Heretics and Halfwits: Furedi’s Freedom-Fighters and the Lethality of Libertarianism

Enigmas. I’ve been beset by them recently. Last week, I added six piranhas to my big tropical-fish tank. The piranhas were going to look magnificent, sliding in a sleek silver school between the gleaming, multicolored shoals of gentle neon tetras and guppies. But I didn’t have time to watch the piranhas right then. No, I had to rush off to a “Moderate Muslim March” organized by my libertarian heroes at Spiked, the online forum for disciples of the Jewish freedom-fighter Frank Furedi. The march was intended to oppose the “shameful censorship” of the film The Lady of Heaven, which “Islamist mobs” have intimidated off all cinema screens in the UK because they regard it as heretical and blasphemous.

Islam + Freedom = Islam

Spiked were expecting a big turn-out at their Moderate Muslim March. After all, as that great libertarian intellect, the Spiked editor Tom Slater, has so ringingly put it: “I’m sure” that “the vast majority of [British Muslims] would have no truck with this extremist fringe.” Well, for technical reasons I can’t disclose exactly how many moderate Muslims turned out for the Spiked march in defense of free speech. Let’s just say that the turn-out was a big disappointment. And an enigma. But not as big as the disappointment and the enigma that awaited me back home. To my horror, I discovered that my tropical fish-tank was ruined. Only the piranhas were left alive in a haze of blood, scales and fish-fragments. What on earth had happened? I still don’t have a clue. Perhaps I should ask the libertarians at Spiked whether it was a good idea to introduce piranhas to a tank full of gentle neon tetras and guppies.

Two bad mixes: piranhas and guppies; Muslims and free speech

Well, satire and sarcasm over. I’m sure that even the libertarians at Spiked would tell you that it isn’t a good idea to house piranhas with guppies. In fact, I’m sure they would tell you that it’s a fucking stupid idea. But it’s nowhere near as stupid as an idea that Spiked and other libertarians have supported for many decades: the idea that Muslims should enter and inhabit Western nations without limit or restraint. Muslims are cultural piranhas and they devour free speech. They also devour every other freedom that libertarians claim to be passionately concerned about. But Spiked won’t admit this or be honest about the true nature of Islam. I was joking above when I said that Spiked had organized a “Moderate Muslim March” in defense of free speech. They’ve done no such thing, because they know it would be a complete failure. When Tom Slater, the current head halfwit at Spiked, expresses his certitude that the great majority of British Muslims would never think of limiting free speech what he means is: “I’m not sure at all and I have no intention of finding out.” In the rest of his editorial, Slater alternately postures about being tough on Islamism and plugs an even stupider version of the old “Anti-racists are the real racists” line. According to Slater, it’s “racist” to think that Muslims can’t handle free speech and need protecting from offense.

Muslims need no guidance from bluehairs

This halfwitted argument will have precisely no effect. As a not-so-former Trotskyist, Slater should recall Trotsky’s polemics against Stalin. How effective was Leon in arguing that Uncle Joe wasn’t a true Leninist? Spoiler alert: Not effective at all. Leon ended up with an ice-ax in his head while Uncle Joe sat snug in the Kremlin, supreme ruler of a mighty empire. But the halfwitted rhetoric of the Spiked collective is made worse by their dishonesty about Islam. Here’s Brendan O’Neill, former head halfwit at Spiked, first being dishonest about the Lady-of-Heaven controversy, then refuting his own dishonesty:

What is most striking about the noisy protests outside the cinemas showing this supposedly sinful film is how much the protesters sound like the godless woke mob. … Radical Muslims who believe they should have the right to crush culture that offends their religious sensibilities have clearly learned a thing or two from the secular cancel-culture brigade. They’ve dispensed with the fire-and-brimstone case for punishing those who blaspheme against their faith. Instead they’ve embraced the very modern idea that we all have the right to be protected from offence. Which we don’t, by the way.

This confirms that today’s censorious culture, in which everyone from gender-critical feminists to pro-life societies on campus are being cancelled for causing offence, has emboldened regressive elements in society. The cancellation frenzy has resuscitated ideas that really ought to have died out in the 20th century, if not earlier. This includes the idea of blasphemy, the notion that it ought to be a punishable offence to mock or simply just depict gods and prophets.

