Whites Don’t Count: Anti-White Activism in Intellectual History

The Crest of the Peacock (1991) has a beautiful title and an ugly purpose. The book takes that title from a line in an ancient Sanskrit text: “Like the crest of a peacock, like the gem on the head of a snake, so is mathematics at the head of all knowledge.” (p. v) So much for the beauty: now for the ugliness. The subtitle of the book is “Non-European Roots of Mathematics” and it’s one of the earlier entries in what might be called the “Whites Stole Everything” school of anti-Western polemic. There’s the West and the Rest—and the Rest is Best.

Sue’s venomous views

The author of the book, a Keralan Indian called George Gheverghese Joseph, didn’t express himself as crudely as that. But thirty years later the implicit message of his “pioneering book” (back cover) is explicit throughout Western politics, media and education. Whites have perpetually stolen from and exploited the rest of the world. They have no true culture, no distinctive achievements, and so-called Western civilization truly is, as the notorious Jewish writer Susan Sontag so eloquently put it, “the cancer of human history.” Joseph doesn’t have that Jewish hatred for Whites and the Christian West—he says in the introduction that he comes “from a family of Syrian Orthodox Christians” in Kerala (p. xiii)—but he obviously wants to give Whites as little credit for their mathematical achievements as he can. This is a book about mathematics, not linguistics, but when he’s describing pioneers in the decipherment of cuneiform script he gives full names and dates to “George Frederick Grotefend (1775–1853) and Henry Creswicke Rawlinson (1810–95)” (p. 95).

The Crest is Best: George Gheverghese Joseph’s successful anti-White book

Grotefend and Rawlinson were Whites uncovering the greatness of a non-European civilization, so Joseph is happy to acknowledge their “pioneering efforts.” But when he’s discussing the mathematical constant π and the ancient problem of “squaring the circle,” he hides another White pioneer behind the passive voice: “The problem of squaring the circle was finally resolved in 1882 when it was shown to be impossible. … Only in the nineteenth century was it demonstrated that, since squaring the circle is equivalent to constructing a line segment whose length is equal to the product of the square root of π (which is not a constructible quantity) and the radius of the given circle, it cannot be done.” (pp. 188-9)

The contradiction that powers leftism

But who “resolved” that problem? Who “demonstrated” that “it cannot be done”? It was the great German mathematician Ferdinand Lindemann (1852–1939). Joseph doesn’t name him, presumably because he doesn’t want to acknowledge that a White mathematician achieved such an important result. Joseph is a leftist and his concealment of Lindemann’s identity exposes one of the central contradictions of leftism. The ideology claims explicitly to believe in absolute human equality and yet acts on the implicit assumption that Whites are innately vicious and non-Whites innately virtuous. Whites must therefore be denied credit wherever possible, because, unlike non-Whites, they don’t genuinely deserve it.

This contradiction doesn’t weaken leftism: on the contrary, it powers leftism. The explicit claim of human equality gives leftists a sense of self-righteous virtue and superiority over the ignorant racists who reject human equality. At the same time, they use their implicit belief in White evil to indulge their hostility towards or hatred of Whites. For example, the leftist attitude to startling Black achievements in the field of murder and mayhem can be summed up like this: “It may be a Black hand holding the gun, but it’s white racism that pulls the trigger.” In other words, the malevolent agency of Whites explains all apparent non-White misbehaviour.

Stonehenge doesn’t count

Joseph is working in this anti-White tradition when he implicitly promotes the idea that the work of non-Whites explains all apparent White achievement in mathematics. And indeed, we should be happy to acknowledge the genius of non-White mathematicians like the Keralan Madhava of Sangamagramma (c. 1340–c. 1425), who was centuries ahead of European mathematicians in some of his results. But we’ve seen that, even as Joseph is naming and proclaiming such non-White geniuses, he declines to name the White mathematician Lindemann: “The problem of squaring the circle was finally resolved in 1882 when it was shown to be impossible.”

That’s not an oversight: it’s intentional. And he states in a footnote that “we shall not be discussing … the mathematical attainments of the constructors of megalithic monuments, such as Stonehenge in England,” claiming that “it is extremely unlikely that the neolithic lifestyle of the constructors would have generated the demands or supplied the resources required for developing the ‘advanced’ mathematics attributed to them by [some] writers.” (p. 27) That may be so, but the “constructors of megalithic monuments” in Europe prove that the “roots of mathematics” were not entirely “non-European.” By discussing the monuments, Joseph would have undermined his simple theme of the Rest being Better than the West. So he doesn’t discuss them.

The mountains of Central Equatorial Africa

This exclusion is both convenient for Joseph and revealing of his anti-White and anti-Western motives. At the beginning of the book, he proclaims his own belief in the Psychic Unity of Mankind: “there is no reason to believe that early man’s capacity to reason and conceptualize was any different from that of his modern counterpart.” (p. 27) In fact, there’s very good reason to believe that, thanks to different paths of evolution in very different environments, intellectual powers are not distributed evenly among either the races or the sexes. Intellectual achievement certainly hasn’t been distributed evenly, as Joseph’s own book demonstrates. Although leftists greeted The Crest of the Peacock with delight—“A magnificent contribution” said a “peer-reviewed academic journal on contemporary racism and imperialism” called Race & Class—the book doesn’t in fact support the leftist world-view.

According to the publisher’s blurb, Joseph “makes it clear [that] human beings everywhere have been capable of advanced and innovative mathematical thinking.” No, he doesn’t do that, because mathematical achievements have not been scattered at random among the various human races and cultures. He begins his survey with the Ishango Bone, a very interesting prehistoric artefact found “in the mountains of Central Equatorial Africa” (p. 23). Regular and obviously deliberate markings on the bone, which seems to date from about 20,000 BC, do indeed seem to show a lunar calendar and even some understanding of prime numbers. But Joseph is unable to claim that sub-Saharan Blacks were key contributors to the “non-European roots of mathematics.” It would be difficult to do that, because they weren’t.

Ancient Egypt was not a “Black civilization”

And today Blacks are of no importance in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). This is a big embarrassment to the left, and Joseph uses one of their main responses: to count ancient Egypt and its awesome civilization as somehow “Black” because Egypt is geographically part of Africa. He announces: “It is important that the African roots of the Egyptian civilization are emphasized so as to counter the still deeply entrenched view that the ancient Egyptians were racially, linguistically and even geographically separated from Africa.” (pp. 57-8)

The “Great Black Briton” Septimius Severus and his family (his son Geta has suffered damnatio memoriae)

The implicit—and bad—reasoning there is that ancient Egypt was in Africa and that Africa is Black, therefore ancient Egypt was a Black civilization. A supercharged version of the same bad reasoning has been used to hail the Roman emperor Septimius Severus (1462–11) as one of “100 Great Black Britons,” because he was born in what is now northern Libya and died in what is now the English city of York. Libya is in Africa, therefore Severus was Black; York is in Britain, therefore Severus was British; and he was a Roman emperor, therefore he was a Great Black Briton. QED!

Backward to Black

Septimius Severus was neither Black nor British, of course. And Greek mathematicians like Euclid and Eratosthenes were not Black either, despite hailing from Alexandria “in Africa” and despite the self-aggrandizing claims of the genuinely Black mathematician Jonathan Farley. As Nassim Talib has pointed out, these ridiculous claims might stop if we replaced the geographic label “North Africa” with the equally legitimate label “South Mediterranean.” The mathematically expert Taleb added: “Too many people think in words.” Joseph isn’t guilty of such explicit misrepresentation in The Crest of the Peacock, but he’s still promoting the idea that ancient Egypt’s geography somehow determined its genetics. In fact, no: ancient Egypt’s genetics were not Black.

But modern Egypt’s genetics are much closer to being so: the admixture of sub-Saharan genes has increased over time. As Egypt’s Blackness rose, its greatness fell. Its leading role in mathematics and its astonishing achievements, like the pyramids, are now long in the past. That’s exactly what one would expect: advanced civilization and technological innovation depend on a critical mass of highly intelligent individuals—what the probably Jewish statistician Griffe du Lion calls “the smart fraction.” The more Black admixture there is in a population, the fewer such individuals there will be and the less capable that population will be of high achievement.

The genius of Persia

The religion of Islam may also have contributed to the intellectual stagnation of once advanced regions like Egypt and Mesopotamia. Consanguineous marriage, which is widely practised by Muslims, both lowers average intelligence and breaks down social cohesion, because it promotes loyalty to families and clans rather than to larger entities. Joseph devotes the final section of his book to a “Prelude to Modern Mathematics: The Arab Contribution,” where he traces the achievements of mathematicians and astronomers working under the “Islamic rule” that stretched “from North Africa in the south to the borders of France in the West, right across Persia and the Central Asian plains to the borders of China in the east, and down to Sind in northern India.” (p. 301)

However, “Arab Contribution” isn’t the right term, because some of the most important figures in the “Prelude to Modern Mathematics” were not Arab but Persian and hence from an area conquered by the Indo-Europeans in the third millennium BC. Joseph discusses giants like Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi (c. 780–c. 850), Omar Khayyam (c. 1040–1123), and Jamshid al-Kashi (c. 1380–1429), who were born within the borders of modern Iran (al-Khwarizmi’s name is the source of the term “algorithm” in modern English). Once again we can see intellectual achievement isn’t distributed at random: “Islamic rule” stretched across a vast territory, but some parts of that territory, like Persia and Central Asia, contributed disproportionately to mathematics, astronomy, philosophy and medicine.

