Seeing Some Old Friends and Acquaintances

Going to a gathering of old friends and acquaintances is always sort of bittersweet. The sweet part is seeing the friends and getting some positive attention rather than a lot of negative attention as I have become accustomed to when not around people who are already on board. The sad part is contemplating the political implications. I can only conclude that the vast majority of my generation are completely clueless about our issues—White identity and interests, Jewish power and its consequences, and multiculturalism combined with mass non-White immigration and its consequences—consequences that are apparent to anyone paying attention and looking at the available information. Instead, they are far more interested in their families (especially women)—how many children and grandchildren do you have?—and in sports (mostly men)—I got a quick refresher course in all the local teams. Their media were things like MSNBC, Meet the Press, and the local newspaper—all Left-liberal. To the extent that they care at all, their opinions reflect these media sources. A couple people dropped hints to being conservative, but I didn’t hear anything that seemed to offer a glimmer of hope that they had been red-pilled.

To the extent that they care at all. The reality is that huge numbers of people are not really all that interested in politics. They care far more about their careers, their leisure activities, their families, and dealing with everyday life.  Voter turnout for the 2020 election was around 67% if you believe the narrative in an election that was engineered to be insecure under the cover of the Covid scare.  This means millions of people didn’t bother to vote. And many people who did vote know next to nothing about the issues or how the government works. And far too many can be easily swayed by sophisticated political advertising funded by activist billionaires, many of whom are Jews who have contributed the bulk of the money for the Democrats and far too much to ignore for the Republicans.

And they are economically comfortable, so you hear a lot about second homes and leisure travel to far-off places. Many of them are religious and at least some of their politics is religiously motivated. And the great majority are overweight and out of shape—sort of easing into old age and the supposed inevitability of decline.

I can’t even imagine trying to proselytize to them. It’s like they are on the other side of the moon. Where would you start? I suppose you could suggest some reading, some podcasts, or internet sites, but their first reaction is likely bewilderment and even moral outrage, and it would be hard to get past that. It’s hard to get past that because the default way that White people evaluate political issues—especially if they are on the Left and especially among women—is very often moral. Moral judgments are deeply intertwined with emotion and with personal identity. Facts become irrelevant. The whole point of the vast literature depicting victimization of non-Whites and gender minorities is based on inculcating moral revulsion by depicting particularly egregious examples of White misbehavior—like the way the media framed the George Floyd incident. So you are in a deep hole to start with. Exposing them to the realities, say, of Black IQ and short time perspective would be met with blank stares followed by moral revulsion. Forget about citing data.

And of course they are insulated from the effects of the ongoing disaster. They live in suburbs, small cities, or rural areas. I saw maybe one or two non-Whites the entire visit until I got to the big-city airports. Their media doesn’t cover issues like the surge in illegal immigration, crime in the cities, and much else. Re immigration, the arrival of 2–3 million illegals in the past year is an issue that would never even be mentioned in the mainstream liberal-Left media. Gov. DeSantis’s strategy of shipping needy illegals off to sanctuary cities like New York, DC, and Chicago is great and is certainly resulting in the entire gamut of mainstream media covering the issue (with—surprise!—moral revulsion on the Left [human trafficking!!] and gleeful coverage on Fox News).  Better is sending illegals to smaller places like Martha’s Vineyard that wear their sanctuary status as a moral badge and are suddenly confronted with an influx of people in need of social services—certainly not something that well-heeled liberals should ever have to endure, even if jobs are available. The migrants DeSantis sent to the Vineyard were of course dispatched elsewhere by the national guard within a couple days during which the Vineyardians claim to have been greatly enriched.

This may wake up some Whites to what is going on at the border and may well help the GOP in November, but it doesn’t really get to the heart of the ongoing, decades-long replacement of the White population via legal and illegal immigration. The electoral replacement of Whites is essentially irreversible at this point barring a political cataclysm—and to be sure, there is no shortage of talk about a civil war.  (The Left, which always plays for keeps, is well advanced in purging the military and security agencies in anticipation of such an eventuality.) But even assuming the GOP benefits enough to do well in November, it doesn’t change the reality that the GOP is worse than useless as far as seriously trying to change the present trajectory. (It’s the same in Sweden where a conservative coalition will form a government but exclude the further-right Sweden Democrats, whose main issue is immigration and its disastrous effects, from ministerial positions. The cordon sanitaire in Europe is alive and well.)

So I have to say it’s not looking good right now. Most White people need to get hit over the head to get them to change at all—which is why the strategy of some GOP governors to ship illegals to sanctuary jurisdictions makes political sense. But again, the GOP has a long record of being worse than useless.

Some Psychology  

Speaking of hitting people over the head with issues that affect them, there is evidence, summarized in Ch. 8 of Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition, that White people informed that they will soon be a minority (another issue that is rarely mentioned in the mainstream media except for a few examples of Leftist triumphalism) tend to adopt more conservative attitudes. I suppose this is positive because in the long run, the disastrous consequences of the current direction of the West will be apparent to ever-increasing numbers of White people.

But of course, there are a lot of countervailing psychological forces in play, also discussed in the above-mentioned book and all related to the unique Western tradition of individualism. Chief among these is that the social glue of Western societies is based on establishing moral communities rather than communities based on kinship (e.g., clan-type cultures or groups, such as Jewish groups, with high levels of ethnocentrism resulting in strong ingroup identifications and negative attitudes toward outgroups). (The uniqueness of Western individualism, our relative lack of ethnocentrism, and our lack of social organization based on extensive kinship are also a theme of Joseph Henrich’s The WEIRDest People in the World: How the West Became Psychologically Peculiar and Particularly Prosperous.) The moral communities of the West are a powerful force for social cohesion. Westerners are peculiarly prone to feeling guilt for contravening the moral attitudes of their cultures. In the environments we evolved in, violating the moral sensibilities of the group was an evolutionary dead end. So my old friends and acquaintances going along with the current anti-White zeitgeist are simply conforming to the morally tinged messages of suffering minorities and evil Whites they see every day in their media.

In the contemporary West, these moral communities are created by the messages disseminated by the media and the academic world—top-down control of culture processed by our higher brain centers able to inhibit evolved tendencies, e.g., toward ingroup racial identity. And at this time people are inundated with messages that race doesn’t exist, that all groups have the same genetic potential and are only held back by White racism, etc. And of course, there are huge incentives for going along with these ideas and increasingly dire penalties to those who voice opposition.

Women are particularly prone to the primacy of moral attitudes in politics. There are likely deep evolutionary reasons for this—personality differences related to being higher on nurturance and love important for rearing children and cementing long-term relationships, but for women in individualist cultures it means also being empathic to the suffering non-Whites they see in the media which can easily lead to pathological altruism, such as after the Haitian earthquake of 2010. And of course there is no shortage of men who have the same reaction.

It’s impossible to turn on television these days without messages to donate to Haitian relief by Michelle Obama and others. Or we read a newspaper article and find that there is an outpouring of concern about Haiti — leading not only to financial donations but to offers of adoption by American, presumably White, parents of the estimated 380,000 Haitian orphans:

Tammy Gage of Stanberry, Mo., cries every time she turns on the TV and sees the devastation in Haiti. And though she already has three daughters, she didn’t hesitate when her husband suggested that they adopt from Haiti.

