Sleepwalking into a Non-White Future

“About six-in-ten White adults of all ages say the declining share of White people in the population is neither good nor bad for society.”
Pew Research Center, August 23 2021

I was fascinated and frustrated by a recent series of polls conducted by the Pew Research Center on attitudes toward America’s declining White population. While there are several interesting layers to Pew’s findings, the key message is that a significant majority of White respondents indicated that they feel the declining share of White people in the population is neither good nor bad for society. In other words, they feel that nothing will fundamentally change for them or their children despite their slide into minority status. Pew point out that “the 2020 census showed the U.S. had a shrinking non-Hispanic White population … down 3% – or about 5.1 million people – from 2010 to 2020. The decline was widespread geographically, with 35 states seeing drops in their non-Hispanic White populations.” Pew contextualize this both in terms of immigration and natural increase among non-White populations, but also in terms of a rise in interracial marriages and the growing number of multiracial or multiethnic babies. While Whites retain the largest share of the American population among single-ethnic groups, Pew are clear that they are on an inexorable downward trajectory. The “non-Hispanic White population in the U.S. that identifies with a single race” is expected to fall below 50% by 2045.

H.L. Mencken once described faith as “an illogical belief in the occurrence of the improbable.” Intended primarily as a barb against the religious, I couldn’t help but find it appropriate to the 61% of White adults who told Pew that the momentous changes outlined above will have absolutely no effect on American society and culture. This is to say nothing of the 15% of respondents who told Pew that such a transformation is “good for society” or “very good.” I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this last figure was dominated by Jews in Whiteface (see Kevin MacDonald’s comments on Jennifer Rubin’s unmitigated joy at White decline), but the general picture of this survey is undeniably of a White population sleepwalking into a future that has every indication of being very bad indeed.

Who are the sleepwalkers? Pew stress that “differences by age are especially pronounced.” Among respondents aged between 18 and 29, 29% say White demographic decline is good for society, compared with 13% who say it is bad. By contrast, “32% of Americans ages 65 and older say this demographic shift is bad for society and only 6% say it is good.” While there are some predictable differences between Republican and Democratic voters on whether the transformation of America will be good or bad, almost identical percentages of respondents from each party commented that it would bring about no meaningful social change and was neither good nor bad (61% of Republicans vs. 62% Democrats). Education does not appear to have had a dramatic effect on responses. Among those with postgraduate degrees, 14% replied that White demographic decline would be “somewhat bad” or “very bad,” while 18% responded that it would be “somewhat good” or “very good.” The largest percentage, in keeping with responses broken down by age and politics, was the 69% of postgrad degree holders who asserted that the transformation of America would be neither good nor bad.

“Neither Good nor Bad”

At the risk of over-analyzing a seemingly straightforward statement, I think it’s worth reflecting on the mental processes and cultural messaging that might produce the sleepwalking response highlighted by Pew. The results themselves, one might argue, could be interpreted in a “glass half full/glass half empty” kind of way, and there’s an element of truth to this argument. After all, more than 80% of White respondents to Pew refused to describe White demographic decline in America as a good thing. In the context of the demonization of White history and culture on a mass scale, and the intensification of social pressure against any form of White self-assertion, such a result could be seen as a Pyrrhic victory. Kevin MacDonald, along with several other writers at this site, have shown that there is systemic incentivization for accelerating the decline of White influence and demography, from diversity promotion in industry and business to discrimination against Whites in education and employment. The overwhelming message of modern multicultural society is that White majorities anywhere, and in any walk of life, are inherently bad, and that the easiest and most conclusive method of achieving a better, more vibrant, and more just society involves reducing White representation and flooding every historically White nation or institution with an ethnic panoply. Despite my own deeply pessimistic nature, I must confess to a level of astonishment that in the midst of such a hostile cultural context only 1 in 5 agreed that White demographic decline would be good.

But how to explain the hesitancy to describe it as bad? Isn’t it one of the most human instincts to regret loss of any kind? Each and every day, human beings regret the loss of loved ones, of wealth, of status, of youthful looks, of health, and of cherished possessions. White demographic decline, despite all propaganda, is clearly a harbinger of loss, indeed, massive loss. In simple terms, it marks a break in a chain of successive possession. You inherit land or possessions from an ancestor, and you pass it to a descendent, becoming in the course of that process an ancestor yourself. The United States of America has been a White project of successive possession since the days of the earliest colonies, and that project will come to an end on the day and hour that Whites cease to be capable of determining the direction of the nation. I say “capable of determining” rather than simply “determining” because there are clearly already hostile influential elites directing the course of contemporary America in ways antithetical to White interests. But a White majority at least entails the promise of hope that this situation can be rectified. The loss of the White majority is a loss of hope in recapturing the machinery and assets of the original project. After that Rubicon has been crossed, the only option will be to commence a new project that must have, at its heart, the recapturing of majority status.

Losing demographic control of White nations will resemble losing control of a car, since the consequences of being displaced on one’s own territory have been shown in the vast course of human history to be catastrophic, invariably being accompanied by a rise in violence, political subjugation, social ostracism, and dehumanization. Everything our “woke” critics wish to say about historical White imperialism or dominance are simply truisms of the human animal wherever it is found. What they now decry, they will soon prescribe. The dominant will dominate, and being a minority, especially when you are not historically adapted and tactically equipped for that position (unlike the Jews who are extremely well adapted to it), is a position of vulnerability to be avoided at all costs. Those who point to the protected status of minorities across contemporary Western nations forget that this is a side-effect of a particularly nasty White political hallucination that will evaporate as soon as Whites fall into minority status themselves. Whites who believe they will be granted, in an inter-ethnic quid pro quo, legal privileges, preferential paths to employment, and outsized representation in everything from TV ads to government have clearly not been reading between the lines of the hostile mass propaganda. They are living in a fool’s paradise. Where sleepwalking Whites expect reciprocity, they will find only revenge.

In less materialistic terms, White demographic decline is also a harbinger of profound cultural loss. The signs are already here. When was the last time you saw a media depiction of a normal, ethnically homogenous White community or even just a normal White family? White demographic decline means Whites will see less of themselves, or nothing at all, in the products of the culture they inhabit. The surrounding culture will, at best, become unrelatable and meaningless, and, at worst, incredibly hostile or dangerous.  If culture is the method by which a people speaks to itself about itself and its aspirations, then Whites can expect to become culturally muted, hearing only the browbeating messages of foreigners and losing all natural sense of direction as a consequence. White culture will either be forced to develop on the small-scale, in isolated pockets of ethnic homogeneity, or it will atrophy and stagnate. Faced with the demonization of historical White culture, in which it is regarded and presented as having the potential to inspire future White “wrongs,” White culture will also be subject to ever more aggressive erasure by the new dominant powers.

Liars, Cowards, and Gamblers

Faced with such potential losses, how and why have so many sleepwalkers conjured up a neutral, non-committal response? The first possibility, of course, is that deep down they hold more pessimistic views but are afraid to express them. All commentary on White Flight suggests that Whites abandon any area as soon as they become a minority, or even shrinking majority, in it. So how can people have neutral feelings for a process of decline on a national scale when they can’t even stomach it on Main Street? Is it possible that the results from Pew merely reflect apprehension and anxiety on the part of Whites to express their true feelings on diversity? While interesting, I don’t derive any comfort from this possibility. If there is so strong a sense of social fear that even an anonymous poll prompts evasion and disavowals of one’s own interests then the level of cowardice would be such that all is lost anyway.

I believe, however, that the poll results are at least in some way accurate in reflecting the true, though confused, feelings of the White population. The overwhelming majority of answers are reflective of inertia — of an inability to decide. I believe that the majority of these answers arise from a place in the White mind that is only too aware that diversity isn’t good, but also from a place that simply hasn’t been culturally equipped to see a little further down the road. I believe most Whites have an instinctual apprehension that White decline will be bad for society, but that they are so bombarded with contrary messaging that they struggle to conceptualize in what ways that society will be bad. And, unlike White flight, if the entire nation tips non-White, where is there to go? White Flight will itself become redundant. Whites will be locked in with diversity. Is the only option then, from a psychological standpoint, to simply engage in denial and hope for the best? The Pew results suggest so.

Contemporary mass culture is also a psychological trap in the sense that the White multiculturalist becomes little more than a gambler. The man in a casino mindlessly inserting cash into a fruit machine does so in an entirely artificial environment. He feels comfortable even as he loses money. He loses sense of time, and he continues to insert cash and pull the lever because lights flash, wheels spin, and there is an occasional but dramatic clang of coins into a shiny steel pocket. These are his meagre rewards. He feels good when they happen, but eventually the rewards stop and he has nothing left to give. The thought that the system was against him all along, and that his losses were preordained and predictable may not even occur to him as he walks away semi-dazed and uncomfortable with himself. The White multiculturalist is aware, consciously or not, that if he makes certain affirming noises about diversity, then he will receive the social equivalent of the flashing lights, spinning wheels, and clanging coins. He’ll attract many “likes,” for example, or if he really hits the jackpot he might get a grant or a promotion. He continues to insert the required price of the machine—support for diversity, but he’s ignorant, like the gambler, of the fact his environment is false and the system is designed for his bankruptcy. White demographic decline is the slowly emptying pocket of the gambler. Like all gamblers, the closer they get to the empty pocket, the more reckless and dramatic become the delusions of sudden winnings. For this reason, I expect that as White America’s decline accelerates, we can expect a superficially contradictory state of affairs in which swathes of Whites really do convince themselves that it’s for the best, and that society will be about to turn some magical Utopian corner. The gambler resists the thought that he was utterly stupid to ever have played the game. The multiculturalist will deny the suggestion that he contributes to his own downfall.

Fundamentally, this is what bothers me most about the Pew findings, and why I refuse the “glass half full” interpretation of them. Anyone suggesting that the dramatic changes in demography, power, and influence currently underway will be “neither good nor bad,” is living in an artificial environment in the national casino. Anyone who cannot see the stark and imminent losses on the horizon is living in an eternal present, divorced from the past and unable to conceptualize the future. They have no idea that the hour is getting late.

