From Stolen Cakes to Swinging Machetes: The Sick Joke of Third-World Enrichment

George Orwell wasn’t a saint and wasn’t infallible. But he got some big things right. Animal Farm (1945) and Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949) are classics of political satire, analysis and prophecy. Orwell also got some small things right. For example, in his pioneering essay on “Boys’ Weeklies,” he said that a magazine called The Magnet had “a really first-rate character in the fat boy, Billy Bunter.”

Myopic and mocked

Billy Bunter is indeed one of the great comic characters of English literature. He was launched in 1908 by an astonishingly prolific author called Charles Hamilton (1876-1961) (writing as Frank Richards), but today his stories have something that his creator and early readers could never have foreseen: a thrill of the forbidden. The stories are very politically incorrect. Bunter is a myopic, morbidly obese schoolboy who is mocked for his greed, dishonesty, selfishness, stupidity and sloth. And worse than mocked: as Orwell said, “boots and canes are constantly thudding” against “his tight trousers.” Here is a typical encounter between Bunter and his fellow schoolboys:

[A]t that moment Nugent opened the cupboard to lift out the cake. There was no cake to be lifted out. Nugent stared at the spot where a cake had been, and where now only a sea of crumbs met the view. …

“Bunter, you podgy pirate!” exclaimed Harry Wharton. … “Where’s that cake?”

“How should I know? I never even looked into the cupboard, and I never saw any cake when I looked in, either—”

“Scrag him!”

“Boot him!”

“I-I-I say, you fellows, it wasn’t me,” yelled Bunter. “I-I expect you put it somewhere else. It wasn’t there when I ate it—I mean, when I didn’t eat it—If you think I scoffed that cake, I can jolly well say—whoooop! Whoooop! Yarooooh!” (Bunter Comes for Christmas, 1959)

Frank Richards’ “first rate character” Billy Bunter

It’s not sophisticated humour, but Charles Hamilton was a skilful writer and entertained millions of readers for many decades. I particularly like Bunter’s self-refuting denials: “The cake wasn’t there when I ate it.” Bunter is stupid, so he exposes himself even as he indignantly exculpates himself.

A newspaper that refutes itself

But you don’t need to go to old children’s literature to find self-refuting denials and self-exposing exculpators. The British newspaper known as the Guardian supposedly exists on a far higher intellectual and literary plane than the Magnet, but its pages are full of Bunteresque self-exposure. For example, in May 2019 it ran an indignant story about Black criminals being deported to Jamaica. I think the headline was Bunteresque: “‘Things are so bad even the police are scared’: deportees live in fear in Jamaica.”

The Guardian knows that its good-thinking readers will not draw any heretical conclusions from that self-accusing headline. Instead, they will feel angry and dismayed that vulnerable Blacks are being deported from the magic dirt of Britain to the tragic dirt of Jamaica. However, I’m a bad-thinker, so I’ll point out the obvious. If Jamaica is such a violent and lawless country, how can immigration from Jamaica be good for Britain? It can’t be, and it’s inevitable that Jamaican immigrants and their descendants will be over-represented as violent criminals in Britain. That story in the Guardian is full of Black criminals complaining about being deported to live among their own kind in a nation governed by their own culture.

Fringe fathers and tortured schoolgirls

Obviously, the Black criminals don’t like this. They want to return to the still mostly White nation of Britain, where life is much less dangerous and there are lots of Whites to prey on. The Guardian carefully avoids the question of precisely what crimes the Black deportees have committed and instead tugs at its readers’ heart-strings with claims about their suffering. One criminal “is desperately missing his two children in the UK,” we are told. But men from Jamaica and other Black countries are notorious for fathering children and then declining to supervise or provide for their upbringing. In 2006, a gang of Black criminals subjected a White English schoolgirl called Mary-Ann Leneghan to prolonged rape and torture, then cut her throat and stabbed her to death in a public park. It turned out that the leader of the gang, Adrian Thomas, was the son of a feckless Black called Tony Thomas, who expressed his contrition at being a “fringe father” to his string of illegitimate children.

