The Origins of White Guilt

Vincent Van Gogh, “Sorrowing old Man,” 1890

There are several different approaches to the study of the pathology of White guilt, including linguistic, historical and religious. One needs, however, to critically look at this faulty verbal construct first, a construct which first appeared in America several decades ago, and which has been championed in the media and academia ever since.

At first look, the expression “White guilt” defies lexical rules of Standard English.  Should one accept this expression as a valid tool in social and political communication, one might just as well substitute the adjective “white” with the adjectives “brown,” “yellow,” or “black.” So far, however, no scholar, no journalist has ever ventured to use the expressions Black Guilt or Brown Guilt, for the simple reason that from the semantic point of view these colorful expressions sound silly in the standard English language.  The same lexical rule, however, does not apply to White guilt, an expression that has become by now part of the everyday language. In addition, seen from the educational perspective, the expression “White Guilt” is designed to serve as a guidebook for reeducating and reprograming Whites, or short of that for having Whites expiate their real or alleged sins of racism. Conversely, all other non-White racial categories are automatically exonerated from any guilt feelings and thusly from any need for political penitence.

The difficulty in dealing with the concept of “White guilt” is further exacerbated by the impossibility of having it properly translated into non-English languages in Europe. Over the last eighty years US college social science departments, mostly controlled by crypto-communist scholars, have been in the forefront of crafting outlandish political terms and creating new political concepts which, when translated and transposed into the European media and school curricula sound odd. Moreover, ill-defined American verbal constructs, such as “hate speech,” “ethnic sensitivity training,”” diversity,” “white supremacists,” “affirmative action,” have by now become a linchpin in the US education and legislation. These expressions, when used in other European languages often produce unintelligible verbal and legal equivalents.

Of course Europe has concocted its own bizarre expressions, especially when used during legal proceedings against nationalist dissidents at local courts of justice. A case in point is the German highly obtrusive, abstract compound noun that figures prominently in the German Criminal code, e.g.,  Paragraph # 130, bearing the demonizing subtitle “Volksverhetzung.” This heavy-handed German compound noun is a clear-cut case of linguistic barbarism, having given birth by now to dozens of faulty English translations (popular incitement, sedition, etc.). It is also a word that during court hearings never ever explicitly denotes the defendant’s ethnicity. This word, which German prosecuting attorneys have been tossing around since the early 1990s when pressing charges against social undesirables, has thus far dispatched thousands of Germans to prison for varying durations.

The sticky issue for many citizens in the US and Europe, regardless of their political beliefs is that they often take these expressions as a sign of erudite learning, never bothering to examine their etymology. Or worse, never scrutinizing those individuals who first put those words in circulation. The expression “White guilt,” along with hundreds of similarly ill-defined terms that have sprung up in the USA over the last fifty years, is just an embellished follow-up term of the now defunct Soviet-Speak, which likewise contained a myriad of similar surreal nouns and convoluted phrases, such as “democratization,” “domestic fascist terrorists,”  “antifascist struggle,” “socialist fight against counterrevolutionary bourgeois tendencies,” “economic self-management,” “peaceful  coexistence,” “interethnic  tolerance,” etc.  The Liberal System in the US and EU, along with its legal and academic apparatchiks, is now in the belated process of updating this old Bolshevik language.

Historical Framework of White Guilt

TOO has previously documented the timespan and major architects of this new verbal overhaul whose final objective is the dispossession of White peoples.  One must look firstly at the period starting with 1945 and after, a period which brought about not just a new political order, but also marked the beginning of the use of a new sanitized, demonizing political vocabulary.  Defeated Germany bore the brunt of the new notion of the political, although citizens in the victorious US and the UK swiftly followed suit with their own self-flagellating rhetoric. Words such as “colonialism,” “segregation,” “racial distancing,” “apartheid,” and “fascism,” soon became the metaphors for the absolute evil, with “fascism” now denoting pretty much anything to the right of center. Over the last seventy-five years, the West has embarked on a penitential passion play whose effects can be observed today in most media outlets.  Incidentally, the System’s removal of president Donald Trump from office was in large part due to the fact that Trump’s rhetoric on “fake news” was incompatible with the media’s message of universal love that has inspired the post-World War II narrative as preached by the System.

What is frequently overlooked, however, is that guilt-tripping Whites in the realm of politics has been unfolding hand in hand with a gradual criminalization of the White cultural heritage. The destructive role of the Frankfurt school and its mostly Jewish-Marxist scholars in instilling the concept of White guilt has been amply demonstrated (here), although the postwar brainwashing of Whites can by no means be attributed to Jewish scholars and activists only.  I tried, quite some time ago, to summarize the history of intellectual purges in Europe, starting immediately after the end of World War, which gradually resulted in the growth of the language of guilt, leading subsequently to suicidal self-denial of millions of White students and politicians in Europe and the US.  As I noted in Homo Americanus,

Particularly harsh was the Allied treatment of German teachers and academics. Since National- Socialist Germany had significant support among German teachers and university professors, it was to be expected that the US reeducational authorities would start screening German intellectuals, writers, journalists and film makers. Having destroyed dozens of major libraries in Germany, with millions of volumes gone up in flames, the American occupying powers resorted to improvising measures in order to give some semblance of normalcy to what later would become “the democratic Germany.” [i]

Likewise, French intellectual life from 1944–1950 was similarly depleted of hundreds of anticommunist and nationalist intellectuals suspected of fascist collaboration, with many becoming objects of public shaming. Dominique Venner:

