Black Bullshit Month: Leftist Lies in the War on Whites and the West

The Biblical scholar John Allegro (1923–88) once argued that Jesus Christ was a magic mushroom. His theory was utter nonsense, of course. It’s obvious that Jesus was in fact a horse. After all, he was born in a stable. His supposed Greek title, ὁ Υἱὸς τοῦ Θεοῦ, ho Huios tou Theou, “The Son of God,” must be a corruption of ὁ Ἵππος τοῦ Θεοῦ, ho Hippos tou Theou, “The Horse of God.”

Abandoning facts, embracing fantasy

Well, I can tell you’re not convinced. But if you think “Jesus as horse” is a stupid theory, let me introduce you to the award-winning Black historian David Olusoga (born 1970) and his children’s book Black and British: An Illustrated History (2021). The book has become part of what is officially but inaccurately known as Black History Month, which runs in October in Britain. I prefer the unofficial and accurate title of Black Bullshit Month. Olusoga’s book is leftist propaganda plugging the lie that Blacks have long been an important and valuable part of British life. They haven’t: before mass immigration began, they were a minor presence and unable to make the vibrant contributions in murder, rape and general criminality for which they are outstandingly successful throughout the modern West. But at least Olusoga’s book bases some of its lies on genuine history. Blacks were definitely present in Britain under the Tudors and Stuarts, for example. They were very few in number, but they were there. However, at the beginning of the book, Olusoga abandons facts altogether and uses an argument even stupider than “Jesus must have been a horse because he was born in a stable.”

Septimius Severus was born in Africa and died in Britain, but was neither Black nor British (image from Wikipedia)

Olusoga pretends that the Roman Emperor Septimius Severus (145–211 AD) and Roman governor Quintus Urbicus (fl. 140 AD) were Black because they were “born in Africa.” This is the equivalent of arguing that a human is a horse because he was born next to a stable. Severus and Urbicus were from North Africa, which was not inhabited by Blacks but by proud and ancient peoples like the Berbers, who are actually closer genetically to White Europeans than to Black Africans. North Africa is separated from Black regions of Africa by the vast wastes of the Sahara Desert. In other words, Olusoga is guilty of an act of blatant racial, cultural and geographic “erasure.” No leftist would condemn him for it, however, because he is working in two sacred causes: first, power for the elites of leftism; second, punishment for the enemies of leftism. Olusoga blatantly erases Berbers again when he pretends that the “Aurelian Moors” stationed “on Hadrian’s Wall in the Third Century” were Black because they came from North Africa. And that the “Ivory Bangle Lady” found buried in York was Black because she too came from North Africa.

“North African = Black” — lying illustration #1 from Black and British

“North African = Black” — lying illustration #2 from Black and British

Born of “North African” parents, but not a bit Black:  Zinedine Zidane (image from Wikipedia)

The Aurelian Moors and Ivory Bangle Lady were no more Black than the great soccer-player Zinedine Zidane (born 1972), whose parents are Algerian Berbers from “North Africa.” To give Olusoga his due, he doesn’t explicitly lie in his text and say that “African means Black.” The illustrators of the book have no such scruples and portray the Aurelian Moors and the Ivory Bangle Lady as unmistakably Black. Olusoga made no objection to that. But his “erasure” of Berbers is only the first of his transgressions against leftist piety. He also implicitly supports the brutalities of imperialism and colonialism. After all, North Africans — Olusoga’s pretended “Blacks” — were in Britain only because Romans had brutally invaded and colonized most of the island. He notes briefly that, in 60 AD, “Boudicca leads a rebellion against the Romans.” But that’s all he says: he doesn’t say that Boudicca was driven to rebellion by Roman greed, her own flogging by Roman soldiers, and the rape of her daughters.

Black narcissism and the mirror of history

It wasn’t a happy precedent, was it? Ethnic enrichment was imposed on native Britons by a brutal empire. No wonder Olusoga doesn’t give further details of Boudicca’s “rebellion.” And even he can’t pretend that Blacks were in Britain after the fall of that brutal Roman Empire. In fact, they first began to enrich Britain only a few centuries ago. Leftist historians are now devoting ridiculous amounts of time and attention to the tiny numbers of Blacks present here before mass immigration. Except that the time and attention aren’t ridiculous: they’re part of the leftist war on Whites and on the West. The possibly Jewish historian Miranda Kaufmann has written a “critically acclaimed” book called Black Tudors: The Untold Story (2017), which reveals that Blacks in Tudor times were remarkable for only one thing: that they were Black in an overwhelmingly White country.

Black Tudors, Miranda Kaufman’s “critically acclaimed” leftist propaganda

But it’s not their Blackness as such that matters to leftists like Kaufmann: it’s their maximal distance from Whiteness. The Blacks of Tudor times are a kind of ideological jimmy that leftists are using to lever open and destroy British identity. Take the Black John Blanke, whom Olusoga calls “the earliest Black person in Britain whose name and face we know. He was a trumpeter in the Tudor royal court” (note that Olusoga is abandoning the pretence that the well-documented Septimius Severus was Black). There is now a John Blanke Project devoted to this utterly insignificant figure. He was Black and played the trumpet. So what? Did he do anything that a White couldn’t have done equally well or better? Would Tudor England have collapsed without him and other Blacks? No, of course not. But he’s deeply significant to narcissists like David Olusoga and the dozens of Blacks who have gathered at the John Blanke Project. He’s Black like them, so he allows them to use history like a mirror. One of those Black narcissists has said this: “Our Spirits, Scars and Creativity have left marks and reminders across Europe and only our own will bring those histories forward to be pointed out and remembered — so thank you to all you Historians.”

The usual leftist magic

I can certainly agree that Blacks have left “marks and reminders” across Europe. Blacks have stabbed women to death in Italy, committed gang-rape in Sweden, and sacrificed children in Britain. Indeed, they’ve done all those things in all those places. And the more Blacks there are, the more those things happen. So what’s not to like for leftists? The criminality and barbarism of Blacks are a feature, not a bug, of leftist minority-worship. Black failure can be blamed on White racism and White taxpayers have to fund leftists in their decades-long and utterly futile quest to cure Black pathologies.

But Blacks are useful to leftists in another very important way. As I’ve said before at the Occidental Observer, Blacks are the most harmful, obnoxious, unintelligent, unattractive and unproductive of all minorities. In other words, they are the group that least resembles Whites and is most harmful to White civilization. Leftism is not genuinely pro-Black, but is genuinely anti-White.