“A Kind of Triumph”

Inertia among normal Whites is in stark contrast to the palpable increase in joy and excited anticipation of opposing factions (see Kevin MacDonald’s latest piece examining the worst that Twitter has to offer). For the latter, there is no question of White decline being “neither bad nor good.” White demographic decline is instead a massive victory. It’s something so worthy of celebration, in fact, that they are counting down to it. Brookings Institute demographer William H. Frey, of unknown ethnic provenance, has opined in his 2018 Diversity Explosion: How New Racial Demographics are Remaking America that “these changes are a good-news story for America.”[1] I find it endlessly fascinating that this prophet of good news gave his first major speech on the issue to, of all possible places, the American Jewish Committee at Houston’s Beth Yeshurun synagogue.

The remark that White America’s decline was a “good news story” reminded me of the British Jewish journalist Jonathan Freedland’s comments following the 2011 UK census. Freedland first pointed out that “the country is now less white and less Christian. In 2001, white people accounted for 91% of the total population. In the latest census, that figure is down five points to 86%.” For Freedland, 1948 was a pivotal year in British history because it “saw the arrival of the Windrush, the ship bearing the Caribbean migrants who would change the face of Britain.” He cajoled his readers into the belief that he is a jolly old Anglo-Saxon with clever references to “we” and “us,” arguing that “we should love the country we have become — informal, mixed, quirky — rather than the one we used to be.” Freedland then reported gleefully that “White Britons have become a minority in London, accounting for only 45% of the city’s population,” and ended his article with the astonishing remark that “the main story is surely that this country has undergone a radical transformation in this last decade and the ones before — and it has done so with relative peace and relative calm. No one will hand out any gold medals for that, but it’s a kind of triumph all the same.” Britain, like America, is undergoing its changes “with relative peace and relative calm” because it is also home to sleepwalkers, liars, cowards, and gamblers.


This is an unapologetically pessimistic essay, to the extent that its intention is not to demoralize but to assist with sharpening our vision of the problem at hand. This problem involves an artificial environment, a rigged system of temporary reward, and an ever-diminishing return for any Whites playing the dangerous game of diversity. In life you either gain or lose. There is no room for stasis. The idea that massive demographic change will be “neither good nor bad” is nothing more than an illogical belief in the occurrence of the improbable. The Pew findings indicate that any kind of White awakening to a full realization of the true nature of White decline will be a mammoth task.

[1] W. H. Frey, Diversity Explosion: How New Racial Demographics are Remaking America (Washington D.C.: Brookings Institute, 2018).

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  1. Robert Henderson
    Robert Henderson says:

    Mass immigration should be judged by its effects. Look around at virtually any major Western city and you will find areas which have been effectively colonised by immigrants. There is no inevitably about it as the politically correct like to insist by claiming that “we live in a globalised world”. This surreptitious colonisation is ultimately entirely the responsibility of the politicians who permit it

    As the numbers of immigrants and their descendants increase the native population becomes more and more dissatisfied and politicians turn ever more to propagandising about the joys of diversity while passing laws which criminalise dissent and place the immigrant descended groups in a de facto privileged position. (The Tory politician Enoch Powell’s famous 1968 speech quoted a comment made by one of his constituents: “In this country in 15 or 20 years’ time the black man will have the whip hand over the white man.” In terms of how public policy favours ethnic and racial minorities in the UK that prediction has come true. )

    The great hypocrisy

    Morally the most contemptible thing about mass immigration is that the elites which have allowed it to happen and lauded it to the skies are under no illusion about the state of heavily settled immigrant areas . We know this because they generally take very care to live far away from the supposed wondrous diversity .

    Take London. The middle classes bleat constantly about the joy of diversity in the capital whilst taking flight from the joy by fleeing to very white, very English places.

    Those left behind – primarily the white working class – are left to deal with the “ joy. “

    A form of theft

    Mass immigration is a form of theft. It robs the native population because it creates competition for housing, healthcare, education, jobs and most fundamentally the right of a people to enjoy their country without having to worry about their culture being diluted or even ultimately overthrown.Trust

    Any human society whether it be a small band or a huge nation state requires trust. Nothing creates trust better than similarity. The fact that someone looks like you in general terms and speaks your language in an accent you associate with your group provides a ready reckoner of trust. That is why both physical type and ethnicity are so important when looking at human behaviour.

    A secure territory is integral to a successful society because without it a the essential trust cannot be formed. Allow mass immigration and this trust is categorically sabotaged.

    The politically correct may insist till the cows come home that humans are all basically the same but the reality is that heterogeneous societies are invariably fractious . Homogeneous societies are not immune to discord but it is rarely on the same all-pervading level.

    Most importantly disputes in a homogeneous society can realistically be expected to be settled: class inequalities can be ameliorated, the balance between state and private enterprise changed, tyrants can be overthrown.

    In heterogeneous societies where each group is fighting for its own benefit such alteration is impossible because the basis for each group is biological, that is, the group exists because of the natural tendency of humans to associate with those who most resemble them.


    Consider this. If the UK had politicians who conspired with a foreign power to allow huge numbers of foreigners to invade we would call it treason.

    If dissent about such an invasion was suppressed we would call it treason

    If a foreign power invades though force he may be thrown out without inviting domestic and international opprobrium.

    If invasion by mass immigration is allowed the situation is entirely different for two reasons: (1) the practical difficulty of where to send them and (2) they cannot be expelled without opprobrium.

    That is why permitting mass immigration it is the most fundamental form of treason: it is the most difficult to reverse.

    • Robert Penman
      Robert Penman says:

      Something I recommend the average White person to do is, visit one of those terrible “Shock” or “Gore” websites and watch a few videos of South American drug cartels, and how the deal with each other. Then you might bring to their attention the videos from Africa, and how they measure out “justice” to each other.

      These videos, are not for the faint of heart, they contain the most brutal acts of violence one can possibly imagine. However, Whites who have only ever seen the government spin on multi culturalism need a rude awakening!

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      Robert Henderson – also, the races being invited over are (a) extremely racist compared with the host population (b) feel no friendliness or good will towards the host population, and will not hesitate to cause them harm if they get the upper hand. Look how the arabs, Chinese & Africans treat each other when there is an up there/down there relationship between themselves – they would be ten times worse to those they envy and wish to conquer.

      ‘A wolf’s main enemy is the wolf’ or something like this as the saying goes. In other words, mans greatest foe is other men.

      As for the difficulty of where to send the immigrants who do not and never will fit in or be co-operative, all we need is a colony in Africa called ‘Multiracial Paradise Land’ and they can go there. There would be no possible reason for it not to be perfect as they could vote for fairness, equality etc without ‘white supremacists’ getting in the way.

  2. Jody Vorhees
    Jody Vorhees says:

    I have noticed some TV commercials, wherein all of the characters are nonwhites. The commercials will show an Asian, an Arab, someone Hispanic, someone black, an Eskimo in a wheelchair, but no whites at all. In my city’s publications, sent to each household, often no whites are depicted. I also notice photo images in stores that portray only nonwhites. These are no doubt portents of a future that will not include us, and is not meant to include us. The folks running this show just haven’t taken off their gloves yet.

    So what are we looking at now in terms of the mass of whites? We are looking at goats who are too stupid to comprehend human nature and human history, and who, most importantly, are too stupid to be afraid. And nothing short of fear is going to galvanize them into action.

    The question then becomes: How do we motivate them to feel fear?

    • David Ashton
      David Ashton says:

      In “England” today the TV advertising on all sorts of products or issues is exclusively dominated by Black faces (very much less so South or East Asian, who are sometimes added however into fewer multiracial adverts) on a scale grossly disproportionate to their actual census numbers. A visiting Martian would imagine he was living in Africa or the Caribbean, with non-Blacks making an occasional appearance. I am not exaggerating, but have given up trying to make a list.
      The inclusion of some Black actors in recent drama programming is to be expected, but there are subsidiary aspects: anachronism (a Black Anne Boleyn); the prevalence in popular “soaps” of Black people or issues, in addition to LGBTQIA+ plots, even in rural village settings, with Black men regularly partnered with White women (rarely vice-versa); the latter phenomenon is an increasingly predominant theme of “dating” or “love”island shows. Before discussing what might be wrong with that, we must ask why it needs to be done at all. As old Trotsky would say, “It is no accident”.
      Black lives matter, but Black Supremacy is another matter.

      • eah
        eah says:

        >In “England” today the TV advertising

        This is true and very noticeable — I occasionally watch streams of sporting events being aired by British senders, and when the ads start you can literally start a countdown to see how long it takes for the gratuitous Black to appear — they are in literally well more than half of all ads — it’s obvious propaganda.

      • Jody Vorhees
        Jody Vorhees says:

        How do we imbue the masses with the gift of a reactionary fear? As in wartime, by whatever means necessary. The moral imperative of survival overrides all other considerations.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          ” The moral imperative of survival overrides all other considerations.”

          There is no unconditional “moral imperative of survival”.

          There is only a [ will to survive ] that is ipso facto moral without need for divine commands or permissions ; and that will waxes and wanes according to the mental health of an individual or group .

          The will-to-survive is not the same thing as the [ biological imperative for reproduction ] of normal organisms . Further elaboration is beyond the scope of this comment .

          • Jody Vorhees
            Jody Vorhees says:

            There is no moral imperative of survival? Hold your head under the surface of the water in a pond for two minutes, and then decide there is none. Better yet, hold your child’s head under the water for two minutes, and then say it.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      You should attempt to answer your own question. And this: is the use of fear the best strategy and tactic? Why or why not?

      • Jody Vorhees
        Jody Vorhees says:

        Attempting to make our fellow gerbils feel fear is a logical effort, because fear is a primary emotion, and very motivating. To be succinct: it works. It is also often a rational and intelligent response to external threats. Americans are comfortable, dumb and happy. Most only fear their acne and loss of their TV signals. They are paving their own way into oblivion.

        The primary means of addressing our extinction should be, I think, to promote the destabilization of our society, since ultimately it will destabilize to the point where it will collapse anyway — on our white heads. I believe that is the purpose of the current efforts at destabilization (for example, the ongoing efforts to defend the police): to bring down the status quo, and reinvent America as a Third World socialist authoritarian dung heap. Our goal should be to get the social order to collapse prematurely, when we can manipulate the collapse to our own advantage. We have no chance now of working within the political system to save ourselves.

