Heroines of the Hive-Mind: How Two Slush-Brained White Women Unconsciously Expose the Idiocies and Evils of Leftism

When you look in the dictionary under the word “airhead,” you won’t find a photograph of the Guardian writer Zoe Williams. But there should be one. If the right-wing Ann Coulter is the witty, insightful, tough-minded exception to the rule of female punditry, then the left-wing Williams is the vapid, conformist, slush-brained quintessence. On the rare occasions I read anything by Williams, I always find one question hammering urgently in my brain: “Does she get paid for this?”

Zoe Williams, the slush-brained quintessence of female punditry

Well, yes, she does. She gets paid a lot. That’s how she funds her comfortable, bourgeois and very White existence, far from the brown-skinned rape-gangs and black-skinned acid-throwers with whom leftists like her have enriched the lives of working-class Whites. In May 2022 that urgent question hammered again in my brain, because another of those rare occasions arrived and I read something by Williams. She was at her slush-brained best, celebrating the herd-think of the Hive-Mind as she described her attendance at the Bath festival of books:

I’m sure rightwingers read books. But you’ll never meet one at a literary festival

… There is one specific thing I love about book festivals. It’s a convention that you have to spend the first five or even 10 minutes pretending to think the audience are politically neutral. You enter into the charade of thinking these are just regular, respectable people, who may disagree with the government but equally, may agree with it; they may be remainers, they may be leavers; they may be left, they may be right. Just think of them as shareholders, except instead of buying shares, they buy books.

Yet this is the absolute opposite of the truth. You will never meet a group of people more consistent in their views, and not because most of them also go to the same pilates class. Every man jack of them voted remain, and they are considerably more leftwing than those at any meeting of any political party. … The audience absolutely hate being politically misidentified, and they spend those first 10 minutes desperately signalling, with spontaneous clapping and foot-stamping, to indicate that nobody hates the government more than they. …

The atmosphere, it probably goes without saying, is electrifying. (I’m sure rightwingers read books. But you’ll never meet one at a literary festival, The Guardian, 17th May 2022)

Yes indeed, for Guardianistas, it probably does go without saying that it’s “electrifying” to be part of a mass display of leftist narcissism, conformism and virtue-signalling. But in fact, there were two very important and interesting political questions in that article. True to form, Zoe Williams never realized that they were there and never explicitly addressed them. The first question is this: How could the slush-brained Williams be sure that “every man jack” of the attendees was as hummingly hive-minded as she is? She couldn’t, of course. Although Western leftists long to realize Orwell’s dystopian nightmares and directly monitor the brain for crime-think, they can’t actually do that yet. Like the securicrat goons of North Korea, all they can go on is outward behavior.

BLM is a cretinous protection-racket

But Williams didn’t consider any possible mismatch between outward behavior and inward opinion at the literary festival. She never asked herself if there might be crime-thinkers in that “desperately signalling,” “spontaneous[ly] clapping and foot-stamping” crowd. She never saw an uncomfortable parallel with the torrential applause that “spontaneously” greets the speeches of tyrants like Stalin, with every member of the audience fearful to be the first to stop clapping. She’s an airhead and she didn’t wonder why the crowds at leftist lit-festivals “absolutely hate being politically misidentified.”

But just ask yourself what would happen if someone at such a festival admitted to voting for Brexit. Or if someone pointed out, with full facts and figures, that Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a cretinous protection-racket that has brought about a massive increase in the murder of Blacks by other Blacks. Obviously, that crime-thinker would be punished with immediate loss of reputation and livelihood. If you hum with the Hive-Mind, all’s well. If you break from the Hive-Mind, you’ll be severely stung. But Zoe Williams finds it “electrifying” to attend a lit-festival where any possible dissidents would be frightened, with very good reason, to express a heterodox opinion.

Suppressing facts, silencing dissent

Now let’s address the second important topic in Williams’ article and suppose that she was entirely right about the conformism of the crowd. “Every man jack” of the attendees was indeed as hummingly hive-minded as she is. But would that be a good thing? Has any ideology ever been entirely right in every way? Have left-wingers absolutely nothing to learn from right-wingers and absolutely nothing to gain from debate and dissent? Zoe Williams and similar airheads apparently think so. As the Hive-Mind hums, so hum they.

