The Great Russian Restoration I: The Purge of the Liberal Media and Rumblings of Economic Nationalization 

The Great Russian Restoration II: The Social Media Purge and the Birth of “Russian Internet Sovereignty”
The Great Russian Restoration III: Draining the Ukrainian Political Swamp 
The Great Russian Restoration IV: The State of Opposition Nationalist Politics in Russia

There have been multiple overviews of the situation in Ukraine from former government officials, former military officers and veteran Russia watchers over the last month. Most of them present a fairly accurate macro-picture of the situation and include the proper basics with which to form an accurate analysis of the current conflict. NATO expansion, broken promises, pipelines with Germany, Neocon animus and so on are all certainly necessary to understand the larger political “context” in which the events are occurring.

Others have focused on the actual day-to-day analysis of the conflict, doing their best to piece together the speed and direction of the Russian advance and the tactics being employed by both sides. Unfortunately, the people trying to provide sober macro and micro analyses of the conflict are a distinct minority, completely dwarfed by those promoting the political narrative of NATO, and to a lesser extent, the official line of the Russian Federation. There is enough material out there for people to make up their own minds about which political narrative to get invested in, and I don’t believe that I can add anything of value to the conversation by rehashing what has already been said in the attempt to convince those who have already made up their minds on the topic.

But few have mentioned or analyzed the rapid changes that are occurring within Russian society on the administrative, ideological and social levels. Who can blame them? Perhaps this is because these changes are occurring so quickly and the Grad showers followed by the red-orange hues of the after-blast have captivated the attention of the internet. War is an incredible thing to witness and we can now see it unfold from the safety of our internet devices as its uploaded to Twitter and Telegram faster than we can keep up with it. At this point, even though I personally have an intimate knowledge of the territory on which the war is being waged, it has become difficult to keep track of who captured what, advanced where and hit what target. I can only imagine the informational overload for the average Westerner trying to keep track and keep score.

But just as impressive as the smoking ruins of a Ukrainian jet or a BTR column is the stunning news that “Echo Moscow” has been shot down as well. To those that do not know, Echo Moscow is the NPR or perhaps even New York Times equivalent in Russia. In other words, it is the leading liberal opposition media outlet that has promoted the neoliberal political line in Russia since its inception in 1990 and its vocal support for the neoliberal President Boris Yeltsin. At the time, the political situation was in flux, with USSR hard-liners staging a half-hearted, poorly-planned coup to attempt to salvage the USSR against the “liberal reformers” who had decided to detonate the project. From that point onwards, Echo Moscow supported the work of the reformers, whose names are probably well-known to most Russia-watchers (Chubais, Gaidar, Yeltsin, etc.) who famously sold off state assets for pennies on the dollar to Jewish gangsters and Western companies, creating a system of oligarchic control and a massive, country-wide looting operation that has still, to this day, not fully been shut down.

When, on March 1st, Echo Moscow was shut down by Roskomnadzor (the Russian media watch body), this should have sent shockwaves around the world. It would, perhaps, almost be the equivalent of the Democratic Party shutting down Fox News in the United States. Alexei Venediktov, the editor-in-chief (Jewish) of the organization since its inception, is a veritable icon of the Liberal idea in Russia. But the shutdowns didn’t stop there. Dozhd (Rain), which was a media project aimed at indoctrinating the millennial crowd with SJW ideas, was closed down as well. Tikhon Dzyadko (Jewish), the chief editor, fled the country. The Village, a similar self-described “hipster” project, was closed down as well. Meduza, a media project that mostly transcribed Vice op-eds word for word, had to flee to Riga last year. The Radio Free Europe affiliate in Russia also had to relocate from Moscow to Kiev last year—a poor choice in retrospect. Finally, the Novaya Gazeta (New Gazette), run by none other than Gorbachev himself (nominally), is almost certainly next on the chopping block.

Naturally, most of these media projects are run by Jews and promote the same neoliberal agenda that their cousins in the West promote. And, as victims of the Liberal Occupation Government, we should all understand that Liberal Democracy cannot function without Liberal institutions, of which the media is certainly one of the most important. The media’s role, after all, is to shape political narratives and to outline the acceptable parameters of political discourse. It is the Liberal media that decides what is reasonable, desirable and moral and, of course, what is extremist, hateful and unethical. The Liberal media’s self-appointed job is to decide what should be shut out of civil discourse either through soft or hard methods of censorship.

