The Great Russian Restoration II: The Social Media Purge and the Birth of “Russian Internet Sovereignty” 

As most serious analysts have admitted already, it has become abundantly apparent that the Ukrainian army was no match for Russia. The front has steadily advanced from the south, the north and the east, with a “cauldron” steadily forming around the most battle-ready Ukrainian units deployed in the east along the frontline of the DNR. Several cities have been surrounded, several Ukrainian politicians have been assassinated for holding talks with the Russians, and perhaps several million Ukrainians have been dislocated because of the war. It hasn’t been all smooth sailing by any means. The Russian Army was wildly optimistic about the Ukrainians seeing reason and quickly surrendering. This led to several flying columns sent ahead into Ukrainian-held territory without any air or artillery support getting themselves into trouble and eventually, around the 5th of 6th day of the war, the big guns having to be brought out.

There’s so much to talk about and analyze around this situation, from the hysterical and nonsensical propaganda promoted by the Ukrainian government, the “Blue Checkha” on Twitter and the death threats against Vladimir issued by prominent members of Con Inc, to the confused and contradictory statements coming from NATO countries.

Once again, while I do not disagree with the seasoned Russia-watcher’s critiques of NATO’s aggressive moves against Russia and the calls for negotiation and de-escalation, I can only shake my head and laugh at this point at the futility of the exercise. Politicians, analysts, generals and even a few honest journalists here and there have been calling for restraint for years in the West. Despite this, the agenda has inexorably marched forward, undeterred. Will a 2015 lecture by John Mearsheimer on YouTube really change the views of the Neocon Occupation Government? To ask the question is to answer it. We are looking at a real, genuine showdown between NATO and Russia and few are as blasé about the prospects of yet another all-out war in Europe as they were 2 weeks ago. We should adjust our predictions and analyses going forward according.

I do want to return to the topic of this series of essays and leave the other topics of international geopolitical strategy, diplomacy and military to the professionals who have written and based their careers around them. What should be most relevant for dissidents in the West are the sweeping changes occurring within Russia as a result of the war, the sanctions and the political upheaval that is occurring.

In my previous article, the discussion started with the closure of prominent flagship Liberal-Oligarchic news outlets and media projects. Since then, several more have been shot down and banned in Russia. These smaller ones differ only in the scope of their operation and not in their content or the people who ran them. The media, in Russia, like in much of the White world, is predominantly run and funded by Jews, but there is a small caveat to be considered because of the undeniable power of the Armenians in the media as well. RT and Sputnik are both controlled by the Armenian diaspora. Armenia itself is a complex topic, and is worth briefly touching on here as well. Despite being totally dependent on Russia for its security from hostile neighbors, the Armenians and the Armenian diaspora in particular has made the dangerous game of biting the hand that feeds it a sort of national pastime. In Yerevan, the liberal, pro-West camp runs the city and is lavishly funded by the similarly pro-West diaspora and has been welcoming Russian liberals (who are now fleeing Moscow and St. Petersburg in droves) with open arms. This is also true of Tbilisi, Georgia, which is another preferred destination of Moscow’s second sons and daughters, the spoiled brats of the nomenklatura, who rent out their apartments in the center of the Russian capital to AirBnB tourists while they form their hipster commune-in-exile and sip Georgian wine in the old town.

Margarita Simonyan, the editor-in-chief of RT and Sputnik, has often made clear her disdain for Russian patriots and nascent feelings of Russian nationalism, going so far as to say that should nationalists ever come to power, she and her friends would be hung in the streets. As recently as the fall of 2021, she was calling anti-vaxxers in Russia enemies of the state and frothing at the mouth for them to be arrested or… well, perhaps hung in the streets as well. Despite this dubious track record, she has managed to stay on the Kremlin’s good side by toeing the right line on foreign policy and taking shots at the West’s blatant hypocrisy vis-a-vis Russia whenever she appeared on the late night political talk shows hosted by the state channels. However, because of her own ideological convictions and perhaps because of her Armenian cosmopolitanism, she has not platformed genuine dissident voices on either RT or Sputnik, preferring to interview washed-up old lefties and Bernie Sanders-types instead. The furthest to the right that Margarita has proven herself willing to go is to platform Ron Paul. This hasn’t stopped the West from stopping and detaining Sputnik Lithuania’s editor-in-chief Marat Kasem (Armenian) and Turkey from detaining Sputnik Turkey’s Mahir Boztepe (probably Armenian) as well. Meanwhile, Telegram, the favored method of communication and proselytization of genuine dissidents and CIA spooks the world over, has shut down RT’s channel as part of a concerted effort by the West to shut the network down for good.

