The Trouble with Trans-Westernism: How Men Can’t Be Women and Jews Can’t Be American

Giftzwerg is a wonderful little German word. It’s pronounced “gift-tsvairk” and it literally means “poison-dwarf.” German-speakers use it of someone who is small but spiteful, especially when that person is spiteful because they’re small. But it was the Anglophone Charles Dickens who created perhaps the greatest Giftzwerg of all time in Daniel Quilp, the evil and cunning dwarf who spies, plots, and ruins lives in The Old Curiosity Shop (1841).

Small in size, big in evil

I argued in my article “Minority Malice” that Dickens intended Quilp to be a Jewish villain, symbolizing the malice and cunning of Jews as a minority among gentiles. Despite being a dwarf, Quilp has an outsized influence for ill on everyone around him, just as Jews, despite being a small minority, have had an outsized influence for ill on the world. For example, Jews were central to the conversion of the imperfect but reforming Tsarist empire into the mass-murdering tyranny of the Soviet Union, just as Jews have been central to the flooding of Western nations with tax-eating and criminally inclined non-Whites from the corrupt, violent and diseased Third World. Jews have also been central to the lunacies and lies of the transgender cult, which demands that mentally ill or sexually perverted men be accepted as full and authentic women simply because they claim to be women.

Fake woman and fake American: the Jewish transwoman and trans-American Richard Levine (aka Rachel Levine)

But the Jewish Giftzwergvolk — Poison-Dwarf-Tribe — has always needed gentile accomplices in its war on the greatness and the gigantic achievements of the White West. And it’s always been able to find them. In the great White nation of Scotland, the Giftzwergvolk found a literal Giftzwerg to do its dirty work. Nicola Sturgeon, the leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP), is small in size but has been big in evil during her time as First Minister of Scotland. Like the so-called nationalists of Plaid Cymru in Wales, the SNP want independence for their nation not because they want to benefit its true White citizens, but because they think it isn’t being destroyed fast enough as part of the United Kingdom. Both the SNP and Plaid Cymru want to flood their proud and ancient White nations with non-Whites from the Third World, then grant those non-Whites power and privilege over ordinary Whites. In the process, they would weaken and ultimately destroy all that is unique and precious about Scotland and Wales, especially those jewels in the crown of nationhood, the languages of Scots Gaelic and Welsh.

Wedge of Darkness

Like leftists throughout the White West, these parties want to use non-Whites as a kind of wedge of darkness hammered into the foundations of national identity. As the wedge gets deeper, the splits get wider and final destruction gets nearer. When a White Christian nation begins to accept non-Whites and non-Christians as full and authentic citizens, it has begun to abolish itself. And the abolition of Scotland and Wales is what the SNP and Plaid Cymru are working tirelessly to achieve. They’re typically leftist in seeking to destroy what they claim to most care about. For example, they also claim to care about women’s rights and women’s safety, but Nicola Sturgeon headed a campaign to undermine both by allowing male prisoners in Scotland to self-identify as women and then be transferred to female prisons. She dismissed the concerns of trans-skeptics like J.K. Rowling as “not valid.”

Glowering Giftzwerg: the troubled transphile Nicola Sturgeon

Alas for Sturgeon, those concerns proved to be very valid, because even as Sturgeon was taking her beloved Gender Recognition Bill through the Scottish parliament at Holyrood, a male rapist called Adam Graham was driving a wedge into the bill’s foundations. Graham announced during his trial that he was in fact a woman called Isla Bryson and ended up in a female prison. When the news came out, accompanied by photographs of Graham in a badly fitting blonde wig, there was a popular outcry and the SNP had to reverse its policy of allowing all transwomen to serve their sentences in female prisons. But it wasn’t only the SNP’s legislation that was split asunder by the scandal: it was also the lunacies and lies of transgenderism. This is a transcript of Nicola Sturgeon trying to defend her policies to a quick-witted male reporter:

Reporter: My question is: are all transgender women [in fact] women? You haven’t answered that question.

Sturgeon: Well, that’s not the point that we’re dealing with here.

Reporter: That’s the question I’m asking.

Sturgeon: Look, transwomen are women but in the prison context there is no automatic right for a transwoman–

Reporter: So there are contexts where a transwoman is not a woman?

Sturgeon: No, there is [laughs uncomfortably], there is circumstances in which a transwoman will be housed in the male prison estate.

Reporter: Is there any context in which a woman born as a woman will be housed in the male [prison] estate?

Sturgeon: Look, we’re talking here about transwomen.

Reporter: And I’m now asking about women born as women.

Sturgeon: Er, I don’t think there are circumstances there, but–

Reporter: So it’s different for transwomen?

Sturgeon: Well, yes, and I’m not–

Reporter: So they’re not equal?