Of all professional categories, journalists and writers were hit the hardest. This underlines the ideological character of the conflict and the ensuing purges. The proportion of writers and journalists who were shot, imprisoned, and barred from their profession surpasses all other professional categories. Do we need to be reminded of the assassination of Albert Clément, Philippe Henriot, Robert Denoël, of the suicide of Drieu La Rochelle, of the death of Paul Allard in prison prior to court hearings and of the executions of Georges Suarez, Robert Brasillach, Jean Luchaire […] [or] the death sentence pronounced in absentia or a commuted prison sentence for Lucien Rebatet, Pierre-Antoine Cousteau, etc.?” [ii]

Ironically, it was thanks to the threat of Soviet communism during the Cold War that many previously banned European thinkers and academics managed to resurrect their career.  It didn’t last long.  From 1950–1990, Western intelligence agencies, with the USA at the helm, had to rely heavily on skills of prominent anticommunist and White nationalist academics and scientists in an effort to contain the perceived Soviet threat. With the Cold War over, with the Soviet Union dead by 1990, the System, i.e., the Deep State, began to recuperate again its own crypto-communist repressive, albeit Covid-covered face, the grand finale of which was seen on January 20, 2021, during the System’s staged palace coup in Washington DC.

The religious framework of White guilt

Putting solely the blame on the liberal media and crypto-communist college professors for generating the culture of White guilt is only partially correct.  In order to tentatively elicit a convincing answer regarding the pathology of White guilt one needs to raise some rhetorical questions about Christian teachings. Why are White Christian peoples, in contrast to other peoples of other races and other religions on Earth, more prone to excessive altruism toward non-White out-groups?  Why are guilt feelings practically nonexistent among non-White peoples? One answer to these questions may be found in Christian teachings that have made up  an important pillar of Western civilization over the centuries.  Over the last one hundred years, modern Liberal and Communist elites have aggressively promoted those same feeling of White guilt, albeit in their own atheistic, secular and “multicultural” modalities. One must rightfully reject the Liberal or Antifa palaver about White guilt, yet the fact remains that the Vatican, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, the German Bishops’ conference, along with all other Christian denominations in Europe and the US today are the loudest sponsors of non-White immigration to Europe and America, as well as the strongest advocates of White guilt (here).  The Church’s ecumenical preaching about a global city under one god with all of humanity is fully in accordance with the early Christian dogma on man’s fall and his eventual redemption.

It must be pointed out that early Christian apostles, evangelists and theologians who foisted the dogma of man’s guilt were all by birth and without any exception non-Europeans (St. Augustine, Tertullian, St. Paul, Cyprian, etc.)  from North Africa, Syria, Asia Minor and Judea.  Having this in mind, lambasting Islam or Judaism in the present as the sole carriers of aggressive non-European anti-White ideology, as many White nationalists do, while downplaying the Middle-Eastern birthplace of Christianity, cannot be a sign of neither moral nor intellectual consistency.  The Roman poet Juvenal, describes graphically in his satires the Rome of the late first century, a time when the city was swarming with multitudes of Syrian lowlifes, Chaldean star worshippers, Jewish conmen, and Ethiopian hustlers, all of them offering a quick ride to eternal salvation for some and eternal damnation for others (here). Similar messianic, redemptive beliefs about the shining future, under the guidance of prominent early Bolshevik agitators, most of them of Jewish origin, have found their new location, two millennia later, among credulous intellectuals and equality-hungry masses. After the fall of Communism, the same messianic drive to punish the guilty ones who defy modern Liberal and multicultural scholasticism found its loudest mouthpiece among US neocons and antifa inquisitors.

This is not the place to rehash  Friedrich Nietzsche’s own emotional ravings at Christians, nor quote dozens of thinkers and scholars who had earlier described  the psychological link between early Jewish and Christian zealots of first-century Rome and communist commissars of the early twentieth century. Times have changed but the obsession as to how extirpate or reeducate those who doubt the myths of the System haven’t changed a bit.  The psychological profile of US modern-day Antifa zealots and their college professor supporters bears a close resemblance with early uprooted, largely miscegenated, effeminate Christian masses in the late Roman empire.  The Jew St. Paul and later on the North African St. Augustin — judging by their own convulsive contrition — suggest that they suffered from bipolar disorder. Paul’s Epistle to the Romans (7:18) may be  the key to grasping the modern version of neurotic White self-haters put on display by  prominent news anchors and humanities professors today:  “And I know that nothing good lives in me, that is, in my sinful nature. I want to do what is right, but I can’t.  I want to do what is good, but I don’t. I don’t want to do what is wrong, but I do it anyway.”

Walter F. Otto, a renowned author on ancient Greek gods [iii] and one of the most quoted Hellenistic scholars, describes the differences between the ancient Greek vs. Christian notion of the sacred. He notes that ancient pagan Greeks laid emphasis on the feelings of shame, unaware of the meaning of feelings of guilt. In his still untranslated book dealing with Christian vs ancient Greek spirituality, he writes:

Mentally sick were their leaders; the weaklings only followed them. The impetus to this  large (Christian) movement came from Paul the Apostle, i.e., from one of those tormented souls who carry an incurable wound within themselves. His furious, bloodthirsty hatred of the new (Christian) faith, his just as furious commitment to it, his ecstatic experience turning him at a single blow from the executioner of Christians into their most fanatical champion — this all  tells  how terrible [Christianity] basically stood and what was to be expected from its spirituality.[iv]

At some point Whites will need to realize that a successful healing of their feelings of guilt presupposes a critical reassessment of their Judeo-Christian-inspired origins.  If Whites in Europe and the US were once upon a time all eager to embrace the Semitic notion of original sin, no wonder that two thousand years later they could likewise be well programmed to put up with a variety of World War II necrophiliac victimhoods, as well as tune in to fake news delivered by their politicians.  Eventually Whites will need to make a decision about where to choose the location of their identity. In Athens or in Jerusalem.