“That’s all he needed to say,” she said.

Gage and her husband, Brad, are among many Americans expressing interest in adopting children who have been left orphans from the quake last week. Adoption advocacy groups are reporting dozens of calls a day.

Patrick Cleburne points out that 37% of Americans say they or someone in their family has donated to Haitian relief.

This altruism on behalf of genetically unrelated people who have created the quintessential dysfunctional society is pathetic and shows how far we have to go to get people to think rationally about this issue. [Should Haiti Be Rebuilt]

There are also sex differences in proneness to fear and desire for safety, with women higher. As they say, there is safety in numbers, so going along with the views of the majority of your moral community offers protection, whereas going against such views may have a variety of negative consequences—form getting fired from your job or getting ostracized from friends and family. And these days, a reincarnation of the gulag for political dissenters in the West is a real possibility and is already a reality in much of the West where there are no Constitutional guarantees of free speech.  The Left, which once championed free speech, is now adamantly opposed to free speech on sensitive topics like race and multiculturalism. And throughout the West, the views championed by elites in control of the mainstream media and the judicial system conform entirely to the anti-White zeitgeist. There’s a natural tendency to look up to elites—and to fear their power. We live in an oligarchy presiding over a faux democracy.

These lock-step moral communities produce a hive-mind, cult-like mentality. Tobias Langdon provides a particularly graphic example of the hive mind based on moral certitude and illustrated by constant virtue-signaling. Quoting a Guardian columnist attending a book fair:

You will never meet a group of people more consistent in their views, and not because most of them also go to the same pilates class. Every man jack of them voted remain [on Brexit], and they are considerably more leftwing than those at any meeting of any political party. … The audience absolutely hate being politically misidentified, and they spend those first 10 minutes desperately signalling, with spontaneous clapping and foot-stamping, to indicate that nobody hates the [the “conservative” Conservative] government more than they. … The atmosphere, it probably goes without saying, is electrifying.

So we are up against it. But never say die. The future cannot be predicted.

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  1. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    There are a lot of people who don’t vote whom I, as a patriotic American and someone who is tired of hearing about certain minorities, DO NOT WANT TO VOTE.

  2. Chris
    Chris says:

    The Cognitive dissonance of getting someone to change his liberal opinion is so high it would take as you say a cataclysmic event. I think the Hail Mary pass in this would be to get people to realize that from economics to social policy to foreign policy they’ve been duped by the Jews and it’s not really their fault because the Jews game plan was so sophisticated that no one could’ve spotted it before.

    • Captainchaos
      Captainchaos says:

      All you guys are way too pessimistic. The Sweden Democrats received 20% of the vote – the second most of all political parties – in what is reputed to be the most cucky nation on earth. Soon Italy will have a far right government. All this is certainly dramatic progress by any metric. And we haven’t even gotten to the real havoc that the Russia sanctions will wreak on the industrial economy of Western Europe yet, particularly in Germany. There are many more gains for the political far right in Western Europe to come in the near future.

      • K M Landis
        K M Landis says:

        You are right. The items you listed are all reasons for optimism. It would be great if Sweden and Italy could lead the way to White Nationalism.

        Your last item is the best one. The economy of Western Europe could be devastated by their own sanctions against Russia, as well as Russia’s reactive sanctions against them. (((America))) is to blame for provoking war with Russia.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          The economy of Western Europe could be devastated by their own sanctions against Russia, as well as Russia’s reactive sanctions against them.

          Have you considered that this might well be an essential component of the rationale of (((those who do Biden’s thinking))) for continuing the Ukraine conflict indefinitely? Washington and Tel Aviv have been growing ever more unhappy at Europe’s ongoing breakaway, Germany’s first and foremost, from complete dependence upon the United States. “Dependence on the USA” is, alas, simply another way of saying “dependence on international Jewry.”

          Unfortunately, there is no reason to believe that Germany’s present rulers (well, apparent rulers) are any more interested in the welfare of actual Germans than Angela Merkel was. They have been well paid, and they will perform as they are expected to. Or else.

          Besides, who cares whether fifty thousand Germans freeze to death before Judeo-American gas and oil gets tanked into Hamburg or Kiel or wherever? At least (((American))) hegemony will have been reestablished with a vengeance!

          • Captainchaos
            Captainchaos says:

            The people of Germany can vote AfD. The point is to habituate them to acting and thinking in a racially beneficial manner. First you must build the revolutionary masses before you can have the revolution.

            As for America, that is why I keep hammering on about Red State secession. We need a critical mass of White Americans to start thinking in revolutionary terms.

            The Jews are not the only ones capable of gaming various scenarios.

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            The people of Germany can vote AfD.

            They can also knit legwarmers from the fabric of old sweaters now too tattered to wear. Since there are fewer limits on what they are allowed to knit than who they are allowed to vote for, they will probably consider their priorities and act accordingly, especially as northern Germany will probably get its first taste of subfreezing weather next month.

            On the other hand, maybe Germany’s rulers will decide that the welfare of the people is more important than getting rich on Jewish and American bribes and barbed incentives. As unicorn trackers are fond of saying, there’s a first time for everything.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            To Pierre – You are in no position, as a recent convert from being a life-long imbiber of the American-Jewish anti-Hitler mythology and everything related to it, to accuse today’s Germans of putting “getting rich on Jewish and American bribes” ahead of their own freedom. Just whom would you select as today’s right-thinking people –anyone besides yourself and your fellow Catholics?

            Having lived safely in the USA all my life as an American, I YET find it incredibly painful to read about the deeply humiliating and degrading treatment dished out to all Germans following the victory of the Allies in 1945. Just the constant humiliation was bad enough without adding the often extreme physical punishments/pain that SO MANY experienced along with it. This remains in the national consciousness, whether today’s Germans experienced it or not.

            So when I find myself condemning the current Germans, which I can do (!), and then am reminded of their particular sufferings as a people that I’ve read about, I often stop myself in my tracks. What do I know of it? In the 1940’s, the Germans couldn’t imagine they would/could ever be treated so horribly, so without compassion. It was a shock. And need I remind people — the stories of ‘pornographic’ German-Nazi cruelty are NOT TRUE.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            After posting, I’m already issuing an apology to Pierre. I managed to “forget” he specified “Germany’s rulers” in his comment.

            But I will add that Germany has the rulers it does because the people vote for them over the AfD types, much to my own chagrin. From there (“why do they vote for them?”), my comment above applies. Thanks, and again my apologies for sort of going off the tracks.

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            Thank you for the apology, Carolyn. I think that it is inevitable that, as we have in the past, we will continue to differ markedly on several issues, but I have no wish to quarrel with you when, as here, a quarrel seems to serve no purpose. (More on this topic below.) That said, permit me to comment on two things you wrote.