If the wishes of the White majority in the supposed democracy of Britain had been followed, there would never have been any immigration from Jamaica or any other Black country. And Mary-Ann Leneghan would never have suffered that horrible death. And many thousands of other Whites would not have been murdered, raped, robbed or assaulted by Blacks. Charles Hamilton was an astonishingly prolific White author. Delroy Easton Grant is an astonishingly prolific Black rapist who specialized in attacking elderly White women after emigrating to Britain from Jamaica.

From innocence to sickness

The Guardian is wringing its hands about Black “deportees liv[ing] in fear in Jamaica,” but you can be sure that some or even most of the deportees have committed rape and other violent crimes against Whites, including attacks on homosexuals. After all, Jamaica is almost as notorious for its homophobia as for its murder-total, which is almost as high as Britain’s despite Jamaica being a much less populous country. When Jamaicans come to Britain, they bring their violence, “rape culture” and “homophobia” with them. Fortunately, a small number of Jamaican criminals have been deported to their own nation to live among their own kind. And the supposedly feminist and pro-LGBTQ+ Guardian wants those criminals back in Britain to carry on where they left off.

Billy Bunter was an innocent joke. The Guardian is a sick joke. And the joke gets even sicker when it comes to a politician whom the Guardian helped put into power back in 1997. While he was in office, Tony Blair appointed a Jewish immigration minister, Barbara Roche, to preside over unprecedented levels of immigration from the Third World. Huge numbers of Blacks, Muslims and other non-Whites began to pour into Britain and have never stopped. Blair has meanwhile left office and become a very wealthy man. But he’s still eager for the spotlight and in early May 2019 the Guardian hosted an event entitled “The new populism: In conversation with Tony Blair.” Yes, the shabbos goy Blair was going to explain why White voters across the Western world are abandoning the old parties and turning to populist “extremists” like Matteo Salvini and Nigel Farage. But the publicity for the Guardian’s event with Blair contained some Bunteresque self-accusation:

One ticket per person and tickets are strictly non-transferable. Government issued photographic proof of ID must be shown and must match the name on the ticket. If you cannot provide this proof you will be refused entry.

By purchasing a ticket you acknowledge that there will be strict security arrangements and that we will be conducting security checks of clothing, bags and other items as determined by us. Large bags must be checked in the cloakroom.

Attendees will be informed of the venue during the weekend prior to the event. (The new populism: In conversation with Tony Blair, The Guardian, May 2019)

Tony Blair, war criminal, traitor and shabbos goy

Large numbers of people want to kill Tony Blair, you see, because he has been central to the mass slaughter and nation-wrecking of hugely expensive wars undertaken by neo-conservatives on behalf of Israel. In other words, it’s not Salvini or Farage who are extremists, but Blair and other shabbos goyim. Populism is a rational response to the behaviour of politicians like Blair. And Blair vastly expanded the population of Muslims in Britain who now want to kill him. But he’s rich enough to afford the very best security, unlike the children who arrived at a pop-concert in Manchester on 22nd May 2017. Some of those children were then murdered by a British-born suicide-bomber called Salman Abedi, whose Libyan parents had been “granted asylum” in Britain under a so-called “conservative” government.

Defending Israel, betraying Britain

As I pointed out in “Manchester Malady,” if Abedi’s parents had sought asylum in Blair’s beloved land of Israel, they would have been refused point-blank. If Abedi himself had tried to visit Israel before his suicide-bombing, he would have denied entry, because he was on a terrorist watchlist by then. Instead, Abedi stayed in Britain and White children died in horrible ways because of policies enacted by those great Friends of Israel Tony Blair and John Major. White children have also suffered horrendously at the hands of Muslim rape-gangs in towns like Rotherham, Huddersfield and Telford. These non-White rapists are in Britain thanks to the leftist love of open borders, and their crimes went unchallenged for so long thanks to leftist lies about racism and Islamophobia.

