Tucker Carlson Visits Hungary. Apoplectic Rage on the Left

Liberals and leftists are absolutely apoplectic about Tucker Carlson’s week-long visit to Hungary. His shows featured views of the border as well-fenced (built after the 2015 attempted invasion) and peaceful, with migrants from Serbia being turned back—a far cry from Biden’s unofficial policy of welcoming migrants and putting them on planes and buses to be sent around the country to dilute any remaining places that are seen as too White, with the assumption that they will eventually vote Democrat when they get amnestied or they change the voting laws. (The NYTimes recently published an op-ed arguing there is no good reason why illegals can’t vote, so it’s definitely on the left’s wish list.)

On Monday Carlson opened his show with this:

If you care about Western civilization and democracy and families, and the ferocious assault on all three of those things by the leaders of our global institutions, you should know what is happening here right now.

That quote appeared in an article in The Daily Beast where the author, Jared Yates Sexton, couldn’t resist referring to “so-called ‘Western Civilization.'” You definitely know where that train of thought is going.

Here’s most of the show from last night.

At the beginning there is a clip from an interview with Victor Orbán who reasserts the right of Hungary to decide who comes into their country, and that they have a right to decide on their culture. If they want a family-friendly culture and oppose LGBT+ propaganda and Critical Race Theory in their schools, they should be able to do that. If they would rather not have a post-Christian society or a Muslim counter-culture, it’s their right. Their culture is up to them, not globalist elites residing in Brussels or Washington dictating what they must do. And that’s what they have done.

Mr. Orban’s party recently adopted a law restricting depictions of homosexuality; critics said it was being used to target the country’s L.G.B.T.Q. community. And the government-aligned media regularly rails against the destabilizing effect that Western “woke” culture has on traditional society. (Benjamin Novak & Michael M. Grynbaum in the NYTimes)

One can only imagine the horror at such things among our ruling class. “Authoritarian!” they’ll say—while happily mandating their own totalitarian ideology in America.

As Orbán notes, the globalists basically want to force other societies to be multicultural—to admit Muslim communities, for example—in the belief that these disparate groups will get along just fine. But, he says, it’s “obviously risky.” So true. Multiculturalism is a utopian ideology, and what evidence we have thus far is not encouraging—even apart from the argument from ethnic genetic interests. As Orbán says, Germany has gotten what it deserved for bringing in millions of Muslims. Now Europe has no-go zones and organized crime by family-based cartels. You can import people out from of the Middle East, but the magic dirt of Europe doesn’t obliterate their clannishness or their criminal tendencies. And minimally, the multicultural United States has never been more polarized, with the polarization essentially along racial lines.

Carlson’s comment on the effect of immigration on crime infuriated Salon. All they had to do was quote him commenting on a case where an illegal beheaded a woman in broad daylight in Minnesota after authorities did not deport him:

The Biden administration did this on purpose, and they’re still doing it. And that is exactly why Democrats become hysterical when you mention the obvious successes that are on display here in Hungary on the immigration question. They don’t want you to know that there is an option to the chaos and filth and crime growing all around us.

“Chaos, filth, and crime.” But the idea that there are globalist elites seeking to impose multiculturalism and massive non-White, crime-prone (and low-IQ) immigration on European societies is a complete fantasy in the eyes of the Daily Beast writer:

Using fellow Hungarian [???] George Soros as a catch-all bogeyman, Orbán prides himself as a champion against a massive global conspiracy that involves wealthy and powerful liberals, and international organizations determined to undermine the authority of the state and break the back of nationalistic thought.

The idea that there is no globalist, wealthy, liberal elite that opposes nationalism is absurd. But this elite doesn’t generally undermine the authority of the state. Only if the state is trying to enforce nationalism.

The left loves authoritarianism. It’s a recurrent theme that globalists want to force conformity and obedience on any dissenting entity to produce a homogeneous culture of the left. Later in the show he interviews the always interesting Michael Anton, who notes the same thing about the U.S.: Blue states want to impose their values and way of life on the red states, but the red states just want to be left alone to decide on their own culture, whether it’s energy policy, mask mandates for schoolchildren, abortion on demand, or teaching White students to hate themselves (here).

But as I said, the left is apoplectic about seeing such ideas in the conservative mainstream. A recurrent theme is that Hungary under Orbán is authoritarian—that he has dismantled democracy so that there are only sham elections. Here’s Zach Beauchamp at Vox:

Fidesz justified its power grabs by demonizing a series of outgroups and external enemies. If you read the state-aligned press, you’ll learn that only Viktor Orbán can save Hungarian civilization from the threat posed by Muslim immigrants, liberals in the European Union, the LGBT community, and the Jewish billionaire George Soros.

Orbán won reelection in 2015 and 2018, in votes that were formally free but in no sense fair. Fidesz benefitted from massive resource advantages, backing from government-aligned media, and rules designed to tilt the playing field. Though Orbán’s party won less than 50 percent of the vote in the 2018 election, it still won a two-thirds majority in parliament — thanks in part due to gerrymandering.

Today, political scientists see Hungary as a textbook example of something called “competitive authoritarianism”: a kind of autocratic system where elections happen and aren’t formally rigged but are so heavily stacked in the incumbent party’s favor that the people don’t have real agency over who rules them.