As such, the implications of Russia shutting down a powerful Liberal institution like the media should be clear to anyone paying attention, but I will elaborate so that there is no confusion about what this means. In simple words: Russia is moving away from the political model of Liberal Democracy and moving back to the traditional Russian political model of Nationalism/Authoritarianism.

But the media is not the only key pillar supporting Liberal Democrat political system— the Oligarchs who finance the media are certainly no less important. Generally, as a rule, the business class of any country since the time of the ancient Greeks supports liberal policies. Granted, there have historically been economically nationalist business elites in places like Germany and even individual titans of industry like Ford in America who have promoted nationalist politics and economic protectionism. But these appear to be the exception, not the rule. Business oligarchs tend to support migrant labor, less government oversight, and political parties who support political measures that will enable these companies to pay less taxes, access international financial markets and to stash their own money in overseas banks. They then invest in skilled ideologists who propagandize the business interests of this caste and cloak it in moral rhetoric. No doubt we have all by now heard quite a bit about the sanctity of the free market, we’ve been morally assuaged by businesses flying BLM and LGBTQRCODE flags, and we accept that the routine buying and selling of politicians by lobbyists in Washington is just part and parcel of the democratic process.

The best example of the tight alliance between the oligarchs and the liberal media in Russia is the aforementioned “Echo Moscow,” which was supported by Gazprom, a quasi-government monopoly company run by Alexey Miller (German/Jewish), who also supported many other liberal political and cultural projects with Russian gas money. This has now come to an end. Gazprom’s media arm has cut funding to Venidiktov’s operation, which has led to much kvetching and the threat of a lawsuit on the part of the Echo Moscow team. Remember: the Echo Moscow media project was majority owned and financed by Gazprom. Meanwhile, Venediktov has openly declared that he is the victim of political repression and that the screws were tightened on Gazprom by Putin himself. There is no reason to believe that he is particularly off-base with his assessment.

Now, the Deep State in the West understands this political situation very well and they have always placed their bets on the Russian oligarchs being able to overthrow Putin and his “siloviki” (military/security people) in the long-run. The formula was simple: support the interests of the big business liberal elite and their media projects to rile the Russian people up and to eventually effect a Maidan-type coup to overthrow the government and install a pro-Western regime. If this sounds familiar, it’s probably because the plan for Russia sounds a lot like the plan for Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan and many other states that have had color revolutions in the recent past.

Here, it is worth mentioning another key component of the plan: the nationalists.

In Russia and most of the FSU, the nationalists aligned themselves with the liberals and worked to provide the muscle to form a “taran” (a ram—their words) against which to batter down the gates of the Kremlin. If this is starting to sound familiar… well, frankly, it should all be starting to become quite clear at this point. Once you know the playbook of the Western Deep State, it’s quite easy to see through the ideological smokescreen and the high-minded rhetoric to see what’s really happening behind closed doors. Many prominent nationalists in Russia declared themselves the sworn enemies of Putin and promoted a form of “National-Liberalism” or “National-Democracy” that allowed them to ideologically justify their alliance (and salaries) from oligarchs like the Ukrainian Kholomoisky and marching together with the Liberal opposition against Putin. I plan to come back to the Russian nationalists and the positive recent changes that have occurred in their camp in another article in the near future. It was simply necessary to briefly touch on them and their role to provide an overview of the political situation in Russia.

All in all though, the Deep State’s plan still very much remains in force.

However, recent events have proven that Putin, who seemed content to allow the situation to fester in a state of political stalemate for the last 20 years, has decided to move against this Liberal faction. He has been helped along by the recent economic attacks of the West. The sanctions targeting Russia’s oligarchs seemed intended to poke and prod them into action—to force them to organize politically to demand that Putin accede to the West’s demands so that their hidden stashes of money and their lines to Western credit wouldn’t be seized. And as we can see now, the business class in Russia is clearly feeling the pressure as a result of Western sanctions and Putin has decided to apply his own pressure on these oligarchs, effectively serving as the anvil to the west’s hammer. We now have Dmitry Medvedev, the former President and Prime Minister, testing the political waters and openly talking about a sweeping economic nationalization program. To even utter such words would have been unheard of a month ago, as it would be a violation of the detente that the Putin and the Liberal Oligarch faction had maintained for the better part of the last two decades. In contrast, patriots of all stripes and colors in Russia, whether they be communists, centrists, Putinists or even many un-bought nationalists, have been calling for this measure since the disastrous fallout from the privatization campaign of the 90s under the Yeltsin administration became readily apparent.