Sturgeon: That is not — there is a risk-assessment process done for transwomen that takes account of the nature of the crime. Clearly, significant concern arises out of sexual crime and whether it’s appropriate for them to be in a female prison or a male prison. (Interview with Nicola Sturgeon about transgenderism)

Sturgeon could not give a coherent defence of her pro-tranny campaign because transgenderism is not a coherent cult. From the black looks she flashed at the reporter as he asked his impertinent questions, it was once again clear that she is an intolerant ideologue who hates being challenged. She has invested enormous prestige and will-to-power in her pro-tranny campaign and its derailment proved too much for her to bear. After the scandal, she announced her resignation from the posts of First Minister and leader of the SNP. The Giftzwerg will soon be gone from Scottish politics. That’s good in itself and also good as a possible portent for leftism as a whole. It isn’t only Nicola Sturgeon who has invested enormous prestige and will-to-power in the transgender cult. It’s mainstream leftists right across the West. If transgenderism is exposed and overturned for its lunacies and lies, this will be a huge defeat for leftism and may prove, ironically enough, the thin end of the wedge that destroys leftist domination of Western politics and culture.

Trans-Westernism dwarfs transgenderism

That’s because the lies and lunacies of transgenderism are also the lies and lunacies of what you might call trans-Westernism. Transgenderism is based on the lie that men can become full and authentic women; trans-Westernism is based on the lie that non-Whites can become full and authentic citizens of Western nations. As I pointed out in a previous article, racial differences aren’t as absolute and easily defined as the anatomical differences between men and women, but there are strong parallels between transgenderism and trans-Westernism. In a literal sense, men can’t give birth to children; in a metaphorical sense, non-Whites can’t give birth to Western civilization. On the contrary, they are capable only of aborting Western civilization.

And trans-Westernism is a much greater threat to women’s safety and female rights than transgenderism. I vehemently oppose transgenderism, but how many transgender “women” — that is, deluded or perverted men — have actually raped or otherwise harmed real women after being granted access to supposedly female-only spaces? Rapes and assaults by trannies have happened (see here, for example), but they’re rare. Now ask this: How many trans-Western men — that is, non-White men with Western citizenship or residence — have raped or otherwise harmed White women? Huge numbers. Rapes of White women by trans-Westerners must now be in the millions. In other words, trans-Western non-White men pose a far greater risk to women than men who claim to be women do. But trans-skeptics like J.K. Rowling never point this out, because Rowling and her allies are still leftist. In other words, they’re not standing up for Truth, Beauty and Goodness: they’re arguing only about status in the leftist war on the West. TERFs, or Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists, think that transwomen are still men and are therefore lower than real women in the great leftist hierarchy of virtue and villainy. Yes, I admire J.K. Rowling for speaking out because the SNP approves of unlimited male migration into female-only spaces. That takes moral courage and has exposed her to countless threats of rape and violence from transgender cultists.

Pakistanis can never be Scottish

But I would admire Rowling far more if she spoke out because the SNP approves of unlimited non-White migration into Scotland as a whole. The SNP are causing huge harm to Scottish women by importing and privileging male-supremacist rapists and misogynists from the Third World. However, because non-White men are higher in the leftist hierarchy than White women, leftist feminists like Rowling don’t protest against non-White immigration. Indeed, Rowling and her leftist allies will undoubtedly celebrate if Scotland acquires a trans-Western leader in the form of Hamza Yousuf, the authoritarian and anti-White Pakistani who wants to succeed Sturgeon as the leader of the SNP. If Yousuf wins the leadership contest, Rowling will say something like: “I disagree with the SNP’s transgender policies, but isn’t it wonderful that the party is now led by the descendant of Pakistani migrants to Scotland?”

Fake Scot: the anti-White Pakistani Muslim Hamza Yousaf, the trans-Westerner who wants to be First Minister of Scotland

Fake Briton: the geeky Indian Hindu Rishi Sunak, trans-Western prime minister of Britain

In fact, no, it wouldn’t be wonderful: it would be a further sign of Scotland’s dissolution as a true nation. The wedge of darkness would have been hammered deeper into the still-living roots of Scottish identity. That’s what Rishi Sunak’s appointment as prime minister in 2022 did to the roots of British identity. The geeky Hindu Indian Sunak is trans-British, not genuinely British. He has no roots in Britain and, as the British prime minister, he has no loyalty to or concern for the true White nations of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. Instead, his loyalty is to himself and to the rich and powerful Jews who control British politics.

Jews can never be American

Jews were in fact the first trans-Westerners. They acquired that fake identity when they began to be accepted as true citizens of Western nations in the nineteenth century. Those early trans-Western Jews were a wedge of darkness in another sense: a wedge of evil and malice, small in size but strong in cohesion and will-to-power. Jews began to split Western identity with anti-White and anti-Christian activism, then succeeded in overturning bans on non-White immigration throughout the West. After their success with that wedge hammered into Western identity, they created transgenderism, another wedge for hammering into sexual identity. That’s why the Jew Richard Levine, a minister for health in Joe Biden’s Jew-heavy administration, is such a perfect symbol of Western dissolution. Levine is both transgender and trans-American, claiming to be both female and American. In both cases, he’s lying. As a male, he can’t be female; as a Jew, he can’t be American. And just as transwomen harm the interests of real women, so trans-Americans like Levine harm the interests of real Americans. The sinister trans-American Jew Alejandro Mayorkas, so-called Secretary for Homeland Security, is hammering the wedge of darkness even harder into America’s White roots by massively increasing already disastrous levels of non-White immigration. The even more sinister trans-American Jew Merrick Garland, US Attorney General, is waging war on “white supremacy,” which is the Judeo-leftist code for “white nationhood.”