This brings us neatly into the main topic of our essay for today: the social media situation in Russia.

Here, perhaps, a few words about Pavel Durov, the creator of Telegram, are in order. Durov is an outspoken Libertarian and has already attempted to dip his toes into Russian politics with disastrous results. It’s worth mentioning that before starting Telegram, Durov created VK, a superior Facebook clone that rapidly gained popularity in St. Petersburg and the rest of Russia to a lesser extent. He is the equivalent of a fledgling Russian Mark Zuckerberg and he openly supported dissident politicians like Alexei Navalny and made a big show of expressing his opposition to Russia’s action in Ukraine back in 2014. Durov first ran into problems when he clashed with the business group. The story, as told by Durov’s camp, is that the Putin-aligned oligarchs of tried to muscle him out of his own IT company. Whatever really happened, Durov eventually ended up packing his bags and fleeing to London.

His most public political adventure was to support a then no-name Libertarian named Mikhail Svetov with a massive, Telegram-wide promotion campaign. Svetov, boosted by the promotion, immediately took to the streets and called for mass protests and a violent overthrow of President Putin. (As an aside, there have been those who have alleged that Svetov’s real name is Lichtmann and that he is at least partially Jewish, but there doesn’t seem to be any conclusive proof on this as of yet.) More damningly, Svetov had quite a few skeletons in his internet closet that quickly surfaced. An old blog that he ran featured child pornography and some of Svetov’s poetic musings on torture/gore porn. This was, apparently, well-known on the internet for several years and Svetov was eventually confronted on this on several podcasts and radio shows that he took part in. One young man even pulled a knife on him on camera, but it was unclear what his motivation was at the time. Svetov was eventually raided and arrested (but quickly released), and because of this and he fled the country soon after. People speculated that it was because of his mother’s (a member of the Moscow nomenklatura) connections that he got sprung despite the clear fact that he had collected and posted child pornography on the internet. Svetov used the same strategy as Alexei Navalny, his political ally, and went stumping to all of the same people that Navalny had once worked with, i.e., the dissident nationalist scene in Russia. Both he and Navalny ran into problems with Maxim Martsinkevich or “Tesak” a Russian Neo-Nazi who became famous all over the world for his home videos where he kidnapped pedophiles, homosexuals, and the odd African student here and there and bullied them on camera, before sharing his exploits on the internet. Amusingly, the police never bothered to stop Tesak—they basically did nothing but cordially request him to stop doing what he was doing for several years, to which he, in turn, politely refused. Svetov, along with Navalny, were quite vocal in calling for the arrest of Tesak, whom they viewed as a rival and potential political usurper, and many suspect that this may have been the factor that tipped the scales of justice against Tesak, who would later go on to suspiciously die in jail, right before his release.

There is quite a bit of lore here and I apologize for dumping so much on the reader all at once.

The story of Tesak, Svetov, Navalny and Durov and their involvement in opposition circles is quite an interesting one, but I only bring it up to highlight what an absolute Wild West the state of dissident politics was in Russia for many years and to explain some of the weird opposition coalitions that have formed and disbanded and reformed over the years to give context to what the Kremlin fears might happen again and why they may take drastic measures in the near future. Navalny, in particular, became the CIA’s top guy and the leader of an almost united anti-Putin protest movement until he was arrested a few years ago. Both green-haired Liberals and xenophobic Nationalists had no qualms supporting him, despite the fact that he used to run with Neo-Nazis (then betrayed them), and despite his obvious Western backing and support. This would be unheard of in the West. Proud Boys and Antifa working together as a “taran” (ram) while receiving Chinese media support to bring down Trump? Absolutely inconceivable. But in Russia? Well, no one really so much as batted an eye at the time.