To reiterate: we now see active measures being taken by Putin’s administration to shut down the Liberal media and to strip the enemy oligarchs of their assets. In practice, this will mean the government taking greater control of key industries and Putin putting his people in charge of them. The end result should look quite similar to the Chinese model, which Putin has often praised before in the past for its ability to defend national interests and promote economic projects that are in line with the government’s own stated goals. This synthesis between the state and big business has been defined by Marxists in the 70s as the agreed upon textbook definition of Fascism even though it was practiced by Monarchies, Communist states, National Socialist states and literally every single nation state in history during times of war or economic crisis. We will have more to discuss on this front as the days go by, but there is little reason to believe that Medvedev is bluffing on this front. With Russia squarely facing down NATO, the country will be forced into adopting a war economy, and that necessarily means a greater integration of the state and big business, with disloyal elements in the business class almost certainly put on a purge shortlist.

But there is certainly more in the works that will become readily apparent in the days and weeks that follow.

In just one week, Russian civil society has been shaken to its core:

Lines are being drawn between traitors and loyalists within workplaces, universities, and at the bazaar.

The Duma may not survive in its current state for long.

Martial law is being openly discussed.

Talk of QR codes and implementing the 2030 agenda in place like Moscow and St. Petersburg has all but been abandoned.

Liberals are boarding planes and heading for Georgia, Armenia, Turkey and Riga (another poor choice, perhaps).

Central Asian migrants are being deported in droves and many are fleeing of their own volition.

If the 90s saw a new, Liberal Democratic Oligarchy emerge from the chaos of the last days of the Soviet Union, then the 2020s are shaping up to be the death knell of that old political order. Russia is going through yet another political metamorphosis right before our very eyes.

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  1. Christopher Caudill
    Christopher Caudill says:

    Putin and his guys have now decided to ride or die. When he was the new President, Putin floated Russia joining NATO to Bill Clinton; he tried to develop a partnership with George W. Bush after 9/11; he hoped to come to some kind of understanding with the West that would preserve Russian security and allow for economic growth. The West essentially gave him the finger, and his 2007 Munich speech marked the end of Putin’s attempts to get along. The seizure of the Crimea in 2014 and support for Donbass, and the move into Syria, made this new attitude clear enough to anyone not suffering from terminal-stage Russophobia. And now the Ukrainian question is being solved. The Russian Orthodox worldview at the core of Putin’s policies is ultimately incompatible with the degeneracy and incompetence of the contemporary West. Those who wish to be free of the “Globohomo” monster juggernaut that poisons our societies and destroys what is beautiful in our cultures should pray for Russia’s victory – victory over enemies foreign and domestic.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      A very fine comment, Christopher. Your last sentence says it all.

      It is worthwhile noting that Western MSM is totally silent in regard to Zelenskyy’s questionable sexuality as well as the fact that he supports free abortions and legalized prostitution, to name a few. Under him and his fellow ilk Ukraine has become the world’s foremost state for money laundering and child trafficking.

      Americans tend to forget Burisma and Hunter Biden et al rather quickly, don’t they?

      • Robin
        Robin says:

        In the Ukraine national movements destroyed brothels, i been keeping up with ukraine for 8 years nonstop and writing like this is rubbish, you cant label it nationalism and Liberal in Ukraine as everyone loves their country and history in away in which i never saw or felt here in the UK, as 80 percent of Russian history is in fact from ukraine but, but being more left in Ukraine had some elements of the left over here but noth
        nothing like what it is, many with billions funded far right in Russia which influenced Swedish or British and German far right movements, people in the west are clueless but this written here is nearly getting there lol

    • Seraphim
      Seraphim says:

      @Putin and his guys have now decided to ride or die.

      It is rather ”We came, we saw, they died”.

  2. Marcus
    Marcus says:

    Worthwhile read.
    Can anyone tell me which banks and oligarchs are being sanctioned and which are not? I don’t think I can claim to understand what’s really going on here until I know that.