For proof of how leftism isn’t genuinely pro-Black, look at the intellectually and ethically inane cult known as Black Lives Matter (BLM). It has successfully worked the usual leftist magic and has most harmed those it claims to care about most. As Steve Sailer has exhaustively documented, BLM has been directly responsible for thousands more young Black men being murdered and mutilated by other young Black men, because it has discouraged police from maintaining law and order. As ever, when the supposedly racist police retreat, Black barbarism advances and Blacks commit even more murders and rapes. Something similar happened in Britain when the police were accused of “institutional racism” by the Macpherson report into the murder by Whites of the Black teenager Stephen Lawrence. The police retreated and Black barbarism advanced.

Mediocre Blacks hate White achievement

Like the martyr-cult of George Floyd in America, the martyr-cult of Stephen Lawrence in Britain inverts the truth in typical leftist — and Satanic — fashion. It pretends that vicious Whites are an ever-present threat to virtuous Blacks. The reverse is true. Inevitably, the martyr’s mother Doreen Lawrence turns up in David Olusoga’s book of leftist propaganda for children. She was made a Baroness by the traitorous David Cameron. I’d call her a Baroness of Bullshit, because she’s from the very violent and corrupt Black island of Jamaica, but has happily accepted the role of ethical guru for the Whites of Britain. The murder-rate in Britain is about 1 (one) per 100,000; in Jamaica, it’s about 44 (forty-four) per 100,000. Now there’s a truly outstanding Black achievement! The sight of a Jamaican Black lecturing Whites on violent crime is grotesque. And it only becomes more so when you consider that hundreds of murders and thousands of rapes have been committed in Britain by Jamaican Blacks since they began migrating here against the clear opposition of British Whites.

David Olusoga is happy for such murders and rapes to continue. In November 2020, he and other “Black public figures” signed a joint letter opposing the deportation of fifty Jamaican criminals, including “convicted murderers and rapists.” The criminals wouldn’t be safe in Jamaica, Olusoga and company said. They didn’t mention the welfare of British Whites. No-one respectable is worried about the welfare of Whites. But in other ways Whites are ever-present in the psychic life of “Black public figures” like Olusoga. White civilization stings and burns their narcissism, rebuking their mediocrity, inciting their envy and rousing their enmity. That’s why Olusoga is so desperate to pretend that Blacks were important in British history and were here millennia ago, even though, on core leftist principles, it shouldn’t matter in the slightest whether they were or not. If we’re all the same under the skin, British and Roman history is simply human history and Whites are not special in any way. Any human being should be able to “identify” with any other human being, because race and “gender” are irrelevant and unimportant when set against our common humanity.

An ugly Black in color surrounded by great Whites in monochrome: Black Bullshit Month at the Guardian

But David Olusoga and other Black mediocrities obviously don’t truly believe in core leftist principles. They know that Blacks aren’t part of the West, which is why they want to pretend Blacks have been important in Western history even as they wage war on that history. Blacks and other leftists can’t match White civilization or contribute to its greatness, but they can do what is, in their minds, the next best thing: rule the ruins. The aim of Black Bullshit Month (BBM) is summed up for me by an image from the Guardian that is reproduced above. It shows the portrait of an ugly Black in full and vibrant color surrounded by great White figures in monochrome. The accompanying article asks “Black History Month: Do our children need more Black history lessons?” You won’t be surprised at the answer given by narcissistic Black mediocrities like Joseph Harker, “the Guardian’s senior editor for diversity and development,” Lavinya Stennett, “founder and chief executive of The Black Curriculum,” and Desta Haile, “deputy director of the Royal African Society.”

The Black portrait (possibly misattributed) is supposedly that of Olaudah Equiano, a former Black slave who had been transported across the Atlantic by Whites before converting to Christianity, gaining his freedom, and writing an autobiography. If he’d stayed free in Africa, he would never have been heard of. If he’d been captured by Arab Muslims, he would have been castrated, permanently enslaved and also never heard of. White goodwill — not to mention the White inventions of printing and oil-paints — allowed him to enter history and be seized on by modern leftists for anti-White propaganda. The Guardian is elevating him over Whites and making him literally central to British history. That image is a leftist lie, enviously demoting White greatness and elevating ugly Black victimhood. It’s hard to imagine a better symbol of Black Bullshit Month.

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  1. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    “Blacks are the most harmful, obnoxious, unintelligent, unattractive and unproductive of all minorities.”

    We can all have our own opinions on this but I cannot understand how someone could imagine blacks are more harmful, obnoxious and unattractive than Jews. That seems nuts.
    Maybe it’s a generational thing, older whites seem to be absolutely outraged that blacks are even among us, I can see how that could be.
    But younger whites, I’d guess, admire blacks in general as cool, funny, talented at sports, music and comedy, things we value. You can think all this and still accept it’s a total disaster they are here among us, and be wide awake to the mayhem they wreak on the weak. Both can be true, but blacks in a way are even bigger victims in this mess than we are.
    What talents do Jews have except manipulation of white women and beta males to ruin everything? Oh yeah, they hoard money. They’re a tight mafia. Wonderful.
    None of these Jewish house-nigger blacks are any worse than their comparable white versions. Mr Langdon is more outraged by the blacks, I hate the whites more, fair enough.
    But blacks more harmful than Jews, is that what he is saying? It’s too much.

    • John White
      John White says:

      I would have to agree. As a population, blacks certainly commit plenty of crimes. But really, they only differ from gypsies in the kind of crimes that they commit. Could we, rationally, claim that Europe in an earlier age was under threat by gypsies? Of course not. The problem is the jews and jew-lovers who let them in, for whom letting in blacks is simply a subset of their crimes against white people.

    • Servenet
      Servenet says:

      Everything the author said is PATENTLY OBVIOUSLY TRUE. Your comment is counter-productive and self-defeating. Why haul in the narrative of the obvious perfidy and destructiveness of Jews? It is its own topic, subject, and problem to be addressed – now and always. But to give the nod to black buffoonery, clownishness, and general folly to “cut them some slack” as it were…is itself, folly. Get a clue already.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        What’s “counter-productive and self-defeating” Is persuading whites to blames blacks for the way they are. You might as well blame today’s white underclass, or abused children, or the general state of Western Civilisation for it’s own problems, as if they are somehow in-built, and not the result of deliberate, sadistic outside manipulation.
        How does this improve anything?

