Dissecting Tucker Carlson

For many on the dissident right, Fox News’ primetime anchor Tucker Carlson is a kind of hero.  He’s pro-Trump and anti-liberal.  He comes off as a true (“paleo”) conservative, and rails against the neo-con agendas of the dominant Right.  He calls out attacks on Whites, both physical and ideological.  He exposes lies and hypocrisy in the liberal mainstream media, especially at CNN and MSNBC.  He is blunt, funny, and smart.  What more could a White alt-righter hope for?

Lots, it turns out.

Night after night, Carlson manages to pull off a remarkable feat:  He manages to criticize the self-serving lies and hypocrisy of the Left with an opposing but, in its own way, often misleading and deficient presentation.  This is no small task.  He and his crew of scriptwriters must put in hours of work each day, to prepare for his nightly one-hour performances.  And surely they have their own in-house censors and ideological gatekeepers who must approve all final topics, themes, wording, and guest-lists.  But they succeed.  Carlson’s Fox team is to be congratulated on achieving their goals.  Much of what they produce is enlightening and important.  But unfortunately, they are to be equally condemned for all their implicit biases, shallow analysis, and vital omissions.  In what follows, I will attempt to dissect Carlson and his crew, in order to lay bare both the insights and the deceptions that he offers up each evening.

Let me start with his upbringing and family background.  Now, in general, I try to avoid assigning blame for an individual’s faults to his past or his family.  People are, for the most part, responsible adults, and must be held personally responsible for their own actions.  But in this case, Carlson’s family history reveals a fairly lengthy tale of woe, malfeasance, and assorted immoralities; surely this has some bearing on his beliefs and actions as an adult.  At a minimum, it helps us to better understand the man and his motivations.

Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson was born in 1969 in San Francisco to Dick Carlson and Lisa McNear Lombardi.  Both parents led troubled lives.  Dick Carlson was born in Boston in 1941, to a 21-year-old male and a 15-year-old girl—a situation that today would qualify as statutory rape.  Ashamed of her pregnancy, the girl gave baby Dick up for adoption.  At the age of two, he was adopted by the Carlson family and took their name.  Moving to California in his 20s, Dick became a freelance journalist, eventually becoming involved in a libelous story against the mayor of San Francisco.  In the 1970s, Dick tried his hand at banking, but was soon involved in a political patronage scandal and accusations of dubious lending practices.[1]  In the 1980s, after a failed run for mayor of San Diego, he was appointed chief propagandist (though of course they didn’t call it that) at the Voice of America radio station, under Reagan.  In 1991, George H. W. Bush appointed him ambassador to Seychelles.  Today, at age 79, he has settled into a comfortable retirement.

As for Tucker’s mother, Lisa, she was evidently a very—shall we say—flaky person.  She married Dick in 1967, had Tucker in 1969 and then another boy in 1973, and then simply abandoned the family in 1975, when Tucker was six.  Only a very disturbed woman would up and leave her husband and two young children for no apparent reason.  Lisa’s whereabouts since that time remain a mystery.

Dick would eventually marry another troubled woman, Patricia Swanson, in 1979, when Tucker was 10 years old.  Fortuitously, Patricia was an heiress to the Swanson Foods fortune, built up in the 1930s and 1940s by her grandfather, Carl Swanson.  Her marriage to Dick was her third; at 18, she married a Jew, Howard Feldman, only to divorce a year later, and a second marriage ended in 1975.  At any rate, Dick at least “married into money,” attaining by current standards a modest fortune.  As they approach 80, both will soon be passing along a fair amount of money to Tucker.

In any case, Tucker led a privileged life from birth, despite his parental troubles.  He grew up in the wealthy community of La Jolla, California, and was schooled in Switzerland and at the prestigious Trinity College in Connecticut, eventually earning a degree in history.  Drawing on his father’s connections, he held various reporting and journalistic positions, eventually gaining his first television stint with CNN in 2000.  Tucker jumped to MSNBC in 2005, and finally to Fox in 2009.  In 2016, he was given his own program at that station.

Thus, by all accounts, Tucker is doing quite well for himself these days.  His show on Fox recently earned the highest ratings ever for a cable news show.  His salary is in the neighborhood of $6 million per year,[2] and his net worth is variously estimated at $20 million to $30 million.  At least his critiques of the wealthy corrupt of our country are well-sourced, given that he is a member of the very club that he loves to lambast.

The Tucker Model

Carlson seems to have been a life-long conservative, even during his tenures at CNN and MSNBC, where he played the conservative foil to the dominant liberal voices.  So we need not doubt his sincerity on that matter, at least.  But like all TV figures, he quickly learned how to “play the game” in order to get his share of airtime.  The primary rule: never question, challenge, or ‘out’ your bosses; always stick to the party line.  This of course is true pretty much everywhere, but in the news media, when your very job is to be an honest, diligent, and brave presenter of the truth, it seems particularly appalling to have to sacrifice basic morals—both personal and professional—simply to keep your job.  Yes, much of the blame goes to the corporate bosses, who demand ideological conformity from their news teams, but blame also goes to the individual TV figures who allow themselves to be used and corrupted for the money and fame (an old story, I know).

This is particularly troublesome for the dissident right, because there are many who view Carlson as a real voice for their concerns, and as a courageous defender of the truth.  But all too often, his real concern seems to be for himself and his fellow members of the wealthy elite, and his version of “the truth” leaves much to be desired.

Let’s start with what Carlson gets right.  Yes, the Democrats are appalling hypocrites and liars.  In the whole Covid crisis, Carlson has made much hay by exposing their double standards on things like mask-wearing, quarantine, haircuts, and salon visits.  Yes, they will say and do nearly anything to defeat Trump and win the White House, and perhaps even Congress.  Yes, Joe Biden is a near brain-dead dupe of party operatives, lacking in anything like personal principles or convictions.  Yes, Miss AOC—or now, “Sandy” Cortez, as Tucker prefers—carries an outsized liberal influence and indeed has many “radical” policies she wants to implement.  Yes, Democrats feign being environmentalists of the highest sort, and yet when in power they do little or nothing—witness the eight years of Clinton-Gore in the 1990s, or the eight Obama years.  Democrats also claim to “support our troops” but find it impossible to end our hopeless foreign wars and bring the troops home, or to dismantle our global network of imperial military outposts that costs taxpayers upwards of $500 billion a year.

It’s a similar story on the media side:  Yes, Tucker’s competing news celebrities at CNN and MSNBC are appalling hypocrites and liars.  He rightly calls out the blatant stupidity and ethical lapses of people like Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon.  CNN and MSNBC both are utterly predictable in which stories they present and which they don’t present, and Carlson has a field day with this.  These are the kinds of things that rightly earn him praise from the alt- and dissident right.

But let’s look a bit more closely at Tucker’s universe.  In his world, things are relatively black-and-white.  There are good things, and there are bad things.  The Tucker ‘goods’ include:  America, the American way of life, God (of the Judeo-Christian persuasion, of course), a second Trump presidency, capitalism, free trade, personal wealth, and unrestricted freedom of choice.  These things are standard goods for conservatives, both paleo and neo-con, but not necessarily for the dissident right.  Many in the DR see America as a failed state, as a disaster—at least in practice, if not also in theory.  Many would like to see our present corrupt nation vanish into oblivion.  Few in the DR are rich.  Many see Trump as an embarrassment or worse, hardly worth defending.  And many are at least skeptical, if not downright contemptuous, of the Judeo-Christian hoax and its ridiculous sky-god Jehovah.[3]

More troubling are the Tucker ‘bads,’ which include:  racism, anti-Semitism, White nationalism, Black Lives Matter, Antifa,[4] riots and anarchy in the streets, unwinnable foreign wars like Afghanistan, the 9/11 attacks (involving “the Saudis”), Chinese global aggression (especially vis a vis Russian aggression), and climate change “alarmism.”  Clearly and obviously for those in the DR, many of these things are in fact not bad, and some are unconditional goods.  Let’s go down the list in a bit of detail:

  • Racism, Tucker loves to repeat, is a great evil. “All men are created equal,” after all, according to his beloved Declaration.  Both of these assertions are, of course, utter nonsense.  The proper, positive reading of ‘racism’ is (a) to think in racial terms about all aspects of human society, and (b) to have an appropriate self-pride in one’s own race.  Any sane and rational person would likely agree with this definition.  Science, genetics, anthropology, and sociology all testify to the overriding importance of race or ethnicity in accounting for human values and behavior.  And to not be proud of one’s own race is akin to hating one’s own family; normal, well-adjusted people have a positive self-image, and this applies to themselves, to their extended family, and to all those of their kind.  Consequently, there is no meaningful sense in which all humans are equal—not in interests, abilities, values, predispositions, inclinations…nothing.  If anything, humans are radically unequal.  “Equal before the law” is trivial, relatively meaningless, and functionally-speaking not even true.  “Equal under God” is sheer absurdity.  Human equality is a fiction.  Thus, any thinking, intelligent, and morally-intact person ought to be a ‘racist.’
  • Likewise, any thinking White is necessarily anti-Semitic, meaning, they recognize Jews as the primary threat to their collective well-being and indeed to the well-being of all humanity. To be openly and proudly anti-Semitic is to take a stand against the gang of criminals—the “planetary master criminals,” in the words of Heidegger—that have been plundering Western civilization for some two millennia.[5]
  • White nationalism and White interests are of course the raison d’être of White activism. Whenever the topic crosses Carlson’s lips, however, it morphs into ‘white supremacy’ or ‘neo-Nazism’ and is explicitly or implicitly condemned.  Whites never have valid interests as Whites, in his mind.
  • Antifa and BLM are motley collections of confused, self-hating, opportunistic, vicious, and mindless individuals, of all races (including Jews). They are loosely organized, if at all.  Isolated hit-squads, perhaps assembled for pay, leap into action under their banners and make a big splash; but for the vast majority of Whites and the vast majority of American cities, they pose no real threat at all.  Yes, they are contemptible, as Carlson says.  Yes, they should be jailed, or worse.  But no, they pose no existential threat to the DR movement.  (Carlson’s main concern with them seems to be that they often target the wealthy, which hits too close to home for his comfort.)
  • Likewise, Tucker hates riots and anarchy because they threaten the comfortable order of the economic elites. But let’s get this straight:  There are plenty of good reasons to be rioting in the streets—but George Floyd is not one of them.  If we’re going to have riots, let’s do it, for example, over the American Judeocracy that has destroyed any semblance of fairness and justice in our society.  Or over the $1 trillion spent every year in this country to maintain a global military hegemony, much of it on behalf of Jews and Israel.  Or over the obscene accumulation of wealth by American Jews, amounting to as much as $50 trillion (see here).  It’s not the rioting per se that is wrong; it’s the motivation behind it that matters.  But Carlson will have none of this.
  • Both Iraq wars (1991 and 2003) and the war in Afghanistan were Jewish-instigated neo-con wars on behalf of Israel—period. They had nothing to do with American security.  To this day, there are still some 5,000 troops in Iraq and about 7,000 in Afghanistan, fighting “terrorists” who might someday threaten Jews in Israel.  This is an utter disgrace, and even a crime against humanity.  It must end now, as Tucker says—though he will never speak the truth about these conflicts.
  • As for the 9/11 attacks, suffice to say that, once again, they seem to have been conducted on behalf Jewish and Israeli interests. To demonize the Saudis, as Carlson does, is to distract from the real issues at hand.
  • Distraction, too, seems to be his motivation for a focus on Chinese aggression rather than Russian. As a widely-detested global hegemon, the US naturally faces continual threats on many fronts.  To pick out one or the other of these threats is to distract from the deeper issues involved.  The short solution here is:  stop being a hegemon, and you will have far fewer enemies.
  • Carlson claims to be an environmentalist, but it’s clear that he qualifies only as one of the shallow and instrumentalist types. By contrast, many in the DR have legitimate concerns about climate change and would like see this nation move toward less fossil fuels, while expanding protections for wilderness and undeveloped rural areas.  Dare I add that the original dissident right, the National Socialists, placed great value on nature.  Once again, Carlson seems primarily concerned with the potential hit to his bottom line, and that of his fellow elites.

Tucker and the Jews

Finally we come to the black hole at the center of Carlson’s galaxy.  And a supermassive one it is, too.  Of that most influential, most wealthy, most corrupt, and most destructive of minorities, he offers us precisely nothing.  Jews are all but invisible on the Tucker Carlson Show.

Correction:  Jews qua Jews are invisible.  He has plenty of them on his show, but they are almost never identified as such (of course not—because that would be RACIST!).  Carlson’s regular Jews include Dr. Marc Siegel, Rick Leventhal, Mark Steyn (part-Jewish), and Dave Portnoy.  The past few weeks have included several other Jewish appearances, including Glenn Greenwald, Alex Berenson, Seth Barron, Lester Friedman, and Dov Hikind.  As on every news outlet, left, right, or center, Jews are massively over-represented.  This is not an accident.  For his part, Tucker seems more than happy to give the Jewish voice yet more airtime.

Yes, he condemns the likes of Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein, and of Jeff Zucker and Michael Cohen, but again never as Jews.  Their Jewishness is, for him, utterly irrelevant.  Those of us who know better can see consistent patterns of behavior, clannish in-group defense, masterful lying, and an absolute lack of morality in these individuals.  This is not a coincidence.  We are dealing here with genetic, in-born traits that reach their highest and most ruthless fulfillment in such men.  Wherever Jews number more than a fraction of a percent of the population, there will be Weinsteins and Epsteins, Zuckers and Cohens.

A typical Carlson viewer, however, could be excused for thinking that such people as Jews didn’t even exist—unless it involves calling attention to anti-Semitism and Jewish victimhood.  Apart from that, the word ‘Jew’ is virtually never uttered.  Not even when it is most relevant; and not even when it involves the very people he loves to criticize the most.  Consider the highly relevant and surely uncoincidental relationships between Biden, Kamala Harris, and the Jews.  Take Biden, who has long had a cozy relationship with Jews, dating back at least to his fond memories of meeting Golda Meir in 1973.  In early 2007, he famously stated that “I am a Zionist,” adding “You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist” (true enough).[6]  This certainly helped his political future, considering that the Judeophile and Judenknecht Obama soon thereafter chose him as his running mate.

But what secured Biden’s support among the American Judeocracy was surely his family connections.  Joe had three children by his first wife: Beau, Hunter, and Naomi.  The wife and one-year-old Naomi were killed in a car crash in 1972, but the two boys lived to adulthood (Beau died of brain cancer in 2015).  Joe then had a fourth child, Ashley, by his second and current wife, Jill.  Ashley married a Jewish doctor, Howard Krein, in 2012.  Beau married a Jewish dry-cleaning scion, Hallie Olivere, in 2002; they had two children before he died in 2015.  After his death, Olivere (now Hallie Biden) shamelessly began an affair with the alcoholic and married younger son, Hunter—he of the Ukrainian Burisma scandal fame.  Hunter then divorced his first wife (Kathleen) to take up fulltime with the Jewess Hallie, but that relationship fell apart in 2018.  After getting a stripper pregnant, Hunter then took up with another Jewess, “filmmaker” Melissa Cohen.  They married in 2019 and had a boy in 2020.

Bottom line:  All three of Biden’s adult children married Jews, and he has at least three Jewish grandchildren.  This is remarkable, and surely not accidental.  Jews flock to power, and those in power, at least the most depraved and corrupt ones, are only too happy to cement their Jewish family connections.  The same holds, as we know, for the Clintons, Trump, and Nancy Pelosi, among many others.[7]

For her part, Kamala Harris married the Jew Doug Emhoff in 2014.  As the offspring of an Indian mother and a Black Jamaican father, and now married to a Jew, Harris is a poster child for the degenerate racial mixing that passes for normality in liberal-Democratic circles these days.  We can see why they praised her selection for VP.

But rest assured, you won’t be confronted with any of these ugly facts on the Tucker Carlson Show.  No sir!  Because that would be RACIST!

Perhaps the biggest Jewish problem, from Carlson’s standpoint, is the possible (likely?) Jewishness of his Fox corporate owners, the Murdoch family.  The family patriarch, Rupert, now 89, has managed to obscure details of his family background.  His mother, the former Elisabeth Greene (1909-2012), is claimed by some to have been Jewish.  Journalist Richard Curtiss stated as much in 2003 (see here).  There is a weird, possibly-doctored photo showing her looking quite chummy with an Australian rabbi (ibid.).  And Rupert’s sister, Anne, apparently married a Jew named Kantor.  Suggestive, but far from definitive.

But what is not in dispute is that the Murdoch empire has been relentlessly pro-Israel, pro-Jewish, and pro-Zionist for decades.  Whether for personal, religious, or commercial reasons, the Murdochs have found it in their interest to sidle up to the Jews.  This stance unquestionably works its way down the entire Fox media network, and thus we are unsurprised that the anchors avoid the whole topic whenever possible.  The Jewish Question is, as always, That Which Shall Not Be Spoken.[8]

It is particularly frustrating, though, when folks like Carlson actually provide cover and defense for the Jews.  On many occasions, for example, he has stated or implied that Jews are White—that they benefit from “White privilege” or that they are targeted “because they are White.”  Let me make this as clear as possible:  Jews are not White—not in any relevant sense.  Jews are White like Jessica Krug and Rachel Dolezal are Black; that is, only to the extent that it serves their interests to deceive.  Yes, Jews’ skin tone matches ours, but that is merely an unfortunate and superficial fact of biology.  To further obscure the issue, they use plastic surgery to hide the nose and to minimize the uniquely repulsive effects of Jewish aging.  This allows them to circulate in White society unnoticed.  But they are not White.  Neither are Lebanese, Syrians, Iranians, nor any other light-skinned Arabs or Middle Easterners.  ‘White’ refers only to the indigenous people of Europe, Ukraine, and Western Russia.  Jews are not White.

But Carlson seems unable to comprehend this fact, and thus he continues to perpetuate the “Jews are White” myth.  Apparently he is unwilling or unable to grasp the alternative, namely, that Jews are a distinct ethnicity with distinct genetics, and therefore with distinct skills, abilities, values, and group interests—many of which directly conflict with those of Whites.

His sins against Whites are compounded by the fact that he himself is White.  This situation is particularly galling to me and many in the DR.  We can at least understand the patent self-interest when Jewish anchors like Wolf Blitzer, Jake Tapper, Rachel Maddow (half), Chuck Todd, Ari Melber, Mark Levin, and John Berman offer us biased reporting or lies of omission that benefit Jews.  But for Whites and other non-Jews to do the same is disgraceful.  Carlson, at least, manages to salvage some dignity in his willingness to openly criticize Jews, even if without naming them as such.  But for left-leaning White broadcasters like Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo, and Chris Hayes to provide active cover and defense for Jews is utterly appalling.  They are among the leading and most damaging race-traitors in the mainstream media.  For them, no punishment can be too severe.

Despite all this, Carlson has a path to salvation.  Tucker, here it is:  Pick a random night in the not too distant future, and go off script, live, and tell the truth about the Jews.  You’re smart, you know the truth, just say it.  When the inevitable firing comes, take it like a man.  With $30 million in the bank, you’ve got more than enough for yourself, your kids, and your grandkids.  Then use your money and fame to become a real advocate for the truth.  Speak out against the Jewish monopolization of our power structure, and against Jewish malfeasance at all levels of society.

They say you might even run for president in 2024.  Imagine the commitment and support you would gain by speaking the truth.  But do it now.  There isn’t a moment to lose.  We’ll be waiting.


Thomas Dalton, PhD, has authored or edited several books, including a new translation series of Mein Kampf, and the book Debating the Holocaust (4th ed, 2020).  For all his works, see his personal website www.thomasdaltonphd.com

[1] Dick Carlson ended up being interviewed by Mike Wallace for 60 Minutes, as part of the larger scandal.

