ancient Western code
    Your private life will suddenly explode
    There’ll be phantoms, there’ll be fires on the road
    And the white man dancing
    You’ll see your woman hanging upside down
    Her features covered by her fallen gown
    And all the lousy little poets coming round
    Trying to sound like Charlie Manson
    Yeah the white man dancing

    Give me back the Berlin wall
    Give me Stalin and St. Paul
    Give me Christ
    Or give me Hiroshima
    Destroy another fetus now
    We don’t like children anyhow
    I’ve seen the future, baby: It is murder

    Things are going to slide (slide) in all directions
    Won’t be nothing (won’t be), nothing you can measure anymore
    The blizzard, the blizzard of the world
    Has crossed the threshold
    And it’s overturned
    The order of the soul

    When they said (they said) repent (repent)
    Repent (repent)
    I wonder what they meant
    When they said (they said) repent (repent), repent (repent)
    I wonder what they meant
    When they said (they said) repent (repent)
    Repent (repent)
    I wonder what they meant
    When they said (they said) repent (repent)
    Repent (repent)

    –Leonard Cohen

    • Jochen
      Jochen says:

      He was a black herald for the coming evil now upon us. Only found out about this ‘thing’ a few years ago.

    • Curmudgeon
      Curmudgeon says:

      –Leonard Cohen
      Just another over-hyped talentless Jew. My opinion hasn’t changed in over 50 years.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        Amen to all, Curmudgeon. I first heard of Cohen when I was in college in the sixties; he was all the rage then with the “sensitive” coeds. The worst thing was that they expected suitors to like him, too!

      • Dave Bowman
        Dave Bowman says:

        You and me both, friend. Couldn’t ever stand him – or any moment of his repetitive, whining, self-obsessed, pretentious and embarrassingly tuneless and talentless “music”. Just another worthless Jew who imagined the world wanted to hear his neurotic out-pourings – even touted by many brain-dead losers as “poetry” – and who got the backing from the controllers behind the industry curtain courtesy of the never-failing nepotism of the clan. Bad to say “thank God he’s dead” of anyone – but that was how I felt when he kicked the bucket a few months ago. I despise the scum who make me feel this way.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” But love’s the only engine
      Of survival ”

      That has a ring of truth if “love” refers to the love-of-life where the Ultimate Purpose/Goal of life is to have FUN as mostly meaning in what normal people usually consider to be enjoyments/pleasures/thrills/satisfactions ; and where any “meaning of life” , assuming there is such a thing , would be intrinsic to the Ultimate Purpose .

      Be assured , that the Ultimate Purpose to have FUN does not and would not preclude engagement in a civil war to defeat/terminate a primarily zio-masonick-judeo genocide against Whites / ( White Nationalism ) / ( White Christianity ) since there are any number of various circumstances and pre-conditions that must prevail in order for FUN to be achievable for racially cognoscent Whites .

  4. Karen
    Karen says:

    I don’t know if this would work, but a nationwide effort to picket ALL Jewish synagogues in the U.S. would be a great starting point for taking back the country from the Jews. Last year I made two trips to my local city council meeting. (This was before the start of the fake “pandemic”. The meetings are now held virtually, and I have not felt comfortable about speaking on a city linked Facebook webinar). After pointing out Jewish power and their unrelenting racism towards the White founding stock of the U.S. I was attacked in the local paper. The local rabbi was obviously extremely upset, that someone would publicly denounce the eternal victims. He wrote an op-ed in the local paper offering to meet with me, as if I would ever agree to that! My point is we must become visible and if we went to their synagogues it would get all of this out in the open once and for all. We could pass out flyers and hold up signs and protest Jewish people on their home turf. Sharing our concerns on the internet won’t cut it. We have to hit them where it hurts, PUBLICLY. They succeed because they slink around in the shadows. We must get them out in the open and expose them as the enemy.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      Thank you, Karen for both your courage with the city council and your comment here. You have spelled out some real actions (non-internet) that any of us can do, provided one is not fearful of economic loss (which in my mind is the greatest deterrent to real action).

      Perhaps your comment could be titled ‘Get Off Your Seats And Into The Streets’.

    • PetrOldSack
      PetrOldSack says:

      Violence only has the physical element that stumps the digital matrix! No readiness to violence is cowardice as things stand. The “lost causes” are many, election fraud, our heros as Assange and Snowden, our true scientists that came out to denounce the medical Covid hoax. The “White” way is as such, instead of slugging random surplus population clusters as the stumped Salafis do, Whites are an organized bunch historically, they hit the targets that are chosen meticulously. The White surplus population will follow. As a matter of obviocity, any chaos is welcome to mask the pointed needed action. Prepare for the long haul and confront the day to day in your own local environment.

    • Mark Raven II
      Mark Raven II says:

      Picketing synagogues would play right into their hands. It would be construed as an attack on the freedom of religion, and you and your friends and family would be depicted as 1930s Nazis. You’d end up imprisoned or dead and the entire nation would be cheering. Come up with a better plan.

      You’d be better off picketing the headquarters of the mass media–which are, after all, from whence the mind control emanates.

      • Guyan2020
        Guyan2020 says:

        No picketing of synagogues .. bad optics ..picket the public schools.. picket the community colleges.. only picket with specific issues like violence against White students ..anti-White curriculum .. temporary White student walkouts are attention getters

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        Exactly — mass media would be the numero uno target .

        “The Jews” have dominion over more than ninety percent of the world’s most important information ( both true and false info ) via ownership/control of the six interlocked and major global media conglomerates . They most likely also have dominion over most major internet ISPs .

        Information control , includes also propaganda and censorship , is their Ace Trump card in the games of life . They discovered the power of being able to control information no later than about 2500 years ago where ___

        The Lord God said

        “” Go to , let us go down , and confound their language ,

        that they may not understand one another’s speech .””

        ( verbatim quote from the Tower of Babel allegory in : The Jewish Holy TORAH / KJV / Book of Genesis /
        chapter 11 / verse 7 )

        See also { The Protocols of the ILLuminati }
        usually known as “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”
        one page summary at this link ___

        See also the full text of the especially media-pertinent Protocols No. 10 – 14 inclusive at this link ___

      • Angelicus
        Angelicus says:

        Very sensible and intelligent observation. I would go a bit further and suggest that important newsreaders and journalists or political commentators should be targeted and humiliated as they are the main purveyors of poison to our people. Picketing a building will attract the police, but doing a quick, flash mob-style action targeting one of these bastards would be good. They will realize the hatred that their actions are causing. A few broken bones will do wonders.

  5. Some White Guy
    Some White Guy says:

    Yes, the situation is as dire as stated by the author.

    What will we White Folk do now?

    That’s the question everyone is holding their breath waiting for the answer to.

  6. Lucius Vanini
    Lucius Vanini says:

    Though anything but a Christian–the wellsprings of my thought being European, not Semitic–I see very little to disagree with in this call.

    And I would add that we’d do well to arm in defense against the black-racist and White-traitor paramilitary forces that the talmudic bigots may very well send against us.

    I think that the belated choice to vote for Trump and desire his ultimate reelection are also commendable. While obviously not the savior of the Caucasian world, Trump is something of an impediment to our enemies–yes, one that can buy us time.

    The election is NOT over. Siblings, get out in the streets and by way of phone calls and emails tell DJT NOT TO CONCEDE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES WHATEVER. Phone#: 202-456-1414. To email: google “Contact the White House,” which fetches a form for your name, address and message, which needn’t be long.

    Tell DJT that he may be bold, because at least 74,000,000 Americans don’t accept the media’s declaration of the winner, and many of them will do more than just vote, call and email….

    • Canadianer
      Canadianer says:

      At what point is it a better idea to just emigrate and regroup in less hostile territory? Even if whites win some minor battle — the country is still a dilapidated racial jungle with little left to try to hold onto. Wall-street and Silicon Valley and the great universities can be rebuilt elsewhere.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      “Trump is something of an impediment to our enemies–yes, one that can buy us time.”

      It is important to keep the internet as uncontrolled as possible for as long as possible, as the current (limited) level of internet free speech is assisting normies to awaken at a rapid rate. This is because, for the time being, they are experiencing both a collapse of society AND at the same time the ability to look up the causes and who is to blame (the Left and ((allies))) This is why it is important that Trump wins, apart from everything else.

  7. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    The ‘tipping point,’ might have just arrived Giles, or be just around another Jewish slap in our faces corner.

  8. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    This is a remarkable and overall a deeply inspiring statement—at least until its last sentences.

    We have nothing to gain and a great deal to lose by identifying our cause with Hitler and National Socialism, however much or little any given individual sympathizes with or admires them. We Americans can call upon our own historical exemplars of virtue, courage, defiance, and piety—beginning as long ago as the arrival of Cortés and, a century later, the Pilgrim fathers—without reference to a seriously flawed man and movement that a great many white Americans, not just Christians either, will never regard with anything warmer than marked distaste.

      • Arbiter
        Arbiter says:

        Come on. It’s a quote from Goebbels’ most famous speech, and in German. How else are you supposed to read this?

        • Achilles Wannabe
          Achilles Wannabe says:

          I think the problem for Kmac and others on the dissident right may be that probably the hardest fact for a normie to take is that WW2 was a WASP-Jewish take down of Germany for capitalism and international Jewry instead of a defensive war for Western freedom. The mythology of the war against “Nazisim” – with all the nonempirical assertions about National Socialism – is embedded in the minds of most people by Hollywood, the schools, the media. At this point relatively many whites might be open to SOME criticism of Jews on Wall Street, the Academy, the media. Even the Holocaust might be questioned on the margins. But to go from this to questioning the general portrayal of National Socialism, much less identifying with National Socialism …That is some sort of psychological dividing line, a breaking point.