        • Servenet
          Servenet says:

          So…we have a race of people here who are 47 million strong and should be categorized as blameless as “abused children.” Anyone who seriously subscribes to such a pov, themselves, should not be taken seriously…at all. But let’s take this idiocy a step further. Those “abused” children – should they, in time, when they have victimized other innocent people, be “excused” for their crimes because they were, um hmm, abused? Utterly ridiculous. We “race realist” Whites better not in any way delude ourselves with such self-destructive notions concerning our racial enemies or we will only continue to find ourselves our own worst enemies.

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            The white underclass is being killed with crap food, it’s work exported, it’s minds rotten out by degenerate entertainment and it’s girls gang-raped by Muslims because of Jews.
            Without Jews, problems, but not catastrophic ones like this.
            Blacks, without Jews, behave like blacks in Africa, which is nothing like the mayhem and tragedy of their lives in America.
            Abused children, this example doesn’t include Jews, but without being abused they’d have problems, but not problems of abuse.
            You haven’t disproved my metaphor, you’ve just caricatured it as something it is not.

    • Jason
      Jason says:

      Blacks are not cool. They can be funny but that a small minority of them. Blacks are less talented in sports than whites are. All dominate high school sports teams are white majority. Jewish pressure groups forces them into the professional realms. Read the unbearable whiteness of baseball or hockey has always been about white machismo. Jews pretend that blacks slight speed advantage over other races somehow qualifies them as super athletes. The reality is that rule changes and poor publicity accusing the major leagues of racism is the real reasons blacks are over represented in pro sports. However, white women see them as protectors and sex gods thanks to Jewish Hollywood magic. Blacks are not bigger victims of the Jews than whites are. Blacks were chosen by the Jews because of their insane levels of violence. Blacks act like this even worse when white people are not around to police them. Although, whites do not act like this. Whites are now experiencing unbelievable amounts of violence, specifically insecure white women, due to being in proximity of blacks.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        ‘Cool’ is presumably in the eye of the beholder, but if we go by what the masses think, whites particularly, then blacks definitely are cool.
        My generation though gangster rappers and blaxploitation pimps were the definition of cool.
        I find the Rolling Stones ridiculous, but boomers thought them cool, no? And wasn’t Elvis cool? These two acts were just channelling black energy.
        And this isn’t a Jewish trick, Jews cannot make Jews cool, can they?
        I didn’t mean blacks were better at sports than whites, I just meant they were better than Jews, who are at absolute bottom of every list of anything of worth.
        Blacks are in a worse state just now than whites, and as Farrakhan etc recognise, this is entirely because of Jews.
        Maybe blacks haven’t fallen as far as us, so you probably make cases for both arguments.
        That was what I meant, “but blacks in a way are even bigger victims in this mess than we are”, the ‘in a way’ was supposed to express this.

        Though I think you’re wrong about “Blacks act like this even worse when white people are not around to police them.”
        The whites of old, yes. But today’s whites, handcuffed by Jews? Blacks would do a better job policing themselves as they do in Africa. African black look down on American blacks as savages. No wonder.
        But it always, every time, comes back to the Jews evil meddling making everything worse for all.

        • Jason Stewart
          Jason Stewart says:

          Jews define what is cool through mass hypnosis. Edward Bernarys, nephew of Sigmund Freud, made smoking cigarettes cool to women. In the beginning, women thought of smoking as disgusting. Bernays used beautiful debutantes to sell the idea to the masses of women. These Debutantes would be the center of attention during parades, lighting up their cigarettes, calling them torches of freedom, while also making the claim smoking cigarettes would make them thin. This is how they sold black males as the ideal mates for white women. They used the beautiful Kim Kardashian as the ultimate woman. She is rich, beautiful, famous, glamorous and only dates black males. A large proportion of beautiful white pop singers date black males, for Jewish media publicity. average white women who idolize these famous women do not think black males are cool, they believe the celebrities were cool and want to emulate their life styles. White women pretend to like rap and r&b music while secretly loving country music.

          Elvis was handsome, could sing, dance, and most importantly, was famous. Fame hypnotizes people. The masses believe if a person is famous, they are important. The Rolling Stones were famous. They were one of the handful of musical acts at the time people could choose from. Celebrities have natural charisma. Tupac is on record, most famous rappers say the same thing, saying he couldn’t get a date before he became famous. He claims the fame is what the women were going crazy for. Black acts receive no where near the attention from white audiences that similar white acts do. Justin Bieber, Timberlake, Eminem, *NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, etc… dominate the music scene. This is because white people prefer white people. The Jews are very good with psychology. They understood they could soften white people up and convince them to worship black people by using charismatic white entertainers. In the documentary hollywoodism, the Jews movies and the American dream, the Jews boast on how they use white faces to deliver black style music to white audiences claiming white people would’ve rejected it otherwise. The documentary even boast how media Jews used entertainment propaganda to instigate miscegenation and the Second World War.

          Of course your generation of white men idolized gangster rappers. Gangster rappers are confident, tough talking, successful with the women, while having fortune and fame. Not many white men wanted to listen to white emo rockers whine about being a loser, not having women or being submissive to women, and suicide. However, once Eminem hit the scene, white men flocked to him in outstanding numbers. The white boy became the face of rap music to this day. People do way they believe other people are doing. The Jewish media machine convinced white people that black people are cool through intense social engineering. People do not think for themselves.

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            I don’t disagree with much of that.
            But there is plenty the MSM tells me is ‘cool’ that I reject, and always have.
            But perhaps you are right, and I am an outlier who thinks for myself. I suppose I would never ended up here having this conversation with you if I wasn’t.
            Yes, Jews put white faces on black music for the ultimate goal of miscegenation.
            Though I still think the fact Jews can so easily make blacks cool, but have never managed to make a Jew cool, means I am correct in that blacks are cool, no matter how this is used for all sorts of nefarious purposes.

  2. Robert Penman
    Robert Penman says:

    All of this nonsense, and its promotion, have their origins with Jews who are constantly pushing for the destruction of Europe and Europeans. Without the Jewish minds with whom this sort of thing started, Europe would not have so many Black people and would not have them agitated and trained to think and act in this manner.