[2] Significantly less than his competitor, Anderson Cooper at CNN, who earns around $12 million per year.

[3] Nietzsche’s account of Christianity is particularly appropriate on this count; see here.

[4] Both the term and the ideology have long roots, having been founded in Germany in the early 1930s.  Only in the past four or five years has the concept assumed prominence in the US.

[5] For more on Heidegger, see my book Eternal Strangers (2020).

[6] On this and other related statements, see here.

[7] One wonders what the children of these power-elites are thinking.  What sane person would willingly marry into the lowest and most despicable minority on Earth?  And then have children with them?  Were they bribed?  Coerced?  Brainwashed?  The topic is surely worthy of a book-length treatment in itself.

[8] I’m tempted to call it “the elephant in the room,” but that would be an insult to elephants, so I won’t.

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    • Jacobite
      Jacobite says:

      This seems to be an unnecessary aside that cuts the heart out of his authority in general. The remark about 9/11 and Israel is yet another. Trying to equate Russian animosity with the Chinese economic and financial assault on the US economy is another loser argument, especially since the Chinese are enjoying such success, while Moscow still struggles with a lame economy (and the Russians are white). Attacks on Christianity might not offend everybody, but I don’t think anyone trying to energize the Right against the atheist Left needs to bring it up. OTOH, points for not dragging UFOs and Bigfoot into it. If I’m not mistaken I believe Carlson has mentioned George Soros and his AG/DA scheme. That has to count for something. This is a fine example of the inherent inability of the opponents of Leftism to unite. A majority of Americans (if not of US citizens) are Right-leaning, but as long as their leaders are divided into seventeen mutually antagonistic factions, any effective opposition is a forlorn hope. It is interesting that I read on this site criticism of the Leftist claim that white people have no group interests which need defending. This is one of those columns that seem to validate that idea.

      • Barkingmad
        Barkingmad says:

        While Tucker doesn’t sound like Kevin MacDonald, for the Powers to permit the likes of him to run his mouth as much as he has, well, this is most strange. Maybe we should be grateful, at this point, for this little bone we’ve been fed. At least his popularity shows that we aren’t alone. Truly, I don’t know what is going on. Something is going to give (with Tucker) sooner or later.

        Also, I’m not sure what his unfortunte family background and connections have to do with anything.

        • Blenda Richter
          Blenda Richter says:

          Unless you suffer from an acute case of opportune dyslexia, Dr. Dalton did make the caveat before addressing “…his unfortunte family background and connections.”

          “Now, in general, I try to avoid assigning blame for an individual’s faults to his past or his family. People are, for the most part, responsible adults, and must be held personally responsible for their own actions. But in this case, Carlson’s family history reveals a fairly lengthy tale of woe, malfeasance, and assorted immoralities; surely this has some bearing on his beliefs and actions as an adult. At a minimum, it helps us to better understand the man and his motivations.”

    • Achilles Wannabe
      Achilles Wannabe says:

      I don’t know you but I do know there is such a thing as NATURE which cannot endlessly withstand capitalist consumerism. Please check your libertarianism. It is Jewish

      • TJ
        TJ says:

        Ad hominem. What are libertarian principles, and why are they wrong?

        There are many flavors and much disagreement. Which version of libertarianism are you looking at?

        I am amazed to learn that Locke was Jewish.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      I’m glad to see that that video is still making the rounds! It’s a winner.

      Apropos fossil fuels, there’s also the fact that they probably have little or nothing to do with fossils, despite more than a century’s worth of alarmist propaganda to that effect. The abiogenic explanation of the origin of petroleum has always made far more sense, but it’s far too inherently inimical to the (((Establishment Narrative))) to be tolerated or discussed.

    • Nikandros
      Nikandros says:

      No. Despite many Ashkenazi having European admixture, they remain a Semitic people by their own admission and their “homeland” is in the Middle East, not Europe.

      • Lucius Vanini
        Lucius Vanini says:

        Yes. Who said Semitic means non-White? The Phoenicians were Semitic; and look at the ancient images of them and those of the Carthaginians, who were a colony of the Phoenicians. Classically Caucasoid. And actually, Virgil in the AENEID depicts the Phoenician founder and queen of Carthage, Dido, as pale and as having long, flowing blond hair; her sister likewise. Now, presumably an educated Roman, a genius such as Virgil was, wasn’t ignorant of what his country’s most dangerous enemies looked like.

        Also, all the mosaics depicting Dido, as well as Europa (the mythical Phoenician princess after whom our ancestral continent was named), all represent unmistakably White women. Were the ancients deceived as to the physical nature of Phoenicians and Carthaginians–people who were well-known because of their prominence and wide distribution?

        Moreover, genetic research (e.g., full genome study Haber et al, 2017) finds that the modern Lebanese are the descendants of the Phoenicians (Haber finds that 90% of the ancestry of the Lebanese can be traced to the Phoenicians); and the Lebanese have a genetic frequency profile EQUIVALENT to that of the Greeks and Italians (Mansouri et al, 1996); so if you eliminate the Phoenicians and Lebanese from the Caucasian mega-cluster, arguably the Greeks and Italians go with them.

        And just think: that means we backward Whites were taught the alphabet and writing by non-White people, as this Roman Script we’re using here came ultimately from the Phoenicians! What a blow to our notions of our racial greatness!

        It’s woefully ignorant lol to think that “Caucasianness” stops short at Gibraltar, the Hellespont and the Caucasus Mountains. There is great homogeneity in West Eurasia, which includes Europe and West Asia. Europeans are not a monolithic island of humanity, but, in the words of Henn et al, 2012, part of a European/Near Eastern Ancestral CLUSTER; and that includes White elements in Mediterranean-basin Africa–Kabyle, Riffians, whose ancestors came from the Near East.

        Ancient Arabians too, Semites, are revealed in ancient and Medieval images (e.g., Skylitzes Chronicle) as fully Caucasoid. What adulterated their descendants was the Trans-Saharan Slave Trade, which led to miscegenation with blacks (no doubt a factor in the great decline of Islamic Civilization, once far ahead of Christian European society). Still, there remain a significant number of Caucasians among these Semites too; and Cavalli-Sforza et al,1994 states “The shortest genetic distance, 0.0155. is between European and extra-European Caucasoids,” among the latter of whom he includes Arabians as well as other West Asians.

        OF COURSE the West Eurasian Jews, typically Ashkenazim, are White people.. The trouble is that too many WNs entertain an anthropology befitting homo erectus, and their denial of Whiteness to obviously White Jews is merely valuation-based, much like that of American WASPs who denied Whiteness to the Irish on the score of the latter’s Catholicism. I’m not infatuated with Western Jewry either, but I have the intellectual integrity to call a spade a spade.

        P.S. Two of the doughtiest White-Nationalist women I know of are Lebanese-American–two perfectly White women, one who pulled out a pistol to chase blacks from her and her children, the other the maker of You Tube videos defending our race, 7Phoenician7 by name and a blue-eyed heroine.

        • Brett
          Brett says:

          Jews aren’t genetically White because half of Ashkenazi admixture is of semitic origin from the Middle East. Hybrids don’t make the cut. To be White is to be of 100% European ancestry.

          • Kris
            Kris says:

            That’s only valid if you accept Ashkenazis as ‘half-Semitic’ (whatever that means). Many Lebanese and a few Syrian Christians are definitely Levantine and qualify as ‘white.’

          • Lucius Vanini
            Lucius Vanini says:

            Jews wouldn’t be “genetically White” IF–and only if–Whiteness were a uniquely European property! But no scientist has been stupid enough to say something so unseemly. When race was considered as real as Mount Everest, ethnologists identified the Caucasoid nature with most of West Eurasia–which comprises Europe AND West Asia; and they found it dominant in North Africa. as well.

            This definition of “Caucasian” is from my late 20th Century Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary:

            “Of or relating to the white race as defined by law specifically as composed of persons of European, North African and Southwestern Asian ancestry.”

            That’s based on the ethnology of a prior, politically incorrect era; and, while not perfect (there are many non-White people in North Africa and West Asia–though primarily because of a relatively recent Trans-Sahara Slave Trade). it bears much more truth than does the Stone-Age anthropology of most WNs.

            People who say the Jews aren’t White so often LOL are unsure about individual cases when they see White people with names they think might be Jewish. Too many of them don’t think far enough to see that such uncertainty couldn’t happen if West Eurasian Jews were of another race. People wonder whether Amelia Dimoldenberg is Jewish or White, and they consult Wikipeda to find out; but they don’t do the same re Whoopi Goldberg LOL!

            I don’t suppose you know much about genetics, at least not where Jews are concerned. Major Y-DNA haplogroups occurring in White Jews–E1b1b, J2 and R1b–are the patrilineal DNA of hundreds of millions of non-Jewish European men; and Richards et al, 2013 found that 81% of Ashkenazi mtDNA, maternal lineage, is traceable to ancient indigenous European women.

      • Joe
        Joe says:

        Wow really showing the TRUTH. Guess south africans, americans, australians etc aren’t white because their homeland is outside of Europe. Also didn’t know I could stop being white if I just say so.

        • Barkingmad
          Barkingmad says:

          Maybe what he meant is “ancestral homeland” and there is only one of those for us – Europe, no matter where those ancestors chose to build a civilization only a few hundred years ago.

        • Lucius Vanini
          Lucius Vanini says:

          Yes–I see the same thing, that one doesn’t stop being White by saying one is not–IF anthropologically one’s nature meets the objective criteria of what’s called “Whiteness.” Lol, does ethnicity depend on “self-identification”???

          Anyone who believes that it does, is capable of believing that a person with a penis and testes is a woman if he says so lol! Hey, if self-identification determines identity, there are several hundred Jesuses in the world, in and outside of asylums.

          An argument one hears from White Nationalists (I’m one, by the way, but, I think, a more thoughtful one than many) who deny Whiteness to West Eurasian Jews like the Ashkenazim, is that Jews themselves say they aren’t White but something else. But (1) that’s not true: Jews overwhelmingly identify as White; and (2) again, race or ethnicity inheres in physical/phenotypical attributes and not in self-identification. I can proclaim that I’m actually not a European but an Australoid from tropical Australia, but science will contradict me big-time.