Alarmingly, cinema managers have capitulated to the theocratic mobs that have gathered outside their premises. In one of the most disturbing video clips I have seen so far this year, a cinema employee in Sheffield uses a megaphone to tell protesters that the film has been withdrawn from the schedule. ‘Allahu Akbar!’, the crowd yells in victory.

This is chilling. Call me an old-fashioned secular democrat, but isn’t it completely wrong, and morally perverse, to allow small numbers of religious hotheads to determine what the rest of us can see and watch? This grants a veto to fundamentalists, allowing them to shape public culture to their own tastes and prejudices. It is profoundly illiberal.

… It isn’t The Lady of Heaven that is shocking (and anyway, moviemakers should be perfectly at liberty to shock as much as they please). No, it’s the fact that in modern Britain, small numbers of Islamic activists can compel an entire cinema chain to dump a movie that they don’t like. This suggests our culture is being held hostage to intolerant minorities. And people say cancel culture is a myth. …

The Lady of Heaven controversy hasn’t caused much media or political traction yet, but it really should. This feels like a sequel to the Salman Rushdie affair. Cinemas ditching a film at the behest of furious theocratic protesters? What have we become? More importantly, what has become of freedom? (Shame on Cineworld for cancelling The Lady of Heaven, The Spectator, 7th June 2022)

So the libertarian Brendan O’Neill is “alarmed,” “disturbed,” “shocked” and “chilled” by the sight of Muslims behaving like Muslims, as Francis Carr-Begbie put it at the Occidental Observer in 2014. But Brendan isn’t just “alarmed” and “chilled”: he’s also deeply dishonest. Muslims have not “learned from” or been “emboldened” by the “godless woke mob” and “secular cancel-culture brigade.” Brendan knows perfectly well that “the Salman Rushdie affair” began in 1988, long before those censorious battalions of blue-haired SJWs and bearded transwomen became a noisy part of Western culture. Brendan also knows perfectly well that the death-sentence on Salman Rushdie was proclaimed from Iran by the Ayatollah Khomeini (1900–1989). The “godless woke mob” had no influence on Khomeini and the illiberalism of modern Iran owes nothing to Western secularism and everything to Islam. It’s the Islamic Republic of Iran, after all, not the Trans-Friendly Safe Space of Iran.

Ayatollah Khomeini, not much influenced by the “godless woke mob”

I also recommend that Brendan and Spiked investigate the culture of Pakistan, where “Islamist mobs” have often imposed impromptu death-sentences on alleged blasphemers and rallied in support of Islamic heroes like Mumtaz Qadri, who machine-gunned a Pakistani politician to death for daring to question Pakistan’s harsh anti-blasphemy laws. I can assure Brendan and the other libertarians at Spiked that Islamist mobs in Pakistan are not influenced by the “godless woke mob” in the West. But I think Spiked already know that, which is why, despite their incessant posturing about “free speech,” they ignore very interesting (and unpleasant) stories like this:

A mob in Pakistan tortured, killed and then set on fire a Sri Lankan man who was accused of blasphemy over some posters he had allegedly taken down. Priyantha Diyawadana, a Sri Lankan national who worked as general manager of a factory of the industrial engineering company Rajco Industries in Sialkot, Punjab, was set upon by a violent crowd on Friday.

In horrific videos shared across social media, Diyawadana can be seen being thrown on to the floor, where hundreds began tearing his clothes, violently beating him. He was tortured to death and then his body was burned. Dozens in the crowd can also be seen taking selfies with his dead body. The incident began when rumours emerged that Diyawadana, who had been manager of the factory for seven years, had taken down a poster bearing words from the Qur’an. By the morning, a crowd began to gather at the factory gates and by early afternoon they had charged into the factory and seized Diyawadana. (Man tortured and killed in Pakistan over alleged blasphemy, The Guardian, 3rd December 2021)

The “godless woke mob” in the West had no influence on those righteous incinerators in Pakistan or on the Pakistan-born Muslim hero Tanveer Ahmed, who murdered a heretic called Asad Shah on British soil in 2016.  However, Brendan O’Neill and other libertarians would doubtless be very puzzled by the recommendation that they investigate the cultures of Pakistan, Somalia, Bangladesh and other Muslim countries that have supplied millions of vibrant new citizens to the West. Libertarians would ask: What possible influence could culture in Muslim countries have on the behavior of Muslims in the West? Muslims would have long ago embraced the Enlightenment and bought “I ♥ Liberty” T-shirts if it weren’t for “multiculturalism” and the “godless woke mob” leading them astray. Or so libertarians like Brendan O’Neill keep on saying. If Brendan really believes that, he’s halfwitted. If he doesn’t really believe it, he’s deeply dishonest.