I hope that Tony Blair, Barbara Roche and other traitorous or goyophobic politicians will go on trial one day for their crimes against the White British. Among much else, I’d like to see Blair explain a claim he made in the foreword to a fatuous report issued by The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change. Under the portentous title of “The Glue That Binds: Integration in a Time of Populism,” Blair wrote: “In this report, we make it clear that there is a duty to integrate, to accept the rules, laws and norms of our society that all British people hold in common and share.” But why is there a “duty” to “accept” these “rules, laws and norms” if “all British people” already “hold [them] in common and share [them]”? Tony Blair is like Billy Bunter squeaking: “The cake wasn’t there when I ate it!” Blair is squeaking: “Muslims must accept norms that they already accept!”

Muslims vs the LGBTQ community

How will Blair explain his own words when he’s on trial for the capital crime of treason? It will be fascinating to see. It will also be fascinating to see him comment on this tough message he issued in 2006: “Our tolerance is part of what makes Britain, Britain. Conform to it; or don’t come here.” If that message was honest, Blair had some certain means of removing or reforming the people who came here and didn’t conform. Otherwise his words were hollow. The message wasn’t honest, of course, and Blair’s words were completely hollow. In 2019, it is abundantly clear that Britain contains huge numbers of non-Whites who aren’t “conforming” to Britain’s famous tradition of “tolerance.”

For example, Dave Thompson, the police chief of Britain’s second city of Birmingham, has recently lamented the way in which schools in the city “have been subject to protests by parents concerning the schools’ curriculum on equality.” To be more precise, the parents are Muslims who don’t believe in “equality” for homosexuals, lesbians and transsexuals and don’t want their children to be indoctrinated in the joys of LGBTQ culture. They’re attacking a pro-LGBTQ course called “No Outsiders,” because they’re happy for the LGBTQ community to be outsiders. Police Chief Thompson is distressed by this and issued some Bunteresque commentary in the Birmingham Mail:

As a citizen of this city, I have observed these protests and the rhetoric around them with increasing concern. West Midlands Police values and celebrates the diversity of this area. We believe the strength of this city is in tolerant and diverse communities.

This week I will march with LGBT staff and communities in Birmingham Pride and next week I will fast with Muslim colleagues and communities as they mark Ramadan. Both are possible to celebrate and respect in this amazing and diverse city. Sadly this is not the image of Birmingham that these events are projecting around the country and the world.

It is very important all those involved in the dispute at Anderton Park recognise the adverse impact this is having on the reputation of the city, broader cohesion and most importantly the children at this school. (Police chief calls for end to LGBT protests at Anderton Park Primary School, The Birmingham Mail, 21st May 2019)

Let’s review Chief Thompson’s commentary. On the one hand, he says that West Midlands Police “values and celebrates” the Muslims who add to the “strength of this city” with their vibrancy and help make it an “amazing and diverse” place. At the same time, Muslims are responsible for certain “events” that are “projecting” the wrong “image of Birmingham … around the country and the world.” These “events” are having an “adverse impact” on the “reputation of the city” and on “broader cohesion.”

Above and below: the Birmingham Mail shows Muslims whom the Guardian tries to conceal.

In other words, Muslims are attacking the very values that their presence enhances. At least, the police chief says that their presence enhances them. He’s lying and blowing smoke, of course. And so is the Birmingham Mail in its headline: “Police chief calls for end to LGBT protests.” Muslims aren’t engaged in “LGBT protests” but in “anti-LGBT protests.” The police chief is also lying about how much Birmingham has been blessed by “diversity.” If you read the Birmingham Mail regularly, again and again you’ll see non-White faces accompanying stories about violent crime. Here are some of the non-White faces that have recently appeared there:

“Amazing and diverse”: non-White criminals in Birmingham

And here are the stories accompanying the faces:

Those stories are replete with violence, but also rich with irony. Take the story about “Bournville College students” and their machete attack. Bournville is a new district in Birmingham famous for its chocolate factory, which was founded by the Quaker confectioners of the Cadbury family. High-IQ, high-trust Whites created a complex industry exporting its wares all over the world. Then non-Whites arrived in Bournville and created another kind of industry:

William Dudley, prosecuting, said [Sadiki] Richardson then brandished a machete he took from a rucksack and [Delayni] Woodcock used it to strike the victim repeatedly on his lower legs and knees causing “severe traumatic injuries”. He said one of the blows was so severe the blade jammed in his knee bone and Richardson had difficulty prising it out. (Bournville College students locked up for machete gang attack which left victim pouring with blood, The Birmingham Mail, 17th May 2019)