      • Jody Vorhees
        Jody Vorhees says:

        Not sure my response went through. Fear is primal. Fear can be good. Fear can be highly motivating. If they are afraid, they will act to defend themselves and their turf. Right now, nothing is being defended, and our society is in a magnificent process of dismantlement and collapse. Love and hate are the most powerful emotions of all, but we won’t win with either. No one believes our love (of our own people, our society, etc.) is genuine, and hate is simply dismissed as raw animosity. Appealing to the logic of the masses won’t work. They are impervious to such appeals. We cannot appeal to their self-interest — they see no dangers ahead and scoff at all mention of our having a collective identity. Fear, however, may get the primates up off their haunches. And for those with eyes to see, there is plenty in the world and plenty in human history to inspire fear.

    • Walter L
      Walter L says:

      The white men and women in commercials are purposely unattractive.

      The reason is that the contrast between the races becomes obvious.

      Everything about white people signals superiority in the mating game: their skin, facial features, hair.

      The beauty of white people’s skin tells you why blacks cover their skin with tattoos’
      Tattooing on whites, especially white women, reveals the success of anti-white indoctrination. Foolish white people programed not to display their beautiful skin, because doing so is inherently racist.

      • Danny J.
        Danny J. says:

        Dude aka Walter this is not factual. Tattoos was a white thing intially mainly had by sailors (lotsa gay rape in that profession) and jailbirds (ppls been to jail, same there).

        And then I guess made popular by alt rock or hipsterism or whatever.

        I do not fins all tattoos ugly like small ones can look ok I guess. But I don’t see the point and I do think it will become unfashionable soon if not already.

        However I would never get one myself. Seems stupid, like hanga a painting on your wall or get a t-shirt with a cool print instead or something.

        I guess the occupation of mainstream media and culture bu hateful anti whites who use media and culture to murder our race, pushes alot of white people into alternative culture or something along those lines (don’t do coke).

        Just another thing blacks stole / copied from whites…

      • Bobjeanjesus
        Bobjeanjesus says:

        My uncle had lots of tattoos from ww2. Lots of sailor stuff mostly. He was white I guess…the DNA says Greek … Italian…it’s white ish at least. 🙂 It certainly wasn’t socially acceptable though I imagine. He was kinda violent too… nature gives us these warning signs. Perhaps it’s actually a good thing people mutilated themselves with tattoos. Spot those personality disorders quickly 🙂

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” So what are we looking at now in terms of the mass of whites? We are looking at goats who are too stupid to comprehend human nature and human history, and who, most importantly, are too stupid to be afraid.”

      “Stupid” is too harsh as a general description . [ Ignorant ] would be a much better descriptive term since it does not mean a lack of IQ as is often strongly insinuated by the term “stupid”.

      Neither , most by far , USA White Christian ( both Catholic and Protestant ) preachers , nor most by far USA White teachers , nor most by far USA White politicians — none of them have rendered , to USA Whites , any significant warnings about the existence and consequences of the so far mostly “soft” NWO globalist oligarchy agendas of genocide against Whites whom most by far do not have the political intelligence ( not mostly an IQ issue ) to , without leadership from their authority figures , to comprehend their ominous demographic destiny .

      There is still some hope for Whites . In particular , Florida Governor DeSantis is pushing back against the NWO oligarchy Covid-19 global hysteria political scam .

      • Bob
        Bob says:

        Probably will be like Brazil and south Africa…gated communities and a mostly poor population of transsexuals 🙂

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      90% of whites feel no fear because they do not have the mental capacity to think ahead. They just accept whatever the culture tells them to think, even if the message is ‘to be against yourself’ – they even submit and comply with this demand in order to fit in and conform. They assume that as they are still relatively safe and pampered, that this will continue. They never even think about how they will be treated when they are in a minority – or they think it will be another generation’s problem. And the wealthy ones assume they can just flee to another country who will welcome them because of their money, just as the wealthy lefty whites who helped ruin S Africa were able to easily flee to other white countries.

      I remember A Joyce once said in an interview that the elites of the past were more loyal to their people as their success was tied to that of the people – if the people were conquered, so were they. So these elites of the past had a vested interest in the well-being of their own lands, which modern elites do not, as today the elites can still easily flee to another country and abandon their own people and take their money with them via the banking system.

      To be honest, the whites who support the demise of their own race deserve what is coming to them, but unfortunately they will bring down the rest with them. The only solution is for whites who do not want to live in a multiracial country to migrate to their own regions. Maybe Eastern Europe will end up as such a destination, and perhaps part of America, but they might have to win a civil war first to be ‘allowed’ to.

  3. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    Political hallucinations indeed. The unbelievable political immaturity of the Amerikinder is just a small part of their delusional psyche. White racial foibles are unfortunately legion. Like their now extinct Tocharian ancestors of 6,000 years ago, (and the Dodo Birds), they are complacently drifting to their racial doom.

    • Bob
      Bob says:

      Well…those NWO folks are mighty smart…it could be the way to create a totalitarian government by making chaos. Otherwise… people wouldn’t want it. For all we really know…this is standard procedure. Hitler seems like a pretty good depopulation tool…also helped create NATO and things no one would otherwise want. Satan can probably only control a limited number of people with the technology…it would make sense to thin out the herd some. This is his kingdom.

  4. Some White Guy
    Some White Guy says:

    A sobering article, to say the least.

    I live with someone who falls into the “neither good nor bad” camp and am very familiar with the denials offered like “nothing is wrong” “everything is fine” and “I’ll be dead by then anyway” type of statements.

    On the other hand, there’s me, someone who is extremely sensitive and knows early on when something is wrong. My alarm bells are ringing, the red lights are flashing, and the fight or flight reaction is in full swing.

    But they just call me Cassandra around here.

    • Chet Nixon
      Chet Nixon says:

      The proper response in this situation is “flight”, as in, find a place where your people are in a distinct majority and fortify yourself there; proselytize to all who are present, and open their eyes to what is happening right now in their neighboring communities, where they are in decline. It is better to be a pariah in paradise than a recognized man in hell.

  5. Chet Nixon
    Chet Nixon says:

    “White demographic decline, despite all propaganda, is clearly a harbinger of loss, indeed, massive loss. In simple terms, it marks a break in a chain of successive possession. You inherit land or possessions from an ancestor, and you pass it to a descendent, becoming in the course of that process an ancestor yourself. The United States of America has been a White project of successive possession since the days of the earliest colonies, and that project will come to an end on the day and hour that Whites cease to be capable of determining the direction of the nation.”

    At the risk of being blackpilled, didn’t that already happen a long time ago? I own a house an a few acres of land that I homestead on, but I had to buy that myself, with my own money, and at great personal sacrifice. I was the first member of my family in several generations to own a home, letalone any land. For the past several generations, Americans have been unmoored from their ancestral lands that their families tamed when they were settlers and pioneers. That previous generation left Europe to never return, but the several generations in between were largely adrift on an expanding landmass, where opportunity kept knocking the further West you traveled. There was only a brief period of stagnation before the only real possibility for social and economic advancement came through rising through the corporate and government ranks, and that meant a college degree, and a “semper gumby” attitude of remaining flexible about where you would be posted, often wherever the pay was highest.

    Combined with the pseudo-Marxist ideas of the 50’s and 60’s, wherein young people were encouraged by the propaganda machine to abandon the faith, customs, and lifestyle of their ancestors in favor of materialistic hedonism, because “you can’t take it with you” and “we’re all gonna die when they drop the bomb” and other such nihilistic dreck. The reason works of fiction like Paul R. Ehrlich’s “The Population Bomb” were so popular and so readily accepted is because it gave that generation of Americans the perfect excuse to act like human garbage. “How can you bring a child into a world like this?” became the mantra of every whore on “the pill” who wanted to have cocaine-fueled sex orgies with strangers without any obvious consequences (other than STDs, but that was before most people knew anything about that). Roe Vs. Wade allowed for the nationwide legalization of infanticide that most of these women had previously done illegally (not that their drug use was ever wholly legalized).

    People with no connection to their land, with no connection to their kith or kin, or to the faith of their fathers, moving all over the continent via cars and busses, and all over the world via jetliners, who eventually had families with great reluctance, and in smaller numbers than their ancestors did (thanks to birth control), who lived in apartments, and small “starter homes” that they’d move out of as soon as they got that big promotion at work, or switched to a different company, left the generations thereafter totally adrift; no homeland, no family, no culture (except the increasingly Satanic stuff the elites fed them through television and movies), these people didn’t have a country to lose, and that was 40 years ago.

    The “mostly-peaceful” end of the Cold War was perhaps worse for White Americans than if the balloon had gone up, and nukes had been loosed by both sides, because the constant drumbeat of “America is No.1!” and “Buy American!” and “USA! USA! USA!” all became relics; propaganda that was no longer necessary for the ruling class to pump into the hoi polloi. The reason Neo-Cons like to say “America is just an idea”, and the reason this ludicrous statement is accepted by anyone at all, is because for several generations of Americans born since the mid 20th century, that’s been the reality. Your father was born in Detroit, your mother was born in Philadelphia, your grandparents were from Newark, and Dublin, and Pittsburg, and Rome, where is your homeland? Are you a Protestant, or a Catholic? What’s the language of your ancestors? Is it Welsh? Or French? Or German? Or is it Italian? You were born in one State, but grew up in another, in apartments and rental homes; do you miss those places? Do you even remember them? That’s the America most White Americans are losing; a transient, abstract, nebulous place that got torn down in the early 90’s and gentrified. Now, it’s too expensive for them to live there, at least until they pay off their student loans.

    If Whites in America want to have a White America, it’s not a matter of preservation; it’s a matter of construction. We’re not going to be given the luxury of staying put wherever we are indefinitely unless we’re of the lucky few for whom “home” is more than just a place where you keep your stuff. We need to find communities of our own kind, and build communities which demand only our entry, and strengthen the promising communities we’re already in. Those of us who are not married must get married, and those of us who can have children must have more; you’ve already got three, why not try for six? Is that too hard? Well, the Mexicans and Somalis don’t seem to think it is. They exploit welfare benefits? Why can’t we? We’re paying for them! Vox Day has replied to the demographic shift by saying “The future belongs to whoever shows up.” We need to stop waiting for it, and start moving towards it, and for most of us that means MOVING SOMEWHERE. Cascadia, perhaps?

