Preach Equality, Practise Hierarchy: How Leftism Elevates Translunatics above Women and Trans-Westerners above Whites

The political parties that most loudly proclaim their love of Celtic languages and cultures are crystal-clear about their vision for a better future. They believe that those languages and cultures need to be marginalized much more and driven much faster into oblivion. They also believe that the people who speak the languages and practise the cultures need to be murdered, raped, and robbed much more often. And be impoverished, demonized, and stripped of political power much faster.

The iron law of leftism

Does that sound like a paradox? It does, but it isn’t. It’s just the iron law of leftism in action. The law states that leftists always most harm what they claim to be most concerned about. For example, leftists in America claim to be deeply concerned about Blacks and their welfare. Sure enough, Steve Sailer has proved that leftist policies have been responsible for the rise in the number of Blacks murdered and maimed by other Blacks. And also in Blacks killed by dangerous Black driving. Similarly, leftist parties like Plaid Cymru in Wales, Sinn Féin in Ireland, and the Scottish National Party (SNP) claim to be deeply concerned about preserving and reviving Celtic languages and cultures. At the same time, they want to open the borders of Celtic nations to unlimited non-White migration. This is absolutely guaranteed to harm Welsh, Irish Gaelic, and Scottish Gaelic. How much do Somalis and Pakistanis care about those languages? About as much as the Jews Robert Maxwell and Bernie Maddoff cared about ethical business practices. In other words: not at all.

Migration from the Third World is also guaranteed to increase rates of murder, rape, and robbery, and to transfer ever more money from White tax-payers to non-White tax-eaters. By supporting Third-World invasion, Plaid Cymru, Sinn Féin, and the SNP have become dedicated traitors to the nations they claim to love. Fortunately, some supporters of these parties are starting to realize that they’ve been betrayed. In Ireland, working-class protestors against Third-World invasion are drawn from “the same demographic as Sinn Féin’s reliable voter base.” And when those working-class protestors marched in the Dublin constituency of Sinn Féin’s leader Mary Lou McDonald, some of them carried placards bearing “a photo of McDonald with the word ‘Traitor’ written across it.”

The cult of transgenderism

That’s a very healthy development. McDonald is indeed a traitor to the working-class Whites of Ireland. Like all mainstream leftists, she preaches racial equality while practising racial hierarchy. Leftists place Blacks and other non-Whites far above ordinary Whites in the leftist hierarchy of racial privilege and patronage. But McDonald is a traitor in another very important sense. She’s a traitor to her own sex. Just like Plaid Cymru and the SNP, Sinn Féin are fanatical worshippers in the cult of transgenderism, which states that sexually perverted men become full and authentic women simply by proclaiming themselves to be so. Nothing more than words is needed: a verbal formula grants a man still in full possession of penis, testicles, and testosterone the right to invade all female spaces, from dressing-rooms and toilets to sporting contests and prisons.

The child-abducting male pedophile Andrew Miller is 100% female, according to leftists

Once again, leftists are preaching equality and practising hierarchy. They claim to believe in sexual equality, but place the rights of sexually perverted men far above those of real women who don’t want those male perverts in their private spaces. Take the male pedophile Andrew Miller, who abducted and sexually assaulted a pre-teen schoolgirl in Scotland earlier this year. In between sexual assaults, he recharged his libido by watching porn and fetish videos on TV. He rejected the girl’s repeated pleas for freedom and told her that she was now his “new family.”

But I’ve actually committed a hate-crime by deferring to reality and describing Miller with male pronouns, because he claims to be a woman called Amy George. In other words, he’s a “transwoman” and leftism insists that he must therefore be 100% female. He isn’t, of course: he was born male and remains male, whatever his perversions might lead him to pretend.