The non-White Sadiki Richardson and Delayni Woodcock were “both 16 at the time.” That is, they were schoolboys. The White nation of Britain was once entertained by stories about the fictional schoolboy Billy Bunter, who stole cakes and made fatuous excuses. Nowadays Britain is appalled by stories about real schoolboys who hack people with machetes, stab them with knives, and spray them with acid. Meanwhile, fatuous excuses are made by politicians and police chiefs. As I’ve pointed out before, we live in a “Land of Lies.” But the lies will not last for ever. Nor will the liars.

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  1. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    I have it on excellent authority, that Billy [ Wilhelm ] Bunter [ or ‘colorful one’ in German ] had just absolved the longer of two Jewish Formal Logic courses, lasting seven days, garnering him his Ph. D. in this discipline.

    Pennyless as they all were, and still are, this accredited Institute of Higher Jewish Learning was housed, after quitting time, around 8 pm, in a Kosher winery, in the very spot of the current Bank of International[ist] Settlements: the go-to for all Central Banks when they fail to embezzle their own countries’ tax-payers to the satisfaction of Basel.

    Billy defended his four-page Ph. D. dissertation so well, that Teddy Herzl [ the endearing, diminutive for ‘ little heart ‘ ] hired him as his Administrative Assistant for writing his Der Judenstaat. Billy was never credited with his logical assertion, so important to the Zionists, that they had found ” a country without a people, for a people without a country ! ”

    Perhaps there are additional cakes in the adjacent cupboards ?

  2. Bernard
    Bernard says:

    Good composition; drawing together of various elements; I wonder what would tip it over the edge? A senior politician mugged to death for his/her iphone & flipflops?

    I can wish, can’t I?

  3. Trenchant
    Trenchant says:

    I think Blair is guiltier than the article suggests. The Manchester bombing attributed to Salman Abedi looks more like a psy-op run by the internal State security apparatus and certain key media. There is both a deliberate down-playing of low-level anti-social behavior by non-whites, especially Muslim non-whites, and a dramatization (including false flags and hoaxes) of the threat posed by “radical” Islam. Presumably the latter strategy will be useful in lessening sympathy for the Palestinians when the time comes for their total expulsion from Holy Land, or if Britain is called to assist in a war against Iran. In any case, the constant drum-beat of terror is useful to demoralize native British and to pass repressive legislation to be used selectively against them.

    • William Gruff
      William Gruff says:

      The term ‘native British’ is meaningless because there is no acknowledged distinction between those who come from a long lineage of people who were rooted here and belonged here and those called ‘British’ who have no roots here and do not belong here.

      ‘Britishness’ now means nothing more than the alleged right of hostile parasitic aliens to live here at our expense and prey on us. I do belong here, born of long lines of people who themselves belonged here, however, I am English not ‘British’ and I have nothing in common with the ‘British’ Third World trash the British establishment has imported to make the once green and pleasant land of England a hell hole.

      There are no ‘native British’, merely English, Northern Irish, Scotch and Welsh people who persist in maintaining a long discredited falsehood; the idea of a British identity.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      Excellent points!

      “The Manchester bombing attributed to Salman Abedi looks more like a psy-op run by the internal State security apparatus and certain key media.”

      You’re probably right. In fact, I think the hostile elite is hiding behind the phrase Islamic Fundamentalism to do the following things:
      1. Kill members of the White host population (which to the hostile elite is Public Enemy #1).
      2. Terrorize the gullible and silence the more perceptive and doubtful among us (such as TOO readers and writers).
      3. Demoralize all of us by then protecting Islam no matter how tragic the event or terrible our suffering.

      Dostoyevsky didn’t call them “merciless” for nothing.

  4. Panadechi
    Panadechi says:

    If someone leaves the door of the henhouse open for the fox to enter, they begin to kill the chickens and eat them.
    Who is the fault of the fox or who left the door open ?.
    The traitor politician was deceived and indoctrinated by the usual zion suspects ..