          I fear that very many WNs conflate anthropology with politics and think that if one accords Caucasianness to this habitually subversive group, one approves them and what they do. I don’t see the one thing following from the other. Jews are doing everything which so-called anti-Semites accuse them of doing. But does that mean they can’t be White? Merkel, Macron and that professional liar the pope are Whites–AND arch-enemies of our heritage, up there with Soros and the ADL….

  1. Odessa Choppo
    Odessa Choppo says:

    EXCELLENT ARTICLE! Thank you for the research and great details. We of the DR allow so much of this to pass by due to the lack of alternatives or a voice on the legacy media. I formally vowed never to subject myself to the tribe’s intrusion into my life through these means, but talk of TC is still everywhere including TheRightStuff’s various shows.

    • Geaux Pezke
      Geaux Pezke says:

      Much like the thrust of Trumpism, Bannonism, Tucker praise on TRS shows is nearly non-existent. In fact, FTN has had a continuous expose of the fake nationalism of international leaders such as Salvini, Orban, and Bolsonaro, while basically redefining the toxic populism that only benefits Jews as FinkleThink. Find me an article on http://www.dissident-mag.com that praises Tucker. The fact that they haven’t done a Daltoneque takedown of Tucker is now moot, because their vocal support of the author publicly and it would be redundant.

    • Geaux Pezke
      Geaux Pezke says:

      Much like the thrust of Trumpism, Bannonism, Tucker praise on TRS shows is nearly non-existent. In fact, FTN has had a continuous expose of the fake nationalism of international leaders such as Salvini, Orban, and Bolsonaro, while basically redefining the toxic populism that only benefits Jews as FinkleThink. Find me an article on http://www.dissident-mag.com that praises Tucker. The fact that they haven’t done a Daltoneque takedown of Tucker is now moot, because their vocal support of the author publicly and it would be redundant.

  2. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    Thank you, Dr. Dalton for the enlightenment and expose. I think you have done the most sterling job to date in illustrating the term ‘Kosher Conservative’.

    And, perhaps we should thank Tucker Carlson for personifying that illustration for the benefit of thinking people.

  3. Petronius
    Petronius says:

    There is way too much frustration in this piece, probably resulting from unrealistic expectations. Huge surprise, Tucker is neither of the “dissident right” nor a National Socialist, and he won’t say things on TV that he doesn’t believe in or that will get him fired immediately and forever ostracised. I for my part thank God, whether in the sky or elsewhere, that Tucker even exists in today’s hellhole media.

    • Junghans
      Junghans says:

      Tucker is essentially a pressure relief valve for right leaning Whites, who does good by bringing people to the nationalistic edge, and getting them to THINK about vital issues. He is, for the most part, a voice of sanity in the Judeo-Anglo ideological wilderness.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      “There is way too much frustration in this piece, probably resulting from unrealistic expectations.”

      Perhaps you are right, Petronius, but perhaps you are giving Dalton more of the benefit of the doubt than he merits. What I take from the piece is less the author’s frustration than his almost homicidal hate—and not just for Carlson.

  4. Ishtar
    Ishtar says:

    “ But they are not White. Neither are Lebanese, Syrians, Iranians, nor any other light-skinned Arabs or Middle Easterners. ‘White’ refers only to the indigenous people of Europe, Ukraine, and Western Russia.“ Hardly more beautiful words ever spoken. TRUTH.

  5. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    Several weeks ago, in comments on the “Amanpour interviews Brendan Simms” thread, I was pretty tough on Tucker Carlson and relatively unmoved by those who tried to talk me around. Now comes Thomas Dalton and his affected applause for Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and riots and anarchy in the streets—all at a safe distance from him, doubtless—accompanied by a therapeutic dose of his well-known, sneer-filled Christophobia. That Dalton loathes Carlson so deeply is a sure sign that I have undervalued his merit and importance. See also KM’s rebuttal article.

  6. Aristo Boho
    Aristo Boho says:

    You might be a Doctor Of Philosophy, Dear Professor Dalton, and you very well have criticisms and differences with Mister Tucker Carlson, but your article is a primary example of why one with a doctorate doesn’t make for an excellent writer. I could even answer and agree here and there with you, which I do, and likewise differ here and there with you, that I do indeed, yet, your description of Mister Carlson’s family life as a child, what occured tragically to him when his mother Lisa abandoned him when still as a child, is worse than muck racking. Let me call it what it is: scumbag journalism! Scandal, which in metaphysics is spiritual murder, and representative of a psychologically weak individual that you obviously are. I shouldn’t waste anymore words with a pretentious pseudo-intellectual peasant like yourself. God Help Us If There Many Other Dissidents Like You, Aristo Boho

    • white dog
      white dog says:

      After listening to TC enough times I knew he was just another media person owned by jews telling us what to think. He traded transparency of his personal life and past in for the money.

      • Aristo Boho
        Aristo Boho says:

        White Dog,

        Thank you, but you are overlooking my point, whether I agree or not with you. This holier than thou Thomas Dalton is a trash essayist. I am not into this Scandal Sheet Yellow Press degeneracy about the misfortunes of a person’s life. If this doesn’t mean anything to you I pity you. This is the same type of excremental writing as respectively Messers Richard Ben Emerson and Albert Goldman on the lives of Joe Dimaggio and Elvis Presley, in fact these two are worse because there pseudo-incomplete biographies are loaded with mendacity. albeit Mister Goldman gives us at least one hundred fifty pages of excellent musicology; the rest is garbage can history. Allow me to investigate Dalton Baby’s life! But I’m not evil. I despise effeminate men who have to throw high culture out of the window making out that all life is pure and righteous; hence a misfortune in a family is ever so sordid, and assists one’s logic in criticizing a man. You know, truthfully I really mean this: I would like to meet this slob Dalton and punch him right the jaw and knock his teeth out! A mother abandons a child and he includes this in a third rate critique. Criticise Mister Tucker Carlson’s political philosophy and not the suffering he will endure unitl he goes to another world, asking why his mother who gave birth to him left him as a child. God bless, Aristo Boho.

  7. Carolyn Yeager
    Carolyn Yeager says:

    Thomas Dalton,
    Why go after “Boy Scout” Tucker Carlson? You would do much better to reprimand the Dissident Right (DR) that you identify with so strongly. That group, including Kevin MacDonald himself who wrote “In defense of Tucker” in an article following yours, are for the most part too easily satisfied with “hints and dog-whistles.” They don’t expect more because they themselves are afraid of the Jews and don’t expect anyone *with a career* to be brave enough to stand up to them. It’s these fellow White loyalists whom you should be upset with, not Tucker, who isn’t a White loyalist at all. He truly believes in the multi-racial society, as you yourself said.

    In my opinion, though I faithfully watch Carlson’s clips that Fox News is good enough to make available to online viewers, looking to Tucker as a presidential candidate is a stretch too far. For my money, Donald Trump does more for White America, and Whites across the world, than Tucker does or could do. It would be great if we had another version of Donald Trump waiting in the wings for 2024. He’s not a boy scout. Have you noticed how often Trump brings up his line about certain people having “good genes?” It’s truly hilarious and outrageous. He seems to get a certain pleasure from it. Tucker would never do that.

    • Bernice Thomas
      Bernice Thomas says:

      I can’t let you crap on KMAC.
      “Afraid of the Jews?”
      The man spent most of his career fighting organized Jewry, faced opposition at work,
      social ostracism, etc., a load of misery.
      You think Trump is better than Tucker? In what way? Trump has done nothing for white people
      and he isn’t going to do anything for white people.

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        You’re out of your league, Bernice. You’re mouthing platitudes. KMac hasn’t “spent most of his career fighting organized Jewry;” his book ‘Culture of Critique’ came out in 1998, more like late in his career. Yes, he’s been brave, and I like/respect him but he’s performed as an academic, not a “fighter.” He actually didn’t expect the firestorm he found himself in, but he didn’t back down once it came. And still hasn’t. He’s a true White advocate. But as he’s said himself, he also knew he had tenure.
        My question is: What does he recommend the White Identity community do about the Jewish problem? He only airs out the problem, again and again, without a solution. That means: he doesn’t provide leadership and he knows it. He does nix leadership from certain other people though.
        What are we left with?
        Trump is better than Tucker in that he’s a doer, not just a talker. Everyone here is a talker. Putting yourself into a position of DOING, Acting, of providing Leadership, is what Adolf Hitler did, and also what Donald Trump has done. In his actions so far, Trump has done a whole lot for white people (building the Wall, radically slowing illegal and legal immigration, greatly reducing govt. regulations and Big Government, declaring the Jewish media “Fake News,” appointing constitutionalist federal judges and Supreme Court justices, undoing/redoing bad trade deals and US membership in globalist organizations … to name just a few of many, many more achievements) plus just preventing the anti-White democrats from gaining power.
        For you to say “nothing” shows your ignorance and that maybe you are a troll. That’s the message trolls love to spread around.
        I notice you’re the only one who’s challenged me on Trump over Tucker, even though many here dislike Trump. But most are coming to the realization that they don’t have a viable argument against Trump … just that they don’t like him. Too bad.

  8. Jud Jackson
    Jud Jackson says:

    Excellent article Dr. Dalton,
    I agree with almost all of it.
    However, you write ”likewise, Tucker hates riots and anarchy because they threaten the comfortable order of the economic elites.” I disagree. Tucker strikes me as having a genuine love for middle class businessmen and women who are being ruined by the riots. He does not want an oligarchy which is what the riots are designed to produce.
    I have a question for you or anyone else reading this comment concerning a Fox News show of around a week ago. There were two Fox news women reporters interviewing Newt Gingrich. Newt stated that George Soros was funding the leftist pro criminal DAs across the country and one woman said something like we don’t need to bring up Soros. Gingrich responded by saying something like “Soros Verboten” and the show ended. Clearly, Fox did not want these women and Gingrich discussing Soros. However, Tucker repeatedly goes after Soros (not qua Jew) but qua evil billionaire who is trying to destroy the country. Tucker is never cut off. But he is just Fox employee like the two women but he can get away with criticizing Soros while the lesser Fox reporters cannot. Can anyone explain this?