With the closure of Facebook in Russia and the Kremlin’s well-founded fear that social media might be used to organize mass protests, there is reason to believe that other sites will be closed down as well. It is worth pointing out that the administrative team of Durov’s VK Facebook clone is pro-Ukrainian and pro-LGBTQ+ and has actively censored even relatively benign pro-Russian content on their platform, while Durov’s Telegram was critical to organizing the recent protests in Belarus (Nexta and its operations) and the near overthrow of Lukashenko, and, of course, Facebook is really nothing more than arm of the CIA—this is hardly disputed by serious people anymore. Also, Yandex, a superior Google clone which is now based in the Netherlands, has had prominent members of its organization openly attack Putin in the past and has even gone so far as to astroturf woke media content in Russia. The most egregious example is no doubt the “New Mothers’ podcast which promotes raising sons as daughters and the same sort of SJW insanity that is so common now in the West. Twitter employs teams of Russian-speaking Ukrainians who actively seek out and destroy pro-Russian accounts. They outmatch the Western censors in their zeal, and this is one of the primary reasons why dissident right-wing Twitter sages never really grasped their cultural impact to the same extent in Russia as they did in the English-speaking world.

For years following the events of Euromaidan in Kiev, patriotic voices called on the Kremlin to do something about this looming threat, but to no avail. Roskomnadzor, the media watchdog, did almost nothing but issue a few minor, symbolic fines here and there. No doubt related to this bizarre hypocritical hands-off policy, it is perhaps worth mentioning that the the previous director, Alexander Zharov and the current one, Andrei Lipov, are almost certainly both ethnically Jewish.

But what was impossible a few weeks ago is now possible because of the decision of President Putin to confront NATO in Ukraine.

The usual political formula in Russia goes something like this: Putin comes up with a plan, parts of the plan are leaked to state-aligned media where they are discussed among the political punditry, the plan is discussed and explained to the public through debate on these shows, so that the publicv become acclimated to the idea. If the reception is warm, the plan is then implemented and Putin gets his way, the pundits get to say “I called it,” and the public nods its head sagely, assured that the correct measures have been taken and that this is the only reasonable path forward. Right now, the pundits are debating the topic of “Russian Internet Sovereignty” and its implementation. I’ll leave you to connect the dots on what that means on your own.

If this description of the Russian political process comes across as overly cynical or even anti-Putin, I assure you that this is not my intention. This is simply how all mass democracies operate to some extent, and we would be naïve to think that that the West operates much differently. The key difference between the West and Russia is that the Russian authorities occasionally actually take into account public opinion and adjust their policies accordingly. But the process by which consent is manufactured among the masses, which is the bedrock of all democratic modes of government, is eternal. In the West, a political, cultural and economic elite (overwhelmingly Jewish) promotes their agenda to the masses and lobbies the politicians, who acquiesce to their demands. In the East, the state takes a more active role and even suppresses the self-styled cultural elite, who gnash their teeth and wail that it isn’t Liberal or Democratic for the state to have a mind of its own. Instead, the state uses the same methods as they would use to promote an illiberal set of ideas and political goals.

All that really matters in the end is who manufactures the consent and, of course, to what end. If Russia is serious about facing down NATO, the fifth column in the country has to be neutralized. That is why the biggest liberal media outlets have all been shut down over the last two weeks. And so, it becomes clear now why the state has turned its attention to social media. The social media platform purge will do doubt continue in the coming days and weeks, with renewed calls to create new, Russian-based platforms to take their place.

To understand what Putin and Russia will do next, one has to simply put oneself in the shoes of someone fighting for survival. What measures would a country about to go to war with NATO take? Answer this question, and you don’t need to read “Kremlin tea-leaves,” as many Russia-watchers do, to understand what’s coming next.