The Second Hungarian Uprising

I go for the second option myself. And I think that Brendan is deeply dishonest whether he’s condemning censorship or celebrating contrarianism. Here, for example, he celebrates the contrarianism of some Hungarian schoolchildren:

It’s only June and already we’ve had the funniest news story of the year. Following some iffy behaviour by Hungarian football fans during Euro 2020, UEFA instructed Hungary to play its next few games behind closed doors. No crowds, no fans, no noise — this was to be Hungary’s punishment. But Hungary, in its clash with England in Budapest on Saturday, exploited a UEFA loophole to allow 30,000 schoolkids to attend the game. After all, what kind of trouble could a few thousand fresh-faced under-14s cause? Well, a lot, it turns out. As soon as the England players took the knee — as they’re still robotically doing, more than two years after George Floyd was murdered 4,000 miles away from England – a chorus of boos filled the stadium. It was an extraordinary noise: an army of children registering their disdain for the puffed-up performative virtue of 11 adults from overseas.

It would take a heart of stone not to laugh. The tutting moralists of UEFA who thought that banishing the gruff men of Hungary from football games would make for a safe, sanitised experience clearly hadn’t reckoned with the rebellious streak in Hungary’s youth.  …

[But the] booing of those Hungarian schoolkids was entirely rational, and even quite heartening. It was not a crescendo of racial prejudice. It was a statement of youthful revolt against lofty outsiders who seem to have gone to Budapest as much to educate the rabble as to play some football. Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán has a point when he says the taking of the knee is a ‘provocation’ and that it has ‘no place on the pitch’. For a while now it has been clear that knee-taking is less an anti-racist gesture than a signifier of moral supremacy. … Football fans, contrary to the prejudiced delusions of the chattering classes, are not dumb. Neither, it seems, are Hungarian schoolchildren. They know when they are being demeaned, when they are being reduced to problematic creatures requiring neo-colonial correction. And guess what? They don’t like it. … Those Hungarian kids were not being brattish hooligans – they were simply rebelling against the colonising instincts of the West’s woke elites. Good on them. I wish we had more kids like them in the UK. (The cultural imperialism of taking the knee, Spiked, 6th June 2022)

Brendan celebrates in that article but doesn’t explicate. So tell me, Brendan: What explains the “rebellious streak in Hungary’s youth” and their “youthful revolt” against “cultural imperialism”? Why don’t we have “more kids like them in the UK,” ready to resist the “diktats of identity politics” and “rebel” against the “woke elites”? Well, Brendan made no attempt to answer those questions. After all, if he’d answered honestly, he would have exploded his own libertarian lunacy. So I’ll explain on his behalf. Hungary’s youth is “rebellious” and resists the “diktats of identity politics” for one very simple reason. It’s because Hungary’s youth is stale and pale. That is, Hungary’s youth is White.

No anti-White Blight

So are Hungary’s grown-ups, of course. This is because Hungary hasn’t been enriched by mass immigration by non-Whites from the Third World. Consequently, there is no pressure from non-Whites and their leftist allies to create a cult of minority-worship in Hungary that blames all non-White failure on racism by Hungarian Whites. It’s the large numbers of Black players in English soccer that justify the “robotic” anti-racism of the “woke elites.” Unlike children in England, Hungarian children aren’t taught to idolize Black players who could never have created soccer for themselves and contribute nothing to soccer but their athleticism. Just as in American football, the brainpower and tactics in soccer are supplied by Whites, not by Blacks. Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a big thing in Britain because Blacks are a big thing in Britain.

But Black Lives Matter is not a big thing in Hungary because — guess what? — Blacks themselves aren’t a big thing in Hungary. Suicide-bombing and rape-gangs aren’t a big thing in Hungary either, because — guess what? — Muslims aren’t a big thing in Hungary. It’s that simple. With no non-Whites, Hungary has no anti-White blight: no identity politics, no rape-gangs, no suicide-bombers, no acid-throwers and no non-White schoolchildren hacking at other schoolchildren with machetes. Instead, Hungary has White schoolchildren booing a Black-enriched England soccer-team as it “takes the knee” in worship of Blacks before playing the overwhelmingly White Hungarian soccer-team.