    • Aristo Boho
      Aristo Boho says:

      Dear Mister Jackson,

      There is not anything conspiratorial about what happened to the 50th Speaker Of The House Of Representatives, Newt Gingrich. On that boring show, except an occasional intelligent intervention by Mister Gingrich, the hostess, who objected was Miss Marie Harf, a flaming Liberal subversive. She obviously adores the humanitarian of chaos and deconstruction, Mister George Soros. the main hostess, Misses Harris Faulkner just didn’t handle it well.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGzG4Q29Bf0&feature=youtu.be

      I have seen this happen before specifically in the daytime on that television news network, Fox News, who has hired, and continues to, leftist Liberals or Moderate Conservatives, for their daytime shows. You see, it believes in Democracy! When the Cathedral of Notre Dame was burning down Mister Shepard Smith exclaimed “not on my watch” when he cut off, Soviet style, Mister Philippe Karsenty: https://thehill.com/homenews/media/439017-fox-newss-shep-smith-shuts-down-french-commentator-who-suggested-notre-dame. And that very same day, April 15th, 2020 another Fox News Liberal, Mister Neil Cavuto, did that to Mister Bill Donoghue: https://www.mediaite.com/tv/fox-anchor-hangs-up-on-bill-donohue-for-speculating-about-cause-of-notre-dame-fire/.

      Mister Tucker Carlson is of the Right. And Fox News on the whole isn’t. I suggest you tune in to One America News. No Liberals allowed. Is it perfect no, nor is Mister Carlson. But superior on the United States Constitution is Mister Graham Ledger, and unlike anyone on Fox News or Newsmax, Mister Ledger called the Coronavirus Disease-2019 athe biggest sham in world history, and he is 100% correct!!!https://timesofsandiego.com/business/2020/08/06/burnt-out-or-given-boot-debate-rages-on-graham-ledgers-exit-from-oan/ Very much about Mister Ledger is more down to earth and honest than either Mister Carlson or Mister Sean Hannity. Perfect no! But at least he won’t be a whore! View his podcasts!

      One more point: Mister Gingrich is very astute and intelligent, yet he plays a power game. His getting cut off is just a taste of what could even worse occur to him by his own hands. He agreed withe the removal of the statue of President Theodore Roosevelt on horseback with an African on foot on one side and a Native American on the other in Manhattan. Just as Mister Corey Lewandowski is for the removal of honours to President Woodrow Wilson at Princeton University. Regardless of the subversive factors of both ex-Presidents, I do not believe in removing any monuments and similar, and believe me I do not care for either. I hope I’ve helped in some way. God Bless, Aristo Boho

      • Jud Jackson
        Jud Jackson says:

        Dear Aristo Boho,

        Thank you very much for your informed, detailed response to my
        question. I will check out the news site you suggested.

        Jud Jackson

        • Aristo Boho
          Aristo Boho says:

          Dear Mister Jackson,

          The pleasure is all mine. Here is a LINK to Mister Graham Ledger’s PODCAST of September 18th, 2020. I take what is positive. Let me know what you think, if by that time this conversation thread is still commenting. God Bless, Aristo Boho

        • Aristo Boho
          Aristo Boho says:

          Dear Mister Jackson & Others,

          The following LINK is to The Ledger Report from August 3rd, 2020. This still has value if you agree with Mister Graham Ledger and I that this pandemic, the Coronavirus Disease-2019 is a sham. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8rJbAPxcAk My point is that Mister Ledger is saying what no other main stream newsman-host, including Mister Tucker Carlson, has outrightly stated. Keep in mind, MIster Sean Hannity host of “Hannity” on the television network, Fox News, didn’t believe it in the begininng either but wasn’t as forthcoming as Mister Ledger. When President Donald John Trump spoke to the nation that there was a pandemic, then Mister Hannity cleverly got himself out of it by saying there had been a paradigm shift. This is the most evil plot conceived and proof as to how not only a nation but the world can be overtaken, which end is a nightmare of one to live in. God Bless, Aristo Boho

    • Tedesco
      Tedesco says:

      That interview on Fox News (Sept 16) was a real eye-opener. It showed Media censorship in plain view. No one could miss it.
      They were asking Newt Gingrich for his opinions on the “mostly peaceful protests.” He pointed out that many local politicians and bureaucrats (progressive DA’s) – who support the riots and refuse to prosecute criminals – are funded by George Soros. As soon as Gingrich said the magic words “George Soros”. they cut him off.
      The three interviewers were – Harris Faulkner, Melissa Francis and Marie Harf. We could see them listening to their producer (via their earphones) ordering them to stop the interview. That was funny.
      Carlson can say the magic words, “George Soros.” No one else is allowed to, not even on Fox News. Carlson has too much stature. Fox producers don’t dare directly censor him on live TV.

  9. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    Carlson is a gateway pundit. He serves two decent purposes: To re-introduce white Joe Sixpacks to the basics of being white, and to hopefully set a path in front of them wherein they can continue and learn the actual truths. It’s not a bad idea to keep someone like this around, especially in an easy to access medium like the jewtube. For those of us who started down that path decades ago, it’s funny to watch the stuff that neophytes have to learn, like a mechanic watching someone fresh out of school change oil on the job for the first time, but there is value in it. If Carlson is pulled, that’s one less voice we have out there in the mainstream, collecting the “recalcitrant” white people who don’t want to do clownworld anymore, but don’t know where to turn next.

  10. white dog
    white dog says:

    I had to stop listening to Tucker because I was getting so angry for the above stated reasons. This article is a relief.

  11. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    “The primary rule: never question, challenge, or ‘out’ your bosses; always stick to the party line. This of course is true pretty much everywhere, but in the news media, when your very job is to be an honest, diligent, and brave presenter of the truth, it seems particularly appalling to have to sacrifice basic morals—both personal and professional—simply to keep your job.”

    Since when has it ever been journalism’s job to be the “honest, diligent and brave presenter of the truth”?

    Schopenhauer referred to them as “day-laborers”, for a reason. It’s what the word journalism means. It reports factual events, but not the truth. That’s a modern conceit, and a laughable one at that, like much of modernism.

    And since when has the DR ever been the “courageous defender of the truth”?

    It never has been and never will be. It’s interested in ideology, which puts its belief-system before the truth every single time, just like any other ideology.

    Considering the situation he’s in, what Tucker has accomplished is nothing short of a miracle. Take it for what it’s worth and then – take it from there. Every little bit helps.

    Why on earth would you depend on Tucker to do what you know full well he can’t do given his situation? It wouldn’t be brave, it would be foolhardy.

    Dalton’s basic idea is, “Tucker Bad. Not good for DR.”

    Who gives a damn about the DR? They’re a ball and chain to what matters most, White interests, which centers on, or should, the past, present and future of Whites.

    So much, if not everything, coming from the DR smacks of sour grapes. Who doubts that, had they the power, the DR would demonize dissent and pathologize opposition of fellow Whites, just as Jewish Supremacy does? Of course they would. Just look at how it responds to criticism.

    So why should any serious White man be interested in the DR’s success? Conflating “Right” with White is one of the many reasons Whites won’t make it. White survival depends on the ability to transend the Right and Left once and for all.

    The DR is a joke. I’m ordering it dissolved and replaced by something else two weeks from Sunday. In the meantime, I look forward to watching Tucker.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      “Conflating “Right” with White is one of the many reasons Whites won’t make it. White survival depends on the ability to transend the Right and Left once and for all.”

      What is “White” to you, Richard B? Can you define it, please? Because no one else can or does. My impression is that anyone with light skin qualifies as “White” and that includes some Jews. So “Whites”, whether left or right, are allies? Naturally, then, Whites have a broad array of opinions about everything, which is considered “good” in the Libertarian worldview. Therefore we will never agree and never be united – in fact, will only grow weaker. Strength depends on unity.
      My impression is that you are a libertarian. Is that the way to understand you?

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        Excuse me, but Thomas Dalton DID rather courageously come up with his definition of ‘White’ in this article: “‘White’ refers only to the indigenous people of Europe, Ukraine, and Western Russia.”
        And no Jews are white. Do you agree or disagree with his definition?

        He also advised Tucker to speak out about the Jews, knowing and expecting he would lose his job. Since Tucker was already independently wealthy, he could then become a real truth fighter outside of the mainstream media, and he would be a hero to Whites. I don’t think that’s who he is though, so that may be a way for Dalton to call out Tucker.
        What do you think?

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            Please name a few that you have in mind. What does “basically European” mean? Is “basically” something the same to you as altogether that something?
            How does membership in a Tribe (Judaic religion) that is outside of European history and determined by blood/race, and that is opposed to European cultural and religious values, allow one to be “basically European?” Wouldn’t one have to fully denounce all allegiance to Jewry, and Jewish practices, in order to be a European?

            What are you suggesting by your comment?

          • Kris
            Kris says:

            Gosh, the examples are too numerous to mention. Jews have not been hermetically sealed off in ghettos but intermarried frequently with their host peoples. Not even St. Adolf The Slav butcher completely excluded Jews. A number were ‘Aryanized’ and several served in the military.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            If Jews have to intermarry with Europeans to “become White”, they are not White to begin with. And the part of them that remains Jewish still is not European. So they’re not European.

            You say “Plenty of Ashkies are ‘white’ and basically European” but you can’t name a single one, probably because their whiteness can be disputed.
            Your reference to Jews in the German military doesn’t change a thing. ‘Honorary Aryan’ does not mean racially Aryan.