[i] T. Sunic, Homo americanus; Child of the postmodern Age (London: Arktos, 2018), p. 75-76.

[ii] Ibid, p. 88. (Translated and quoted in Dominique Venner,  Histoire  de la collaboration (Paris: Pygmallion, 2000), p. 515-516).

[iii] Walter F. Otto, The Homeric Gods (translated by Moses Hadas) (London: Thames & Hudson, 1954).

[iv] Walter F. Otto, Der Geist der Antike und die  christliche Welt (Bonn: Verlag F. Cohen, 1923), p. 44.

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  1. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    Christianity has obviously played an insidious part in fomenting White guilt, and much could be written (and speculated on) why this guilt is endemic to White Christians.

    But, considering how late in the day it is for our folk, I believe it is more worthwhile concentrating on the salient question as to why this White Christian guilt largely came into play around the beginning of the 20th century.

    An old friend of mine once told me that one could prove mutually exclusive points of view using the very same Bible, and I think he was right. So, I believe Christianity is only a secondary cause of White guilt

    Accordingly, I see the paramount question in regards to White guilt as this: what caused White Christians circa 1900 A.D. to change horses in the middle of the stream from killing our enemies to loving our enemies?

    • Adûnâi
      Adûnâi says:

      > “…what caused White Christians circa 1900 A.D. to change horses in the middle of the stream from killing our enemies to loving our enemies?”

      1. The Americans had been killing one another for the rights of the Negro.

      2. The Jews in Europe had not been killed at all.

      3. The Negroes in Africa had not been killed at all. Only later did the Germans perpetrate the Herero and Nama genocide, and finally prohibited miscegenation in 1912, thanks to Eugen Fischer. But the population of English India grew, likewise of the American Philippines.

      There was no change in 1900. The non-White races were frozen in degeneracy, from Turkey to China, as if lambs before the butcher’s knife. And yet, no cut followed. Now, it’s our turn to be slaughtered.

    • Kevin o connell
      Kevin o connell says:

      It seems to me that Sunic here is guilty of a false historicism. The question is not what certain bible texts or church fathers said, but how the church interpreted those sayings. This is surely how a historian must proceed. Cutting a very long story short, Catholic armies repelled the Muslims at Toulouse and Vienna. They spent over 7 centuries ensuring the reconquista. The battle of Lepanto would never have been fought let alone won if not for the colossal will-power of Pope Pius V who pulled the almost exclusively Catholic European coalition together. I could go on. Sunic is right to accuse the modern church of a betrayal. But the problems in respect of this are modern, not intrinsically Catholic.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        “… Sunic here is guilty of a false historicism.” Indeed. He closed his mind on this matter decades ago. Profit from his acute observations and genuine insights, but ignore the baseless “big picture” explanations.

  2. Franklin Ryckaert
    Franklin Ryckaert says:

    Historical “guilt” seems only to pertain to Whites, and not to other peoples who carved out empires and committed crimes in the process. On the contrary, those other peoples are still proud of their imperialist history. Arabs, Turks and Mongols feel no shame about their imperialist past.

    The Mongols for example have built a 40 meters high statue of Genghis Khan on horse back. See picture here:

    That is the man who conquered the greatest continental empire of history and killed an estimated 40 million people in the process. For comparison: the estimated world population at his time was 360 million.

    It is about time we begin to talk about “non-White guilt” as a means of self-defense.

    • John
      John says:

      The non-white people you mention are not ruled by jews. During the 1980s, jews seized control of every English-speaking nation, including the educational systems. They used their power to inculcate guilt. The only solution is the final solution, the removal of all jews from the U.S., Europe, and South Africa.

  3. Angelicus
    Angelicus says:

    Very good article. Typical of Prof. Sunic. Short and to the point. Christianity is a cancer that has been corroding and destroying the Aryan soul for over 2000 years. Happily is losing more and more people every day.

  4. Jimmy Marr
    Jimmy Marr says:

    Don’t worry, Tom, Bitcoin is ultimately going to trigger the transvaluation of all values. Don’t believe me? Hide and watch.

    “I bring not peace, but the sword” – Satoshi Nakamoto

    • Jimmy Marr
      Jimmy Marr says:

      An infinitely expandable currency supply bestows infinite power on those who control its expansion. By manipulating the distribution channels of newly expanded currency, Loxists are able to promote the growth and sustenance of anti-White and anti-male culture. This is why pro-Whites, whether rich or poor, should do everything in our power to support and advance the growth and strength of the Bitcoin monetary network. Let’s subject the anti-White narrative to the confines of absolute scarcity. Stop the hate.

      • TJ
        TJ says:

        Yeah, the number of Bitcoins is limited BUT THE NUMBER OF CRYPTO-CURRENCIES IS UNLIMITED. For the scarcity argument to work BC would have to have a monopoly.

        Also BC is subject to fractional reserve banking:

        If fractional-reserve banking or maturity mismatching is allowed to exist, the cryptocurrency regime will end up with the same monetary instability: boom-and-bust cycles, and asset bubbles with no end. (Marco Verch)

        A great deal of current discussion about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies involves technological subtleties and how they might impact existing monetary institutions. Not enough attention is paid to the basic theoretical principles underlying this evolution and the fact that those principles apply universally, with or without bitcoin.