  3. Salcio
    Salcio says:

    This war is a tragedy for Russia as well.
    Putin had time and money to try to modernize the country.
    Instead, he chose to re-create Soviet Empire.
    Russia can not win war on Ukraine.
    It can only kill many thousand and occupy Ukraine but the cost will be prohibitive.
    And, as this article plays up – internally for Russia it means turning into closed, totalitarian state.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      If you are too young to remember that aberrant pop group THE PUSSY RIOTS, look them up by all means. They forced their extreme left ” art ” on the congregation of a Moscow Orthodox Church, were forcibly ejected and hopefully prosecuted.

      Why would a nation’s leader countenance the methodical destruction of his country, particularly while having the example of the total destruction of America before his eyes. From class room to Presidency – with identical perpetrators.

      Pussy Riots is only a minor affair, but exemplary; of course the political aspects predominate. Russia, in my opinion, today still has the world’s foremost high culture, as of old, as well as folk culture. All incentivized by the state and a gratified vast audience. [ Including me ].

      Why throw that civilization away and allow it to be replaced by western gangsterism, jewish oligarchs, western bio labs, child trafficking and prostitution rings.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        …” western gangsterism, jewish oligarchs, western bio labs, child trafficking and prostitution rings.”

        Those all are precisely the predatory/parasitical operations , sponsored by the chosenhite jewmasterss , either on the host corpse known as the USA or on the soon to be host corpse known as “the world” .

    • Eric Novak
      Eric Novak says:

      Putin’s stated objective is to destroy the Ukrainian military and the government. This requires occupation only as long as both of those objectives are met. That he would incorporate Ukraine into the Russian republic is ridiculous.

    • Lucius Vanini
      Lucius Vanini says:

      No, Putin CAN “win a war on Ukraine.” He can effect regime change as surely as the USA did in Iraq, and all the more easily because Ukraine is next-door, not thousands of miles off. OF COURSE it will cost him something. You think he didn’t know that?

      People who blame Russia for doing what any great power would do if a hostile alliance were to expand to that power’s border, are people who compulsively view Russia as an enemy, basically because it’s not a member of the club. Globalists, e.g., Soros, are certainly among them–and THEY are our enemies too, far worse than Putin..

      This tragedy is USA/NATO’s fault. Everyone from Kissinger to Dementia Joe’s William Burns has warned, for decades, that NATO’s expansion eastward would lead to crisis. That Russia hasn’t gone to war already because of NATO’s inclusion of the Baltic States–they are on Russia’s northwest border–seems to bespeak more than ordinary restraint.

      If a Russian- or Chinese-led anti-USA alliance threatened to expand to Canada or Mexico, the same Americans who condemn Putin would be clamoring for U.S. military intervention. And how is it that the USA can laudably have a Monroe Doctrine, and laudably threaten nuclear war to deny Russian deployment of missiles in Cuba (remember?), while Russia can’t defend its own sphere of influence without Putin being a war criminal? Russia won’t accept this double standard, nor should they.

      None of this makes Putin an unqualified good guy. It only makes USA/NATO a badder guy than he is.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      “internally for Russia it means turning into closed, totalitarian state.”
      ‘Totalitarian’ is an over-used word. China isn’t totalitarian. Nazi Germany wasn’t totalitarian. Fascist Italy wasn’t. Neither was the USSR after the 1950’s.
      Only tyrannical Jewish rule based on how the Rabbis ran their domains in medieval Europe is properly ‘totalitarian’, in that it is obsessed with absolutely every aspect of your life, politicises EVERYTHING, and doesn’t even allow the thoughts in your head to be your own.
      The idea that Chinese people, Russians or Germans, or Italians(!) of all people, have the psychological intensity, or even the desire, to implement such a thing is absurd.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        ” Only tyrannical Jewish rule based on how the Rabbis ran their domains in medieval Europe is properly ‘totalitarian’, in that it is obsessed with absolutely every aspect of your life, politicises EVERYTHING, and doesn’t even allow the thoughts in your head to be your own.”

        Superb observation .

        Incredulously , most of contemporary Christianity has capitulated to Rabbinical Talmudic Judaism .

      • Lucius Vanini
        Lucius Vanini says:

        TRAVIS R–
        If Putin wants more rather than less buffer between Russia and NATO (the Baltic States, NATO members, are already on the northwest border, though perhaps in a less strategic position), he won’t want to annex Ukraine but will desire a friendlyish or neutral Ukraine—otherwise he WILL have that added exposure to NATO, from Poland.