    • Charlie
      Charlie says:

      The pol was not deceived. That gives them the benefit of possibly being unwillingly duped and a victim. The pol is bought and paid for and willing traitor. If Trump was truly on the people’s side there would be a night of long knives in the JOO-SA

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        @Charlie – that is like saying if the Italian restaurant owner in New York a few decades ago really did not want to pay the Mafia the money they demanded with menaces, all he needed to have done was to tell them to go away and stop bothering him.

        How can one man in the middle of a swamp clear the whole swamp if the others who could help him are reluctant to do so?

        Trump is not like Shane, who can just beat up everyone by mimself.

        ((They)) can ruin him politically and personally if he crosses them. He would love to fulfill all his election promises, but cannot come out and say who is blocking him.

        • Joe Malone
          Joe Malone says:

          If Trump were a true hero, he would fight them with all his might while identifying the enemy by name. A true hero would suffer financially at the least or be killed at the worst but would’ve identified the enemy but laid the groundwork for others to follow. He’s had three years and he hasn’t done anything except blow a lot of hot air. This has been enough time for even the most fervent Trump supporters to realize that he’s just a piece of meat that’s been thrown to the lions to pacify them while business goes on as usual in the background.

  5. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    “If Jamaica is such a violent and lawless country, how can immigration from Jamaica be good for Britain?”


    And how could they say that and then respond with so much self-righteous outrage when Trump calls such places “Shitholes”?

    This article links to one of my favorites by Mr. Langdon, “Bend It Like Bennett.” In it he mentions the lethal combination emanating from the hostile elite like a poisonous vapor,

    Pathological Altruism and Pathological Narcissism.

    You could even say PA + PN = The Hostile Elite, their Shabbos Goy and assorted Proxies.

    Cause that’s basically them in a nutshell.

    They love abstractions and hate reality. They’re posers.

    The work I used to do way back when had me in daily contact with the rich and famous, ie; people like Bennett (though he’s not all that famous; but you get the idea).

    There certainly were exceptions, but most of them lived deep inside that formulaic bubble that Bennett lives in, PA & PN.

    It never once occured to me to envy their success, because, for all of my imperfections, I like who I am, don’t want what they have and certainly don’t want to be who they are.

    On the contrary, I always thought that their hypocrisy was contemptible, especially considering how they treated those they saw as beneath them. Though they obviously think very well of themselves the PA/PN combination made them look crazy. Still does.

    Above all, these modestly talented and positively obnoxious celebrities are, in the end, so incredibly unimpressive. No wonder publicity is so central to what they’re all about.

    No doubt you’ll find some very real talent in there among them. But even the singer Robert Plant, who, though a bit different and somewhat interesting, is definitely one of them, had the honesty to say that they were all mostly “lucky.” Something worth keeping in mind the next time one of them looks down on us. Again, they’re so blind with self-regard it just makes them look crazy. They have no idea how awesome we are. Poor them.

    In any event, people like us, who care about things worth caring about, who are deeply and genuinely concerned about what’s most important, and have often suffered as a result, will always mean more to me then they ever will.

    So, thanks for the reminder Mr. Langdon and for another excellent article.

  6. pterodactyl
    pterodactyl says:

    “If the wishes of the White majority in the supposed democracy of Britain had been followed”

    All the immigration that those such as Mosley opposed from before the war is totally self-inflicted and voted for, today by over 90% of the voters.

    There was a by-election recently in Newport. The only major party that opposed immigration was UKIP, and they got (together with other minor similar parties such as ‘For Britain’) 10% of the vote.
    Therefore the vast majority of voters fully endorse the current policy of mass immigration from the 3rd world.

    In the recent EU elections, only UKIP and Tommy Robinson (independent) opposed mass immigration from the 3rd world and they got just 3% of the vote. 97% of the voters therefore once again fully endorsed mass immigration.

    We have to acknowledge that the politicians are not actually deceiving us – the Foreign Secretary Savid Javid (muslim) actually states openly in the Daily Mail today that he wishes the immigration caps to be removed, and Javed did not appoint himself to parliament – people voted Conservative to put him there.