    • Eric Novak
      Eric Novak says:

      I hate to criticize your otherwise excellent and justifiable invective, but Mexicans aren’t having babies anymore, either here or in Mexico. The 2020 Census shows that Hispanic birth rates collapsed after the 2008 recession and never recovered and are just above replacement rate. This is why the hostile elite is more determined than ever, even after the election of Trump, to open the borders as wide as possible. For reasons completely obscure to me, their absolute panic about a possible cutoff off mass immigration betrays much more than disappointment about the slowing of white minoritization. It’s a threat to their Ponzi scheme of an economy debt-financed by ever-increasing immigration and the mass-scale consumption those immigrants enable.

      • Chet Nixon
        Chet Nixon says:

        Really, Eric? That’s fascinating if true. It also tells us a great deal more about how the motivations for reproduction can be subverted within a single generation, and if that’s true, they might also be able to be reversed in a single generation. It’s certainly better to be the largest minority against a disunited majority which is itself made up of dozens of minority groups that make up that majority, and have had centuries long antipathies towards each other, despite speaking the same language and having the same religion. It will take many generations for them to blend together, and forget those distinctions, just as it did with Whites, who now have little identity beyond that.

      • Arnold Foucault
        Arnold Foucault says:

        Problem with latinamericans are they are marryong and having too many kids with non-hispanic whites hence cause a decline in white people especially more or less or 100 % racially pure whites.

      • TJ
        TJ says:

        Imagine there’s no heaven
        It’s easy if you try
        No hell below us
        Above us, only sky
        Imagine all the people
        Living for today

        Imagine there’s no countries
        It isn’t hard to do
        Nothing to kill or die for
        And no religion too
        Imagine all the people
        Living life in peace

        You may say I’m a dreamer
        But I’m not the only one
        I hope someday you’ll join us
        And the world will be as one

        Imagine no possessions
        I wonder if you can
        No need for greed or hunger
        A brotherhood of man
        Imagine all the people
        Sharing all the world

        You may say I’m a dreamer
        But I’m not the only one
        I hope someday you’ll join us
        And the world will live as one

        • Jody Vorhees
          Jody Vorhees says:

          Lovely sentiments, written by a highly regarded Leftist, but ones that cannot translate into any meaningful reality. The reality coming, instead, will be grim. We will have given away the lovely nations our ancestors built — in exchange we will get to abide in Third World, socialist, authoritarian dung heaps, in which we will be the eternal pariahs. Exhibit A: The Boers.

        • Bob
          Bob says:

          I can’t stand change agent Lennon…he doesn’t have the songs of Neil Young even. Most of his work is vapid and horrible. A complete tavistock London creation who never died.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      Nothing will change for the Indo-European until he understands what is missing from his consciousness and spiritual wanting and poverty. The majority of “solution” posted here and on other similar sites, propose external remedies and aspirations. Ideas and thought precede and determine action, as in the movement of the body receiving signals from the brain. Western Man’s consciousness is a relative vacuum, and what residual that is there is the broken remnants of a degraded, distant memory civilization. This results in confusion and irresolute, flaccid thoughts, which lead to errors in ways and action.

      Caucasians must first look into the Inner World of their racial and ethnic consciousness and create a structured, coherent belief system of synchronicity and compatibility with the Inner World and Outer World.
      See Carl Gustav Jung. Scroll back to regressive posts here and read my comments and opinions. Or just ignore them and continue deluding yourselves with over generalized soft soap, repetitive descriptions and weak tea advocacy. We need military thinking and engineering type analysis. Monstrous predators stalking us calls for more than small caliber arms.

      • Chet Nixon
        Chet Nixon says:

        Poupon Marx, I can assure you that what you say is true, but your eloquent prose is lost on the majority of Whites, who sadly are not any more intelligent than the many of the groups that have been brought in to replace them. Those people at least had the intellect to recognize opportunity, plan out a course of action, and execute it successfully without dying of dehydration in the desert. If you start trying to motivate Joe Normie with the concepts and writings of Evola or Jung or any of the brilliant but much more accessible writers of this blog, you’ll be met with blank stares or hostility; not the glimmer of enlightened understanding. Most people will simply stare at you “like a dog that’s been shown a card trick.”

        I spent half my life trying to explain obvious truths to people only to be met with animosity. Eric Hoffer’s observations about the nature of mass movements is wholly correct: people become part of a herd because they want most of all to be liberated of personal responsibility and accountability; they want to act like beasts with the blessings of their masters, and they will fight most viciously them who try to break their chains and open their pens, forcing them into a world of opportunity and blame.

        This was a difficult sensation to describe until I read it, but now I see it as a major feature of some types of humans; women, for example, violently reject being given authority over men as it is unnatural to their roles in harmony with nature. They adapt to it as one adapts to a trauma, like the way convicts adapt to sodomy while in prison. Women who are not kept in check by a dominant but caring male leader slowly go insane, which explains most of the behavior of most women in the contemporary West. If you don’t treat them like a favored pet, they’ll resent you, and challenge you with what the younger generation calls “Shit Tests”, and they’ll throw themselves off the ship in stormy seas, just to get a rise out of you. But try to tell them that; see how they react to that knowledge. Now, apply that same kind behavior as a default to most of the dumb people you encounter in your travels. The Russians had a folk saying: “He that speaks the truth should keep one foot in the stirrup.” We need to build the temple before we can worry about getting converts.

        • Poupon Marx
          Poupon Marx says:

          Namaste, Chet N. I have found, even in my own case, that objective, empirical evidence and concrete demonstrations are frequently not enough to convince or otherwise persuade or dissuade people. That’s because the Mind of the person is under-developed without the proper “software” to process, sort and evaluate/make sense of information and evidence. I remember the perceptions of my past that could not be made into valence and meaning because I was not mentally, cognitively, and spiritually able to rank and understand/apprehend.

          That is why I say Western Man needs a complete change out of spiritual and ideal guidance and agency. External only tactics will fail because they cannot sustain on a valueless or vacuum of meaning and relevance. A “pathway” is necessary to guide through uncertainty and tribulation. Aside from that, any actions are pre-mature ejaculation.

          The Buddha’s teaching apply to all situations of life. They are profound but not complex and easy to understand. By analogy, one might learn the fundamentals of the guitar, but to play it with versatility and depth/breadth takes discipline and accomplishment of many things. Right Actions are the result of Right Thinking. Right thinking is dependent upon ridding oneself of self-delusion, the confusion of the origin and meanings that we carry, and the proper and orderly priorities of the mind and spirit. If the Inner World of a person or group is intact, integral, genuine, and well founded, that individual OR GROUP can overcome external obstacles and impediments.

          I have listed these tenets of The Buddha, but this is easily accessed by simple search and earnest desire of discovery and improvement toward a higher understanding. All aspects of our lives are contextual. When our minds and consciousness are well founded and strongly developed, our actions will be more effective, sustained, and focused on a just purpose and cause. Without a good design and materials, proper adjustments, a machine or organism will fail early and often. Human beings are susceptible to almost countless vagaries of capricious forces and asymmetric counter forces. Whether in the form of deception, manipulation, or psychological operations, A Mighty Force Is Our Mindfulness will prove to have more power then A Mighty Force Is Our God-which is an EXTERNAL construct, outside of the individual’s infinite Inner World. This is the fatal weakness of religion of “Gods” as separate in imagined time and space.

      • Frankie Junghaus
        Frankie Junghaus says:

        Whites ain’t indo european only in WESTER EUROPE we are also to a large degree descendants of hunter gatherers that were in Europe long before the Indo Europeans arrived…

        And look at the success of wester europeans we are superior and these genetics are probably important in that.

        Also the term caucaisian what does that mean, same as white.

        • Oscar Wilson
          Oscar Wilson says:

          The term “Caucasian” for “whites” goes back to Blumenbach’s racial typology. He is now accused by anti-racists for describing white people as more beautiful than others. He chose “Caucasian” because the Georgian head seemed typical.

    • Heartland Separatist.
      Heartland Separatist. says:

      Instead of Cascadia why not Caucasia as the name of a future White nation? Cascadia is blue.

      • Chet Nixon
        Chet Nixon says:

        Heartland, Cascadia is an actual place, a bioregion within the Pacific Northwest, and it is home to the Northwest Territorial Initiative, which has been gaining traction as a possible White Ethnostate for several decades. Everyone I’ve ever heard say they were from “Cascadia” wasn’t a fan of diversity, I’ll wager. The “Northwest Front” is an offshoot of this idea, and it makes the Jews very, very angry. If you can read through all of the viciously anti-white and comically impotent rhetoric, you can find a brief summary of it here:
        That’s practically a sales brochure for me; but my family is in Dixie, and in Dixie’s land I’ll take my stand.

      • Bobjeanjesus
        Bobjeanjesus says:

        But Jesuit nations like Paraguay..Spain .. Argentina…are all repressive hell holes…I wouldn’t go for a million dollars. Portugal = another wonderful white Nation / fascist police state.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” If Whites in America want to have a White America, it’s not a matter of preservation; it’s a matter of construction.”

      Actually it is a matter of both preservation and construction . Good point nonetheless .

      More USA Whites are beginning to realize that their treasonous ruling political class has sold the primarily USA White middle classes presumptive national inheritance out from under their feet to other countries ; especially sold-out to Israel and China .

      Whites are notoriously politicly retarded ( not mostly an IQ issue ) and just beginning to realize they need a homeland to survive or else be eliminated/genocided from among the races of the world .

      Enough powerful and/or influential USA Whites need to initiate the establishment ( ie. construction ) of a WN ethnostate ( ie. homeland which does not preclude a separate Southern secession in addition ) starting with Idaho ; and then assert dominion of it and acquire the capability to defend it or be cast into the dustbin of history by the chosenhite jewmasterss .