One thing that’s obvious about the left these days is that they are not self-aware. They routinely project what they are doing throughout the West onto their enemies. It’s quite reasonable to argue that the left stole the 2020 U.S. election, certainly via biased media coverage, and at least partly by changing the voting laws under cover of the Covid crisis. And quite possibly much worse. Now the left is going all out to continue those laws, rejecting voter ID laws and other election security laws as Jim Crow 2.0. And, despite several of the articles cited here condemning Orbán for imposing a gerrymandering regime favorable to his party, they don’t seem to notice that it’s very mainstream among them to want to get rid of the electoral college, pack the Supreme Court with leftist judges, and get rid of two senators per state. Their entire program is aimed at creating permanent hegemony: promoting maximum levels of legal immigration, amnestying illegals, allowing illegals to vote, disbanding the border patrol, distributing migrants to red states, and pathologizing criticism by Whites that they are being replaced. They want hegemony over the entire country that they already have in blue states. Yes, the left loves authoritarianism.

But here’s Vox: “Competitive authoritarian regimes survive, in part, by tricking their citizens — convincing enough of them that democracy is still alive to avoid an uprising.” Exactly what’s happening here. We still have the flag (although even that is in jeopardy) and we have the illusion of free elections. In fact, the vast majority of the media in 2020 was propagandizing for one candidate, demonizing the other, and ignoring anything unsavory about the one they like—Hunter’s notorious laptop.

The left loves authoritarianism, but only when they have power. When they were out of power during the 1950s, they were all about the civil liberties of communist professors and how evil Joe McCarthy was. There developed a whole literature on the evils of suppressing free speech, such as Arthur Miller’s The Crucible which implicitly condemned the  House Un-American Activities Committee by comparing it to the Salem witch trials. But now that they have power, they have used their power to basically end free speech at universities and for anyone in the private sector who they might be able to get fired from their job by calling him a racist or anti-Semite. As this recent article by Glen Allen of the Free Expression Foundation shows, there is already a double standard of justice where the system throws the book at right-wing protesters, including solitary confinement for January 6 protesters awaiting trial, while leftist rioters from last summer who burned and pillaged a great many American cities and attacked police have gotten off scot-free. But here’s Sexton in The Daily Beast complaining that Hungary now is hostile to free speech, impartial law, and representative government:

Within this system [i.e., the former regime], certain rights were considered inalienable and automatic. Expression. The press. The right to representative government and the rule of theoretically impartial law.

The left is now firmly in charge of the entire federal bureaucracy, including the FBI and other national security organs. Dissidents are being purged from the military. It’s gotten to the point that even if, by some miracle, a real populist was elected, he or she would have to direct a massive purge of the federal bureaucracy, from top to bottom, to get their policies implemented and to prevent these agencies from actively working against the administration—as certainly occurred at the FBI with Trump-Russia collusion hoax.

And the media. Vox complains that 90 per cent of the media is in government hands, and The Daily Beast complains about lack of press freedom in Hungary. From the perspective of the dissident right, it’s more like 99.9 percent of the media in the U.S. is in hostile hands, and for mainstream conservatives, 90 percent is probably a good estimate. Here the left benefits from the wokeness of the corporate media, including social media. But the result is the same. A façade of democracy in which most people are simply unaware of what’s really going on. And dissenters from the left, such as Carlson, who have a significant media following, are subjected to activist campaigns against their advertisers.

And The Daily Beast complains that the government is pushing its nationalist ideology in schools, completely ignoring the left’s push for everything from holocaust education to Critical Race Theory and LGBT+ propaganda in public schools. Same outcome, slightly different way of obtaining it in the U.S., all the while paying lip service to liberal democracy.

But for The Daily Beast, in order to make their argument, all they have to do is claim that Orbán, Carlson, et al. are nothing more than lunatic conspiracy theorists.

There is importance in western civilization, they maintain, that must be protected at any and all costs, particularly from evil, criminal traitors determined to undermine it. They are in league with foreigners and constantly manipulating people of color. Behind the scenes lies a shadowy threat pulling the strings. They control the media. They control culture. And liberal democracy, with its freedoms, its espoused equality, with its acceptance of diverse identities and ideas, brings with it the contagion of the very populations and creeds that will dilute the country and undoubtedly destroy it.

If you are on the left, there’s no need to really make an argument that liberal elites are not in control of the media or culture, or that they are not really interested in bringing in in people of color in order to further their agenda. The fact that non-Whites vote Democrat is complete happenstance. And the people who run the media are of no discernable ethnic group, and they are nothing but truth seekers. When you have the kind of power the left has today, all you have to do is just accuse those evildoers of believing in conspiracy theories.

Vox quotes Rod Dreher, Senior Editor at The American Conservative:

The unhappy truth is that liberalism as we Americans have known it is probably dead. Our future is almost certainly going to be left-illiberal or right-illiberal. The right-of-center thought leaders who want to figure out how to resist effectively will be coming to Budapest to observe, to talk, and to learn.”

Vox condemns this because Dreher sees a role for the state in creating a right-wing regime, but, as usual, the author seems blissfully unaware of the obvious authoritarian trends on the left—trends they are doing their best to enshrine with state power. I’m afraid Dreher is right. It’s going to be an authoritarianism of the left or of the right, take your pick. The old conservative values of limited government are non-viable. The old America is dead. And right now, I certainly wouldn’t want to bet on the right eventually winning. While the left is pretty much united around a program of authoritarian control—they love censorship, whether by government or corporations, and would embrace prison terms for thought crimes, as they already do in Europe—the right remains fractionated between idiotic libertarians, traditional country club, business-friendly conservatives (even though corporate America hates them), and religious fundamentalists.