        What needs to be understood is that sound money is not dictated by the form or type of money (digital or physical), nor even by the presence or absence of central banks. It is determined by the system’s ability to curb the growth of money supply.

        This means that even if something like bitcoin becomes a universal money, which I’m extremely uncertain of, this does not automatically guarantee monetary stability and soundness.

        These features depend on whether the institutional and legal architecture regulating bitcoin limit the money supply efficiently or not, and these in turn depend on the correct understanding of the role of money in a market economy by the individual bitcoin actors and users.

        Money can be limited in quantity, either by fixing it in advance (as is currently the case with bitcoin) or by tying it to a precious commodity with very high costs of production (as in the gold standard). But — and this is critically important — sound money also has to eliminate or reduce to a minimum practices of fractional-reserve banking and maturity mismatching, since they represent completely independent sources of monetary inflation. Because they increase the money supply by artificially inflating credit, they can produce instability with very little change in the monetary base.

        If any one of these monetary malpractices is allowed to exist or even be encouraged, the cryptocurrency regime will end up in the same place where the fractional-reserve commodity and later fiat money regimes ended up: in monetary instability, boom-and-bust cycles, and asset bubbles with no end. And probably, in due course, with loud calls for government to regulate that chaos.

        This is the most time I have ever given to BC, and may be the last time I think about it. BC is still fiat made from nothing. . .we need free banking with commodity money. . .BC may be a creation from some Intel agency.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          We need a “fair” fiat money system and that is all .

          A “fair” system would eliminate any supposedly inevitable and necessary inflationary destruction of the currency . However , it would not be as outrageously profitable as the current “unfair”/irrational/unjustifiable system that persists out of blatantly exploiting the vast ignorance , of the money system , of the sheeple masses .

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            …” outrageously profitable “…

            should be

            [ outrageously profitable for the system owners/controllers ]

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          ” What needs to be understood is that sound money is not dictated by the form or type of money (digital or physical), nor even by the presence or absence of central banks. It is determined by the system’s ability to curb the growth of [ the ] money supply.”

          Superb observation .

          Knowing that critical fact , humanity could save themselves a lot of blood , sweat and tears if sometime in the future they discover how to cheaply synthesize any base commodity of a money currency and thereby inadvertently destroy the extant system of economic exchange .

          In the meantime , it is theoreticly possible to fully rationalize , adequately democratize ( that is , no need for a large financially retarded public to settle political money issues ) , and fully transparentize a totally computerized fiat system that could impartially modulate money supply growth from negative to zero to positive and vice versa .

          Please note that defending a unique and vitally significant feature of the relentlessly maligned fiat reserve system is beyond the scope of this comment .

  5. Jimmy Marr
    Jimmy Marr says:

    If the European Central Bank is the first to fail, and it likely will be, and if it is the first to reconfigure itself with Bitcoin as its treasury reserve asset, the White race will be set to lead the entire world out of its usurious misery.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      The current system, where “money” is made from unlimited nothingness, should be replaced by a new improved system, where “money” is made from limited nothingness?

      You have a Jewess supporter. . .Ayn in Hebrew means infinite nothingness. . .

      btw If you want to search- AYN SOF will yield juicier results than AYN alone

      I was TARD and feathered over at VNN, still stuck in the TARD corral. . .hep me hep me

  6. kerdasi amaq
    kerdasi amaq says:

    Why is there this prejudice against people and their beliefs based on their geographic origins?

    North Africa was white in St. Augustine’s time and Western Europe was a benighted wasteland when Sumer was the acme of Civilisation.

  7. kerdasi amaq
    kerdasi amaq says:

    So, there was a time when white Europeans were robust racists and, obviously, felt no guilt about it. What has changed between then and now?

    • Jimmy Marr
      Jimmy Marr says:

      Because the underlying value system of the world (central bank fiat currencies) is corrupt and ostensibly under the leadership and control of Western Men (U.S. dollar as world reserve). Western Men appear to be the root of all evil. As fiat world reserve is replaced by the mathematical sovereignty of a transparently honest and impartial store of value (Bitcoin monetary network), trust will gradually be restored. The assignment of guilt will be moot because the overwhelming and ubiquitous sense of guilt over the source of corruption cannot survive in the absence of corruption itself.

      • Jimmy Marr
        Jimmy Marr says:

        Of course, but what was the source of the power that enabled them to do this? Some will say that it was their control of the media of mass communication and the writing of the bible fits perfectly into that narrative, but again we must ask how this monopoly came about. I’m confident the Romans didn’t just give this privilege away for free. I think a monopoly on the expansion of the medium of financial exchange probably preceded the monopoly on the exchange of information. In order to reverse the latter, we must reverse the former. The expansiveness (incremental to absolute scarcity) of the Bitcoin monetary supply is hardwired into the protocol itself. The decentralized nature of the network will prevent gatekeepers from cornering it. Its game theoretical design will assure that it continues to gain monetary market share until it surpasses and consumes all centrally controlled competitors. Without centralized control of the medium of economic exchange jews aren’t going to be able to jew. Problem solved.

        • Bramin
          Bramin says:

          A number of factors together likely aided the Jews to rise to their current position of influence and power. Clearly, they had sufficient financial resources. It seems they happened to be in America in the right time and place to establish themselves and dominate most of the mainstream media.

          You might find this article on “racial dominance” enlightening. Whether Jews are superior or not, they are very good at discovering and exploiting the centers of power in high-trust, white societies:

  8. Carl
    Carl says:

    Where do we go from here?

    How to get this message out to the general public?