Death-deserving heretics

More interestingly still, some of the great mathematicians of the era seem to follow a pattern I’ve discussed before at the Occidental Observer: that of highly-achieving minority sects within under-achieving majorities. In India, the religious sect known as Parsis have made hugely disproportionate contributions to intellectual life and, in the person of Freddy Mercury, to entertainment. Their name literally means “Persians,” because they’re the descendants of Zoroastrians driven out of Persia by Muslim persecution in the seventh and eighth centuries. Muslims have also persecuted the sect to which the great Pakistani scientist Abdus Salam (1926–96) belonged. He won a Nobel Prize for Physics in 1979, the first scientific Nobel ever awarded to a Muslim.

But he isn’t celebrated in his homeland, where it is illegal to refer to him as a Muslim. He belonged to a much-persecuted Muslim sect called the Ahmadis, who are regarded as dangerous and death-deserving heretics by mainstream Sunnis. That pattern of minority and sectarian high achievement also appears in Joseph’s book. Al-Khwarizmi may have been “of Zoroastrian descent” (p. 305), while Thabit ibn Qurra (c. 836–c. 901) belonged to an ancient star-worshipping sect called the Sabaeans, which Joseph says produced other “eminent scholars in mathematics and astronomy.” (pp. 307–8) He mentions these affiliations only in passing and undoubtedly did not regard them as biologically important. After all, how could membership of one religion or another affect one’s mathematical skills for better or worse?

A genuine Jewish genius

Well, very easily, because religious groups that are genetically isolated from the majority can preserve or evolve distinct genes of all kinds, including those that influence intelligence and cognition. Kevin MacDonald has noted of medieval Jewish culture in Europe that “success as a scholar was valuable because it allowed the scholar to contract a desirable marriage, often to a woman from a wealthy family. At the very center of Judaism, therefore, was a set of institutions that would reliably result in eugenic processes related to intelligence and resource acquisition ability.”

Genuine Jewish genius Emmy Noether

It isn’t a coincidence, then, that Emmy Noether (1882–1935), perhaps the best and most important female mathematician in history, was a product of those eugenic processes. In other words, Noether was Jewish, like a vastly disproportionate number of other great mathematicians and physicists. If intellectual ability were distributed at random among human beings, we wouldn’t see patterns like that. Joseph didn’t discuss Jewish mathematicians in his book, because he almost certainly didn’t regard them as non-White and non-European. Accordingly, he wouldn’t have thought them useful for anti-Western propaganda.

Submerged by the West

But he did mention another statistical anomaly: that of two mathematical geniuses from the large, highly populous and very genetically complex region of India. But the geniuses Madhava of Sangamagramma (c. 1340–c. 1425) and Srinivasa Ramanujan (1887–920) defied the demographic odds and were born in nearly the same part of India and into the same Brahmin stratum of society, a stratum often linked to the Indo-European invasion. Joseph says of Madhava that he “possessed extraordinary intuition, making him almost the equal of a more recent intuitive genius, [Ramanujan], who spent his childhood and youth at Kumbakonam, not very far from Madhava’s birthplace.” (p. 293)

He goes on to ask whether Ramanujan drew on “the vestiges of a ‘hidden’ indigenous mathematical tradition which was not submerged by the influx of modern mathematics from the West.” (p. 293) I don’t think Ramanujan did that. Instead, I think he drew on a different kind of tradition: genetics. Madhava and Ramanujan may have owed their shared genius to their shared genetics. The two men were both Hindus, but Hinduism is like an arch beneath which shelter hundreds of sects and thousands or even tens of thousands of micro-sects whose customs and taboos have kept them genetically separate for centuries and more. The famous division of Hindu society into Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Sudra, or scholars, warriors, merchants, and labourers, is merely a précis. The social—and genetic—reality is much more complicated than that and the stratifications much more detailed and genetically significant, including a significant influx of  the genes of Indo-European Bronze Age conquerors.

Blank slates and loaded dice

As a believer in the “Blank Slate” theory of human nature, Joseph doesn’t mention genetics in his discussion either of India or of China, which was more fertile ground for the “Non-European Roots of Mathematics.” In other words, while his book supposedly expanded the horizons of intellectual history and enquiry, in fact it shrunk them in typical leftist fashion. Leftists try to reduce the vast and fascinating complexity of human biology and behaviour to a narrow tale of environment and culture. The “Blank Slate” theory of human nature accompanies and complements the “Tumbling Dice” theory of human history. If we’re all the same under the skin, then, as the Jewish scientist Jared Diamond has often claimed, it’s merely chance and fortunes of geography or climate that explain why one group achieves this and another group achieves that. Or fails to achieve it.

But the “Tumbling Dice” theory of history inexorably gives rise to the “Loaded Dice” theory of history, whereby Whites are found guilty of rigging the historic game in their own favour. If the dice weren’t loaded, they would surely tumble sooner or later in favour of Blacks. Century after century, they haven’t done so. Therefore they must be loaded. What else but White racism can explain why Blacks are so successful at crime and so unsuccessful at STEM? And while Whites were unjustly and maliciously treading Blacks into the dirt, they were looting the intellectual treasures of India and China. In short, Western civilization is a fraud and Whites stole everything, lifting themselves up by pushing everyone else down.

Indian numerals, Babylonian timekeeping

As I said at the beginning, Joseph doesn’t put it as crudely as that. Nevertheless, scholarly work like his has fuelled the increasingly rabid anti-White attitudes of the present day, when people are putting it as crudely as that. But those anti-White fanatics are wrong. Whites did not “steal everything” and they have distinctive and admirable achievements of their own. Joseph is right that the West built on and benefited from the genius (and geniuses) of ancient civilizations like Babylonia, Egypt, India and China. For example, we use Arabic numerals, which are really Indian numerals, and we still divide time in the ancient sexagesimal fashion of the Babylonians.

But Western civilization has surpassed its mentors in STEM and reached new heights. Modern mathematics, like the modern science it underpins, is a White Western creation. Whites could very easily make unlimited further progress in mathematics and science without the contribution of high-IQ non-Whites, whether Indians, Chinese or Jews. Indeed, Whites will stop making progress of all kinds if non-Whites do not leave Western societies and allow us to end the worsening anti-White trends in politics and culture.

Insanities, inanities and fatal flaws

The Crest of the Peacock was fuel thirty years ago as those trends began to gain momentum and venom. Yes, in part the book is a fascinating (if wordy) synthesis of some very diverse mathematical history and biography. But its interesting contents and beautiful title belie its ugly purpose. And it has undoubtedly contributed to the slow-motion collapse of standards in STEM that began in the last century. Thanks to the insanities and inanities of Black Lives Matter and its allies, the collapse is losing slowness and gaining motion by the day. The left knows that it can’t raise Blacks to meet high standards, so it has to drop standards to meet the low abilities of Blacks.

That is not a recipe for civilizational success, which is why China is refusing to follow it. But it’s easy for China to refuse to contort and flagellate itself for its sins towards Blacks. Why so? Because China hasn’t opened its borders to the Third World and been massively enriched by Blacks. Or by Indians like George Gheverghese Joseph, who was educated at the English universities of Leicester and Manchester as he researched and wrote his anti-Western book.

If Whites have a fatal flaw, it is not nasty xenophobia but naïve xenophilia. We have been too ready to nurture hostile outsiders and too ready to indulge them as they’ve set about the culture of critique and the dismantling of Western civilization. There is indeed the West and the Rest. But when the Rest flood into the West, the West ceases to be Best. That’s the lesson I draw from The Crest of the Peacock.

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  1. Oscar Wilson
    Oscar Wilson says:

    If you start with “very good” genes and the gamodeme is not too small, inbreeding can lead to continual success; e.g. the Parsees. See David C. Rife, “Race & Heredity,” in “Race & Modern Science” (1967).

    • Jacobite
      Jacobite says:

      Sure. Endogamous, consanguineous marriages among Jews did boost their verbal IQs to world-beating heights. They also acquired a variety of hereditary diseases and mental problems that are a problem for the population. So far, their supernatural success at ‘resource acquisition’ has allowed them to buy their way out of their genetic handicaps.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      It also leads to higher instances of psychoses and mental illness. Behaviorally, this can be seen in dogs, cats, and infra-human species. I emphasize that psyco/sociopathy, remorseless killing, lack of affect are correlated with inbreeding. Or haven’t you noticed?

      An affirmed positive correlation not mentioned these days is between high intelligence and mental illness.

      This is also considered valid for creative people.

      intelligence has many advantages. Higher IQ is associated with better grades, better jobs, higher pay, and even longer life. However, intelligence has drawbacks too. For example, studies have found that higher IQ is associated with more drug use and earlier drug use. Studies have also found that higher IQ is associated with more mental illness, including depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder.
      One large study led by Ruth Karpinski of Pitzer College surveyed more than 3700 members of Mensa, a society whose members must have an IQ in the top two percent, which is typically about 132 or higher. The team asked about many factors, including mental health. They discovered that mood disorders and anxiety disorders were extremely common among Mensa members. Among the general population, about 10 percent of people have mood disorders and about 10 percent of people have some anxiety disorder, with some degree of overlap between the two. Among Mensa members, those percentages were much higher. About 20 percent reported having been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and nearly 27 percent had been diagnosed with a mood disorder such as major depression or bipolar disorder. [See ‘High intelligence: A risk factor for psychological and physiological overexcitabilities‘ study.]