    What is happening is that people do not WANT mass immigration, but nevertheless VOTE FOR IT in free and fair (with some fraud) elections, and this is why democracy is not working properly – the people vote for the policies they do not want. Only the voters know why they do this.

    • William Gruff
      William Gruff says:

      – ‘There was a by-election recently in Newport. The only major party that opposed immigration was UKIP, and they got (together with other minor similar parties such as ‘For Britain’) 10% of the vote.
      Therefore the vast majority of voters fully endorse the current policy of mass immigration from the 3rd world.

      In the recent EU elections, only UKIP and Tommy Robinson (independent) opposed mass immigration from the 3rd world and they got just 3% of the vote. 97% of the voters therefore once again fully endorsed mass immigration.’ –

      Interestingly, people told that they are voting for what they say they do not want almost invariably react in the same few predictable ways: blank incomprehension to outright hostility based on either the intellectual inability to process the statement or anger at the implied criticism. Most common, in my experience, in England, is ”oo yer gunna vote fer den?’ Such people should not be voting.

      Has anyone done any work on the involvement of Jews in universal suffrage movements over the centuries? I don’t mean in revolutionary movements; I mean in the decades long behind the scenes surreptitious efforts to bend the elite to advocating votes for all, not as a means of improving national leadership and decision making but as a means of making national leadership and decision impossible.

      Note to moderator: what are the HTML tags for italics and bold face on this site?

      [Mod. reply: If <i> and <b> don’t work, try <em> and <strong>. But there are bugs in the comment software, so that may be the problem.]

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        “Has anyone done any work on the involvement of Jews in universal suffrage movements over the centuries?”

        This is a slightly risky policy as how were they to know in advance that the people would not vote for populist politicians?

        Perhaps if the Jews were involved, they were only planning to cause rich versus poor conflict so they could ruin us through communism, and even they had no idea in their wildest dreams what other mischief would follow – even Stalin could not have got away with ‘and now I will invite Africa and Islam to Russia’.

        So even the most savvy Jew could not have predicted that one day the governments in the West could be so openly treacherous and STILL the people would vote for them. In Britain, as well as inviting over the 3rd world, the government prosecutes veteran soldiers over events in the 1970s, and even reaching this level of treachery does not stop people voting for them.

        Maybe the Jews simply hoped that bad things were bound to happen when the ignorant get to vote (as opposed to only those who pay tax allowed to vote for example), and they were right.

        A lion’s greatest ally is other lions, and also other lions are its main enemy (its only enemy). It is the same with humans. So, as with lions, other humans are our main enemy, and we have the capacity to form groups and fight other humans, and this involves the switching off and on of hostility and malice feelings. This happens INTERNALLY within populations (different classes, or rich versus poor, or ‘takers’ versus ‘makers’) as well as BETWEEN populations (war).

        Perhaps people are voting according to INTERNAL enmities and these have been corrupted or perverted in the West into persuading the people to turn on themselves and hate themselves, although I do not see how the Jews would know this would be possible in advance, and maybe initially they were only aiming for communism or for more brother-on-brother wars.

        Notice that the Germans voted FOR self-interest before the War and AGAINST self-interest after the War, so white people can unite and support self-interest in certain conditions.

  7. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    01 The fox is blameless; doing his Darwinian thing.
    02 Entering an even unlocked dwelling is the offence of Breaking and Entering.
    03 Even a politician, to reach the level at which he can harm the majority, has to have at least two residual IQ points to rub together. Otherwise he will get killed while persistently crossing an arterial road intersection on a red light during rush-hour.
    04 Ergo: he is not dumb; which leaves career and financial avarice. [ Millions of Shekels ].
    05 Which led to the Chilcot Inquiry into Tony Bliar.
    06 Unread by that criminal dimwit, bankruptcy-lawyer and US Ambassador to Israel, Mo[e]loch Friedman; recently trumpeting Israel’s right to annex the West Bank. [ Peace Plan !!! ]
    07 Having litigated for the bankrupts, as opposed to the creditors, he can now defend the US in its moral bankruptcy worldwide; invoking Billy Bunter’s Logic: shaming us further.
    08 Who left that door ajar ?