But the leftist herd-think of lit-festivals isn’t a good thing, of course. Leftists aren’t infallible or omniscient, but that’s precisely why they are so eager to suppress inconvenient facts and silence dissident voices. The IngSoc — “English Socialism” — of Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949) had achieved the leftist ideal and was able to control and alter the minutest details of “every kind of literature or documentation which might conceivably hold any political or ideological significance.” As Orwell ironically notes: “Day by day and almost minute by minute the past was brought up to date.”

Horror and hyperbole

Leftists like Zoe Williams can’t re-write reality like that. Not yet, at least. But they can ignore reality and “electrify” themselves by humming with the Hive-Mind. As I’ve often said before, leftists are not interested in truth, but in power. They don’t want to help the oppressed, but to feed their own narcissism. And here’s another female leftist heaping up a humming helping of narcissism for herself on the Guardian letters-page. First she expresses her horror, then she activates her hyperbole:

Rosie Harvey-Coggins was horrified by one of the Guardian’s dining across the divide conversations

I usually enjoy the debate between the two different viewpoints in your “Dining across the divide” feature, but I was horrified last week (19 May) to see that you had effectively sent a black woman to explain colonial history to a white man.

This should not be done through the unpaid labour of black women. Asking them to do this is to ask them to relive every moment of fear, pain and outrage they have experienced throughout history. Black women face discrimination and systemic racism throughout their daily lives.

I think it would have been a better idea just to send him home with a copy of the book Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge, and let him do the work.

Rosie Harvey-Coggins, Lichfield, Staffordshire (A black woman should not have to explain colonial history to a white man, The Guardian, 27th May 2022)

Dinna widda ’rilla: a Vibrant Black Female suffers all the pain of history from a stale pale male

If you read the episode that so horrified Rosie, you’ll discover that the “divide” was between two leftists: a stale pale male (SPM) called Kieran and a vibrant Black female (VBF) called Marcia. Very bravely, the SPM dared to wonder whether the VBF had an entirely secure grasp of reality when it came to mass immigration. She wanted Blacks like herself to keep flooding into Britain; he wondered whether this would be as wonderful in practice as it was in principle: “The problem is, you can’t just magic up the infrastructure necessary to support 250,000 people a year. It felt a bit like Marcia thought it would just happen.”

In response, the VBF said “the NHS [National Health Service] would never have got off the ground without immigration, and it would collapse tomorrow if all foreign-born workers left.” She’s perfectly right: it would indeed collapse. But only in the sense that an old house would collapse if you removed all the decaying wood and crumbling brick. As Andrew Joyce and others have pointed out at the Occidental Observer, non-White staff in the NHS are much more likely to be incompetent and to commit malpractice and crime. If the NHS were entirely staffed by British Whites, it would be a far better organization. The SPM in the “Dining across the divide” feature didn’t dare to point that out, but his mild dissent still “horrified” Rosie Harvey-Coggins of Lichfield in Staffordshire.

Rosie Harvey-Coggins, Heroine of the Hive-Mind, in her comfortable, bourgeois
and very White world

As you might expect from a name like that, Rosie Harvey-Coggins isn’t Black herself. In fact, her details are easy to find online. She’s a blonde White activist in the Labour party. But I’ve concealed her face in the images above because, unlike leftists, I don’t believe that people who express opinions contrary to mine should be harmed or harassed. The Guardian writer Marina Hyde once gloated on the radio about the savage murder of the South African far-right leader Eugene Terre’Blanche. I’m sure that Marina Hyde, Zoe Williams and Rosie Harvey-Coggins would be happy if I too were chopped up with machetes for my racist beliefs.

Insanity + dishonesty = leftism

But I wish them no harm in return for their leftist beliefs. In fact, I’m delighted to hear the opinions of leftists like Zoe and Rosie. After all, I find those opinions highly entertaining in their vapidity and conformism. I also find them psychologically fascinating. Does Rosie, for example, genuinely believe that mild dissent by stale pale males causes vibrant Black females “to relive every moment of fear, pain and outrage they have experienced throughout history”?