      Actually, in my opinion, these researchers missed a very important causative factor. That is that the more intelligent the individual, the more choices he has to explain or typify a phenomenon or idea. And the more abstractions (thinking abstractly is almost a separate sub-function of cognition) that are available, the further off “the Reality Trail” can one’s mind wander, creating artifacts and false associations, meaning:

      it will become that much easier to fool oneself, confusing the Real with the Phantasmagorical

      . Almost all of Humankind’s genocide, death, and catastrophe’s have been planned, engineering and
      carried out by the upper range of IQ people.

      As much as I respect and admire the learned author of this article, I tire of the exasperation of proposing the “White”, is a useless moniker and label to describe and classify an entire group of very similar people, in ways that are real and significant.
      “White” is sloppy, imprecise, unspecified, undefined, and vague. Who the Foolk is White? Indo-European is rooted and based in genetic similarity and relation. In empirical and verifiable DATA. European is bette but doesn’t cut it in serious discussion, unless defined, as many polemicists and cysts in general, use it in reference to Western European, putting Eastern Europeans in a grey zone as “Eurasians”.

      I wish my extensive comments on this subject were archived by a compiler such as Disqus or other searchable reference repository, as I am not amenable to repeat the thousands of words written on this topic.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        “” “White” is sloppy, imprecise, unspecified, undefined, and vague.””

        “The Whites” == [ descendants of predominantly :
        EuroMan/Aryan/European/Indo-European/Caucasian ] .

        If you have a more precise , less vague , and more practical definition , then please let us know asap here on this website .

        Racial cultures are not typically discretely bounded aggregates . Races are normally more or less vaguely bounded aggregates of people . In other words , no one has the time nor the resources to discover the precise DNA specification of a named race such as “The Whites” or “The Jews” .

        A Chinese person with expertise in both mathematics ( aka “the language of science” ) and genetics has recently proven a rigorously technical definition of “race”. His work appears to have been incarcerated by the www Political Correctness internet police sponsored by
        ((( U No Who ))) .

  2. Lucius Vanini
    Lucius Vanini says:

    Glad you’re aware that Severus wasn’t black–only African in origin (It’s among the deepest and commonest shows of ignorance, this widespread American notion that African equates to black: Africa is not a race but a continent that’s long been diverse; and Mediterranean-basin Africa, of which Severus was a native, has seen no black but only largely Caucasoid civilizations.) Perhaps some have noted his darker complexion in the image above; but that’s presumably an instance of the ancients’ custom of depicting males as darker than females. There’s a scholarly work by Mary Ann Eaverly, TAN MEN/PALE WOMEN: COLOR & GENDER IN ARCHAIC GREECE & EGYPT, in which Eaverly says the different coloration was symbolic.

    In any case, Severus was of Roman and Punic–Phoenician or Carthaginian–lineage, with some Berber thrown in (?). (“The Berbers are a Caucasian people who are thought of as the original inhabitants of North Africa,”–Manning et al, 2004.)

    As for the very curly hair one sees in many Roman images, the Romans thought such hair attractive, and they used an instrument called the CALAMISTRUM to curl their hair.

    As regards the Jews’ ethnic/genetic nature, there HAS been long-term, basic endogamy among Jews; but there’s been major admixture too–such that their Indo-European heritage might exceed the Semitic. Zoossmann-Diskin, 2010 (genetic study), found a dominant Southern European influence in Eastern European Jews. Richards et al, 2013 found that 81% of Ashkenazi maternal lineage is traceable to prehistoric and ancient indigenous European women, usually identified as Pagan Italian converts to Judaism (Jewish males seem to have come to Europe long before the Romans’ destruction of the Second Temple in 70 CE: there was a sizable Jewish community in Rome by the Third Punic War!). And Nebel et al, 2001, a Y-DNA study, found that even Middle Eastern Jews were in patrilineal terms closer to West Asian Indo-Europeans like the Kurds and Armenians than to Arabs.

    • Edward Harris
      Edward Harris says:

      Thank you for the post.
      I am part Jewish.
      The jew side of the family told me that before my maternal grandfather marrried an Eastern Jewess the family members were always rabbis and academics.She had 2 sons and 4 daughters. One son was my grandfather, and they were both communists. The 4 daughters married well, the eldest marrying the son of one of the owners of the Bank of England.
      The rabbis in the Middle Ages used to visit Jerusalem every 7 years to continue planning the war on mankind. Each country was represented by one rabbi. During the middle ages,due to demographics,the Eastern Jews took over what my family always called the Jewish Council, although most of the council were only descended from converts.
      England sent a rabbi after the KE1 expulsion and I was told only 1/4 were expelled, but they made so much noise the English thought that they had all gone.
      Nearly all of today’s jews are not jews by blood (not Jews) but Europeans descended from converts.
      In the Holocaust, Europeans of the Christian faith murdered (perhaps) 6 million Europeans of the Jewish Faith while in THe USSR Europeans of the Jewish faith murdered ( perhaps) 30 million Europeans of the Christian Faith.

      • Tim Folke
        Tim Folke says:

        Thank you for your honesty, though (with all due respect) I think your math is (perhaps) materially off regarding the big six.

        The six million accusation goes back to the Poles, then back to the Russians (1891 AD). Seems they have a fixation on the number six; six million, six pointed star, D-Day being proposed as the sixth hour of the sixth day of the sixth month, and so on.

        Again, I appreciate your honesty. I wish more of us were as honest as you with our, ahem, pedigree.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          The *6* denoting the 60,000, 600,000 or 6 million Jews that were reported massacred in Russia & then the Third Reich, is true enough, but I didn’t know that number had anything to do with D-day.
          Obviously the approved version of WWII is about as true as their official version of 9/11, but I always read that it was set for the 5th of June and postponed one day.
          Although what I’ve never seen explained, is if there were only certain days of certain months of a small part of the year when the moon, tides, etc was in the right place, then why weren’t the Germans aware of this? Presumably like the rest of the story, it’s all garbage. Maybe they thought as the British & American people weren’t as dumbed down as we are now, people would have noticed this.
          WWII has been the foundation of our our elites legitimacy to rule over us. As we move from the post-WWII ‘democracy’ era to the post virus hoax techno-control era, it really would be smart to never let up on their lies.
          There is no point to this. Let them away with one hoax, they just come back with an even bigger one.

        • HUGO FUERST
          HUGO FUERST says:

          Why not leave the arguments over the Holocaust and 9/11 to the Muslims, letting them widely circulate the conspiracy-hoax arguments (such as they are) and taking the flak, while the rest of us can get on with other issues?
          This will embarrass the woke-leftists who pamper the Muslims and persuade more Jews to oppose immigration of anti-Israel third-worlders?
          Two birds with one stone?

          PS – Hitler’s view of Jewry as vermin that needed total eradication is clear from authentic statements and the film “Der ewige Jude”, and the killing of manyJews by Nazis and their allies is quite adequately documented – the nonsense that “six million men, women and children” (plus disabled lesbians and gypsy travelers) were all “gassed” either by poison coming out of showers or alternatively from pellets through holes in the ceiling is another matter.

          • Briton2066
            Briton2066 says:

            I beg your pardon? When you say “others” do you mean civic-nationalists? This site has always tackled the so-called jewish question, although i acknowledge the Holohoax tends to be sidelined. Those who suggest that the issue of that “alleged” historical event is irrelevant given today’s pressing issues are sadly deluding themselves, in my humble opinion.The state of Israel’s influence via Zionist lobby groups comes directly from the psychological impact the aforementioned propaganda has on the public etc! Israel loses that, then it follows that Israel loses legitimacy as a nation-state! Hardly irrelevant or conducive with conspiracy theory. As for Hitler’s alleged statements regarding a “eradication” etc, perhaps you shouldn’t be so susceptible to the propaganda from the largely jewish msm?

          • Lucius Vanini
            Lucius Vanini says:

            HUGO FUERST–
            Like most Westerners dragged up after our calamitously unfortunate defeat in 1945 (I regard the defeat as that of ALL Whites–Brits and Euroamericans and French, etc., as well as Germans and Italians, and eventually, in future, even White Jews), I was well conditioned to think that Hitler was rabidly anti-Jewish. I can’t buy that anymore. I rather think that Hitler was “antisemitic” in the way that nearly all people today are antisemitic–i.e., labelled as such because they criticize anything that Jews actually do.

            In my mind, a true hater of Jews hates ALL Jews, and hates them just for being born Jewish, irrespective of what they do; and Hitler doesn’t seem to fit the description.

            Did you see TOO’s recent review of Jewish historian David Cesarani’s (spelling?) FINAL SOLUTION: THE FATE OF THE JEWS, 1933-49? It seems that in fact the Third Reich’s response to the problems Jews posed wasn’t so proactive, determined and aggressive as Talmudic bigots would have everyone think. A lot of it seems to have been reactive and irresolute.

            Then there are the instances of Hitler’s benevolence toward Jewish individuals, the cases of Emile Maurice, Eduard Bloch, Rosa Bernile-Nienau. See https://theeuropeanfamily.com/f/against-aligning-with-the-third-reich-southern-confederacy-etc?blogcategory=article

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            To Mr Hugo “This will embarrass the woke-leftists who pamper the Muslims and persuade more Jews to oppose immigration of anti-Israel third-worlders?”