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    • Birhan Dargey
      Birhan Dargey says:

      IF Putin does not finish the job..he will be dragged into a Vietnam/proxy type of war in Ucrania…The NEOcons will NOT give up in favor of peace until they provoke WW III, and they will push NATO into war..Russia is the last bastion of (white) Christian resistance…

  1. Christopher Caudill
    Christopher Caudill says:

    Thank you for these two excellent and insightful articles. It is refreshing to read about Russia without the typical Jewish/Western patina of Russophobic bullshit. If only we had a political leader who cares about the genuine national interest and true welfare of our people here in the U.S. like Putin does for Russia (and no, of course he isn’t perfect – great men must make difficult, even tragic, decisions and get on with it). Can the United States emerge, phoenix-like, from the ruins of the Anglo-Zionist Empire’s collapse? Seems like we’re about to find out.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      I am a bit of a Putin fan myself. Yes, as you said, he is not perfect. Like all of us he has made his share of mistakes. But he means what he says and if he says he is going to do something you can be sure he will do it.

      There are a number of Putin quotes, but my favorite was when he was being interviewed and the question came up on how he viewed terrorists. He answered (I’m giving the English translation) “To forgive the terrorists is up to God. To send them to Him is up to me”.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      I don’t know how you manage to refrain from putting an ‘o’ at the end of your surname. But I salute your restraint.

  2. steve
    steve says:

    I’m interested in learning the opinion here regarding Peter Lavelle, who hosts the ‘Crosstalk’ program on RT. Anyone have any ideas on him? Thanks.

  3. Peter
    Peter says:

    The purpose of my comment is to give the perspective of two Ukrainians I spoke to which might give an indication of what many others think. I am staying in a hostel in a eastern European country with many Ukrainians here. One young guy from Odessa speaks English fluently and his parents live in Odessa and he said nothing has happened there. His divorced wife and child were in Kiev but left a few days ago for a safer, smaller city.

    I believe the narrative that Russia is a very powerful country and its armed forces have been trying to avoid too many civilian casualties and that Russia would like to replace the Ukrainian government with one friendlier to Russia. He doesn’t want to destroy Ukraine and kill large numbers of Ukrainians. I think Russia could be much more aggressive and destroy the whole country without much effort if Putin wanted to do this. When I expressed a similar feeling (not exactly the same) a Ukrainian I’m friendly with from the east, near but not in Donetsk, said I was wrong. He and the guy from Odessa both disagreed that Putin was trying to avoid causing Ukrainian deaths and were hesitant to agree Russia is very powerful and could easily defeat Ukraine. The guy from near Donetsk said something like the Russian troops have been stopped and they are having trouble. I think he thinks Ukraine will win the war. He is not a hard core anti-Russian but that is what he believes. He says the Russian media is lying but perhaps he is influenced by Ukrainian media or maybe wishful thinking. Or, maybe I’m wrong.

  4. B. Smith
    B. Smith says:

    Serious analysts cannot take the writer of this article seriously!

    Much vaunted Russian military is revealed to be a joke!
    An out of gas, cannon-fodder, grocery looting, civilian murdering
    sick joke.

    Go see some uncensored facts for yourself:

    (and more if you seek it)

    Even with the Jew-parasites running their country preparing to stab
    them in the back the white men of Ukraine, vastly outnumbered, are
    slaughtering russian cannon-fodder all day and all night.

    If there was any white country run by and for white men they could
    send a modest army and exterminate the Russian invaders and Russian
    military pretense for good.

    But then of course the Russian nukes, and how weepy eyed Pooty said
    that a world without Russian would not be a world worth existing —
    in other words if we loose the war we started we will kill you all.

    Even after the Jews betray the brave white warriors of Ukraine to the
    fellow Jews in Russia it only cements the fact that Russian government
    and military are incorrigably anti-white, treacherous, and incompetant,
    and prove once again what a Slav I knew very well always said: “You
    can’t trust a Russian”.

    Why are we hoping that Putin will do something good for us, for white
    people? He is just another jew-pet traitor to the white race like Trump.

    We are on our own.

    Maybe someday Russians can get over themselves and rejoin the white race
    but they will have to reacquaint themselves with truth and honor first.

  5. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    We have previously discussed here, and lampooned, Z’s bravery to patriotically remain at his post, despite his certain knowledge, that P, so to speak, has put a contract out on him.