            … as a recent convert from being a life-long imbiber of the American-Jewish anti-Hitler mythology and everything related to it …

            Not so recent. During lunch hour and after the working day was over, I was reading CODOH online on my office computer in the mid-nineties—that is to say, within a year of first learning how to use the damn thing. I shall never admire any civilian political leader who routinely dresses in military garb and pressures children to do the same—though the Hitlerjugend was innocence itself compared with how US public schools brainwash and propagandize white children whose parents are foolish enough to send them there—but I had learned to my own satisfaction well prior to the year 2000 that though there were probably no genuinely virtuous men at the helm of any of the warring states, Hitler, contrary to the (((Narrative))), was far less culpable than Stalin, FDR, Churchill, and the Jews who surrounded the latter two. Indeed, Hitler’s Germany and imperial Japan endured much more belligerency, especially from the United States, than international legal and moral standards required for armed response to be deemed legitimate. As Joseph Sobran said and wrote around the same time that I was reading CODOH, the United States fought the wrong enemy in World War II: our country should have allied with Hitler to destroy the Soviet Union!

            “why do they [i.e., German voters] vote for them [i.e., anyone save the AfD]?”

            Surely for any of several reasons, two of which spring to mind.

            (1) Think how many non-Germans have been granted the franchise in the past twenty years. Surely the number is now in the millions! Think how similar sorts of “Minnesotans” elected Ilhan Omar. Indeed, such occurrences strike me as easier to grasp than, say, why Trump decided to support the candidacy of Mehmet Oz.

            (2) My lifelong impression has been that Germans have the courage of their convictions far more than southern Europeans and Americans do. Yet no one is immune from familial and social pressure to conform with “approved” thought and attitudes. Besides, Germans have suffered the humiliation of Judeo-American occupation and brainwashing for 78 years now, and there is no end in sight.

            Carolyn, I have reached a point in life where I take no pleasure in argument; still less do I enjoy outright fights. Nor is quarreling good for what little remains of my health. For fear of the loss of my soul to eternal perdition, of course, God forbid that I should ever fail to acknowledge and defend my Catholic Faith! Aside from that, only the defense of the plain truth when it is slandered or denied seems to me worth the occasional punch-out. (Since neither of us is David Ashton, there is little to fear on that score. [wink])

            In practical terms, I mean to say only that I am prepared to disagree with you, even outspokenly, should it become necessary to do so—that is, should there seem to be no other recourse. But I am not looking for quarrels, and I feel much happier whenever I find that we are, even to a limited extent, on the same side of an issue.

    • Luke
      Luke says:

      I spent nearly 40 years of my life, working my hardest to red pill a MAGA boomer buddy of mine. I was careful, and started out as being as gentle and subtle as I could because these MAGA boomer types are without any question, the most naive, gullible, skittish to the point of being almost childlike in their view of the world around them. I’d feed this guy little bites of realism at a time, being careful to not overwhelm him or spook him or cause him to have a MAGA Boomer brain meltdown. There were short periods of time where I thought I was making progress, but I finally decided that I was only lying to myself so I wouldn’t decide to give up on the guy.

      The final nail in the coffin of this sometimes strained friendship were the Covid death jabs. He and his wife rushed right down and took the jabs without waiting to see if there were any negative side effects being reported by others who were equally as gullible and blindly trusting of the evil rats who run our media and who infest our political offices. That was the final straw for me that made me finally have to admit to myself that I had wasted nearly 40 years of my life trying to red pill this guy when MAGA Boomers are impossible to red pill.

  3. Robert Keith
    Robert Keith says:

    Identify exactly with these issues here in central VA. Newly arrived, I’m thinking about joining up somewhere as VA is experiencing pushback against the northern tier that is attached to Washington DC. Speaking of the latter have you noticed its relative affluence compared to the surrounding area. You cross the line into the adjacent counties and it’s different from the rest of the country. If you go further in and cross the line of DC itself, aside from the segregated black areas, you see all kinds of demolition and construction activity. Everything is becoming new across that line. Not too hard to guess what all this is about. Major takeaway: DC doesn’t care a rat’s ass about the People in the country. They (and the “big guy”) are making all kinds of decisions that the People should be approving by referenda, bypassing their so-called “representatives”. Not to mention our total lack of checks and balances on any activity that takes place outside the country, where we have a total moron making self-interested and unilateral decisions about things he is completely ignorant of. The “big
    guy” who claims 50 years of foreign policy “experience” (doing the same thing over and over again) I’m sure doesn’t speak a word of any foreign language and doesn’t know one Hilton Hotel around the world from another.

    We have a lot of good advice out there, but very few activists who seem to be able to “do” anything about “it”, if you get my drift. Let’s also remember that the culpable one is the is NOT the briber, but the bribee.

  4. HamburgerToday
    HamburgerToday says:

    But something is changing. Down deep where poetry meets politics, where not just minds change, but souls. Like the White person who is living as an ex-pat among non-Whites becomes so grateful for any White face they encounter, the same thing is happening to Whites in lands being flooded by non-Whites. Maybe this feeling of connection among Whites isn’t going to be strong enough to overcome the anti-White programming to which nearly all Whites are exposed. But maybe it is.

  5. RockaBoatus
    RockaBoatus says:

    “I can only conclude that the vast majority of my generation are completely clueless about our issues” – Isn’t that the truth! The blank stares and signs of disinterest are the most common among ‘normies.’ I knew a fellow officer years ago that whenever I raised the issue of Black criminality in private, he would quickly change the subject. He was in constant fear that someone might overhear him agree with me even though he conceded that I was right on more than one occasion.

    I had a neighbor years back who told me he didn’t care if Whites were becoming a demographic minority within the U.S. because the only thing that really mattered to him was personal character. I tried in vain to explain to him that was precisely why we shouldn’t allow hordes of Hispanics and Africans into the country. He couldn’t or wouldn’t see the point I was driving at.

    And then there’s people who recognize the problem of illegal immigration and Black criminality, but they have no category to place such thoughts into. They have no intellectual framework in which to make sense of it all. Yet they don’t pursue the matter any further and remain content to leave it as a mystery of sorts. Perhaps the real reasons are the racial implications of it all which in this society are always costly?

    Much of the unwillingness to see things as they are, in my opinion, is due to cowardice. They realize there is a price to pay for such inconvenient truths. Even when one has accumulated great wealth and possessions and are not as beholden to others, there is still a fear to speak out about such important truths. People still want to be liked by their families and friends. They still want to be invited to social parties. Their desire for being liked is much stronger than their desire for Truth.

    I think of someone like the late Rush Limbaugh who had great fame and wealth, and yet he could not bring himself to speak openly about the Brown invasion, rampant Black criminality, and the demographic decline of Whites. At best, he could only gently hint of it at times – and then on very rare occasions! Rush never once addressed Jewish power. I doubt he was even conscious of it in the way that we at TOO are. Even if he did, Rush knew all-too-well that if he said a word about the JQ, his radio career would end overnight.