However, it’s somewhat encouraging that 23 percent of Republican men have a favorable view of White nationalists, and actually shocking that 17 percent of Democrat men have a favorable view. And discouraging that only 7 percent of the  electorate have a favorable view of White nationalists—again  highlighting the problem of White women, especially unmarried White women, being more likely to buy into the contemporary zeitgeist of White guilt and the left generally. I’d be interested in a poll where they also asked about attitudes toward Carlson. I suspect that Republican men with favorable views of White nationalists overlap to a large extent with those who are fans of Carlson.

I realize Carlson is not ideal. But there’s no one else even close to him in continuing to hit on the issues that vitally affect White America. It’s no surprise that his trip to Hungary set off a firestorm on the left,  or that the ADL was furious when he referred to White replacement. I think he’s waking up a lot of people, and that terrifies the left.

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  1. todd hupp
    todd hupp says:

    Orban is upfront-very direct. Great interview. He wants Hungary reserved for the indigenous white people.Interestingly he pointed out : the central european countries -who recall Russian communism- largely agree with the Hungary policies.Poland in particular.They were pro Trump.

    BTW: The Russian takeover as sole gas provider to Europe(via Nord Stream) is a very dangerous situation.From Germany pipelines will distribute Russian gas to most of Europe and the UK.Trump had negotiated a portion natural gas would be USA LNG.Biden has dropped this requirement-inexplicably and against USA policy.The left US press is not reporting on this.Russian control of energy=Russian control.

    The equity for Nord Stream @ 30% comes from European pipeline operators and Gasprom.70% is debt from large European banks.It is reported that a well connected/well funded DC lobby group made this happen against US interests ,

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      As for Europe getting our energy from Russia, of course this is a good thing, have you ever looked at a map?
      Why on God’s earth would we prefer Globo-Homo Jew-run America?
      All right-thinking patriots in Europe pray for the day when the degeneracy of American rule over us ends, and whether we end up dominated by Russia(hardly likely) or China, either will be a billion x better than domination by ZOG.

      • Oscar Wilson
        Oscar Wilson says:

        Richard Lynn has suggested that a Chinese takeover is biologically probable.
        Emicho, why not change places today with one of the Chinese now pouring from HongKong into England to add a yellow strand to our black and brown polity?

  2. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    It is encouraging to see a few bright spots in this darkening world, such as Hungary, Russia and to some extent Poland. These countries know that, in order to survive, their folk, culture and children must be protected.

    Courage is contagious, and I am grateful for people like Tucker Carlson, as well as the writers on this and other sites.

    There are still good places in America as well. Last June we went to the Bigfoot Festival in Metaline Falls, WA (NE corner of Washington State). I would guess there were several thousand people there. No weirdos, no unnatural hair colors, no rainbow flags, kids were well behaved and the women wore the jewelry. Just a lot of our folk having a good time and telling Bigfoot stories, some of which may have even been true!

    • JM
      JM says:

      @Tim Folke
      “Courage is contagious”…that and the establishment of fortress nations along sound lines. That’s what creates the apoplexy among the globalists. Unfortunately Western nations are so subverted and complex ethnically and geo-demographically that nothing like this clarity is achievable in the foreseeable future. They’re like a maze, deliberately constructed to make any connection with the past almost impossible.

  3. Jo
    Jo says:

    The Right is divided. Their most charismatic and articulate spokesman, Jared Taylor of American Renaissance, ignores the JQ entirely. Whether that is for pragmatic reasons — why take on another powerful enemy — or out of conviction is unclear. The most firmly held assumption of postwar morality, that the Nazis were irredeemably evil, has led us ad absurdum. They adopted policies in extremis to overcome a similar predicament to the one we now face. The assumption must be dropped.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      That the Nazis were supernaturally evil is the founding myth of our ZOG nations, and the moral justification for their rule.
      How anyone can understand that Syria, Libya, Iraq, Vietnam, 9/11 & 1/6 were all total lies, but they told the honest truth about WWII, I will never understand.

    • Kris
      Kris says:

      It’s pretty unremarkable coming from a TOO reader, but K-Mac > JT. As admittedly great as the latter indeed is, the former has a better grasp of the big picture.

    • Forever Guilty
      Forever Guilty says:

      “Their most charismatic and articulate spokesman, Jared Taylor of American Renaissance, ignores the JQ entirely.”

      I really could hardly find mr Jared Taylor as “charismatic and articulate spokesman”. I would describe his style more as “cautious and semi neutered”

      He is rages mostly against the blacks, but blacks are not the biggest problem…

  4. Tom
    Tom says:

    I’ve been watching Tucker’s broadcasts from Hungary and they are fantastic indeed, not to mention a big F#*k You at the American Left also. The guy’s got balls, but of course he also knows how to choose his words and targets carefully so as to avoid something along the lines of the sacking of Pat Buchanan from mainstream media.
    The mind-boggling thing about the American Left is its hippieish, totally adolescent conception of morals. For a modern leftist, EVERYTHING is a human right, from defecating on sidewalks to illegal alien voting “rights” to free food and college. Basically, if you want something, they see it as a duty of the state to either deliver it or safeguard it. Those who disagree are then considered “illiberal” and “authoritarian”. This stupidity is the reason for the Left’s cocksure confidence in their visions for a new society. It literally is like dealing with rotten children who demand anything and everything from their parents. In this case however, the “parent” now becomes the state.

