Lessons from the Trumpistan Coup

Now that we’ve had the luxury of a few days to digest things, let’s take a look at the January 6th “event” in Washington and see what we can reasonably and logically conclude.  There is much that we don’t know, much that we can’t know, and yet much that is certain, or nearly so.  We need to take a moment to do some clear-headed and skeptical thinking about this whole event, to remain on solid footing, and to muster the courage to take the necessary subsequent actions.  The end result will be perhaps less ‘conspiratorial’ than some might hope for, and yet my conclusion, I think, will be more firmly justified than ever.

Let’s start with the “apparent reality.”  By all appearances, January 6 was a day of diverse protests, all of which focused on the election certification by Congress.  Authorities evidently planned for several hundred thousand people at various venues, representing related movements.  The semi-official “March to Save America” was joined by marches from other organizations like Women for America First, Stop the Steal, and (we are told) a number of renegade groups like The Proud Boys.  Around noon, “several thousand people” gathered at the Trump rally, which was then transformed into a mass protest action aimed directly at Congress.  By 1:15 pm, people had started to collect around the Capitol building.  Around 1:45, the first small group broke through the crowd-control fencing and were at the doors to the building.  This was, coincidentally, just about the time that the legislators had convened, in both the House and Senate, to begin their 2-hour debate on the objection to the Arizona delegate count.  By 2:30, Capitol police had begun to lock-down the building, and were warning congressmen and staffers to evacuate or shelter in place.  Within five minutes, protestors were in both the Rotunda (underneath the big dome) and in Statuary Hall, to the south; both areas, incidentally, are formally public spaces.  (The House chamber in the left wing, and the Senate chamber, in the right wing, are not public.)

Then things got ugly.  Around 3:15, Ashli Babbitt was shot and killed, evidently by a security guard.  Congressional offices were broken into and ransacked.  Protestors reached the entrances to the House and Senate chambers and were confronted by gun-wielding security men, barricaded on the inside.  Eventually some managed to actually enter the Senate chamber.  By 3:45, the Virginia National Guard were mobilized and on their way.  At 4:30, Trump issued his “we love you, go home” video on Twitter.  But by 5 pm, most of the excitement was over, and crowds began to disperse.  Most walked quietly out of the building; security cameras showed a few dozen subdued and sheepish-looking individuals making their way out, like a bunch of school kids heading back to their buses.  The building was more or less secure by 5:45 pm, and both Houses of Congress were able to resume work by 8 pm.  All in a day’s work.

Later we got the damage assessment:  five people dead, including the unfortunate Ms. Babbitt.  A security guard died after getting hit on the head by a pipe or fire extinguisher.  And three others died from “separate medical emergencies” apparently unrelated to the event.  Damage in and to the building was remarkably slight, especially for an “insurrection”—some windows broken, some offices ransacked, and a few minor items stolen.

The protest thus ended on a surprisingly calm note.  As I said, most people just calmly walked away, including many of those who “breached” the Capitol.  Most were gone by 5:30 or 6:00 when the building was finally secured by the late-arriving law enforcement.  Police and national guardsmen experienced little to no conflict, engaged in no shoot-outs, made no mass arrests, and put out no fires.  The relatively calm and peaceful description accords well with firsthand witnesses like Cat McGuire, who reported on “a polite, well-mannered crowd.”  Notably, she said, “I did not see a single visible weapon the entire time,” which aligns with my initial thoughts watching the event live on television.  Those who crashed the doors of the Capitol constituted “a relatively extremely small number” of people, many of whom, she conjectured, were “Antifa” types, serving as “agents provocateur” to cause trouble and give pro-Trump people, and Trump himself, a bad name.

And yet, our fine and objective media told a different story.  There was no ‘Antifa’ there at all, they said.  The crowd was an enraged White mob, directly incited by Trump, and hell-bent on death and destruction.  The event was, variously, a “coup,” an “insurrection,” or at minimum, “a riot.”  Protesters were “right-wing extremists” and even “domestic terrorists” who were attacking “the very basis of American democracy.”  Incredibly, they were also “anti-Semites” who “promoted the Holocaust.”  The Times of Israel informs us that “Holocaust-denying neo-Nazis [were] among the Trump supporters who stormed US Capitol.”[1]  CNN tells us that “the warning signs were clear: online posts from hate groups and right-wing provocateurs agitating for civil war, the deaths of top lawmakers and attacks on law enforcement.”  We also read that “the riot” was “even more violent than it first appeared.”  Indeed, “it could have been a massacre”—could have, but wasn’t.  Not even close.

A Dose of Reality

So what really was going on there?  We are immediately faced with multiple problems.  For the vast majority of us watching live, all information arrived filtered through the mass media.  The filters work differently depending on whether you watch MSNBC or Fox, but the filters are there all the same.  And we are stuck with them.  The only alternative would have been spontaneous reports from handheld protestor cellphones uploaded to social media; but at best, these portrayed a highly limited vantage point, from single individuals, who could not possibly have known what else was happening.  All that the typical viewer could see was relatively disconnected video clips and photos from outside and inside the building.  Who those people really were, and what their motives were, remain unknown.

Were there ‘Antifa’ members in the crowd?  Hard to say, if only because we really have no good idea who or what ‘Antifa’ is.  If we loosely define them as hardcore liberal leftists willing to engage in violence, then yes, it is highly likely that some such types were in the crowd.  But precisely how many, among the thousands, and what precisely they did, we will never know.

Was it an attempted coup?  The Atlantic certainly thinks so (see “This is a coup.”)  Was it an insurrection?  Do our simple-minded mass media personalities even know what they are talking about?  A ‘coup’ and an ‘insurrection’ are effectively synonymous, and are essentially equivalent to ‘rebellion’ and even ‘revolution’—all imply the violent overthrow of an existing government.[2]  Is that what happened on January 6?  Hardly.  Not even close.

Even a modicum of common sense tells us that this was no ‘coup,’ no ‘insurrection.’  The mob did not, and certainly could never have, dreamed of “overthrowing” anything, let alone the US government.  There was precisely zero chance of that happening, even if thousands of gun-totting militants managed to take the building.  They would have been talked out, starved out, or gassed out.  In the end, it would have been a suicide mission.  Only the most deluded idiot could ever have thought that he was going to Washington to “take over” the government.

So what was it?  From all accounts, it was, by and large, a rowdy mass pro-Trump rally that got further out of hand than most expected.  From everything I’ve seen so far, it was a mass protest—nothing more.  Partly planned, partly unplanned, but a mass protest nonetheless.

Mass protests generally have two distinct but intertwined goals:  1) to “make a statement,” and 2) to inflict a cost.  To state the obvious, mass protests occur because a group of people are unhappy about something, and they want something to change.  Change only occurs, in a large bureaucratic nation like ours, if a loud “message” is conveyed, or if the price of non-change becomes too high.  If thousands of Trump voters are mad as hell because they believe the election was stolen, and if they want to protest, they can either make their message heard and then hope for the best (not much hope there), or they can attempt to punish the thieves—that is, make them incur some cost for their malfeasance.

What did the mob achieve on Wednesday?  We already knew their message—Trump won the election, and it was stolen.  We know they have support across the country; even our biased media admit to some 74 million Trump voters, of whom 70% to 80% (depending on the poll) think the election was stolen.   But then what?  “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it.”  And then what?  The message is impotent.  It has no consequence.

If ‘the message’ was doomed to impotence, inflicting ‘a cost’ was much more tangible, and much more achievable.  By forcing their way into the Capitol building, a motivated and reasonably prepared mob could have caused tremendous damage.  If—and I stress the conditional here—if they wanted to inflict damage, they had a golden opportunity.  They had guns, presumably hidden, and far outnumbered the handful of guards.  Any firefight would have been over quickly, with the mob victorious.  Security guards, staffers, even congressmen would have been easy prey, for kidnapping, injury, or worse.  But this did not happen.