V for Viktory

Whoever could have guessed that not having non-Whites would enable Hungary to avoid the endless cultural and social problems caused by non-Whites? Well, the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán — approvingly quoted by libertarian Brendan in his article — guessed that very thing. But get this: Orbán isn’t a libertarian. In fact, he’s an illiberal reactionary and the “godless woke mob” in the West call him a racist. But if Orbán were an anti-racist libertarian and had followed the Spiked recipe for societal bliss, he would have opened Hungary’s borders long ago and allowed non-Whites to flood in. After that, Hungary would have swiftly acquired all the cultural pathologies so loudly and often condemned by the freedom-fetishists at Spiked. And Hungary would also have had a suicide-bombing or two by now, even as vibrant rape-gangs flourished in enriched cities like Budapest, Szeged and Pécs.

Fortunately for Hungary, Viktor Orbán isn’t a libertarian. And if an illiberal reactionary like him defends Hungary’s freedom and independence so successfully while libertarianism fails completely in Britain, I can reach only one conclusion: that libertarianism is lethal for liberty. Libertarianism is, in fact, far more stupid than putting piranhas into tanks of neon tetras and guppies. Piranhas will only devour other fish. The core principles of libertarianism, like love of open borders and belief in racially mixed societies, will devour entire nations. And they are indeed devouring entire nations, because — surprise, surprise! — those core principles of libertarianism are also the core principles of the “woke mob.” It’s almost as though libertarianism and leftism are allies in the war on the West.

But how can libertarianism be so harmful to the West, when libertarianism is such a heavily Jewish movement? I’ll leave you to ponder that enigma as I go to feast my eyes on the guppies and neon tetras in my piranha-free fish-tank. And while I feast my eyes, I’ll dream of the day when the West is free again of piranhas in human form.

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  1. Pip
    Pip says:



    See the unedited full-text of the 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia.

    • Guest
      Guest says:

      Mohammed was perhaps one of a long line of Jewish “renegades” who, in returning to the roots of that ideology, sought to become the leader of its restoration. According to the Hadiths, Mohammed’s mother was Jewish, his first wife, a successful businesswoman in her own right, was Jewish, and the ‘child bride’ (Aisha) whom, again according to the Hadiths, he wed when she was six and consummated the marriage when she was nine, was also Jewish and the daughter of Mohammed’s most trusted follower. Early on in his career, he is recorded as challenging a tribe of Jews over their sentence on a man and woman accused of adultery. He asked the Jews what sentence did the Torah require for adultery. When the Jews stated that “We announce their crime and lash them”, a former rabbi turned convert to Mohammed’s Islam,accused them of lying and he ordered them to uncover the correct verse in the Torah which they had been hiding and which called for stoning to death for adultery. Mohammed then said, “I am the first to revive the order of God and His Book and to practice it.” He then gave the order for the adulterers to be stoned to death (Ar-Rajm). One might say that the Jews have hidden behind Islam in the same manner as they have hidden behind the German Government of the 30s and 40s, as an act of deflection from their own beliefs and actions (as when they were the mass-murdering regime of terror after their “revolution” against the Christian Russians).

  2. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    The Gypsies came to Hungary centuries ago from India. In 2 or 3 generations they will be a majority.Under Soviet occupation people worked or were sent to prison. Under American occupation many,especially Gypsies, live on welfare. If there are 4 children in a family the family is given a house by the Govt. so that they can have more children,which benefits the Gypsies. For example, in my village a Gypsy had 3 daughters under communism and his daughters gave him 27 grand children when they were liberated from communism by the Americans and their European stooges.
    The German and British Working Classes, AKA (redacted), provide the money, of course.
    Nearly all farm equipment is new and very expensive. The Hungarians were lucky that all the communist equipment fell to bits on the day Hungary joined the EU.
    I moved here from the UK in 2008 and do not speak the language or wish to learn it.
    There are 3 people in Hungary whom I pay to help me and they all say life was better under communism. The Health Service is,in my opinion, much better than the NHS.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      “The Health Service is, in my opinion, much better than the NHS”
      I’m not sure it’s possible to find anyone in Britain anymore who hasn’t a personal NHS horror story. These tales used to be blended with praise where the NHS had impressed them, but this latter aspect is becoming rarer and rarer.
      Though don’t misunderstand, NHS worship in Britain still has many followers, but it’s one of the religious substitutes for Christianity the state provided for us that is rapidly dying out.
      They all(50 odd %) went out and, instructed by the government banged their pots and pans at 8 PM at the start of the pandemic to show NHS devotion.
      I still don’t know if this was a mass gullibility survey or simple ritual humiliation, but it was joyous when this foolishness quickly died out on it’s own.