    • John
      John says:

      Lol ! U really think there is a political solution? Lol !
      Has anyone noticed the invasion continues unabated? Our government supports & encourages our invasion, which makes our leaders treasonous. Article IV, Section 4 of Constitution.

    • Oscar Wilson
      Oscar Wilson says:

      Carlson for POTUS? Better than Trump. Worth a try but money and media are needed, especially for conviction politicians in the Land of the Fee and the Home of the Rave. Meanwhile, critics should not be too fussy and blame him for attacking the Chinese Communist Party more vigorously than “lil ole Israel”.

  5. CM
    CM says:

    Thank you for reviewing this program segment from Tucker Carlson. I’ll take his faults to have the benefits of the really good coverage Carlson gives topics like this. Especially interesting to me is that Orban is a member of the Calvinist Hungarian Reformed Church connecting him to the movement of Calvinists – Presbyterians, Dutch Reformed, French Huguenots – which formed the US. Calvin advocated for the republic as the best form of governance and to support it also instituted schools which educated all the people, men, women, and children since he was fully aware that only an educated populace would be capable of self-rule. Hungary’s most recent Constitution also asserts that Hungary is a Christian nation. I regret that our Christian founding fathers let Jefferson and others get away with not including such a statement in our US Constitution.

  6. Ávóntanácsadónő
    Ávóntanácsadónő says:

    Dear Professor,

    First of thank you for this special analysis about this important Carlson visit to Hungary and his meeting with our prime minister Orbán.
    I think Orbán really achieved the status of important actor of the World politics. And Carlson is the first quasi- or would be politician who does not deny his sympathy towards Orbán, but even signals it.
    The leftib now tries to scare the children in the USA that the future of MAGA would be a kind Orbánism, thinking that children are scared, but they clap their hands.
    There were guesses that Carlson may run for Presidency. Why not? With this bold trip to us he made a good start towards it.
    These are my first and hasty comments to your writing.
    My second, private message: Twitter suspended my second nick, too, and they don’t let me register a new one without giving my phone number that I don’t want to do. So for now I don’t know how can I go back to there.
    But I diligently follow your tweets, and share those on my Facebook pages.
    Thank you, again!

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      01 We commiserate with your fate in 1956 and gratefully remember your free passage granted to thousands of East Germans, joined by others, to flee to Austria and beyond. Commencing the unraveling !

      02 Early in ’64, I took a six week bus tour from Stuttgart mainly through the then SU, which took us through Budapest. At our B hotel, a young man entrusted me with a rather large package of bibles to deliver to then still Leningrad. The driver hid it in the luggage compartment and everything went fine.

      03 I paid for this tour with my savings from my job at USARMY IN EUROPE HQ in Heidelberg; Intelligence Section. Kennedy’s austerity measures had made me redundant. When I was invited to take formal leave, the Boss, Major General Vernon Walters asked about my immediate plans. I regret not having had a camera to take a picture of his face when I told him of my tour reservation. I laughingly assured him, that his secrets were safer with me, than with many of his other employees with much higher clearances.

      05 In ’68, while at the U of West Berlin, I decided to use the Christmas break to visit Prague, which was also just being invaded, by air and ground, by the SU and diverse other members of the Warsaw Pact, including the DDR.

      06 On all three official transit routes between Berlin and West Germany, it was ” strengstens vervoten ” to make any personal contact. A so-called Laufzettel or running sheet, with notations of times made sure of that.

      07 However, when visiting a ” SISTER SOCIALIST REPUBLIC “, like Czechoslovakia, one was permitted to take a secondary road. Though forbidden, I picked up a gigantic German in East Germany, who turned out to be a medical student from the Charite teaching hospital in East Berlin, visiting his parents for the holiday. He was also on the DDR’s Olympic Rowing Team and best friends with both Law Student sons of the DDR Attorney General Kaul. Fascinating and frank conversation, engendered by the fact that he was at home in the very town where my ear, nose and throat expert lived at the end of the War: until he shot his children, his wife and himself, rather than fall into the hands of Ehrenburg’s swine

      08 Under Dubcek, Czechoslovakia had progressed sufficiently, to allow exceptional or connected students to study in the West. One such student shared my dorm at U and was simultaneously visiting his native Prague. He showed me around for a couple of days and pointed out the high-class apartment building and windows of the corner apartment of the Head of the country’s Communist Party. He had even dated one of the Party Chief’s two daughters at Prague U. [ Europe’s oldest ].






      10 My last trip to Warsaw Pact Hungary was a visit to the U town of Szeged, where the river Tisza crosses into Tito’s then independent Yugoslavia. Students there told me quite readily, that the river was heavily blocked by underwater barbed wire, to dissuade people.

      11 I finally decided on the Danube River for my East German hitchhiker to swim across, capitalizing on his physique. He was allowed a visa to Bulgaria but not to Romania. However, nothing prevented him from getting off in Bucharest, from where my girlfriend and I took him by car to the Danube at its Iron Gate.

      We picked him up on the previously explored Yugoslav side and took him for an also previously arranged overnight at the German Embassy in Belgrade. West Germany, by its ’49 Constitution, was forbidden to recognize East Germany as a separate entity. Its Hallstein Doctrine allowed them to issue a fraudulent new passport, with a new name and plumber listed as his profession.