    The quasi commie Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, some years back, in its weekly TV, hour-long THE FIFTH ESTATE, featured an episode entitled THE LONG ARM OF PUTIN.
    Accordingly, P was able to snuff anyone, anywhere, at any time, and did so repeatedly in the well publicized cases in he UK, involving in any case washed up former agents of his.
    Hilarious and pointing, at least with the little finger, at false flags.

    A former STASI agent once showed me colored photographs of an electronic device, encased in a package of Marlborough cigarettes, [ licensed for production in the East, with its original US design ] which could stop the heart of a person from 2-3 feet away. It was a contribution, he added, from the KGB/GRU. The bearer/assassin was shielded.


    Surely his whereabouts at any given time are known or easily ascertainable.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      Z needn’t be targeted from within 2-3 feet, as we all know. His entire Presidential Palace can be pulverized from a much greater distance: like Dov Zakheim’s Accounting Office at the Pentagon; one day after Rumsfeld announced its unaccounted for 2.1 TRILLION dollars.

  6. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    Just in from Haaretz:

    ” Meet the Israelis fighting in Ukraine’s Foreign Legion. ”

    — and —

    ” Fearing sanctions ‘ Russia’s Google ‘ wants to relocate workers to Israel “.

    If you are bereft of any logical thinking, then the second part here will make perfect sense.

    Thought this to be of interest, within the context of this most useful essay.

    P fighting Z/Ihor K, but seeking to transfer his Google to the safety and TRUST of Ihor Kolomoyskyi’s exclaimed state of preference and loyalty ???

  7. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    “As an aside, there have been those who have alleged that Svetov’s real name is Lichtmann and that he is at least partially Jewish, but there doesn’t seem to be any conclusive proof on this as of yet.) More damningly, Svetov had quite a few skeletons in his internet closet that quickly surfaced. An old blog that he ran featured child pornography and some of Svetov’s poetic musings on torture/gore porn.”
    – Partially Jewish? I think we can safely say that’s an affirmative.

  8. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    “”The key difference between the West and Russia is that the Russian authorities occasionally actually take into account public opinion and adjust their policies accordingly.”
    – No doubt. But surely a much bigger difference is that we in the West have people in charge who despise us. To me that is more “key”. I wish we could have people who were just corrupt.
    Still a fascinating series so far, what a brilliant change from Anne and old Pat. That wasn’t looking like a promising direction.

  9. Sergei
    Sergei says:

    I’m of Armenian ancestry.

    Sorry, but the author is very wrong as far as Armenians go.

    Armenia has been the most loyal and important ally Russia has ever had even up to today. It blocks pan-Turkism from undermining Russia.

    Armenia is a CSTO member and an EEU member too. It depends on Russia and vice versa.

    And, without Armenia, Russia would have no friends in the Caucasus and would lose it to NATO.
    That’s an obvious geopolitical fact.

    From way back, Armenians were the scientists and military designers in Russia. Look at the MiG jet . The “Mi” stands for designer Artem MIkoyan, an Armenian.

    Per capita in WW II, Armenian soldiers in the Soviet army earned more medals than any other people in the USSR. The USSR had Armenian generals. This is well-known.

    As for RT and other media, if the author means the Western Armenian diaspora (USA, Europe, etc.), it certainly does not “control” them. Most Western Armenian diasporans don’t even read RT.

    RT is a Russian PR outlet with plenty of Westerners in it because it must have *credibility*. If it tilts too far towards outright Russian propaganda, it would lose all credibility. I wonder if the author realizes that.

    Finally, the fact is that Russian policy these days is, sadly, based too much on anger and chauvinism.

    >>No wonder many countries try to run away from Russia.<<

    Ask yourself: How many times have you heard a Russian say something POSITIVE about an ally such as Armenia? Probably never.

    The Russian attitude is ‘you are a slave and must obey us.’ That does not win friends.

    And Russians can be so blind that they don’t even realize their attitude. That’s the sad part.

    You know, Americans who side with Putin in the Ukraine war would never want to live in Russia. Ever wonder why? They love Russia except to live there in a non-democracy.

    The fact is that Russia and the CSTO betrayed Armenia in 2020 and in several ways has taken the side of Azerbaijan even now.