If Rosie does believe that, she’s insane. If she doesn’t believe that, she’s dishonest. But insanity and dishonesty aren’t mutually exclusive, of course. Leftism has happily combined the two for centuries. In Rosie’s case, however, I’m happy to accept that the dishonesty outweighs the insanity. She doesn’t genuinely believe her own hyperbole: she’s just virtue-signalling, expressing an opinion that feeds her narcissism and hums with the Hive-Mind.

Whiteness is Theft

If she were insane, on the other hand, she would translate rhetoric into action and give up the comfortable, bourgeois and very White existence she shares with Zoe Williams and countless other leftists. After all, according to Critical Race Theory, all White wealth and achievement are based on theft from Peoples of Color. So Rosie Harvey-Coggins shouldn’t be feeding that little white dog of hers with stolen White money: she should be funding the education of a little Black genius in Somalia or Zimbabwe or Haiti. She shouldn’t be taking expensive holidays in very pale places like Iceland: she should be living on the brink of destitution, donating her stolen White money to pro-Black causes like BLM and to VBFs like Reni Eddo-Lodge, the acutely insightful author of Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race (2017).

And why is Reni Eddo-Lodge “no longer talking to white people about race”? It’s simple. She doesn’t talk to them because she has the Truth about Blackness, knows exactly how White racism explains all Black failure, and can no longer tolerate any dissent by Whites. And she’s quite right, according to deluded White leftists like Rosie Harvey-Coggins. That’s why Rosie was “horrified” to see a stale pale male dissenting from the wisdom of a vibrant Black female.

Reality doesn’t interest the Hive-Mind

But was Rosie “horrified” by the rape-gangs of Rotherham? I’m sure she wasn’t. Rosie is a prime example of the bourgeois takeover of the Labour party and its betrayal of the White working-class. People like her have staffed the Labour councils in Rotherham and Rochdale and Manchester and Birmingham and many other British towns and cities, where dark-skinned rape-gangs have flourished for so long. White leftists feed their narcissism by rhetoric about rape, not by accepting the reality that rape is committed much more and in much worse ways by non-Whites. Reality doesn’t interest the Hive-Mind and Rosie Harvey-Coggins, like Zoe Williams, is a heroine of the Hive-Mind.

White woman to the rescue! How leftists like Rosie Harvey-Coggins see the world — the reality of racially mixed schools is entirely different

And yes, I said above that I wish no harm to such heroines of the Hive-Mind. But I need to qualify that. I would like Rosie and Zoe to live for a time in a leftist paradise where Blacks are in charge and Whites are a powerless minority, stripped at last of their undeserved wealth and privilege, unable to visit “fear, pain and outrage” on Blacks and to maintain the “systemic racism” with which they crippled Black lives and suppressed Black genius for so long. How would White women like Rosie and Zoe fare in that Black-ruled leftopia? After all, it’s the world they’re both working hard to create. But I suspect that if they experienced it for real, they would soon be begging for a return to “systemic racism” and “white supremacy.”

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  1. Martin V
    Martin V says:

    Excellent article, Mr. L.

    “Insanity plus Dishonesty” has my vote for Meme of the Day… or Meme of the Month for summing up lying, maniacal Leftists. “Insanity plus Danger”, a variant on the same theme, not only evokes the traits but additionally calls us to action!

  2. Poupon Marx
    Poupon Marx says:

    My whole professional life has included surveying and inspecting various real things for different evaluations. You need a knowledge base, but also an acquired aptitude, ability, and method. Making a mistake can be life threatening either literally or a career killer.

    We are not the Russian Federation with 139 ethnicities that get along reasonably well, are civilized, independent, and proud of their heritage, but willing to share within the wider scope of equal respect and fair treatment. We can’t do that in this country. Co-existence is not feasible or desirable. What’s in it for Whites? NOTHING. Using the Supreme Question of the Jews, “Is it good for the Jews?” (Alan Dershowitz’ Mother perpetual question to her son). Is living with indigenous people good for Whites? NO.
    Whites can live happily (potentially) with people of equal collective IQ and CQ (Civilization Quotient aka The Poupon Factor). But the process must be individually selective.