  3. Jack Brody
    Jack Brody says:

    In one of the quotations from Brendan, it is stated that George Floyd was murdered. That convicted home-invader actually died because of a drug overdose.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      Quite true. However, unjust conviction of a police officer was found much more preferable than continued ‘peaceful’ protests.

      On the other hand, there is no denying that George Floyd has been drug-free for over two years now!

  4. Twin Ruler
    Twin Ruler says:

    However one may feel about the Muslims– and let me assure you, I do not like them more than you do– at least they are against Homosexuality and the whole Transgender madness. The latter two, the Muslims rightly perceive as signs of weakness and decadence in the West. I wonder, how much longer do we have left, before the American Empire collapses?

    • Lios Nagcat
      Lios Nagcat says:

      The American empire is already done. Its collapse is now a function of gravity and inertia.

    • Luke
      Luke says:

      Does anyone know if there is any truth to the rumor that PETA was pushing the Floyd family to have Saint George cremated, because PETA was worried that if he was put in the ground in a traditional burial, the maggots who devoured him might wind up dying from an overdose of fentanyl?

  5. Pat Kittle
    Pat Kittle says:

    (I changed one crucial word in this comment.)]]]]]:

    Spiked columnist Inaya Folarin Iman:

    “Islamists mobs must not be allowed to dictate what films can be shown in cinemas.”

    That’s what Jew mobs do — the ultimate heresy is disobedience to “Holocaust” scripture. And we know what happens to heretics.

    How are we hustled into fighting endless criminal wars for the Jewish State? (For that matter, why do our borders stay open?) Because “HOLOCAUST!!” The “Holocaust!!” bogeyman stampedes the goyim into attacking any “New Hitler!!” the Chosen decree.
    — Ghadaffi is the New Hitler!!
    — Saddam is the New Hitler!!
    — Assad is the New Hitler!!
    — Putin is the New Hitler!!
    — (Insert New Hitler!! here: ___________)

    Iran (((the grand prize))) cranks out New Hitlers!! wholesale…
    — Khomeini is the New Hitler!!
    — Ahmadinejad is the New Hitler!!
    — Khameini is the New Hitler!!

    Even as we sink deeper into the (((Ukraine War))) we’re being psyched up to provoke the (((long-sought Iran War))). Keep in mind a (((CIA coup))) overthrew the democratically-elected leader of Iran way back in 1953, and the (((shysterized US))) has been supporting war crimes against Iran ever since.

    — (

    Mass devastation to modernizing Muslim lands is the direct & intended result of (((9-11))) — enabled by the ironclad censorship Jew mobs impose on 9-11 truth-tellers. Black & woke Spike Lee, to his credit, featured some 9-11 truth in his HBO documentary “NYC Epicenters.” But even he has to take a knee to Jew censors:

    — (

    Keep in mind that “moderate Muslim” states were in fact emerging among Israel’s neighbors — such as Iraq, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, & Iran. We’d like to think Israel would welcome Islam emerging from its medieval past — but noooo, that’s exactly what Israel is determined to prevent, and if it takes a 9-11 to prevent it, so be it.

    It’s a fairly (((simple formula))):
    — spook the West into attacking modernizing Muslim lands,
    — traumatize & radicalize their Muslim inhabitants,
    — shove them into the West (& out of Israel’s way),
    — gaslight the White goyim into “celebrating diversity” (& their replacement),
    — if they oppose replacement, presto! — “New Hitlers!!”

    To summarize, movies exist that thoroughly expose “Holocaust” mythology, (((9-11))), and (((lots more))). But Jew mobs “dictate what films can be shown in cinemas.”

    Rather than solely opposing Islamic fundamentalist terrorism (the (((intended result))) of destroying modernizing Islamic lands), let’s redirect (as much as possible) Islamic fury at our common enemy. When Muslim mobs are marching, consider distributing (((censored truth))) — in leaflets, pamphlets, & signs with photos of Israeli atrocities against the Muslim world & the West. There is no shortage of such opportunities.