            Sorry but these is extremely muddled thinking, presuming you are not deliberately trying to trip people up.
            It’s always a foolish mistake to imagine that organised Jewry give a damn about everyday normal Jews. They don’t, they never have and never will. If we were allowed an open discussion of the problems Jews bring to all of our lives, you would see ordinary Jews themselves explain this. It’s a bit like blaming the likes of you or me for things the British or American governments do.
            Jewish supremacists in all their infinite organisations are more aware of the suffering inflicted on average Jews just trying to live their lives by aggressive Muslims than anyone else. They don’t care. Or maybe they do, but the greater struggle to subjugate Western civilisation takes precedence.
            Jews win in all ways with Muslim immigration, another battering ram to assault White society with, a block vote for the left and if any Jews dislike being randomly attacked in the street for no reason, they can go live in Israel.
            Where do they lose?

      • Lucius Vanini
        Lucius Vanini says:

        Yours is of course a very interesting genealogy.

        But while you perhaps don’t intend it, your assertion that “Nearly all of today’s Jews are not Jews by blood (not Jews) but Europeans descended from converts” might seem to imply that what we see as Jewish xenophobia and skullduggery in general isn’t really Jewish but European. Yet what Gibbon says of Jewry at the time of their dealings with Rome–“….a distinct species of men, WHO BOLDLY PROFESSED, OR WHO FAINTLY DISGUISED, THEIR IMPLACABLE HATRED TO THE REST OF MANKIND [my emphasis]” goes way back, before there were ever the Askhenazim and Sephardim.

        Just look at their own account of what they did after their time in Egypt. Moses is supposed to have received on Sinai the commandment “Thou shalt not kill,” after which the Israelites invaded Canaan where in taking cities they put EVERYONE to the sword: “….they utterly destroyed all that was in the city [Jericho], both men and women, young and old….” They repeated this massacre in one city after another. (Book of Joshua, Chapters 7 and 10.) CLEARLY the prohibition against killing was meant to protect Israelites only: other peoples were outside the pale of morality.

        Also, the European converts to Judaism must’ve imbibed this same savage bigotry, which must’ve come from a Jewish outlook, because why would those Europeans proceed to view and treat other Europeans as they have? TRUE, that dirty christianity induced most Europeans to lol view Jews as “Christ-killers” and to treat them as enemies of God; yet non-Jewish Europeans and Euroamericans have for a long time now been the Jews’ best friends on the planet, but still so large a portion of Jews today are hell-bent on promoting their obsolescence.

        (Interestingly, the persecution of Jews during the unchallenged reign of christianity is likely, in some degree at least, attributable to a Jewish tendency unfortunately acquired by Europeans via their conversion to christianity. I believe that the said creed is a toxic opiate peddled to Europe by Rabbi Saul of Tarsus, peddled with the aim of harming Europeans; but christianity contained the Jews’ desert-barbarian belief in collective, congenital guilt [manifested by, among other things, the notion of “original sin”]–the idea that it’s kosher for sons to be punished for the sins of their fathers. I’ve not seen any indication that Pagan Europeans had been given to such barbarous stupidity: the Greeks, masters of logic, the Romans, masters of the Civil Law and trials based on evidence, were above it; but christian Europeans WOULD be capable of thinking that ALL Jews, even those living a thousand years after the alleged crucifixion, were guilty of lol killing god! Methinks this is a fascinating example of getting hit by one’s own boomerang.)

        Lastly, I think that Jews’ Indo-European ethnic/genetic heritage is NOT wholly the result of relatively recent conversion of Europeans to Judaism, as you seem to imply (correct me if I’m wrong, Harris). I don’t think that the only real Jews have been of purely Semitic heritage. Again, Nebel et al, 2001 claims that even Middle-Eastern Jews are closer in patrilineal terms to West-Asian Indo-Europeans, notably the Kurds and Armenians, than to Arabs. I think it’s doubtful that during most of their history the Jews have been purely or even overwhelmingly Semitic, because West Asia hasn’t only been Semitic but has been quite Indo-European as well: consider the number and prominence of I-Es there–Hittites, Phrygians, Lydians, Lycians, Galatians (Eastern Celts), Ionian Greeks, Carians, Parthians, Medes, Persians, Macedonians (after Alexander’s conquests). According to Jewish Scriptures, Bathsheba was married to Uriah the Hittite, probably had offspring who accordingly were partly of Indo-European lineage; and it seems probable that such intermarriage wasn’t confined to this couple.

        In other words, the rigorous equating of Jewishness with Semitic lineage doesn’t seem to wash. The Jews have LONG had Indo-European heritage and haven’t been less Jewish for it.

      • Lucius Vanini
        Lucius Vanini says:

        Hi there.

        Say, “Ariche,” the young Phoenician who had Europe-related DNA (I think it was mitochondrial), represents a Phoenician living after his nation had spread far and wide and established colonies, such as in Spain. Carthage was just the most prominent.

        So that young Carthaginian/Phoenician was probably the product of some admixture that was perhaps not present in his ancestors in the old country, meaning the Levantine, West Asian coast where Tyre and Sidon were situated. The Phoenicians at least STARTED by being a Semitic, West-Asian people. They were seagoing Canaanites.

        But that does NOT mean they were non-White! LOOK at the countless classically Caucasian phenotypes on Phoenician and Carthaginian coins, medallions, sculpture, mosaics, “anthropoid” sarcophagi. White folk, unmistakably.

        Look at the Italian city-state of Capua’s bust of Hannibal, their ally against Rome. Read Roman epic-poet Virgil’s AENEID in which he depicts Carthaginian Queen Dido (“Tyrian Dido”) and her sister as pale, blond, with long flowing hair. And the many frescoes and mosaics of Europa, the Phoenician princess after whom Europe is named–always a White woman. The Romans and Greek were CERTAINLY acquainted with the aspect of the famous and far-flung Phoenicians.

        The idea that Whiteness is confined to Europe must be outgrown. Whiteness does NOT stop short at Gibraltar, the Hellespont, the Caucasus and Ural Mountains, but has long been common throughout West Eurasia–West Asia, Mediterranean-basin Africa, and of course in Europe.

        I find this important not only because it’s factual but, given the titanic envy of our enemies, charlatans continually try to subtract achievements from our heritage; and if Whiteness can indeed be separated from West Asia and Semitic lineage, then silly fellows like the one who wrote the above book can say, “Whites didn’t even learn to write except that the non-White Phoenicians created an alphabet for them!”

        Fact is, while this writing we use here was put into its present form mostly by the Romans (hence it’s called the “Roman Script”), it seems to have come to the Romans from the Etruscans, who got the alphabet from the Greeks, who’d got it from the Phoenicians. But the latter were Caucasians, Whites.

        This is also clear from genetics. Cf. https://theeuropeanfamily.com/f/caucasian-cousins-worldwide

  3. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    “Whites have perpetually stolen from and exploited the rest of the world. They have no true culture, no distinctive achievements, and so-called Western civilization truly is, as the notorious Jewish writer Susan Sontag so eloquently put it, “the cancer of human history.””

    We could easily rewrite this:

    Jews have perpetually stolen from and exploited the rest of the world. They have no true culture, no distinctive achievements, and so-called Western civilization truly is, as the notorious Jewish writer Susan Sontag would have put it if she were honest, “the cancer of human history.”

    Another excellent article from Mr. Langdon. Thanks!

    The above quote from the article is a perfect example of the kind of brazen lying and projection one has come to expect from Jewish Supremacy Inc. That’s why they hate freedom of speech and love censorship. Exactly because it would be so easy to reduce their entire BS narrative to rubble in no time flat.

    Speaking of which, that’s what is going to happen to the civilization THEY have stolen and now control. It’s going to be reduced to rubble. Not because I said so. But simply because it’s unsustainable. In fact, it already is reducing itself to rubble. Just look around.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:


      In my rewrite I neglected to change “and so-called Western civilization” to Jewish Supremacy Inc.

      Anyway, you get the idea.

  4. Karl
    Karl says:

    The big American cities with the highest crime rates have mayors that are Blacks or White liberals.

    That’s what rural America will soon look like: a disaster.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      Not in our rural area. We will live free or die. I believe there are other brothers and sisters in other areas that will attest to the same.

  5. Swiss Cheese
    Swiss Cheese says:

    Al-Khwarizmi may have been “of Zoroastrian descent” (p. 305), while Thabit ibn Qurra (c. 836–c. 901) belonged to an ancient star-worshipping sect called the Sabaeans, which Joseph says produced other “eminent scholars in mathematics and astronomy.”

    The “Islamic Golden Age” is actually a myth, most of the notable “Muslim” scholars were mostly pagan and a lot of the knowledge was kept in custody by the relatively less extreme Muslims (compared Christians of the time) which served future Europeans well.

    • Lucius Vanini
      Lucius Vanini says:

      I agree with the basic thrust of your comment, but I’d rewrite your “most of the notable ‘Muslim’ scholars were mostly pagan” to say “most of the basis of the work of the notable Muslims was from Pagans, from Classical Hellas and Rome.” Famous Islamic thinkers like Averroes and Avicenna were professing Muslims alright, but like the Christians and Jews of the time they depended, for their philosophic and scientific thought, on ancient European Pagans, especially Aristotle.

      But at least the Muslims were honest. Although the word ALGEBRA is Arabic and we might suppose the Arabians discovered the discipline, the Arabian scholars themselves acknowledged that it was the Greek Diophantus who most be considered the father of algebra.

      No, we can’t quite consider the Medieval Muslims a very creative civilization; but they did seem to invent chemistry–a very big advance–and certainly Islamic Civilization was ahead of the Christian, with Islamic Spain being the most advanced civilization in Europe (what’s that saying about there being more libraries in Cordoba than in all of France?). And certainly the Muslims have been more creative, in terms of origination, than the Jews, though Jews have surely been great at getting into the stirrups of White goyim’s horse and riding on it.