Pernicious punims on implacable enemies of the White West: the Jewish trans-Americans Merrick Garland and Alejandro Mayorkas

More pernicious punims on more implacable enemies of White America: the Jewish trans-Americans Chuck Schumer and Jerry Nadler

These trans-American Jews are proof that the harm done by transgenderism is dwarfed by the harm done by trans-Westernism. Indeed, while Nicola Sturgeon can be called a Giftzwerg, a “poison-dwarf,” trans-Western Jews like Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud and Franz Boas can be called Giftriesen, or “poison-giants.” The lunacies and lies of these long-dead Jewish ideologues still power the war on the West. But my hope is that leftist defeat over transgenderism will forerun leftist defeat over trans-Westernism. Leftists are lying when they say that men can become women. They’re also lying when they say that non-Whites can become Westerners. Female identity belongs only to women and Western identity belongs only to Whites. Not to Pakistanis or Somalis. And certainly not to Jews.

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  1. Keith_MH
    Keith_MH says:

    “Leftists are lying when they say that men can become women. They’re also lying when they say that non-Whites can become Westerners. Female identity belongs only to women and Western identity belongs only to Whites. Not to Pakistanis or Somalis. And certainly not to Jews.” – Succinct and beautiful, because true. Powerfully stated, Mr Langdon. If only this could be hammered into the heads of our school children throughout their schooling. That is where the West has failed.

    • Birhan Dargey
      Birhan Dargey says:

      Jews are loyal to Israel.not to the USA…they follow the Talmud NOT the USA Constitution..and they never will..(200 yrs Together)..

  2. Robert Keith
    Robert Keith says:

    Whenever I make an unfavorable comment about jews, honesty compels me to add a caveat. Being that jews are only 2pct of the US population and .5 pct of the UK population, any reasonable person must immediately ask himself, as I’m sure many jews do as well, how is it that they control our finance, etc. Well, the first and effectively last clue to that “mystery” is that they donate over 50pct of the political money.

    Included in that conclusion is the realization that they have a lot of cooperation on the part of the “goyim” of the white variety. Without them the jews would still be back on the farm and we could have done without a couple of millennia of rather weird diversions.

    • Rich Faussette
      Rich Faussette says:

      Hi Robert,
      Jews aren’t counted in the U.S. census, that 2% figure must be 50-60 years old.

      In the Torah, God commands Moses to take a census of all the able-bodied men in Israel:

      “Now the Lord spoke to Moses… take a census of all the congregation of the children of Israel, by their families, by their fathers’ houses, according to the number of names, every male individually, from twenty years old and above—all who are able to go to war in Israel. You and Aaron shall number them by their armies. Numbers 1:2-3

      When King David orders a census, however, it is a sin:

      “Satan rose up against Israel and caused David to take a census of the people of Israel. So David said to Joab and the commanders of the army, “Take a census of all the people of Israel—from Beersheba in the south to Dan in the north—and bring me a report so I may know how many there are.”
      But Joab replied, “May the Lord increase the number of his people a hundred times over! But why, my lord the king, do you want to do this? Are they not all your servants? Why must you cause Israel to sin?”
      … God was very displeased with the census, and he punished Israel for it. Then David said to God, “I have sinned greatly by taking this census. Please forgive my guilt for doing this foolish thing.” 1 Chronicles 21:1-3

      God can take a census of his people but for King David it is a sin. Estimates of Jewish population numbers provided by Jewish groups themselves are fraught with error and controversy. Orthodox Jews are religiously forbidden to provide an accurate public census. An article in the New York Times questions the claim that the Jewish population is shrinking and identifies the creative number crunchers:

      According to reports in major news outlets, a study published last week included a startling discovery: the nation’s Jewish population is shrinking. The study, the National Jewish Population Survey, found 5.2 million Jews living in the United States in 2000, a drop of 5 percent, or 300,000 people, since a similar study in 1990. What’s truly startling is that the reported decline is not true. Worse still, the sponsor of the $6 million study, United Jewish Communities, knows it.
      …The result, predictably, has been a rash of headlines trumpeting the illusionary decline, in turn touching off jeremiads by rabbis and moralists condemning the religious laxity behind it. Whether out of ideology, ego, incompetence or, as I suspect, a combination of all three, the respected charity has invented a crisis.
      …The false population decline must be corrected before it further sours communal discourse. The United Jewish Communities owes it to itself and its public to step forward and state plainly what it knows to be true: American Jews are not disappearing.
      [end snip]
      A Jewish Recount, by J.J. Goldberg, published September 17, 2003 in the NY Times

      Furthermore, they produce many, smart babies which are able to secure broad powerful niches over the indigenous population.