    I tend to think that a shift in attitude among Whites will not occur until we have nothing left to lose. When all our wealth, material possessions, including our pensions, are greatly reduced or taken from us altogether, then perhaps we will stand up and fight for our racial and cultural interests? When enough ‘diversity beatdowns’ occur and when we are ‘enriched’ enough by our racial ‘pets’, maybe then we will awaken from our multicultural slumber? Yet even such extremes may not prove sufficient because the deception runs so deep among our people.

    White Americans are now learning some of the great problems with wealth and consumerism – namely, that it tends to threaten our vision of what’s really important in life. It often blinds us to reality. It sometimes promotes cowardice, and the desire for comfort and acceptance by others are often at the root of our unwillingness to see what should be patently obvious.

    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      A very interesting and clever analysis of the situation in the USA and, if I may add, the Western world in general. Having retired early I dedicate most of my time to political and cultural issues. Being of Italian descent but born and bred in South America, I not only speak Spanish and Italian but also English and French; therefore I can keep an eye on the political developments in Western Europe and the rest of the world.

      This kind of “introduction” is necessary in order to say that the clear and excellent analysis of the situation in the USA made by Prof. MacDonald and “Rockaboatus” is almost a replica of what is happening in Western Europe and Australia. This means that most Whites are: A) cowards who live in denial, B) selfish bastards who don’t give a damn about the situation or C) cowards who know what is going on but value their social status or career than their race and the future of their children.

      I believe that most White people, particularly in the USA and the UK where the Jewish World Order has reached an awful and almost unbelievable power, are despicable cowards because YOU CANNOT tell me you don’t know what is happening! Thanks to the Internet I can see, without leaving my house what a nightmare is everyday life for the majority of White working-class and middle-class men and women in the USA and the UK.

      Therefore these disgusting cowards who pretend to ignore what is going on are liars who deserve to be exterminated as it may happen in a not very distant future. Going back to “Rockaboatus” and his comment, I fully agree with him that if there was a White backlash it will only happen when the situation became unbearable (we are almost there…) and perhaps it will be too late.

      Now, who will start to fight back? Not the despicable upper-middle-class acquaintances of Prof. MacDonald and of so many of us. As it happened in a very similar situation (in Germany and Italy in the 1920s) the fighters, and heroes, will come from the working classes, those despised poor men “who have nothing to lose”.

      Going further back, to 1815, when Napoleon arrived in Paris after losing the battle of Waterloo, the poor people of Paris, the workers, assembled in front of the Tuilleries asking for weapons to fight the Allies, while the wealthy Parisians were hiding in their mansions, preparing to welcome the Bourbons.

      Thank you Prof. MacDonald for such a great article and, particularly, for the inspiring, heroic ending. Yes, we are facing terrible odds but (((they))) haven’t finished with us. They know what Aryan men are capable of and as Sun-Tzu said “Nobody fights more ferociously than an army with its back to the wall”

      • Junghans
        Junghans says:

        KMac & you are spot on as usual. The psychological foibles of most Whites is no doubt the reason why racially animated Jewry mockingly refers to us as “gullible Goyim”. Clueless and inwardly adrift, most Whites are silly putty in the hands of ethnic predators.

    • Bold Inq.
      Bold Inq. says:

      Rockaboatus wrote: “And then there’s people who recognize the problem of illegal immigration and Black criminality, but they have no category to place such thoughts into. They have no intellectual framework in which to make sense of it all. Yet they don’t pursue the matter any further and remain content to leave it as a mystery of sorts.“

      This is a profoundly important observation. Six years ago when I was still asleep in my judaized left-leaning worldview, I read a tweet that criticized black behavior and rampant crime. Instinctively I agreed with it but then quickly checked myself and re-evaluated the tweet as ghastly and immoral.

      I didn’t have an authentic intellectual framework that could process and accept the tweet’s obvious truths. The only framework I had was a lifetime of public media consumption and anti-white indoctrination.

      Well-meaning whites who are capable of growing *must* get access to TOO, Mac’s books, AmRen, Counter-Currents, etc. My gateway drug was Charles Murray on Sam Harris’s podcast.

      • bellamoon
        bellamoon says:

        Been seeing lots of comments about ‘fatherless blacks’ by gatekeepers who are attempting to distract Whites from the historical ‘culture’ factor of blacks (ie hoe culture – they’ve never had fathers but instead uncles) which is genetic. They’re attempting to misdirect from the fact that blacks have not changed at all. They’ve always been violent savages – yes even here prior to welfare, crack and rap. The religious Christian can’t accept this and neither can his liberal and conservative siblings. All of them reject race (nature) by either denying it outright or refusing to accept it but attempting to change it (literally playing god).

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      I mainly approve of your comments, RockaBoatus. Only once I openly disagreed with you on some grounds, but this one I like, it being more balanced than many of the others. I very much like your emphasis on “cowardice” and feel sad that European people have become so cowardly and make excuses for it. They are even proud for being “realistic” and not fool-hardy. No risk-takers left? My favorite leader, Adolf Hitler, is criticized and blamed for ‘taking risks that didn’t succeed.’ If we have to know the outcome before we take a step, we’re in big trouble … which I believe we are.

      This morning I wrote this: The thing about Jews is that they use, depend on FEAR and FORCE more than Christians do. Or Hindus, for that matter. Jesus (whether a single person or a composite idea, doesn’t matter), born to that tribe of Abraham, counseled/taught love and non-violence as the better, higher way; and replaced the jealous, angry, punishing God with a loving, forgiving Father-God. This is what the tribe of Abraham, it’s leaders, rejected, and used various punishments to enforce. Jesus was NOT a coward.

      I asked myself: What is the reason for these “Jews” amongst us? What do they represent? The answer I received: Since this is a world of light & dark, of contrasts — which is necessary for seeing forms and comparing and contrasting — Jews represent the dark–ignorance, the primitive, the brain-stem. They cling to ‘specialness.’ That’s why I say Jews have to stop being Jews in order to co-exist in our societies. They have to stop identifying with all those old fearful ideas, such as massacres, pogroms, enemies everywhere. These beliefs are fed and nourished by “World Jewry,” “organized Jewry” today. The only reason I can think of is to keep power, to hold on to their power position in the world and in the eyes of the common ‘jew.’ It certainly isn’t out of love.

      The common man is always the source of a leader’s power. Yet the common man is fearful of the leader **because he is stupid!** He is asleep and lazy. It’s not because of evolutionary forces. That is an ACADEMIC idea; we have too many of those.

      This is a battle playing out. Compare to the Bhagavad Gita, the battle between members of the same family that Arjuna didn’t want to participate in, but Krishna (divine council) told him he must. Arjuna should see it as only the forms battlling–no one actually suffers or dies, not the real beings behind the forms. It’s like a dream that we’re engaged in–it will end with no permanent harm done. Only what was learned will survive. Courage must be sought above all.

      • Larry
        Larry says:

        What you are talking about is “the heresy of separation. At root the Jews see god as a separate personal god who has emotions like jealousy. From this root idea comes their idea of separateness for their tribe. Totally antithetical to the Aryan idea of an inter penetrating god that we are all a part of and enumerated in the gita

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          Thanks for recognizing my comment. I just now saw this, 4 days late. I like your presentation of a “personal god who has emotions like jealousy.” Many Christians (Muslims too) have this very same concept of God. It’s a primitive idea that persists in, I guess, primitive-minded people, and still pushed by many clergy & churches (mosques) because it “works best.” God “wants something” and is frustrated and/or angry because mankind (his creation) won’t give it to him. So few reflect on these ludicrous ideas; they’re just afraid to think differently about it.