  6. Oscar Wilson
    Oscar Wilson says:

    Lise Meitner could be mentioned as an able physicist of Jewish ancestry but would not have participated in building an atomic bomb for Germany even if recalled “under the protection of the Fuhrer”. The racial purge of scientists contributed to the manufacture of this terrible weapon in the USA by Jews for use against the Axis powers.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Yeah that’s the story we are always told, I wonder how true it is though.
      If the Jews turn ‘health’ into scalpel & drug garbage to keep as many people as ill as possible, if they ruin all forms of culture, art, movies, classical music etc with degeneracy, if natural philosophy stagnates into political Marxism, and if they turn economics into outright grand theft, would anyone really be surprised if they didn’t also subvert and destroy all other fields?
      ‘The Nazis created a Jewish brain drain with their racism.’
      Sounds to me like the same old boring allied propaganda that is about as truthful as the rest of their gibberish.
      Of course smart Jews could do well in certain fields dominated by Europeans, but as soon as they become a certain mass, what’s to stop them retarding said fields in the interests of their ethnic cousins? Isn’t this exactly what always seems to happen?

  7. Martin V
    Martin V says:

    Nice article, but I would have titled it “Whites Didn’t Count” (past tense). It is refreshing to see whites defend ourselves when we are on the back foot. More than ever it is high time for these defenses. It was not the right time back then. We needn’t beat ourselves up for not defending ourselves and our achievements decades ago. Since civil rights became the de facto law of the white homelands, it was put to us to show magnanimity and fair-mindedness to the other races, letting them have their say, make their best cases, as they put forth their best efforts at ‘educating’ us. They have done that for decades, unimpeded, with active cooperation from white leftists and that other group. An important if uncomfortable few decades of hearing them out and biding our time.
    But that was then, this is now. We have now read their cases, acknowledged, and even fostered their efforts, given them every opportunity to show us the error of our ways. We have seen the best that they can do, given every opportunity. So now, when we pull up the drawbridge, we have a solid and justified rationale for doing so. After all, what did they do? What are they doing? Whatever merits exist in their exposures of ‘hidden histories’ and their “creative” revisions of the facts, these pale in the light of their lies, explicit or through omission, their childish bullying, their diversionary strategies, their grandstanding–all woefully insufficient to their mission of bringing whites down in our own eyes (I should think). Now it has come to the low point of throwing projectiles at us from among the ‘Schutt’ of befilthed institutions and torn-down statues. Enough. The evidence is all in, and we need to now reconvene and hand down judgment. As the probably well-meaning Foucault said on behalf of the other camp, the ‘production of Counter-Discourses’ should be what we are about as a means of throwing the book back at them, and we must be single-minded and self-confident in this, nay, ruthless in this. No matter how you construe the phrase, there was never a moment when whites did not count.

    • Todd
      Todd says:

      Very well said brother !! Feels good to hear other whites these days speak the truth without tiptoeing around in fear that someone might call them the six letter word (“Racist”) …Sadly whites gave that simple word power over them and they way they live , if you call that living

      • John
        John says:

        The “six letter word (“Racist”)” can b a positive or a negative. For eg., to want England to b the homeland of English People, that would b normal, healthy, & natural racism. The English People r so bent on suicide that w/each passing day it appears they will succeed. It is astonishing! Some days ago the English People chose Miss England, however, she is not English! We in America r far worse cutting up our magnificent statues. We need to learn our history (that the Left have hijacked) fore the Civil War was NOT about slavery. Back to England, unless the English recover from their mental illness, the few English futbol fans draped in the Italian flag (bcz they wanted their English team to b English just like the Italian team was Italian) during the England-Italian Euro Cup match will not b enough to save the English People. The world is laughing at us “baizuo”, no one in their right mind can imagine China choosing Miss China & her not b Chinese.

        • Jimmy Williams
          Jimmy Williams says:

          @ John
          The English people as a whole have not chosen suicide; they are victims of a slow murder.

          Meanwhile China is taking England’s half-Chinese tennis champion (and future millionaire “model”) Miss Raducanu to its heart. What does that tell us?

  8. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    Is there any mention of black people in the Bible? I think King Solomon married a few of them or had them in his harem lol and how can we know that?

    “I am black, but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon.
    Look not upon me, because I am black, because the sun hath looked upon me: my mother’s children were angry with me; they made me the keeper of the vineyards; but mine own vineyard have I not kept.” Song of Solomon 1:5-6

    Now a mathematician this dear lady? I’d say most likely because you can’t cook worth a dam if you can’t measure yes?

    Now as for India there was another couple of modern day Solomon’s. Read as Cantelon takes us there:

    Why, I asked myself repeatedly, did so many American leaders, both in church and in the classroom of the college, speak strongly in favor of world socialism? E. Stanley Jones, in his The Choice Before Us, declared,

    God reached out and put his hand on the Russian Communist. Communism is the only political position that really holds the Christian position.

    In one sense, I found it very difficult to comprehend a man like E. Stanley Jones writing lines that seemed to endorse Communism.
    On the other hand, I reminded myself of the years that he had spent in India. In 1953, speaking for many days on the club grounds of Lucknow, I saw the results of this man’s work in that city of north central India. Undoubtedly Jones was moved by the scenes of squalor and poverty that plagued the masses of that great nation. He must have contrasted the poor and the hungry with the abnormal wealth
    of such men as the Nizam of Hyderabad, a descendant of the Mogul emperors, who ruled over 15 million poverty stricken subjects for decades. Reputedly, he had more wealth than any other man in the world, with a net income of $ 15 million annually. Much of his wealth came from the fabulous valley of Golconda, one of the world’s richest diamond mines. The Nizam had 500 wives, and he gave his favorite one a gold Rolls Royce. He ate all of his meals off golden plates, and boasted that the English displayed 24 golden plates in London, while he had golden place settings for 150 guests. One of his favorite diamonds was the l82 o/z carat diamond that he used for a paperweight. He sat in chairs and relaxed on couches of solid gold, and had a carriage of gold built that was not usable because of its weight.

    If Stanley Jones endorsed socialism, it was perhaps because he had stood among the beggars and hungry children in the shadow of the Taj Mahal. It was without doubt the most beautiful tomb in the world. It was built by the Indian ruler, Shah Jahan, as a memorial to his favorite wife, Muntaz-i-Mahal, which means “Bride of the Palace.” It took 20,000 workmen 21 years to erect the Taj, and when the workmen finished the delicate tasks of carving their rnarble and alabaster into 70-foot domes rising 150 feet high, they undoubtedly gazed at the slender minarets, supposedly built as towers for prayer, mirrored in the reflecting pools beside the tomb, and then turned to Shah Jahan for
    their reward. Did he give them a smile of appreciation or hand of gratitude? No, the payment they received for creating one of the wonders of the world was the ugly point of a soldiers knife that pierced their eyes. Shah Jahan wanted to make sure no other monarch would ever again have a Taj as beautiful as his.

    Nice eh!

    • Chet Nixon
      Chet Nixon says:

      You make several interesting points, but I counter your assertion that “Communism is the only political position that really holds the Christian position” with this: if Communism was in any way what Jesus was preaching, he’d be loved and praised by modern Jews, and he ain’t. The comparison of Christianity with Communism is a Jewish-Zionist trick played on the really dumb sects of Christianity, especially Protestants.

      • Jimmy Williams
        Jimmy Williams says:

        @ Chet Nixon
        “Christianity is wholehearted Bolshevism under a tinsel of metaphysics” (Adolf Hitler). “Jesus the Communist” (Roman Montero). “Jesus the Jew” (Geza Vermes).
        Various positive views of Jesus by Jews stretch from Karl Kautsky through Joseph Klausner to Shmuley Boteach.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      . . .from each according to ability, to each according to need. . .

      Mr. marx borrowed that from Book of Acts: chapter 4 verse 32

  9. Joe Hardworking Dude
    Joe Hardworking Dude says:

    I did speak to a friend who studied a lot of mathematics although I myself is a doctor (medicine).

    Like WHITES totally dominated the field for like FOREVER non white contribution to serious mathematics is like not even 1 in one million parts it’s almost NONEXISTENT. Like one a the few things non whites are RUMORED to have contributed is like the number 0 for nothing apparently by an arab or probably a persian. But this was probably in a period when arabs or persians occupied large parts of Europe so who knows where that really came from.

    And sure the number is relevant but that is BASIC stuff.

    Science and math are BASTIONS of WHITE supremacy proving its absolute superiority and of course the other races hate this.

  10. Chet Nixon
    Chet Nixon says:

    “Without doubt certain mechanical abilities can be taught a man, just as clever training can teach a docile poodle the most amazing tricks. But in animal training, the intelligence of the animal does not of itself lead to such exercises, and the same is the case with man. Without regard for any other talent, man too can be taught certain scientific tricks, but the process is just as lifeless and inwardly uninspired as with the animal. On the basis of a certain intellectual drill, knowledge above the average can be crammed into an average man; but it remains dead, and in the last analysis sterile knowledge. The result is a man who may be a living dictionary but nevertheless falls down miserably in all special situations and decisive moments in life; he will always have to be coached again for every situation, even the simplest, and by his own resources will not be able to make the slightest contribution to the development of humanity. Such a mechanically drilled knowledge suffices at most for assuming state positions in our present period.”