    Fox News’ Tucker Carlson hints at a lot of these issues when he attacks those who demonize Whites, but he’s not quite explicit enough.

    The Black Lives Matter riots and looting last year should have woken up more people of White European Christian heritage.

    Perhaps the only thing that will awaken such people is when Black radicals march down the Main Streets of suburban America and trash the stores and houses.

    • Tom
      Tom says:

      Perhaps the only thing that will awaken such people is when Black radicals march down the Main Streets of suburban America and trash the stores and houses..
      Salient point. They have to hear the loud knock. The fist in their face. A 2×4 over the head. Then it’s no longer abstract. It’s not just somewhere else. It’s not just on TV or YouTube. It’s Right Here, Right Now. Then they’ll get it.

  9. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    When I was a small child attending Sunday School and Bible School I learned to love Jesus because of the stories I was told about Him. I am no longer a practicing Christian and do not attend church. But I still love Jesus. At the same time I was learning about Jesus I was being carefully taught about the suffering of the Jew and the bad things that had been done to them by the Germans. I saw photos of supposedly dead Jews which no child should be exposed to.

    Leaving the church was not easy for me because I was a true believer. But I learned about Jesus in the very same way and at the same time that I learned about Jews. So it would require a lot of work for people who have been the victims of their psychological warfare to turn away from or deny the holocaust and not enthrone the Jew.

    Corrie Ten Boom claimed to be a Christian but she did it so she could have access to little Christian children. They spread their propaganda in public schools as well.

    The problem is that Jews control all propaganda machines. They have convinced the public to wear masks and so many people wear them. The source of the problem is that the Jews control the media and the message. They know what they need to do and they do it relentlessly. We don’t respond accordingly with a strategy to counter them so eventually they succeed. They control everything and people have no vested interest in publicly attacking the Jew because they will suffer as a result but will benefit if they go along. Jews didn’t get this power because of Christians. Most Jews have ordinary lives so that they can claim “it’s not all Jews”. We have no intellectual leaders to wage war on them that we can support. Answers will not come from the masses and nothing would be solved even if there were no Christians.

    • Franklin Ryckaert
      Franklin Ryckaert says:

      Under these circumstances of total Jewish control of the media, a direct attack on Jews is indeed counterproductive, but we can attack all the symptoms of their influence without mentioning them. We can attack Cultural Marxism, anti-White racism, mass Third World immigration, central banking, pornography and degeneracy etc., etc., all for valid moral reasons. The Jews will call that “anti-Semitism” and thus do the work for us by accusing themselves.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      I appreciate your comments. I know of a number of fine people who love Jesus and hate the Christian religion.

      When I am confronted by others with those photographs of piles of dead bodies that are presented to me as irrefutable evidence of the 6 million allegation, I simply as the person “How do you know those are Jews?” I try to be charitable as they choke on the invariable response “Because the Jews say so”.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” The problem is that Jews control all propaganda machines.”

      Jews control virtually all of the Westernworld via their ownership/control of the reserve currency — the USD — of the world . The vast majority of Whites have never fully grasped the power of fiat money that was invented by the Chinese .

      • TJ
        TJ says:

        The “power of fiat money” was/is used to “buy” [actually steal] information sources, in order to block understanding of occult [hidden] social control. This blocking blocks understanding about fake money, thus turning us into blockheads.

  10. James Bowery
    James Bowery says:

    The story of Christ is that of an Individual.

    A conspiracy ganged up on that Individual.

    Genetic individualists see this as the essence of evil. That’s the primary appeal of Christianity to genetic individualists.

    The evolutionary psychology hack is:

    Convince genetic individualists that they are guilty of ganging up on genetic individualists who are, in fact, genetic collectivists ganging up on genetic individualists through this psychological assault.

    This works within any inclusive civilization. By “civilization” I mean any moral community in which individual sovereignty defers to group sovereignty. By “sovereignty” I mean legitimate power to initiate force. By “legitimate” I mean in accord with community morals.

    The key word remaining undefined is “inclusive”.

    Since genetic individualists would only consent to being included in moral communities treating conspiratorial gangs as evil, they, conversely, would never consent to inclusion, in their moral communities, of genetic collectivists.

    And now, we come to the reason “inclusion” is a holy principle of the present anti-white quasi-theocracy:

    If a moral community of genetic individualists ever forms, it will necessarily “exclude” genetic collectivists as a community and do so with extreme prejudice. Note there are two levels here but the first of these is the primary attack vector: By acting as a community the genetic individualists can be portrayed by the genetic collectivists as acting in an “evil” manner:

    As a “conspiracy ganging up on an individual”, ie: Jews crucifying Christ.

    The “extreme prejudice” with which genetic individualist moral communities must exclude genetic collectivists only becomes an issue once the primary attack vector has succeeded and admitted the genetic collectivists. Once in, the conspiratorial gang can exaggerate the primary attack vector from the inside and then move on to the secondary attack vector which is to shift the burden of proof from those seeking inclusion to those seeking to exclude those seeking inclusion.

    • Jimmy Marr
      Jimmy Marr says:

      Yeah, Whites are never going to fight for our collective EGI, but if the Bitcoin protocol is correctly perceived by us as racial individualists as a universally moral store of value and medium of exchange, we might fight to defend it and by proxy save ourselves. Yes?

      • James Bowery
        James Bowery says:

        See Sortocracy’s Rule #3 for monetary theory pertinent to cultivating individual integrity.