          • Kris
            Kris says:

            Except that intermarriage took place long ago not just a few decades ago. The problem with ‘white nationalists’ is that few can define what is ‘white.’ If Greeks, Southern Italians, Spaniards, Romanians, Serbs, etc are ‘white,’ than so are Ashkenazis, many of whom have blonde or red hair, blue/green eyes. The problem with Der Juden is not racial (as they are not a distinct ‘race’), but cultural and spiritual.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            Well, “Kris”, how many lies are you going to tell? It makes no difference how long ago the mixed marriage took place, particularly if they kept taking place up to the present day! You obviously think it’s good for “Whites” to give their genes to Jews, and that by doing so, they create more White people.

            I’m not a White Nationalist. I’ve made that clear many times. I believe in a strong “fortress” Europe of independent, cooperating nations. What about you?

            Many “Greeks, Southern Italians, Spaniards, Romanians, Serbs,” are not pure racially and I do/would make that distinction. Many “Germans” are now half-Turk, or worse, thanks to people like you.

            “[B]londe or red hair, blue/green eyes” don’t mean a thing except to Jews and other European haters like you who like to pretend all “nazis” claim such attributes.

            I wouldn’t believe anything you say about your ethnicity – you’re anonymous aren’t you?

          • Kris
            Kris says:

            ‘Many Germans are half-Turk.’ How moronic can this broad get. She’s a poster child for why the ‘movement’ are a bunch of losers with no base of support outside their little subculture.

          • Lucius Vanini
            Lucius Vanini says:

            To the request “Please name a few [White, European Jews] you have in mind” you correctly respond, “Gosh, the examples are too numerous to mention.” Yet I’ll mention a FEW for you! I’ll list a few Jews who, because famous as actors or other public figures, have or had phenotypes familiar to very many. Lauren Bacall, Hedy Lamarr, Paul Muni, Kirk Douglas, Lee J. Cobb, Lee Strasburg, Winona Ryder, Jill St. John, James Caan, Scarlett Johansson, Jerry Springer, Stephen Miller, Mark Levin, Jared Kushner, Luise Rainer, Maury Povich, Wolf Blitzer, John Garfield, Eduard Bloch, Mary Lefkowitz, Paul Rudd, Seth Rogan, Tony Curtis–all of whom could pass for members of non-Jewish European nations, while the actors among them have made careers portraying non-Jewish whites (no need of face paint, nose putty or wigs), something which Morgan Freeman or Jackie Chan–actual non-Whites–could not do!

            Kris, you’re up against gross ignorance here. The commentator who’s contradicted you imagines that

            1) Whiteness or Caucasianness is the unique heritage of Europeans, when in fact ethnologists and anthropologists have recognized that it also occurs in the rest of West Eurasia and in North Africa too;

            2) “Judaic religion” is extrinsic to Europe, when in fact there have been Jewish communities in Europe for over two millennia (e.g., during the Roman Republic, at least since the Third Punic War, there was a Jewish community in Rome, long before the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 CE led to an augmentation of “wandering Jews”); furthermore, Judaic perspectives became almost universal in Europe–indeed even despotic there–through a creed which was based to a considerable extent on Hebrew religion–Christianity of course–whose deity is the son of the god of Israel, a scion of the House of David and a MESSIANIC avatar.

            Plus your critic is clearly ignorant of the fact that

            1) major Y-DNA haplogroups among Jewish men (E1b1b, J2, R1b) are shared by hundreds of millions of European men (E1b1b the haplogroup of Lyndon Johnson, the Wright Bros., Napoleon, Garibaldi, Willian Harvey, Caravaggio, LOL HITLER);

            2) the large and famous mtDNA study Richards et al, 2013 found that 81% of Asknenazi mitochondrial DNA, maternal heritage, is traceable to ancient and prehistoric indigenous European women;

            3) it’s woefully dumb to say the Whites’ homeland is Europe AND Ukraine AND Russia–when in fact the latter two are part of Europe, not outside it LOL; and in fact the region in which we Indo-Europeans emerged is the Pontic-Caspian Steppe, now Southern Russia;

            4) the ethnic-genetic heritage of West Asia is not only Semitic (which does not mean non-White–for example the Phoenicians) but Indo-European, as IEs not only migrated to every part of Europe but to the Near and Middle East, among their descendants being the Hittites, Lydians, Lycians, Phrygians, Galatians (West Asian Celts), Ionian Greeks, Armenians, Kurds, Persians (and so unsurprisingly the Y-DNA study Nebel et al, 2001 found that Middle Eastern Jews are more closely related to Asian-IE groups like the Kurds and Armenians than to their Arab neighbors….

            Kris, you’re on the right track. Keep chipping away; don’t be discouraged by hostility. What you’re denying is a cherished article of faith in such enclaves as this. But you can, I think, help improve the intellectual game of the people who claim to stand for European/White heritage; and here is some ammo for you, a body of arguments and evidence to consult.

            P.S. Don’t miss the footnote #3, re West Eurasia, in the second article. All the best!

          • Aristo Boho
            Aristo Boho says:

            Dear Mister Vanni & Others,

            Does anyone realise that a great contribution to what is Aryan / European / White but above all Aryan goes back to a turning point in the nineteenth century in the discipline of Glottology,with linguists like Franz Bopp and Friedrich Max Müller.The categorization of what were and were not languages in the family known as Aryan, also known as, Ario-Indian, Indo Celtic and Indo-Germanic, caused not a few to determine who was of the Aryan Race, as in White Race. This excluded believe it or not the Finns and the Hungarians. Go and tell an Hungarian he isn’t a European Man. And Nationalism based upon boundaries of each nation gave rise to considering certain Whites as inferior such as the Slavs to the Germanic or Southern Italians and Spaniards. With what is going on in our world especially the destruction of European Man with mass, well-planned years and years ago, migration from Africa and non-Eastern Europe, other than what is being carried out right smack dab in front of us in the countries of both the New and Old World, I cannot believe there are so-called Nationalists and Traditionalists declaiming who is and isn’t White. Does anyone of you comprehend what is actually occurring? Exempli Gratia: Mister Gary Null the nutritionist and political investigative researcher informed us last week or just before that the police raided in Australia open market organic produce selling. arrested the proprietors and closed them down. The excuse: Coronavirus Disease-2019. And more and more reports, pseudo-scientific fabricated by what I insist on calling a Technology Of Evil, have foreseen that there will be increased deaths in Europe, with Chancelloress Angela Merkel pulling the numerical rabbit out of her hat of nineteen thousand. Wake up! Debating who is White and who isn’t is the product of those who are of a most mistaken position which is entirely materialistic and of an anachronistic Nationalism that self-destructed and contributed nothing to our European unification, not to speak of other subversive factors, that yes have come from certain but not all, notwithstanding powerful centers of Freemasonry given over to political intrigue, the Jesuits who became so inflated with power they were originally banned by its own Church, and upon returning a great many were conduits of subversive developments in our society and Organized Jewry, of the Rothschild Banking system. The blame is not always of these three, and always focusing on them deflects one from studying the object at hand, and this deflection is a conspiracy itself. As for the White Race: Why did we stop procreating as we used to? To blame one of the three aforementioned is to make them red herrings. It’s our own fault. We need to combat to-day only from the perspective of The Spiritual Warrior., and this isn’t racial. A Japanese Samurai has more in common with a Medieval KNight’s swordsmanship than our soldiers today with their drones, napalm bombs and other weapons of mass destruction that decimate in an instant the innocent and their civilizations. God Bless, Aristo Boho

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            Typical men who have NO ARGUMENT, never answer questions, but join together to denigrate a woman in gender terms. To “Kris” – you are indicating you think Turks are “white” but you won’t actually say it. Instead, the best you can do is call me a “broad.” Real classy.

            To Vanini – Be careful of getting into other people’s arguments. As I’ve said many times already, I do not like the term “White” for we European people, and try not to use it, for the very reasons you give here. I have criticized TOO for using it and asked just what they mean by it (without getting an answer). So that is my own argument you’re giving me!! Who is the ignorant one?
            That there have long existed Jewish communities in Europe DOES NOT MAKE THEM CULTURALLY EUROPEAN.
            Nor are we concerned with haplogroups or thousand year old migratory patterns, but with who we will racially identify with and include today.
            You’re both too cowardly to even take a stand on it. Also, the “Europe, Ukraine and Western Russia” came from Thomas Dalton, not from me. You get things very confused because you can’t stop talking.

        • Lucius Vanini
          Lucius Vanini says:

          Wow. I never would’ve thought that YOU would play the sexism card! I thought of you as being like Thatcher, who fought with the boys without ever resorting to underhanded tactics like crying “misogyny!”

          CY, there are Caucasian phenotypes, which distinguish the majority of West Eurasians from the great majority of Africans and virtually all East Eurasians–typically consisting of, e.g.,
          *narrow, longer noses with a high ridge;
          *nostrils more like slits than round;
          *thin lips;
          *lack of prognathism;
          *larger ears;
          *deep-set eyes;
          *smaller teeth (unlike the “megadont,” large teeth of Sub-Saharan Africans);
          *straight or wavy hair;
          *high, non-sloping forehead;
          *a tendency to be lighter-skinned (only a tendency, because millions of Northeast Asians are as light as or lighter than millions of West Eurasians including Europeans, a fact suggesting that Whiteness is at least as much a matter of cranio-facial morphology as it is of complexion);
          *more body hair and heavier beards…..

          Now, the bulk of Jews, especially Ashkenazi Jews, share such traits with non-Jewish Europeans–so that LOL we are continually wondering whether this or that person is Jewish or one of us, a question we usually surmount by consulting Wikipedia lol.

          Well, if Judaism never became a European feature by being in Europe for over two millennia, Christianity introduced essentially ASIAN culture to Europe and indeed tyrannized our ancestral continent therewith. (CY, do you profess to be a Christian?! If so, WHY? I am a proud heir of Pagan Hellas and Roma, and have nothing to do with any of the Abrahamic creeds,.)