          I don’t think many Aryans are aware of this “inter penetrating god that we are all a part of”. The word Aryan has a bad rap, or ‘rep'(utation) with Christians.The question is: Is Christianity holding us back, or should/can it be blamed on something else?

  6. John Alder
    John Alder says:

    Sobering words indeed ! I find that distributing blatantly pro White literature is effective at shocking people into awareness and it comes with the added satisfaction of ruining the day for virtue signaling leftist morons. 😊

    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      Excellent words! I loved the last sentence: “ruining the day for virtue signalling leftitst morons” 😆​😆​😆​

      • John D. Alder
        John D. Alder says:

        Save the post paid envelopes that come in junk mail and use them to mail back pro White leaflets for free. It’s one more way to reach out all over the country. Tell others! Waste no opportunity to wake up our people. I know for a fact that the leaflets do get read at those processing centers.

  7. Samoan
    Samoan says:

    As you said no one seems to care about demographic collapse because their own lives are good enough. This would have to change once demographic replacement is too big to ignore and having too many negative effects on life. It’s all about the pyramid of needs. If the upper levels are threatened it’s hard to organize. However if the base levels are threatened (i.e. food, shelter, physical safety) no one gives a damn anymore and suddenly your Democrat neighbor is fully 1488.

    • John D. Alder
      John D. Alder says:

      I know a woman who saves the post paid envelopes that come in junk mail and she uses them to mail pro White leaflets back for free. Never miss and opportunity to spread the message of White survival. 1488 = the best solution !

  8. Odessa
    Odessa says:

    Being a WASP woman, this article made me have to just walk away from the ipad and cry a bit. This anti white anti Protestant work ethic is going to be the end of Western civilization. Obama is de facto president of this puppet Biden regime. All the same players are in positions throughout the institutions of power. Remember when Obama came to the Biden White House, Nancy was fawning all over him the puppet master himself. And joe was just trying to get some attention. Women have let this mess happen. They act all self righteous when it comes to abortion and yet are confused when asked to define what a woman is. The schools are mostly run by and taught by women. These women are willing to help sacrifice our children bodies to the god of Transhumanism. The globalist and the party of Devo’s want to castrate white men and transform white women into “birthing person”. We are letting this happen. I try and stand up and say something bold like the Truth. People are usually surprised that I’ll even go there, but I will and I am and I know (hope) there are more of us. It starts with the individual, once again.

  9. Crush Limbraw
    Crush Limbraw says:

    This summation pretty much reflects my own experience with family and the few friends I still have left – most former are fully convinced I should be committed.
    Ezekiel 33 keeps me going – the watchman – if we see evil coming it is our sacred duty to declare it.
    But I am resigned to Sir Michael Tyson’s statement, when asked how his next opponent was planning to beat him: “Everyone has a plan….until they get a punch in the mouth!

  10. John
    John says:

    It takes a special kind of stupid to become a minority in one’s own nation. We will see on election night September 25, 2022 if the Italians are as dumb & stupid as the British, French, Swedes, etc. Italy has some 5 parties that are nationalists. Italians will receive no mercy from me should they fail.

  11. Will Wright
    Will Wright says:

    I live in Hull in the United Kingdom. Keven MacDonald, I identify with what you write. Your experience with White liberals is similar to my own experience.

  12. Mark
    Mark says:

    First, for over 50 years the Left has been more active and committed, especially among the young, than the Right.

    Plus, most people are afraid of Jews and dare not speak the truth. I am surprised that Jews are not more careful to not be so outspoken in terms of their influence on U.S. domestic and foreign policy. Kinda nervy of a religious minority to be so powerful and brazen. Do they realize how bad it makes them look?

    We Whites have become cowards, by and large, in our own country.

    If the LEFT was PRO-White, they wouldn’t stand for it. They would be raising total hell and getting their way too.

    • John Alder
      John Alder says:

      Your comment(Good points made) reminds me of a chapter in the book White Power by George Lincoln Rockwell ,tge chapter title is FIFTY YEARS OF FAILURE which gives a good explanation of why the right has failed and continues to fail. Today we are witnessing Camp Of The Saints becoming reality.

  13. Odessa Choppo
    Odessa Choppo says:

    KMac, many of us have the same situation concerning social gatherings if we have evolved as European blood. So often without thinking, I fall back into accepting invitations only to be jolted back to reality when I stay the painful 30 minutes and eject from the state-hospital-like discourse.

    I’m glad to hear that even you make attempts to wake the brain dead through various methods. I continue virtually every time I’m around anyone with apparent hope. It has only worked with those who’ve already discovered the verboten truth. One was a retired army guy who is the boyfriend to my woman’s friend. Another is a professional cook I met at a bar on a fishing trip. I mentioned the jew ADL (yes, repetitive), and his face lit up. I’ve been sending both these guys books and information non-stop since meeting them.
    In every other case, it’s been dead silence and the vacant stare. Several have wanted a fight at which point I explained the consequences: jail for them, financial costs for them, history doesn’t change. Still, they wouldn’t accept any books from me..

    Of the many intelligent men in our worldview, you are one of the most significant in helping me to a clear view and existence. I always knew something wasn’t right from about 10 years old onward. I learned as the years passed, but now I can say that I’m satisfied with my knowledge and only crave more. There are few things in this life that I’ve had extreme passion for, and this is by far the most important subject for me. Virtually everything – history, current conditions, and the probable future – makes sense to me. I may not laugh as much anymore, but I am satisfied.

    From CoC, Preface, page lxviii:
    “.., even if I have come to the point of seeing my subjects in a less than flattering light. In the end, does it really matter if my motivation at this point is less than pristine? Isn’t the only question whether I am right?” YES, KMAC, YOU ARE 100% RIGHT.

  14. Robert Block
    Robert Block says:

    I am an admirer of Professor MacDonald. It is especially admirable to play jazz piano and to teach science, I have never before encountered that combination.

    But he is innocent of commerce. I am sure some of his readers are guilty of it, but this guilt is not reflected in the comments.

    Our economy has a ravenous, indeed, insatiable appetite for talent. Despite the best efforts of Melinda Gates, a detested white male college dropout just made off with twenty billion – not hyperbole, my source is the WSJ – for a tech startup. Twenty billion is pretty good money even after Brandonflation.

    The white cognitive elite including the gentile white male cognitive elite can earn vast riches. Yes, middling to upper middling whites have endured career stagnation for > 30 years. That conceded, whites will not be herded into Gulags soon.

    This is a society that compensates creativity. I think that white male outperform in this respect. As long as that remains the case, it will be difficult to foment rebellion.

    Our best have been bought. But at a good price. You would be too.