      • Bobjeanjesus
        Bobjeanjesus says:

        Yeah…the local paper has them still complaining about free school lunches for poor people. 😊 But corporations get plenty of welfare. Humanity is nothing more than a long social darwinism act. People have to die to keep this sick game running.

  6. Deb
    Deb says:

    The paragraph beginning “Contemporary mass culture…” is an excellent analogy of the ‘woke’ folks. I’ve never participated in a Pew poll but, as part of the 65 and older crowd, I would have used the word catastrophic to describe White demographic decline. The 32% responding that White decline was bad for society may reflect those of us still capable of recalling the time when our culture was upheld and revered. The old Joni Mitchell song ‘Big Yellow Taxi’, while a subtle protest of the blights on paradise, actually was on point with the line “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone”. Whites of all ages and political affiliations may well be making the same lament in the not-too-distant future.

    • Bobjeanjesus
      Bobjeanjesus says:

      Like other races will enjoy being poor 🙂 corporate control also known as fascism will just enslave whomever is left…I’m not sure its racist. Mexicans could complain that the drug war is racist and causing genocide. They certainly have a higher rate of political murder than just about anywhere on earth.

  7. El Dragon
    El Dragon says:

    Hi. I might have (somewhat) good news. after all. The whites in the U.S. might become fewer in numbers but will probably become more homogenous. The Southern States is where it will become more prevalent, but not exclusively, as more virulent attacks against whites become, the more will get into the “Seige mentality.” and will seek collective protection. It might not be obvious, but the summer of the BLM created more, if not “White nationalists” but ethnocentric , rather than BLM -sympathetic crowd. Something that anti-whites don’t anticipate, is for the first time the whites starting to see themselves in the strictly racial terms, just like the non-whites. As whites become minorities, whites should have every reason to assert, and minorities would have no grounds to dispute, their common identity, and interests as whites. I am from the ex-Yugoslavia and I am drawing the conclusion from that conflict. We were all children of the Communist system and it took only one crisis for the majority of us to turn into Nationalists. For now, the term White Nationalists is a taboo among the politicians, but eventually, that will change.

  8. conrad gaarder
    conrad gaarder says:

    Just last night at dinner we were discussing World War II and the way the West has gone since 1945. I felt no hesitancy in repeating the observation “the Jews won World War II.”
    I can’t remember where I read that, but it is unquestionably true.

    • The Other George
      The Other George says:

      Yes indeed, and I too, can’t remember where I read this, but someone among them also stated that “we have been behind most of your wars” which is also undeniably true. One need only consider that there is money to be made on both the victor and the defeated in all battles.

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        01 You indeed remember, verbatim. I too read it.

        02 The Hamburg Warburg, still active banking family, financially represented the Kaiser’s Germany at Versailles, regarding Reparations. The New York sons [ Kuehn Loeb – Fed. Reserve fame ] of the Warburgs represented the US and Allies: as in anvil and hammer, minting gold coin.

        03 The Versailles ” Vorvertrag “, initially laying down the architecture of the Treaty itself was black on white. After the formal negotiations began, Germany was ordered to sign THE SOLE GUILT clause for the War, which lay the legal groundwork for billions in reparations.

        04 The German delegation withdrew in disgust and disagreement. The Allies forced them back to these Merchants of Venice tables by blockading the western continental harbors and those of northern Germany, to prevent German imports; the most vital being those of food stuffs.

        05 Perhaps the Comptroller of the Royal Navy demanded a cost/benefit analysis for the War’s investors. In any case, the Royal Navy White Paper stated, that circa 800,000 Germans died of starvation. Twice of what I learned at American universities. I think said Paper omitted to mention exactly who died of starvation. Of course those unable to fend for themselves: the war-crippled, aged, widows and orphaned children. [ extant, heart rending photos of this also deliberate, state sponsored Holodomor ].

        07 The Warburgs again made the news recently, along with a number of ” reputable ” German banks, when the federalis uncovered a scam to defraud the German taxpayer, by fabricating tax credits on unpaid taxes. Perhaps having learnt from that swine Browder, with his Leningrad branch of a New York law firm in Leningrad, overseeing the largest, and thoroughly predatory foreign investor in Russia. [ Magnitsky Act ]

        08 Later improved upon by Harvard’s Summers and his Jewish fellow thieves.

        08 Germany remitted the last check of some 130 millions in WW I Reparations, to the Bank of England, just a few years ago.

  9. E.G. I. Marshall
    E.G. I. Marshall says:

    “When was the last time you saw a media depiction of a normal, ethnically homogenous [sic] White community or even just a normal White family?”
    The other day on The Hallmark Channel.

    • Ned J. Casper
      Ned J. Casper says:

      @ E G I Marshall
      This is the attraction of the earlier Hollywood and Ealing Studio movies which also had fine actors and good stories. Now we get weird stuff, porn, pyromania, and the never-forgotten Holocaust.

  10. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    Does anyone really believe there is any solution absent White geographical consolidation and secession? (Other than perhaps emigration to Russia.)

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      Tim Folke – migration by political beliefs is already happening in the US between the states, although the democrats will do whatever they can to prevent it, even another civil War like the last on against the South for wanting to break away.

      The migration will result in different gene pools in the different regions. Whites who want to exist & be left alone will dominate their own areas and can vote for their own interests. They will end up richer and more productive whilst the lefty ones will sink in corruption & incompetence and then become less of a threat. Just see how the US forces are becoming weaker now that they concentrate on gender issues rather than winning battles. But the white states need to ensure the media in their regions really are ‘fair and balanced’ and not taken over by the left.

  11. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    “This is an unapologetically pessimistic essay, to the extent that its intention is not to demoralize but to assist with sharpening our vision of the problem at hand.

    In life you either gain or lose. There is no room for stasis.”

    Fair enough. In that case, it’d be interesting to read an article from Andrew Joyce on what there might be to gain, if anything, from “sharpening our vision of the problem at hand.”

  12. Irish Savant
    Irish Savant says:

    The pessimism is merited. I imagine that similar sentiments apply throughout the Anglosphere (as broadly defined). Even in Ireland, you know, the home of the Fighting Irish who fought six hundred years for their independence, we celebrate the fact that ‘Irish’ sporting representatives have become ‘more diverse’. Surely an oxymoron, but then again you can’t expect logic from brain-addled automatons.

  13. Tom
    Tom says:

    Until many whites see a gun thrust into their faces simply because they are white, nothing will change. Whites are also childishly optimistic that other peoples will continue to promote and expand all the benefits of western civilization except without the external veneer of whiteness. This is because whites are too simplistically conceptual for their own good, apparently, and mistakenly assume that the abstraction “human” somehow automatically confers upon every individual equal levels of intellectual and moral prowess. Hence, what is anyone really worried about? The massive ignorance of whites, regardless of education or IQ, lies in their their inability to hypothesize and understand that many other peoples do not possess the same capacity for moral dialectic as they do.

    • Bobjeanjesus
      Bobjeanjesus says:

      Well ..I would be surprised if it doesn’t just collapse our nation. Not to mention that spies can let us be attacked the Chinese once they get into our security services.

  14. eah
    eah says:

    >six-in-ten White adults

    Yes — German elections are later this month (Sep 2021) — despite the disaster of 2015 and the years following, which you can see on the streets of any large- or mid-sized German city (not to mention in crime and welfare dependence stories and stats), a recent poll showed only 12% of German men plan to vote for the AfD; for women it was 10% — even if you assume an error margin of +-2%, that’s still less than 15% for the AfD nationally (in the former East the AfD gets a significantly larger share, albeit results there usually come in under predictions) — while the AfD is not an ideal alternative, and they are shooting themselves in the foot via infighting, they are the only party that offers any hope at all of stopping the migrant tide that is demographically destroying the country with shocking rapidity.

    It makes you wonder just what it will take.

    • Oscar Wilson
      Oscar Wilson says:

      In-fighting among patriotic resistance groups, in some cases the work of agents provocateurs, usually due to personal vanity or ideological fussiness, but one of several handicaps they could do without, because self-administered.

      • eah
        eah says:

        The AfD is demonized by the German political and taxpayer funded media establishments — the other parties always claim they will never enter a coalition with the AfD — part of the AfD is known as der Flügel — this is the more stalwart nationalist, right wing of the party — so members associated with der Flügel are more likely to be called Nazis and neo-Nazis and used to discredit the party generally (although the views of der Flügel were mainstream CDU 15 years ago) — so the infighting is mostly an effort by more centrist elements to purge members associated with der Flügel and turn the AfD into a more respectable (bürgerlich) party in order to blunt some of the media denunciation and attract more voters and potential coalition partners — it’s all wrongheaded and won’t work though because the core of the AfD’s support base has beliefs in line with those of der Flügel members, and the media will never stop demonizing the AfD no matter what the AfD does because the AfD is a threat to the system, e.g. many members would like to dismantle the state funded media.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      It will take ignoring- refusal to accept- the fake money, and only accepting real money, which cannot be printed. Real money can be minted. Real money makes a sound when it hits the ground- that’s why it’s called sound money.

  15. Robert Penman
    Robert Penman says:

    British people were so enthusiastic in following Churchill and his warmongering against Hitler and the German people, bombing them, killing them, and demonising them. The Brits have celebrated this vile Churchill ever since. So now, let us read a little from something Dr Goebbels wrote back in 1941:

    “England will one day pay a heavy price for this man. When the great catastrophe breaks over the island kingdom, the British people will have him to thank. He has long been the spokesman for the plutocratic caste that wanted war to destroy Germany. He distinguishes himself from the men behind the scenes only through his obvious cynicism and his unscrupulous contempt for humankind. He wants war for war’s sake. War is an end in itself to him. He wished it, pushed for it, and prepared for it out of a stupid, destructive drive. He is one of those characters of the political underworld who rise through chaos, who announce chaos, who cause chaos. For countless people the war brings vast suffering, for countless children hunger and disease, for countless mothers and women streams of tears. For him, it is no more than a big horse race that he wants to take part in.”