    The entire mindset, created by the Jews, has made its way into the heads of so many people in countries like Britain, that it self perpetuating. What plays so nicely into the hands of the nation ruiners (aka Jews) is to lash out against Blacks. By doing so you are now in division with Blacks, whilst the true enemy is never brought into focus. I feel for the people in the UK and rest of Europe because you are set up by your enemies and have very little chance of winning.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Exactly. It’s strange timing this article, as at this very moment the most pressing issue for the tribe is how to contain Kanye West ‘Naming The Jew’.
      They have other, bigger or deeper problems, but right now Kanye is their issue of the moment. A Christian black.
      No similar placed white is doing this, actually, has a mainstream white with billions on the line EVER done such a thing?
      Blaming blacks for all their crime is like blaming whites for mass immigration. It totally misses the point. Like blaming the bullets for killing you and not the person who pulled the trigger.
      Langdon recalls to me my grandfather. Two cherished memories I have is one time when told as a joke his granddaughter was dating a black, his reaction was to go as white as a sheet. The other was him in tears, laughing hysterically as a skinny little white dork on Cilla Black’s Blind Date ended up with a big black mama, to the delight & uproar of the crowd. I was a kid and didn’t really get it, but I’ll never forget the effect it produced on my grandfather.
      To that generation, born mid-20’s, blacks weren’t an inferior species, they were a different one. Yet my grampa never harmed anyone in his life, to call him a ‘racist’ is obscene. I believe this is the energy Mr Langdon embodies.
      It is a mistake. Blacks have energy that doesn’t have to be directed by the Jews towards our destruction, we should strive to direct their energy towards good. Is convincing us to hate them going to improve their attitudes to us? They’re our natural allies. All the best Christians in Britain are all black Mr Langdon.
      And no-one sais you cannot continue to dislike them, there is nothing wrong with disliking people, I dislike drunks, I despise AWFLs. I can’t stand Liverpool accents. My best mate hates idiots, while I tend to find them amusing. This is all normal, you can’t help what bugs you.
      Mr Langdon has now done two articles expressing his animosity to blacks, but how does this help us? What is he saying we don’t already know?(actually I didn’t know we had a black history month)
      Langdon should get over his issues with blacks and use his great wisdom and skill with words to promote unity with the blacks, as we both have the same enemies, as Kanye West is showing the world right now.
      No doubt Mr Langdon doesn’t think too highly of Kanye, but has there ever existed in all history a Jew as talented?

      • Bobby
        Bobby says:

        I will try and comment further on Tobias’ essay tomorrow when I have time.

        I do want to say however, that you Emicho, make a great point about Kanye. Even though he’s black, Kanye West has enormous influence on social media and his comments about Jews yesterday were heard by millions. Now, the Jews are trying to shut him up and that looks really bad.

        All dissidents, need to tip our hat to Kanye at this time and shout out a big thank you to him.

        The simmering water is starting to drip out of the pot and Kanye’s comments turned up the heat a bit.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          Jason Whitlock
          Kanye West and Dave Chappelle, is there a pattern? The industry wants both of them cancelled. Black rappers and comedians are free to denigrate black people and white men a million different ways. But there’s a line they better not cross. And everybody knows it.

          – Jason Whitlock, another black with shit on the line to lose, standing up for the truth. And another black.
          Where the white boys at?

          It’s been years since Gibson, and although we all enjoyed that, and no disrespect to Mel, but Kanye is doing this stone cold sober.

      • Stoffel Makwassie
        Stoffel Makwassie says:

        Because he said something you agree with, you regard that savage higher than Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Danny Elfman, Gustav Mahler, Felix Mendelsohn, or Howard Shore? Don’t be daft.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          Definitely better than Cohen and Dylan, or Zuckershmeule or whatever his real name is.
          The rest I’ve never heard of, are they still alive?
          Except Mendelsohn, heard a few of his diddies no doubt.
          But didn’t Wagner say about him early what all sorts of ‘white nationalist’ people say about Jews in music today?
          The purpose is always to revolutionise, wreck or over-throw something, basically.
          Everyone likes the Christmas jingles of Tin-Pan Alley, until you realise decades later they’re trying to strip all the mystery, soul and religion out our festive season. Just non-stop never-ending subversion.

          The attack on Christmas is particularly offensive, or should be to white people. Our genetic ancestors were biologically programmed to get merry and spiritual at this time of year. They had to to survive.
          That’s why Christmas is a bigger deal than Easter, which is more important to Christians.
          An invading alien desert people throwing cold water on this? It’s outrageous.

          Oh, and if you think ‘Bob Dylan” wrote all his own tunes and wasn’t a phy-op to promote rebellion between generations & cultural revolution, then you probably also think Lennon & McCartney wrote all their music while stoned and constantly on tour. In their twenties.
          Good luck with that.

      • Deb
        Deb says:

        Jews and Blacks, I don’t consider one to be worse than the other. While Jews have cunning far superior to Blacks, which allows them to deeply permeate a culture/country with their toxicity, Blacks possess little to no self control which, in my opinion, provides a most serious physical threat to Whites. One can refuse to buy into the systems run by Jews but one cannot always escape the reality of one or more Black men in a dark alley or, in today’s culture, mid-day on a busy metropolitan street. Until you’ve lived next door to Blacks occupying public housing, you can’t imagine how pronounced our differences are. The Jew has always operated with an ulterior motive, Blacks only in the moment. To me, that knee-jerk reaction is more dangerous.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          That makes sense and is fair enough.
          Me personally, I’d rather live with the threat of getting robbed or shot than live with feminism and child trannies.
          But each to their own.

          • Jason Stewart
            Jason Stewart says:

            The reality is that if the Jews did not live amongst whites brainwashing them through Christianity and their entertainment media, whites wouldn’t have to worry about being robbed or shot by black criminals or have tranny story time hour. It was the Jews that brought black slaves to America in the first place. It was Jews that fought to force blacks to live in white societies. Jews brought Africans here with this in mind from the beginning. Ben Klassen makes it very clear that the Jews have been using race mixing as a means of destroying whites as early as great Rome with their invention of Christianity. According to Klassen, Saul of Taurus, aka St. Paul, created Christianity, the prototype of communism, liberalism, egalitarianism, as a means to conquer great Rome after Rome conquered Judea. Christianity preaches equality and that all are one in Christ Jesus. The Jews then imported Asian and African slaves, eventually convincing the Roman’s to breed with them. Constantine enstated the Jewish mind poison known as Christianity as the official religion of Rome in 303, collapsing Rome by 476. The dates may be slightly off. The Jews have not been conquering Europeans for the last 100 years but for thousands of years. Rabbi yaron Reuven made a video titled what hitler got right, it can be watched on Vimeo, speaking about the treachery the Jews have been causing since as early as Egypt through their control of the economy and pornography.