  15. Colin S.
    Colin S. says:

    I feel the same as you regarding my friends. Coming to terms with this predicament has been difficult, but I have divided the politically challenged into three primary groups.

    1.) Guilty and Ignorant
    They recognize that our economy has many prestigious bullshit jobs — they worked one. Some grew up in privileged households and think the environment is preeminent. A good portion inherited significant wealth from their parents. However, other altruists feel inadequate and guilty about earned wealth inequality. These nurturing types believe — albeit mistakenly — that minorities are all working hourly positions and oppressed by the system. They then think of themselves as undeserving of material success. Almost all altruistic people are non-Jewish Gentiles, whereas the “Chosen People” only pretend to feel guilt but are not biologically capable of experiencing the emotion.

    2.) Capitalists
    They recognize that nature is more important than nurture but still ignore it. Almost all successful capitalists are intelligent and have read ‘The Bell Curve.’ Nevertheless, most businesspeople think it is unnecessary to mention social processes that benefit them. These types know how smart they are and do not want the less intelligent to become aware of their stupidity. It makes no sense for successful elites living in mansions to hurt their self-interest by increasing awareness. They also recognize that access to global markets is necessary to maintain soaring profits. Bubble economies must protect the free movement of capital and labor. They are also the ones advocating for increased immigration. The only concerns of billionaires and corporations are quarterly ones. Davos Men live and die by the bell! While some of these individuals are Jews — think finance — the prototype is a Mitt Romney-type Gentile. I always envision Warren Buffet and Mitt Romney when stereotyping the corrupted Gentile.

    3.) Subversive
    Woke, knowledgeable leftists who will survive and soon defeat the global capitalists once the glut is untenable. These lunatics are the ones chanting: “race doesn’t exist.” Their sole function in life is to red-pill the midwits! Yes, they understand race and intelligence — along with non-White immigration. The vast majority are Jews. Few intelligent Blacks and Hispanics academics are genuinely knowledgeable in these subjects. Subversive (yes) but not schooled in psychometrics. Nevertheless, the ones who know batter have a multitude of grievances and beliefs. They only agree on hating the status quo and protecting their ethnic interests.

  16. Sandy
    Sandy says:

    With religious friends try slipping in “mixed multitude” rather than its Marxist replacement, multiculturalism.

  17. Michael Fury
    Michael Fury says:

    They came of age the heirs of ruin,

    When remnants of the West were carrion

    To a ravening madness, a fear whose name

    Their fathers knew but feared remember, for shame

    Had so unmanned them, and degradations

    By degrees for generations

    The Enemy bred them to embrace and cherish.

    The virtues of their forebears so would perish,

    And with them any memory of their worth

    As nations or the race from whom came forth

    A civilization peerless and sublime.

    To this end the Enemy over time

    By sophistry, by trickery and theft

    Had sabotaged their minds, until bereft

    Of truth the sons of Europe were slaves

    Most base, slaves who swore on their lives

    They were free….

    • Robert Block
      Robert Block says:

      Well, your verse could be worse. It’s actually rather good. Let me swap out a few lines from an Economist’s Love Song:

      There is no hedge for you;

      I am out on a ledge It’s true;

      And to add specificity, there is no demand elasticity.

      And, the world’s least dignified country song:

      I find myself again at the tragic conjunction;

      Your poetry was even better than that.

      But things aren’t really that bad. My best friend’s son, tauntingly named “Christian” was born in 1991. He was just recruited – actively recruited, by a company that makes things, with a nice raise and a paid cross-country move.

      They aren’t whipping us yet. Not only do they not really know how to make things, and surely their preferred pets don’t, they’re really not that good at management. They are brilliant at finance and verbal gymnastics. They are politically shrewd. But they need our skill-sets to keep going.

      I don’t like it either when Netflix makes Napoleon black. I watch British TV from.the 90s or Monty Python to remind myself: blacks were not really there. But slavery? Not close.

      Biden’s people are testing us and we need to be vigilant. We need to take back some ground. But if you’re a white guy who knows how to innovate the world is yours even now.

      Still, nonsarcastically, I like your work. Just don’t make our people feel hopeless.

  18. K M Landis
    K M Landis says:

    That’s a great description of the boomer generation in this article. I never try to persuade such people. Only the “pitiless crowbar of events” (A. Solzhenitsyn) will move them. Not reason nor morality. They are impervious to facts, and react with protective stupidity to any thoughtcrime. I like the quote at the end, provided by Tobias Langdon.

    • John Alder
      John Alder says:

      We should have done what the communists did :Infiltrate the educational system K – 12 and colleges and universities then once tenure is acquired start teaching the truth.The education ststem cranks out Marxist indoctrinated students year after year and they vote.

  19. WCH
    WCH says:

    One cannot crack open a skull and pour knowledge into it. Desire for knowledge must preceed change. The difficulty is that most people mistakenly assume what the media, government and their parents have proclaimed as truthful information is just the opposite.

  20. Robert Penman
    Robert Penman says:

    I have thought long and hard over how on earth one wakes up “normies”. I really hope Dr MacDonald sees my post because I have had some success with the following (keep in mind this is with the people I have bumped into, and people I know):

    I see the Jewish issue as by far the biggest, as they are the driving force behind all of our problems in the West. So, because many Whites have become accustomed to always looking out for non-Whites, I often draw the attention of such people to how the Israelis treat the Palestinian people. If this is backed up with photo evidence and the like, at least such people may start to seeing Jews in a less than positive light. For some people, this will be as much as you can tell them, at first. Let them go away with knowing this one issue.

    For others, who might just express a strong dislike of Communism you have a real opening with them. Start by expressing your agreement with them about the evils of Communism, then introduce the origins of Communism and its Jewishness. And again, leave it at that, unless they ask questions.

    For Christians, you might bring to their attention to the book, which can be downloaded in PDF format, “Merchants of Sin” which outlines the fact that pornography is owned and pushed by Jews. Also, when recommending the book, make no mention of Jews, just that it deals with the pornography problem, they will find out the rest when reading it.

    We don’t need everyone awaken to every aspect of all issues, though good to get a few more people who know the full extent of the problems, we need to start grinding down any respect people have for Jews. Sorry, I know that sounds harsh but I believe we must do this.

    I have also directed people to the fact that in 2015 Israel held a conference with the aim of censoring the internet. I then say, “no people, no government, and no nation has the right to censor facts or information from the rest of the world “

    Sometimes we need to encourage people to do things that undermine the Jewish agenda, without having to mention the Jews directly.

    Just my thoughts and ideas.

    • Crush Limbraw
      Crush Limbraw says:

      Robert Penman – your action ideas are a light in DaDarkness. Whining is the standard methodology of most Conservatives – useless.
      BTW – my library would be useful for anyone doing research on any of the subjects you mentioned.
      May God bless your work!

      • Robert Penman
        Robert Penman says:

        Thanks for your kind words. I visited your site and see you have created a wonderful resource for people to dig deeply into.