    • Junghans
      Junghans says:

      Churchill was the grave digger of Britain, just as Lincoln & FDR were the grave diggers of White America.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      Re Churchill – the British people try and convince themselves that the War was an honourable one and they were on the side of good. They really want to believe this. In fact the British destroyed their economy, killed their best men, and left a generation of war widows. They also helped Stalin to expand communism, and Britain even GAVE the Soviet communists 5000 tanks whilst we in turn acquired massive war debts to pay for them. The people thought they were doing this ‘to save Poland’ whilst not even knowing where Poland was on the map, and abandoning the Poles to the Soviets after the war. Therefore we were allies with the villains, but this will never be admitted.

      War involves the activation of inner behavioural instincts by politicians, including the psychopath Churchill, who ruined his own country, instincts to unite and fight, but thinking about the actual issues is not part of this process. It includes the majority turning on any small group that does not want the war, and demonising them. (We can see this again now as the enemy-within governments of the West try and turn the majority on the unjabbed and the patriots).

      We can see where these ‘unite in War’ instincts came from – tribe A and tribe B are about to go to war over access to a lake. Tribe B all unite and shout slogans in unison about the lake being theirs, with no debate or serious thought. Tribe B gets out maps and start a big internal debate. There are no slogans. Which side wins? the ones who think, or the ones who just unite? The race that unites in an unthinking way will win against the race that tolerates dissent. The instinct to unthinkingly go with the herd is very strong.

      But you cannot be too critical of Britain and let Germany off. The Germans today criticise their own race for the War just as much as the British do. The Germans now vote in large numbers for ex communist Merkel. The Germans vote for politicians who want the Germans to be replaced by Turks and Africans. The Germans imprison people for saying the ‘Onwards to Victory’ slogan, and the Germans imprison those who want to debate the the Holocaust. So the Germans are against the Germans too.

      The enemy of the Germans is not the British, the enemy of both the British and the Germans is their own lefty subsection, ones who now direct the cultures of the entire West. It was the politicians and the bankers who instigated WWII, not the British people, who are ignorant about politics as are most people in all countries.

      • Swan
        Swan says:

        The Germans were subjected to a vicious campaign of social engineering that has essentially unGermaned them. No wonder they are who they now are. It seems to me that they were the guinea pigs of a successful technique of destroying identity and guilt shaming. They must hate themselves for the holohoax, the English for colonization and Americans for slavery. We are all bad people, with no identity and everything we have are ill gotten gains. We have no rights to self determination or identity. We are bad. Just like the evil Nazis.

        • Yes
          Yes says:

          Yes! 100% agreed. The Germans are the template for the rest of the whites. It is amazing that more people don’t see it. All whites are “Nazis”. The Germans have no idea who they really are.

    • Bobjeanjesus
      Bobjeanjesus says:

      The guy is a crazy Catholic…he had to be stopped !!! Goebbels was a socialist who switched to antisemitism when it paid the bills…he didn’t even believe in the protocols of Zion or any of that stuff.

  16. Frnak Menendez
    Frnak Menendez says:

    We can not accurately assign value to the PEW research since all polls are inbedded with subjective values. It seems that the effects of mass immigration never addresses the issue of CLASS as in Economic class, it is always about RACE. Following that racial line the questions are abundant..It seems that all EVIL negative causes/consequences/outcomes are assign to WHITE people wrongly…Slavery was a jewish enterprisse.. The latest stats go against white people: demographics, education, incomes, health, university degrees, and VIOLENCE , random, wanton, HATEful violence. What IF in a democratic society WHITES decide to segregate themselves, to live apart, do they have the right to do so? as much as nonwhites..(Blacks). Obviously the PEW researchers had not been to a “typical” American city lately, which are divided along racial/national/religious/ethnic/linguistic BORDERS. IT could be dangerous for those that can NOT decipher the urban racial codes. Navigating the LA Metro area means moving from Black SouthCentra LA to Mexican East/ to the Asian San Gabriel, to Arminian Glendale. KTown, the business signs (and the graffiti ). etc. The few examples of social integration all seemed to fail: SAfrica, Yugoslavia, Rwanda, …what is it? politics/economics/HUMAN Nature??? everyone needs an enemy to self/exist… a few things are obvious INTEGRATION assimilation can NOT be forced/impose/FABRICATED in TV/Movies/ naivete/lyrical thinking MULTidiversity is in itself a form of desegregation/division and racism (at the expense of whites). racial fights in the LA Schools had exploded wildly….. BUT to the great OVERLORDS of the NWOrder there are TWO kinds of people JEWS (oligarchy)and NONjews..godless goyim..LABOR…thats how the 1% will rule the 99.99% of humanity…

  17. Bernard Fifer
    Bernard Fifer says:

    I don’t have much faith in polls, although it’s very likely that white people really are dumb enough
    to believe that everything is just peachy, because those nice jews have told them so.
    Whites have jewbrain, a disease that causes white guilt, a love of negroes and other non-whites,
    and hatred of one’s own people and nation. The sneaky subversive jews have hacked into the minds of our
    people and turned their minds to mush.
    KMAC says that as things get worse…..people should wake up.
    I hope that he’s right.

    • Bobjeanjesus
      Bobjeanjesus says:

      Protestant American is pretty much gone I would say. It’s demonized as the KKK these days. Which…I’m sure that was part of it’s history. Nepotism of protestant groups at least. More and more of the North has migrated to the South. I’m not sure I want to no what goes on in New England… probably very expensive to live in. Perhaps it can become a Catholic police state in the future. I’m not so bigoted that I don’t believe some Catholics are believers like myself. But I personally will probably go somewhere else like Thailand. And some of these countries do have Christians albeit…most of the population is worshipping dead ancestors or whatever they do

    • Bobjeanjesus
      Bobjeanjesus says:

      The spectre of a Mafia like KKK probably can’t be overcome…it’s on TV all day. Neo Nazi KKK skin head… you’ll have to take out their TV stations like in ” they live ” lol

  18. Nancy Borkas
    Nancy Borkas says:

    The poll result might be designed to disarm whites in the sense that if whites think that most whites are okay
    with being a minority then it must be okay.
    Jewish control being almost everywhere causes me to regard with suspicion almost every aspect of information.
    This could be a push poll to get whites to shrug off their own dispossession.

    • David Ashton
      David Ashton says:

      For 20 years at least I have been urging privately and publicly, including internet comments, three main policies: (1) More healthy white babies; (2) heritage protection & promotion; (3) cyberspace control as well as comment. Never too late.
      I disagree now, as in the past, with the notion, frequently expressed on this website, that Jewry is specially responsible for western ills, notably those predicted long ago by e.g. Wiliam McDougall, “Ethics & Some World Problems” (London 1925). It is quite true that some influential Jews, for easily identifiable reasons, have been active or sympathetic towards “racial” egalitarianism, multi-culturalism and refugee settlement (outside their own domains), notably since the rise of Hitler and the foundation of Israel, though a few have taken a different view, notably since the migration of Muslims. However, I share the critique of Oswald Spengler that National Socialism was vitiated by three fatal errors: (1) zoological antisemitism, (2) ringfencing Germany, and (3) a possible Napoleonic adventure in Russia. Stupid, ignorant and violent attacks on Jews as a whole are to say the least counter-productive; and as someone falsely accused by a national newspaper of being a Jew-hating racist and by commentators here of being an Israeli agent, I speak from an experience reinforced by extensive research in this well-mined field.

    • Old Enough
      Old Enough says:

      Just curious – Do you capitalize “Black” when referring to people of African descent? White people are a race. The very least we can do to stand up for ourselves is capitalize the word “White” when referring to people!

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      “Jewish control being almost everywhere causes me to regard with suspicion almost every aspect of information.”

      Superb observation .

  19. Jay Finnegan
    Jay Finnegan says:

    I’m sure that I recall a poll of some kind….asking whites about becoming a minority….
    and NONE of them liked the idea.

  20. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    We’re going to have to realize that we’re a race within a race. Not all whites can be saved. Not all whites should be saved. In my four and a half decades, my worst enemies, most ardent detractors, most inimical opponents have been whites. Whites who should have understood me, or at least should have tried, but never did, and instead spent spiteful hours picking pointless fights, trying to cut me down and make themselves look big in the eyes of the popular multicult crowd.

    I’m done throwing myself at the wall, as we all should be. Use your energies to save who is worth saving, who will listen, who will hear the call. Build physical spaces for our people where we can live in intentional homogeneous communities. Leave the cities to these liberal white traitors and whatever fate befalls them. They’ve earned it. The countryside is ours and it’s time for us to stop wasting time and energy on anything else.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” The countryside is ours “…

      … until the cosmopolitan powers-that-be decide they want dominion over it .

      When The Whites run out of rural areas to flee to , then they will be exterminated/eliminated or enslaved to city PTB . Political power emanates from big cities — that are capable of fielding large sophisticated military units for acquisition of resources needed for living — not large rural populations that are infiltrated by TPTB intel agents ( some of whom are endogenous to organizations such as The American Legion here in the USA ) .

      Wall Street gradually acquired dominion over and now , for all practical purposes , owns the USA fly-over farmlands in the breadbasket midwest ; and for all practical purposes , the chosenhite jewmasterss , of the City of Satan within London England , own Wall Street along with their Chinese collaborators whom own The New York Stock Exchange .

    • Bobjeanjesus
      Bobjeanjesus says:

      That’s racist !!! You are a racist!!! It’s on TV all day long. Racist racist racist. Good luck with this country. It’s a bunch of broke people calling each other racist

  21. todd hupp
    todd hupp says:

    The anti white movement is right out of the Talmud.

    Very few European christian whites are aware of their status in the Talmud.:inferior donkeys.

    The recent State Department situation with a staff Christian blogger will be interesting.

    State,White House(Chief of Staff) and DOJ are now Jewish controlled.Also a significant portion of the US Supreme Court.This is on top of the Media,Academia and finance.

  22. Jody Vorhees
    Jody Vorhees says:

    Our politicians aid and abet and actively facilitate our dispossession. They do so gleefully. Instead of ensuring the survival and perpetuation of our nation-state and culture — which is their primary duty — they actively deconstruct those things. This is the purest form of treason.

    Benjamin Franklin wrote: “It is when you think you are safe that you are truly not safe.” He said a mouthful. Most whites live in material comfort. They believe God is in Heaven above them, and their place in the world is secure. Our job is to awaken them to the reality that nothing is being planned for them except their extinction.