    And of course, If Russia loses to Globo Homo Zion WEF/NWO, we are finished everywhere forever. Hello?

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      How many ethnic groups are there in the Russian Federation?
      Image result for russian federation ethnic groups
      Although ethnic Russians comprise more than four-fifths of the country’s total population, Russia is a diverse, multiethnic society. More than 120 ethnic groups, many with their own national territories, speaking some 100 languages live within Russia’s borders.

      >>Google search: “Russian federation ethnic groups”

      I hope it is not a surprise to the readers here that this is the destination should destiny provide that Whites fly or die in the West.

  3. Captainchaos
    Captainchaos says:

    The Boys of Shankill up in Belfast don’t attend literary festivals and they also run a good protection racket. If the English weren’t such sissies they might be open to taking a few pointers.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      Allow me to edify your overall generalizations and opinions:

      “Let’s get together”
      “Imagine all the World in Peace”
      “C’mon people, smile on your brother……”
      “When the Revolution comes…..”
      “The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius”
      “Gun control will stop the killing”

  4. Birhan Dargey
    Birhan Dargey says:

    Elitist narcissism is often the backdrop of these “book” cultural festivals. Most sponors are LIBERAL left jewish and a few nonjewish coporrate institutional sponsors.These sponosrs certainly would not invest in such book/film/arts festival to open spaces for conservative nationalists voices. On the other hand any attemp to put together a legitimate conservative event will be suquash down as antisemitic and that bs label will doom any festival,conference, etc..I wonder if Zoe Williams were a right wing conservative writer intellectual would she attend LEFT wing events at the risk of being assaulted/attack/ put her life in peril. Cultural events specially those with sponsor with private capital would want to make sure IT is close to any conservative/ right wing criticism…even those finance with public tax moneys which requiere diversity of opinions..yes even those exclude specially smart/articulate/bright/intelligent “right” wing conservatives..

  5. muricanism is progress
    muricanism is progress says:

    Everything that is Jewish is artificial and against nature.
    You have to imagine this: How natural is it to give a wo-
    man a “pill” that prevents her pregnancy? How natural
    is it to put a piece of rubber between the reproductive
    organs of two lovers that prevents their genetic fusion?

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      How start-raving-mad is it for a woman to take a chemical invented for dogs, and promoted by a Jew to goyim to mess with their reproductive systems?
      Just a brief thought of how magical and delicate such a thing as a human womb is, considering what it can produce, and girls are encouraged to ingest pharmaceuticals to deaden this gift from God?
      We are going to be looked at as the most insane civilisation in history one day. And rightly so.
      When I was a teenager, ever girl I ‘knew’ took the pill, so I was surprised when a foreign Catholic girl asked me to procure from a pharmacist an abortion pill . . . er, morning after pill.
      Her English wasn’t good enough so I had to translate, when asked if she was on the pill I replied of course she was, only to find her tugging on my arm explaining that she wasn’t. We must have looked pretty ridiculous to the chemist.
      We then proceed to a cafe where the poor girl fell to pieces. It was only then at 19 or so I really understood the stakes, this was life and death, I thought it no more than acquiring paracetamol.
      I tell this tale just to explain how much ignorance British teenagers are kept in, how evil the system was under which we lived/live, how anti-family, anti-natal it is, and how only a chance relationship with a Catholic girl alerted me to this one small aspect of how sick and anti-human is this ‘society’ we exist in is.