      “Now the Israelites were fruitful and prolific; they increased in numbers and became very powerful, so that the country was overrun by them. Then a new pharaoh ascended the throne of Egypt, one who knew nothing of Joseph. He said to his people, “These Israelites have become too MANY and too STRONG for us…” Exodus 1:7-10

      Thank you for the article, Tobias.

      • Barkingmad
        Barkingmad says:

        I never bought that 2% figure. The actual figure is, I think, much larger, even if you don’t include the half ‘n’ halfs, or quarterlings, who of course identify with the jewish parent – or grandparent, as in the case of Ukie figure skater Oksana Baiul:

        “Baiul was raised as a Russian Orthodox Christian. As a child, she heard rumors that her maternal grandmother was Jewish. In 2003, years after her father left the family, she phoned her old rink in Dnipro to ask for assistance in locating him. Assuming it was a prank, they hung up twice. Eventually Baiul convinced them of her identity. The rink manager helped her reunite with her father Sergey Baiul in September 2003, when she was 25 years old.

        “He confirmed that her Romanian maternal grandmother was Jewish. According to Orthodox Judaism, her mother and Baiul would also be classified as Jewish by blood. Baiul decided to identify as Jewish because of the custom of matrilineality in Judaism. In 2005, she said, ‘Being Jewish, that feels good. It feels natural, like a second skin'”

    • Please look
      Please look says:

      ‘5 pct of the UK population, any reasonable person must immediately ask himself, as I’m sure many jews do as well, how is it that they control our finance, etc. Well, the first and effectively last clue to that “mystery” is that they donate over 50pct of the political money.

      Included in that conclusion is the realization that they have a lot of cooperation on the part of the “goyim” of the white variety. ‘

      Many of these ‘goyim’ are ethnic Jews who continued to intermarry a few generations after they ‘assimilated’ (LOL) by having magic water sprinkled on them. I know a few of these families IRL.

      I would estimate one in five ‘White’ people in the anglosphere are ethnic Jews.

    • Miguel Bineros
      Miguel Bineros says:

      Correct…The jews realized that a long time ago..thats why they took over The FED/SCOTUS/PoliticalParties/Media/USCongress/Schools/Unions etc…The Protocols of Zion..BUT you are right the goyim keep VOTING for jews, even when they are openly clearly expressly ANTIAmerica/100% pro Israel/Zionists..why?? How can someone explain that in a State with less than 1% jews, Both Senators are jews???? it is even sadder that in the City Councils, CountyBoards,SchoolBoards jews are OVERrepresented..

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      They own the media and heavily influence academia.

      Not a reference to you: The most hilarious thing is reading comments at sites like this where whites talk about being so amazing or about naturally ruling over some other group; and we’re not free ourselves.

      If we had our own societies, there wouldn’t be mass immigration. 1066 would be widely known among Brits, or another year would be for different populations. Instead, we have a culture that values work, looks down on those controlling many of the important areas of our society.

      No race is more pathetic at this point in time. I say that hoping for humble improvement. I do value northwest Europeans/Brits/Europeans, etc., which is why I believe criticism so important.

      There are clearly many non-Jewish problems, but I think improvement doesn’t come without acknowledging our real situation. “Our polity of x, our society, etc.:” These don’t exist. It’s like Haitians pretending massa doesn’t exist, at least before their revolution.

  3. Miselius
    Miselius says:

    Thank you for the content and for collecting in one file the mugs of these Giftzwergen. From a virtual universe of past souls Shakespeare may say, “I told you so and I appreciate your confirming the timelessness of my lines: “Let me say ‘amen’ betimes, lest the devil cross my prayer, for here he comes in the likeness of a Jew” (Merchant of Venice, 3.1)

    • Please look
      Please look says:

      In the case of Marx the attacks on Judaism were a smokescreen for his subversion of genuine European socialism by people like Proudhon. He excorciated Jewish traits while blaming them on ‘capitalism’ (LOL).

      Similarly with Freud his psychoanalysis was used to break down European social mores and his attacks on Judaism/Jewish culture early on (as later he would become much more ethnocentric-i.e Moses and Monotheism) were a smokescreen for this. He universalised Jewish traits such as pedophillia claiming they were a problem of the gentiles too-nonsense (Jews-small gene pools, crowded living conditions, the talmud- much more child touching).

      In both cases the attacks on Jewish culture/religion were nothing more than a smokescreen for intense ethnic activision and subversion. Indeed what did Freud say when he first came to America? ‘they dont know it but we are brining them the plauge!’

      In either case criticism of Jews has been done better by well informed gentiles who at least had the benefit of acting in good faith.

      I do not need Jews to tell me how to think about Jews, even as proof- we have proof enough it has been four thousand years.

      • Weaver
        Weaver says:

        The amazing thing is how highly Freud is revered in academia, Marx and Einstein also. The students revere Freud and actually respect their professors, which amazed me.

        I asked an Econ professor what he thought about the distributist movement: he had never heard of it. However, he had Adam Smith and Karl Marx there in his bookshelf.