          Once you cross it nothing is the same again. You realize this country is not, and has not been, a free Republic since 19 41. That means by this point in history, we all grew up under a grand illusion. We are no longer waiting for some kind of 1984; we now realize we have always been in one. There is a huge reluctance to face that. It makes a great deal of what we thought – politically, economically, socially – throughout our lives seem ridiculous. It also puts us in a position where we appear crazy if we begin to argue for our new understanding of history. Most whites are not going to go there yet.
          So many white dissidents who have a hard enough time de judaizing people anyway simply prefer to avoid the question of National Socialism. Probably they are right from a pragmatic standpoint

          • pterodactyl
            pterodactyl says:

            “WW2 was…..instead of a defensive war for Western freedom.”
            This rethinking will only happen when the war generation and their children die out, as that generation want more than anything to believe that the War was good versus bad with them being on the side of good, so the sacrifice was all worth it, and they just block their ears and eyes when it comes to the way we helped Stalin and communism.

            To suggest that the Allies made a generation of war widows and killed their best men and flattened and bankrupted their countries whilst helping the baddies’ side is just too much to take.

            On the other hand, we often hear a certain comment in those discussions frequented by normies that is as follows: ‘at least we are not all speaking German’ and this seems to go down quite well.

          • Guyan2020
            Guyan2020 says:

            pterodactyl .. again reality thinking .. I am in my 70s ..I have been on the right and the left .. now I am on the white.. but awakened people want to stay on Obama Hillary bad ..Trump good .. Covid masks bad .. Hollywood bad .. sports politicking bad .. illegals bad..election fraud bad ..

          • pterodactyl
            pterodactyl says:

            Guyan2020 – good point about ‘white’ being the new focus of loyalty. Democracy might work if white ppl stopped splitting themselves along left/right. This is not good for us as most whites who vote left think they are just voting for wealth redistribution and do not really understand that they are joining the group that is actually anti-white.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        Thank you for your gloss, Kevin.

        Immediately after I hit the Post button, I had second thoughts about the verb “identifying.” I think that “implicitly associating” would have better conveyed what I meant.

      • No fraud
        No fraud says:

        I am embarrassed this article was posted, Mr. MacDonald, I thought you were better. I skipped passed his foolish fraud nonsense, read the conclusion. This guy is writing that Satan calls the shots for the Jews from hell. For whites not to be tricked, like they were and still are by Trump, we need a better caliber of people. This Satan believing dotard ain’t it.

        • Joe Plegler
          Joe Plegler says:

          You may not like the religious references in this article, but what does your secularism have to offer? Your side has had the table for over a hundred years and we have nothing to show for it… we have sunken further into the abyss and are sinking further because of our inability to call out the enemy and identify him. Religion gives us a rallying call, a clear distinction between good and evil and hope. It has always been the highest motivator of mankind. Your secularism has never achieved nothing but producing a society of interchangeable clones who’s only motivation in life is to make more and more money and acquire more and more possessions. Your secular people are easily manipulated by the enemy and will never be able to organize and resist because money is their highest calling and will cooperate with anyone who will pay them more than the next guy. Secularists are like boats with no rudder and will float in any direction, people with faith have direction and purpose and know who the enemy is.

          • Achilles Wannabe
            Achilles Wannabe says:

            No, many seculars are goyim but not all goyim are secular.
            Look at the Evangelical Christians
            We Jewwise white seculars and Christians have to learn to hang together and stop calling each other names. Otherwise whites are finished

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          His Satan comment is a way of expressing “it”. He was not advancing a religious argument for belief in a Satan .

      • Petronius
        Petronius says:

        I beg your pardon, but it’s impossible to read these lines any other way and not assume the author deliberately chose them to invoke such an identification or at the very least association. What’s the use of employing heated rhetorics like these, obviously born from anger and lack of power? What are the actual deeds that are supposed to follow? In any case, stuff like this makes it so much harder to share reasonable OO links to broader audiences, and it is not a good choice to include such lines.

        • Hans
          Hans says:

          Believe me, Petronius, the best that can happen to the whites is the application of the Third Reich! Guess why is just for the Jews and for all countries under Jewish supremacy (see mass media) since 75 years Hitler the arch enemy?

        • Hammerheart
          Hammerheart says:

          Better be careful or you may get banned for saying !
          QAnon etc…oh boy, have TOO standards gone down.

    • itsthetruth
      itsthetruth says:

      there is no future for us until the truth of Adolf Hitler, National Socialism and the great crime of WW2 is widely understood and accepted – we cannot build a future on a foundation of jew lies – fortunately it seems the truth may be spreading faster than we think – I notice in relation to the covid the go-to bogeyman description is communism rather than nazi at about a 50:1 ratio

      • Slovenec
        Slovenec says:

        Churchill was, along with his Soviet and American allies, indeed a criminal. But Hitler was a criminal too; during the WW2, Germany occupied territories without any moral or historical justification. Which is, truth be told, the old way of Germanic barbarians, insatiable land grabbing, because of “Lebensraum”, conducted through perpetual Drang nach Osten. And what is the end result of this Germanic “primary expansion” (later mimicked by brave Brits globally)? Decline of proto-European culture, incuding the replacement of old pagan believes with revolting Semitic cult of Christianity.

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        “fortunately it seems the truth may be spreading faster than we think –”
        The normies are waking up very, very fast at present, which is due to a combination of society collapsing AND, at the same time, the people have the means to find out who is responsible (the left and the Js).

        The means to find out who is responsible for the collapse is the internet, and people have been awakening since the internet became commonplace, but this rate of awakening will be slowed right down if the left & Js regain control of the narrative by gaining control of the internet in the same way that they control the other media.

        Clearly Trump is the main obstacle to the clampdown on internet freedom, and therefore Trump is the main obstacle to further massive awakening that is due to take place during the next four years, which is why I am surprised that so many writers and commenters here are so luke-warm about endorsing Trump. They seem to be unhappy that he failed to cure all the world’s ills singlehandedly in four years.

        (I am an example of this enlightenment via the internet, as I would stick up for Js myself a few years ago (just as the normie Republicans do), and what led me to think differently was a comment on Breitbart ‘Kevin MacDonald gets it’)

        • Guyan2020
          Guyan2020 says:

          I appreciate pterodactyl’s brief comments ….people are waking up ..the internet has boosted my knowledge and the newbees are energized by rampant fraud in politics and medicine… they too are venturing away from sell outs on Fox News.. but also staying with Tucker.. and a few of the women broadcasters .. I have been clean and sober from TV and film since March of 2013.. internet only for me .. but where I live guys in pickup trucks are still flying their Trump flags.. My area Northern Idaho is a landing spot for White refugees from Cali but from Portland .. Seattle .. Denver.. Texas . Ohio.. Resistance is in the air .. Even the local Republican Party activists are running candidates for the local community college board and promoting pushback to the local public schools /community colleges propaganda. I talked to a retired school teacher from Thousand Oaks (Ventura County) at a local cafe last week and she used the words .. disenfranchised .. I followed up with we are being replaced and the program is called anti-Whitism . She did not shy away . She and her husband have moved up here and they love It ! Forward..

          • pterodactyl
            pterodactyl says:

            Guyan2020 – this is very encouraging what you say, about geographical separation of whites through migration on the basis of politics, so that in the end the pro-whites will be able to dominate their own regions, and let the pro-diversity whites live in their own regions somewhere else. We can see how this is working out for them in California where the Hollywood and big tech millionaires are now sharing their place with the diversity they love and are now trying to move out, but cannot sell their properties at anywhere near what they paid for them. Let them defund the police in their regions and put blacks in charge and ban guns for themselves if that is what they want.

            If whites do split geographically, then the diversity side where the Biden and Hillary types and RINOs will still rule, these will end up weak and therefore unable to bully and control the patriotic white regions, as diversity leads to weakness and corruption – see S Africa for an example where they are now at the high crime and power-cuts stage. The left only have their immense power and money at present in the US, and other white countries, due to living off the productive side of the nation. They tax the productive whites and live off that wealth, and when they are separated and having to make their own wealth they will be poor and weak and chaotic regions – like N.Korea compared to S.Korea.

            The same geographical separation could also occur in Europe, where pro-white whites start to migrate to, and dominate, their own regions, although migration by political type is harder in Europe due to language barriers and traditional enmities, which we can often see in this blog, for example when the readers from Slovac regions speak badly of the Germans, whilst being themselves very opposed to communism.

            As you said somewhere else in another comment, it used to be ‘left’ ‘right’ as groups for our loyalties, but now this is changing and ‘white’ is becoming a group.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          “Clearly Trump is the main obstacle to the clampdown on internet freedom … .”
          Even though I am one of those who is lukewarm, to say the least, about Trump per se (as opposed, that is, to his desirability vis-à-vis the Biden-Kamala alternative), I think you are on to something here. With regard to the Internet, Trump’s delight in using it and his thin-skinned reaction to being shut down or monitored are things that work to the advantage of everyone for whom “liberty” is a concept with utility beyond mere sloganeering.

          I wouldn’t bet money that even during a second Trump term, the Occidental Observer will be secure from permanent shutdown. But in a Biden-Harris presidency, it won’t be TOO alone that is seriously imperilled. Given what has happened and is still happening to Ursula Haverbeck, similar treatment in this country for KM is, I fear, not a possibility to be dismissed lightly.

    • JimB
      JimB says:

      With all due respect, anything we say (slogan or otherwise) and do, by the very “anti-Semitic” nature of our activism, is going to be identified with Hitler and NS. It simply cannot be avoided. Even Trump and his MAGA, as we all know, are “Hitlerian” and “fascist” to our enemies. Being too concerned about the implications of those last sentences in Mr. Corey’s call-to-action is like being concerned that people will call you a Klansman if you take some rope on a camping trip while White. And when it comes right down to it, whatever you feel about that “deeply flawed” man, the late German leader, the slogans and colloquialisms of the times were (and are still) every bit as useful as rope on a camping trip. Because they were true. Hitlerphobia is every bit as damaging – maybe more so – to a genuine, Jew-aware White resistance as Hitlermania. So let’s not be overly concerned about optics. Truth be told, I know several normie Whites in my own circles of day-to-day domestic life who have reached the point lately of saying things like “Well, since they’re gonna call me a racist and a Nazi anyway I might as well be the best racist and Nazi I can!” When you really understand this conscious rebellion against long-standing taboos coming from normal, every day White working Joes… it lifts your spirits!