        I think Putin is wise enough to prefer more buffer.

    • ariadna
      ariadna says:

      — “This war is a tragedy for Russia as well.”
      No. The war is a hardship for Russia but a tragedy of Ukraine, one of its own making. The destruction of the US and European economies by the globalist cabal will be a tragedy falsely attributed to Russia/Putin.
      — “Putin had time and money to try to modernize the country.”
      And, despite endless hostile obstacles thrown in his path by the West, much to the chagrin of his enemies, he did restore the Russian economy and resuscitate Russia’s national dignity and pride. But maybe you mean something else by “modernizing?” LGBTetc?
      –“Instead, he chose to re-create Soviet Empire.”
      Spouting a propaganda slogan based on no evidence whatsoever makes what would have been just an all-wrong comment laughable.
      — “Russia can not win war on Ukraine.
      It can only kill many thousand and occupy Ukraine but the cost will be prohibitive.”
      It can and it will, although due to its efforts to avoid civilian casualties (never a concern when Iraq, Libya, Serbia, or Palestine were/are bombed) it will take more time.
      Russia has no interest in occupying and then supporting a failed state robbed by mostly Jewish oligarchs into making it the poorest country in Europe. THAT cost would truly be prohibited and pointless.
      — “And, as this article plays up – internally for Russia it means turning into closed, totalitarian state.”
      I have to at least partly concede this point to you: only a totalitarian state could oppress the homosexuals, pedophiles and “trans” so that they cannot be in charge of educating children from kindergarden on. Only a totalitarian state could prosecute feminists for simply exercising their free speech by urinating in the national cathedral and insulting the worshippers.

  4. James J O'Meara
    James J O'Meara says:

    One of the most important things I learned as a graduate student (thanks to Larry Powers of Wayne State) was that most or all arguments involve ambiguity or equivocation.

    Thus, how can Ukraine be “Nazi”? It’s run by Jews! But this seems strange only because in the West, WWII is defined as “the war to save the Jews.” In Russia, WWII was the “Great Patriotic War” against the anti-Slav Germans. So to Putin, Ukraine, the tool of the anti-slav NWO, is “nazi”

    In this article two other concepts are clarified. The tiresome Leftist claim that “fascism is the union of state and big business” assumes the Leftist idea of “big business” as being part of the NWO. The “fascism” of Putin, like FDR’s, is the union of loyal patriotic businesses with their own nations.

    And “nationalism”: for Ukraine, “nationalism” means being a servant of the NWO. The Russian “nationalists” Putin opposes assume the “nation” will be a neoliberal, “free market” government that will let them enrich themselves. Putin’s “nationalism” is, as said above, simply how every sound, healthy nation functions: if left alone to determine its own destiny: eg. China or NS Germany.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Assuming we mean ‘fascist’ in the political sense and not what people normally mean, which is just ‘uber-authoritarian’, I don’t think the merging of state and big business is all that bad a description.
      It just depends on who’s in power when the merger happens. A patriot like Mussolinni in Italy, Hitler in Germany, or Franco in Spain, or devil-worshipping Jewish gangsters like today’s West.

  5. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    Thanks for your timely, little known information.

    Putin is probably more interested in his country’s and his peoples’ legacy than his own. Given his age and his own vulnerability, he is aware that the minute hand on the clock is one minute before midnight. Never mind numerous commitments made to him over decades, he is conscious that his and our oligarchs habitually make moral free end runs around all agreements, using them as toilet tissue.

    In other words, now or never.

    Time permitting, please tell us why Z is still alive while bragging about his intention to remain at his post, [ like a real Ukrainian ] in spite of his certain knowledge, that P has him scheduled for assassination.

    A 65 year old Russian housewife, keeping an eye on his momentary location, could phone it in to the nearest Russian missile launcher, for a whole barrage. Inconsistent, to understate it.

  6. Samer
    Samer says:

    Unfortunately for Ukraine, its current prime minister is of a non-Slavic Jewish background. I think if the prime minister belonged to the Ukrainian Slavic majority, he would have had less hatred for Russia, and therefore he would have followed a policy of balancing between Russia’s interest and the interest of the West.