        As discussed in KMac’s last book, the individual’s mutually consenting “moral community” is the penultimate* foundation the genetic individualist. At this level of natural history, money’s primary relevance is dynamical allocation of Lebensraum without violence. This is the function of Sortocracy’s leasing territorial value based on a per capita land rent income used by moral communities to compete for valued territory just as they compete for valued individuals. Bitcoin cannot serve this purpose.

        *Ultimately, this fails to deal with the exponential character of reproduction, which is why it is merely a “penultimate” foundation. It merely cultivates an attitude of individual freedom as individuals emigrate from undesirable moral communities to those moral communities that find those individuals desirable. However, this is vastly superior not only to present circumstances, but to all alternatives thus far set forth as alternatives to Sortocracy.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” If a moral community of genetic individualists ever forms,”…

      According to pre-eminent Merriam-Webster definitions , such a community would be a “collective” of genetic individualists .

      How could such a community exist and not be

      “genetic collectivists as a community” ?

      If possible , please disambiguate this endlessly convoluted notion .

      • TJ
        TJ says:

        two kinds of collectivism: 1) Unconscious, all values are implicit and unreasoned, tribal, this collectivism cannot be shutoff volitionally

        2) Conscious collectivism, exists as a potential which must be activated by agency. This can be a real social contract, where folks drop in or out. This type of groupism is consistent with radical free thinking. Groups are joined, based upon the common interest of evading genetic trash, and common interest of passing on good genes, and socializing with like minded. Here, individualism is not viewed as coming at the expense of groupism. The only requirements- you hate jews, negroes, and mexicans, and have an IQ over 130. . .Doh!

  11. Ned J. Casper
    Ned J. Casper says:

    In Britain “guiilt” and “white guilt” regarding The Other are almost all that remains of Christianity which at its official level at any rate has dropped genuine belief in the supernatural but has retained the “turn the other cheek” stuff, with the result that the “Church” of “England” is decomposing as it leads the welcome into an overcrowded island of a mass influx of Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs &c and blames itself for the persecution of Jews. The north European seems to have a psychological “guillt slot” into which secular wokism has found a new home. The Archbishop of York says that Jesus was (surely also “is” on his heavenly throne) a “Black man” (at least he got the gender right) so Philippians 2.10 (if nothing much else in Holy Scripture) is just what the BLM ordered.

  12. Ned J. Casper
    Ned J. Casper says:

    Sunic is to some extent mistaken in attributing “original sin” partly to Judaism which has instead a notion of “evil inclination”. The original sin notion comes mainly from St Augustine. People do inherit a capacity to do wrong, and must take individual responsibility for doing so. I do not see that we are all guilty of what some of our ancestors may have done, and I do not believe that I or any other humans descended from Adam and Eve, via Noah and his little family, in any case.

    For the replacement religion of guilt-engendering BLM/Wokism, see the articles on-line by Sean Collins, Ed Dutton, Max Funk & Kyle Smith. Also worth perusal are: Ann Coulter, “Guilty” (2009) & Pascal Bruckner, “The Tyranny of Guilt” (2019).

  13. tyler kent
    tyler kent says:

    With all due respect to Sunic, whose work is admirable, it is a bit of a stretch to refer to Nietzsche’s views of Christianity as “emotional ravings.” N’s entire late philosophy was in reality a brilliant effort to examine rationally, through philosophy, psychology, and philology, how Christianity under the leadership of Paul and his followers came to subvert the aristocratic values and morality of the founders of classical civilization, a subversion that led to the triumph of the socialism, communism, and democratic egalitarianism of today that fuels the “white guilt” tearing the West apart.

  14. kikz
    kikz says:

    although raised First Southern Baptist, never dunked, ….. i’m now a deist.. and therefore immune to this ‘white guilt’ BS. lol! funny how proximal knowledge of a group/behaviors has the obverse effect only pondering that group’s existence has. if pressed for comment on decolonization, worshiping Whiteness…White Supremacy, ‘systematik raycizzzzzm’ or the like…. if someone has a problem w/Whiteness of any sort, my advice…

    strip down to your underwear, walk outside your domicile, sit down in the dirt, and await inevitable darkness and starvation. congratz, you’re now decolonized.

    • Sunny
      Sunny says:

      link doesn’t work…is this video on any other platform in full version? could it be uploaded on Bitchute? thanks!

  15. Adûnâi
    Adûnâi says:

    > “The Roman poet Juvenal, describes graphically…”

    Could you please remove the comma between the subject and the verb? I’m telling you, this is the only writing mistake Westerners ever make, and it infuriates me.

    Other than that, an incredible article! I came here from Chechar’s blog, and it looks like something from 2011 – in a good way.

    On another note, I wonder how this applies to Russians. They are have been guilt-tripped by American homosexuals for raping German women and starving traitors of the people. It worked in 1991 when the overwhelming feeling of guilt made them castrate themselves by dissolving their own empire, but it’s not as effective in 2014-2021.

    > “He notes that ancient pagan Greeks laid emphasis on the feelings of shame, unaware of the meaning of feelings of guilt.”

    Still, as far as I understand, guilt is associated with freedom of thought and individualism. Hiro Onoda had no trouble readjusting himself to a new Japanese society simply because the culture he had felt obligation towards had disappeared. Yet we here are waging a discussion when no group on the planet would accept us.

