Lana Lokteff on Red Ice: Scotland proud to have a Muslim First Minister, and Jordan Peterson proud to be a Race Denier

Watch the trained seals in the Scottish Parliament clap enthusiastically after electing someone who hates them to head the party and Scotland. And then there’s race denier Jordan Peterson claiming that the Muslim with a Pakistani background is White. Peterson made his name by resisting the pronoun fad, and is now a celebrity associating with the likes of Ben Shapiro (he’s strikes me as Shapiro’s lapdog) and having dinner with Shapiro and Netanyahu. We’ve had quite a bit on TOO about Peterson, including this takedown by Andrew Joyce on Peterson’s obliviousness about the anti-Jewish attitudes by his intellectual heroes, and my reply to some uninformed comments that he made about my work. The rest are here.

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  1. George Kocan
    George Kocan says:

    After many years, I have finally figured out what ‘White’ means. Many years ago, I thought that it mean Caucasian, even though many are dark or brown. But, ‘caucasian’ does not work. It really means ‘of European ancestry.’ It also means Christian. The war is against Christian culture and the Western Civilization build on it. The war seeks the inversion of all values, the Good, the True and the Beautiful become Evil, Lies and Ugly.

    • Mark Engholm
      Mark Engholm says:

      If the Jews live from their well-developed networks, they use the synergy effect. On the other hand, they impose total structural atomization on us, who are more or less their breeding ground. Our ancestors were already thinking about this 100 years ago.

      The result is always the same. The question urgently arises as to what means and methods they are using to bring us so totally under their rule? What effective counter-strategy can be used to break their spell and render it harmless?

      In a capitalist-oriented form of society, these are primarily material means of influence, but secondarily (geared towards our youth) ideological means, which go hand in hand, because they spend a lot of money on suppressing our national and racial instincts.

  2. What’s up Skip
    What’s up Skip says:

    I challenged a church-going ex-pat Scot opposed to Scottish independence, who studied history at an elite English university in the 1980s, about this. In reply to the question of whether that psychopath is Scottish he replied : “It’s a broad church” and would discuss the matter no further.

  3. Mark Engholm
    Mark Engholm says:

    Remember: “Enrichment” is always a one-way street, and it never leads to us. We racists, colonizers, exploiters and slave traders should show gratitude for being systematically colonized, plundered and racially stigmatized by Negroes, because this is not an enrichment for them, but only for us. I only managed to endure this “comedy” yesterday under almost unbearable emotional pain. I dare not imagine what a torture the filming alone must have been for the white baby. Only a woman’s brain can construct such “scripts”. In addition to four Negroes and a Tunisian woman, the cast also includes three Jews (Breitman, Elbaz and Jonasz). The producers also include a gentleman with the suspicious name of Sylvain Goldberg. The cameraman named Wandersman also seems to be Jewish. Activate Jewtube-autosubs:

    The “plot”: “Salimata and Paul Aloka have a happy marriage, but they still need a child to complete it. As Salimata is unable to have children, the couple have applied for adoption. When they receive the decisive call and are finally able to adopt a baby, their wish seems to come true. But to their surprise, Benjamin is white. However, this is not a problem for them at first, as they are already envisioning a successful future for the little one. Benjamin is a much bigger problem for Salimata’s Senegalese parents, who wanted nothing more than a little angel. They were deeply shocked when they found out about Benjamin’s skin color. Salimata also has to make it clear time and again in everyday life that she is not Benjamin’s nanny, but his mother. To make matters worse, social worker Madame Mallet comes to the door every few days to check on things. The fact that the Alokas are currently renovating their house with the help of their quirky friend Manu does not help the visits. To prevent Madame Mallet from finding out that Benjamin has been rejected by his potential grandparents, they tell her that his parents are out of the country due to a bereavement.

    When the Alokas take Manu to visit her friend Prune by the sea, Madame Mallet finds out that she has been lied to about Salimata’s parents. Mother Mamita seeks out Salimata and Paul and wants to find them a more suitable child, but she suddenly takes a liking to Benjamin. She also takes care of him, but has to hide him from her husband. As a result, there is a misunderstanding on the street and Benjamin is handed back into care by the police. There, the little boy stops eating and is admitted to hospital. The Alokas, together with Manu, Prune and Mamita, decide to go to their child. They eventually kidnap Benjamin and barricade themselves in a patient’s room and get Benjamin to eat again. To prevent further harm to their child, the Alokas give Benjamin back to Madame Mallet. However, the latter immediately gives him back and says that the Alokas are his family. The people in charge at the hospital let the family go.

    There is a big party for Benjamin’s first birthday, and Grandpa also comes to see his grandson.”

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