      On the following Monday morning we put him on one of numerous guest-workers’ trains from Belgrade to Frankfurt, paid by the Embassy. We then greeted him at his arrival in Munich, had a glorious late lunch, punctuated by bouts of relief laughter, after which he proceeded to Giessen for his debriefing by US Intelligence, and my girlfriend took a plane back to Berlin. I flew immediately to Lucerne to pick up the binder for my next American Grand Circle Tours’ 57 day trip through Iberia. I arrived at Heathrow a half hour before my 52 new guests. Rather than I greeting them, they found me on a bench, fast asleep.

      One single, inopportune red light, anywhere en route, could have screwed the works and one’s liberty. Timing and planning is everything.

      12 With Gesinnungsgenossen [ profoundly likeminded people ] like you, one can far more easily see a favorable outcome in the end. Every action produces a reaction of equal force, and one can already observe such change among many Damocrats.

      It’s a comfort to know of you and I hope not to have bored anyone here with anecdotes that will be lost to memory soon enough: unlike our new, woke hundreds of volumes of official History.

  7. Karl Haemers
    Karl Haemers says:

    Thank you for this report. I did not know Carlson was in Hungary, but it makes sense.
    I have heard allegations that Carlson’s father was CIA. Carlson is fiercely partisan. He extols the virtues of the right while denouncing and ridiculing the left to the point of incitement. Perhaps that is the goal.
    He must have known that his visit to Hungary would incite a ‘firestorm’ in the left media. Just as he knew his affirmation of white replacement would incite the ADL to call for his firing. It obviously has not happened. Perhaps it was all scripted, intended to drive the partisan divide toward hot civil war. If the ADL really wanted Carlson fired, it would have happened by now. The Murdochs are as philo-semitic as it gets, and maybe Rupert himself is at least half Jewish. I think that was all a scripted drama between Carlson and ADL, and this Hungary visit may be as well.
    Still, it’s good encouragement for the right. Whether it is also meant to provoke the civil war might become clear soon enough.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” Still, it’s good encouragement for the right.”

      Encouragement yes . But “good” ….. maybe not .

      As you note , it may be just another script played out in the latest episode of our City of Satan ( within London England ) sponsored Orwellian psychotic dystopian politicly controlled global reality .

      • Oscar Wilson
        Oscar Wilson says:

        @ Karl Haemers, moneytalks &c.

        Any opposition must be controlled – “they” control everything – resistance is useless – no hope – just get a beer and watch TV.

        Do sayanim run this site as well as everyone else from Longyearbyen to Ushuaia?

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          …” Do sayanim run this site as well “…

          Good question and I also have wondered about that .

          A WN ethnostate would have to be one THEY ( The Hierarchy Enslaving You ) does not own/control … if that is possible .

          They control most everything but not all of everything ; so that Resistance remains at least a remote possibility that could perchance eventually mushroom into significant progress against their global enslavement regime .

        • karl haemers
          karl haemers says:

          I can assure you no sayanim here. I see a fair bit to be cautious about Carlson, is all. Perhaps he can be useful in some ways. Let us choose the timing and the field.

    • JM
      JM says:

      @Karl Haemers
      “I have heard allegations that Carlson’s father was CIA. Carlson is fiercely partisan. He extols the virtues of the right while denouncing and ridiculing the left to the point of incitement….Perhaps it was all scripted, intended to drive the partisan divide toward hot civil war. If the ADL really wanted Carlson fired, it would have happened by now. The Murdochs are as philo-semitic as it gets, and maybe Rupert himself is at least half Jewish. I think that was all a scripted drama between Carlson and ADL, and this Hungary visit may be as well.”

      This is insightful and outside-the-box and thus welcome. But there should be no doubt about Rupert Murdoch’s antecedents – it’s not hidden: his late mother was a highly respected Melbourne Jewess, making “Rupert” Jewish and on his father’s line, long time highly respected Presbyterian Australian scholars, thinkers, patriots. Murdoch himself arose from the role of a – relative – middle level highly capable Australian media player and from there was probably leveraged to – Global – fame by key Global elite players. But to those with direct knowledge of his character, he has something not evident in the USA (((Corporate Mass Media))) a sense of the vital importance of Press Freedom…he’s an old style “Newspaperman”…a quality which is implicitly connected with viable nations. The effect of this is that he lets his journalists loose to do what they ought to do, commensurate with being entertaining and capturing a sufficient slice of the ‘market’ of readers and advertisers.

      You may be right and I may be wrong, but, based on the apparent long experience of the behaviour of the media he “controls”, there is adequate room for an alternative view.

      • karl haemers
        karl haemers says:

        I read somewhere Murdoch was funded by the Rothschilds to buy up huge swaths of conservative media n the US upon arrival. Not just Fox, but newspapers, radio stations, magazines etc. Who would trust a Jew owning and operating that much media anyway?
        I’ve also heard Carlson’s father was CIA, but only accounts of Tucker applying to work there exist. Carlson’s father was director of Voice of America, President of Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and re-married an heiress of the Swanson family fortune, related to Senator Fulbright. The father Carlson also ran for Mayor of San Francisco. Tucker’s father was high up and connected.

  8. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    Since K-Mac mentioned Rod Dreher, maybe the folks would like to know that it was Rod who told Tucker to come to Hungary(where Rod is), and smoothed his passage there, by getting an Hungarian government functionary to eliminate the red tape that was preventing Tucker visiting.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      Red tape [the term] invented in India. Boxes were filled with government paperwork, then the boxes were sealed with- red tape.

  9. Oggy
    Oggy says:

    Thanks for this. I like Tucker, but he definitely stays within certain boundaries.
    He won’t, for example, mention Browder or Gates/GAVI and he’s still very cautious with Soros.