  23. Jody Vorhees
    Jody Vorhees says:

    May there one day be treason trials for those who brought this mess to fruition. From 1610 to 1670, it took sixty years to build the European population in America to 100,000 people. In just the last two weeks, we flushed that many people from Afghanistan into our midst, and no one questioned it for a moment. A hundred thousand Moslems, many on a par with cavemen, whose disgruntled busboys will be jihading in the heart of America ten years from now.

  24. Leon Haller
    Leon Haller says:

    As I have been arguing for more than a dozen years, whites as a race are irredeemable losers. We are collectively evolutionarily maladapted, unfitted for our present circumstances. We are too easily morally hustled. This dooms us, unless we take conscious action for collective preservation. We can ONLY prevent white extinction by means of “white nationalist nationalism” – developing an agenda dedicated to preserving ourselves, not individually, but as our own ‘nation’, with our fellow WNs the only whites worthy of preservation. WNs must territorially ingather into a sovereign nation (or a US state that could become sovereign under the right conditions); take it over politically; and then prepare to “exit the world”. We must become a Hermit Kingdom of our own, totally sealed off from the ebbs and flows of larger humanity.

    • You are the loser
      You are the loser says:

      Whites are not losers. They have been propagandized for most of their existence by losers, who are the real losers, meaning Judeo-Christian religious nonsense and the governments, who let the Jews print all their money and act as intermediaries to exploit native white publics. It is amazing we are this far considering how the Judeo-Christian ruling class has denied us our human rights. White people came up with THE most liberatory discourses and movements in the world, namely the Enlightenment. We need a lot more of them. A lot of whites still believe in Jewish religion (Christianity with its Jewish nonexistent savior) and in the false religion of capitalism. They believe in discourses and ideas that screw them, and oppress them, and allow themselves to be scapegoated for the crimes of a few white and Jewish men. Education is what whites need and I mean anti-Christian education. Check out Adam Green and CJ Bjerknes’ discussions on how white Christians are just useful idiots of Jews. And this is true. This is why the poll results are as they are.

  25. Heartland Separatist.
    Heartland Separatist. says:

    It goes far beyond that. White people are clueless about what is about to come their way in the decades to come. By the end of the century, China will surpass the United States both economically and militarily. The recent Census Bureau stats revealed that White people are now 58 percent of the population down from 65 percent in 2010. Even more shocking is that all children in America 16 and under are now majority non-white. White people were the only demographic in America that experienced a negative birthrate. Also by the end of the century, Africa will contain 4.5 billion people with Nigeria being the third most populated nation on earth behind India and China. Where will all these excess Nigerians go? Need we ask? When the fact that White people were headed toward minority status was announced on the Jimmy Fallon show the majorty white crowd cheered and clapped!

    • Jody Vorhees
      Jody Vorhees says:

      I witnessed the audience applauding on the Jimmy Fallon show. I’ve seen this response in other similar contexts. The response is a Pavlovian one. They know the expected response is for them to applaud. They thus applaud. We need to be the one person in the audience with the courage to loudly boo. Otherwise, no sign of dissent registers…..anywhere. And none is even imagined.

  26. Swan
    Swan says:

    For me, here in (((America))), the society I live in is already “unrelatable and meaningless “. The alacrity with which even “conservatives” will attack the accused offender of what is now our worst possible sin of racism should speak volumes as to the extent of social engineering/conditioning.
    See Covington Catholic and the railroading of Derek Chauvin, just to name a few.

    • Jody Vorhees
      Jody Vorhees says:

      I live in a similar environment. They teach social equity theory and critical race theory in my kids’ schools. They celebrate May Day in the schools (I kid you not). There are marches in the streets promoting the rights of illegal aliens, and signs forbidding the carrying of weapons, even with permits. It is impossible to speak out against such things, when you are in plain view. Our job, at this stage, is thus to engage in small acts of defiance and sabotage in response — to the best of our abilities.

    • conrad gaarder
      conrad gaarder says:

      This attack on White America began long ago, but certainly by the early 1960’s we began to hear politicians, left and right, lauding Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech (“by the content of their character”) and conflating a colorblind, race-neutral civil rights policy with a colorblind, race neutral immigration policy. This was never sound policy and never justified. And it was not, as politicians today universally intone, a moral imperative. It was a policy relentlessly promoted by the Jews for forty years (they even got John F. Kennedy to “author” a book promoting it (A Nation of Immigrants) which the American Jewish Committee published.
      Time passed and now even people like Sean Hannity (a conservative) and Mitt Romney (a severe conservative) can be heard saying, about immigrants: “I don’t care what color they are; white, black, purple or green.”

  27. pterodactyl
    pterodactyl says:

    H.L. Mencken once described faith as “an illogical belief in the occurrence of the improbable.” Intended primarily as a barb against the religious,

    I couldn’t help but find it appropriate to the

    “61% of White adults who told Pew that the momentous changes outlined above will have absolutely no effect on American society and culture.”

    “15% of respondents who told Pew that such a transformation is “good for society” or “very good.””

    By contrast, “32% of Americans ages 65 and older say this demographic shift is bad for society and only 6% say it is good.”

    Perhaps this helps us to establish the actual size of the proportion in white countries that deeply hates their own white race by strong inner instinct, as oppose to just going along with the herd and conforming with dominant culture. This lefty minority ((plus allies)) are the ones who are quite willing to swim against the herd when they are a minority themselves – as they used to be before they took over the culture. They supported gay rights such as two men marrying each other even when the majority opposed this strongly. They are impervious to group pressure, which is how they were able to campaign tirelessly for decades whilst representing the minority view, until they finally took over the culture and now control the majority. They were able to achieve this dominance despite being a small minority. The figures above suggest that the true lefties, the ones who hate white people for being superior by deep-rooted behavioural instincts, are only 6%. The other figures are more clouded by the effect of wanting to conform.

    Perhaps the 6% are only able to control the 69% sheeple (the 25% are not being controlled) and make them anti-self whilst the country remains rich and safe, and while they control education and the MSM. If these factors changed, they could lose their power to control the 69%.

    The factors could change if:
    – Education could be made more local and schools smaller, as larger organisations are the lefty ones
    – TV are forced to be fair and balanced
    – ‘rich and safe’ – this is about to go

  28. TJ
    TJ says:

    DHS, CNN Scramble To Flip Biden Afghanistan Narrative Back To Domestic ‘White Supremacists’ Threat [from Zero Hedge]

    In a bid to recapture the narrative and distract the minds of Americans from the Afghan farce, the Biden administration and liberal media appear to be attempting to shift the focus to who they believe the real enemy is…

    “White supremacist and anti-government extremists have expressed admiration for what the Taliban accomplished, a worrying development for US officials who have been grappling with the threat of domestic violent extremism,” CNN reported on Wednesday.

  29. Jack
    Jack says:

    Patriotic Alternative in the UK did a survey about two years ago asking a similar question to around 2,000 White British people and I believe at least 65% said they saw becoming a minority as a negative.

  30. TJ
    TJ says:

    Whites suck today? Why don’t you explain how we got here?

    Is there any group who wants us gone? Do they have access to unlimited fake money? Do they control almost all information?

    Do Whites control what goes into body and soul? The answer is NO. How many Whites have been metabolically warped by legal and illegal drugs and foodstuffs? By fluoridated water, which emasculates by wiping out the thyroid? B. Russell called for injections in 1952, so that the PTB [powers that be] could not be challenged. . .We are being strangled by various MONOPOLIES
    which make clear thought difficult to impossible. The law has long been against Whites. Civil rights law the same.

    To those saying “It’s Whitey’s fault” I can only say “I disagree.”

    • El Dragon
      El Dragon says:

      Races understand their identities in reflexively different ways. The nonwhites see their identities in primarily racial terms and seek to defend and advance their ethnic groups against others. Whites, however, are different. Whites comparatively lack racial consciousness and racial loyalty. Whites discourage ethnocentrism among themselves while tolerating and even encouraging it among others. And the notion of “Western individualism” has become a liability. So, he is not wrong.
      The greatest danger to whites doesn’t come from outside forces or groups. It is an enemy within the mentality of whites themselves.

    • Bobjeanjesus
      Bobjeanjesus says:

      That Russian transvestite killed Rasputin 🙂 people are demoralized is all. All it takes is courage to change.

  31. Oscar Wilson
    Oscar Wilson says:

    The problem for the “male, pale & stale” who accurately recall the better world just a few decades ago is to rescue the young. They are caught between the hedonism of “dance-music” like rap dominated by black personnel and the wokeism of schools which induce self-abnegating servility to black grievance. Recovery must focus first on re-educating our future generations, especially the brainy and independent-minded. Note that adolescents do not like being misled or misused, and in this case we have a trump card if played intelligently.

    • Bobjeanjesus
      Bobjeanjesus says:

      African drums. It’s the devil’s music. It’s the country stars who sell the records. That’s the real enemy 🤠 of course…I could probably meet Darkthrone and varg vikernes if I want to…they don’t have much money or fame.

    • Kevin MacDonald
      Kevin MacDonald says:

      How is that going to solve the problem when they are actively importing millions of non-Whites? Whites shouldn’t have to engage in a birthing war to retain their country.

      • Plotinus
        Plotinus says:

        Immigrants would not be gaining majority status if they did not have a lot of children. Nothing short of war or economic collapse will change current immigration trends. Whites shouldn’t have to , but it is needed to maintain a majority.

        • Jacobite
          Jacobite says:

          But does America really need more people? “One Billion Americans” as Jewish author Vox founder Matthew Yglesias says? Resources are scarce; carrying capacity is limited. 86.3% of U.S. population now reside in metropolitan areas of 50,000 people or more; many parts of the U.S. already clogged with traffic and pollution—overpopulation.

          If White Americans—by some miracle—had birthrates soar to match nonwhites, but still had open borders to non-European mass-immigration coming in, joining Asians, Africans, Hispanics already present continuing to reproduce at current rates…that’s a recipe for a very crowded and contentious country, very quickly. Will Americans accept overcrowded Chinese housing arrangements, packed into cramped flats in rows of giant urban residential towers shared with thousands of strangers? (Except U.S. would look a lot more ‘diverse’ than China where Han Chinese are at least overcrowded in commieblocs with fellow Han Chinese co-ethnics).