The most loathsome creatures on earth

But leftists call anyone who rejects trans-clowns like Andrew Miller a hate-filled bigot. Indeed, leftist supporters of translunacy often compare their opponents to the most loathsome creatures that crawl on the face of God’s fair earth: they say that “transphobes” are like racists. The leftist organization Stonewall, which supposedly campaigns for homosexual men and lesbian women, has a simple message for lesbians who don’t want to have sex with penis-packing male perverts who claim to be women. According to Stonewall, real lesbians who don’t want fake lesbians in their beds are “sexual racists.” Yes, transphobic lesbians really are as loathsome as that in leftist eyes.

Petulant poison-dwarf: the troubled transphile Nicola Sturgeon

The poison-dwarf Nicola Sturgeon, former leader of the SNP, has gone even further. She said that when you begin lifting the stones under which transphobes dwell, “you’ll also find they are deeply misogynist, often homophobic, possibly some of them racist as well.” To self-righteous leftists like Sturgeon, racism is the worst of all possible sins, which is why leftists are always trying to attach the label of “RACIST!” to anyone who disagrees with them on any topic. In this case, Sturgeon was talking about opponents of an SNP “gender bill” that was intended to give male perverts even bigger privileges at the expense of real women. But the bill blew up in her face when it was revealed that a double rapist called Adam Graham had proclaimed himself a woman and been sent to a female prison under the name of Isla Bryson. Sturgeon resigned as SNP leader after the scandal, although it soon became apparent that her resignation wasn’t prompted just by the failure of her campaign on behalf of translunatic rapists. No, the SNP is being investigated for serious financial wrongdoing and both Sturgeon and her husband have been arrested and questioned by the Scottish police. Charges against them may be imminent.

Inadvertently touching on truth

This is another example of the iron law of leftism in action. The SNP and all other mainstream leftist parties loudly proclaim their concern for morality, justice, and equality. Meanwhile, they doggedly pursue one all-important thing. Not morality or justice or equality, but power — the power to privilege and to punish. The privilege is for themselves and their favorites at the top of the leftist hierarchy; the punishment is for their enemies at the bottom of the leftist hierarchy. But even though Nicola Sturgeon is interested only in power, not in truth or reality, she inadvertently touched on the truth in her abusive comments about opponents of translunacy.

Mhairi Black

So did another poisonous fem-pol in the SNP, the self-righteous lesbian Mhairi Black, who has assailed opponents of translunacy with the worst terms in her vocabulary:

Gender-critical campaigners are comparable to white supremacists, the SNP’s deputy Westminster leader has claimed. Mhairi Black said that “bad actors” and “50-year-old Karens” were responsible for the debate over transgender rights and suggested those who vocally disagreed with her views on such issues could not be “decent” people.

In comments likely to deepen an already bitter divide in Scotland, she said those who made “intellectual” arguments against extending trans rights were akin to past generations who claimed non-white ethnic groups were inferior. … Speaking at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Ms Black said: “Once upon a time, you had intellectuals who made these big prolific statements about how race was a key factor.

“[They argued] ‘I think you’ll find statistics show that if you have more Bame [black, Asian and minority ethnic] people; crime goes up’ or whatever it is. We now rightly look back on that and go, ‘You were a racist. You might be an intellectual, but what you were saying was racist.’

“If you’re not educating yourself on things, then you can’t complain when people from a minority say, ‘You’re not treating us right’, and that’s exactly what’s happening with the trans community right now.” … Later in the talk, at The Stand Comedy Club, Ms Black was asked whether she believed that someone with a different philosophical view to her on gender issues could still be “a thoroughly decent person”.

She responded: “If you keep it to yourself, aye,” to applause from the audience. “To me, a decent person is someone who tries to make others comfortable and accept them, particularly when it’s a marginalised, oppressed group. “That’s just human progress. And to me being decent is being part of that progress, not hindering it.” (Gender critics akin to white supremacists, claims SNP’s Mhairi Black, The Daily Telegraph, 8th August 2023)

The self-proclaimed Scottish nationalist Mhairi Black bears a proudly Scottish name and has a passionate commitment to destroying Scotland. That’s why she’s a dedicated opponent of “racism” and staunch supporter of non-White migration into Scotland. Look again at her comments about those who use statistics to prove that non-Whites like Blacks are much more inclined to commit crime. She didn’t say that they’re factually wrong: she said that they’re “racist.” For Mhairi Black and other leftists, truth and logic don’t matter when it comes to race. Instead, we must close our eyes to reality, clear our minds of hate-facts, and repeat the sacred mantra: “There is only one race — the human race.” That isn’t true, of course, but truth doesn’t matter to leftists. What matters is power.