  10. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    In 2 or 3 generations Hungary will have a gypsy majority.
    The gypsies walked here from India.
    Most live, very well, on welfare with a flavouring of crime.
    The village I live in has an fairly honest gypsy who worked under communism but now lives, like most of the others, on welfare.
    Under communism he had 2 sons and 3 daughters.
    In the free world where you are free to carry out the orders of the mentally challenged US State Dept., his 3 daughters have presented him with 27 grand children.
    I have been told that if a family has 4 children the government buys them a house. They are usually gypsy families
    I myself have said it, and it’s greatly to my credit, that I am a Jewish
    Khazar Irish Englishman.
    I pay income tax in the UK and it annoys me that the UK gave a quarter of a trillion euros to (eastern) Europe so that their farmers can be given very expensive farm equipment and they and many others drive expensive cars.
    The money should have been used to build hospitals in Africa manned by British nurses and doctors.
    If you ever wish to build a hospital in Africa, you must give a bribe to the wife of the health minister.
    If you drive through Hungary, if the village is clean and well maintained, it is a German village. If houses have rubbish in the garden with a houses that need repairing it is a gypsy village. Hungarian viilages lie between the two, skewed towards the gypsy village.
    I bought some sheep for a German who had learning difficulties, although he was a good shepherd. He already had 3 and when our flock consisted of 14 sheep and lambs the Hungarians killed them all with their dogs because they seem to dislike all foreigners. When my German friend told me the sheep had been killed he started to cry.
    The Hungarians lied and the useless police did nothing.
    Most Hungarians are not nice people, in my opinion.
    I do not like them and most do not like me. When they leave my country ( they have been coming to the UK since 1956) I will leave theirs.
    At least it is cheap to live here.

    • bruno
      bruno says:

      I have many fine friends who are Hungarian. I have also been all over the country. Magyars are our Euro brothers and part of our Euro family. You tell a lot about yourself when you note that you hate Magyars and they hate you. Hungarians are fine people and your slandering of them is quite understandable considering who you are. Why don’t you move to the Middle East to be amongst your own? Living amongst those you hate is pathological.

      • Edward Harris
        Edward Harris says:

        Thank you for your reply.
        The Hungarians I dislike live in the same village as me.
        Other Hungarians who know the village dislike the villagers.They say that it is a bad, majority gypsy, village.
        I do not know much about the rest of the country of speak the language so perhaps you are right.
        In the UK long ago I knew a Hungarian family whose father was in Russia during WW1.
        He said that the Prussians only spoke to the Hungarians once to tell them that they did not like Hungarians.The only Europeans they liked were the English.
        I tell the Hungarians that the only Europeans I like are the Prussians.

  11. George Kocan
    George Kocan says:

    Maybe I am overly cynical, but I do not think multiculturalism is utopian at all. It is malicious, a weapon to dispossess, ethnically cleanse and replace Europeans, wherever they live.

    • Oscar Wilson
      Oscar Wilson says:

      The Hungarian made a good reply. So did Lionel Shriver re immigration on a previous “hard talk”. Normally “right-wing” people do not get a proper TV debate, but are “set up”, like the BNP’s Nick Griffin and South Africa’s Professor Manning in the distant pre-wokedom past.

    • T.Gilligan
      T.Gilligan says:

      Emily Mathlis, (one of the chosen people) of BBC ‘News’ is atypical of pro-EU bias shot-thru the ranks of this once respected media outfit. An hypocrite of epic statue spouting ‘multi-culturism’ but doesn’t partake of the ‘benefits’ of it and living in a Pakistani majority area in the North of England.
      I am envious of Hungary – Great Britain will never have some like him in government standing up for its own people.

    • Dave Bowman
      Dave Bowman says:

      I’m sure it won’t be a surprise to you, Dr MacDonald, to learn that the (deeply) hostile – as well as waspish, bitchy and offensive – BBC interviewer, named Emily Maitlis, who runs a very slick line in pretending to be a butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-my-mouth, classy, courteous and civilised English lady, is of course a deeply-biased and thoroughly dishonest Jew. Although – we are told – she has on several occasions been “spoken to” by the BBC about her overly-aggressive and none too polite interviewing style, and her tendencies to skate very close to the perceived borders of fair, honest, balanced and “unbiased” reporting – even by extremely lax BBC standards – it has availed her nothing. She continues to be deeply typical of the lying left-wing anti-White Ashkenazi scum who now silently dominate the BBC at every level of political news-control and dissemination.

  12. Deb
    Deb says:

    I share Mr. Orban’s views on immigration as well as all the other ills the left is aggressively trying to force down our throats. No society flourishes where multiculturalism exists. I have fond memories of a visit to Budapest in 1995.

  13. anonym
    anonym says:

    The multicultural “woke” culture seems like a concoction of every Jewish poison in one brew. It´s the ultimate Jewish pseudo religion. Hence the apoplectic reaction. Carlson might as well have used Talmud as toilet paper.

    The base is the prophesy of Isaiah – “Gods kingdom on earth”. Mankind “united” under Jewish rule. Also called “tikkun olam” by the cabbalist Jews. Free trade and free migration, along with Marxist “equality” (or “equity”). The LGBTQXYZ hocus pocus and critical race theory (which simply is a continuation of the Frankfurt school). All of it financed by Jewish usury, propagated by all of Jewish media, and supported by the most venal and gullible of the Europeans.