What about physical damage?  The Capitol building is ripe for destruction.  It is the beating heart of the Washington swamp, the symbol of all that is failed and corrupt about America.  Just imagine the destruction that could have been wrought by a mob run amok.  Fires alone could have caused massive damage.  Instead of putting his feet up on Pelosi’s desk and stealing her letterhead, Richard Barnett could have burned it to ashes.  But he preferred to scrawl a message for her, leave a quarter, and walk home; what a peaceful fellow.  Imagine the impact if multiple office fires had been set, all at once.  Smoke would have been pouring out of windows all around the building; now that would have been an image for the ages.  Firefighters would never have been able to reach the building, and the damage would have been immense.  Imagine if the actual House or Senate chambers had been torched.  That would have been a real cost, and a real message.  Instead, a couple of windows were broken; and legislators were back in those very rooms just three hours later, to resume “the peoples’ work.”

Therefore, no one—not the pro-Trumpers, not the hidden provocateurs—planned any real damage, or to inflict any real cost.  No one seriously contemplated it, no one planned it, and no one executed it.  This much is obvious.  The question is, why?  Was it all for show?  Were protestors “invited” inside, with authorities being quite confident that no real damage would occur?  But the show alone would be sufficient for those in power—sufficient to play it up as a ‘coup’ and ‘insurrection,’ and to further punish Trump and his mostly White followers.

Notice how congressmen, left and right, responded to the event.  All were indignant.  All were outraged.  All condemned the “senseless violence” of the crazed mob and the “attempted overthrow” of American democracy.  All of them:  left, right, and center; Democrat and Republican; Trump supporter or not.  All of them condemned it.

Again:  Why?  The answer here is clear: All congressmen, of all stripes, have a vested interest in sustaining the system, more or less in its current form.  This is obvious.  They are all ‘winners’ in the system.  It has made them all rich, famous, and powerful.  Yes, they fight for relative power and relative influence, but this is largely a sham.  The Republican-Democrat battles are only there to give the impression of real competition.  Instead, in reality, we have a deep and radical monopoly—a monopoly of pro-corporate, pro-capitalist, pro-war, pro-Israel, and pro-Jewish individuals.  On these things, they all agree.  I’ve been saying as much for many years:  We should focus not on what divides the two parties, but on what unites them.  This is far more revealing.

The Secession Option

Thus we see that the whole pretext for the protest was misconceived, and doomed to failure.  The die-hard Trump followers are largely self-deluded.  Trump was never really on their side, and could never be their savior.  He was never going to really help middle-class families or the working man.  At best, he would slightly delay the impending decay and collapse of the nation.  But he did it in such an appalling and incompetent manner, that it became a true farce.  He hired the most buffoonish and moronic aides imaginable—Rick Perry, Bill Barr, Mike Pompeo, Sonny Perdue, Betsy DeVos…bad jokes, at best.  And his many Jewish aides and confidantes, and his many concessions to Jewish and Israeli interests, betrayed his real concerns as president.

More than anything, Trump was a symbol:  a symbol of resistance, of defiance, and of an ‘in your face’ attitude.  But nothing more.  The Trump presidency was all show, no substance.  It was, and is, hardly worth dying over.

We have better options.  But we need to wake up to the cold, hard truth.  Here it is:  this nation is finished.  It’s done, over, functionally dead.  It operates on sheer momentum.  I pity those who think they can “save America.”  I pity folks like Ms. McGuire, in her noble but hopelessly naïve fixation on America, the Constitution, and patriotism.  These are all misplaced.  America was doomed from the start, with its foolish emphasis on a fictional ‘human equality’ and its early importation of thousands of Black Africans.  And then allow millions of European Jews to flood in between 1880 and 1920, and you are done—period.  A vast virgin landscape and a fortuitous turn of global events allowed us to become a “superpower” by the late twentieth century, but this offered no real protection from our internal decay.  It just made us more dangerous.

Anyone out there today who is waving a US flag, or face-painted red, white, and blue, or wearing a MAGA hat, is a fool or a dupe.  They are serving and sustaining a corrupt system.  They are agents of their own decline.  They have no conception of the reality of the government they are so dedicated to.  The system cannot be reformed, it cannot be fixed, and it cannot be resuscitated.  Any defense or loyalty to the system is guaranteed to be in vain.

But this does not mean all is lost.  Far from it.  People of good will, people who love ‘America,’ people who still value freedom and liberty—they have options.  Or rather, they have one viable option:  secession.  The multiracial American ‘nation’ of 330 million is finished, but millions can still have some semblance of a sane and rational government, one that truly serves their interests; but it can only come by breaking away, leaving the corrupt morass of Washington, and striking out independently.  There simply is no other feasible option.  To continue to live in the current political environment, with its now-likely permanent radical leftist and anti-White orientation, is to surrender one’s future, and that of your children and grandchildren.  It need not be so.

As I recently argued, there is indeed a strong moral and political case for secession today.  The 24 continental red states form a contiguous block, and could in principle secede en masse.  Large red-county chunks of adjoining states could join in as well.  But pragmatically, it would be best for individual states to break away first, beginning with the border states:  Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Montana, Idaho, and North Dakota.  If Florida could jettison its Jew-heavy Dade county around Miami, it would become deep red and could easily secede.

Then consider the battleground states up north.  Despite being classified as a blue state, Michigan makes a perfect case study for secession.  It was closely-divided, with Biden winning by just 150,000 votes; the outcome was tipped by Democrat-voting Blacks in the Detroit area.  Detroit’s Wayne County saw an excess of 330,000 votes for Biden.  Subtract the Detroit Black vote, and Michigan goes clearly for Trump.  Those same Blacks, incidentally, helped put Gretchen Whitmer into office in 2018.  Since then, she has proven herself a shill for the American Judeocracy.  Her first and only foreign “business development” trip was to Israel, and she consistently defends the Jewish-Democratic line on every issue.  If Michigan is to regain its political independence, Whitmer needs to be immediately and forcibly removed, along with her incompetent and unqualified Black lieutenant governor Garlin Gilchrist, her Jewish-lesbian AG Dana Nessel, and her SPLC-loving, White-hating secretary of state Jocelyn Benson.

A Detroit-less and Whitmer-less Michigan is a near-ideal secession state.  They are a border state.  They have plenty of arable land and limitless water.  And by ditching black Wayne County, the state is around 92% White.  With over 9 million industrious and well-educated Whites, Michigan could be a stunning success as an independent nation.

We know that secession is a real solution—the only real solution—by the way that our media discuss the topic.  The demonizing of the largely peaceful and impotent protestors as “insurrectionists” shows that the slightest whiff of revolt sends our media into a tizzy.  And for good reason.  They all know that their power, their wealth, and their prestige rest on a large and semi-coherent mass of people, 330 million strong, that more or less serve their interests.  If that mass shrinks, they lose—no ifs, ands, or buts.

And by ‘media,’ I mean all media.  Consider what our beloved Tucker Carlson had to say, speaking at the beginning of his show on the very first day after the protest:

Political violence begets political violence.  That is an iron law that never changes.  We have to be against that, no matter who commits the violence or under what pretext, no matter how many self-interested demagogues assure us the violence is justified or necessary.  We have a duty to oppose all of this, not simply because political violence kills other people’s children, but because in the end it doesn’t work.

No good person will live a happier life because [Ashli Babbitt] was killed in a hallway of the Capitol today.  So our only option, as a practical matter, is to fix what is causing this in the first place.  You may have nothing in common with the people on the other side of the country—increasingly, you probably don’t—but you’re stuck with them.  The idea that groups of Americans will somehow break off into separate peaceful nations of like-minded citizens is a fantasy.  That will not happen.  There is no such thing as ‘peaceful separation’; there never has been, and there won’t be.

The two hemispheres of this country are inseparably intertwined, like conjoined twins.  Neither can leave without killing the other.  As horrifying as this moment is, we have no option but to make it better, to gut it out.

What a buffoon.  What a dupe.  We can only hope that they held a gun to his head to make him spout such nonsense.  Carlson cleverly dismisses the whole concept of secession without even allowing the dreaded word to cross his lips.  In terms of substance, he is flat-out wrong:  There have been several peaceful secessions around the world in recent decades.  Violent secession has indeed succeeded many times in history—not the least, in 1776.  And his stupid analogy of “conjoined twins” fails miserably; twins are successfully separated all the time.  Yes, it takes risk and “violence” in the form of the surgeon’s knife, but such is life.  The same is true politically.  Even if it came to the dreaded “violence,” so be it.  Nothing great in this world has been won without effort and sacrifice.