    • Lane Lester
      Lane Lester says:

      I read the article positively right to the end, and then I was shocked by the German battle cries. I don’t read German, but in context could only conclude it was some kind of harking back to what the author considered admirable regime.

    • Curmudgeon
      Curmudgeon says:

      Some time ago, I was sent a (((youtube))) link of a young man (early 20s?) addressing a crowd of primarily White SJWs and wannabe Antifa types. He read Hitler quotes as if they were his. None addressed race or Jews directly as “das folk” is “the people”. After every quote, the SJWs cheered. It was hilarious to see these young idiot SJWs cheering what they were protesting against.
      Had Mr. Corey used English, most people (other than here) would not have known there was any Hitler link.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        All noted with little surprise but much interest, my friend. As for the language choice, if Corey had used English, there wouldn’t really have been an association with NS to draw attention to.

      • Slovenec
        Slovenec says:

        With all due respect, but “das Volk” means literally regiment. A regiment of looting mercenaries — which is the very essence of Germanity way before the ultimate German lunatic and a liar par excellence destroyed Europe. Not that British rat Churchill was any better, but things should be put into some perspective.

    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      I wonder, what the Hell are you doing here? “A seriously flawed man and movement”? Really? What have you Americans done? I mean, apart of creating a disgusting and vulgar “culture” based on making money and rabid consumerism; the so-called “American Dream”.

      Let me spell it out for you, my brainless “friend”. We (and by that, I mean ALL white men in the world) are in this horrendous mess because of you self-righteous American morons, who went wholeheartedly to war to destroy Germany and Western civilization in your pathetic “crusade” as that German-hating bastard and murderer Eisenhower called it. Without your colossal industrial might, the bloody Soviet Union would have been destroyed. But, of course, what else could you have done? You gave away the control of your country to the Jews well over a hundred years ago; after all, spiritually you are cousins if not brothers. Your disgusting ancestors, the so-called “Pilgrim Fathers” were the product of the most pro-Jewish of all Protestant sects, the Puritans. Their greed and materialism, together with the idea of belonging to “a chosen people” made them sympathize with their mentors and future associates.

      That is why the Jews conquered so quickly such a considerable position within the American “high society”. Your degenerate WASP upper class never saw anything wrong in associating herself with the Jews, that is why by the end of the XIX century together with the Vanderbilts, the Rockefellers, the Morgans, and the Carnegies, were the Belmonts, the Kahns, the Lehmanns, the Schiffs, etc., etc., etc. The only thing that mattered to the average American was (and is) “the almighty dollar”.

      You and the like of you have the colossal cheek, sorry, “chutzpah” to criticize and even insult Adolf Hitler, the man who unmasked the enemy of Mankind, gave him battle and defeated him on the political arena in 1933, carrying out the greatest political and social revolution in European history without firing a shot! His legacy was a new, fair order for the German people and, eventually for the White race, While you Americans were drowning in the Great Depression and being screwed by the big banks, Hitler turned Germany upside down and within 4 years he made her one of the wealthiest, most prosperous countries on Earth, and let’s not even began to talk about the cultural and spiritual regeneration of the German people under his leadership, while you, ignorant and gullible Americans were welcoming with open arms all those hateful Marxist Jews from the “School of Frankfurt” who filled your universities and perverted your children and grandchildren.

      You had a great man who warned you, his name was Henry Ford, but you ignored him. The same happened with an intellectual giant as Revilo Oliver. You talk about your “historical exemplars of virtue. courage, defiance and piety”. Where are they? What did they do for you? Nothing! You have always been a greedy and evil WASP-Jewish corporation, poisoning the world with your “culture” via Hollywood (sorry, Holy-Jew). Your so-called popular culture is Jewish to the core. Let’s take for example “God Bless America” and “White Christmas”, written by the Jew Irving Berlin (real name Israel Beilin). Who is the quintessential “American” composer? George Gershwin! You don’t have a leg to stand on. I am sorry for the thousands of decent White Americans who are fully aware of the disgusting role their country has played as the bodyguard of international Jewry since the 1930s. They are the ones who are not afraid or ashamed of praising Adolf Hitler. Regarding the likes of you, and that means the majority of White Americans, you fully deserve what is coming to you via Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. You reap what you sowed.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        Once one works through all the insulting blather—no easy task—what Angelicus’s lengthy comment comes down to is yet another know-it-all foreigner telling me and other Americans how to read our own history and how to use it to save what remains of our society from its enemies, (((one enemy))) in particular.

        Noted, though not necessarily with thanks.

      • Rerevisionist
        Rerevisionist says:

        Very well worded. And perfectly true; Americans still have little idea of the crimes and horrors they did for (((Americans))). Forgive me, though, for thinking that Hitler was in fact himself part of the Jewish national net, spread across the world–a nation (of a sort) organised on a very different system from all the other territorial nations, except perhaps gipsies.
        ….. I put some counter-arguments to the Jewish-promoted view of Hitler, written by a Frenchman, Hexzane527, online here:-
        where WW2 is examined in parts, and the hypothesis that Hitler was part of the control of Germany is explored. If you have counter-arguments, I’d be pleased to post them on the site. The general idea is that Jews co-operated to kill whites, especially Germans and Russians. Not a pleasant idea, ecept for Jews.

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        Angelicus – I wonder how many degree level history graduates will be aware of the transformation of the German economy that Hitler achieved? Imagine if they were writing on the subject of the German economy in the 30s, just imagine how carefully they would have to self-censor so as not to praise, and surely the thought would at some stage occur to them that they were participating in the creation of a false narrative, as surely they must realise that if they ever had to teach the same topic in a school they would have to tell a modified version of the truth? Then surely they would suspect that the Holocaust and other events might have also been ‘adjusted’.

        As for which white English-speaking country (or European one) is winning the competition as to which one can destroy itself and make itself multiracial the soonest, that prize does not necessarily go to the US, as all white English-speaking nations & European ones are roughly the same in this race to go down, and all their electorates fully support this agenda, as large majorities always vote for pro-mass immigration politicians – look at the Germans still voting for Merkel after she imported millions of soldiers of Islm. So we could find faults in all white nations – they are all intent on national suicide, it is just that as the US is the richest it can cause more damage. For example, the US could afford to give the most arms to the Soviet Union, although Britain managed to give them 5,000 tanks despite being in great war debt themselves, and having to borrow from the US to do so.

        You cannot actually get more debased and self-hating than the following exhibition of self-humiliation shown by Germans:

        The unnamed head left pupils, parents and other teachers in a state of shock when she shouted ‘Sieg Heil’ to seventh and eighth-graders in the main hall of the secondary school in Weissenburg in Bavaria. She had apparently been meaning to wish them good luck, but yelled the controversial greeting – which means ‘hail victory’ – instead.
        The phrase is illegal in Germany and uttering it can even lead to a jail sentence.

        And look at the comments on Twitter towards Andrew Joyce – notice how many who support Ireland becoming multiracial are white Irish in the Twitter comments:

        At present the winner in self-destruction is actually Ireland, as they are due to become the first minority white country as they are importing so many from Africa at present. The Irish frequently openly display hostility to the white English, but never to bl ppl or the EU (and yet the English always cheer on the Irish in international sport – never reciprocated, and the same applies to Scotland).

        So it does not help to blame one white nation in particular and compare faults when we are all equally guilty. If there was a single one that was not so, they would be inundated with applicants from other whites to emigrate there.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          At present the winner in self-destruction is actually Ireland, as they are due to become the first minority white country as they are importing so many from Africa at present.

          The Irish have even less control over their own society and its rulers than we Americans do over ours. It is rather more than mere discourtesy to blame these victims of anti-white and anti-Catholic bigotry and hate for the crimes of their (((masters))).

          The exodus from Ireland (i.e., Éire) of everyone with sufficient strength and cash to scram, an exodus that has been ongoing for twenty years or so, might soon approach the scale of the one connected with the great famine of the 1840s. The Irish who are running—no longer welcome in the USA, I need hardly add—are correct in their expectation that the EU branch of the Deep State will have as little sympathy for them as Sir Robert Peel and Lord Russell did for their ancestors.

        • Angelicus
          Angelicus says:

          Hello “Pterodactyl”: Your words are wise and just. I must admit I am the archetypical Italian hothead that finds very difficult to control his temper, besides I have a very short fuse, or, like the English say, “I do not suffer fools gladly”. If I aimed all my artillery against the USA as an evil political entity and a cultural monster is because Pierre de Craon dared to present his country as a model for the regeneration of the White race, speaking about a noble cultural and political tradition that does not exist and willfully ignoring the fact that the USA was the saviour of international Jewry and the architect of this horrendous JWO (Jewish World Order)

          As I said in my reply to him the fact that we Europeans and generally speaking all White men are in this horrendous situation is due to the intervention of the US in WW2. Nobody can deny that. Therefore, if someone had the cheek to disparage Adolf Hitler and then to propose American “values” as a solution to a problem created by the Jewnited States of America, he was asking for it.

          I never advocated imitating the style or tactics of the NSDAP because that would be ridiculous and suicidal. Every age has its own characteristics and customs. Each country where Whites are still a majority (like the US) has to figure out a strategy for survival. There is no “one-size-fits-all” plan. However, the immortal principles established by Adolf Hitler for the NSDAP are still valid, because the enemy is the same as yesterday. The ideas have to be presented in a different way and a different language, but it is ridiculous to suggest that something other than National-Socialism could be the solution.

          In 1942 Hitler said (I don’t have the book with me, so this is not an exact quote, but I remember it fairly well) “If our enemies are serious when they say that they are fighting for a better world, they should not have declared war on us, because the National-Socialist state had already solved the problems they pretend to solve”. Unemployment, moral and cultural degeneracy, rampant corporate greed, exploitation and misery of the working class, control of the economy by a gang of banksters; all these ills that are killing the White race today disappeared from Germany in 1933. And it wasn’t thanks to American “exemplars of virtue, courage and defiance” but German idealism and courage, condensed in the 25 points of the NSDAP.