  6. Veronica
    Veronica says:

    Brilliant and witty. Thank you for this, Mr. Langdon. The psychology of these AWFLs is fascinating. It’s like some fetish or S&M niche porn in its bizarre perversity. My encounters with such insipid parrots have been variously hilarious and exasperating. Critical thinking is not part of their curriculum vitae. Nor is it evident in the anti-reasoning of these VBFs who are obviously coming from a place of narcissistic self-pity, rage, and vengeance and believe that the depth of their feelings precludes the need to think critically and defend their warped delusions. The parade of enraged black “scholars” and PhD (piled higher and deeper) holders is ironically evidence of how far they have ascended on the backs of indefatigable white protesters, propaganda, and legislation. These privileged blacks are now ensconced in ebony towers wherein they pontificate on the evils of whites and whiteness to the tune of millions. They are now the ascendant ruling class and their whining gripes are luxury problems. And these affluent white females and males have spoiled and enabled them to the point that they are never satisfied but continually clamor for more. The cult of white guilt and empathy these whites have established is ludicrous. I agree with Mr. Langdon that this is not about virtue or moral superiority at all: it is greed for power and control, totalitarianism really. They haven’t been able to legislate thoughts and feelings yet but they are on their way. The manipulation and control of language and hiSTORY is indeed Orwellian.
    I have recently returned to college and have been admitted to Oregon State University. They admitted me on the strength of my GPA and I was feeling honored and grateful until I noticed their announcements, emails, and requirements. On their website, they proudly proclaim that they stand with our black brothers and sisters and this is coming from a majority white rural Oregon school, of course. A few days ago, the student body received
    an announcement from their diversity officer, hysterically condemning whoever sent a threatening text message to a black student. “This incident will be vigorously investigated and the culprit will be apprehended and expelled because this behavior will not be tolerated and such an individual is not welcome at OSU. This intolerable behavior is even more heinous in light of the Buffalo massacre and our black students are already traumatized.” Notice that this hyperbolic and righteously indignant missive opportunistically used the “massacre” to further his shaky point. Two other racially-motivated massacres have occurred recently at the hands of Darrell Brooks and Frank James and white students have much more to fear from blacks than vice versa but those events have been hushed up by the media and therefore haven’t occurred. Then the day before yesterday, I had a meeting with an advisor at OSU and while explaining the requirements for graduation she mentioned that I would be required to take a class on systemic racism. I am an older student with a lifetime of reading and experiences behind me but youngsters are being indoctrinated with this insanity. What historical precedent do we have for this? The only one I can think of is Mao’s Cultural Revolution though it is not a perfect analogy.

  7. Poupon Marx
    Poupon Marx says:

    Food prices and availability in Russia. No bare shelves. And there will not be. Russian’s are deeply committed to producing as much as possible domestically. Prices are cheaper than the JUSA and especially Jewrope. Gas prices are about $2.30 a gallon, I believe; last time I checked.


    Eli From Russia YouTube has a video detailing total monthly expenses in Moscow. Surprising how affordable.

    • Veronica
      Veronica says:

      And your point is? I read or rather skimmed the turgid papers you included and they are not new to me as I have several books on racial differences. Race is not a social construct nor is gender a social construct but those notions were advanced by cultural anthropologists so that certain people wouldn’t feel inferior, racially, or ashamed, gender-wise. Blacks have lower IQs, more testosterone, more difficulty with impulse control, and are generally more athletically inclined than other races. Of course variations and exceptions exist. I understand that Stephen Jay Gould’s “The Mismeasure of Man” has been debunked since its publication. The debate continues and never the twain shall meet. You have chosen to include the papers for an emotional reason, the frigid scientific tone notwithstanding. To take the devil’s advocate position isn’t wrong per se but it is certainly annoying and that is why such people are often referred to as trolls.

  8. ChilledBee
    ChilledBee says:

    What an excellent article. I wonder if she has read it yet? If so, I wold have loved to be a fly on the wall.

  9. Raeto West
    Raeto West says:

    The entire staff of the Guardian are employed by Jews, and no doubt are shepherded by the editor(s) and given style sheets and all the rest of it. There’s no need to assume they must have views of their own than a class of kids writing approved drivel need be assumed to have originality.