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      My above ramblings were intended as a reply to Panadechi, but my computer couldn’t be convinced.

  8. Cuxervative Therapy
    Cuxervative Therapy says:

    “After all, Jamaica is almost as notorious for its homophobia as for its murder-rate, which is much higher than Britain’s despite Jamaica being a much less populous country.”
    The point of using “murder-rates” is so that the population count is irrelevant.

  9. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    It really comes down to this: Humans understand that if you take one species from its evolutionary home and whisk it away to some far corner of the earth, at best, it makes a parasitic, predatory niche for itself and becomes an invasive species like the cane toad in Australia. At worst, it fails to thrive and dies a miserable death like European mainland goats taken to far flung tiny islands to provide food and commodities for intrepid settlers.

    If the species is human, it compounds matters by also bringing with it the baggage of culture, expectations, lifestyle differences, religion, etc. You get an invasive species that is not just a bad fit, but is also extremely dangerous in that it will constantly advocate within your nation for its own needs to be placed before yours.

    Leftists can understand animal invasive species, but they PRETEND they cannot comprehend invasive species in human form. They are purposely tone deaf, and they know it, which is why their arguments are always based on strawman arguments, hyperbole, and outright emotional outbursts.

  10. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    According to one of Attlee’s Ministers, the Americans ordered the British to admit West Indians (So they would not go to the USA)
    The Americans also ordered the Germans to use Turkish labour.(So Turkey would join NATO)

    • Dave Bowman
      Dave Bowman says:

      the Americans ordered

      Let’s not allow the truth here to be concealed – which your simple and inaccurate shorthand phraseology is in danger of doing.

      Let’s try that again:

      The all-powerful, mega-rich, ruthless, self-serving, White-hating, Christian-hating, racist, nation-wrecking Jew lobbies who control the White House and the American military establishment FORCED “the Americans” to influence corrupt, idle, useless, “good-thinking”, idiot British politicians to import Blacks….etc, etc…

      You’re welcome.

  11. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    A literary breathe of fresh oxygen in both Mr. Langdon’s articles and the comments that follow.
    One of the most egregious examples of ‘too many whites’ I heard whilst listening to commercial radio phone-in station L.B.C, host Nick Ferrari, during the D-Day commerations last week, the caller a person named as Leonie, “Why isn’t there afro-carribean/commonwealth representation amongst the veterans? It’s sickening.” Presenter Ferrari could not have tried harder to grovel but he did: “Totally agree. Great point.”

    I watch with glee, the sanctimonious self-deceit of the ‘liberal’ and ‘British values’ being foisted on the muslims in Birmingham, and laugh at the hypocrisy in both camps — slogans on placards pertaining to the wrong kind of indoctrination for allah’s young alumni. If only Orwell was around today, what, if anything, would he say?

  12. Cuxervative Therapy
    Cuxervative Therapy says:

    The article has still not been updated. Anyone else understand why the quote is illogical?

    [Mod. comment: Thank you. The sentence was wrong and has been corrected. However, note that “murder-rate” can also be by time, not only by head of population:

    London homicides now highest annual rate for a decade

    London’s homicide rate has reached its highest level in a decade as police chiefs brace themselves for a government announcement about whether they will get the extra funding they believe is vital to tackle rising violent crime.

  13. Anon
    Anon says:

    Ok, so you’re a cuck and so are mos tof your readers.

    You try to hyperrationalize an emotional diatribe by the left, and forget that humans run on emotions.
    Otherwise, we’d all be gay; like you.

    LIbs view it as Jamaica is a bad society full of bad people but the good system brings int he good ones who may have residual issues from being in a bad society of bad people so it’s wrong to deport them.

    Why is Jamaica bad?

    Partly, because of colonialism, slavery, corruption etc.
    Where as you believe that black societies can never be fixed, liberals will say they can become better.
    That gives people something to believe in, and since it is status quo they win.

    You also want a theocracy based on race realism as you would be asking people to deny the marginal socio-economic benefits in favor of purity.
    Not disagreeing with you by any means, but every feudal polity had small numbers of foreigners to serve some political role.
    Theocracies did not have whatever group they believed was wrong

    muslims, jews, or in the future non-whites.