    “The boundless sins of present-day humanity in this direction may be shown by one more example. From time to time illustrated papers bring it to the attention of the German petty-bourgeois that some place or other a Negro has for the first time become a lawyer, teacher, even a pastor, in fact a heroic tenor, or something of the sort. While the idiotic bourgeoisie looks with amazement at such miracles of animal training, full of respect for this marvelous result of modern educational skill, the Jew shrewdly draws from it a new proof for the soundness of his theory about the equality of men that he is trying to funnel into the minds of the nations. It doesn’t dawn on this depraved bourgeois world that this is positively a sin against all reason; that it is criminal lunacy to keep on drilling a born half-ape until people think they have made a lawyer out of him, while millions of members of the highest culture-race must remain in entirely unworthy positions; that it is a sin against the will of the Eternal Creator if His most gifted beings by the hundreds and hundreds of thousands are allowed to degenerate in the present proletarian morass, while Hottentots and Zulu Kaffirs are trained for intellectual professions. For this is training exactly like that of the poodle, and not scientific ‘education.’ The same pains and care employed on intelligent races would a thousand times sooner make every single individual capable of the same achievements.” -A.H. “My Struggle” P.449-450

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      Namaste, C. Nixon. Your expository comment drills to the essence of European branch of the Indo-European, and of that subset, “White” (a sloppy term for Western European, implying bias for blond hair, blue eyes and freckles as a sign of innate elevation. But this is also true of breeding for dogs, cats, horses, and other pets.)

      As a former Marine, a vocation of Men Of Action, you will understand the term in the context of Joseph Conrad. This designation not only large determines responses and actions but also perceptionof solutions and resolutions. That is because, simply put, more options and elements are added to one’s cognitive processes. And one can read or listen to individuals and discern whether action, trial, error, real world feedback (including pain-received and given-are attendant.

      In latter days of our civilization European, our Action people have been gradually supplanted by our Lessers in political power. Most leaders of nations, corporations are men or women of straw intrinsic and processed through bovine ruminant gut, Extrinsic. This inversion placement and structure is now coming apart and cracking, similar to a dam that water is seeping through, and progressively widening the apertures. We will not see the decade’s end without a civil war and breakdown of this Union. All of its covenants, ideals, and protections have been destroyed.

      The following comment was written for the article, “Political Violence in Weimar Germany: Lessons for Contemporary U.S.”, where the author concludes wrongly that Dead Slow Ahead and Steady As She Goes is the most efficacious for America’s non negroid and non indigenous races. I say this for Asians, as well.

      >>This article, to me, consists of two parts that differ and diverge. The first is a descriptive chronology and journal of the general unrest in the early parts of the twentieth century. Fascinating and sickening. That a country, Deutschland, composed of regional authorities and the highest collective IQ of any European, could let so many disruptive elements, subversive groups, runaway sociopaths bleed and subvert it, is more than instructive. The future typical reader and professional historian, social scientist, etc, etc., will not fail to ask the necessary questions and to ponder, consider, meditateon how and why this came about, but was allowed to continue its destructive and dissolute continua.

      Let us proceed with analogy. What practical good is it to merely describe, outwardly, and discretely (an isolated set of points), observable movements only? A limited one, that is not likely to contribute to great meaning and understanding. The latter two involve higher thought processes, which if used properly can initiate and mediate harm and damage, can be used for predictive purposes, and be useful for a defensive or offensive response. If one assumes a moral posture, then understanding forms the basis of morality and justification.

      There are too many instances to name here where the Info-European has given away advantage and position to The Chewsen. Consider, that Pres. Richard Nixon won 49 out of 50 states in his presidential election-and squandered it. Herbert Hoover, a doctorate economist, did the exact opposite of what was required to ameliorate the Great Contrived Depression, thus ushering in the treasonous Chewish puppet, Franklin Roosevelt. Republicans have won dominance in the Senate and Congress, and reneged on ALL their promise for a Constitutional restoration. White senators voted in committee against Robert Bork, the highest qualified jurist in a generation, for Supreme Court justice.

      Our overall responses and counteractions against The Chewsen for TWO MILLENNIA has been puny, inconsistent, vacillating, marked by self-delusion and volitional blindness and denial. They stated their intentions and strategy openly many times. They will not change; they are hard wired to destroy the Christian civilizations utterly.

      The second repugnant, delusional, phantasmagorical, part is the pathetic passive submission put forth by the author. In moral superior armchair preaching, he anemically says we must not show anger, rage, or-presumably-UnChristian bad decorum, follow suicidal laws, and show the barbarians, sociopaths, and genocidal maniacs what a civilized, decent type looks like. This derives straight from New Testament Christianity of FORM versus ACTION and RESULTS. Pathological suicide channeling.

      Joseph Conrad, a genuine mariner and sea captain, wrote around a character type that he called, “Men Of Action”, as opposed to those whose biases and preferences were for more verbal and abstract persuaders. Any mariner will explain that piloting a vessel-from small sailboat to large and complex ships-requires ACTION, DEEDS, DIRECT INVOLVEMENT AND INTERACTION with the adverse, the sea and weather, which if left to preponderance and wishful thinking and willy-nilly reliance of chance, means a certain terminal irreversible fate. In other words, Death.

      We are that mariner, the elements are steadily ripping and crashing into us, unabated and we are foundering. Our longitudinal responses have been weak, pitiable, inhibited, full of self-doubt, and guided by “Other Directedness”. That means out our cognitive tools are presumed to be external. What does the Scripture (script to follow like an actor) say? When is Jesus coming to save us? God will undertake righteous action while we sit on the front porch eating watermillion. Yo, lo, schmo, Judgement Day is coming and I-the meek-will inherit the earth. A burial plot.

      In the movie, Invasion USA, about Russians landing on a Florida beach and instigating terror, The Man of Action, Chuck Norris injects himself into the differential equation. Meanwhile, all the Regular Folk are crowed into a large cathedral, singing and praying for a miracle, a counter force von Himmel (maybe Thor or Zeus or Neptune, etc, etc. but SOMEONE ELSE, a surrogate, a warrior fervently requested by the slavery caste, which of course affirm that “killing is wrong” under any circumstances. The protagonist, a man of action, confronts the sociopaths and brutalizes them to oblivion. You will note that he does so with speed of dispatch, unhesitatingly, with little emotion. That is because, in this situation, there is no doubt that this evil is beyond mitigation, salvation, reason, appeal, or negotiation.

      Buddha recognized this recurring phenomenon in the Human Condition. Being the supreme inductive method surveyor and scientist, he realized that a soulless, unfeeling, simplex organism of mere reflex toward destruction must be destroyed first. I do not belief Christianity as a systematic and unequivocal codex, formally recognized and sanctioned a necessary response. Analogy: a rabid dog, a brain damaged run away murderous train.

      Finally, we have the quote: “As the adman for vintner Paul Masson said, “Serve no wine before its time.”
      I would like to add the “Serve no wine after its time, as it tends to turn into rancid swill or vinegar.

  11. Tim Heydon
    Tim Heydon says:

    Septimius Severus’s father was of Phoenician, ie of Semitic descent like the Carthaginians in North Africa, possibly with Berber admixture. His mother was an upper crust Roman whose family were Knights.

    He certainly wasn’t black. There is a story in the Augustan History of him whilst he was in Britain. He met a black man carrying a wreath and recoiled from him because his colour was ‘unlucky’.

    The Augustan History relates that unfortunately when he went to sacrifice in order to propitiate the gods and escape the possible consequences of this happenstance, the animals for sacrifice were also black.

  12. A Mayer
    A Mayer says:

    Thank you for an interesting article, Mr Langdon. It had me reaching for my old maths text book to see logarithms (Napier), differential calculus (Galileo), etc. In today’s problems examples, Mr Smith has been replaced sometimes with Mr Ahmed. Topical this week could be “If ten boats bring 1000 moslems across the English Channel, how many would one boat bring in one day in both cases?” Do not worry if you get it wrong, nevertheless you could one day become head of the UK border force or even Home Secretary.

  13. Ricardo Duchesne
    Ricardo Duchesne says:

    I stand to be corrected. This is certainly not an exhaustive list. Anyways, this list says that close to 100% of Greatest Mathematicians were European Men.

    Pierre de Fermat
    Évariste Galois
    Joseph-Louis Lagrange
    Erdős (J)
    Cantor (J)
    Gödel (Jewish wife, he was German)
    Daniel Bernoulli
    Ramanujan (India)
    John von Neumann (J)

    • Jimmy Williams
      Jimmy Williams says:

      Ah, but don’t forget the Kongo people of west Africa whose cosmological concept of mgumbi (I am not making this up) is “just like wave-particle duality in quantum mechanics, where a particle is a localised version of a non-local wave” according to Trinidad-born polymathic string-theorist and jazz-saxophonist, Professor Dr Stephon Alexander, President of the National Society of Black Physicists and founder NeXus group of young Black theoretical physicists, author of “Fear of a Black Universe” (New Scientist, September 11); Ibrahim Diallo; and of course the Ishango Bone which “proves” that the Negroes originated math, astronomy, philosophy, and even the ability to scratch lines on a baboon’s fibula.

      • Lucius Vanini
        Lucius Vanini says:

        Kindly name one black math theorem. And while you’re at it, name a black
        *ancient history book;
        *famous philosopher–or any philosopher pre-dating contact with Eurasians (specifically Arabians and Europeans);
        *technology important to the world;
        *Nobel Laureate for science;
        *actual system of writing–logographic and not ideographic.

        Negrocentrism (I reject the term “afrocentrism,” as it implies that Africa equates to black), which is mythology calculated to ease blacks’ understandable problems of racial self-esteem, is a hotbed of false claims of black achievement–e.g., that blacks built the Egyptian Civilization, that Latimer invented electric lights and the light bulb, that Henry Sampson invented the cell phone, etc., etc.