  10. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    I saw the very delightful Ms. Williams in a Notting Hill supermarket last year. Notting Hill such a poverty-stricken area – average house price around £12 million pounds. Ms. Williams has the baked-in impression on her features that says “How can be offended on your behalf”.
    As usual Mr.Langdon, you quite accurately point out acerbically the absurd opposite is true of the ‘BLM’ hysteria. Not further than 5 miles from Ms.Williams metropolitan comfy and largely lavish environ is Lambeth where a predatory 37 year-old, Sadikee Williams, black/brown of Jamaican origin. stabbed a 17 year- old white, Kean Flynn-Harling, in the neck and face; (“the motive remains unclear”) . Of course- it ever will never be classified a racist murder, as the brown killer will live in for 21 years in prison.
    Not only are wishy-washy lib-lefties women not-too indirectly responsible for the deaths of blacks and but more directly support the senseless slaughter of whites through their advocacy.

  11. ph75
    ph75 says:

    White People Are an Endangered Species

    Paul Craig Roberts

    Today throughout the Western world the only expression permitted to white people is expression of their guilt. Their function is limited to working tirelessly to elevate their racial and cultural enemies. While people everywhere are organized in an act of self-genocide.

    And this despite endless warnings. Half a century ago in 1972 Wilmot Robertson showed in his book, The Dispossessed Majority, that majority white expression in art, literature, and culture was so thoroughly banned that the ban is enforced with pre-censorship by white writers and artists themselves.

    As for the classics of the culture, “Chaucer and Shakespeare have been cut and blue-penciled. The motion picture of Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist had a hard time being released in the US because of the recognizably Jewish traits of Fagin. The masterpiece of American silent films, The Birth of a Nation, can no longer be shown without the presence of picket lines. Mark Twains Huckleberry Finn has been blackwashed and expurgated by liberal-minded watchdog organizations. As for modern classics, Willa Cather’s The Professor’s House, perhaps her greatest novel, is not reprinted as a paperback because a Jewish character is treated unsympathetically, while Henry Miller’s Tropic of Capricorn has been attacked by millionaire novelist Leon Uris as ‘anti-Semitic.’ Even nursery rhymes and Stephen Foster are being rewritten and bowdlerized.”

    “Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice has been removed from the curriculum of New York City high schools. . . . ‘The prioresses Tale’ is omitted from editions of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales because it tells of a murder committed by Jews. The Oberammergau passion play, a fixture of European culture since 1634, is under constant attack by Jews . . . a tireless, clandestine literary vendetta is being waged against such towering modern writers, composers and scholars, both American and European, as Eliot, Dreiser, Pound, Toynbee, Henry Adams, D.H. Lawrence, Celine, Roy Campbell, Wyndham Lewis, Knut Hamsun, Franz Lehar and Richard Strauss.” There is, of course no counter vendetta of white artists against those who are erasing Western culture.

    Multiculturalism is the weapon that has successfully banned Western literary and cultural achievements, destroyed its monuments, and rewritten its history to serve its racial and cultural enemies. “Diversity” means demonizing white people and replacing their society and culture with those of other races and persuasions. The only remaining career path for white people whether as writers, artists, employers or politicians is service to the elevation of “minorities.” Thus the universal support for non-white racial preferences in university admissions, employment, promotions, and entertainment. No Western politician in office anywhere in the Western world except for Hungary and Poland serves the white ethnicities that once comprised nations and now are submerged in a Tower of Babel. Even the formerly self-assured British are repudiating and dismantling their heritage.

    Multiculturalism has stripped the West of unity. That a Tower of Babel can stand up to a united people such as Russia, China, and Iran is nonsense. This is why Washington does everything it can to spread disunity in those nations.