Transgenderism and trans-Westernism

Leftists know that censorship and silencing their enemies are vital steps towards the power they crave. Mhairi Black’s audience applauded when she said that opponents of translunacy should keep quiet about the truth: that biological sex is real and that men can never become women, no matter how loudly they claim to be. But the audience didn’t realize that, like Nicola Sturgeon, Mhairi Black was inadvertently touching on the truth in what she said about “transphobes.” There is indeed a strong parallel between opponents of translunacy and “racists” or “white supremacists.”

The parallel is that “racists” and “white supremacists” believe in biological reality just as opponents of translunacy do. Men cannot become real women and non-Whites cannot become real Westerners. Transgenderism is as false and harmful as what I call trans-Westernism, which is the belief that non-White people from corrupt, violent, and intellectually backward Third-World nations can become full and authentic citizens of Western nations. The ideologies of transgenderism and trans-Westernism are both based on the elevation of feelings over facts. How do we know that a bearded transwoman with a penis and no ability to menstruate or give birth is a full and authentic woman? Well, it’s because the transwoman feels that he is so. And he gets very upset when anyone disagrees with him, which is further proof, in leftist eyes, that he must be right. Feelings trump facts.

Bangladeshi, not British: the deluded trans-Westerner Rakib Ehsan

Similarly, how do we know, for example, that the goy-groveling Bangladeshi neo-con Rakib Ehsan is a full and authentic Briton? Again, it’s because he feels that he is so. After all, his Bangladeshi mother was the most patriotic person you could ever hope to meet. Rakib and his family love living in wealthy and uncorrupt Britain, despite their roots in poor and highly corrupt Bangladesh. That’s why Rakib is eager for lots more non-Whites like himself to migrate to Britain. They too will become true Britons and love living in wealthy and uncorrupt Britain, despite their roots in the poor and highly corrupt Third World.

Imagine that — non-Whites prefer living in countries built by Whites and will say whatever helps them stay there. But that doesn’t mean they belong in those countries. Even less does it mean that their presence is good for Whites. Rakib Ehsan’s subjective and self-serving feelings do not trump biological reality and turn him or any other non-White into a true Briton. Third-World people like him migrate to Britain and other Western nations for their own advantage, not to benefit the Whites who built and sustain those nations. Third-Worlders want to exploit the prosperity and good governance that they can’t create themselves in their own homelands. And once Third-World folk settle in the West, they set about re-creating Third-World pathologies, like the rape-gangs of Rotherham and the voting-fraud and corruption of ethnically enriched Tower Hamlets in London. These non-White settlers are trans-Westerners and their supposed new identity is as fake and infertile as the identity of trans-women. Men who claim to be women can never give birth to children and non-Whites who claim to be Western could never have created Western civilization. On the contrary, they’re capable only of aborting Western civilization.

But that’s precisely why equality-preaching leftists are so eager to import and privilege folk from the Third World. Non-Whites are very bad for the West and leftists hate the West and its achievements. That’s why they preach equality and practise hierarchy. Any group that is higher in the leftist hierarchy has the right to invade the territory of any group that is lower. Perverted men who claim to be women belong to the sacred category of transwomen and are higher in the leftist hierarchy than real women. That’s why leftists want those male perverts to invade all female spaces, just as they want Blacks and other non-Whites to invade all White spaces. Non-White migration must continue without limit and non-White actors must be able to take on any White role, from David Copperfield to Achilles to Doctor Who.