        I expect if we’re more honest about how bad things are, improvement will come. I’m not suggesting distributism is some necessary thing: It’s simply an important concept: (capitalism is big business; socialism is big government; distributism attempts smaller business and coops for larger size if possible).

        Stalin defeated Jews. He might have been a bad person, but there’s an example.

  4. Crush Limbraw
    Crush Limbraw says:

    Yes, but why is this happening? Until we at least BEGIN the process of discovery, we’ll be chasing our own tails blaming DaLeft, DaJews, etc….but not really understanding WTF and WHY it’s going on.
    Not saying I have all the answers, but I believe we need to begin at the beginning – which is creation itself as described plainly in the Bible.
    There is a dimension to life which most folks miss – – that is an introduction to a subject that both non-churchians and churchians miss. It will link to a more comprehensive collection of references……and for those willing to invest the time and effort, a whole library which can be researched.
    Let me just say this – DaSynagogue of Satan is real, but it isn’t composed of just Jews. The fact is that the servants of Satan first corrupted Christianity, turning it into Churchianity. Therefore, the defenders of Creation were essentially neutered. How about the Catholic Church for a current example – but they’re not alone by any means.
    Happy hunting!

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      Good points! The disturbing thing about conspiracy theories is that they oftentimes prove to be true. Likewise, the troubling, wild and crazy prophecies in the Revelation of Yahshua the Anointed are coming to pass.

  5. Coloseum
    Coloseum says:

    As “people of color” became a larger and larger part of the US population, and as the Muslim population increases, do Jewish Americans really believe that they will be as secure than they are now?

    Who is going to support Israel if the US and Western Europe are destroyed from within?

    Where would Jews move?

    Is the object of Jews to be safer from White antisemitism in the West, or is the object to destroy Whites and Christianity?

    What are Jews after, ultimately?

    • Lady Strange
      Lady Strange says:

      That’s what I’ve often wondered: when their host nations will be majority populated by primitive blacks and Muslim idiots, do they really believe that they will still enjoy apple  smartphones, private jets, villas in Miami and blond shiksas with blue eyes?
      Or their highly paid sinecures in all the attractive, prestigious professions? Their hold on all positions of power?

      They may hope to continue their lifestyle with the importation of South and East Asian white-collar peons – as they already do –   but they are mistaken (this subject would be developed for another time).

      To put it simply, their envy, hatred and fear of whites surpass all other considerations. (despite their legendary sense of self-interest and survival) .There may be a religious element in all of this and that is what some people will think, but for me it is a matter of real mental pathology.

      They have a primitive and magical way of thinking : for them everything that the whites have produced will continue to exist and magically renew itself while a paradise will be established on earth where the nice and  innocent Jews will never have to fear the evil white goyim again.

      Billions of benevolent non-whites who are in awe of the Jews will serve them, from whom they will never have to fear anything.( Despite all the evidence to the contrary ).

      It does not matter whether for the Talmudic idiots, it will be the reign of their Messiah or for the irreligious Jew, the neo-marxist multicultural paradise, it is all the same.

      So I came to the only possible conclusion, it is irrational, and It is useless to try to understand them or to reason with them, these lethal lunatics and parasites must be driven out of our societies.

      • Please look
        Please look says:

        ‘They have a primitive and magical way of thinking : for them everything that the whites have produced will continue to exist and magically renew itself while a paradise will be established on earth where the nice and innocent Jews will never have to fear the evil white goyim again.’

        It is simple projection. They are filled with sin, crimes and hate but they project it onto gentiles.

        The smarter Jews understand that they will eventually kill the host no matter what they do so they may as well have a grand time doing it while also preparing an escape route i.e China.

    • JimB
      JimB says:

      I don’t believe they (jews) are under any delusions on this score, I just think that they plan to deal with Muslims and other hostile nonwhites in a more straightforward manner, meaning raw warfare. The deception they use on us has been designed especially for us because they understand (somewhat) our psychology and fear direct open conflict with Whites. This isn’t the case with nonwhites. They’re not able to pull the same kind of tricks on them that they do on us. But at the same time they’re not too concerned with being out-warred by such low-IQ inferiors. So, if they were to manage getting rid of us via having us commit mass suicide (because that IS the game) the Muslims and other hostile nonwhites will simply be dealt with in the same manner that the Arabs of Palestine (now Israel) have been dealt with: machine guns, tanks, bombs and chemicals.

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      They’re conquering Latinos currently. “Evangelical Latinos” are a thing. They’re also wanting to get into China. The Chinese online will respond with some weird post about how someone can establish a Chinese family and live as Chinese, be fully Chinese.

      So, currently it seems Jews will take over. You can read the far right to see what’s wrong with whites: We lack identity, culture, structures, etc. We even identify with and take pride in this things (eg individualism and rationalism) and declare how much better we are for it.

      It’s like a slave bragging about how good he is at picking cotton. The worst are the defenders of the British Empire/classical liberals etc. We are very much Darwinian losers at this point. The demographics tell the story: a collapse.

      But hopefully things change with the Internet.

