Pakistani Collectivist Political Culture at the Root of the Rotherham Pathology

An article from the Daily Telegraph points up ethnic differences in political culture that enabled the horror that unfolded in Rotherham (Rotherham: politics ‘imported from Pakistan’ fuelled sex abuse cover-up – MP). Although we at TOO have stressed the pathology of the White community for not prosecuting industrial-scale rape of White British children by Pakistani males for fear of being labeled a “racist,” it goes without saying that the Pakistani community must bear ultimate responsibility.

Part of the Pakistani pathology was that such large numbers of men would engage in such behavior. But in addition, the industrial-scale rape of children had to have been common knowledge within the Pakistani community because of the large numbers of men involved.

Nevertheless, nothing was done to stop it. As Tobias Langdon notes, White sex criminals do their deeds secretly and in private because they are well aware that such behavior is looked on with horror by the vast majority of other Whites. This is what one would expect in an individualist culture.

However, Pakistan is a typical Middle Eastern collectivist culture, so the emphasis is on supporting one’s own kinship group, no matter what. This is also the case in the Orthodox Jewish community, another typical Middle Eastern collectivist culture (see here on the SY’s, a group of Syrian Jews living in New York). The Mesirah phenomenon in these  Orthodox Jewish communities has led to covering up a wide range of crimes, especially sex crimes against children and financial crimes.  Read more