    Blair is not a target because of his war crimes, the main terrorist threat is the alt right.

    This is the leftist narrative

    Instead of trying to defeat them with logic, appeal to emotions and proselytize people to your side.

    An example of good proyselization would be the fact that blacks are shorter so we have bigger cocks and now that women do squats there’s no point to black girls either.

    Thanks for your time,

    • OcciAcetylin
      OcciAcetylin says:

      “Otherwise, we’d all be gay; like you.”

      Bunter lives again.

      “Thanks for your time.”

      And thanks for displaying all the intelligence, coherence and rationality one would expect from someone in your community.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      Mark Twain’s right. Never argue with a stupid person. They’ll only drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

      Which, in Anon’s case, sounds extensive.

  14. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    A once civilised society is now constantly wounded. By that I refer to an incident in front of my house on a humid Saturday evening on the 1st June. I randomly walked into my front room to see into the street via the net curtains (they offer discreet one way observing) and noticed a rather nondescript young black male just standing inbetween a box trailer and a car. How wrong I was to dismiss my gut suspicions because hearing a melèe from the back kitchen I promptly went back to front room saw the young black male standing at the left- side of my bay window and through the gaps in the hedge the brown legs of the victim. The predator -perpetrator demanded wallet and phone, the victim yielded both items as a plea to unburden himself and then at suggestion of the mugger to run, and boy, did the victim run. Police cordon and air ambulance helicopter.
    There are still spots of blood on the pavement where the victim was stabbed in the initial attack. Monitised violence.

  15. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    Sadly, politicians will have much more blood dripping from their dangerously foolish hands. I recall the inquest report into the Manchester Arena carnage; with Salman Abedi in wartorn Libya, a British security source informed the Daily Mail ‘We had to rescue him, he’s a British national’.
    A recent documentary on Mohammed Emwazi, originally from a tribe in Yemen but whose father brought him to the UK at a young age, ‘Jihadi John’. One key talking head was Douglas Wise of C.I.A Middle East operations, who said that Emwazi ‘He was from us, he is of us’.
    We as a group of Western nations are in deep trouble.

  16. TR
    TR says:

    Well, I guess if Britain hadn’t invaded and pillaged non white people’s lands and then persecuted, murdered and raped the innocent peoples of those lands, it might be a different story.

    [Mod. reply: And I guess you need to learn something about history. But no doubt you’ll prefer ignorance and self-pity. “Innocent peoples” indeed.]

    • William Marshall
      William Marshall says:

      I assume you not aware that most civilizations and cultures have practised Colonialism and Slavery – even non-Whites such as: the Islamic Moors and Ottomans, not to mention Genghis Khan, Attilla the Hun and even the Han Chinese! Even the English word “Slave” comes from another word Slav!

    • William Gruff
      William Gruff says:

      Your guess was wrong. Stop guessing and refrain commenting until you know what you are saying.

      No people has any natural or inalienable any right to the land it lives on, which is why it must always be prepared to fight to prevent outsiders from moving in and taking over. All land and all peoples are subject to the dominion of other peoples from other lands. Britain could not have acquired the lands non-whites deceive themselves they are entitled to had the non-whites fought as hard to defend them as British forces fought to acquire them.

  17. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    Tobias, As with Mary-Ann Leneghan’s Irish father lamenting the savage murder of his daughter, so too, have the parents of Jason Issacs at the end of May 2019. Jason, just 18 yrs old and an apprentice carpenter, was murdered by a dead-eyed 19 yr African, Joel Amade,he was reportedly wielding a machete and had been freed on bail thrice before for bladed weapon offences, going on to stab Jason eight times.

    Jamaica’s murder total for 2016 to 17 was 1600 for a population of around 3 million; transpose that figure to the G.British population of 66 million, then approximately the murder rate should be 33 thousand (or more).

    It’s been exactly two weeks since the black male stabbing attack on the brown male victim and no further news from the police. I hope they have adequate CCTV evidence to negate my going to court as a witness and lock up this enriched because my exposure to retallitary risk will increase dramatically.

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