    • says:

      Islam was set up by Jews. (Pip’s message, above, gives an intro, but is not very helpful). So their symbiosis has to be included, just as it does with Christianity, which was set up by Jews, and, I hope, being rediscovered, abut with painful slowness.

  6. Al Ross
    Al Ross says:

    Excellent piece , thank you .

    As UK continues to suffer from ( majority Muslim ) illegal immigration , the miscreants having been re-designated by the supine media as Asylum Seekers , a very different dynamic obtains in the Muslim nation of Malaysia .

    Here’s a Kuala Lumpur – based , Muslim academic ( Islamic Studies ) railing against illegal immigration to Malaysia while knowing full well that the vast majority of “perps” are his co – religionists from Indonesia , Bangladesh and Myanmar .

    Imagine , if you can , a conservative Brit Academic , non – tautologically speaking, screwing his courage to the sticking place and sending such a trenchant missive to The Guardian or The Times.

  7. Marie
    Marie says:

    Libertarianism seeks the same outcome as communism does, Ayn Rand, born Alisa Rosenbaum was a bolshevik who fled Russia when it became clear Stalin wasn’t going to allow Trotskyites to have power.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        I don’t know, and I’m too ill and tired to guess.
        But ‘ideology’ is just the modern translation of ‘false prophesies’
        *Mathew 7:15 – Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.*
        Does that sound like commies, Trots and Libertarians to you?
        It’s just gibberish to bamboozle the masses.
        A truthful, modern translation of Mathew would be “Beware of ideologies, or anything that has ‘ism’ at the end of it’s name. These frauds act like they are helping explain a complicated world, and inwardly they are scoundrels of the worst kind.”

  8. Hairy Iranian Guy
    Hairy Iranian Guy says:

    Back when Whites were healthy, they behaved similarly; to wit, race riots. To Muslims, their religion is sacrosanct. To Whites, a century or so ago, their race (when faced with purported black rape of White women). What I don’t hear or read enough is how Whites need to behave more like Muslims when White interests are trampled. If Whites were threatening someone/something with mean-spirited repercussions – just for supposed insults – there would be a different tune from the likes of this author. For instance, what would the readership here proclaim if White “racists” banded together and called for movie theaters in the UK to stop showing an anti-White film? Moreover, what would be said if the same Whites were successful? There would be much rejoicing.

    Another issue is conflating rape-gangs with Muslims. These are Paki rape-gangs. It seems to be a Paki speciality. Hungary doesn’t have rape-gangs because it doesn’t have Pakis.

    Acid attacks are committed more frequently, per capita, by Hindus than Muslims. In the West, they’re a Muslim thing. Suicides bombings are a Muslim speciality, true.

    Speaking of conflating things, here’s one of my own creation:

    Meth is predominately a white issue. White America is plagued by it. Can I say it’s a Christian problem? Practically every meth user is White and I’m sure he/she would say he/she is Christian when asked about religious affiliation, so can we start calling it a Christian problem? Why doesn’t Pakistan have a meth problem? No Christians. Why does America have a meth problem? Christians.

    Let’s run with this:

    Illegal immigrants from our south are more predisposed to drunk driving and pedophilia. The overwhelming majority are Catholic. Can we start saying we have a Catholic problem from Mexico and Central America? We have Catholics crossing the border illegally, molesting kids and driving drunk, killing innocents, then hightailing it back to Catholic Mexico and Catholic Honduras. These same Catholics expect us to cater to their foreign language, too! Don’t get me started on the Catholics from Haiti!

    Let’s stop this foolishness. This is a race issue, for the most part. We don’t want mestizos and we don’t want brown Pakis. If the Islamic world looked more like Chechnya and Bosnia, we would have less issues it.

    One last thing, Ayatollah Khomeini was a bad example to cite. He should be praised to the sky for ushering in a theocratic-nationalist regime that has withstood (and more) nearly half a century of zio-pressure. Plus, his sole-surviving son looks Nordic: Hassan.

    Yeah, I get it: Europe is inundated with the crappiest of Pakis and the lowest elements of Muslim societies. But let’s not get unhinged with hyperbole and monomania. The West should be learning from, and emulating, many virile and positive characteristics of Muslim behavior.