          Well, I’m done for a while with controverting people I agree with on many central points, as tomorrow I start work with the Repub Party, in a “swing state,” to help get Trump reelected, as a get-out-the-vote man and poll watcher. The debate here has led, among other things, to the question of whether Trump is a worthy leader. Well, I hold lots of things against him (he’s a better president for Israel than for White America); BUT he’s also much better than the demonrat opposition, and he HAS

          *tightened the Southern border (a fact I’ve personally observed) and gotten the Mexican army to shore up the other side of it;
          *cut off funding for “Critical Race Theory” seminars–i.e., White-guilt indoctrination sessions;
          “made Social-Media tyranny a major issue–which he’ll hopefully act on in a second term;
          *effectively deterred destroyers of our historical monuments via an executive order prescribing 10-year prison sentences for offenders;
          *countered the “1619” anti-White mythology, inflicted on schoolchildren, with a “1776” narrative which is implicitly pro-White;
          *abstained from new “endless wars” for Israel–refused to bomb Iran.

          But perhaps the most important consideration is that major civil conflict in the USA is more likely than not, whether or not Trump wins–and it’s better for us if Trump is in office while it transpires. A Biden/Harris regime would almost certainly remain on the side of the europhobic domestic terrorists, exonerating them and selectively prosecuting us for defending ourselves, and going after our guns. So I’ll work for Trump and meanwhile keep prepping for crisis–stockpile, train, network–and I exhort all Euro-Americans reading this to do likewise.

  12. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    Apparently, the author is unaware that “TV news” died decades ago and was replaced with TV entertainment masquerading as news.
    It’s all about the ratings. If Fox news were in a real rarings struggle with CNN, they would likely allow an even further “right” script for Carlson. Since CNN has been bleeding out for the last several years, that won’t be necessary.
    I watch neither Fox nor CNN, but do view clips from time to time, as both are more like “Ron Burgundy” type comic relief. It seems to me that Carlson is little more than master of the obvious.

  13. The Dude
    The Dude says:

    Like shure who cares.

    It’s on controlled TV what you expect?

    As for jews, what this site too often does is point at rotten apples and then say “all jews are like that”.

    Its like finding a couple of christan white pedphiles and then scream “ALL WHITES ARE PEDOS”.

    Or write a article on Africa Baambaata that he is probably a pedo and then from claim most ppl in hip hop or blacks are pedos.

    And bam probs is and he got some pedo blacks from the zulu nation at nasa spying on y’all (barack hussein obama, sponsored by black panther black power ppls put them in cia nasa, some rich jews wanted him to increase race mixing) so has Lev Blavatnik.

    SpeculatiVe and uncontructiVe. But sure I am becoming more and more sceptical towards jews.

    It’s the jeeeeeewwwwws IT’S THE JEEEEWS…

    I know some like half jws and quarter jws they are fine ppls. the 1/4 jw is nicer though.

    The whole nazi thing like the ideology failed. The germans got stuck with a crazy berb (north african prt) crazy warmongering drug addict bastard who had kids with eva braun who was part jew and a latina (braun =brown). hardly anyone wants it and it destroied etno centrism combined with propaganda by jews.

    • Ted Wilson
      Ted Wilson says:

      You know nothing.
      Organized jewry is wrecking all of western civilization.
      This is a fact. Most of our problems, 99% of our problems stem from organized jewry;
      open borders/diversity, abortion, porn, offshoring/outsourcing, globalism, feminism, BLM/Antifa,
      Even covid is marxism applied to medicine….yet another jewish psyop.

    • Fenria
      Fenria says:

      This literally has to be the craziest load of dog business I’ve read in a very long time:

      “The whole nazi thing like the ideology failed. The germans got stuck with a crazy berb (north african prt) crazy warmongering drug addict bastard who had kids with eva braun who was part jew and a latina (braun =brown). hardly anyone wants it and it destroied etno centrism combined with propaganda by jews.”

  14. Ray Callister
    Ray Callister says:

    Now Trump sais he’s gonna label the kkk (& antifa) a terrorist organization.

    And make lynching a usa terrorist crime or something.

    Like the last known lynching by kkk members was in 1981.

    One of the dudes got death penalty, one got life (he snitched) the 3rd died in prison.

    Like if punishments aren’t harsh enough already.

    And the kkk ain’t terrorists they never plotted terrorism or committed terrorisn or anything.

    And with this type of laws what they gonna target next. Anyone WN probs.

    Protest write to your president and congressmen. Protest lists…

    It’s by Ivanka a witchcraft subsaharian lovin witchcraft probably multietchnical obviously very dangerous for whites.

    The thing can be read at infowars.

  15. Forever Guilty
    Forever Guilty says:

    Another great article on TOO. However author is little harsh on Carlson. He did for example a good piece on Singers jewish Vulture fund. He did not call it jewish of course

    What is kind of strange that Carlson in practically each of his shows calls for “absolute color blindness” in Justice System, law enforcement and generally normal life

    is it probably because Carlson as member of Ruling Class thinks if they replace White factory workers with Somalis, replace Whites with blacks and browns as police officers and prosecutors they will behave exactly as Whites they replaced and uphold the current Ruling Class status quo.

    So Tucker Carlson is often frustrated when some black DA for example behaving in very different way. I think soon enough there will be also cases when hiring violent Somalis for working in food packing shops for example is not safest option either.

  16. Michael M
    Michael M says:

    It’s not just jews and antifa with these riots. The china commies are in antifa (want socialists to win and to have huawei 5g and open borders to steal WHITE innovation and technology). The cubans and commies/socialist latinos involved don’t want a wall or deportations.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      “It’s not just jews and antifa with these riots. The china commies are in antifa (want socialists to win and to have huawei 5g and open borders to steal WHITE innovation and technology).”

      That’s exactly right.

      For more on that very subject check out this excellent interview.*


      Especially at 2:44 the way he pauses and looks when he says he wants “to give America the warning.”

      Keep in mind this interview took place two years ago.

      *This link isn’t the full interview. But it’s enough to give one the idea.

  17. Nelson Fisk
    Nelson Fisk says:

    I don’t think that any of us on the DR expect Tucker to NTJ, as we know it would be his death knell.
    We know that Fox sucks, Murdoch sucks, Paul Ryan sucks.
    It’s a miracle that Tucker is on national television at all.
    Let me remind the author that the crazies actually showed up at Tucker’s house and threatened his family.
    The left is always going after Tucker and might eventually run him off the air.
    Yes, he dances all around the JQ and it’s obvious, but he’s the best we have on the MSM by far.

  18. Peter
    Peter says:

    “On many occasions, for example, he has stated or implied that Jews are White—that they benefit from “White privilege” or that they are targeted “because they are White.”” He, like many other “conservatives” also constantly use the words “fascist” and “communist” interchangeably, as if they are the same, some people even suggesting they could have been allies. It is very annoying and an outright lie. There was one group that stood up to and opposed the communists, were created to oppose the communists and ultimately fought them in WW II, and that was the Fascists, to be explicit, the National Socialists. They opposed the communists to stop and oppose the Jewish mass murderers that founded and dominated the USSR. The capitalists, the Democracies (Great Britain, USA and France) allied themselves with Jewish Bolshevism and spread it over half the world and when Germany was defeated painted them as the mass murderers and evil ones, another big lie.

    The Jews had many millions of Russians, Ukrainians and others murdered before WW II even started, while Germany probably had less violence than the USA before the war started, with many Polish Jews struggling to stay in National Socialist Germany rather than return to Poland. How is that fact hidden, huh? But Jewish propaganda painted a completely different picture, completely covered up the mass murder taking place in the USSR in the 30’s and blew up relatively minor things such as Kristallnacht (1938 – 85 Jews killed) and the attack on Guernica by the Luftwaffe during the Spanish Civil War (about 85 people killed) into international outrages so they are still remembered today, while the Jews murdering 8 million Ukrainians isn’t mentioned ever, with the Jews even now dominating Ukraine, the people they murdered by the millions.

    I believe WW II became the bloodiest and most brutal war in history because the Jews were explicitly identified as a group Germany wanted out of Germany and with agreement on this point by many other countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and others), possibly out of Europe altogether. Upon Hitler’s election, around the world Jews immediately (within 2 months after his being appointed Chancellor) began holding mass rallies around the world, urging a war on Germany. While the official and real policy of Germany was no violence against Jews, the Jews carried out assassinations against German politicians and violence against German supporters abroad and against National Socialists in Germany. As Andrew Joyce quoted one Jew early in the war in one of his articles, “the Jews won’t let Hitler get away with this”. Why was Napoleon merely sent to live on an isolated island when France was finally defeated in 1815, when after WW II Germany’s top leaders were murdered after show trials at Nuremberg and millions of other Germans killed by the allies (after the war was over)? Because the Jews were involved, they ultimately became Germany’s main enemy because of their leading the world into attacking Germany and the war ended up being a race war, with the Jews being on the winning side. But the Jews are different. While others will stop and not do certain things, the Jews will do whatever it takes. They are what the world has been told the Germans, or “NAZIS” are. That is why WW II became the most brutal and bloodiest war in history.

    As long as they are allowed to dominate the media, the Jews will control everything important. I would really like to see an interview with Ted Turner and the issue of Jews brought up. I wonder if he ever considered that they colluded to ultimately take over and push him out of CNN. Before that, he was very rich and successful and poised to expand when the Jewish heads of the 3 TV networks publicly said they would not let this happen according to a newspaper article I read many years ago.

  19. Anonym
    Anonym says:

    “Equal before the law” is trivial, relatively meaningless, and functionally-speaking not even true” It might seem trivial I guess, but it´s a truly unique feature in european civilization – it´s perhaps even the most important idea that our civilization rests upon.
    The Jews can´t comprehend it obviously – they either advocate communist materialistic “equality” or Ayn Rand´s psychopathic merchant individualism.
    Let´s not throw out the baby with the bathwater.

  20. Tedesco
    Tedesco says:

    Tucker Carlson Tonight, on Fox News, is a unique show. Carlson exposes the truth to the general public, that we don’t get otherwise. The rest of the media is mostly anti-white propaganda.

    I occasionally watch excerpts of Carlson’s program on YouTube. It’s always good, and a real morale booster. He publicizes news that would otherwise be censored, for example, concerning George Soros and his funding of pro-criminal District Attorneys. We need more of that.