          My ferocious attack to the US was not directed to the American people per se but a certain class of Americans and to a concept of the US that many White Americans who think themselves as “patriots” have. These people believe they are the centre of the world and a gift to mankind. Their “American” values (nothing but a concoction of Liberal rubbish typical of the 18th century masonic “Founding Fathers” and Marxist ideas crafted by the Jews who founded the nefarious “School of Frankfurt”) have poisoned generations of Americans and, after 1945, White men everywhere. They form the core of the Republican party.

          What you said about Ireland, and the rest of Europe is, of course, very true and awful, but that is the way things are, and they are going to get worse. The White race is on a self-destruction mode, and I don’t think I shall see the end of it (I am 62). However, as Mr Corey said in this magnificent article, is up to us. I wish I could die fighting as my ancestors did in 1945, but I doubt it. Have a good day

          PS: To the moderator: Got your message, as you can see, no insults whatsoever. I am working on anger management (LOL)

          • pterodactyl
            pterodactyl says:

            Angelicus and Pierre de Crayon – Angelicus puts into words very well the way the US has been instrumental in white downfall via WWII. They did this terrible thing because the type of white that Pierre once described when referring to pioneers old Westerns, this type are no longer the ones in charge, and a different subsection of the white population has taken over gradually.

            The best interview I have ever heard on the War and one that was an eye opener for me (I am similar age to Angelicus and I had only ever heard one version of the War prior to the internet age – the internet has led to a remarkable awakening and still is doing so at a rapid rate) was Stefan Molyneux interviewing Dianne West, exposing the way the communist sympathisers in high positions in the US exploited the war to help further the interests of the Soviet Union, and in full collusion with the Allies. Diana West describes how the US gave the Soviets the military equipment that they needed to invade Europe, and how the US prolonged the War with Japan to assist the Soviets.

            – Actually now that I check, Youtube as removed the video of the interview which was here

            – but it should still be on here:


            “It is this bogus history that hides a cascade of lies and treachery, including communist and Soviet influence inside our highest government circles and even war councils, all of which becomes difficult for the American patriot to fathom, when the conditioned behavior is to look the other way at Old Glory passing by and salute.
            Thanks to Stefan Molyneux, I had the opportunity to discuss what is the greatest American betrayal of all, the betrayal of our own fighting men, our POWs/MIAs who never came home because they were abandoned by the US government in successive wars and proxy wars against Moscow and Beijing. This includes the story of the American GIs in POW camps who, as Nazi Germany crumbled, came under Soviet control … forever.”

            Angelicus: “I wish I could die fighting as my ancestors did in 1945, but I doubt it. Have a good day”

            It is admirable when people can feel loyalty to their people or race, especially for those without much family themselves, as this feeling of loyalty to your people (which can be your genetic type more than your physical neighbors speaking the same language), makes us feel we are contributing to something worthy and this gives a purpose to life, especially when it comes to making sacrifices, and the ultimate sacrifice that you mention of dying for your group/people.

            Regarding race loyalty, I personally feel more aligned with Henrik Palmren (Red Ice Radio, Swedish) than I do to those British who are intent on self-destruction. Today, for many, the purpose of life seems to be not their race or heritage or culture, or even their children’s futures, rather it is to get to your death bed with the biggest bank balance possible, without actually spending most of it or using it for any useful purpose in your life.

            On the subject of group loyalty, Jews also have it, but in their case they have another trait – hostility to other groups. This sullies their group loyalty, as it perverts it into seeking the downfall of other races who have done them no harm (and even to those who make them rich and safe), or no more harm than all countries have endured, and certainly less harm than they have inflicted on others.

            This is the difference between white group loyalty (such as it is) and Jews’ group loyalty. One day Nature might decide that in natural selection terms it is actually a bad strategy in the modern world to have high levels of unprovoked hostility (although it might have served them well in past times,eg when they sacked Jericho). If Nature decides their hostility and malice is a bad trait in the modern setting, Nature could wipe them out, just as the parasite gets wiped out when its host dies in the animal world, although in the case of humans the host might not die and might fully recover.

  9. Nigel
    Nigel says:

    Well said and I agree wholeheartedly. I will share this article with my family and friends. The more power our enemies have, the more glorious our victory shall be. God Bless

  10. George F. Held
    George F. Held says:

    I’d sure like to find some basis for disagreeing with you, Giles, but I can’t. You are 100% right. Civil war is the next step.

  11. Arch Stanton
    Arch Stanton says:

    From the president down, critical political seats are set up and appointed by Jew money men, not elections. Elections are a total sham that serve no other purpose than to validate one’s support for the government.

    Your vote says, “it may stink, but I still believe in the system.” This is why the one party, Judeocommunist, Soviet government made the vote mandatory. Absent the vote, no one out side the apparatchiks would have shown the slightest support for the thoroughly corrupt, dictatorial, Judeocommunist system.

    Don’t even think you are going to be able to work within the system. That is the lie that keeps people, placated, preventing them from taking truly meaningful action as Jews ramp up their destructive efforts. Jews own and control “the system.” Jews maintain a virulent hatred for your race. Get the picture?

    The biggest lie ever foisted off on the American goyim is that things will change with the next election. While it is true things do change, it is only for the worse.

    First step: Don’t vote, pull your support in every way possible from the system. I know that is like telling a fish to jump out of the pond, but at least try keeping your head above water.

    Second step: Don’t obey, refuse all orders and dictates.

    Third step: STOP WATCHING ANY AND ALL TELEVISION, get rid of your cell phone, stop all social media interaction.

    Fourth step: Start hanging the mamzers running your life from nearby light poles.

    Fifth step: Cross that bridge after accomplishing the first four steps.

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        – elections would work if voters were more politically aware and would then stop voting for RINOs and similar, who pose as on the right but are really on the left. If the voters would shun these infiltrators when voting, real change would take place.

  12. Tom
    Tom says:

    Well, the teeth behind all this has been the anti-private property laws that prevent businesses from hiring at will. As a result, certain applicants for highly conspicuous jobs cannot be denied employment lest the state step in and force the employment of certain otherwise undesirable prospects. So the key to eliminating forced quotas is to simply opt for a return to a private property society – i.e. the good old days prior to the 1964 legislative fiasco as well as the New deal. Without concrete achievable steps, steps that are grounded in Natural Law and prior American tradition, you might as well be whistling Dixie.

  13. Joshua Sinistar
    Joshua Sinistar says:

    Those who cannot fight should boycott any and all brand names. That hits them at their weakest point, their GREED. Another step is to boycott taxes. Barter, work under the table, do not comply with the Federal Scam. Bankrupt their corporations and their banks. Destroy the Fed’s ability to do anything by hitting them economically.

    I expect the Marxists to start a War, that they call a Marxist Revolution. Let them burn the Reichstagg. Let them Eat the Rich. Shoot them if they try to loot from you and tell the police they can go home and sleep or meet a crowd that doesn’t appreciate dirty cops that protect criminals when they aren’t wearing a tin badge.

    Fight smart. Do not support the Zionists. Let the Marxists attack the Rich. They are mostly jews anyway. Fight for yourselves. Form into small groups. The Feds are running low on mercs and monies. WE ARE LEGION.

  14. William Benton
    William Benton says:

    Yes, this is it. If they get away with the steal it’s over. And there will never be any reason to vote in the future. The Jews screwed up by making the steal so obvious because elections were a great means of population control. If people believe their vote matters this makes people less likely to revolt. But now that we see that our votes do NOT matter…..oh man…..we literally have nothing left to lose.
    They’re deliberately wrecking our economy with the covid hoax. There are fewer and fewer reasons to be law abiding. Even the most devoutly religious people will eventually fight back when cornered.
    The steal should be redpilling massive numbers of people, yet…..the Jew media censors anything regarding the fraud. They censor anything truthful about covid. The satanic bastards lie about EVERYTHING.
    Then apparently Trump says if he loses he’ll run again in 2024…..WHY? If the Jews successfully stole this election,
    then they can steal EVERY election!
    Yeah, it’s now or never….because you can’t vote your way out of communism.

    • Slovenec
      Slovenec says:

      That’s true, I can assure you that one can’t vote his way out of communism, which is also a bitter Slovenian experience. After “democratisation” of the country in the early 1990s, old apparatchiks along with their privileged offspring quickly regained power, although this time through a “democratic process” of elections. The communists in Slovenia, along with their international pals (Time Warner and the like) control nearly all the media, they are indoctrinating childeren at school and counterfeiting history. The cynicism of red murderers perhaps peaked with the narrative of national “reconciliation” (reconciliation between historical anti-communist and communist sides) they pushed through politics and media as the ultimate value to be pursued. This “reconciliation” is nothing more than denying that communist crimes should be addressed legally on court.
      So it’s really not true that a good communist is merely a dead communist; a good communist is dead and has a stake driven through his heart (assuming that he possesses one).

  15. Guyan2020
    Guyan2020 says:

    Having been around a while and having been on the left and the right and having been a political activist for European Americans (Whites) ,I am worn out but I send out emails and communicate with Whites from around the world . I first became aware of KMac and promoted his ideas since the 1990s . Trump has awakened Whites (World wide) in a way that no one else could because he was a business success .. prominent media figure .. and more importantly called out the lying mainstream media. Trump is definitely a symbol of resisting ..fed up Whites, but all of us need to keep on doing what we can to encourage our resistant White people when they identify Big Bagel and self loathing White antagonists by name . I have learned to never get too far out of people’s consciousness. BTW .. thank you Giles Corey for eur Call to White Resistance and I did purchase eur book as well. Forward White men and women .

  16. bruno
    bruno says:

    A friend sent this to me yesterday. In other words, I got it a day late. Very strange. Anyways, the author deserves praise. This is a keeper.

    Sent it my family and several friends. Keep up the good work. Members of the TOO family should consider reading the book entitled, The Ethno State. Lets hope Corypens much more from his soul.

  17. ValhallaX
    ValhallaX says:

    I cannot find words, because I am so happy to read these lines.

    There is no need to be afraid. The enemy is nothing but a bunch of cowards. Have you ever seen one of them being brave? Let me laugh. They are sociopaths, psychopaths, evil, yes, but never, ever, brave.