      • Weaver
        Weaver says:

        My spelling errors are due to spell check… and yes, I seem to oscillate between declaring Jews are declining and declaring they’re taking over…

    • Lokifant
      Lokifant says:

      Their goal is stated in the plan by Count Coudenhowe-Kalergi, the ‘ideological father’ of EU: To miscegenate all the world’s races into ONE dumb, coffee-coloured race toiling in the fields while we [jews] sit like effendis and eat”

  6. eah
    eah says:

    I like hard-hitting articles like this that do not mince words: these people are not only evil per se, i.e. because of what they believe and personally espouse, but even worse their efforts to undermine tradition, the demography of entire nations, and even common sense is obviously also manifestly evil as well — laying it out like this is the punch in the face some people need to see the brutal truth, and realize what’s at stake.

  7. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    I can think of no better description than ‘Evil Irony’ when facing the nightmarishly tragic fact that an overweight Jew that thinks he is a woman is the United States Deputy Secretary of HEALTH?

  8. Thaddeus Npble
    Thaddeus Npble says:

    My Grandfather said it best and I have always remembered his words.

    “ A JEW is a JEW is a JEW, all the way through, there are NEVER two”.

    Words of wisdom never to forget !!

  9. K M Landis
    K M Landis says:

    I agree with the first part of the title – men cannot be women (and vice versa). That’s self-evident. That’s a biological fact. Only a fool would argue otherwise. But why can’t a Jewish person also be an American? That’s not obvious.
    In this article, however, the author provides the correct response and explains why. “Leftists are lying when they say that men can become women. They’re also lying when they say that non-Whites can become Westerners. Female identity belongs only to women and Western identity belongs only to Whites. Not to Pakistanis or Somalis. And certainly not to Jews.”

  10. John Alder
    John Alder says:

    These vile dwarf like creatures are flooding our lands with a class of people I call the nugatory class. Great article one I hope all readers will share with others! Don’t stay mum just speak out!

  11. Ron Chapman
    Ron Chapman says:

    Thanks for a brilliant analysis Tobias!

    I suspect though, that the biggest reason for the success of the Talmudists in destroying the European civilisation (now seen as ‘white culture’) that was based on the remnants of the teachings of Christ Jesus that the Talmudic Pharisees were unable to completely eradicate by forcing the Romans to crucify Jesus and then getting Roman emperors to establish the Christian religion.

    Jesus did not incarnate to establish a religion and didn’t. He came to teach divine truths lost and corrupted by Pharisees and others over millennia. In addition, in an effort to distort and corrupt Jesus’ divine revelations, today’s Talmudic Khazarian Mafia (KM) pretend that they are ‘Jews’ in order to conceal the fact that they are a satanic elitist group dominating and leading a gullible tribe of Khazars (and some others), virtually none of whom descend from Semites that inhabited Palestine when Jesus preached there.

    The KM’s enormous success appears to be predicated upon their ability to LIE (as Jesus said) and thus to effectively use their indoctrinated, mind controlled Khazarian followers as a cloak beneath which they hide their demonic presence. Relatively few people of Khazarian extraction who think they are ‘Jews’ (i.e.descendants of Semites in Palestine during Jesus’ time) but are not, are actually satanic Talmudists, as clif high mentions:

    Thus the Western ‘white’ world has been deceived into identifying pretend ‘Jews’ as supposedly god’s favorites (as if that could even be a thing).The Scofield Bible and similar Talmudic deceptions have been instrumental in foisting that ridiculous belief on gullible Caucasians and others.

    All of this is to say that we misdirect ourselves by consistently identifying “Jews” as the nub of the problem when in fact most of them are ignorant, like most of us. Of course the “Jews” ethno-centric, cradle to grave mind controlling, avaricious upbringing*, makes them ready footsoldiers and supporters of the satanic KM who seek to ultimately enslave and destroy ALL non-Talmudists including those who think they are “Jews” but are not.

    *Before we despise rank and file “Jews” for their avaricious ethno-centric beliefs and attitudes though, we need to accept that ‘white’, erstwhile Christian, culture has been degraded by Talmudic trans-Westernist’s mind controlling propaganda to engender (pardon the pun) similar deficiencies although most White Westerners probably deludedly think they follow less evil leaders than the ‘Jews’ do. Actually there’s no difference. For instance USans, Anglos and other ‘whites’ have happily supported the KM controlled US military’s slaughter of millions of ‘foreigners’ just as the Israelis do.

    The joke is that the Talmudists have controlled most global leaders for decades, merely varying the pretend ideologies they espouse, like Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Feminism, Cultural Marxism et al, as necessary. As a result trans-Westerner ‘Jews’ have indeed almost destroyed our world but fortunately the global military Alliance headed by Trump, Putin and Xi is changing that as we speak.
    Peace and Blessings,

    • Liosnagcat
      Liosnagcat says:

      “As a result trans-Westerner ‘Jews’ have indeed almost destroyed our world but fortunately the global military Alliance headed by Trump, Putin and Xi is changing that as we speak.”