          Must Whites degrade their own environments and standards of living to survive—couples miserably struggling to raise more kids than they would ever personally choose; kids receiving subpar parenting and education—in pursuit of winning a long-term societal racial reproduction rate contest..?

          Whites will always be at disadvantage in competition that demands significant lifelong individual/immediate family sacrifice, in vague hope of furthering the common good of the ‘tribe’ into the future. Every nonwhite race is naturally far more inclined toward such a collectivist hive mindset.

          And dark races for whom polygyny is still the natural evolutionary ideal—accustomed to low-investment parenting, high infant mortality—lack Whites’ innate inhibitions about recklessly reproducing more children than can be properly cared for, raised to not only survive but thrive into adulthood. How many White men of good character are comfortable embracing the role of the absent “baby daddy” who breeds 20 offspring with 20 different single women—in hopes of outbreeding them at their own ‘game’..?

          At this stage it doesn’t seem Whites could win a ‘birthing war’ for majority status; the fundamentals are too stacked against White people. After last century of drastic demographic reversal: for the foreseeable future there will be many more nonwhites in the world, producing more nonwhites, at rates Whites couldn’t match.

          Plus: collective action problem. Without healing deep maladies plaguing White societies, a small sample of White individuals (likely skewed toward low end of the bell curve) choosing to make 1, 2, 3 more babies (sacrificing quality for quantity) wouldn’t impact demography—may merely increase crowding and conflict—if not accompanied by plummet in nonwhite births (largely beyond White control) AND total halt to nonwhite immigration (doable but dependent on political will).

          • TJ
            TJ says:

            The problem: non-Whites have access to White creations. How did this come about? Why was it allowed/encouraged? Were the White wealth producers bought off?

            Would turning off the spigot violate human rights and thus be a crime? Would turning off the spigot go against Christian teaching? If yes, which one[s]?
            Do Whites have a moral right to go on strike?

      • Oscar Wilson
        Oscar Wilson says:

        Firm immigration control is the first priority but reversing the decline in white populations across the “western world” is also important. Nature abhors a vacuum, and anyway white demographic decline is used as a replacement pretext.

      • El Dragon
        El Dragon says:

        And now religious conservatives are on the campaign to ban abortion, which will eventually result in doubling the black population. Talk about Cutting off your nose to spite one’s face.

    • Garry Von Heebers
      Garry Von Heebers says:

      I think it’s good if whites become more certainly I am in favor of that.

      But we ain’t got unlimited territory. Also there is a limitation on farmland and how many people it can support.

      Hence the population explosion in Africa, India and many Asian countries (including asians in Russia) is a huge issue and very very bad for the environment especially as these regions become more wealthy and have higher living standards.

      Which they get by wester aka white invention and innovation in medicine, politics and economics and the like. It was the same with the Roman Empire where the regions they occupied often gained a huge amount of wealth from learning from the Romans and their often superior ways. Hence their populations grew and so on..

      • Plotinus
        Plotinus says:

        Lame response. Its not being a Nazi. Whites will have to accept the fact they have been successfully invaded. Deportations have been tried for decades, they do not work. Many hispanics in the southwest have more than two children , that is how they are becoming a majority.And they don’t care about the environment, just like the Chinese and Indians. Having more babies is atleast half the battle.

        • Garry McCarmichael
          Garry McCarmichael says:

          The spaniards threw out the muslims after 200 years but certainly became mixed with them which I see as a disaster quite frankly.

          Most European countries do have good registration on who is an immigrant and origin countries and the like, so deportation is certainly a possibility.

          Why not?

          Having too many people eating meat living with more or less western standards is a huge threat towards the environment and certainly therefore it is better if the others stay in their home countries at least then we have a chance of doing something to change into a more sustainable mode and then we can export these ways to developing countries which then hopefully won’t be a huge threat to our planet given they have less children. We should give the rest of the world lotsa condoms and the like NOT food…

          Increasing the population by hordes of immigrants may be in the interest of some large corporations since it does increase the ammount of people who can buy their goods hence they get larger profits. But under Trump with lesser immigration companies di great so I don’t really think that is a good idea.

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            The spaniards threw out the muslims after 200 years but certainly became mixed with them which I see as a disaster quite frankly.

            The ejection of the Muslims took 781 years, not 200, although a sizable chunk of the Iberian Peninsula was retaken by the middle of the twelfth century. That’s still more than 400 years, however, after the Muslim conquest.

            As for miscegenation, there was actually very little, and most of what there was involved Muslims and Jews.

          • conrad gaarder
            conrad gaarder says:

            Correct. Jews were appointed administrators in Spain by the Muslim overlords. Just as they became enforcers of the Communist regimes in Eastern Europe after WW II.

      • Oscar Wilson
        Oscar Wilson says:

        How significant that advocates of white family units, who also have concerns about African overpopulation are attacked as Nazis – a classic Reductio ad Hitlerum.

        Imagine however actually trying to live in a world that resembles Haiti, Rwanda, Somalia, the “Democratic Republic” of the Congo…. I am not unsympathetic to the innocent victims, present and future, of “genetic slavery” south of the Sahara, but bringing their problems into the hitherto-white countries is no solution.

  32. Bran
    Bran says:

    We need more “pessimistic” articles like this imo. You don’t turn a bad situation around with people who only show up at the finish line.

  33. JeSuisAmalek
    JeSuisAmalek says:

    Jews are winning the war. And most Whites don’t even know they are at war. Jews are raised with fanatical religious programming:

    “My grandmother reminded me of my obligations as a Jew. She said I was twice indebted: to her for the blood she had once given me and to Abraham for everything else. She said these debts must be honored. Until they are honored, she said, dying was not within my rights. She said: “You are our only revenge. You are our Hitler. Promises have been made. The dead are watching and must not be disappointed.””

    (I allowed myself to copy this book quote from the comment by geokat under this article on unz.)

    Debts. Revenge. Our Hitler. Promises. The dead are watching. It is religious, fanatical and hyper-nationalistic brainwashing. Imagine a child raised in such environment, no doubt many Jews are psychopathic and paranoid.

    For Jews, all non-Jewish White Christians are the enemy. They are “Edom” or “Amalek” (one of the descendants of Edom).

    Judaism teaches, in fact it is a mitzvah (a commandment from God), that Amalek and his descendants must be destroyed and his name erased from history. Most Amalekites don’t even know that.

    Check out Amalek’s fate in Psalms 109:6-13:

    Appoint someone evil to oppose my enemy;
    When he is tried, let him be found guilty,
    May his days be few;
    May his children be fatherless;
    May a creditor seize all he has;
    May strangers plunder the fruits of his labor.
    May his descendants be cut off, their names blotted out from the next generation.

    This is the “peaceful” religion of Judaism. A manual on hate and supremacism.

    Jews: We are a highly moral and peaceful people! Shalom!
    Also Jews: When the Messiah comes Israel will rule over the goyim!
    Also Jews: HaShem created the goyim to be our slaves! The only reason a goy may live long is so that he may work long for his Jewish master, like a donkey (actual quote from Rabbi Ovadia Yosef)
    Also Jews: Only Jews are human, non-Jews are non-human (actual quote by religious jews from the video “Religious Jews are asked about the Talmud”)
    Also Jews: Amalek (e.g. White people) must be destroyed by all means possible! It is so commanded by HaShem!

    White people must develop their own inner SPIRITUALITY, one that is indebted to their White ancestors.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      Superb post ( JeSuisAmalek ) .

      However , please briefly inform us on who exactly is that “Edom” character ?

  34. Jody Vorhees
    Jody Vorhees says:

    So we destabilize the status quo sufficiently to gain the whip hand (as the ANC did in the Republic of South Africa). Then what?

    Over forty percent of our population is now nonwhite. To save ourselves, unless we establish communities or homelands like Orania, we will not long endure without a program of aggressive resegregation, accompanied by a program of massive repatriation. It will also be necessary to reimplement the race laws (for example, regarding miscegenation), and to reeducate the brainwashed rabbits who are our neighbors. These four efforts, sometimes referred to as “the four Rs,” will be hugely difficult tasks. Nonetheless, I think that scenario has more chances for guaranteeing our survival, because ultimately the Oranias of the world will be snuffed out when they become nuisances or perceived threats to the powers that be.

    And all of this makes what we’re facing the greatest existential threat to our race since history began.

    HUGO FUERST says:

    De facto allies:
    1. Marxists and Muslims
    2. Defeatists and Antisemites
    3. White Christians and Black Racists
    4. Western Finance and Chinese Imperialism
    Time for a change?

  36. Leon Haller
    Leon Haller says:

    No one here can ever refute my contention that whites are evolutionarily maladapted. Most white genomes will go extinct in this century (at least as whites: either they will fail to reproduce at all, or they will miscegenate, and [some of] their genetic line will be carried into the future in nonwhite bodies). Over time, as white numbers shrink overall, racially strong whites (defined as those whites who wish to and do mate with other whites) will become preponderant. The problem is that they will also become increasingly physically vulnerable to exploitation, forced miscegenation, and outright extermination. We must be “good ancestors” by trying to leave them in as strong a position as possible. How can we do this? There is no other way than what I have been arguing since the public internet first arose: white preservationists must gather themselves into a small number of already sovereign nations, or, if Americans, into a handful of contiguous states, and then set a goal of eventual secession. Joyce is absolutely correct that whites as a race can only survive where we possess sovereign territory in which we are the majority (indeed, ultimately where we are the exclusive inhabitants). With our own nations, however small, we can develop ultra-capitalist, limited welfare state economies, and then earmark a huge portion of the ensuing high GDP to national (which would really be racial) defense. We can craft social and education policies with a view to their effects on racial survival. We can adopt pro-natalist tax regimes. We can devote resources to the scientific study of man, and especially eugenics, so as to breed up a superior white race (whites have always survived more by quality – think the 300 Spartans – than quantity, and this may have to be our way for centuries to come). But without control of our collective destiny, we are doomed.

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