    They do not have the word of honesty in their vocabulary, let alone word fair. They have sayings like: “Interest grows without rain.”

    So, when people rise, they have no chance, not any, ever. They are surrounded by enemies. Nobody likes them, simply nobody. If they get positive responses from somebody, it is never genuine. Oh yes, they have whores, but they have to pay them dearly. Their whores like them only, if they get constant cash. No, this enemy is hated, and for a reason, and they will never get the love of the people. Never.

    There are leaders, who were genuinely loved. And, yes, he was one of them. He knew what was the love of the people, who wanted to break the shackles tying their country, their loved ones. This kind of love the enemy will never know. That is why they have to kill and maim, because they know they are hated.

    My friends, there are millions, no hundreds of millions, good people, waiting to be freed from this tyranny. This tyranny of the evil, the tyranny of the Devil.

    There is no limit, what we could do, if we just get rid of them. We could be in the stars, there could be a motorway from Lisbon to Vladivostok. The living standard would be unheard. We could build the paradise, right now and here. And still, when it is the time, we could and would join our brothers and sisters in Valhalla.

    They have turned beautiful to ugly, the most blatant lie they call truth. The shining truth they trample to a stinking lie. That is what they do. They would not recognize beauty, because they value everything in money. They do not see the beauty in a painting, they only want it because it is expensive. Their places of praying are ugly, they are ugly, their world is ugly. Ugliness is their standard, their trademark, their license.

    So, no need to worry, this enemy is not from our world and they have no place in it, not now or ever.

    Let’s stand up and fight, my brothers and sisters!

  18. BuelahMan
    BuelahMan says:

    The Drumpfters never learn.

    There isn’t a hair’s worth of difference between a Clintonista, a Bushie, an Obama Maniac, a Bidenette or a Drumpfter. All sychophantic ass-kissers devoid of any discernment.

    Never an R or D Again!

    • Hitler is our pal
      Hitler is our pal says:

      If that’s true, then why did they go to the trouble of forcing Trump out via a fraudulent election? Is it all just theater?

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        ” Is it all just theater? ”

        That is a real possibility .

        It may be 30/50/60/99 percent political theater .

        It may be many years before we know for sure .

        Political reality is very much more corruptible than the reality of a piece of rock .

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      – except that Trump will:
      a) hinder the ability of big tech to censor the internet, so normies can be awakened during the next four years of white collapse
      b) Trump will carry on calling out the MSM as fakenews, and thus expose and weaken the swamp

      – there is a difference for a start.

  19. O.
    O. says:

    “I think, how much work is left to be done in this country. It’s insane to look back at articles in 2008, when Obama won, and everyone was talking about a post-racial America. It’s so clear to me, being on the front lines reporting this, how severe the white retrenchment is, how resentful parts of white America are. Even if Trump loses, it doesn’t mean that it goes anywhere. It’s still just a huge base that’s looking for the next guy. I think we’re going to be dealing with the consequences of this for a long time.”

  20. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    You know for all the bluster about the Jews and against the Jews is it not astonishing that the answer to all of our problems and troubles exists in Jewish history. YES, YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT!!!! With the very JEWS!!!

    I will not begin there however, to substantiate my claim but rather to take the reader to the 1930’s America and the Dust Bowl that afflicted and punished the nation. To watch the documentary The Dust Bowl and learn about what happened and what strikes me anyway is the astonishing pattern of events that took place. 7 storms all in the first 4 months of the year 1935 culminating in the biggest storm of all on Easter of that year. Easter Sunday, and this after a perfect sunny day until that is about 12:00 o’clock that turned the sky pitch black and over 200 hundred miles long destroying everything in its path!

    This is astounding and deeply troubling and I got to say that this is in no way a coincidence. Again what we have here is a pattern that one can literally follow and yet to watch the documentary you will hear all kinds of reasons why? From the political, to the economic, etc etc etc. What never comes up though is the God Factor?

    You know the Old Testament of the Bible is a fascinating and glorious historical record and no more so than what it teaches about climate change. There is a huge body of knowledge within it covering in fact everything about climate change! For God’s sakes it even provides us with the solution to climate change! Yet look at this we are all being lied to by the authorities in and out of universities and governments the world over that what we are witnessing today is the result on industrial pollution. BULLDUNG OF THE HIGHEST ORDER!!!

    Jewish history is replete with story after story after story and promises after promises after promises of the miraculous ways of God with mankind. Divine Communication exists! Faith is not blind! God can be observed to exist! All of this is taught within the Old and New Testaments of the Bible!!! AND NONE MORE SO THAN THIS:

    The word of the Lord came to me: “Son of man, if a country sins against me by being unfaithful and I stretch out my hand against it to cut off its food supply and send famine upon it and kill its people and their animals, even if these three men—Noah, Daniel and Job—were in it, they could save only themselves by their righteousness, declares the Sovereign Lord. (Ezekiel 14:12–14) 

    1930’s America – well do a history study and I’m sure it won’t take one long to see a nation being totally and completely unfaithful.

    The one scripture that I love more than most however has got to be this one:

    See, the storm of the Lord will burst out in wrath, a whirlwind swirling down on the heads of the wicked. The anger of the Lord will not turn back until he fully accomplishes the purposes of his heart. In days to come you will fully understand it clearly. (Jeremiah 23:19–20)

    This was written in the 6th Century BC and guess what it find its fulfillment in the only book written on the subject by me and published in the year 2018 AD!!! The book Climate Change the Work of God by Gerry Fox

    One will find all the answers one will ever need within it and my other 2 books as well on the future and what it holds for us all.

    As for you Giles Corey however, your final chapter on Revival is interesting and vital. No question we need a revival of religion and no one in America pursued that more than Charles Finney:


    During the summer of 1853 Oberlin was struck with a severe drought. The hay fields were dried up so there was no feed for the cattle. The cattle soon must die and the harvest fail unless rain comes. Crops had withered, wells dried up, and the parched earth became powdery.
    On Sunday morning the church was filled. Not a cloud was in sight and no one expected a drop of water to fall from the skies that day. The situation was desperate. Finney arose from his chair walked to the pulpit and lifted his voice in prayer.
    “O Lord! Send us rain. We pray for rain. Our harvests perish. There is not a drop for the thirsting birds. The ground is parched. The choking cattle lift their voices toward a brassy heaven and lowing, cry ‘Lord give us water… We do not presume to dictate to Thee what is best for us, yet Thou dost invite us to come to Thee as children to a father and tell Thee all our wants. We want rain! Even the squirrels in the woods are suffering for want of it. Unless Thou givest us rain our cattle must die… O Lord, send us rain! and send it now! For Jesus sake!’ Amen.”
    “In the preacher’s voice,” reports the California minister, “was the plaintiveness of a creature’s cry. I do not know whether any pencil caught more of this wonderful prayer, but all who heard it had to tell of its bold importunity. It had the pathos and power of an Isaiah.”
    Then the pastor-revivalist poured out his soul in a searching sermon, “hewing close to the line,” from the text, “I have somewhat against thee because thou hast left thy first love.”
    “Not many minutes did the sermon go on before a cloud about the size of a man’s hand came athwart the summer sky,” says the California preacher. “It grew fast. The wind rattled the shutters of the old church. Darkness came on the air, joy aroused our anxious hearts as great raindrops pattered on the sun-scorched shingles of the monumental old church. Finney’s lithe figure, tall as a Sioux warrior, ruddy as a David, trembled. His clarion voice choked. God had heard his cry. The sermon was never finished, for torrents of water poured from the prayer-unlocked heavens. The preacher bowed over the pulpit and said, Let us thank the Lord for the rain.”
    He gave out the hymn, When all they mercies, O my God my rising soul surveys, Transported with the view, I’m lost in wonder, love and praise.
    The congregation could not sing for weeping. Then Finney lifted heavenward a prayer of thanksgiving and praise. “I can remember not a word of the closing prayer, but the reverent and relaxed figure, the pathetic voice, the pallid and awe-struck countenance, are vivid as if it was yesterday; the plank sidewalks of the dear old town splashed our garments as we walked home from a short service, of which life’s memory must be lasting.” This is the testimony of the student who sat in the gallery and saw and heard Finney that morning.

  21. No fraud
    No fraud says:

    Thought some would be smart enough to see through sore loser and pathetic casino conman Trump’s muh fraud claims. This article is typical…”this was the biggest fraud ever….but there’s too much evidence I won’t bother you with….check out Sidney Powell wow what a genius….”

    What is known is the white men who elected Trump in 2016 sat out or voted orange Nixon out. What is known is Kushner/Trump took white people for granted, and agreed with the left on only portraying whites and the word white in a negative light. Trump camp took US for granted so much their brains still can’t process that white men left the Republican plantation and fired Trump. They took us for granted, and now deny us still in defeat with this bullshit, retarded fraud lies.

    There was no massive fraud, stop letting this orange race traitor continue to lie to you. We must join in embarrassing this traitor not feeding into his narcissistic delusions. We fired his ass. He sucked as President and lied to whites since we elected him in 2016. Anyone lying about fraud claims just points to more holes in Trump’s pathetic leadership, that he foresaw massive fraud, did nothing about it, and still does nothing about it other than tweet and have his idiotic civil complaints tossed.

    By giving Blumpf his fraud claims, you deny the existence of the white nationalist swing vote that voted him out. Continuing the role of twisting the knife in whiteys back for a cult of personality dead end lying loser.

    • Hitler is our pal
      Hitler is our pal says:

      If there was no fraud, then explain to me why did the swing states stop counting votes and go into a state of limbo with Trump well ahead? Could it be that there was a mathematical threshold which couldn’t be crossed, rendering it too late to shift the win to biden?

  22. Hans
    Hans says:

    Why not, Kevin MacDonald? Horst Mahler said: Hitler’s Third Reich (National Socialism) is the prototype for a new Germany. If you look as a decent man at Jewish capitalism (for instance Germany – 1945 liberated from liberty – nowadays enriched with Jewish bolshevism) or Jewish communism (USSR, China, Russia) there is only National Socialism left. Send your blacks back to Africa and copy as much as possible from the Third Reich for the sake of white man.