    Azerbaijan is not a friend to Russia at all and, like Turkey, is pan-Turkic and essentially anti-Russian. Unlike Armenia, Azerbaijan is not a CSTO or EEU member either.

    But does the author bad-mouth Azerbaijanis or Turks? No, just Armenians! Think about that.

    I ask Russians, if they are listening, to have more respect for their allies and stop the incessant bad-mouthing and put-downs.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Maybe he doesn’t mean all Armenians, i got the feeling he meant mostly the leisurely ex-patriot class. These types of people, no matter their nationality, are always scumbags. As for Armenia itself winding-up Russia as a national past-time(or whatever he said), this is totaly normal as well.
      People from little nations always have a chip on their shoulder towards great powers. It’s the exact same thing with the Irish, Scottish & Welsh, their blood enemy is England, while the English themselves have nothing but a benign fondness for these countries.
      Same thing with the Dutch and Poles towards Germany. It just seems to be a weird quirk of human nature. The Germans understood this, that’s why the Kaiser’s foreign policy was for ‘limited sovereignty’ for the likes of Estonia, Lithuania etc to break up the Czarist Empire.
      You could say that both WWI & WWII was mainly about who controlled Ukrainian territory, Germany or Russia, and here we are again 100 years later.
      What geniuses our statesmen are.
      I wouldn’t take the anti-Armenian-ness personally. The Irish fought the English savagely for 300 years, yet English people still had a sort of fondness for Ireland(if not a great respect).
      It was only in 1916 when England’s volunteer army was slaughtered on the Somme and the Irish picked this of all moments to rebel, the Brits reacted badly and executed the Easter Risers.
      When great powers go to war and are under tremendous pressure, it’s not the best time to clarify what their feelings are towards the little people’s on their fringes. I’ll bet a similar thing is going on with this Russian just now.

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        I agree with all you have to say about the interrelationships between the ethnicities. Particularly the Armenians were bookended between the Ottomans and the Zionist interests initially, naturally suffering terribly as a result.

        However, it’s the first time that I heard that either or both WWs were about the control of the Ukraine.

        WW I, was about the 1911 Allied decision to destroy Germany’s bourgeoning economy and EXPORTS, begun under Bismarck.

        WW II, was about Communism ruling all of Europe, including GB, EN ROUTE to World Revolution. Disrupted by BARBAROSSA on our tab: but apparently only momentarily.

        Read Suvarov, and a mere handful of Russian and German genuine, objective historians, who base their findings on post-Perestroika documentation: instead of the usual ” groom of the stool “, who occupy the West’s so-called universities.


        ” GROOM OF THE STOOL ”


        A most useful [ visual ] concept/term when ordering one’s political, ie necessarily excremental observations.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          “However, it’s the first time that I heard that either or both WWs were about the control of the Ukraine”
          – The Kiesers foreign policy was little different than Hitler’s(or today’s EU for that matter), an empire, or Lebensraum in the east, with a customs Union for the rest of Europe.
          It was the only way for Germany to become a world power, as opposed to just a regional one. So where else was this mainly directed other than in the territory now called Ukraine?
          Honest historians admit neither the Kasier nor Hitler had any desire to incorporate France & the Benelux nations into it’s domains, the German purpose in both wars was to quickly knock them out the war, then concentrate on the main Eastern objectives. The Brest-Livost treaty with the new Bolshevik regime confirms this.
          The UK then America then stupidly getting involved(& in Britian’s case suicidaly# just ruined this plan and turned what should have been a localised or regional war into an insane blood-soaked world war of annihilation.
          And still Russia & Germany(as a proxy of ZOG) are yet to settle this question.