  14. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    I forgot to mention that in Hungary, the unemployed waste their lives cutting grass.
    My intention, when I moved here, was to create a large flock of sheep to provide meat for the village poor, buy a powerful lawn mower to cut the grass which could not be eaten by the sheep while the unemployed would grow food.
    Finally I hoped to set up a credit union for people in this and the 2 neighbouring villages.
    I did not carry out my plans because, when the Hungarians killed the sheep with their dogs they filled me with disgust.

    • Winston Bela
      Winston Bela says:

      By your admission, you went to Hungary to change Hungary and are surprised when you got pushback. They’ve been there 1100 years as one of the smaller countries with a totally different culture and language and still managed to maintain their identity, yet you think you should change them?

    • Lucius Vanini
      Lucius Vanini says:


      I’d like to serve the Orban regime if I could.

      Have been to most European lands but not to Magyarorszag, and partially it’s because the language daunts me. As you know, not Indo-European. I can get by in six European languages but they’re all Indo-European and afford clues that make for relatively easy learning.

      How do you get by there? Many English-speakers there?

  15. kolokol
    kolokol says:

    Great article. It was a pleasure to read.

    The looney Left really hates Viktor Orban and Tucker Carlson, because they are winners, and effective advocates. They defeat the Left every time in open debate, which is why the Left also hates open debate. The Left prefers censorship.

    The looney Left really loves Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger and the Lincoln Pederast Project, because they are losers, traitors, and willing tools of the jews.

  16. Ned J. Casper
    Ned J. Casper says:

    Moving from “England” to Hungary and learning the language is very tempting to this Englishman who remembers the western-betrayed anticommunist uprising in his boyhood, and I am not a Serbian, a Muslim or a Gypsy. Resistance may vary from Hungary to Denmark, but hope springs eternal in the European heart. Plataea, Lepanto….

  17. W. Poe White
    W. Poe White says:

    Kevin MacDonald quotes Rod Dreher: “Our future is almost certainly going to be left-illiberal or right-illiberal.” then states his agreement: “I’m afraid Dreher is right. It’s going to be an authoritarianism of the left or of the right, take your pick. The old conservative values of limited government are non-viable. The old America is dead.”

    While I fear that the future will be authoritarian if not totalitarian, I would not categorically endorse the claim that limited government is non-viable. Rather, limited government requires the right social conditions to work. In particular: (1) a population possessing homogeneous or at least mutually compatible values and mentalities, critically including the widespread self-restraint and spontaneous orderliness necessary for a high trust society; and (2) the absence of powerful oligarchies, networks and organizations hostile to the general population or to each other.

    Failure to meet criterion (1) means that the people won’t get along with each other on their own and consequently the society will be inherently riven with tensions and centrifugal tendencies producing factional conflict and anarchic violence in the absence of a strong hand to suppress it. The failure to meet criterion (2) means that oligarchies will either take control of the state and society and impose their own tyranny or, as with the failure to meet (1), competing powerful factions will engage in strife in the absence of a strong hand to hold them in check.

    There is still the possibility of a state that does not micro-manage the lives of citizens but does ride herd on powerful organizations and groups such as multinational corporations and organized Jewry. If the freedom of individuals, families and communities is to be preserved then the state must be powerful and active enough to protect these individuals, families and communities from tyrannical private oligarchies – and to prevent these oligarchies from capturing the state.

    Thomas Jefferson’s vision of an America of family farms, small shopkeepers and independent craftsmen is a perennial possibility for a homogeneous society of White people who possess the capacity for making a high-trust society work. The Jeffersonian vision might still work even with some industry, urbanization and sophisticated technology provided the economic system did not allow the formation of a plutocracy and over-mighty private organizations such as today’s elite banks and multinational corporations.

  18. Winston Bela
    Winston Bela says:

    The left in Europe and the USA are all fired up about Tucker’s visit to Hungary because it exposes their lies about the country. The ironic thing about their attacks upon Hungary is that everything authoritarian on the political right that they claim is happening there is, in reality, happening by the left in western Europe and the USA.

  19. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Thanks for a great piece Kevin.

    Like I always say, we’re right at the cusp of bringing the JQ out into the open, it’s the big Jewish pink elephant in the room and Tucker, keeps coming very close.

    A few months back I read Paul Kengor’s “The Devil and Karl Marx.” A good read and his casual writing style helped him to introduce some of the very dark and tragic results of what happens when Jews takeover a Christian populace, like torturing Christian children. Of course Kengor did not at all delve into the JQ in all of this even though his whole book is about Jewish Communism!- except, for when he discussed the Frankfurt school. Towards the end of that chapter, he states that, “The Frankfurt School in the 1930s would pick up and relocate to the United States, as its members (most if not all of them Jews) fled Hitler’s atrocious Final Solution.” Pg. 348. The reason I mention this is because a few days ago Kengor was on the Mark Levin radio show and they were of course talking about Marx and seemingly out of nowhere, Kengor says, “you know, Marx was Jewish…,” there was then an awkward silence until Levin acknowledged that and then moved the conversation on. So, I am wondering, if Kengor, a mainstream professor and commenter on Marx might be trying to very gently introduce the JQ into the mass discourse. Of course he knows it’s the problem. He also knows that if he completely comes out as an expert and starts to talk about the big pink Jewish elephant in the room, he is most likely toast.