    • ValhallaX
      ValhallaX says:


      National Socialism is the only idea that genuinely, and sincerely, is left, if we open our eyes.

      The world right now is a genuine zionist Hell.

      The economies of white countries are in freefall. USA is a prime example of a country that has simply been robbed blind. You have been robbed as bad as Germany before National Socialism. You have nothing left from the riches and collective well being that were accrued over the last 100 years. It is now owned by a few Jews. And some whores of theirs, of course.

      The same applies to Europe. All is gone, the hard work of countless generations has been wasted. We have given our knowledge to China. We are kneeling in front of Zionist masters, asking for a good word, if we humbly promise to destroy our countries and our people.

      Our children will be left poor and without defence. They will have to live in constant terror, fearing one word said wrong. They are forced to see their countries changed to multicultural hell holes with no future.

      And at the same time the master gets richer and richer, fatter and fatter, more and more arrogant. This is the future.

      The planet is being destroyed, while the Beast talks about “climate change”. Amazon burns, the last beautiful animals in Africa are slaughtered at the altar of the Negro. Nothing can be done, if it does not at the same time destroy white people. Only action against white people is regarded being right. All other action for the planet is racist, of course.

      So, I do not see any road out, except National Socialism. I do not care, if you want to call it something else, but in the heart of the matter, in the love of the people, and our precious planet, it will be, always, National Socialism.

      • Angelicus
        Angelicus says:

        (Mod. Note: “Angelicus”, do us a favor and get off your soapbox of non-stop slurring of a long time member of the TOO commentariat. It’s OK to disagree and make a point to that effect. It’s *NOT* OK to constantly indulge in slurring and name-calling. Got it?)


        Very well said “Valhalla X”. It all boils down to that. It is as simple as that. Mind you; there are morons here who think otherwise (like our “friend” Pierre de Craon who had the affrontery of speaking contemptuously about Adolf Hitler) I wonder, what the Hell are these nitwits doing here? Did they realize that had Adolf Hitler won the war TOO would not exist because there would be no need for it? Of course not!. These cowards, because that is what they are, think that by speaking badly of Adolf Hitler and his movement they will be spared by our enemies. In their stupidity, they failed to notice that (((they))) do not take prisoners. The did not in Russia in 1917, neither in Hungary in 1919, in Spain in 1936 and, of course, all over Europe in 1945.

        Like yourself, I am very pessimistic about the future, but that does not excuse us of speaking or writing the truth. The White race is going to suffer a necessary, and deserved, culling. Most of our people refused to see what has been going on since 1945. And even here, at the TOO, where people SHOULD know better, we have morons denigrating Adolf Hitler, the ONLY man who not only denounced the enemy of Mankind but who also defeated him carrying out the most wonderful and peaceful revolution in European history. In four years he made of Germany the most prosperous nation on Earth. He had admirers and followers all over Europe, that is why (((they))) forced him into war. Eventually, National-Socialism would have peacefully conquered Europe.

        • ValhallaX
          ValhallaX says:

          Well, what else would they do?

          Knowing that they have based all this to lies? They have chosen the road that they have walk, to the bitter end. And an end there will be. Maybe not quite as we wish, but there will be the end of the road.

          Right now, today, we have to survive amongst tyranny. But those of us, who have read books, and actually understood them, know that their lies will not stand time. No, the time is on our side on that matter.

          And, also, like in Germany, the destruction of our economies, will create a new universum. It is already here, they are just keeping it up with money from nothing. Even the nice families, nice people, will soon start asking questions.

          It is not going to be nice, but we just have to ride the storm, And be ready. It will be seen, soon, all around us. The change is already whispering in the wind around the trees in the dusk of the evening. It is telling about times without the enemy, the better times, when people can again believe into the future. Start working together, collect around good things. See good things.

          But before that it will be tough. There will be losses, for sure. But be sure, the enemy is not used to losses, even if they tell lies about some perceived losses. No, these people are cowards, they are afraid of even the smallest setback. We are not, it is in our genes.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        …” it will be, always, National Socialism.”

        No problem with that if your notion of NS means having a political system that is dedicated to maintaining a dynamic and proper balance of the extant combination of personal property rights , entrepreneurial capitalism ( small business not monopoly capitalism ) , technical fascism ( not the popular notion of fascism as state violence ) , socialism ( government regulated profits of private ownership ) , and communism ( state/government virtually owns everything and everybody associated with an economic enterprise ) , and no taxes except a Flat Rate Income Tax to pay for all of government . The USA has this combination of economic entities but not a political system dedicated to properly balancing it all so that resources are rationally distributed via properly regulated free market forces and not by the political coercions of any powers-that-be .

  23. Eva Anna
    Eva Anna says:

    You are not alone in your vote. I did the sake People are very primed to see the truth right now as they witness the real time manipulation perpetrated by media and the spinelessness of republicans not willing to call out and combat this obvious fraud. I can’t believe I am actually seeing it. If they manage to install Biden into the White House, we have to stand up and fight back with anything and everything we can for our people and our children. I will not stand by and watch my country fall completely into the hands of the Devil.

  24. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    At a time when the truths of this article can induce despair in our people, I’d like to share my favorite white pill with you. My 13 year old son. He’s a straight A student in advanced math classes, has dreams of going into the STEM fields, has been lifting since he was 9 and can outlift many adult men. He is wide awake and racially aware. Much of it was even his own doing. He is a noticer, as am I, and has just watched the election be stolen away from him as a person and his people. He’s putting the pieces together with the help of my husband and myself, but he has already reached the intellectual and emotional sentiment laid down in this article. He didn’t need to spend 20 years wondering what went wrong and why. He is a soldier fresh out of the box, but a smart one, one who knows that this is a long game and must be played accordingly. My son is this system’s worst nightmare, and there are others, thank the gods there are others. We are everywhere. Even in the bleakest hour, new blood rises to take up the fight.

  25. Marcus
    Marcus says:

    While I agree with many of the author’s sentiments, one simply cannot reconcile Christianity with white identity. Nor can Christianity be reconciled with the violence supported by the author. Passive submission is at the core of Jesus’s message. Turn the other cheek, render unto Caesar, blessed are the meek, and on and on. As difficult as this is for many, and even impossible, Christianity is not the way forward. To say that today’s Christianity isn’t real is the same argument the communists make to dismiss the failures of communism.

  26. Thomas B.
    Thomas B. says:

    Although the Occidental Observer is mainly a repository of scholarship I welcome the edge of this article. As Dr. Pierce used to say, “White revolution is the only solution.” Life in American today for a racially conscious white person (especially one with a memory) is a totally alienating experience. For example, I’m down to one TV program I can tolerate—Jeopardy!– if I fast-forward through the Jewish grave dance of mongrelizing commercials. And since Alex Trebek has passed I feel like I’m literally watching him die on television in the pre-taped shows. But not to worry! There’s a viral twitter movement afoot to have him replaced by a black man, the more white girlfriends the better. I have no doubt that if, in 1940, the “Greatest Generation” could have seen what its Jewish herders had in store for its posterity, it would have switched sides in WWII, or better yet there would have been no WWII. My propensity as a powerless boomer is to meta up into fantasies of lethal but selective viruses, tactical nuclear or drone hits, or even acceleration of the Jewish program to its inevitable stage of complete economic and social collapse and inescapable all-pervasive urban black savagery, such that even getting to work for the editorialists of the New York Time and Washington Post becomes a daily dodge. Of these, acceleration is probably the most realistic. As the country collapses and breaks up we will have our obstacles—our innate individualism primary among them. But we’ve surmounted those before in extremis and can do so again once free of Jewish influence, soon to be hoist by its own petard (multiculturalism). And of course we won’t cooking and eating each other in the streets of New York. Advantage: clean, white, civilized rural areas, largely corresponding to the Red States. Stay fit and ready!

  27. JohnT
    JohnT says:

    Giles Corey is falling apart and falling prey to the Zionists race war trap. Not only we should resist globalists dems, but also resist personal fears, buckling under the pressure or reverting to tribal instincts.

  28. ATBOTL
    ATBOTL says:

    Looks like TOC has been fully coopted by the GOP’s rejectionist voting strategy. The future of the pro-white movement will be with the people who didn’t vote for Trump in 2020.

  29. Cat
    Cat says:

    I certainly agree with who the enemy is, and understand that they are targeting whites. But rally whites rather than rally the 99% of humanity against the 1% psychopaths? Maybe a race-based strategy is a preliminary step, but IMO the long-term vision must be for class unity against the oligarchy.

    • David R. Westerlund
      David R. Westerlund says:

      The jew knows how to divide & conquer. They have used this strategy throughout history. They use the Blacks/Browns/Reds/Yellows at this time to fight the Whites. I am White (Swede/German) but have found most colored (as above) see the jew as the problem. It seems to be the Whites and that “god’s chosen people” sxxt we have been forced to learn in our religion/education system is our problem.

  30. Johnny Mitchell
    Johnny Mitchell says:

    @Rob who wrote the first comment. That is pure truth and inspiring. The best thing I’ve read on this site.

    @Giles Corey. Well where is your white army then a bunch of internet trolls posting ironic racist mems online? The base or atomwaffen maybe or smr or brittisk defense league or the identitarian movement? There is no movement no white organization to take charge and you ain’t a great leader yourself are you?

    But shure why don’t you try to move to the north west and then claim it as whites only country. What you gonna do storm and take back Portland? Like come on…

    As for “all jews being an enemy”, this is simply not true. Woody Allen for example mainly features whites in his movies and talks about how great Brooklyn was when he was growing up how kids could play in the streets… implicitly how great thing were before desegregation and the other non whites moved in and took over. So blaming jews as a group is simply simplistic and most jews probably have no clue of what is going on. Cause a few jews controlling things make sure facts don’t reach them either. But sure there are certainly things to criticize within that religious group. But it is also a group that is multi ethnical and not homogeneous. Quite frankly I read that about 25 % of jews have no middle eastern background whatsoever actually it seems even more common that they are part African albeit to a quite small part. So calling all jews semites seems wrong. Also in country people with African heritage even small such heritage or arab heritage/mixing seems to be as anti white quite often many of them as the worst jewish people and the like and so on. I think jews themselves have been fooled by jews with power and an agenda to a large degree…

    Anyways I think it will be 4 years before anything drastic happens. And people will have to work hard and organize (many in secret) to have change. No pain no gain… It won’t be easy… But then again I don’t live in the states maybe things are worse than what my impression has been from alternative and mainstream media…

    But time will tell… I personally will stay away from all military conflict… If it goes down where I live I will just move to another region or country or stay away from the action until it is sorted out. I’ve seen enough conflict for many lifetimes already.