    • Frederick Ford
      Frederick Ford says:

      The Werst has been tricked into adopting individuality & feeling empathy for their enemies because they have been told it is “morally just” to do so. This happened because of the “tolerance” the West slowly began to develop toward Non-Nordic people since the Enlightenment something which the Muslim World failed to develop because of the authoritarianism and fear that is pushed towards Muslims for them to stay loyal and obedient towards Allah and the Ummah.

      The very destruction of the unique White Race resulted from this tolerance because of the formation of the welfare state that supported the mixed-race and dark-race immigrants that flooded into Northern European countries during the 19th and 20th centuries & race-mixing with said races which increased the mixed population. There are only three known races in the world, two of which are original and one mixed.

      This document explains why this is the case.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      “Plus, his sole-surviving son looks Nordic”
      Well, we all know what those hippy Paris chicks where like when it came to exotic gurus.
      Just a guess.

  9. Frederick Ford
    Frederick Ford says:

    Freedom is about control of one’s governance or nationhood for the people who created and inhabit said nation. When this freedom is combined with race, an ideal nation that understands its existence as a race and group is more likely to secure its existence.

    This very security of this racial existence can be achieved by these documents.

    • Guest
      Guest says:

      Some years ago the WHO published a list of percentages of consanguinity (marriage of first cousins along the paternal line) in the world by country and the Islamic countries were at the top of the list, Pakistan being the country with the highest percentage (80%) of consanguinity and even when Pakis emigrate to the West (as in the UK), their percentage remains high in the 60s. Moslems, because of this practice, have an inordinately high rate of mental and physical health problems which can be traced as genetically-based (about 120 if I recall correctly). Interestingly, also some years ago, I came upon an internet site of a Jewish medical group which sought to give advice to Jews to prevent them from engaging in such marriages which also seem to figure quite significantly amongst Jews, to the extent that they appear to have about 170 such genetically based mental and physical problems tied to consanguinity. When I read the doom and gloom predictions of how these two groups are said to be the future, I recall how their belief systems and “traditions” may yet prove their undoing.

  10. Sanjay
    Sanjay says:



    Why not call it “Rosenbaumism?” Libertarianism is the new name for Objectivism, which was invented by the Ashkenazi female Alisa Rosenbaum, who went by the pen name of Ayn Rand. Objectivism is a cultural model seeking to maximize the evolutionary strategy called “Individual Selection,” which is the opposite of Group Selection (the model the Ashkenazim traditionally follow). I speculate she insincerely promoted this model in an attempt to weaken Europeans, who already were evolutionarily drifting toward an Individually Selected direction starting from the Enlightenment period in the 1700s.


    “which “Islamist mobs” have intimidated off all cinema screens in the UK because they regard it as heretical and blasphemous.”

    An excellent evolutionary strategy for the Muslims, and it works very well for the Haredi/Hasidic Ashkenazim as well. It’s the Europeans who decided during the Enlightenment that they will do away with the ethnically unifying power of traditional Christianity and replace it with atheism and individual pleasure seeking. I prefer a combination which I call Techno-Spirituality, which is the combining of Religion with eugenics/Transhumanism. Think of the original Star Wars trilogy, where the people fully believed in a unifying religion and an After-Life, but also embraced Transhuman technology such as sentient AI robots and cyborg technology. I wrote something about this just to get people thinking:

    ” I have a religious/monumental/spiritual belief that my envisioned Group-Selected nation should collectively seek to approach the realm of God by working together as a national family to become god-like ourselves via eugenics/transhumanism. It does not matter if we succeed or fail – it’s the effort that counts, and it’s the effort that gives our lives meaning and a purpose, which is to attempt to touch the realm of God together as a united national family, for God is pro-family, and we honor God in our attempt to become one with Him. God only helps those who helps themselves, and He is pleased and honored by our attempt to ourselves reach His realm. God understands that laziness leads to entropy, while hard work leads to higher orders of existence, thus He declares hard work to be a virtue, and laziness to be a Sin. Eugenics/transhumanism is the highest manifestation of hard work, and God is honored by our attempt to become one with Him. Again, in God’s eyes, it’s the attempt that counts, and as long as we try our best in the attempt to implement eugenics/transhumanism, we please God and increase our chances for transcendence into the next level of existence/After-Life/’Heaven.’”


    “Muslims are cultural piranhas and they devour free speech.”