          As for a ‘Groom of the Stool’, sounds to me an honorable job, compared to being simply whores for bankers. A Christian king represented more than himself, he was God’s anointed, and stood for the nation, the people, the culture, history, sometimes the sanctity of the family, stability, loyalty to something other than politicians,
          all sorts of things. What do our bought political tarts stand for today, except their own naked self-interest?
          – I used to think the main axis of these world wars was German-AngloFrench. It’s the story we we’re told. Of course economic competition played a part, but Britain’s main rival at the turn of the 20th century was the USA, not Germany. Britain’s power was based on control of the oceans, and it was America that was challenging this more than Germany was.
          I understand many elites in Britain thought they could kind of merge with the USA, with Churchil perhaps the most prominent of this faction. But it was a ridiculous idea, and proved catastrophic when tried. America bankrupted Britain in WWI, then before they even entered WWII had asset stripped the wealth that Britain had build up with her empire over 300 years.
          All our financial holdings in North & South America were lost, our entire stocks of gold were shipped to Canada on the way to Fort Knox, where they presumably remain to this day.

          Your man Suvarov looks a fascinating character, could you simply what you mean about what we should learn about him?

          • charles frey
            charles frey says:

            Let’s talk again, AFTER you read at least one book by Suvarov and after reading Wikipedia’s entire entry on the Groom of the Stool.

            As it stands now we could only anger other readers here with our sawdust.

          • Liosnagcat
            Liosnagcat says:

            Just because Germany had no designs on incorporating France & the Benelux nations doesn’t necessarily mean Germany had designs on the east. And it certainly doesn’t mean that Germany, in any capacity (annexation or anything else, for that matter), was responsible for starting either war. You’re touching on a lot of tangential issues, and assigning them a far too central role in the World Wars.

  10. Captainchaos
    Captainchaos says:

    Americans of Northern European descent are entitled to what Russians have: undisputed political and demographic primacy in their country.

  11. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    At last, at last, Kamala-Kabala, whatever, is satisfying her absent curiosity by visiting Europe. Not by using Icelandic Air and then
    thumbing through Europe, sleeping under the stars, but in Air Force II followed by eider down at her Warsaw Embassy.

    She certainly deserves it after her selfless exertions in the interest of the US taxpayers at the muffin boutique in Madison. Sources, whom I am unable to disclose at this time, have assured me, that she has a foolproof, secret plan for transferring NATO member Poland’s MIGs to Ukraine entirely legally, without the slightest chance of Putin noticing.

    Said MIGs will be transferred, not by NATO member Poland, but by the Polish Association of Short-order Cooks.

  12. Frontier Psychiatrist
    Frontier Psychiatrist says:

    The author appears to believe that Russia is going to take on NATO in a conventional war, despite struggling to even take control of Ukraine. This is CCP levels of delusional state propaganda.

    • Dixie Serb
      Dixie Serb says:

      it’s more like you’ve been eating up a lot of Western MSM. Russian doctrine is misunderstood by a layman. The main body of the Russian military isn’t even involved yet. The first wave involves the most inferior troops and equipment. if they encounter stiff resistance, unlike the U.S. military that saturates the resistance, with airpower and heavy artillery until it softens it up enough, the Russians aren’t there to rebuild the country. They want to preserve infrastructure as much as possible (that’s why most cities remain with power water). They provide corridors for the civilians to escape – as it’s in their interest to preserve civilian life, and an empty city of the civilians is easier to attack. The hard spots are then either bi-passed or encircled. And the next way of better trained and equipped troops take over. The fact on the grounds is the Ukrainian resistance has been slowly chipped away, and the main force is still not getting involved – there is not ONE Armata tank spotted on Ukrainian soil. NATO countries don’t want any part of it. Just look at the Polish Mig 29 fiasco.

      • Frontier Psychiatrist
        Frontier Psychiatrist says:

        Yes, I’ve already heard this excuse from your colleagues. The big losses and slow pace are all part of the Great Leader’s game, and once the time is right the super soldiers and wonder weapons will be brought out. And if Putin really is intentionally sending clueless conscripts to their deaths to wear down the enemy, what does that say about him as a leader?

        Maybe Russia will eventually win (and enter the occupation and insurgency phase), but nobody is impressed with your performance. NATO countries aren’t directly involved because they don’t want World War III, which is the same reason Putin wouldn’t attack a NATO country.

        • Dixie Serb
          Dixie Serb says:

          Hint: even if you engage in conventional warfare with the Russians, don’t forget they are a MODERN military unlike Iraq and Afghanistan. US will never win another war: Kosovo is next.