Prospects for the Future

Without large-scale secession, things look bleak indeed.  Anti-White, pro-Jewish policies will be enacted at a rapid rate.  Biden’s Jewish team continues to expand; his previous appointments—Tony Blinken, Avril Haines, Ron Klain, Alejandro Mayorkas, and Janet Yellen—were supplemented by another key pick:  the Jew Merrick Garland, who was quietly designated US attorney general amidst the January 6 uproar.  We can anticipate what is to come:  Gun rights, pro-life laws, and freedom of speech and press will all come under withering attack.  Ultra-liberal immigration and citizenship laws will significantly darken the American complexion.  Overseas, the war against Israel’s enemies will resume unchallenged.  Anyone dissenting from the pro-Jewish line will be branded as a domestic terrorist.

It is important to realize that secession anywhere is a gain everywhere.  If, say, Texas alone decided to secede and take its 30 million people with it, that would yield a huge decline in power for the remaining Judeocracy.  They would have less clout, less income, less territory, and less authority.  A successful Texas Republic could also make a great role model, leading others to opt out.  Then the whole corrupt system would begin to unravel.

Patriots!  White nationalists!  Labor unionists!  College students!  Fundamentalist Christians!  Now is the time to set aside your differences and work toward the only thing that matters—independence.  If you don’t have political sovereignty, you have nothing.  Otherwise, everything will get worse for you.  Workers can expect the capitalist globalist Jews to accelerate the process of shipping their jobs overseas.  Christians can expect their Christian values to be crushed by an ever-expanding Jewish secular materialism.  Anti-war advocates can expect increasing conflicts in the Middle East and around the world.  Unless you happen, by sheer luck, to align with liberal-Jewish objectives, your cause is lost.  Focus now on what matters.  With an independent nation-state, you at least have a chance to realize your values and your dreams.  As things stand now, you will surely suffer defeat.

Forget about Washington.  Forget about Trump.  Forget about ‘America.’  These are diversionary conflicts that you are bound to lose.  Focus instead on the local, the tangible, and the achievable:  a local or state-level independence movement.

America was born in secession.  It’s in our blood.  It’s in our DNA.  Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Madison, Franklin—all secessionists in their heart of hearts.  Were they alive today, they would be leading the charge to separate from the corrupt and irredeemable Judeocracy in Washington.  Any true ‘American patriot’ today should honor their legacy, and do the same.

People of the United States!  It is time to become the people of the divided states.  Do something real.  Do something that matters.  Secede.  Now.

Thomas Dalton, PhD, has authored or edited several books and articles on politics, history, and religion, with a special focus on National Socialism in Germany.  His works include a new translation series of Mein Kampf, and the books Eternal Strangers (2020), The Jewish Hand in the World Wars (2019), and Debating the Holocaust (4th ed, 2020).  For all his works, see his personal website www.thomasdaltonphd.com.



[1] One man was photographed wearing a “Camp Auschwitz” tee-shirt.  Heaven forbid.

[2] A ‘coup’ is usually distinguished from the other terms by the fact that it is performed by a relatively small group of individuals.


74 replies
  1. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    Secession is the answer.

    And, let us remember this about our enemies: they need us. We do not need them.

  2. John
    John says:

    If the Left/DemoRats/Antifa/Blacks/LGBTQ really cared about riots and other mayhem, they would have denounced and prevented those ugly events last year.

    Instead, these cretins enabled and even approved of them, either explicitly or implicitly.

    The Seattle mayor called the Chaz occupation by cretins (with 2 murders) a “Summer of Love,” and Nancy Pelosi said “people will do what they do” when asked about the toppling of statues by mobs.

    These loathesome individuals should form a new political party called either the Cretin Party or the Unpatriotic Party.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      Thanks for not using the appendage ‘community’ after LGBTQ. I really get tired of them hijacking the term, as if it belongs to them and no one else.

  3. David
    David says:

    Great article! I remember my girlfriend finding your website after she bought On The Jews and Their Lies. Good to see you writing here

  4. Lucius Vanini
    Lucius Vanini says:

    Kudos for putting quotation marks around “American ‘nation’.” Except in its early stages, when all its citizens were Euro-American and particularly of British lineage, the USA has never been a nation–something which requires immensely more homogeneity, consanguinity, than a multiracial land can represent….

    What does a Mississippi negro have in common with a New York Jew, a Santa Fe Navajo with a Minnesota Swedish-American?

    No, the USA has for many generations been an EMPIRE comprehending many nations–it is not itself a nation, any more than the Soviet Union was. Hopefully Euro-Americans can, with the help of the escalating balkanization now occurring, secede and form one or more ethno-states, because the author seems right: the USA is dead as a Euro-friendly political/territorial entity.

  5. Some White Guy
    Some White Guy says:

    They have silenced the President of the United States. They will not let any state secede.

    There most certainly were proven antifa/blm in the Congress “riot”. The guy with the horns? He is a paid actor, with a website. Two guys on either side of him in one staged photo? Both shown in photos at antifa/blm riots, one has a hammer and sickle tattoo on his hand (so MAGA of him!). The smarmy little black guy near Ashli Babbit when she was shot? He is a known blm activist, replete with a website calling for the removal of President Trump. The list goes on and on.

    The “riot” inside the Congress building was staged so that the American public did not hear any testimony about election fraud. Rudy Guiliani did a pretty good video depicting the staged part of the “riot” with hard evidence the other day and JewTube immediately pulled it down.

    Our country is occupied by a bunch of evil whores, as are all Western nations. They are currently in the process of letting us all know there is not a damn thing we can do about it. Step out of line and each will be unpersoned – removal from your job, unable to travel freely, removed from communication platforms, no access to banking. If they can do it to the President of the United States, they can do it to any one of us.

    • bruno
      bruno says:

      You’ve said plenty in a few words. Hats off to you. Dr. Dalton also deserves plenty of credit. He’s very brave, but I wish he’d be a wee bit more diplomatic.

      Who would have ever thought we’d evolve into a “community” that slanders and assaults just about everything pertaining to Euroman?

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      Places like Infowars and NaturalNews are asking why charges were dropped against BLM and Antifa rioters, but are being pressed against the Capitol rioters. The answer: they aren’t. The Capitol rioters have been detained just long enough to make headlines, then also released. Why? Because, like the BLM and Antifa rioters, it was all staged. They are all actors, on both sides. The year-long project has been to create division and foment hatred between blacks and whites, men and women, and red and blue. The reason: to keep your eyes of the real bad guys—the bankers and other billionaires and trillionaires actually causing all the problems. It reminds me of when I was a kid, and the jerky older brother of one of my best friends in the neighborhood decided he wanted to see us fight. So he told my friend I had said nasty things about him, and told me the same thing. I didn’t buy it, but my friend did. He wasn’t so smart. It didn’t cause an actual fight, since I didn’t buy in, but it did ruin our friendship. He ended up setting our fence on fire, and got in big trouble for that. The point being that sowing dissension is a great way to divert attention away from yourself. If you want eyes off yourself, get those around you fighting one another. They will forget all about you. This has been the go-to trick of (((the Phoenicians))) for thousands of years. They learned it way back in the dawn of time, and it has worked wonders for them over the millennia, since people are stupid and almost always fall for it. I suggest you wise up and quit falling for it.


  6. Susie Q
    Susie Q says:

    You are telling me that I should secede from the US. Hmmm?

    My ancestors shed some serious blood in the Union Army during the US Civil War to preserve the Union. Should I denigrate their memory for no reason?

    I suspect that the owner of this website probably had ancesters that served in the Union Army also, I know this because he is from Wisconsin.

    I don’t believe that you know enough about American history to be able to accurately asses the latest clown show that took place in Washington.

    How does this nonsense article help working class people?

    I work with white welfare recipients.

    You have not a clue how welfare is structured to pit the “worthy” poor against the working poor, or how it is deliberately designed to prevent labor movements.