    But sure it might go down peoples instinct to live might kick in. But I think we need a new white futuristic culture first. For example in painted art where nothing really cool is happening. And for music, actually a lot of hip hop can be fun and people recognize that it is also a very strong culture and very african and also American to a degree (competitive…) and also macho… And like has there been any great books by whites lately…

    Also the problem fro Trump is that he went for the usual rightwing stuff ant medical insurance for all and other typical bourgeoise things that allot of whites will dislike. He is also maybe a bit of a stiff danser and the gay disco theme may not be very trendy. That being said I think Trump is a great president that has done and will continue to do great things. Will the USA be the first major test for the white race as many here may refer to white people belonging to and all that. We’ll see…

  31. David R. Westerlund
    David R. Westerlund says:

    GR8 article TO A POINT. I voted for Trump, only because he is the lesser of 2 evils. Trump moved the jew embassy to Jew rule slum, gave the Golan Heights to i$rahell and has jew-inlaws. Where is Ralph Nader or Pat Buchanan, now that we need them?

  32. ValhallaX
    ValhallaX says:

    There are, always, here as in all other dissident pages, immediately writers, who warn about doing anything, because “you will be punished”. That is what they love to say: “Behave, or you will be punished!”

    Same applies to mentioning National Socialism. If you dare to mention it in something else but negative meaning, remember, “You will be punished!”

    One can, without any doubt, admire communism and socialism. Goes without saying. Be a proud communist, sure. Who cares that every communist has, say, a couple of hundred million deaths at their altar of an idea. And these deaths, are not because the people killed were doing something against the killer communists. No, no, they were disagreeing, that is enough.

    And now, on this world, which is literally burning in front of us, and all our so-called “rights” are as nothing, as they would have never been here, we are supposed to be “behaving” in front of the killer, the slaughtering Beast.

    Well, I say NO.

    If we see the enemy, we should name the enemy. If the name is feinsteinweinstein, so be it. It is then the name of the enemy, it is the one, who is trying to destroy us and our children, and our planet, to be sure, they have no appreciation to beauty. Beauty is to them something to derivate, to hedge, to invest into. They would not recognize it, they have never heard the sound of beauty.

    Yes, instead of cowering behind warnings, we should always, and I mean always, name the enemy. Name the house, like the Hollywood, like Wall Street, like FED, like AIPAC. They prosper in these houses, fornicating amongst the suffering of our people, laughing at our demise.

    And, we should never forget that National Socialism is the only force that actually stood up against this terrible enemy.

    If you are so very much against the National Socialism, please, then, tell us, tell me, what is the alternative considering where we are now, with our precious “democracy” and our precious “rights”. If they are so good, why there is no way out with the help of those precious things?

    So, there are no other forces out there to destroy us, except the one, The Eternal one. Who can name another one? There are not any other than the one. All others are just proxies, prossies, call them like you want. Expendables, the cannon fodder bought into game by the Beast himself. Oh, they love blacks, if they can get them to kill us, especially without punishment. But do you think they care about blacks? Let me laugh.

    And here we are, warning each other about saying the words National Socialism, after centuries of massacres amongst us. No, it must stop, we must walk the walk, and name the name.

    • Johnny M
      Johnny M says:

      Well I assume you are working within groups such as sir/nmr or the new group by the former leader of sir, Klas Lund, given you say you are a national socialist/nazi and don’t use smartphones when meeting and the like and march and so on.

      Anyways these parties have NO political success and have been active for like 20 years. Not even a seat in a commune.

      Nazism was newer popular in the Nordic region. They invaded Norway of course which then lead to their resistance movement growing rapidly during the war because the nazis were very unpopular with most Norwegians. Which is why a lot of these kids that nazis had with Norwegian women were beaten brutally and bullied and adopted away after the war.

      What is national socialism. It is the combination of rasism, nationalism, socialism, capitalism and conservatism with a lot of craziness thrown in.

      For example the word aryan used for the indo europeans thet moved to Iran. Most if not all Iranians are today mixed with arabs and East Indians and the like. Also the swastika, a sun symbol mainly used in India where whites mixed with non whites (sure it was also used on a hiking stone and then by the Finnish airforce). Then we have the roman salute, where it lead to for example North African soldiers moving to the UK and so on and certainly some mixing although to a much lesser degree. All symbols of whites mixing with other ethnical groups.

      Nazism was also about occupying Eastern Europe and Russia because they thought slavs were inferior to germans.

      Also they allowed for ss soldiers to have more than one wife and eugenics mainly by giving ss soldiers and members more money when they started a family and so on.

      It was also about controlling culture and registering all artists and pushing an agenda in culture (nazi art, nationalistic art…). And they were into greek architecture. And tight clothes and brown shirts.

      Also the nazis forbid the unions and worked closely with large corporations. It was the merger in many ways between the state and large companies. And after the war many nazis started working in these companies and the nazis who moved to South America among other places made large investments in them.

      Personally I don’t like symbols that symbolize whites being mixed with other ethnical groups (I don’t mind if a few folks mix with non whites, but at large I prefer that this is not done too much…). Also I like unions. Also I think the state and large corporations should be separate. Otherwise these large companies can use the state to steal and take out new companies they feel could be competition and so on. Also I hate pedophiles and dislike drugs and so on.

      And was Hitler a pedophile, he certainly liked to cuddle with small boys and he was a drug addict swell as having probably a micropenis that was deformed (he pied out of a hole further towards the body apparently) and inbred maybe through pedophilia. He was also a vegetarian.

      And 8 million germans died in the war and 20 million Russians. It also lead to communism spreading. And it lead to the PC climate we have today and allowed for massimmigration.

      Massimmigration and the taking away of freedom of speech has been pushed largely by the UN. UN conventions caused bussing in the US, desegregation and so-called hate speech laws in Europe and these conventions are now pushing inclusion which means they will forbid segregation and push desegregation on whites in Europe.

      Now the UN represents the world. over 90 % of the world is non white. A lot of countries are not democratic. So the anti white world just used their numbers to force a reverse imperialism on use where they want to steal our land our knowledge and probably also according to many here our genetics. It is just what whites did to the world now they do it to us. It’s a NWO agenda I suppose. Who is behind it, just the jews. What about Reinfeld in Sweden he was very anti white especially against white Swedes and pushed the globalist agenda hard but he was not jewish, he had some African heritage and maybe some traveller/gypsy heritage or whatever. What about Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, who was christian and part Greek and part asian, he was certainly pro jewish but probably not that jewish himself. And what about Angela Merkel’s immigration policies, you gonna blame that on the jews, she is the leader of the Christian party in Germany.

      Actually the idea to combine nationalism and socialism was common in other countries than Germany I heard before nazism and also the nazi party existed before Hitler joined and the founder may have been partly jewish. what Hitler brought with him was his crazy ideas and symbolism I think and also the racism and hatred for jews…

      I didn’t say we should do nothing. I think we must all work hard and I think we need new ideologies and movements. I think you will see a lot of things happening.

      But if you feel strong about national socialism and you have read up on that ideology and what their policies were and you really like it an feel it’s the best party to join, that is your choice.

      Personally I think democracy can work but has to be revitalized and fundamentally changed and there has to be a lot of more knowledge among whites about what the threats to our existence are and in general what the best politics are…

      Also what is so great about nationalism. You don’t like brits or germans or the French or white Americans? Sure nationalism can be fine but personally I don’t think it should be exaggerated and we should have close ties with all largely white countries.

      I think there will be a new and fresh movement that is pro white in the world.

      And also Giles Corey writes about these jews that were probably in secret societies that made money on opioids. It’s just that there are like 5 different legal opioids sold by medical companies or something and the other companies are probably not owned by jews. So just blaming them is factually wrong and misleading. Although they may have had a leading role. Another problem for whites is the usage of hash that is spreading and common from low ages. Can you only blame jews for this?

      But sure a lot of jews are anti gentile and there may be what Mr. Kevin MacDonald refers to as “group evolutionary strategies” applied by jews. Maybe many of them are also tired of the multicultural society and are just provoking and pushing whites into finally doing something about it. I mean what can they do, they are like 2 to 4 % of the population. And sure when jewish people do bad things, which many of them do all the time, why not call them out. I mean you could even write an email to their companies and their leaders and the like explaining what you dislike about their policies, maybe they will then change them.

      I mean if Trump wins will not many whites then be calmer. The wall will be bult if so, during the next four years and some more anti immigration things will happen. But there will probably not be escalation. People who are pushing things want escalation they don’t think the current system will hold up long term and want collapse and are pushing for it I think.

      Which is what I assume quite a few of the readers of this page want. I mean these voter machine companies are corrupt and have leading people that are also in antifa and probably receive China money (so that China can keep stealing white technology and keep pumping in Chinese people to get knowledge through our education systems). And having blacks count votes like come on… And then the base system for all these voter machines is done by microsoft’s Israel chapter. I’m not saying Israel is involved, but maybe they want the USA to be more active in the region, and Trump is taking home a lot of troops. It’s possible and also other factors such as the patriotic education thing and so on. And also the signaling he does with using words such as anti-white and the like, may be disliked.

      But does the average jew want whites to be a small minority in the USA? Will a non white USA care about Israel. Maybe a lot of their leaders want this but the average Joe? Probably not. But it isn’t discussed in the mainstream media so they probably don’t know about the large changes in demographics just like most gentiles have no clue…

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        “Personally I think democracy can work but has to be revitalized and fundamentally changed and there has to be a lot of more knowledge among whites about what the threats to our existence are and in general what the best politics are”

        Democracy can only work if the media is no longer in the hands of the anti-white left and allies, as when this happens the masses are easily persuaded into voting against themselves.