      • bruno
        bruno says:

        It’s true what you’ve noted. Not only is power and water in most locations functioning, P is not bombing trains, an easy target. Let’s hope he’s able to cut off that Z raj from the sea. Oh, it is also understood why most love the Z president. He’s now a Western icon.

  13. Neil
    Neil says:

    I have come back to OO after a break, to reboot my thinking. I become Brain Blasted by all the differing opinions in the world. Not only that, but I am glad though to start with this essay, which offers more than I have heard on MSM in weeks. Even though people still disagree in the comments, it is here that I turned to get a better perspective.

  14. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    Yesterday’s HAARETZ:


    A date certain was not given, but we can guess.
    After ” unavoidable ” circumstances and ” force majeure ” make it impossible for him to return, to fulfill his promise to die in office, among ” his ” people.

    Stage Setting by David S. Cohen Inc., Broadway Ave., New York, NY. [ Deputy Director, CIA ].

    • Lucius Vanini
      Lucius Vanini says:

      Yep. Smells to me like an escape hatch, through which he might go and enjoy those digs overlooking the Med, after Judas-goating Slavs to devastation. Blech. A typical Soros agent.

  15. Howard J.
    Howard J. says:

    “About to go to war with nato”?

    What are you talking about, sure possible given Putin’s family being reported having moved to underground safe from nukes places.

    But Nato versus Russia, come on this could be ww3, with nukes all over the place.

    Planet earth may not survive such a thing, just sayin.

    What we are talking about is from what I have seen low level warfare in one country that used to be part of Russia.

    And the Russians could have just bombed them to pieces like they did in Syria. And cut off all electricity and so on, like they are going slooooow, they wanna minimize casualties of civilians and so on.

    This is not full on aggressive total hate war. Just saying.

    But then again a large portion of people active in the more what should one say dissidents of the more or less racial nature seems to be INFILTRATORS. Large portion of leaders of such organizations be deep state INFILTRATORS and of course many people writing articles are provocateurs, with goals of making money and provoking different things.

    There is allways more to things than what one see on the surface.

    Like for example Ukraine has Tantal, one of the worlds most expensive metals and they have the 6:th largest reserve of it.

    Most of the rest of this metall is in Africa and with mining companies controlled by criminals who sponsor terrorism (be it islamic such or other). Hence this could be them playing organizations such as the illuminati or freemasons in order to provoke this war in order for the world to be dependent on them for certain things.

    Also the thing of this isolating Russia is something terrorist sponsoring nazi connected career criminals want.

    Also it is a way to take away the focus from the casualtees of the vaccine and also how they change the genetics and is an assault on racepure people and so on, a holocaust obviously.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      I not sure this comment will be published, as I get the feeling the mod reckons this is a site with an elderly readership, and most of these types will have insanely gotten the ‘vaccine’.
      But there is absolutely no doubt, these shots are chock full of nano-technology. If anyone doubts this, just check out the Fifth Column(Spanish) site.
      They also appear to have what they are calling micro-bubbles, which seem to have some sort of liquid inside of them(poison?), which could be exploded inside the body at any time with the right frequency.
      Also self-assembling mini circuits, and all manner of other horrors. The best analysis I’ve seen on this stuff states the technology is directed towards the brain, as that appears to be what they are most interested in.
      If it’s not a slow kill weapon, with plausible deniability, then it’s looking like it’s some sort of effort to control the masses brains.
      Best case scenario seems to be simply a mass experiment on the entire human population to figure out who possesses the correct genes that can handle this toxic shite they’re injecting folks with, the purpose being part of the quest for these weirdos to merge their bodies with technology. It’s probably also a quest for longer life for these Satanic psychopaths.
      Anyone’s interested, check out the Richplanet website, his latest video ‘brain jab’. He proves anyone can buy a microscope off the shelves and actually see this nanotechnology in action for themselves, if you can get a hold of a ‘vaccine’ vial. These themselves are gurded in an insane way, explained in the show, which is strong evidence the greatest crime in human history is ongoing.

  16. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    Why do White Europeans put up with Yankees and their (call me a Jew, although I’m not one) loving stooges?
    Because Americans have always been a nuisance and will be until the USA, thank God, collapses.

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