  21. Floda
    Floda says:

    Reading the great Kmac’s commentary I can’t help but reflect on what will come along to upset applecarts in the coming Northern Winter, especially in Europe. I’m in Australia, but I know well how bloody cold it gets in Europe and it seems to me that has been overlooked by the Jews agitating for War with Russia. What happens when the masses begin to freeze AND Starve.

    Does anyone believe Putin will be NICE?

    When it hits the fan wait and see what happens in Eastern Germany, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania. These people will not put with being murdered by the stupidity of their leaders and I reckon they will rise up violently.

    It is said, deny a man food for a day and he is annoyed
    Make that two days and he will steal.
    Make it three days and he’ll kill.

  22. Cat McGuire
    Cat McGuire says:

    This article and title struck a chord as I have just returned from the 50th anniversary of my high school class reunion in rural Indiana. (I live in New York City.) It was welcome news to learn that a good number of my former classmates are by and large red pilled. They may not be up to date on the lastest current events, but I found attentive audiences for my two main political concerns — 1) the BlackRock/Jewish takeover of the New World Order globalist agenda, and 2) the brewing ethnocide, if not genocide, of people of European descent. While there was a lack of clarity about what to do about these issues, there was virtually no pushback on the details I shared, which for some was brand new information.

    • Bob
      Bob says:

      Let’s have a bakesale!!! We can raffle off free prizes…and play dirty Santa too. That will wake everyone up . It’s over and that’s ok. The future will be mixed people working at Walmart for $3.00 and hour.

  23. Stephen
    Stephen says:

    This article was especially poignant with me based on recent experiences. Recently, a previously close friend, told me that he did not want to have anything to do with me if I could not agree that Trump supporters were “traitors to democracy.” This weekend a conversation with my brother in law turned icy when I stated that the problems that blacks have with the police have more to do with the proclivities of blacks than with racism on the part of police.

  24. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Thank you for this wonderful essay Kevin.

    We’ve all been there and we will all be there again. I, myself, try not to get angry any longer. I try not to feel sad, bad, or afraid for the future of our country and our race, even though that is of course quite trying. I gently, lay out facts; e.g., ‘white supremacy? Well, you know, since Jews make up over 70% of the current Biden administration, shouldn’t we be worried about Jewish supremacy? Alejandro Mayorkas, the current head of Homeland Security, has our borders wide open to anyone who wants to come into the country. I don’t think it’s about more left voting power, it’s about replacing white Christian people. Do you know that Mayorkas is an orthodox, Sephardic Jew.’ And if my comments lead to more productive conversation, great. If not, I leave it there.

    The important thing for all of us I believe, and of course everyone of us needs to do what’s best for ourselves because in many ways, our lot in life, because of our knowledge and the fact that we can critically think, is filled with at times, much loneliness, and despair. We all carry what is at times, a great burden, the burden of truth in a world where many don’t know the truth, and the rest, know, but are afraid and play along and even use it for their own benefit – the moral narrative that the Jewish media inoculates the masses with.

    We must never, ever give up. Know that even the smallest exchange, the tinniest utterance of the truth is heard, even by white liberal female loon types. When their eyes are popping out of their heads, and they’re gritting they’re teeth at you, smile at them, and say; “well, those are the facts. I think you’re aware of the truth. You’re just afraid to lose your friends. I understand that.

    But I’m not afraid.

    DICARLO says:

    It seems impossible to educate the blank, stupid, and ignorant faces. If people won’t listen to you or read what you have to say, then they can’t be educated. They won’t listen, because they don’t care. Of course, we want to spread the truth, but unfortunately, NO ONE IS LISTENING, except those like us.

    There is no upside for us — no success. Only bad news, day in, day out. The normies can’t conceive that jews are behind anything. We can’t move forward if no one will listen. Truth seekers will always be an extreme fringe group. Not only do the normies not listen, they view the truth with hostility towards the messenger. Talk about anything else, and they’ll engage. Talk about the jews, blacks, or connect jews to the brown immigration invasion, and you’ll only be mocked, insulted, or possibly physically attacked. In Europe, they’re locking up WN. It’s only a matter of time before it comes here to the US.

  26. Pierre Gariépy
    Pierre Gariépy says:

    Crimestop means the faculty of stopping short, as though by instinct, at the threshold of any dangerous thought. It includes the power of not grasping analogies, of failing to perceive logical errors, of misunderstanding the simplest arguments if they are inimical to Ingsoc, and of being bored or repelled by any train of thought which is capable of leading in a heretical direction. Crimestop, in short, means protective stupidity.
    George Orwell, 1984

    It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.
    Voltaire (1694-1778)

  27. Natalie Golovin
    Natalie Golovin says:

    Christian American Whites started intermarrying while parents were still young enough to be working-not paying attention and before social media. Kids went to college-came home with non-white boyfriends/girlfriends. My older son went to The Bishops School (Private) Publlic university-UCSD His parents were married – He missed the left hit -squad, remains very conservative. My younger son (10 yrs means a lot) went to public high school-Del Mar Heights-then a private college -Claremont. Divorce forced him into the public system, and if the only parent must work-makes it almost impossible to raise children properly- He was stunned by girls from all over the world. Ended up marrying a Filipena against my advice and I have a mixed race granddaughter. Her mother hates me because she knows I was against the marriage. It’s Disaster. I love her, of course-Conundrum. I’m writing about it because I think it may be a pretty common story. SO MANY white kids intermarried-Kids know something is (wrong) because the first thing they talk about is explaining to classmates their racial background. (Know this-taught Middle and HS) But diversity ends up in uniformity. It’s ridiculous how many kids in Irvine look alike. Japanese and some Chinese remain distinctive-but the rest can only be categorized by shades of color. It’s Hopeless unless a few from every nation and race remain pure and wars/plagues/time kill the rest.

  28. Hitmarck
    Hitmarck says:

    Since people arent born red pilled or whatever we wanna call it, maybe a collection of personal red pill start moments are helpful.
    So mine was when a friend showed me, after replying with socio economics to a video of black violence, Collin Flaherty and those I binged (angry and disturbed). Having been never exposed to blacks raised among blacks but only ones raised by Germans in Germany a typical John Olliver explanation was sufficient and made sense.
    Especially since it suits a emotional need, it’s a fine fuck you to the American Befreiers, isn’t it?
    Jews redpilled me themselves on the JQ after looking into the question of why Muslims seem to be so antisemitic.

  29. bellamoon
    bellamoon says:

    I regret every single second of wasted time and energy I ever spent attempting to ‘inform’ these racially deracinated, brainwashed, unthinking, unprincipled, willfully ignorant, cowardly SOBs that surround me. Being the optimist I am I still hold out hope that what I’ve experienced is tied only to a certain class type of a certain religious type of certain ethnicity of a certain region.

    • bellamoon
      bellamoon says:

      By the way I’m not talking about ‘leftists’ of which I know zero but of self identified ‘conservatives’ who ignorantly think they aren’t liberals.

  30. Kristopf
    Kristopf says:

    Being able to speak freely with Prof. MacDonald would be fantastic, and a crazy thing to squander. Pretty sad to think those mooks did not have a clue about his work and its (ultimately historic) importance. What I wouldn’t give just to buy a ticket to see him speak somewhere, but alas, I realize it would be too big a risk to him (and probably the audience) in this day and age. He is the hero we need, but also the hero we do not deserve. At least my kids will always know of his greatness (a mild consolation, I suppose).