          • John D. Alder
            John D. Alder says:

            White people should demand a refund from the jews for selling us shoddy farm equipment called slaves.

          • Jason Stewart
            Jason Stewart says:

            Lol. Yes. I’m surprised that more of our leaders don’t mention the history whites and Jews have. Too many of our guys promote Christianity. Christianity is what got us into this mess. Before I begin, I give full credit of this message to the late Ben Klassen. Christianity was created by the Jews Saul of Taursus, aka St. Paul, as a means to conquering great Rome, known as Babylon in the Bible. Rome wiped out Judea. The Jews created Christianity, an earlier version of liberalism, to soften up the Roman’s for racial miscegenation. The Jews brought in Asian and African slaves, convincing the Roman’s to breed with them, eventually conquering Rome. The trader Constantine enstated Christianity as Rome’s official religion in 303, collapsing Rome by 476, approximately. I don’t believe Jews are great planners. They are great record keepers. They use the same strategy, or tradition, because it works, as they convince us to change for the sake of “progress”. You can listen to Ben Klassen on bitchute, based documentary, survival of the white race.

          • John Alder
            John Alder says:

            I used to distribute Ben Klassens paper Racial Loyalty. We could also sue the jews for knowingly selling us faulty and dangerous merchandise ( slaves) which has cost the lives of many White people and created environmental degradation in the form of ghettos.

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            -Reply to Jason Stewart-
            I agree with all that except Christianity being a Jewish scam.
            I’ve stated here before countless times, I admire this argument, it is a good one, and I’ve no disrespect to anyone who buys it.
            I just don’t.
            And we’ve all argued this out hundreds of times and no one ever changes their mind, so what is the point?
            We need to just live with disagreeing.
            As for the Jews importing the blacks, of course they were the biggest factor in this, as they’ve always been massive in the slave trade.
            But blacks and whites in America and Africa got on handsomely living separately, there is nothing that sais they cannot in the future.
            What doesn’t work is Jews in the mix enforcing the two to live together, this is a disaster for all.
            How brutal must it be for young black girls to compare in looks to young white girls? For only one of thousands of large & small examples.
            Non Jew-cucked blacks understand such things.

        • PJ
          PJ says:

          Agree with that with this exception: Jews can be more difficult to dustinguish, and are very good at turning our own against us. Blacks are easy to spot and neutralize. In the end, we don’t want either of them among us.

    • John
      John says:

      “I feel for the people in the UK and rest of Europe because you are set up by your enemies and have very little chance of winning.” Are you kidding? Two million invaded USA in 2021, making the number of illegals at least 30 million, &, you feel for Europe! To be clear, the country known as USA has zero future. We will become a minority in our own homeland that was bequeathed to us (unless we wake-up & I see no sign of that). And, it happened on our watch. What are you going to tell your grandchildren?

    • Jason stewart
      Jason stewart says:

      Blacks naturally think and act like this. They are very arrogant violent people. All the Jews do is channel this behavior and direct it towards whites. Jews did not divide blacks and whites. Nature is responsible for that. All the Jews did was force two incompatible people to live amongst one another. Jews did divide white women from white men. White women are worshipping the ground black males walk on and are officially the sex toys of black males. You wouldn’t believe how whorish whites women are for black males. Whites women also play the role of provider for black males. White women love humiliating white men in favor of black males. That’s reason enough to hate both white women and the Jews who programmed them to act this way

  3. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    As I have posted before, in the 1970s I met a man from Crewe who told me that the first Black he had seen was when the US Army marched past his shop during WWII. He had often visited family in Liverpool and London. He was sure he´d seen a “wog” and perhaps a Chinese, but never a Black. I suppose he was in all of the wrong places and missed their vibrancy and massive contribution.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Just reading this comment again and am realising now it’s of important worth, these personal observations/remembrances of old.
      As you’d never get them in a social history book, they’d be censored.
      So thank you, and I hope you never hesitate to share such things from your past that wouldn’t be obvious to us of later generations.
      I just gibber out my thoughts on certain things, and the mod obviously believes there’s a place for these as they appear, but knowledgeable comments like yours are of much greater value.

  4. Robert Henderson
    Robert Henderson says:

    Abbott is a Labour MP who is a history graduate of Cambridge U. Read about her incredible lack of accurate historic knowledge

    Diane Abbott and Cambridge

    The special treatment Ms Abbott has received extends to other aspects of her life. She is a history graduate having studied at Newnham College, Cambridge. In 2003 she wrote a piece for the BBC’s Black History Month entitled Multi-racial Britain. It contained this gem:

    “From the days when the Norman French invaded Anglo-Saxon Britain, we have been a culturally diverse nation. But because the different nationalities shared a common skin colour, it was possible to ignore the racial diversity which always existed in the British Isles. And even if you take race to mean what it is often commonly meant to imply – skin colour- there have been black people in Britain for centuries. The earliest blacks in Britain were probably black Roman centurions that came over hundreds of years before Christ.” (

    For any educated person brought up in Britain the belief that the Roman legions came to Britain “hundreds of years before Christ” would be to put it mildly surprising for the dates of 55 and 54 BC for Julius Caesar’s two expeditions to Britain (the first Roman military action in Britain) and 43 AD for the Roman conquest of Britain are iconic dates in British history. For a history graduate from one of the two leading British universities to make such a howler is astonishing for it shows a disturbing lack of historical perspective and absence of very basic general historical knowledge.

    But that is not the only startling part of the passage. Ms Abbott also says “The earliest blacks in Britain were probably black Roman centurions”. Why on earth should she imagine that if blacks did come to Roman Britain they would all be centurions? That is not only historically dubious in terms of blacks coming to Roman Britain in ant guise, but absurd in its conception that the blacks were probably all drawn from the centurion class. That is a simple failure of intellect.