    This is why when you see such useless movements as the fight for the $15 minimum wage …I know that this will never succeed because millions of the working poor would be thrown off Medicaid, or they would have their work hours reduced in order to continue to qualify for Medicaid .

    A Universal Healthcare system would automatically eliminate wage caps on workers at the bottom and it would make jobs more competitive in terms of the hourly wage.

    This is why when Covid-19 put Universal Healthcare front and center during an election year, the powers that be, who profit from such very low wage labor, dispatched professional protesters from organizations such as BLM to riot and distract the public from serious issues.

    Race is not a serious issue in the US. It is used only to distract the public and divide people.

    Focus on uniting people on a serious issue such as Universal Healthcare.

    Why should my employer or the state or the federal government tell me how many hours I need to work or not work in order to qualify for healthcare?

    All this talk about Liberty. Please define what Liberty is to people who work jobs!

    • gT
      gT says:

      Men build roads.
      Men build bridges.
      Men build houses.
      Men build cities.
      Men build civilizations.
      Woman build the home.

      Well, not all men can build all of those to the desired quality, from a human biodiversity perspective, but women only build the home. So women should only concern themselves with matters concerning the home, and not with matters concerning roads, bridges, houses, cities or civilizations.

      Your ancestors, both male and female, would agree with me.

      • Alexa
        Alexa says:

        Dear gT,
        Yes and no. Do not belittle the true meaning of “building a home”. When done properly, “building a home” (including raising DECENT children, keeping that home intact, etc) is no less important than any of the other things you mentioned. It truly puzzles me that, as a society, we’ve forgotten it. Perhaps we’ve been too comfortable, too wealthy – as a larger group – for too long for our own good.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          Catholic theology maintains that the family is the basic unit of a civilization . Accordingly , women are traditionally supposed to be the dominant home builders ( not house builders ) such as in India ; and men are supposed to be the dominant builders of the infrastructures needed for assembling the basic family units into larger civilizational entities .

          Politics is predominantly an infrastructure activity and mostly only coincidental to home building .

          Women did not kill the USA . The unfortunate lack of foresight and intelligence by religious and political men/women to correctly expound appropriate limitations on the religious and political ambitions of men/women killed the USA beginning no later than women’s outsized role in abolitionism prior to the US Civil War .

    • Brian
      Brian says:

      I don’t like your comment. There is a serious problem here and you can’t see the forest for the trees.

      • gT
        gT says:

        Lets investigate who looks but does not see shall we.

        First off, the people in the streets are impoverished because most of the manufacturing and production jobs have been shipped off to China. It was planned during Soviet times to undercut the West’s production with cheaper production in order to bring down the West, but it fell to China to carry out that task because the Russians were more interested in vodka than Communism. The solution therefor is to bring back most of the manufacturing and production jobs back from China, irrespective of the consequences. Secondly, too many immigrants have been allowed into the States, so depriving its prior inhabitants of work. Something needs to be done about the immigrants. The whole socio-economic war effort against the man in the street in the West needs to be tackled head on.

        Then there is the problem of State largesse going to everyone instead of just to deserving citizens. Freeloaders deserve nothing and should be put in front of a firing squad when they turn to crime to support their unsustainable lifestyles.

        As many others have said, the only constant is change. So at times while consolidation might be necessary, at other times secession is the only solution. The need of these times is for secession because honest folk cannot reside in the same house as crooks.

        Lastly but not least, secession means war. Only in the Hollywood GI Jane movies does war involve women in the front lines.


    • Junghans
      Junghans says:

      “Race us not a serious issue in the US.” What a ludicrous statement, if there ever was one! I Don’t know why she is even at this site, but May I suggest that that this person pay an extended visit to the American Renaissance website for a little racial enlightenment.

    • Curmudgeon
      Curmudgeon says:

      Full disclosure – I am a Canadian. At the time of Kennedy’s assassination I was politically naive to think US politics did not impact Canadian politics. I have relatives in the US, and have traveled in the US more times than I could ever hope count.
      I agree with virtually all of your assessment, but I do not believe you have touched on “why”. From my earliest recollections of going for a weekend to the US with friends in the mid 60s, I believe the overwhelming majority of “normal” Americans, are genuinely good people. I’m not talking about the sociopaths of all colours that seemed/seem to exist in relatively large numbers. They are, however, prone to seeing everything in absolute terms. If you are unionized, you are a commie trying to take over the company. If you are in favour of universal health care, you are a commie trying to take away my 2nd amendment rights. If you own a gun legally, you are a neo-Nazi looking to shoot Blacks. If you question military spending and foreign wars, you aren’t a “patriot”, with a capital P. People are elevated to hero status in an instant, or turned into villains just as quickly. Only the US way of doing things is correct, everyone else is wrong. There seems to be no concept of context or middle ground. This infiltrates the American psyche at all levels.
      I understand being proud of your country and its accomplishments which is an admirable trait most Americans used to have, often to excess.
      The problem, as I see it, is the bait and switch done by the people who really rule the US, not the temporary actors hired to sit in Congress or the White House. The real issue is lost by amplification of a non-issue.
      Unions across North America and Europe have been warning about de-industrialisation for more than 40 years. In the US, anything coming out of the unions is commie propaganda, and it’s the union’s fault the employer shipped all the jobs overseas. When union leaders, like Cesar Chavez openly opposed illegal immigration, understanding that all of the gains made by his members were in jeopardy, he became invisible. Even Ross Perot warning about the job loss that would come with NAFTA was blown off. Lee Iacocca warning about the ridiculous health insurance costs to US automakers and noting all auto-making competitor nations had an economic advantage because all had some form of universal coverage, was met with a yawn. But, I digress.
      Canada had its own populist leader, a conservative, whose party was elected in 1957 with the largest majority in Canadian history. He was mildly nationalist, and wanted a more independent foreign and economic policy. He was undermined at every turn by party insiders and government officials, who were linked to financial and US interests, and vilified by the Liberals and the media. He was gone by April 1963. His legacy, usurped by the Liberal Party, was ordering a commission to study universal health care. Its recommendations were hugely popular and became the basis for the Canadian system that was (not currently is).
      In some ways, watching the circus in the US over the past 4 years has mirrored what took place here 60 years ago. What strikes me is the crassness of the attacks for the last 4 years. The media bias and magnification of ridiculous narratives plays right into the American “no middle ground” psyche. The middle ground which is real nationalism, not the flag waving, fridge magnet variety seen (((Western liberal democracies))) today will never be allowed to succeed.

      • Kilo 4/11
        Kilo 4/11 says:

        I have scouted Canadian sites all over the spectrum and can find no answer to one simple question: Was Gabriel Wortman a Jew? Do you know the answer?

    • Peter
      Peter says:

      “I don’t believe that you know enough about American history to be able to accurately assess the latest clown show that took place in Washington.

      How does this nonsense article help working class people?”

      “Race is not a serious issue in the US.”

      I think it is you that does not know enough. There is a train around the bend heading right for you but you don’t see it. In 1965 the US had a population about 85-90% White, about 10% Black and a few percent Other races. In 1865 I would bet the White population was over 90% White. Now, the US population is about 65% White. In the last 55 years the White percentage of the population has decreased by about 20%, maybe a little more. Some analysts predict the White population will drop below 50% in the next few decades and many powerful people in the US are working very hard to make that happen (with immigration) and saying those that oppose it are racist. Are those that oppose non-White immigration racist or those that want it, which will eventually make Whites a small percentage of the US population racist? I think you are new to this website and that is why you don’t know the answer points to the latter being the case.

      What do you think your ancestor fighting in the Union Army would think if he was alive today? I think he might be shocked, as my parents would be if they were still alive and visited the European country they grew up in, which used to be over 99% White (virtually all of the same ethnicity too) and has been completely transformed since 1945.


      Both of the speakers in this video are Jewish.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Why should my employer or the state or the federal government tell me how many hours I need to work or not work in order to qualify for healthcare?