        I don’t credit any of your claims. Blacks originated NONE of the things you claim they did, I’m afraid. Not even peanut butter was invented by a black, notwithstanding the widespread notion that GW Carver invented it; the actual inventor was White man Marcellus Gilmore Edson (U.S. Pat. 306727) in 1884, 19 years before Carver is supposed to have invented it.

        The intellectual level of black Africa is evident from its history and its present. Relative to other regions on Earth, Sub-Sahara has been poor in civilization and science; and if we look at it over the last few centuries we see societies hardly beyond the Stone Age, while in a major country like today’s Uganda less than 1% of non-blacks (East Indians) account for 65% of Ugandan businesses and revenue (before their expulsion by Idi Amin, Indians–numbering about 50,000–owned 90% of businesses and accounted for 90% of the country’s revenue….).

        Without Whites, these physicists you mentioned never would’ve heard of physics. It’s funny that none of you negrocentrists ever name any black thinker or inventor pre-dating the Eurasian invasions and the black diaspora.

        If you’d wanted to mention history’s noted non-European mathematicians, you might’ve enumerated a bunch–but they’re Indians (India) and Chinese. THOSE societies did indeed rise to great scientific heights.

        • Jimmy Williams
          Jimmy Williams says:

          Poor Mr Vanini, immune to irony!
          Re-read my last sentence.
          I am quite well genned-up on Rushton, Baker, Lynn, Murray, Shuey, Coon, Lefkowitz, Kemp – and many others on my shelves.
          The “New Scientist” under its anti-racist feminist-woke management is more like a “modern”-woman’s mag with a bit of culinary or climate chemistry as a sideline.

          • Lucius Vanini
            Lucius Vanini says:

            JIMMY WILLIAMS–
            Well, the laugh is on me!

            Y’know, I spent years controverting negrocentrists in You Tube (once the freest forum where even death threats didn’t get one banned–I received a few): I argued with so many and doing so became so reflexive that as soon as I saw anything resembling negrocentric assertions I was on it like a mongoose on a cobra. Hence my inability to perceive your irony: I didn’t think your post (especially as it was by a “Jimmy Williams,” which didn’t seem much different from “Willie Washington”) warranted a more careful examination. Oh and you know, negrocentric nonsense isn’t completely unknown here: recently some idiot posted a lot of it under a TOO article, though I believe he’s White and in earnest. I answered him ironically (I’m not wholly a stranger to irony), pretending to have taken his assertions for jokes and saying why they were risible.

            In any case, the following, below, is what I wrote today in response to your reply, before I read the latter again and carefully. I leave it here to show how surly I soon become with negrocentrist dopes. And now I think I’ll go and wipe off some of this egg on my face.

            * * * * * * * * * * * * *
            Poor little Jimmy lol!

            Hey, it must KILL you to be so derivative even in peddling your negrocentric nonsense online! Using OUR Indo-European language full of OUR scientific and philosophic terminology; writing in OUR Roman Script; prating of sciences and other intellectual disciplines which OUR forebears either discovered or have brought to their farthest development; using the computer, invented by Charles Babbage (White); the Internet established by Vint Cerf (White); the World Wide Web, created by Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau (Whites)–all made possible by the harnessing of electricity by Alessandro Volta (White).

            It’s no wonder why you poor fellows must dream up mythologies as balms for your excruciating feelings of smallness and dependence vis-a-vis the White man, and typically focus on a remote, uncertain past in making your absurd claims. History, written history–what your lot never practiced until raised from total barbarism by Eurasians–is clear about the black record of intellectual/creative achievement. Ditto the observations of intellectuals in historical times. I NEEDN’T rely on European intellectuals here–Asian and African ones suffice: e.g., al-Jahiz (776-868 CE), Arabian scholar: “We know that blacks are the least intelligent and the least discerning of mankind, and the least capable of understanding the consequences of actions.” E.g., Ibn Khaldun (1332-1406 CE), Islamic scholar of Mediterranean (chiefly Caucasoid) Africa: “….beyond to the south there is no civilization in the proper sense. There are only humans who are closer to dumb animals than to rational beings….”

            For similar statements I can go on quoting Islamic intellectuals, and for dessert I can throw in Maimonides, Judaism’s most revered philosopher. Europeans didn’t invent THIS subject lol!

            What blacks excel in is no mystery. That they do NOT excel, nor EVER HAVE excelled, in things intellectual is among the clearest facts of existence. They’ve never been nearly so enlightened as they’ve been relatively recently, owing to their involuntary association with Europeans.

    • Al Ross
      Al Ross says:

      Thank you , Dr Duchesne .Your’ India’ in parenthesis might have been usefully narrowed down to ‘Brahmin’ .

      In 1991, pre internet days of course , the Times of India published an article , supposedly in support of Indian majority resentful sentiment about Brahmins , which told us that the reviled high caste members’ DNA was more closely related to Europeans than to that of their fellow Indian citizens.

    • Lucius Vanini
      Lucius Vanini says:

      You omitted Diophantus, the father of algebra. And his fellow Mediterranean-African Eratosthenes couldn’t have been a slouch where numbers are concerned, since he calculated the Earth’s circumference within 50 miles of the presently accepted figure!

      How about Charles Babbage, he of the first computer? And Hippasus, Hippocrates of Chios, Pacioli, Tartaglia, Pascal and his Hexagon Theorem? These are but a few of the other renowned Europeans.

      Yea, verily, the heritage of Europe is indeed impressive, and it’s no wonder that Europeans have drawn so much envy–the basis of the hatred of Whites, since no other civilization matches the humanitarian achievements of Europe and Euroamerica.

      But your including Ramanujan in your list puzzles me. That math genius was obviously an Asian, and less Indo-European-looking than Dravidian, if I well remember his face.

  14. Leon Haller
    Leon Haller says:

    (I got the last comment in under the wire on Andrew Joyce’s “Sleepwalking” thread, but now I see the comments there are closed. This needs to be recognized, so I am reposting here.)

    No one here can ever refute my contention that whites are evolutionarily maladapted. Most white genomes will go extinct in this century (at least as whites: either they will fail to reproduce at all, or they will miscegenate, and [some of] their genetic line will be carried into the future in nonwhite bodies). Over time, as white numbers shrink overall, racially strong whites (defined as those whites who wish to and do mate with other whites) will become preponderant. The problem is that they will also become increasingly physically vulnerable to exploitation, forced miscegenation, and outright extermination. We must be “good ancestors” by trying to leave them in as strong a position as possible. How can we do this? There is no other way than what I have been arguing since the public internet first arose: white preservationists must gather themselves into a small number of already sovereign nations, or, if Americans, into a handful of contiguous states, and then set a goal of eventual secession. Sam Francis’s old idea of white racial and cultural reconquest may already have been out of date a quarter century ago (as I thought at the time), but it sure is so today. Joyce is absolutely correct that whites as a race can only survive where we possess sovereign territory in which we are the majority (indeed, ultimately where we are the exclusive inhabitants). With our own nations, however small, we can develop ultra-capitalist, limited welfare state economies, and then earmark a huge portion of the ensuing high GDP to national (which would really be racial) defense. We can craft social and education policies with a view to their effects on racial survival. We can adopt pro-natalist tax regimes. We can devote resources to the scientific study of man, and especially eugenics, so as to breed up a superior white race (whites have always survived more by quality – think the 300 Spartans – than quantity, and this may have to be our way for centuries to come). But without territorial and political control of our collective destiny, we are doomed.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      Namaste, L. Haller>. I have said this so many times that I have lost count. To accomplish this is more doable than most believe. But it will require a broadening and wider scope of thinking, conceptualization than most are at this time capable of processing. Here’s a Jeopardy Question that provides a vector: What do Brown and Black people constantly demand, in their delusion perception of “oppression, exclusion, disparagement”? Hint:

      Give it to them and we will take ours, without firing a shot. Same with this ungrateful rabble:

      We have no leaders of any real capacity to lead to proposition, conceptualization and articulation. Almost any pretender is stuck on two step chess moves, and cliches that are threadbare and pure fantasy. In Asian martial arts, the fighter uses the other’s momentum and misplaced movements to his advantage. A “Christian Conscience” does not allow this, nor does it allow the very singular and essential techniques to secure a place of restoration and succor. Smile and sigh inwardly as the poison arrow pierces your heart that you did not allow yourself to hate, and beamed love and forgiveness toward those who couldn’t care less, and rejoice at you and yours extinction. After all, you’ll be at the head of the line to get into Paradise, you meek mousey, wimpy, solipsistic disgraceful failure.


      • TJ
        TJ says:

        There is a different population- the White Males of 1963 would not put up with this shit for ten minutes. This is undoubtedly due to chemical castration. “Philosopher” Bert Russell called for such castration in 1952- [paraphrasing] “diet INJECTIONS and injunctions will be combined to ensure that the powers that be cannot be challenged- it will be psychologically impossible.” [book Impact of Science on Society]

        A song from 1966- Hey Joe by the Leaves. Raw, unrestrained by Christianity, pure White aggression: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWv03Wgz0PQ

        “I guess I’ll go down to Mexico where a man can be FREE.”