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      “What I wouldn’t give just to buy a ticket to see him speak somewhere, but alas, I realize it would be too big a risk to him (and probably the audience) in this day and age.”

      Are you for real? Too big a risk? The subject here is grieving over how cowardly Whites have become, and you say this! You really don’t get it at all, and probably many others here don’t either. Rather than exaggerate the danger, just be smart about what you say & how you say it.

      I’m sure you can see Dr. MacDonald speaking on Youtube videos. Have you done that? He speaks and writes under his own name, so he’s not as fearful as you are.

      • Kristopf
        Kristopf says:

        Ya, maybe you’re right Ms. Yeager. I’m just some regular guy, there is nothing particularly courageous about me. I do think my comment was mostly trying to rationalize away my disappointment. If Prof. MacDonald did by some magic get a speaking engagement near me I would do everything I can to attend. But I do live deep, deep behind enemy lines (one of the most liberal enclaves in the US, unfortunately), so it really would be quite dangerous for him around my parts. Still, I can acknowledge the apparent pansy-ness in my above comment and I realize that I can do better/more for my people.

  31. Casting the runes
    Casting the runes says:

    Haiti is often used as evidence for black incompetence and mismanagement. But a closer look at the data could be worth it. The correlation between share of whites in the national population and GDP per capita is r = 0,54 for 23 South american countries (= south, middle and carribean). The whiter a country, the better off it is economically. But things change significantly, when you calculate a regression. In this case you can identify outliers. And Haiti is one of them. It is much poorer than it should be by its racial composition. So beside race there must be other factors at work.
    And why only pointing at Haiti? Why not at Trinidad and Tobago? Whites there make up meagre 1% of the population. But its GDP is the highest in all of South America (15 times higher than Haiti).

  32. ATBOTL
    ATBOTL says:

    “I can only conclude that the vast majority of my generation are completely clueless about our issues—”

    Young white people today are very aware of our issues. I see it in real life all the time. The generation of old white men who are now in their 60’s and 70’s are the cucked generation. Once you get younger or older, you will see a large presence of our guys in any group of white men.

    White men in that boomer age group need to understand that their generation is an anomaly.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      The fact that you use the term “boomer” signals that you have fallen for the Jewish grift. In other words, you are roughly 10 percent as aware of what is going on all around you as you congratulate yourself you are.

      Critical to awareness of the villainy of the Jews is the realization that the demographic generational name game is a Jewish racket. Its primary intention—perhaps even its sole intention—is to further divide white people into mutually antagonistic age-based subsets, each of which is encouraged to blame some or all of the others for everything wrong with white societies. Doing so effectively distracts all the antagonists from their (((true oppressor))).

      So be a bit slower the next time you are in a mood to write off a generation as cucked. Otherwise, people may start concluding that you are talking to your reflection in the mirror.

  33. Karlfried
    Karlfried says:

    Hello, I send greetings from Germany.
    Many things in our counry are similar to those in the USA, as far that I can judge from the internet. Over time I did develop an approach to handle the situation.
    1. To me, the most important person is me and myself.
    2. I do not want to be the teacher to others. In Frankfurt you can see masses of negroes and non-whites in the streets, the number is fastly growing. There is no need to tell it.
    3. In case of speaking with people, during a certain timespan I do smalltalk, why not. But non-speaking about the future of our folk which is in the danger of death is not possible for me. So I speak about it. Some are glad to hear words about this, with those I continue to hold contacts.
    Others change the subject or give half-temperature-answers. To those I give a prefabricated sentence. “In Germany there is a division. Some are pro-multikulti and want millions of non-Europeans to live here. The others see this worldview as perverted and completely ill. It is difficult to come together. So it is better if both do their thing and go away from the other group”.
    As this is a prefabricated sentence, I can bring it up in clear words and in a short time.
    The other will go away anyway, but now because I did tell him to do so. Therefore he looses ground.
    4. This action, tiny as it is, gives you a good feeling. Our struggle for life needs thousands of actions, and that very small and simple action is one of them.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      Thank you, Karlfried. Always a pleasure to hear your sharing. I am now recommending that we must separate the Jew out of our societies, *somehow.* Unless the Jew actually stops being a Jew by renouncing (sincerely) their ties to Judaism, and Israel too, the long history of their imagined sufferings and victimization, and be satisfied with being a member of the human race. To identify as part of a racially White society, a Western society, with no religious connections to Jewishness. No more organizing in the name of Jewish interests.

      For that, our people have to have a backbone. That’s our weakness right there.

      • Karlfried
        Karlfried says:

        Hello Carolin, thank you. I agree at your point that we must help us ourselves and that we have no reason to think it would be better for us if people who are not-our-group have a saying in things which concern our own survival.

  34. Crush Limbraw
    Crush Limbraw says:

    Although red pilled, for most of my life I was just about 100 percent AmericaDaGoodGuys believer – after all, I was a public school graduate.
    It was only after extensive reading over the last 10-20 years that the dawn arrived – – it is not only humbling to discover that you have been deceived by just about every one of your authority figures – over your entire life – and then see the ugliness of our entire society, which we as churchgoers always attributed to someone else somewhere else.
    Here’s the ugly truth – most of us churchians aren’t even close to repentance – other than some almost insignificant personal habit.
    If you dig into my above linked item, do a word search on CHURCHIANITY in my library and learn the difference between it and Christianity – if you read most of what’s listed, the picture will become crystal clear.
    Western Civilization was built by Christianity, the Greco-Roman law legacy and mostly in the European (white) nations. It’s destruction BEGAN in the churches hundreds of years ago, and now is constantly spreading through our institutions to the point of us being ruled by not humans, but servants of Satan – that subject is also extensively analyzed in DaLimbraw Library. Enjoy!

  35. anonym
    anonym says:

    “To the extent that they care at all. The reality is that huge numbers of people are not really all that interested in politics. They care far more about their careers, their leisure activities, their families, and dealing with everyday life.”

    I think you’re too pessimistic. We’re just one economic depression away from a reality check – when they really have to care. At the moment most middle aged whites can avoid the worst manifestations of the multi ethnic insanity. The rapes and murders are mostly limited to the ghettos – which might as well be located in Africa – and the economic burden isn’t yet heavy enough.

    And a lot of people are aware, they just don’t yet have enough reason to act. It feels similar to Poland in the 80s, when everyone had to humilitate themselves by pretending to believe Pravda and repeat the propaganda. (A “success propaganda” where Poland was portrayed as a hyper modern country with a bright future.)
    If you run a business you really have no choice but to ape the propaganda about how “diversity is a strength” – otherwise they might ban you from having a bank account or use any bank service.

    Even a janitor or a factory worker has to pretend when the prideflags and similar manifestations is ordered by the managment, unless they want to risk the job.

    It might feel depressing and hopeless, but, in a way, the worse it gets, the closer we get to the end of this farce.

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