    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Brother, you could right ten volumes on how retarded Diane’s passage there is:
      – “From the days when the Norman French invaded Anglo-Saxon Britain, we have been a culturally diverse nation.”
      You mean we weren’t culturally diverse when the Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Vikings, Druids and Celts lived harmoniously together?
      And what even does ‘culturally diverse’ mean? I do know actually, it’s means “stop thinking goy, and let me brain-wash you”.
      It’s just gibberish lefto-Jewish shite. Any nation, city, town, village or hamlet is ‘culturally diverse’, the way these idiots use the phrase. My own family is ‘culturally diverse’. In Britain to this day you can travel 20 miles and encounter different accents, in old America every rural village had their own dialect.
      Linguisto-babble like ‘culturally diverse’ doesn’t mean anything and it doesn’t describe reality. It’s just a weapon designed to disarm then harm us.
      – “But because the different nationalities shared a common skin colour, it was possible to ignore the racial diversity . . ”
      Rubbish. We can still point out Celtic descended people today, and we are bombarded by every race on earth from birth. You reckon the Vikings or Romans imagined they looked like British natives? You reckon even Angles and Saxons couldn’t tell each other apart?
      It’s all so tiresome and stupid, what is deliberate lies and what is dumb ignorance, I don’t even care.
      – “And even if you take race to mean what it is often commonly meant to imply – skin colour- ”
      I never went to university, never mind Cambridge, but isn’t the “often” here redundant? Or is it the “commonly”?
      Either way, is this not bad writing? I’m just writing comments, she has all that schooling, then you’d imagine she’d check it, then wouldn’t some editor check it before print too?
      We truly are ex-members or a deceased civilisation, living among it’s ruins. Perhaps we should stop imagining ourselves inheritors or conservers of Western civilisation. That great achievement, which I always presumed I belonged to, is gone. I feel much more like a Visigothic peasant in Rome.

  5. Samoan
    Samoan says:

    They can only get away with this because people are dumb enough to believe African = black. Apparently the Saharan desert doesn’t exist.

  6. todd hupp
    todd hupp says:

    Culture adjusted World average IQs lists demonstrate the lowest IQs are in sub Sahara Africa. EG: Congo@ 63.
    In the USA the typical Afro American is 30% white with an IQ of low 80s suggesting intermarriage with whites can raise IQ.
    Mulatto and Quadroon IQs approach white levels(100) on average.
    The current US ” equity” political movement is based on the erroneous assumption that Afro Americans have IQs equal to white European Americans.(Eg “racist math.”)
    Generally IQ is correlated with success in the USA.
    ‘Equality of outcome” policies go against the reality: intelligence is largely genetically based.

    • Jason stewart
      Jason stewart says:

      I’ve often read that American blacks are 20% white, not 30%. Have you seen the average American black? How could you believe the average American black has any white DNA? They most likely don’t. The American blacks with white DNA most likely came from the Jewish slave owners that dominated early America. That makes far more sense. The average American black IQ is probably 75, not low 80s. The average mixed black has an IQ around 90. They are not as smart as the average white. Are you completely mentally defeated or just trying to make white people look worse than they already do? Also, black mixing with whites did not raise the offsprings IQ, it lowered it. If that were a white child it would most likely have an IQ of 100.

  7. John D. Alder
    John D. Alder says:

    It might be fun to have stickers made for BLACK BULLSHIT MONTH somebody might post them around town. In USA one could have stickers that read (For MLK DAY) THIS OFFICE/ BUUSNESS CLOSED FOR NATIONAL NIGGER DAY. Humour is always a powerful weapon especially when coupled with truth.

  8. John
    John says:

    “Black and British”, WRONG. British People belong to the European race aka Whites. Africans aka Blacks cannot be British. The English have made a fatal mistake by accepting Miss England 2021, the English are on a extinction trajectory. As are the French who don’t even have their own French national team in futbol.
    An African born in Italy or Japan or China does NOT make that person Italian or Japanese or Chinese, respectfully.
    DNA analysis can determine race; the place of birth does not.
    We could end all this nonsense by reclaiming our nations. We European Peoples aka Whites are wasting our valuable time, resources, & our many victims of interracial crime. We need total separation & embark on our breakaway civilization to pursue our destiny as the explorers we are; resume our quest for knowledge & head back to venture the cosmos where we left off in 1972 (last time we set foot on our Moon).
    “The Slow Cleanse aka Restoring White Homelands” by Greg Johnson explains how to reclaim our nations & in turn take back our stolen future. We owe it to our children.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      The most exciting and vivid experiences of my life as a kid were football world cups, especially Italia 90′ and USA 94′.
      Back then, you really could differentiate between all the wonderful variety of races of man battling it out for supremacy. The Swedes looked nothing like the Germans, who looked nothing like the English, who didn’t even look like the Welsh. The Scots and Irish were pretty similar, perhaps the Norwegians and Danish too.
      But mostly it was a true gladiator battle of the totally different peoples.
      The idea that such a thing could turn someone into a racist hater is just as pathetic as every other piece of leftist garbage. It made you admire other peoples. But you could see how it would be a problem for the ‘we-are-all-one-race-the-human-race liars.
      The quote about Germany always winning wasn’t because they were the most skilful, tough, or best all round team, but because of their mental strength to the bitter end.
      Nigeria had a better team than Italy in 94, and were beating them, with skill, toughness and energy, until Italian wisdom, trickery and experience won the day. Mainly trickery actually.
      I could give a hundred examples of such things, the Jews bastardising all the teams what has ended this spectacle is just one more crime against human joy and God’s creations to add to their long list.
      I always wished for a regional cup, like NW Europe, SW Europe, Central Europe & Eastern Europe, taking on similar teams in Africa, Asia and the Americas. I always thought that could be a fun experiment(partly because it would be the only chance my side could get anywhere).
      Such a thing is still possible, when the Empire of Lies collapses, base teams on heritage, not where they were born.

    • John
      John says:

      “I could give a hundred examples…, the Jews bastardising all the teams…”
      It’s not what they do, but, what we don’t do. Why blame the enemy, they are conducting operations as an enemy is suppose to, they are acting normal. The question is – why are we NOT defending ourselves? Now, that is NOT normal. Take England for example, why in the world do the English accept “Miss England 2021”? Why do the French accept their so-called French national futbol team when it’s not even French? I asked a Chinese, a Korean, an Iranian if it is possible for their people to become a minority in any of their cities? Not only did they answer “no”, but I had to repeat the question (3 times to the Chinese & Iranian & twice to the Korean) because they thought it a ridiculous question. Well, of course the question is ridiculous. I mean, what kind of people become a minority in their own homelands?