  7. bruno
    bruno says:

    On FOX, around 17:22, an ignorant gal, who knows zero, zilch on Slavic Europe, who had been a judge, said that “Zelinskyy, no matter what happens in history is a great man, like Churchill…” Zs control the Western media. This recent conflict has provided a lesson pertaining to the molding of what the masses should believe. It is truly amazing how far they have propagated their dishonesty.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Zelenski’s speech to the British ‘Parliament’ was the most cringe thing I’ve ever seen in my life. The rip-off Churchill stuff was too much. My friend said the exact same thing. But the standing ovation he was given at the end was perhaps even worse(clapping is supposed to be forbidden in Parliament), not to mention the gay little Ukraine flags all the morons wore.
      What a mess British politics is. It’s chamber now no more represents the people or independent thought, than any of those ridiculous potkimon parliments we set up for the blacks when we skedaddled from Africa.

  8. Gary
    Gary says:

    Simplification?…Tuesday, February 28, 2012 In the domestic arena, he writes, a focus on legality will help Russia avoid its “recurring problem” of straining for “sudden change” and promote “well thought-out, considered reforms.” In his article entitled “Democracy and the Quality of Government,” he emphasizes this point with a quote from a late Tsarist constitutional thinker, Pavel Novgordtsev, who warned that “the proclamation of liberty and universal suffrage” do not “magically” lead to democracy but instead toward “oligarchy or anarchy.” Mr. Putin therefore demands that the opposition employ “democratic” – and here he means state-sanctioned – means for change. To encourage this kind of lawful dispute resolution, he proposes expanding the rights of public organizations to sue government officials and publicizing court proceedings. He also argues that the Russian state should act in a law-based manner. The Russian government almost collapsed in the 1990s, he argues, by yielding to “the temptation of illusions” and a lawless “fortune favors the brave” attitude. But since his rise to power in 2000, adherence to clear rules of the game has helped secure Russia’s stable development in a “democratic, constitutional manner.” Adherence to the law, he argues, must continue or Russia’s democratic development will be put at risk. Vladimir Putin and the Law vs. the Western lawyer oligarchs style “democracy”…August 6, 2007 Q: What’s the basis of the opposition to anything but self-regulation? A: The ideological underpinning is that a fundamental responsibility of the legal profession is to help citizens fight the state. It’s an important offsetting influence to the power of the state, and therefore cannot be regulated by the state because then it will tend to become subservient to it. I just simply reject that. There are all kinds of ways you could ensure independence when it matters, and there are all kinds of ways you could get advice from lawyers without giving them the final say over what happens. And in any event, lawyers only regulate themselves pursuant to legislation that is passed by provincial legislatures, which they could change tomorrow. MacLean’s Magazine Lawyers are Rats written by Philip Slayton…Is this any different with the oligarchs, including the lawyer Putin, within Russia?…Jun 30, 2016 The US has a dubious distinction among advanced industrialized nations: We have the highest share of lawyers in our national legislature. We also have the highest share of income going to the top 1 percent. Coincidence. There are too many lawyers in politics. Here’s what to do about it. By Lee Drutman. And the setting of the legal threshold for the rest of the Earth?…Nov 25, 2013 So why is it important that we have a multitude of desperate law school graduates and many more politically ambitious rich than 30 years ago? Past waves of political instability, such as the civil wars of the late Roman Republic, the French Wars of Religion, and the American Civil War, had many interlinking causes and circumstances unique to their age. But a common thread in the eras we studied was elite overproduction. The other two important elements were stagnating and declining living standards of the general population and increasing indebtedness of the state. Elite overproduction generally leads to more intra-elite competition that gradually undermines the spirit of cooperation, which is followed by ideological polarization and fragmentation of the political class. This happens because the more contenders there are, the more of them end up on the losing side. Another Reason to Hate Lawyers: They’re Destroying American Society

    • Gerry
      Gerry says:

      What a great comment on lawyers! A keeper! Thank you very much!
      Law doesn’t work the Bible makes this abundantly clear! It was just meant to be a schoolmaster. What is ultimately needed is this circumcision of the heart by God’s Spirit! Short of that the Human Race will never find peace!!! Never!!!

      Again thank you Gary


  9. John D. Alder
    John D. Alder says:

    I hope to see Russia humiliate Biden ,the deep state, the World Economic Forum and NATO and for that day I have a bottle of Russian Standard Vodka to make myself a celebratory bloody mary .