      The answer doesn’t matter, Susie, because you are asking the wrong question. Your question or any other that assumes that there is something healthful, wise, or even credible about socialized medicine—which is primarily yet another enrichment scheme for Jews, not a health-care-delivery system for the sick, the injured, and the elderly—is founded on a false premise.

      Instead, you should be doing your utmost first to awaken your white clients to the destructiveness of the so-called welfare system and then to help them break free of it.

      The bottom line is that there is no such thing as a free lunch, whether one supports or opposes a secession movement.*
      *I oppose it. Without a plan of action at least comparable to the one developed for the D-Day assault of June 1944, the movement will go nowhere, and the inevitable attendant loss of life will have nothing to show for it.

      • Al Ross
        Al Ross says:

        Perhaps the real American question is ‘ How many people have got on in life working a mere 40 hour week ?’

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          During the first half of my working life, I seldom worked as many as thirty hours a week. During the remainder, I seldom worked fewer than fifty. In neither case, and with none but myself to support, could I be said to have “gotten on” in any recognizable sense of that term. Thus, how many people do get on or have ever gotten on via working forty hours is a question I leave to better-qualified others to answer.

    • Hitler is our pal
      Hitler is our pal says:

      I’m a White person. Look at me, I’ve got universal Healthcare! Yippee!
      I’m a hated scapegoat in the country my ancestors founded. One of the new kulaks. An unperson trying to survive in a low IQ, mixed race sea of ugliness, degeneracy, and cultural rot. My crime was being born White. But I’ve got universal Healthcare to save me! Yippee!

  7. pterodactyl
    pterodactyl says:

    “The answer here is clear: All congressmen, of all stripes, have a vested interest in sustaining the system, more or less in its current form.”

    Assuming they allow more elections at all, will they be free and fair enough in four years for high-energy Trump to win? (After overturning any false impeachment).

    The spotlight now on voter fraud will perhaps limit the ability of the Dems & RINOs to repeat their recent fraud using the same tricks. I wonder if a Trump victory would be possible in the event of a huge majority of whites voting for him, after learning a four-year lesson about life under proper socialism, instead of the current pathetic 60-65% or whatever it is now of whites voting for white-interest and the rest voting against themselves, and also taking into account the extra Dem voters that the Dems will now import from the 3rd world.

    PS can anyone recommend other bookshops apart from Amazon that sell Kevin MacDonald’s books as I hate to give trade to tax-dodging Amazon that withdrew their servers from Parler?

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Recommendation 1. Go to the the Bookfinder website. Type “MacDonald” and the specific title in the appropriate spaces, and then tap Enter. The options from that point on are self-explanatory.

      Recommendation 2. Get the ISBN numbers for KM’s books either from the Bookfinder site or from Amazon. Then use each ISBN as a search term at eBay. A great many of his books turn up there from time to time. (Hint: use the ISBN-10 rather than the ISBN-13 and try searching both with and without a hyphen after the first three digits.)

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        Thank you Pierre. I do not mind buying a new book for a bit extra rather than a second hand one on ebay, as it is a way of donating. In fact one way a site like TOO can raise money is to ‘branch out’ and sell a down loadable book for $50, say, on ebay, and one that is not even political, perhaps about human migration in prehistoric times.

  8. tadzio
    tadzio says:

    The Capital Police is an agency arm of Congress. It does not report to or take orders from the President. The senior official of Congress is the Speaker of the House. Pelosi bears direct responsibility for the breakdown of order. She first blocked protesters from the public areas of the Capital. This was not done during the Kavanaugh hearings when lawmakers were harassed and threatened. After the Trump rally her police then let in an unruly mob. Possibly to create a highly charged video op.

    The security breach was exaggerated and mostly a non-event. No statues were smashed, no fires were lit. This was is contrast to the burning of cities by BLM, civil violence that Pelosi and Schumer took a knee to support in the very Hall the Trump supporters entered. Who more greatly dishonored the Republic? The so-called mob or the leaders of the Democrat party. The events of the other day did not occur without a context.

    The Capital Police force has quadrupled and more in the last 25 years. Its remit is about the same, There are 2,300 doughnut munchers.at an annual cost of $460,000,000.00. That is $200,000.00 per lard bottomed mall cop. Either they could not do the job, did not do the job or obeyed Pelosi. Take you choice. I do not know, but am tending towards the third explanation. When you overstaff, and overpay all you get is toadies, cowards and when needed agents provocateurs’. On a lighter note here is a depiction of the Commander of the Capital Police’s mounted division: https://www.gocomics.com/wizardofid/2021/01/09 .

  9. Todd Hupp
    Todd Hupp says:

    Two WV school bus drivers who attended the protest but did NOT enter the building were fired.They are suing the BOE which will be an interesting case.

  10. When Did OO become a Trumphumper fan site?
    When Did OO become a Trumphumper fan site? says:

    When did OO descend into basic Trumphumping? Also, a few weeks ago there was an article on this site championing “white resistance.” Are you guys descending into advocacy of violence? Sick stuff.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        A blast from the past! The long-gone Fifth Avenue Korvette’s had one of the best-stocked classical record departments in NYC and by far the best prices. (This was before the Tower Records phenomenon revolutionized LP and CD marketing until it succumbed in turn to Amazon.) More than fifty books on my shelves were bought from their book department, including my hardbound Latin-English and German-English dictionaries, which I picked up for two or three dollars apiece during the clearance sale on the last day the store was open.

        If I had such pleasant memories of other Jewish rackets, perhaps I’d feel less delight in the news of the passing of Sheldon Adelson from the scene.

        As for the Biden cabinet: only eight Jews! Why so few?

  11. Sam J.
    Sam J. says:

    “…this nation is finished…”


    “…they have one viable option: secession…There simply is no other feasible option…”

    This is not true. I can’t say that you are “one of those”, and don’t necessarily think you are, but there is a massive direct push from the deep State to start a civil war that will result in mass deaths. After all if you can get these yahoos to kill each other off it saves you a lot of trouble. Anyone reading this, just think about that for a moment. Think about it. Sure it sounds nice “we’ll just Secede” but do you in a million years believe that this will not start armed conflict? Do you? It’s difficult to imagine it would not. Pulling a number out of my ass I bet it would be over 90% that there would be a civil war and after it starts it will be impossible to stop unless one side or the other is defeated. Do you imagine that the other side will not call in the Chinese to genocide us? They have the coast and could move massive amounts of men and material in and we couldn’t do anything about it. The deep State would call in all it’s chips from every single country it controlled and they would slaughter us. I think we would lose. Badly.

    I believe very strongly that pushing the civil war is gas-lighting by the Jews. They want it bad. If they get it they can call in Chinese and they will take over our country flood in and displace us.

    So any talk of succession means most likely armed conflict which you are calling for and it will be nasty, brutal and to the knife. Extremely awful. Civil wars are horrendous killing off massive numbers of people who want not a damn thing to do with any of the major instigators.

    I simply ask if you are for armed conflict why waste your time shooting a bunch of yahoos?

    Are there other steps. Yes. Including the above.

    Get rid of the voting machines and demand real legal accurate voting. If you want to focus hate and violence do it on those that want to stop honest voting not some asshole they drafted.

    For some reason I can not discern Whites have a tendency to prop us some wild assed super solution(let’s Secede) instead of trying to slog away at a problem. This mental attitude is very handy at times and especially technical problems but what the Jews do, and is more successful, is they whittle away as the niches and crannies of a society to gain power. We should do the same.

    With enough pressure, of all sorts, it is possible to have real voting. We still have enough votes to change society IF we can get people who are not deep State. That means never vote for anyone who has ever held office or any lawyers at the least.

    How have they taken over our country? I can tell you simply. It comes from a Supreme court decision that took away regional representation in the Senates of all the States (just like the Senate is regional in the federal government) and based States Senatorial representation solely on population. This of course gave out sized power to the cities. That can be changed. With an over 50% vote the Congress can tell the Courts that they screwed up and that we will go back to the way it was.

    If this happened it would immediately take away power from the cities which power has been concentrated in more and more since the first civil war. We must counter act that. Senators with rural representation would never in a million years allow all this bullshit to go on that has been going on. They would impeach the governor. It would probably not get out of hand in the beginning because Governors would know this. There would never be any more gun control laws because they couldn’t get them passed through the rural controlled Senate.