    This article by Thomas Dalton adds a useful caution, but I think he goes too far. We must never expect Carlson to support WN. I don’t expect Carlson to agree with the DR or to invite Greg Johnson onto his program. And I would be surprised if he started to promote NS-Germany. I am OK with that.

    Carlson is a rich media-personality. Nevertheless, he advocates for the working class. And he is a genuine patriot. His book, Ship of Fools (2018), proves this decisively. That’s why the globalists want to force him out. I hope they fail.

  21. Robert
    Robert says:

    What is all the fuss about, Tucker does a great job, the only journalist worth watching. All the years I have watched, he has never praised in any way the greatest ally or any odious tribalist. That’s not a easy thing to do. His great strength is pointing out the ineveitable overreach of the masters, a lot of the times in a humorous entertaining way. Just ten seconds of Sean Hannity exposes the squalor that surrounds Tucker. If Rupert was here I’d shake his hand.

    • Peter
      Peter says:

      I think you misunderstand Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch is 100% pro-Jewish and pro-Israel, going way back to long before he came to the USA. One of his journalists left one of Murdoch’s newspaper in Britain when he realized how biased Murdoch was in how he ran his newspaper, his final decision made when he had a major article rejected for publication. Murdoch’s family is close with to many Jews and there is strong evidence he is Jewish himself. Murdoch certainly must like Tucker for having one of the most, if not the most popular news program on television. It brings a lot of money to his network and having such a Nordic face on his network is good PR, along with the other European/White faces suggesting FOX is run by Whites. But when during an interview of former congressman Newt Gingrich the other day Gingrich dared to criticize George Soros, Gingrich was immediately told on air not to talk about (criticize) Soros (because it would demonstrate the Jews role in the anti-white riots occurring across the USA).


      How much Murdoch likes Tucker Carlson’s reporting (if at all) is not clear, but it’s clear that one wrong step by Carlson in his reporting regarding Jews or Israel and he would be fired as fast as CNN reporter Rick Sanchez was fired a few years ago when he commented on the power Jews have in the mainstream media.

      • Kris
        Kris says:

        Even out here many of the so-called ‘dissident right’ sound like dumb Republicans or worse, Libertarians. Classical Liberalism and unrestrained capitalism certainly won’t save the White Race, in fact, these ideologies are as bad as anything from the left as far as corrosive cultural, social, and economic damage to white interests.

          • Kris
            Kris says:

            Libertarianism certainly qualifies as ‘excerable claptrap.’ Imagine ranting about ‘The Jews’ online while endorsing the destructive economic and social ideals of a Rothbard, Rand, or Friedman!

          • Kris
            Kris says:

            Classical Liberalism and Unrestrained Capitalism are far more Anglo Protestant than ‘Jewish.’ Jews and Anglo-Saxons have much in common, especially at elite levels. Wealthy Anglos admired the predatory commercial ‘spirit’ of Jewish businessmen while disdaining Catholic Irish, Italians, Slavs.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            “Classical Liberalism and Unrestrained Capitalism are far more Anglo Protestant than ‘Jewish.’ ”

            No, the people of the British Isles were not that way until they became acquainted with Jews, and adopted Jewish practices OR used Jews to provide them with economic advantages. Jewish usury and greed corrupted the Anglos, then the Americans and much of the European continent. This does not mean that Anglo Protestantism is the cause. We all need to cleanse ourselves of Jews first and foremost, and that is exactly what Adolf Hitler recommended. You are confused b/c you are probably a Slav. Slavs are not as competitive, and try to blame their fellow Whites who outwork and outdo them.

          • Kris
            Kris says:

            Hitler was the greatest enemy and destroyer of other white people. He had some admirable qualities but his overall effect was more negative than anything else. No, I am not Slavic, but a McKraut. Nothing wrong with Slavs at all though. Nordicism and Germanic chauvinism are for morons and Hollywood ‘nazi’ cultists.

    • Kai Wolframenko
      Kai Wolframenko says:

      Hannity does not like Tucker, which is a credit to Tucker. They had an on-air argument recently in which Hannity defended mega-rich billionaire capitalists as “producing goods and services people want” and Tucker disagreeing and demanding punishment of billionaires.

      I’d disagree about shaking the hand of Rupert Murdoch though. I believe Tucker started out at FOX as a more Kosher libertarian and probably got redpilled once he had a sizeable-enough audience that FOX felt it unwise to fire him (yet). Interestingly though, while Tucker’s audience numbers are enormous, nearly all advertisers have boycotted his program.

  22. Floda
    Floda says:

    It could be that Lachlan Murdoch who as Rupert’s No1 son, these days runs Fox News is about the same age as Tucker. Some years ago Lachlan and a fellow named James Packer became involved in a Mobile Telephone business named One-Tel with two Jews. These were the ‘young guns’ and up and comers of Australia’s fledgling tech business. Lachlan may or may not have some Jewish ancestry but James Packer as the son of Kerry Packer, a real Aussie media tycoon, certainly does not. After a time it all went sour and as you might expect, the two golden boys were taken to the cleaners by their Jewish friends. Each was down about $A500 Million, at the time there was some amazement that the scary Kerry Packer’s No1 son was so seriously dudded and the two Heebs who did it were still above ground. I remember one of them bought an Island in the Great Barrier Reef.It was a long way off shore and had no harbor, access by Helicopter only.

  23. Joe webb
    Joe webb says:

    a few months ago Tucker Carlson had on his show a jewish journalist, Glenn Greenwald and a military brass, retired, of course.

    Tucker asked them both more or less this: how come all of these wars in the Middle East? Don’t recall which guests said it.. it but the answer was “Rhiad and Tel Aviv.” Tucker remained silent.

    Tucker and Buchanan could build an internet platform.
    Tucker’s usual words about family importance is of note given his background with parents, etc.

    Is DR…dissident right …code for national socialist?/

    Joe Webb

  24. Joe webb
    Joe webb says:

    Addendum. a few weeks ago Tucker built up a case for who and what is fouling up the Middle East again and finished by asking his audience, since he did not know, to fill in the blanks for him…Tucker. Socrates.

    This is jew and neocon territory .Tucker.:….”well maybe you know”…he tossed out to his audience. End of bit.

    Joe Webb

    • Kai Wolframenko
      Kai Wolframenko says:

      Joe, do you mind linking to this Tucker Carlson segment, when he might be dogwhistling to us about how he knows Zionists are behind ME wars?

      I also recall that, in January 2020, Tucker was about as opposed to the warmongering against Iran as a mainstream host could be. He had to issue the boilerplate about Soleimani being “bad” but indicated he did not approve of his killing.

      • Aristo Boho
        Aristo Boho says:

        Dear Mister Wolframenko

        What you point out about Mister Tucker Carlson is quite true. He is against the Middle East wars, and is very close to having the same opinion, yet not voiced as Mister Patrick James Buchanan that Iran isn’t the danger but Israel is because of thier over three hundred nuclear warheads. He also has had on his show two guests that others would shun: United States Army Colonel Douglas Abbott MacGregor and investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald. Look Mister Wolframenko you cannot reason with a certain numbers of cretins who comment on this web site, whose ignorance is an insult to Doctor Kevin MacDonald. God Bless, Aristo Boho

  25. Joe webb
    Joe webb says:

    My two posts of this morning have been deleted. How come?
    Joe Webb

    (Mod. Note: Joe, it’s always better to know before assuming. Try it, you might find it useful.)

  26. Kai Wolframenko
    Kai Wolframenko says:

    The author may not realize that Tucker Carlson, to his considerable credit, has openly advocated for increased taxation of the rich (including a wealth tax), along Elizabeth Warren’s lines. Moreover, Carlson openly criticizes rich Republican financial predators like (((Paul Singer))) (yes, he doesn’t note that Singer is a Jew, but short of immediately going off-script and getting fired, can he?!). Considering who runs FOX and how deviant such ideas are from the mainstream Consoyvatism, Inc. line, it’s a remarkable improvement.

    And Tucker may in fact be much more aware of Jewish and racial issues than he lets on. If so, presumably he’d believe that it’s in the best interests of White Advocacy for him not to fall on his sword right now and lose his position as anchor.

    We can only hope he runs in 2024.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      I respectfully suggest that what you see as a virtue in Tucker Carlson should rather be seen as a vice.

      At the very best, advocacy of increased taxes in any form is the mark of a man with a faulty understanding of taxation’s impact on individual and societal prosperity and health—and health in far more than the economic sphere! More commonly, and certainly at worst, such advocacy is a tactic in a larger campaign to aggrandize the state’s power, curtail the populace’s freedom, and enrich those who are the Chosen [ahem] Beneficiaries of state power. John Marshall’s conclusion in McCulloch v. Maryland (1819), “the power to tax involves the power to destroy,” has not ceased to be true.

      As I do not consider Carlson a villain, I grant that his confusion is likely assignable to inculpable ignorance, analytic immaturity, or a combination of the two. Put plainly, what he ought to be decrying is that most people pay far too much in taxes—and are taxed for far too many things!—not that the rich pay far too little.

      • Kris
        Kris says:

        Wealthy capitalist parasites need to be taxed more, not less. Classical Liberal/Libertarianism is a plague even among ‘white nationalists’ in the U.S.

          • Kris
            Kris says:

            You’re damned right and that is the least they deserve. Name one wealthy western billionaire or multimillionaire who has come out in opposition to what is being done to our race and civilization? Name one that opposes globalism or mass third-world immigration? Name one who has any shred of concern for poor and working-class white people? The answer, is, Zero. Your nasty form of Classical Liberalism is simply incompatible with any healthy nationalism, and that is what we need, not warmed-over American constitution worship nor any other conservative dead-end.

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            While you were pounding the table and shouting, you left out vegetarianism from your roster of knee-jerk evils. An oversight, perhaps?

            Many of the things you pride yourself on hating are indeed worthless, but your pride obviously also extends to being complaisantly ignorant of what it is about them that makes them so.

            You’re a shouter; no more.

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