  10. Nat
    Nat says:

    Bravo Putin. Thank God a white Christian has woken up to the Judeo-Globohomo Bolshevism. We are dealing with Jewish supremacists masking themselves with the face of social justice warriors. Wrong. Jews are in this for themselves an only themselves. They want white people Ethnically Cleansed. I can’t wait until Poland, Hungary, the rest of the Visegrad and many other countries join Russia in a holy war against the Satanic Jews and their Freemason and Leftist intersectional allies. All Zionists are traitors to freedom, liberty, national security and democracy. Thank God for Putin.

  11. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    The East Europeans of the Jewish Faith, who are not the children of Israel, hate Russia. They murdered millions of Christian Russians and blamed the mass murders on the Communists, especially Stalin.
    Some of my relations in the USSR were opposed to this, and although they were faith Jews. they had to watch their children being tortured to death before they were tortured to death.
    The faith Jews murdered the good Jews as well as the Christians.
    I was accepted by a Rabbi and the faith Jews call me a Jew.
    They are descended from converts, so I call them converts.
    We, sorry, they loath all gentiles, especially Americans.
    I detest Israel and Zionism and the East Europeans who are invading Palestine should be in grubby shops in Poland.
    What does CUFI (Crackpots united for Idiots) have to say about this?

  12. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Thank you Rolo for a very well written report on the situation in Russia. I pray for both the people of Russia and the Ukraine everyday but I do hope that Putin prevails. It seems that the globalists want Russia since it is strongly patriotic, nationalistic, and Christian.

    I look forward to your next report.

  13. Frontier Psychiatrist
    Frontier Psychiatrist says:

    Many say that Ukraine is the West’s fault, but Russia has been twice caught building covert military bases in Finland to be used during or prior to an invasion, and they regularly probe Finnish air defenses and probably do a lot of other things the public doesn’t hear about. So even if a neighbor has no disputes or complications with them, Russia is still itching for a war. Their talk of “denazifying” Ukraine, bringing them back into the Russian fold because they’re somehow not a real country, and even claiming that Ukraine is going to use WMDs against them, just sounds to me like they don’t actually have any defensible reasons for the invasion (their last visit to Finland was also done under false pretenses). Likewise, America hasn’t had any good reasons for its own military campaigns, and China has no good reasons for anything it does or threatens to do. It’s all just cringe.

    The idea that Zelensky was installed by a Western coup or color revolution comes straight from Putin. He thought he was going to roll in easily and be greeted as a liberator, because Ukrainians love Russia and would never support someone like Zelensky. Oops. Maybe Ukraine remembers Holodomor better than Putin does, and doesn’t want to be part of his neo-Soviet fantasies.

  14. B. Smith
    B. Smith says:

    Putin could have told the truth (about World War Jew point 2, Russian complicity with their jew-masters in genociding Ukrainians (a holy-hoax that really happened), in preparing to subjugate all of Europe until the Germans pre-empted their attack, in betraying the white race by helping Jews falsify the holyhoax, for murdering all those German POWs and Civilians after the war, for raping all those women ages 8 to 80, etc. etc.), he could have told the truth and shamed the (jew and shabbos), devils.

    Instead he remains a Jew-blind Jew-pet and follows their script to murder even MORE Ukrainians while attempting the continued enforcement of Jew-lies and Russian delusions of virtue and grander.

    Now the world knows that the Russian army is a sick joke, incapable of winning against white men who are fighting for their folk, only capable of “victory” by destroying cities and murdering civilians, by threating to nuke the nuke-less (how very “responsible” of them), or by getting “Russian” Jews to make a deal with “Ukrainian” Jews to betray the Ukrainians they mis-rule (after stealing the mis-rulership from a Russian stooge back in 2014).

    It is a Jewish play with the same old punch line (the goyim die):

    Act 1: Use Goyim-West to steal the Aryan-Cradle (Ukraine).
    Act 2. Use Goyim-East to try and steal it back.
    Act 3. “Make Peace” (i.e. call off the shabbo-dogs), and re-confiscate the Russian assets Jews don’t already still control.

    Until Russia stops lying and faces up to its crimes against the white race it cannot be the savior of the white race.

    And judging by how the good-goy Putin is following the Jew-script Russia can’t even save itself.

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