    It was only a few States that totally cheated. Most did not. Those States that did not are pissed and the people in them are pissed. Making it ONE BIG ISSUE, real votes, could get this passed and the rest could follow. The States that cheated could be forced, through armed contact if necessary, to implement real voting. That would not bring in other countries to murder us. Too weak a reason to risk getting in a war with the US

    I’m not saying this will happen right away but even the most left crazy commie doesn’t want his vote stolen. They’re mad too. We could combine with them on this one issue and seeing as how these assholes think they now can run the country how they want with no interference they will…fuck everything up and make life unbearable for everyone. The left, the right, the independent, everyone. They will fuck everything up and run right off the rails. When that comes we can get honest voting and the rest will follow.

    The second choke point is the Supreme court, once again, voted that you couldn’t have any voting requirements in the States. We can change that.

    Change the vote so you have to pay taxes or have a high school diploma, it doesn’t matter what just that you have some sort of life without the State caring for you.

    The third choke point. Once again the idiot courts have ruled that corporations are people so they can give as much money to politicians as they want. First of all Congress can tell the courts to fuck off and not make any more rulings on this and change it but there’s a better way. Make corporations “choose” they are people or they are corporations. If they choose people they can give money but get no corporate tax breaks and they lose limited liability for the corporate officers. They won’t like that. Means when they blow up a plant and kill of people they can be charged. . They pay what a person does. If they choose corporation then they carry on as now but no money for politicians.

    You do these three things and good things will follow. Of course you don’t get to wave flags around and shoot at people but you’re not likely to be shot yourself so there is that.

    Here’s the relevant constitutional passages.


    “…In all the other cases before mentioned, the Supreme Court shall have appellate jurisdiction, both as to law and fact, with such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make…”

    “…with such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make…”

    The important part. The earlier part declares what powers they have but it ends with control of these functions by Congress. Congress could tell them to butt out of any stupid overbearing rulings. They could do that with with lots of stuff they keep ramming down our throats. They could be stuck with only deciding water rights cases between States if they push too hard to twist the Constitution to death.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      Thank you Sam J. Best comment at this point (1/13 -a.m.); 2nd best by Tadzio. Organized political pressure is the best way to go and targeting voting machines is dead on. Great place to start. Trump could help with that. Trump IS the right person to rally around, which would allow us to keep a powerful base with which to fight back. It’s better to fight back with BRAINS rather than braun or guns. Stay focused on what’s most important. That’s how the Jews do it. Unfortunately, we’re shorter on brains than keyboard ‘White Nationalists’ want to admit. It’s better to identify as Patriots than as Whites. Way better.

      I’d also like to say that anyone who won’t identify themself should not be taken seriously or followed. It’s understandable that they won’t, but they’re only talkers, not doers. We need doers and organizers. Real people taking real, INTELLIGENT action. We are not powerless at this point and “they” know it. It’s Donald Trump who shows us by his example: Never give up, never acknowledge defeat. And never apologize! He’s been invaluable.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      Sam: “Change the vote so you have to pay taxes or have a high school diploma,”
      You must be referring to after 4 years time if a Trump-type wins?

      Sam: “Civil wars are horrendous killing off massive numbers of people who want not a damn thing to do with any of the major instigators.”

      This implies that these white people are being dragged into the war and are not responsible for it, when surely they are the ones who actually caused it, or at least half of them did, the half who voted for politicians who never hid their support for third-world mass immigration over the decades, which means all Dem voters and all Rep voters who voted for immigration-loving RINOS. This is the cause of all their problems.

      In the end the only thing that matters is, will a significant proportion of whites now switch from watching CNN and being against themselves, into realising that they will have to change their attitude very significantly and stop betraying their own people, and stop being loyal to the anti-whites. If there is a significant shift in white thinking from being anti-self to pro-self, then nothing can stop them taking full control, as they are still the majority, and will be joined in voting for a Trump-type candidate by other groups who see whites as allies.

      • Sam J.
        Sam J. says:

        “…This implies that these white people are being dragged into the war and are not responsible for it, when surely they are the ones who actually caused it, or at least half of them did, the half who voted for politicians…”

        This is silly. So someone votes for the left thinking they get to smoke weed legally or a crack at a guaranteed wage and you say they should be murdered?

        Everyone on the left is not antifa, nor is everyone who voted for Trump a Nazi.

        • pterodactyl
          pterodactyl says:

          Sam – Despite their general lack of political awareness, every single voter in the US knew that the Dems favour more 3rd world immigration than the Reps, I do not think this point is disputed, although your point is valid as far as it being hard to distinguish a patriotic Republican from a RINO.

          It was the same in Canada, France, Britain – all the voters including the least aware of politics, they all knew which party was most anti-immigration and none of these parties won last time – especially true of Le Pen vs Macron, where in this case it was neck and neck so no excuse like ‘I did not want to vote for a small party going nowhere’.

          In Britain there was only one significant anti-immigration party, UKIP and the ppl shunned them, so once again, we have open borders.

          If a person votes Dem for more cannabis or welfare whilst knowing that he is are also voting for more mass immigration from the third world, then this person IS voting for all the problems associated with mass immigration – including civil war and has no right to say ‘the war has nothing to do with me, I did not vote for it.’

          It is the same in Britain. All the time we hear ‘We were never asked if we wanted mass immigration’ – but this is completely untrue – for decades the ppl could have voted to stop it all and reverse it – but they CHOSE not to. All white countries’ misery has been fully endorsed by the majority in free and fair elections, with politicians never hiding their love of immigration. A few sentences are uttered near an election eg Prime Minister Cameron said ‘we will reduce it’ – but then he increased it and STILL got reelected.

          Kevin MacDonald in his latest book says a bit about logic not applying to human behaviour.

          • Sam J.
            Sam J. says:

            “…Kevin MacDonald in his latest book says a bit about logic not applying to human behaviour…”

            You have amplified and reiterated exactly the point I made. That not all or even most of these people have thought out the consequences. Civil wars are always awful. It unleashes a lot of savage humans who would have been constrained and gives them the freedom to kill and torture as many people as they like. It’s not all about the left. I had a more detailed answer on this idea but it was canned.

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            …” for decades the ppl could have voted to stop it all and reverse it – but they CHOSE not to. All white countries’ misery has been fully endorsed by the majority in free and fair elections, with politicians never hiding their love of immigration. ”

            Here is a major problem with democratic elections ( notwithstanding the controversy over “free and fair elections” ) :

            Most people are sheeple whom have these three salient characteristics ___
            1) sheeple are normally politicly naive
            2) sheeple are normally politicly gullible
            3) sheeple are normally cowardly .

            Moreover , sheeple normally have a prey-like mentality and normally are not much interested in defending any territory . Properly speaking , prey animals normally by far do not defend anything — they run away . Sheeple care mostly about personal safety and personal security . Most sheeple actually do not much care about national security nor national defense and are normally too naive to connect those dots to their own safety and security . Sheeple normally have a very low level of political intelligence ; and most voters are sheeple .

  12. Leif
    Leif says:

    You speak as though “preserving the Union” was a good thing.
    Your misguided ancestors helped cause the death of 600,000 men on both sides of the Civil War.
    Shame on you, and them.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Your first name allows the presumption, that you are Nordic, perhaps Swedish.

      After the initial Swedish early participation in the pan- European Thirty Years War
      [ 1618- 1648 ], around 600,000 perished, just as with the Civil War estimate.

      How does that color your take on your own ancestors ?.

  13. Eric
    Eric says:

    I love the idea of secession, but it’s a non-starter. The elite oligarchs who control every single institution in the United States — including the intelligence agencies, the police and the military — won’t allow it. They will squash it like a bug. Then a new “Reconstruction” will take place that makes the one that happened in the South after the Civil War look like a picnic.

    The only circumstance under which secession would be realistic would be in the aftermath of a total collapse of the entire system — which may well happen. There could be a nuclear war. There could be an economic collapse like the hyperinflation in Germany during the Weimar Republic. There could a real plague — unlike the fake COVID -19 — that kills tens of millions.