      On the anniversary of the start of the Russian special military operation, Putin gave a speech, outlining the hostility of “the West” toward Russian civilization and culture. A couple of days later, China issued a major report, itemizing U.S transgressions over the past century. Both the speech and the report were insightful and accurate enough to alienate the hell out of the U.S.’s uninformed, brainwashed masses, but neither Russia nor China mentioned the role of the Jews in formulating and executing the U.S. and Western policies they each criticized so forcefully. This tells indicates that the entire Ukrainian conflict is staged, with Russia and China cooperating with our bought-and-paid-for “leaders” in a take-down of Western Civilization. Brace yourself, because things stand to get a lot worse from this point on.

    • Lokifant
      Lokifant says:

      {Clutches pearls} “The people calling themselves jews today aren’t the jews mentioned in the Bible” The jews in the Bible were condemned by Jesus as offspring of Satan, and they ARE the same jews today.

      A genetic study showed that 97% of people named Cohen (with variations like Cohn, Kohn, Kohen, Kahn, Kahen) could be traced right back to the jewish priestking class Jesus called out for being the offspring of Satan

  12. WCH
    WCH says:

    The primary difference between Christian and Jewish religion is that Christianity is inclusive and Judaism is exclusive. Christianity is the reason the White West has failed. Whites need to discard their failed religion and evolve to secular realism. Example, as stated in this essay, men are not women.

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      Why would anyone care for race under secular realism? The promise of Christianity would seem the hope of a world divided into nations, under a common faith.

      However, many Christians don’t share this vision. Anyway, I just wanted to explain that vision. Greenlanders and Japanese seem fine with their pagan memories. Japanese aren’t fully conquered. South Korea is Christian and worse off than Japan. So, what do I know?

      But they aren’t “secular.”

    • Thaddeus Noble
      Thaddeus Noble says:

      You should ALWAYS view Christianity as a JEWISH grooming program. It has been a grooming program from day one and has been highly successful and profitable to JEWS.

      JEWS receive everything up front.
      Christians receive everything after they die.

      Sound rational to you ???

      JEWS benefit Up Front:

      JEWS receive constant credit for their God Yahweh being the only valid God.
      JEWS constantly force indoctrinated gullible Gentiles into believing that they “alone” are Yahweh’s chosen people.
      JEWS constantly pushing the narrative that Yahweh’s chosen people can do no wrong, and anything they do should be accepted as officially blessed and sanctioned by Yahweh himself and no mortal man should dare question it.
      JEWS were given the entire Middle East as their sole possession and ethnic cleansing to achieve that goal is morally acceptable, per Yahweh.
      JEWS move with impunity across borders and Evangelical Christian suckers foot the entire moving expense.
      (Russia>Israel, Ukraine>Israel)
      The list does go on………

      Christians benefit, after death:

      CHRISTIANS spend their entire lives worshiping a fictional Construct that includes the mythical belief of a second life, which we “ALL” know is absolutely scientifically impossible.
      CHRISTIANS allow themselves to be constantly milked for hard earned dollars to support agendas that they never benefit from financially other that “Warm Fuzzies” psychologically.
      CHRISTIANS are consistently indoctrinated to believe they are sinful, even at birth, to further hobble their desires to be self standing and beg to be yoked to the plow as self punishment and redemption.
      CHRISTIANS continue to psychologically damage their own progeny and impair their futures by perpetuating a religious doctrine they know full well is fictional.

      People who profess to be Christian’s are only Holsteins waiting to be milked for profit and ground into hamburgers when they dry up.

      Wise up people. The Elves of Satan are the script writers of this self enrichment scheme !! 👍

      • kerdasi amaq
        kerdasi amaq says:

        Thaddeus Noble

        Can you prove your assumptions instead of presuming their truth?

        The Jews “choseness” isn’t necessarily to their credit.

        If Jesus wasn’t the Messiah, then, it can’t be said that Caiaphas did anything wrong.

        • Thaddeus Noble
          Thaddeus Noble says:

          First and foremost !!!

          You have to FULLY understand that the ENTIRE Christianity concept is a carefully constructed project to groom gullible non-Jews into being mentally formatted to give Jews special status and treatment.

          EVERY single shred of the entire Jesus narrative is geared towards this end objective, from start to finish. Making a JEW, born under supernatural circumstances, TOTALLY dedicated to promoting, and entirely supporting, EVERY aspect of JEWISH religious canon and it’s contents, perform a continuous stream of supernatural events to bolster his Messiah credentials, forced to undergo horrendous punishment for his unprecedented dedication and support of JEWISH religious standards, and is then supernaturally zoomed up to heaven to be with Yahweh, the JEWISH god.

          Romans are the “bad guys” when, in actuality, Pontius pilot, as clearly exhibited in the Gospels, stated that he found no fault with the man and publicly washed his hands to clearly indicate, to all present, that Rome wanted nothing to do with this entire affair, period. As of this very point Rome was totally out of the picture, so you have no scourging or crucifixion by them.

          Post Jesus, gentiles were groom to become Jesus followers by being circumcised, following all JEWISH dietary rules, studying JEWISH religious requirements and accepting the God Yahweh as the one and only god and JEWS as his “ONLY” chosen people, and literally becoming proto JEWS.