    What does “free speech” even mean? The word “free” has no objective meaning. I think that one should just specifically state what types of speech should be legal, and what types should not. For example, maybe one can say that any speech that is not meant to deceive should be allowed, while speech that the speaker knowingly knows is false should be illegal. And then, in a Group Selected ethno-nationalist nation, there would be no ambiguous “Free Speech” policy; rather, speech laws would be more specific, such as saying that speech that benefits the ethno-nation would be allowed, but speech that is meant to harm the nation would be illegal. I wrote something about this in the past:

    “According to my ideology, the purpose of legal free speech is to share data and ideological/political/religious models either because it can help empower society in eugenic/transhuman terms or simply because it can add to the body of human knowledge.

    But, for the speech to be legally protected, it can’t be intentionally fraudulent, dishonest, and deceptive; the speaker must actually believe that the speech is, to the best of his knowledge, true. The speech cannot be intentionally created to confuse, deceive, misdirect, or defraud.

    If the speaker is unsure if whether what he is saying is true or not, he must ahead of time make the disclaimer that his speech is a hypothesis or speculation, being shared so that it can be further studied just in case the knowledge gained can either help mankind or simply add to our body of knowledge.

    So, I basically believe that Legal free speech must be honest speech. I don’t believe the First Amendment should protect intentionally dishonest and fraudulent speech, at least in my vision of a Transhuman Eugenic National Socialist nation. As such, no one would have to worry about “Fake News” since anyone proven to have INTENTIONALLY created the fraudulent or dishonest speech would be humanely euthanized by law and his family members and relatives tested for psychopathology and accordingly sterilized.

    Just to clarity, the speaker must actually believe that what he is saying is truthful. Even if it is unknowingly not true, it would still be protected speech since there was no intent to deceive. The speaker would just have to qualify his speech as “to the best of my knowledge” or “to the best of my cognitive abilities, I believe such and such to be true,” as opposed to saying something is true in the absolute.

    I believe that psychopathic dishonesty and fraud has no place in a Transhuman Eugenic National Socialist nation.”



    What is the objective definition of “liberty?

  11. Al Ross
    Al Ross says:

    You have learned the White Man’s script.

    Anything original from India you’d like to contribute ?

    • Sanjay
      Sanjay says:

      “You have learned the White Man’s script.”

      You are correct: my genetics are extremely primitive, thus I am innately incapable of any intelligent thought; rather, I simply borrow ideas from ethnic Europeans. For example, regarding my words on combining Religion with eugenics/transhumanism, I am borrowing the ideas of six Europeans: the writer of the original Star Wars Trilogy (unless the writer is Ashkenazi), Dr. Michael Anthony Woodley of Menie’s thoughts on Religiosity, Bruce Charlton’s thoughts on eugenically breeding for Religiosity/Spirituality, Matt Nuenke’s Prometheism, and Dalibor Den Otter’s Transtopia
      Anything original from India you’d like to contribute ?

      We Indians have a median IQ of 80 and are all R-Selected Genetic Sociopaths, thus we have nothing positive to contribute – just parasitism. However, if we practiced eugenics/transhumanism, we could become genetically superior to Europeans; however, we are too genetically primitive to ever decide to come together and initiate eugenics/transhumanism.

  12. John White
    John White says:

    As a white man with no interest in practicing Islam, I applaud those attacking the movie, which should be suppressed (as should, say, homosexual propaganda).

    The titular ‘Lady of Heaven’, Fatimah, is particularly revered among Shi’a, though gets some respect from most Sunnis too. So the movie simultaneously
    1) insults the devout Shi’a who are fighting the good fight against our main enemy around the world
    2) gives the regular headchopping Sunni shitstirrers- the scum the jews fund to cause terrorism and infighting that prevents the peoples of the world from uniting against them- an excuse to call Shi’a blasphemers, despite the fact that the movie is made by a man who is muslim in name only and funded by jews.

  13. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    The fish tank weaponising continues, as my baby-sharks would gobble up your little piranhas. Even Steve Spielberg made a metaphorical film about a great ‘white’ sharks, “Jews”, infesting legal and business waters.

    Friday in East London, and it’s a holy day of the week for the religion of menacing peace, and men with beards and boys without beards wear long white dresses. The girls( it’s hard to tell), sometimes very young, or women cover their faces to repel the barely controlled lust of men. This is what the our WW2 heroes fought for and their legacy is thrust over to the excitable grey squirrels from the Indian and its sub-continentals on this island.

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