    Go ahead and plan, by all means, for secession if one of those things happens. But otherwise, forget it.

    So what can we do? I would say focus on the only thing that 1) has ever united White people (politics sure hasn’t) and that 2) can gain White people allies among non-White people.

    That “one thing” is Christianity.

    Let’s go back in history. What we see is one great civilization after the other falling: Egypt, Babylon, Persia, Rome, Greece. All of those civilizations contain large numbers of Jews. The Jews survived; those pagan civilizations did not.

    Then Rome became Christian. While the Rome itself — filled with Jews — did fall around 470 A.D., the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantium) survived. It survived because it did not allow Jews influence or power. It only fell 1,000 years later thanks to an invasion by Muslims. But even then, it was able to survive in Russia.

    In a sense, you could say that Christian Rome never fell. It lives on in the form of Orthodox Christianity in Russia.

    It underwent a terrible period of persecution under Jewish-led Communism. But when the Soviet Union dissolved, the Orthodox Church reemerged, stronger than ever. Jews are still a problem in Russia, to be sure. But not nearly as much as they are in the United States.

    In the meantime (going back in history), Christianity took hold among the Germanic tribes who sacked Rome. For a thousand years, Western Europeans were united as Christians. The Church’s social doctrine created both unity and prosperity. Europeans learned how to work, and the result was the greatest civilization ever created.

    Unlike the pagans of Greece and Rome, European Christians did not enslave each other. All European Christians were regarded as God’s children. The poor were taken care of. This system lasted from roughly 500 A.D. to 1500 A.D. A thousand years. Then the Reformation caused a schism. Religion began to decline. Can we really say Western man has been better off as a result?

    We have had greater material prosperity, but that is about all. And that prosperity has not been universally shared. People did not starve because of uncaring kings during the Middle Ages. But a starving proletariat developed in the nineteenth century after peasants were thrown off the land. The Industrial Revolution was a time of brutal exploitation in England. Children were forced to work sixteen hours a day and beaten if they did not produce their quota.

    If there’s one lesson to be learned in the last year, it is that politics will not save us.

    All the things we relied on — the law, elections, the Constitution, etc. — failed. We are quickly becoming the equivalent of China.

    Coincidentally (or I would say not), we have turned away from Christianity, and most of the Christianity we do have is false — thinly veiled cultural Marxism and/or “Christian Zionism.”

    We need an authentic Christian revival. And we should encourage non-Whites to share in that revival.

    Christianity requires treating everyone as a child of God. It is based on freedom — the freedom to follow or not follow Jesus. That’s where the whole idea of lawful personal freedom came into the world. That’s why the Founding Fathers said that our rights come from God, not government. Without that foundation, politics will avail us nothing.

    We can also “secede” in a de facto sense. Participate as little in the system as you can and fellowship with like-minded people. Don’t waste your time trying to persuade the unsympathetic or change the system. We are beyond that point. Think of yourself as an “internal exile.” Live your life as much as you can by your own values, seek out churches that are not corrupt, and don’t rock the boat. It not only won’t get you anywhere, it could get you seriously hurt.

    • Larry Z B
      Larry Z B says:

      The Byzantine Empire survived as long as it did because it prevented Jews from holding government positions and excluded them from controlling the economy through their usurious banking practices. As well, Jews could not teach the young and hence young minds were not warped by Jewish Supremacist thinking.

  14. Alan Altland
    Alan Altland says:

    Wonderful, separation, segregation, away from the inner enemy, the fifth column, but first some blood spoiling I am afraid.

    Back to the times of the old Fryans without usury, miscegenation and slavery, the three pillars that brought us here, by not adhering to them. Reading and watching Rosette Delacroix about Oera Linda Bok.

    Wonderful article of Thomas Dalton !

  15. Kyle McDermott
    Kyle McDermott says:

    IMHO, the recent events at the Capitol building can be summed-up briefly:

    The Deep State is attempting to delegitimize the Right of Revolution, as recognized by the Aquinas, Locke, and Jefferson, and forevermore discredit the Right of Revolution via association with the Judeo-plutocratic media narrative already being promoted regarding the Capitol building protests. This Judeo-plutocratic media narrative has one endgame: White genocide. From here on out, they will label and and all White self-defense as “domestic terrorism,” even as they move in for the long anticipated kill. ZOG will not tolerate peaceful, legal activity by Whites organizing on behalf of their vested interests.

    Stay calm. Stay legal. Stay peaceful.

    We can beat this new global Zionist-plutocratic narrative:


    The Declaration of White Independence
    Kyle McDermott
    Ostara Publications
    9781647645496, $17.76, PB, 161pp


    Synopsis: Was the Big Bang a stick of dynamite — or, was it a cosmic seed? It is the latter that rings through in this scholarly philosophical treatise. The truth is the Big Bang was an autotelic cosmic seed and the universe is an organism for cultivating Consciousness. All of mankind (the whole of the cosmos) is literally the offspring of a massive cosmic fireball, which at the moment of its inception was pregnant with a multi-dimensional ordered reality.

    This “big seed” is now unveiled as an integrated and teleological reality that possesses exquisitely fine-tuned parameters capable of permitting life to evolve. All history is the history of the evolutionary transubstantiation of matter to Spirit by means of the biological-life processes of Blood and Reason.

    All life is on an evolutionary journey of Ascensional Transudation, or more specifically, on a course to become spiritual. The world is ours, each and every one of us — the future is now.

    Critique; Thoughtful and thought-provoking, “The Declaration of White Independence” by social theorist Kyle McDermott is a unique, inherently interesting, and provocatively iconoclastic read that will have special appeal for students of metaphysics and transudationism — making it a highly recommended addition to community, college, and university library philosophy collections and supplemental curriculum studies lists.

    Link to above book review:



    BUT I CAN’T DO IT ALONE. I need your help. Please, in the name of the survival of our Kind, I implore you to disseminate my book, and tell everyone you know about it. They’ve already banned it once. They can ban it again. You need to know that time is very short, and the window of opportunity will soon close:

    “…making it a highly recommended addition to community, college, and university library philosophy collections and supplemental curriculum studies lists.”

  16. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    “Do our simple-minded mass media personalities even know what they are talking about? ”

    But that’s the rub. The media is not simple minded. In fact, this is all part of a quite elaborate agenda to downplay and condone non-white actions and violence, while fomenting hysterical, over the top “outrage” at ANY little thing white people do. The goal is to demonize us, ostracize us, marginalize and disenfranchise us. As we have seen in the days since the 6th, big tech has wasted zero time scouring the entire internet to deplatform and scrub every right of center, white viewpoint, or ability to voice said viewpoint. All of these reactions by the (((system))) are part of an over-arching death by 1,000 cuts plan to isolate white people who will “not comply” with the new world order and turn us into social pariahs. The hand wringing over reactions by the media talking heads are just one facet in this agenda.

  17. Noel von Fleuteers
    Noel von Fleuteers says:

    1. We or someone I know starts a new ideology.

    2. There is a homepage.

    3. People can download and print information leaflets to fellow whites.

    4. A kombination of IRL (in real life) and internet activism by groups and individuals who commit to a common cause.

    5. Enough people wake up.

    6. Political change happens, will it take 4 or 5 probably not more than 6 years. How many information leaflets can you distribute in 4 years. It will get you excercise.

    First you have the ideas the foundation. then you make the truth available to people so that they can make an informed choice…

    • Sam J.
      Sam J. says:

      I agree. The left is already going off the rails. It will get worse. If they start dragging people off it will become common knowledge and reprisals will result.

  18. Anne C
    Anne C says:

    As a Canadian, I hardly have a right to an opinion on the secession issue. But for those interested in an outsider’s perspective…

    I have always admired the American people for their “go-getter” approach, their ability to take the initiative, to get things done. So, I can’t help but get invigorated by the exaltation of Dr. Dalton for Americans to grab the bull by the horns and do something about the mess they’re in.

    But there is this sticky issue of idealistic fantasies vs. hard realities.