        I am not sure how this can be achieved as a certain kind of person feels drawn to the media, people who want political changes that are bad for us and who are against us, and in the end over the decades, this type seems to take over the media. One way to counter this might be to make legislation that reduces the power of big companies so that instead of a few dominating, there are many small media companies and this permits all opinions to get through. This also applies to the internet as well as TV as at present we have Twitter and Facebook and Youtube dominating and trying to control the narrative to make it anti-white.

        In fact many are awakening right now via social media despite the current high level of censorhip and control by the left. They are not preventing massive awakening even at the current level of control. Trump is a major factor in preventing internet from falling completely into the control of the enemy-within.

        • Johnny M
          Johnny M says:

          Yes media controlled in the hands of thieves liars lowlives and anti whites is a huge problem and even more so when it comes in the form of cultural or heritage monopolies as such and the like.

          Also because it’s a monopoly in information which big IT companies when they are lead by ideology and hysteria and anti white ideas also act as.

          Hence information in the press about what is going on in regions or the world is so selected and biased and untrue it can’t be trusted any more.

          What can be done, yes we could take anti whites out by outsmarting them and also offer media that is pro whites in an encouraging and friendly way.

          The problems that most whites are so indoctrinated I think the hard truth would frighten them. And they are afraid of being spied on by secret services and the state for having ideas that are not at the moment come il faut (kinda approved or PC or whatever).

          Also we need new white achievement and art to actually report on that is a lot better, superior to the things made by non whites.

          I think it’s best to first work for a change and increased knowledge among whites through old school activism (flyers, political papers, texts, blogs, protests and the like) and maybe also using new technology.

          And then when we start to see changes and people wake up and see their worth and appreciate their heritage and future then we can launch media and just take these anti whites the f**k out.

          A problem with journalists is that they spend 4 years or the like on education with loans to match and they are really into writing, most often. There is a lot of competition for jobs and less and less full time employment things. They often work as consultants in effect. One wrong opinion noticed by a media owner then what is their career? This causes extreme fear and cautiousness especially when it comes to “controversial” subjects. They also tend to bourgeoise and then we have the indoctrination at universities in anti white ideas and the like (and by history). Hence the situation we have.

          But I mean people who really like working in media could start to take the anti whites out if they have the knowledge.

          I could take them out if I had a big budget no problem I’m superior to these lowlifes.

          @Angelicus. Dude I’m white protestant I know some people who are half jewish or the like and some people with jewish heritage. Just because people are not as anti jewish as you does not mean they are jewish. And quite frankly for you to assume my ethnicity wrongly is just weird and also kinda I don’t know not polite.

          That being said I do think jews can be smart and contribute. I am also very angry about what some jews are doing and have done to western countries. I also am Christian and I think that to some degree GOD was right when he said the Israel nation was (at that time) like a bucket full of water and all the other nation were like the water drops spilled around it. It is possible however that when the old Israelites married people that were not white and the like and so on that things changed, still smart but maybe more mediocracy and stupidness (I certainly think the way some jews are trying to make whites a minority or take them out maybe to some peoples interpretation of events and history and what is going on, is stupid). Maybe they feel they can act however bad they want and just retreat to Israel if things go bad and they probably have nukes and things… But were the original Israelites GOD’s choose people special probably so, especially given that jews are so domination and on the average smart even though having quite often mixed with non whites who are often of lower IQ levels on the average. This just means the original whites that were GOD’s choose people were even smarter… And even today actually 25 % of “jews” have no middle eastern heritage whatsoever… But then we get into the whole DNA thing which is another story maybe…

        • Johnny M
          Johnny M says:

          Since Christmas is coming up, Merry Christmas.

          But maybe you ain’t Christian in that case happy Hollidays or whatever. Just because I’m Christian does not mean I don’t have compassion for those lost souls that has not seen the light.

  33. pterodactyl
    pterodactyl says:

    “The Enemy is the Jew. It has always been the Jew, and, until we act once and for all time, it will always be the Jew.”

    This is not the whole story. The Jews of malice are working in conjunction with the white population’s own enemy-within, such that even if all the Jews left, then the white enemy within would still carry on trying to bring us down, albeit a lot less effectively without the Jews’ help.

    We can see the presence of our own enemy within just by looking at the comments sections under newspaper articles, or on Twitter, where we see half the comments are from white people who are clearly very hostile to the interests of white people and who want even more ‘diversity’, and who are obviously not all Jews, largely just nobodies, and these people hate their own race with an intensity. They are probably over-represented in political comments sections compared with their proportion in the whole population, as one of the characteristics of the left is a heightened interest in politics, but nevertheless they are still very numerous.

    This subsection of the whites, the ones who have an inner hatred of the better, they are the true lefties, and, as they observe that the white race is superior, so do they hate it and are filled with an intense desire to bring it down, and to assist lower types to have dominance over whites – such as foreign races, or lower type whites such as communists. And note that ‘lower types’ can be intelligent and successful including being very wealthy, but nevertheless still having an affinity with other bad people. In this group are those who run Twitter and Facebook. They have a desire to empower lower types whilst they themselves live away from the crime and disruption and antisocial behaviour that the lower types cause. Like the successful and wealthy lefty judge who smiles and looks benevolent, then releases rapists and thieves early from prison knowing that they will prey on the innocent, and he does this because in his heart he wants to empower them.

    With wild dogs, the individuals in the population are selected to be close to each other so they all end up pretty much the same, but this is not the case with humans, and there are different subgroups within the human population, analogous to soldier ants and worker ants, with the ‘lefty’ types doing quite well under certain conditions, namely when they can parasite on the others within the same population. An equilibrium results, as these lefties/takers/parasites thrive when small in number and do less well when there are too many of them and not enough to parasite from, and when the others start to defend themselves more. In the Land of the Honest, the thief is king, but when most are thieves, there is no-one left to steal from (This does not apply in Africa so much, as the food is just there for the taking all year round, so they can all be thieves and will never run out of food, especially if they live near the lake).

    So this explains why a large subgroup of whites hate other whites, as they have genes for behaviour that make them not only want to take what others have toiled for (a viable life style in some circumstances), but they also feel malice towards those from whom they steal, at the same time.

    Perhaps a solution for the other whites to reduce the proportion of the left is to make it so that the left leave the main group willingly, by being bribed to go – the main group can pay them to live together away from the others by designating certain regions as ‘free stuff’ zones where you can draw a wage for doing nothing provided you live in that region.

  34. The Golem
    The Golem says:

    The cardinal rule is to know thy enemy. To know one’s enemy is to truly understand his or its core nature, and that may take considerable time and effort to achieve. The enemy knows that if it’s true nature becomes known and understood it will be vulnerable to attack. It is for this reason that the enemy puts so much time and effort into concealing the true essence of its nature. For, the enemy knows instinctively, that once it’s true nature becomes known and understood, then it becomes predictable. And in war, and in politics as in this case, being predictable is guaranteed to eventually prove fatal. All successful attacks upon one’s enemy are built upon the principle of predictability. Fear of becoming predictable is what keeps military and political leaders awake at night. Once you know your enemy’s true nature you can start to make predictions about what he or it will do next; you can figure out with increased accuracy where the enemy will be next and when he is likely to arrive – and be there waiting when he does.
    Our enemy is not exempt from this universal law of conflict.
    Our enemy passes itself off as being one of us, but clearly that is not entirely true. The best that might be said of them is that they, like us, are Hominids; but that is where the similarities appear to end. Science does not yet know the full story, but it would appear that they have an altogether divergent mental nature to Homo Sapiens. This is not a unique situation. Sub-Saharan Africans would also qualify as a separate species if the normal rules of scientific taxonomy were objectively applied to them; but of course for political reasons they are not. And so it is with the enemy. Centuries of interbreeding have blurred the lines, but there is quite clearly something about them that is not quite right. They are different to us, not only do they look odd, but more importantly, they are mentally quite a different species to the average Homo Sapien. Being different to us means that there are some things that they do better than us and other things that we do better than them. They have higher intelligence than us in the area of linear reasoning, but not in spacial reasoning. Therefore, they can work out which sporting teams will make the most profitable investments within a given league, but they can’t play any of the games themselves with any real skill. They can calculate the mathematical trajectory of a football flying through the air, but if it comes to them they will most likely not be able to catch it. We are different. You need to study them closely. Observe them and learn. What I have learned about them is this:
    They can be reliably predicted to, in the majority of cases, not be able to turn down an opportunity for positive public adulation and an opportunity for positive public self promotion. It is almost as though at some deep instinctive level, their parasitic brain is hardwired to always take up any opportunity for positive public self-promotion. They can’t live without publicity and they tend not to be capable of turning down such opportunities.
    The other reliable predictor is, no surprises, a highly reliable level of predictability when it comes to ceasing upon economic opportunities. Again, it is as if they are hardwired at a primitive brain level to always bend down and pick up the nickel off the sidewalk. They seem incapable of walking past. Whereas there are many people who, for their own reasons, will not pick up that nickel.
    So, there’s two big predictors of how they will act in most cases. Know thy enemy.

  35. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    Picked up an interesting valuable piece this morning:

    The Thai Meteorological Department’s Automatic Weather Station reported that over 500 mm of rain fell between December 1 to 7 along the southern coast of the country.

    7? Note the 7? Dec. 1st to 7th. Why not 3rd to 10th lol or something odd like that but no its 1st to the 7th? HMMMMM?

    Does anybody really think this was just a work of nature? That there is in fact a hand moving this to happen? 1935 it was seven dust storms in the first 4 months of the year and now in 2016 – 2017 a la nina event of one week?

    It is unfortunate I don’t discipline myself to journal I depend on memory but if I did keep at least a weather journal it would be fascinating to record observe God at work. There is a pattern! I already know all this though and as one watches what is going on it never ceases to amaze.

    Far more serious however, is why? Start asking different kind of questions I’d say and throw in the garbage the nonsense that climate change is about industrial pollution.

    The lies? Do you enjoy being lied to? Eh?

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