      • Junghans
        Junghans says:

        Bingo on that, John. The gullibility of White people never ceases to amaze me. How & why they tolerate the insufferable, primitive Negroes in their midst is truly a racial/psychological enigma. The foolish ‘Goyim’ are being displaced from their own nest, and stand by like stupid White Dodo birds, accepting their own dispossesion & ultimate extinction.

        Jews & their stupid minions are obviously responsible for the current & recent historical racial subversion, yet it takes a dyed-in-the-wool Groid like Kanye to stir up the Anglo slumber party a bit !

      • John
        John says:

        “I mean, what kind of people become a minority in their own homelands?”
        A ppl who care not for their children.

    • Jason stewart
      Jason stewart says:

      You have great spirit and are full of optimism. However, Greg Johnson rarely names the Jew because he’s most likely not serious and maybe works for the Jews focusing our attentions on the blacks, which are a problem but not the problem. Too many white people worship/fear black people. Very many white women worship black males, acting as their whores, while also playing the role of provider for them. White women are a far bigger enemy to white men and ally to Jewish people than blacks are. There aren’t enough black males for white women in America so they often share black males and cheat on their white husbands with them. I believe that more white women would marry black males except black males don’t like to get married. I’ve been mentally defeated seeing so many white women consciously act to destroy white men.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        It’s very refreshing/heartening brother to see another of our clique understanding that even above Jews, by a tremendous amount, problematic are our own white females.
        Andrew Anglin recently said we could crush the Jews as easily as Adam could have crushed the Garden’s talking snake. A great analogy.
        Again, the true mental difficulty our people have to overcome is attitudes to white women.
        We need to remember even post-war women dressed and acted like Muslimas.
        Muslims are right about women as blacks are right about the police.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        Greg Johnston has talent, no doubt.
        But didn’t he go all-in supporting the Jewkraine against Orthodox white Russia?
        Appalling judgement on this scale means if you aren’t questioning EVERYTHING he writes in future, you ain’t much of ouwt yourself.
        There couldn’t *be* a simpler, white vs black, good vs evil, Satanic forces fighting Christian soldiers war possible.
        It’s as blazingly obvious as who were the good guys in WWII, just this time, it’s not taking decades for such truths to reveal themselves.

  9. Stoffel Makwassie
    Stoffel Makwassie says:

    I take it blacks performed the world’s first human heart transplant as well? That occurred in Africa, and on the other end of the continent from Carthage – hence there can be NO doubt that Moors or Berbers were responsible.

  10. Servenet
    Servenet says:

    To me the evil of the black “race” is summed up in the phrase, “To repay good with evil.” This captures the sum and substance of blacks anywhere and everywhere. To commit evil of any kind is to be detested…and punished. But to respond to generosity, mercy, kindness, and goodwill with murder, mayhem, lies, resentment, envy, brutality, savagery, and shocking violence is a kind of evil that hails from the lowest depths of hell. THEY ARE A SINGULARLY EVIL RACE…who only and always repay good with evil.

    • Jason stewart
      Jason stewart says:

      Don’t forget about the Jews who are ultimately responsible for putting white people in this situation. Also, white women have proven themselves evil through their relentless worship of black males, acting as their whores, providers and protectors. There most likely isn’t a young white girl in the USA who has not begged to be the whore of a black male. Whites women like to inform white men how black males “blow their backs out and destroy their internal organs” and how white men are corny, boring and pussifed.

      • Servenet
        Servenet says:

        Better lose the hate for White women. They are the only kind of women you have, guy. And better better FOCUS on the day-to-day mayhem that are DIRECTLY caused by, you guessed it, violent and depraved blacks. Be an adult, direct your attention to the IMMEDIATE problem and then, as we all do, keep in mind the (((man))) behind the curtain.

  11. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    In the 1950’s there was a newspaper article in which a government minister stated that the Americans forced the British government to admit Windians after WW2. Before WW2 Windians had emigrated to the USA but the Americans no longer wanted them.
    Since WW2 Western Europe has been an American colony. Now,the NATO has converted the whole of Europe into an American colony controlled by traitors, in my opinion.
    During WW1 a Red Army was formed within the British Army. The CO was a Field Marshal. During the General Strike the communists voted not to attack Buckingham Palace, which, in my opinion was the wrong decision. To the eternal shame of my family one of my great uncles, who was 2IC of the British Comintern, voted against the attack.
    There would have been no mass murders. These were carried out by the Glaubenjuden under the cover of communism, including the preplanned mass starvations of the Russians and Ukranians.
    Some Glaubenjuden we liked but most we disliked. Rosa was always called Auntie Rosa The British and German communists were good friends and, if successful, would have put Germany together again.
    Concentration camps were planned for the Yorkshire Moors where prisoners, usually criminals, and their families would be kept until sent to colonies in Africa and used for forced labour They would not be admitted back into Europe.
    Europe and Siberia full of the best white people from Atlantic to Pacific!
    Lenin was an internationalist.He believed nations should help each other.
    The Glaubenjuden controlled Yankees want to turn us all into pale Uncle Toms.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Excellent story!

      I knew as I was reading this a member of your family would be involved somewhere.
      I wasn’t sure if you were just making this stuff up but I don’t care anymore. You have a real talent for tales.
      The Yorkshire Moors take the breath away. Anyone else fond of them should read Wuthering Heights for a truly poetic description of them and a new appreciation.
      Imagine a happy commune here for the white English underclass, instead of today’s drugs, violence and gang rape by Muslims.

      Please keep these wonderful anecdotes coming.

  12. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Thanks for another great piece Tobias.

    Tobias, you know I’m a big fan of yours and you’re one of my favorite Dissident writers, but I do tend to agree with some other’s here that Jews are the biggest problem and I would say that blacks very much pale in comparison.