    Secession cannot happen without a physical battle, without bloodshed. True, the history of America seceding from Great Britain is certainly a heroic tale. But the playing field was very different at that time. The weapons held by both sides were not categorically different, so far as I know. So, the weapons the Patriots had then were useful.

    Today, it really doesn’t matter how many guns you have stashed in your closet. The government’s arsenal is much, much more powerful. IMHO, the only reason Americans have been allowed to keep their guns is because (((they))) want you to use those guns against other Americans.

    Secession as described by Dalton is an idealistic fantasy. The hard reality is that the true secessionist battle is a fight for one’s own mind, and one’s own spiritual destiny. You need to save yourself before you can save anyone else.

    Then, a group of truly free people might be able to build a free nation.

    • Sam J.
      Sam J. says:

      “…Today, it really doesn’t matter how many guns you have stashed in your closet. The government’s arsenal is much, much more powerful…”

      The threat is NOT as you have described. There’s no way possible that the US government alone could militarily occupy the entire US. There’s more hunting permits in just Pennsylvania alone that there are soldiers in the whole US service and many of those in the pointy end of the spear are not reliable for a leftist coup State. Those reliable tend to not be as competent.

      The real danger is troops from outside the country brought in. They would be willing to massacre enough people to gain compliance and even at that they might have a hard time. If the US can’t take on an area with desert and no where to hide how do you think they can control a much, much, much vaster area with lots of tree cover? It’s just not possible unless you kill everyone off which is a possibility. But if they do that and the center has nukes you could see Los Angeles, New York and other coastal cities vaporized to stop the importation of extra-national troops.

      I’m not for a civil war but the coast position is not strong. When I say strong I mean to decisively win. Not that they couldn’t cause vast destruction. The only reason they are doing this is they are driven by psychopaths, I mean this literally not as some dismissive adjective, that have very little fear of the risk. They don’t care. They find it exciting to see such turmoil. It’s like mental crack to them.

  19. Jez Turner
    Jez Turner says:

    If it had been BLM/Antifa storming The Capitol the headlines would have been ‘people power!’ In the UK, despite media bias and electoral fraud etc Britain just successfully seceded from The United States of Europe, it happened on New Year’s Eve an hour before midnight. Thousands of patriots (without masks) ignoring the Covid restrictions and lockdown rules (protests of more than 2 people are currently illegal) packed Parliament Square outside our Houses of Parliament and celebrated. Do a search and see the impressive photos – it was the biggest night-time crowd there ever. Coverage of the rally, on TV and in the newspapers, was non-existent, it even got the silent treatment from those who would usually be outraged by breaches of the Covid rules. The police here were overwhelmed and did nothing, but watch. The Houses of Parliament were closed and locked up for the night, but one could easily envisage a situation similar to the Capitol event occurring here if the Deep State had prevented us leaving the EU.

  20. Sam J.
    Sam J. says:

    There are alternatives. The first thing to do is get rid of cheating voting machines. I can see this as a reasonable goal. Does anyone here think that the left, the right or anyone in the US believes that voting machines should be able to steal their votes? Can you imagine the left promoting crooked voting machines? No. We can combine with them and use any method necessary to get these machines out and have honest voting.

    We can have honest voting machines that votes can be independently evaluated for very low cost. Far less than these overpriced vote stealers they bribe our politicians to buy. I cover this in the link below. There ‘s also a bit of talk about goals and legislative methods to legally get rid of the Jews at the top so scroll down to find the honest digital voting machine part.


    And I repeat again. The whole WE MUST HAVE CIVIL WAR is a gas-lighting by the Jews.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      Voting whether rigged or not will not stop the deep state ILLuminati from purchasing any or all premium services of any or all elected politicians . Voting is largely passe for most WN goals of independence/self-rule/autonomy .

  21. Sam J.
    Sam J. says:

    Pay attention. If you look on unz the same article is posted. If you follow the most virulent SECEDE now group they are definitely Hasbara. Look at their former comments. Now why would someone spend all their time making excuses for the Jews and then decide all of sudden that succession and break up of the US into most likely a civil war would be a good idea? Why would they constantly ridicule anyone who thinks we can do better than kill each other off?

    I suspect you know the answer to that question. You’re being herded.

    It all fits in with the way they are pushing ridicule of the American people. They want us to go off. Instead we should fix ourselves on those responsible and their lackeys.

  22. Donna
    Donna says:

    The Confederates were right.

    ” If the North triumphs, it is not alone the destruction of our property; it is the prelude to anarchy, infidelity, the ultimate loss of free and responsible government on this continent. It is the triumph of commerce, the banks and factories. We should meet the Federal invader on the outer verge of just and right defense and raise at once the black flag. No quarter to the violator of our homes and firesides!”
    – General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, Confederate States of America

  23. Larry Z B
    Larry Z B says:

    Yes, secession is the only viable option. We need a 2 state solution with the so-called red states going their separate way from the blue states. These serious differences between the ideological Left and the pragmatic “conservatives” cannot be resolved. And, going forward, there will not likely be anything approaching a free and fair election at the national level.

    To address Americans’ paranoia, the nation’s nuclear arms stock pile can be divided between the 2 successor states that occupy the contiguous 48 states now. The end of the American Empire will be a good thing for the world. May peace become a reality.

  24. HamburgerToday
    HamburgerToday says:

    Folks in the thread seem to think they have an option short of warfare. You don’t. The choice being offered by our enemies is subjugation, humiliation and genocide. That’s it. Committing yourself to delaying actions is how Whites got to this point. Whites are already a minority in terms of power in the US. The 2020 Census will most like show Whites on the very edge of being less that 50% or if not a bit over. The reality of being submerged in a sea of mud people from foreign lands and a hostile native community of mud people is dawning on enough Whites to maybe, just maybe, being the process of a great unraveling and sortation. Our enemies have been attacking White people for at least a century without a significant counter-offensive. It seems like that’s about to change.

    The language of the revolution may not be ‘White Nationalism’ but the engine of it will certainly be.

  25. An Outsider
    An Outsider says:

    Do not forget the metaperspective. The second stage of the Anti-Christ mission is nearing complete. He must bring down the USA. This is what is happening. Why? So Pax Judaica from Israel can come into being. Gog and Magog are his human agents.

    You must realize that it is not Marxism or cultural Marxism that is the problem. Neither is it Feminism or Neoliberalism. Not even Post-Modernism.
    It is none other than Modernism. Modernism is the problem [Not everything within it, though]. Acceptance of usury is the problem. The nation-state is the problem [because it concentrates power and then paves the way for sets of nation-states a la E.U], not nations, but nation-states.

    If the Occident did not rebel against Christendom [that rebellion manifested by way of the Great Schism], she would not then have undergone the Reformation and be laden with the Anti-Christic Modernism which led to where we are today.

    Islamic Eschatology will help you understand and connect the dots where history and political science fail.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      Usury is not the problem . It is the ancient and persistent belief that charging interest for money loaned is unethical/immoral . The RCC Vatican about four hundred years ago declared that charging interest was justifiable and that position remains valid and affirmed by science to this day . Even charging an exorbitant interest as agreed by a legal age adult is not necessarily immoral .
      It is a lack of understanding or a disbelief in the moral justification for charging interest on money loaned that is a major problem in the Islamic world especially .

      • the watcher
        the watcher says:

        Who cares what the Vatican thinks? Usury was condemned in the Bible, Koran etc and most of the “mainstream” Christian churches disavowed usury and rightly so! Only supporters of exploitative capitalism and or the Jewish community would disagree. No doubt you think the “Federal Reserve” and the “Bank of England” etc are fair and admirable institutions lol?

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          The Vatican remains one of the most powerful institutions on this planet even tho Christianity appears to be slowly going the way of the dodo bird .

          Political truism #1 originally declared by Lord Acton :
          Power corrupts ; and absolute power corrupts absolutely .

          Ignore the Vatican at your peril .

          You are wrong about what I think of the FED and BoE . Ancient biblical people could not fathom what “the jews” understood about the legitimacy of charging interest and it has been hell on earth ever since their original incredulous disbelief or ignorance of money technology . Lying about money , cheating people out of money , stealing money , and killing for money are separate matters from money technology proper .

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