  16. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    01 Guilt itself. enjoys a sub-classification: nations; movements; individuals, etc: including its use as POLITICAL HAMMER AND ANVIL:

    02 Its hammer and anvil application has inculcated the entire world with the Kaiser’s SOLE GUILT for WWI.

    03 Versailles and its peripheral conferences was preceded by a ” Vorvertrag “, a pre-agreement on how to run the Peace Conference itself; excluding the SOLE GUILT clause. This did not distract the petty, merchant-mentality western diplomats, heads of states, bankers – with the Hamburg and Schiff [ Kuehn Loeb & Co. ] Warburgs [ NYC ] arguing for ” opposing ” sides, and pre-Israel contingents from nevertheless moving the goal posts after commencement, insisting on said clause.

    04 The German delegation left in protest. It was brought back to sign for astronomical war debts, primarily by the Royal Navy blockade against Germany’s vital importation of foreign food. According to the RN”s own White Paper, 800,000 Germans starved to death as a consequence. Of course primarily the young, orphans, the elderly and infirm and women. Whether Communist, Social Democrats or Conservatives, all fodder for the National Socialists.

    05 Anyone with 20-20, or nearly so, must necessarily deduce, that nothing has changed, excepting its geographical spread, multifaceted application and increased speed.

  17. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Thank you for a very well written piece Mr. Sunic on a very important and frustrating topic for many of us.
    I do feel however, that Christianity is the least of the causes of white guilt. I am somewhat in agreement with Barbara here in that it is our long indoctrination by Jewish interests that begins in grade school. The endless holocaust narrative. Then, the Jewish dominated colleges. And then when we leave college, all is supported by the Jewish controlled media. And even if we have other doubts or questions about what we’ve been taught, the Jews have programmed many of our peers to self-police ourselves. We fear for our jobs and our social well being if we question the narrative as taught to us by the Jews.
    It is interesting to note that at Trump rallies and Maga-Marches, and I’ve been to a few including the past three in D.C., you will notice that Christianity plays a very central role in the life of a ‘Patriot.’ There are many open Christian prayer groups at all Trump rallies and maga-marches. Also, if you were to go on twitter and Gab, you will notice that Trump supporters almost always announce their Christian faith.

    At every Trump rally, the President would always point to the news media and say something like, “there they are, the fake news. Look, it’s the fake news. They’re our enemy, the enemy of the people.” And of course this would be followed by a round of loud boos and hisses from the crowd. If Trump supporters, all the millions of us who support a nationalist, populist political agenda such as his, identify proudly our Christianity, and there is no doubt of the truth of this, then who is the enemy? Not Christians apparently. I’ve often wondered what would happen if Trump had said while pointing at the fake news enemy, “look, there they are, it’s the fake Jews,” what would happen? I’m guessing that there would be maybe a few moments of silence followed by loud cheers.

    Look at the House and Senate. Who is at the forefront of always going after Trump? Adam Schiff, Schumer, Nadler, and now Jamie Raskin- all Jews.

    Jewish Supremacy has become the ‘elephant in the room.’

    Jesus’ journey here was a lonely one. It was one of pity and frustration at those around him who just didn’t get it. And we must remember that, the Jewish people at the time were not afraid of the big, bad, strong occupiers the Romans, they were afraid of their own, “Then the same day at evening, being the first day of the week, when the doors were shut where the disciples were assembled for fear of the Jews, came Jesus and stood in their midst and said unto them, “Peace be unto you.” ~John 20:19

    I never agreed with Paul in that, if Jesus did not rise on the third day then it was all in vain. Jesus turned his back on the evil Pharisees and took their power away. He exposed his own for the liars that they were, “You belong to your father the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” ~John 8:44

    It’s our indoctrination, and also our psychological evolution in adverse conditions which Kevin has written about along with Jewish indoctrination that I believe, is most of the root cause of the very perplexing and hair brained pathological altruism that plagues many on the progressive left.

    • Ned J. Casper
      Ned J. Casper says:

      The problem with quoting the Fourth Gospel is that it is quite evidently a theological drama, in fact suitable for stage production, rather than necessarily an accurate and literal biography of the man described in the earlier synoptic gospels as a son of David with a mission for Israel. As for the rest of the canonical NT it is stated that Jesus was descended from the tribe of Judah (Hebrews 7.14).

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        “… quite evidently …”?

        Why, I wonder, have so many others, myself included, missed what was quite evident? Are we just thick, or are we insufficiently glib?

        • Ned J. Casper
          Ned J. Casper says:

          @ Pierre de Craon

          No, Monsieur, you are not thick. The Fourth Gospel is a remarkably beautiful literary achievement of the ancient world. When I first read it, it occurred to me that it was written so that the Word made Flesh in the poetic prologue was revealed as divine in gradual stages until final adoration by the apostle Thomas. This sequence consists of miraculous signs of a higher order than the exorcisms and cures in the Synoptics, successive encounters, dialogue and soliloquy. As the translator E. V. Rieu noted, “John is above all things a dramatist” (“The Four Gospels” [1952]).
          The analysis I suggested is corroborated by numerous scripture or classical scholars; e.g. George Mlakuzhyil SJ, “Christocentric Literary-Dramatic Structure of John’s Gospel” (2016), with extensive bibliography; Jo-Ann A. Brant, “Dialogue & Drama: Elements of Greek Tragedy in the Fourth Gospel” (2004); Philip Oakeshott, “John’s Gospel & Greek Tragedy: Jesus on Stage” (2015); R. Alan Culpepper, “Anatomy of the Fourth Gospel” (1983); “many others” worth consulting include George L. Parsenios, Mark W. G. Stibbe, Peter Edmonds SJ, Meredith J. C. Warren; see also Maurice Casey, “Is John’s Gospel True?” (1996) and J. Duncan M. Derrett. “The Victim” (1993) to see how different experts can have different sensibilities, reach alternative conclusions and together deepen our understanding, without being glib, sarcastic or stupid.