    And your right about the bullshit. When I was in college the Jews would tell us that it was really blacks who invented airplane flight, it was an Egyptian. Blacks invented radio. It was a black guy who really invented the light bulb – Edison stole the idea from him. Shakespeare was black. Jesus was black. Black people built Washington D.C., and on and on it goes. And even back then, I knew it was all bullshit. Black people have made great contributions to the arts and popular culture and still do and they deserve credit for that. Are they capable of building London, Paris, New York, or Rome, or governing those places? No. Can they fly helicopters for that matter? Not that I know of. The light bulb? Lol…!

    I live in the States and you of course live in Britain Tobias so, it might be different by you.

    Recently, in Memphis, Tennessee, a young blond woman, her name was Eliza Fletcher, was out jogging. She was a mom, her and her family outstanding citizens of Memphis. It was very early morning and while jogging she was kidnapped and killed by a black guy who had a lengthy arrest record and mental health problems. The reason he was walking around in society? The reason is because Memphis has a Soros backed DA who let’s criminals and the criminally insane out of prisons and mental hospitals to of course, wreak havoc and kill us white folks. So, from this example, we see who the much bigger problem is.

    Every once in awhile, blacks here do great things. Two days ago was a great day for us Dissidents. Here is Kanye Wests’s Tweet that has been taken off of Instagram and Twitter. He also wore a ‘White Lives Matter’ t-shirt to a big fashion show in Europe and of course this was seen all around the world. In the days that followed, there were pictures of people hanging White Lives Matter banners on bridges.

    “I’m a bit sleepy tonight but when I wake up, I’m going death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE (Kanye’s all caps.). The funny thing is I actually can’t be Anti Semitic because black people are actually Jew also. You guys have toyed with me and tried to black ball anyone whoever opposes your agenda.” ~ Kanye West. 10/08/22. Twitter. Instagram.

    I love that last sentence. No matter what you think of Mr. West, we all owe him a big, big thanks. And I’m not going all liberal loony on you guys. But you have to admit, what he wrote is super cool. God bless Kanye.

    There are many things I could write but I do believe that blacks were doing okay here in America beginning in the 50s, 60’s, 70’s, because of the plentiful manufacturing jobs in the cities. Now that most of those jobs are gone, they, like working class white America are suffering horribly. And who sent the jobs away…? The Jews along with their Shabboz goys the Clintons etc… Is this an excuse for their above average criminal behavior? No. But it certainly contributes to it.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      You are correct that there is a difference between American whites, who have always lived with blacks, and the Brits.
      I really don’t know how to sum it up better than to say something about blacks just utterly outrages white Brits of a certain generation.
      Mr Langdon should explain this, he knows what I’m talking about. I’m sure we’d all get something from it.
      Better than having a go at Jewish pet-negros – this we all get already, there is very little to add.

    • Servenet
      Servenet says:

      “…blacks pale in comparison.”….?

      I can’t even…..

      Unless you intended the double entendre…thing, with the word “pale” – lol.

    • londonstone
      londonstone says:

      Some AntiWhite fantasies concerning mostly Blacks and other “stories” propagated under the auspices of the City of London Corporation, all these being in 2017 and taken from digitised paper brochures. A lot reads like self-satire!

      Tuesday 3 October [2017], 2-3pm
      OLD BAILEY 1674-1913

      Black people have been part of British
      society for much longer than may be
      perceived by many people, with
      records appearing at the Old Bailey
      as far back as 1674. Right up to 1913
      black people have appeared at the
      Old Bailey proclaiming their
      innocence in all kinds of cases.
      Historian Avril Nanton, will
      discuss some of the cases that were
      heard, including a TV version
      featuring William Garrow. Join us to
      learn more.

      Saturday 7 October. 11 am-1 pm

      Avril Nanton, Director of Avril’s
      Walks and Talks, has put together a
      tour which points out some of the
      Black statues that can still be found
      around London which many people
      are not aware exist. Starting at
      Cleopatra’s Needle, the walk takes in
      a myriad of places in London where
      Black statues can still be seen, or
      were once sited.
      Meet at Embankment Station, London WC2N 6NS
      turn right out of barriers and wait by the stairs.
      Tickets: £10 pay on day or contact 07984 759506

      Thursday 23 November [2017]. 6-8pm

      The important part played by Jewish
      citizens in the WW2 Fire Brigade has
      till now been untold. Many were
      WWl veterans or unfit for the
      military, but they could do essential
      fire-fighting work and their
      contribution was enormous
      compared to the general population.
      Martin Sugarman and Stephanie
      Maltman will be discussing the
      challenges they faced and telling
      stories, including one about the only
      George Cross won in the London Fire
      Brigade by a Jewish man, Harry
      Errington / Ehrengott.
      Join us to learn more.
      £5 plus booking fee. Includes wine reception.

      Thursday 30 November, 6pm-8pm

      Historian Miranda Kaufmann tells the
      intriguing tales of three Africans – a
      diver employed by Henry VIII to recover
      guns from the wreck of the Mary Rose, a
      Moroccan woman baptised in Elizabethan
      London and a porter who whipped a fellow
      servant at their master’s Gloucestershire
      manor house.
      £5 plus booking fee. Includes wine reception.

      Guildhall Library, Aldermanbury EC2V 7HH

  13. Franklin Ryckaert
    Franklin Ryckaert says:

    The idea that Africa is the continent of Blacks and that therefore all indigenous Africans, even of North Africa, are black is a common delusion among low-IQ Blacks in America. The ancient Egyptians were black, therefore Blacks can claim the glory of their civilization. Hannibal and Cleopatra were black etc. etc.

    In reality North Africa has been the home of Caucasoids since time immemorial, though later on some admixture with sub-Saharan Blacks did occur due to the slave trade. Berbers in the isolated regions of the Atlas mountains are still pure white. Here is a picture of such a woman:

  14. John Boye
    John Boye says:

    According to Wikipedia David Olusoga was born in Nigeria to a Nigerian father and a white English mother. She returned to the UK with him when he was 5 years old and struggled, as a working-class single mother, to bring him up and encourage him to pursue academic interests. Yet, strangely, he seems obsessed with his ‘African’ roots. It’s often the case. Is it just the great opportunities in the race hustling industry?

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      In a word, yes.
      Obama did us all a great service by explaining his experience of this phenomenon.
      To paraphrase, he stated whenever he ‘acted black’, he could feel the disapproving looks from the liberal white(almost always women) authority figures around him.
      Conversely when he behaved, and presumably told them the racial masochistic things they got off on, he could just sense the doors opening for him.
      Are we really to blame the blacks for this?

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