      • Leon Haller
        Leon Haller says:

        Thank you for your reply. I’m not a role player in white preservation, nor a fantasist. I am very serious in my desire to prevent white enslavement and extinction. So I try to be as realistic as possible. That forces me to admit that whites are peculiarly susceptible to diversity propaganda, with vast numbers being hopeless (ie, not worth the time in trying to educate). We sane whites are being dragged down by these liberal fools. Our only path is to separate from them as well as nonwhites. How can we ever do that? The only hope is, first, by ingathering into either sovereign nation-states which are conquerable, or US states which could potentially be made sovereign; and then second, beginning the long, educative push for secession. Once we have become an electoral majority somewhere, and then have achieved sovereignty, we can begin to encourage nonwhite expatriation, and to develop a way of life in which white preservation is paramount. I see no other path on this finite and shrinking planet (where whites are shrinking the most alarmingly).

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          The “ingathering” of Whites perhaps should start in Idaho where they could be the first ones to start building a new and vastly improved civilization with the major cornerstone of the first foundational corner of it called

          {{{ The PRIME DIRECTIVE }}}

          for Humanity to thrive-n-survive beyond

          {{ The Solar TOTAL Extinction Event }}

          before it is too late .

          Please note __
          the establishment of an WN ethnostate does not preclude the existence of other ethnostates in the prospective new civilization since an ethnostate is not about and does not require the monopolization of all worldly resources ( includes people also … and land , money , oil , water , trees , bees , air , etc. ) .

  15. White Nation
    White Nation says:

    “consanguineous marriage lowers intelligence and breaks social cohesion.”

    Then why hasn’t it done so for Jews, the most inbred people on earth?

    Kevin Macdonald has shown how common Jewish uncle niece and cousin marriages are. And yet Jews have the highest median IQ among nations.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Jewish people do suffer all sort of terrible effects from their inbreeding. This is just a known fact. They suffer all sorts of terrifying mental problems. I wouldn’t envy them their wealth, or ‘success’ they are damned,
      Plus breeding in such a small gene pool appears to have left so many of them not just ugly, but physically repulsive in an off-the-charts way that makes many people’s skin crawl. What I mean is there is a sort of vampirish un-dead aspect of many older Jews(Soros, Schumer), or a kind of fanatic Satanic cruelty in their eyes(Jennifer Rubin).
      They also excel in sexual deviancy, fraud, and just all round ‘unlikable-ness’, to go with their infinite mental illnesses.
      As much as their misanthropy is installed into them by their parents as children, brutalised through deliberate trauma from all of their absurd atrocity propaganda anti-myths, if they weren’t made the way they were, they would simply stop doing this. Much like the way often the best mothers are those who had a rough childhood themselves, yes, some repeat the cycle, but it is at least as common to hear of mothers breaking it.
      This doesn’t seem to ever happen with Jews, they are terrified as children into believing the whole world hates them for no reason, and they all think this something they just must pass on to their own children. This is not normal.
      Lot’s of people think blacks are the benchmark for for bad genes, low IQ, can’t run a country etc, but they don’t do anything near as sick & twisted as this.
      Plus, blacks have so much going for them. Yes, it seems blacks cannot keep a modern civilisation going, whether with half an island, no enemies, and 200 years to do it, like in Haiti, or from a perfect start with everything built for them, like Zimbabwe, South Africa, or any other former colonial nation in Africa.
      But this isn’t really anything to feel bad about, we cannot feel smug, not when you compare it to things like white self-hatred & open treachery towards our own race. Blacks don’t plumb these weird depths.
      I’d take black humour, style, likeableness, strength, bravery and talent at sports & music over Jewish ‘strengths’ at money-hoarding, cruelty, subversiveness, political fanaticism, but most of all, the lack of honour that sticks out with Jews.
      When we imagine honour societies, we think of Afghanistan, but it was only a few hundred years ago the Scottish highlands were an honour clan society, plus when we were ruled in the West by Christian gentleman, the last generation being the one before the boomers, they were infused with honour.
      Who’s ever heard of honourable Jews? Their religion appears to explicitly forbit it.
      I don’t think we get it from Christianity, as Muslims, Buddhas etc all have it, as do pagans like native Americans. Though Christianity does at least encourage & nurture it, as it is the default nature of man and men.
      To forget about us for a moment, it really is a terrible thing for Jewish people that they have been stewing in a belief system that is, for all intents & purposes, a Luciferian revolt against nature, and everything that is true and good.
      Of course a people steeped in this will have major, major problems.
      It reminds me of the historical fact that when Jewish people were on the threshold of emancipation in Europe, and soon after, it was the Jews themselves who insisted that the *Jewish Question* be addressed. And it was considered anti-Semitism to ignore it. Now of course it’s bigoted to address it, (some things never change)but for their own and our sakes, and simply because it is such a fascinating subject, all right-wing people should be pushing to get this on the table again.
      Don’t like censorship? What was the original censorship? A gigantic mistake by our forbears was allowing this subject to be out-of-bounds.

        HUGO FUERST says:

        Can you help what YOUR face is like, Emicho?
        Only a few Ashkenazim are stuck with that reptilian grimace so easily caricatured in “Der Stuermer”, although it no doubt affects their psyche when they look in the mirror. How many men envy David Baddiel his locks? How many men fancy or how many women envy Jewish “babes” like Scarlett Johansson, Rachel Riley, Gwyneth Paltrow or even Ayelet Shaked?

        A “Luciferan revolt against nature” is a phrase out of Hitler’s compendium, and today it is more an impediment to an objective evaluation of the pros and cons of Jewish influences in modern society than an illumination.

          • HUGO FUERST
            HUGO FUERST says:

            @ Pierre de Craon a/k/a Chevalier August Dupin de nos jours
            Fancy HI-ding behind a pretentious Gallic “screen-name” to attack unconcealed constructive friends of white nations like Jared Taylor!

        • Al Ross
          Al Ross says:

          The best evaluation of Jewish influence in modern society may only be assayed , post – Exodus , when we Gentiles mourn / celebrate what we have lost to Israel’s Law of Return..

          UK’s loss minus the EU or Ireland’s minus British overlordship may meet the analogous case.

          Best airline security for Aliyah — El Al.

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            An anecdote anent your comment’s last two words. Fifty-plus years ago, when I was in the army—then as now, a place to avoid if Diversity wasn’t one’s cup of tea—I met a quite decent guy from the Midwest who, though he was far from being a fool, had had almost no experience of Jews. One day, in the course of a chat, it came to light that he thought that El Al was a Spanish airline. Why? Because he knew who El Cid was and innocently made the wrong extrapolation.

            If only …

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          Mr Hugo it’s not about MY looks, whether I am a faggoty looking male model, an A+ specimen of gruff masculinity or some fat ugly slob. It’s not about a ‘looks’ scale. That is not the point I was making, and you would have understood this if all that estrogen emotion didn’t rush into your brain and befuddle your thinking.(but I don’t want to get into an online slagging match with another dull boomer, it’s just too easy, the mod don’t like it and I taking less and less pleasure in justified cruelty to pompous morons as I age)
          The point was the other-worldly, the reptilian, the vampirish aspect(choose your metaphor, the point is the same) that Jews have and no other type of human being has. Typified by MP Anne Widdecombe’s famous comment about Micheal Howard that he had “something of the night about him”. Yeah, he’s a Jew. Everyone understood this immediately. Why is this then, in your opinion?
          Also add to that the more Jewish a person looks, the more physically repulsive to everyone else. This is just fact, everyone understands this. Whereas the more German someone looks, doesn’t at all correspond with how ugly they are, just how German they look. Same for Scottish, Russian, Arab, Chinese Japanese etc etc. If you say someone looks really Spanish, you aren’t commenting on his or her beauty at all. You tell me, why is it different for Jews, are they a different species?
          As for the good looking Jewish women you mentioned, do any of them actually LOOK JEWISH? Or just presumably good European genes? Name me some stunner that looks Jewish? If it can’t be done my point is proved.
          When you dwell in evil, it sticks to you. Happens to us whites like it happens to everyone. This evil eventually starts to effect the way you look. Does anyone actually doubt this, do you?
          And if Jewry/leftist isn’t a revolt against nature(child trannies, abortion, endless war, destruction of religion, uglfying art, ruining architecture, dumbing down education, drug pushing, degeneracy uber alles, etc etc) then what is it? Do you actually know anything about Talmudic Jews, or do you still think Jews read the Old Testament, like a good little goy?
          And “Hitlers compendium” contains more wisdom than you would produce in a million lifetimes. If you are under the impression Hitler=bad, you are a fool and in the wrong place. Goebbels also predicted our descent into this sick degeneracy even better than Hitler did, he just got the timeline wrong.

    HUGO FUERST says:

    Statements by Hitler and Goebbels describing the Jews as a biological enemy requiring extermination are not inventions; full quotations on request, moderator willing. Also relevant is Hitler’s admission to Horthy about their fate inside camps; the WW2 Einsatzgruppen were another issue. Statistics, logistics, technology and “survivor” statements are less conclusive, particularly with regard to “gas chambers”, because there has been a subsequent shared interest among Leftists, Zionists and commercial interests to fabricate, exaggerate and perpetuate the horror aspects.
    The arguments for a Jewish “national home” in Palestine or elsewhere long preceded the NSDAP which Hitler joined over 20 years after Herzl’s “Jewish State” was published. There is no question that Israel uses the WW2 experience to deter criticism.

  17. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    Hugo Fuerst, Oscar Wilson, Ned Casper—and how many other yet-undetected identities?

    These are all the same person. What’s more, it appears from a careless but highly revealing comment made under the Fuerst identity that he or she either is a Moderator at this site or at the very least has access to what goes on behind TOO’s scenes. This is a conflict of interest that amounts to a morally compromising level of crypsis.

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