    I’m currently trying to wrap my brain around Chapter 11 of the Word Press translation of A.S.s’ “200 Years Together,” since I can only read and write in English, and the Jewish Elephant in the room was discussed in the papers there at the time. Very interesting.

    We all need to, in as gentle a way as possible, start to talk about the big Jewish pink Elephant in the room. Ex; “It’s interesting that the whole Biden administration is all Jewish.” “You know, the Jewish Bolsheviks murdered 50 million men, women, and children during their 80 year control of Russia, I wonder why that white European guy became the epitome of evil?” “As a Christian, I don’t know if I want to get the vaccine. Did you know that the top brass of the CDC is all Jewish?” Those are just examples but you get my point.

    We all love Tucker but he can’t do it alone.

    “A small act is worth a million thoughts.” ~Ai Wei Wei

    • George Kocan
      George Kocan says:

      Today the Wall Street Journal printed an op-ed about anti-Semitism and the BDS issue. It never acknowledged the role powerful Jews played in created their own enemies. I sensed a panic in the essay that indeed the JQ has gained more purchase on the popular culture. I do not expect a rebuttal in the WSJ but I hope to see one somewhere.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      Psst ! Don’t talk too loud – but have you noticed, that though impeccably dressed during his interview with Orban, TUCKER IS NOT WEARING SOCKS.. Have a closer look !

      This should further suffice for some on this site, to prove, that Tucker is controlled opposition, by affording the left a complete, barefoot negation of all he achieved: and will in the future.

      I am confidentially advised, that the entire Jewish World met under the auspices of Greenblatt, to decide the color of the socks, that Tucker was ordered, under threat, not to wear.

      What the hell is a comment worth, here, that Tucker’s father was ” allegedly ” CIA ? Without also additionally alleging, that he was such as either agent or asset !

      We are all aware of their many misdeeds, which, however, does not logically entitle us to paint them all with the same brush. Consider, for a moment, the brilliant articles by Philip Giraldi, mostly at the UNZ Review, based on 30 years of his professional, global CIA analyses and unquestionably still current collegial informal input over a pint.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      “” Did you know that the top brass of the CDC is all Jewish?” “”

      No . Thanks for the warning . In fact , I never even heard of “the JQ” until ten years ago when I first read or perused the “Culture of Critique”. Since then , as many others have previously noted , I have also noticed THEY ( The Hierarchy Enslaving You ) are very careful about concealing/camouflaging their dominance of the vast majority of Western Civilization and its most important areas/entities ; where banking is the most important non-geographical area .

      The USA White predominant world is kaput . Hopefully , at least some of the scatterred remnants which may be capable will regroup and establish a WN ethnostate starting with Idaho .

    • Oscar Wilson
      Oscar Wilson says:

      Marx was an “antisemitic” Jew just as Trump is a “philosemitic” Gentile. Marx’s close collaborator Engels was not Jewish any more than Trotsky was a Zionist. A little knowledge is worse than none sometimes; life is often quite complicated; and reading round, and double-checking, often help.

  20. Paraschiv
    Paraschiv says:

    it s a great Orban mentioned he is a good friend of Israel and that he will fight against anti-semites in the next elections.

  21. Ned J. Casper
    Ned J. Casper says:

    Re Viktor Orban the following online articles are worth reading:
    (1) Frank Furedi, “Why Tucker’s trip to Hungary has sparked outrage,” Spiked, August 9, 2021
    (2) Nick Thorpe, “Tucker Carlson: What the Fox News host is doing in Hungary,” BBC News, August 2021
    (3) Manfred Gerstenfeld, “George Soros’s Negative Interactions with the Jewish World,” BESA Center Perspectives, October 26, 2020
    (4) Frank Furedi, “The right to criticise George Soros,” April 15, 2019
    (5) Bowen Xiao, “David Horowitz explains how George Soros and the ‘shadow party’ rule….”, Epoch Times, August 31, 2018
    “Life is getting better every day, comrades,” said Stalin. It is certainly getting more puzzling.

    As for Murdoch’s papers, “The Times” is largely run by a coterie led by Baron Finkelstein, David Aaronovitch, Henry Zeffman, &c with frequent Holocaust features; the “Sunday Times” is better, but increasingly woke except for Rod Liddle who nevertheless repeats his affection for Israel.

  22. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    Please don’t partly misquote Orban here, inadvertently or purposefully.

    He stated, that the [ organized ] anti-Semites had joined forces with the Communists for the purpose of the next election.

    I wouldn’t be astonished to learn, that God himself appointed a Commission of politicians, political scientists, lawyers and a train-load of forensic accountants, to attempt to explain to Him, the activities of the Globe’s Meddler-in-Chief Soros.

    Consider the multitude of disparate coalitions in Israel, for and against the Likud.

    Tell me the following is unlikely or impossible ! The anti-Semites and Communists form a winning coalition against Orban: supported by Soros. Soros then, with mere pocket change, uncovers Holocaust furtherance by former anti-Semitic coalition-party stalwarts.

    His media commences a campaign, nationally, but more importantly internationally, to oust these recalcitrant Auschwitz fans from the coalition-Government: with credible threats of bankrupting sanctions by the World Bank, IMF, Bank of International Settlements, European Central Bank, Goldman Sacks and innumerable global corporations already doing business there. In fact impoverishing every Hungarian of whatever stripe.

    What culturally devastated Hungary will have left, can then join with the by then predominant forces and unrecognizable cultures in the US, EU, vassal-Canada and Down Under.

    However, no one can confidently predict the skies over 21 and 24. . .

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