The abominations of Olivier

At the same time, Black roles are forbidden to lowly Whites. When the White Laurence Olivier, one of the world’s greatest actors, played the Black protagonist of Shakespeare’s Othello (c. 1603), his performance was acclaimed at the time as masterly. It’s now condemned as an abomination. But leftists applaud as Black women take on all White and male roles in Shakespeare. Once again, leftists are preaching equality and practising hierarchy, with Blacks at the top and Whites at the bottom.

Leftism is, after all, based on lies and interested only in power. That’s why it elevates sexually perverted men over sane and sensible women in the lying ideology of transgenderism. And why it elevates unproductive and unintelligent non-Whites over productive and intelligent Whites in the lying ideology of trans-Westernism. But the truth remains: men cannot become real women and non-Whites cannot become real Westerners. The consequences of ignoring truth and promoting lies are becoming clearer by the day throughout the West. That’s why more and more Whites are waking up to the Great Replacement and the lies of leftism. As Gregory Hood points out at AmRen, transphobe Matt Walsh once espoused race-blind civic nationalism and argued for it “with lazy, left-wing bilge.” Now he’s seen the blight and stopped the bilge:

BREAKING: New leaked audio of Matt Walsh arguing with his co-host about how you can’t “separate race and culture” and how Mexicans can never be Americans or “white”. He goes on to mock Indigenous genocide and boast about the superiority of white culture and society.

– The Serfs (@theserfstv) August 14, 2023

Walsh first saw the blight of transgenderism, then saw the blight of trans-Westernism. They’re both based on lies and fantasies. It’s just that trans-Westernism is much worse for the West. Matt Walsh is not unique. Once you’ve seen Clown World lying about men becoming women, it’s much easier to see that Clown World is lying about non-Whites blessing the West. And once you’ve seen the truth, your duty becomes clear: you have to fight in its defense.

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  1. Will Roberts
    Will Roberts says:

    Great article, greatful to read it.
    People are walking up to the Globalist agenda in Ireland, if twitter is any indicator of public mood, which I think it is.
    Sinn Fein are flying tranny flags at Free Derry Corner! This is pretty idiotic, an own goal, even children intuitively know that transsexualism is a lie, and the Right should capitalise on this.
    Men are not Women,
    Non Whites are not Westerners! This is a great motto that links these two truths together, and, again, the Right should capitalise on this linkage to destroy the traitorous Celtic Left forever.

    • Ari
      Ari says:

      Good to know that the Irish are learning for sure given that many Telegram chats say that the Irish are being fully neutralized by GloboHomo terrorist propaganda.
      And everything GloboHomo promotes is terrorism in every way of the word.

  2. Enrichment & Diversity
    Enrichment & Diversity says:

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      [mod. comment: It wasn’t Kevin MacDonald who deleted your off-topic comment. But thank you for demonstrating once again what kind of psychology you have.]

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Thank you, Moderator, for pushing back against this roboposter. He uses this site much as a stray dog uses a tree or a fire hydrant.

  3. SchmuelyMoneywitz
    SchmuelyMoneywitz says:

    “[They argued] ‘I think you’ll find statistics show that if you have more Bame [black, Asian and minority ethnic] people; crime goes up’ or whatever it is. We now rightly look back on that and go, ‘You were a racist. You might be an intellectual, but what you were saying was racist.’….

    ….“To me, a decent person is someone who tries to make others comfortable and accept them, particularly when it’s a marginalised, oppressed group. “That’s just human progress.

    Human progress is subjecting your neighbors to violent crime.

  4. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    It’s wonderful that the author points out how the “left” does have a hierarchy. In the Soviet Union, Vietnam, NK, China, etc.: There is always an elite in power. They talk of the people owning all, but they mean an elite owns all with few checks on its power.

    I’m not suggesting this elite is always bad or whatever. I’m just highlighting how these “equal” societies have hierarchy.

    Celtic nationalism is too anti-English. It too often hates but doesn’t love. The English can be this way too but differently.

    If you really want to “fight,” just having a lot of kids might do more good than would most other things. Power tends to balance; so, “worse” can create a reaction from others.

    I will say that many nonwhites are very intelligent and very capable. I expect a healthy nationalism would be rooted in identity and not superiority.

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