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            Ah, the “learned countermeasures” tactic! I expected no less. Of course, none of the works cited is relevant to Bobby’s comment nor to my follow-up, but you knew that. Equally learned but less Christophobic men than those you have cited see what you call the “poetic prologue” as anything but fanciful or dramatic (in the stagey sense you mean). Very few statements in all of the Sacred Scriptures rival “In the beginning was the Logos, and the Logos was with God, and the Logos was God” in its scorn for beating about the bush.

            Early in your commenting career here, you sulked a bit about what you deemed the mistreatment of David Ashton. Since you write and think like his brother under the skin, I can see why you did. Or is the relationship even closer?

        • David Ashton
          David Ashton says:

          Ned is an old online sparring partner, who admittedly shares some of my views, and has drawn my attention to this issue.

          As for John’s gospel, why dismiss learned scholars, Catholic and Protestant, as “Christophobic” because they reasonably doubt the facticity of certain NT events, rather than directly and evaluate their scholarly analysis?

          To add two observations: (1) John differs from the previous gospels by redating the Last Supper so that Jesus will be crucifixed at the moment the Passover Lamb is slaughtered.

          (2) Those gospels give the impression that the attack on the Temple money-changers was the final straw that gave Jewish leaders a pretext to deal with the Galilean trouble-maker; after all, old Annas was sitting on a useful source of income. (TOO readers may recall the favourable comment about this action by “that young man” Jesus from a German leader of similar age). John instead makes the resurrection of the tomb-bound Lazarus at Bethany, with two grieving sisters, the final provocation for the ruling priests. This uniquely divine “miracle” matches the resurrection in previous Egyptian mythology of tomb-bound Al-Osiris at “Beth-Anu”, also with two grieving sisters.

          Can we keep personal remarks out of serious discussion of facts and ideas?

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” I do feel however, that Christianity is the least of the causes of white guilt.”

      The Westernworld/(The West) is predominantly populated by Christianized protestant/catholic Whites ; and where The West is considered to be a Christian civilization . Given that , it is difficult to believe that Christianity has no liability for your facts :

      …” long indoctrination by Jewish interests that begins in grade school.”

      ” The endless holocaust narrative.”

      ” Then, the Jewish dominated colleges.”

      ” And then when we leave college, all is supported by the Jewish controlled media.”

      ” And even if we have other doubts or questions about what we’ve been taught, the Jews have programmed many of our peers to self-police ourselves.”

      ” We fear for our jobs and our social well being if we question the narrative as taught to us by the Jews.”

  18. Crush Limbraw
    Crush Limbraw says:

    When the author relates Romans 7 to Paul’s version of White guilt, he is literally exposing his own ignorance of Christianity. To equate self-awareness of personal sins is NOT White guilt. It is a fundamental step in understanding the need for Christ’s sacrifice and our redemption in the eyes of God – which the spiritually blind cannot see – PERIOD!
    He tops it off with his reference to the term Judeo-Christian – which in itself is an oxymoron – commonly used by religious and non-religious morons. I know from personal experience.
    I figure by now I’ve got both religious and secular readers pissed, so I’ll stop and refer you to my website for more follow up – – but it comes with a warning – much to read and process . Critical thinking a must, but welcome to DaFray!

  19. Ned J. Casper
    Ned J. Casper says:

    The attribution of omnipotence to “the Jew” may or may not be antisemitism, but it sounds like defeatism.

  20. Jimmy Marr
    Jimmy Marr says:

    Today, February 14th, is Dresden Day. For a race in love with guilt this should be a gold mine. Let’s dig in by taking responsibility and resolving never to repeat.

    • kikz
      kikz says:

      my Canadian f-i-law was bombardier on a Lanc, one of his sorties was Dresden. he hated they’d done it. he found out many decades later, they weren’t told the Luftwaffe could see them on the ‘new’ radar.. they’d been used as bait.

      no more brother wars.

  21. Susan
    Susan says:

    My mother was a young woman during World War II. I was a girl during the 1960s Civil Rights era. As we are all well aware, there was lots of white guilt-producing propaganda about persecution of both Jews and blacks, continuing and escalating to this day. Mom was a liberal whose heart bled for all the victims, and taught me and my sisters to have guilt. My sisters, all now of Social Security age, still do. Parents can thus pass on white guilt. I took my obligation towards blacks seriously and chose to live, work, and have my children attend school among them. To make it short, I saw a very many instances where blacks stole other people’s things. It is frustrating to me that we can’t discuss this problem openly and honestly because it might force black thieves to behave better. At the least it would warn potential victims (everybody else) who could then arrange to protect themselves. On the Jewish issue, the historical revisionists (Leuchter, Weber, Zundel, et al) perform a great service by relieving whites of Jewish persecution guilt. I guess that is why in many countries one can be imprisoned for questioning the Holocaust. I am free, free, free from all white guilt.

  22. Seraphim
    Seraphim says:

    Anti-Christianism is the staple food of Judaism. Nietzsche’s rantings against Christianity (to the point of proposing “Laws against Christianity” – implemented by the ‘Russian’ revolution) were ironically inspired by his bosom friend, the ‘positivist philosopher’ Paul Ludwig Carl Heinrich Rée, child of ‘assimilated Jewish parents’ and by his ‘ideal love’ Lou Salomé (not a ‘Finnish Jew’ as Nazi propaganda was claiming, no, no, ‘Russian-German’), the noted pupil of Dr. Fraud (erh.. Freud) and a psychoanalist in her own right.

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