          Over time, because of objections no doubt, the circumcision requirement and Kosher rules were made optional but the mental tethering remained tantamount for psychological control.

          Thus Christianity remains today, nothing more than a psychological grooming program and tool for Gentile control.

          Obviously you have to admit it is a profitable control program, where gullible Gentiles are force grooms literally from birth, to provide the JEW 1000% support, regardless of what they do.

          Your thoughts??

          • John Alder
            John Alder says:

            I’ve heard it said that the christian identity cult is judaism for White people. Hebrew is not an Aryan language so why grovel before a jewish tribal god called Yahweh? Our ancestors built great civilizations where is the great hebrew civilization? Reading the bible shows those bible jews to be just as big a bunch of vermin and scumbags as the jews of today so who in their right mind would want to claim them as their ancestors?!

  13. Forever Guilty
    Forever Guilty says:

    “Pakistanis can never be Scottish.”

    What happen when average British White person come across photos and articles about these fine, well tanned Pakistani-Indian gentlemen ?

    I do not know, but I instinctively hear bells ringing in my head something like: “Danger, Will Robinson! Danger! “

    And I think it is a normal and sadly (not really) bigoted reaction. I’m kind of lost why average White British do not feel that way.

    Perhaps there is some higher wisdom…

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      Intermarriage rates are very high in the US, likely also in at least parts of Europe. Girls are hardest hit by propaganda.

      I’ve talked, quite recently with a young Brit who told me, “Arabs are white.” Now, what did he mean by that? The specifics could matter. But it sounded to me like he saw no barrier there. So, where is the barrier?

      As to who is “white,” I don’t necessarily care. But I like the existence of distinct identities and cultures. “White” is just a word, one without much legal significance today. But future generations will miss these divisions, regardless their names.

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      Nick Griffin recommends for everyone, or every leader anyway, to take a genetics test. I suppose anything could be faked.

      And there might be some negative to sharing one’s genetic info with strangers, such as those at a testing agency. However, perhaps it’s already easy to target and test a person’s heritage without consent.

      Anyway, the different considerations are there.

  14. Robiul Hoque
    Robiul Hoque says:

    I White Race is unlike any other race because they are the only human race that is non-variably different from the predominate Brown human global population. Not only thst but Whites are few in number and inhabit a small portion of the world’s landmass negating the settler colonies which have been rapidly taken over by Nonwhites. This idea of trabs-Westernisn is a lie meant to make Whites believe they are variably different from brown people which is to say Whites are a lighter skinned version of them. But as a race of non-melanated coloration which comes from biological sources other than brown melanin I can say this isn’t true.

  15. Deb
    Deb says:

    Sturgeon’s hairstyle and color, as well as her facial structure is very similar to Angela Merkel’s. Topping off the physical similarities, they each have mean little mouths, very poison-dwarf like.

  16. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    A great week to read TOO: having both Mr.Langdon and Mr.Joyce all with a short span of time.
    Thought I’d share a few pieces of news that appearing in London daily papers and an article in the Saturday Times magazine, 25th Feb. ‘Misgendered councillor quits meeting’ ‘The leader of (culturally enriched) Newham Green Party walked out of the borough’s council meeting after being repeatedly misgendered by Labour councillors.
    A young male boarded the tube train that I was on returning from central London and he was wearing a dress. This unfortunately wasn’t enough to make induce sick nausea so I couldn’t retch on his dress. However, I got up and moved to another section of the carriage.
    ,The second news story is headed ‘TUBE SEX FIEND JAILED’ (they upper case type font), and ‘ “Cowardly predator assaulted three women in 11-day spree at stations’ (my lack of emphasis in the font). He has the very ‘British’ name of Mohammed Yahla Alloush, and for a twenty-six year old he looks at least 12 years older.
    As fate would have it, there is an absence of news radio and TV media follow-up about the aforementioned enricher.
    From the Times magazine story focusing on a chap named Nuchem Katz,’ who grew 5 miles from central London but he could not speak English’ featured in an article titled ‘My Ultra-Orthodox Life and Why I had to Escape It’; a compelling read about the indoctrination of the ‘chain of suffering (of and in the Jewish religious cultural diaspora in North London).

  17. B. Rockford
    B. Rockford says:

    @ Please Look
    All three were, typically, paradigm shifters, in the case of Marx and Freud dangerously so. The private and public remarks by Marx against Jews are not quite so simply and comprehensively explained; see e.g. Saul Singer’s convenient but short list @ The, May 8, 2019, online. He can be usefully quoted by people who dislike them and also wrong foot his leftist admirers. A few good refutations of Marx-Engels “theories” come from Jews (e.g. Schwarzschild, Bober, Rothbard) but the whole issue of his psychology, especially in relation to his ancestry, remains controversial and speculative, whereas in the case of Freud it is clearer. Psychoanalysis is pretty much a racket;

  18. jewels
    jewels says:

    they’d murder you children without thinking twice about it. Just look at them. Evil, rotten old pieces of sh#t in dire need of domestication.

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