    To understand the total failure of multiculturalism, all a person has to do is to look at the artificial boundaries created by Europeans in Africa and the Middle East. Whereas the white minority in South Africa is clearly threatened, the worst conflict is among the black tribes themselves, as the recent violence in South Africa demonstrates. In Nigeria the Igbo could not coexist with the Hausa and Yoruba, seceded and existed as Biafra until conquered and reincorporated into Nigeria in 1970. The genocidal conflict between the Hutu and Tutsi in Rwanda in 1994 is another example. Here is an account in Wikipedia which I suspect will soon be censored for reflecting doubt on multiculturalism:

    “The Rwandan genocide[4] occurred between 7 April and 15 July 1994 during the Rwandan Civil War.[5] During this period of around 100 days, members of the Tutsi minority ethnic group, as well as some moderate Hutu and Twa, were slaughtered by armed militias. The most widely accepted scholarly estimates are around 500,000 to 800,000 Tutsi deaths.[6] Estimates for the total death toll (including Hutu and Twa victims) are as high as 1,100,000.[3]
    In 1990, the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), a rebel group composed mostly of Tutsi refugees, invaded northern Rwanda from their base in Uganda, initiating the Rwandan Civil War. Neither side was able to gain a decisive advantage in the war, and the Rwandan government led by President Juvénal Habyarimana[7] signed the Arusha Accords with the RPF on 4 August 1993. Many historians argue that genocide against the Tutsi had been planned for a few years. However, Habyarimana’s assassination on 6 April 1994 created a power vacuum and ended peace accords. Genocidal killings began the following day when soldiers, police, and militia executed key Tutsi and moderate Hutu military and political leaders.
    The scale and brutality of the genocide caused shock worldwide, but no country intervened to forcefully stop the killings.[8] Most of the victims were killed in their own villages or towns, many by their neighbors and fellow villagers. Hutu gangs searched out victims hiding in churches and school buildings. The militia murdered victims with machetes and rifles.[9] Sexual violence was rife, with an estimated 250,000 to 500,000 women raped during the genocide.[10] The RPF quickly resumed the civil war once the genocide started and captured all government territory, ending the genocide and forcing the government and génocidaires into Zaire.”

    In the Middle East artificial boundaries encompassing both Shia and Sunni have made Arabs powerless despite their numbers.

    The participation of white ethnicities in the erasure of their own culture by submerging themselves in multiculturalism and then dismantling the white culture that “offends” the “preferred minorities,” deprives them of power to resist their demonization, the precursor to genocide. Nothing strikes more fear in a white person than being called “racist” and “anti-semite.” We are witnessing the self-genocide of the white race. White people are erasing themselves. They are their own worst enemies.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      The Pallisers, the greatest costume drama ever produced by the BBC is never shown. Created in 1974, it spanned 26 episodes, so there is allot of product there they seem to have decided to delete from their inventory.
      Why? A few characters make derogatory remarks about (((city moneylenders))). The worst character, the bad guy, with no redeeming aspects except charm and good-looks, is a Jewish bigamist now working as a Church of England minister.
      Trollope is even more antisemitic in the novel. Although he did make a female character who is presumed Jewish, one of the most admirable and sympathetic in the book. Because that is the way the world is.
      There will be no Western culture left because all our greats spoke the truth about Jews, so all must be cancelled.
      It’s as simple and depressing, as that.

  12. Denikan
    Denikan says:

    Oft methinks not only does race treason come naturally to many women, but it extends Other Worldly…

    For instance, most who claim that they have been abducted by extraterrestrials and have had their privates probed are female. Wishful thinking??

    If/ when the aliens do land en masse in their saucers, feature 20,000 females rushing to the landing sites screeching as if they’re at a Beatles concert, spread eagle and beg – ” Take me E.T. I’m ALL Your’s!!”

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      If a genie gave me one wish to save our civilisation, two choices but only one to be granted, eliminate all Jews from our lands forever, or put all females back in their 19th century place forever, I’d take the latter in a heartbeat.

  13. Deb
    Deb says:

    I find TOO’s articles stimulating and informative. This article, wonderfully written with a dash of spice, is no exception. Seeing the photo of the VBF and SPM, I was struck by several blatant, yet humorous, perceptions. First, the VBF’s hair color appears to have been appropriated from those of whom she allegedly knows so well and regards so little. Second, the hand positions of the VBF suggest the point she is trying to make is pivotal to her redress. Lastly, with the SPM loosely holding his phone, arms crossed on the table and a subtle look of suffering on his face, I can imagine a thought bubble above his head reading, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, what’s your point?” It brings to my mind the phrase ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’.

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