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Lana Lokteff on Red Ice: Scotland proud to have a Muslim First Minister, and Jordan Peterson proud to be a Race Denier

Watch the trained seals in the Scottish Parliament clap enthusiastically after electing someone who hates them to head the party and Scotland. And then there’s race denier Jordan Peterson claiming that the Muslim with a Pakistani background is White. Peterson made his name by resisting the pronoun fad, and is now a celebrity associating with […]


Jordan Peterson Comes Out Against Multiculturalism: “Miracle of Stupidity”

News outlets have recently come out with an interview that Jordan Peterson had with Camilia Tomney in which he described multiculturalism as “so puerile and moralising and unsophisticated that it’s kind of a miracle of stupidity” (Ben Chapman, GB News, 11/5/2023). Jordan further stated that “multiculturalism is unlikely to succeed due to differing characteristics of […]


Jordan Peterson, again

Meanwhile Jordan Peterson, who went with Ben Shapiro to Israel to have a meeting with Netanyahu, is all in for Israel. Completely unbalanced. No mention of the blockade, the vicious occupation, ethnic cleansing, apartheid. Just another establishment figure no matter how much he rails against the WEF and says politically incorrect things about gender. See […]


Reply to Jordan Peterson on the Jewish Question — From His Heroes Part Four: Nietzsche

Go to Part 1: Solzhenitsyn Go to Part 2: Dostoevsky Go to Part 3: Jung A Reply from Nietzsche. Like these other figures, whose thought is sanitized and claimed by Peterson, Nietzsche possessed views of Jews quite at odds with Peterson’s own hasty conclusions. Robert Holub’s 2015 Nietzsche’s Jewish Problem: Between Anti-Semitism and Anti-Judaism (Princeton […]


Reply to Jordan Peterson on the Jewish Question — From His Heroes: Part Three: Jung

Go to Part 1: Solzhenitsyn. Go to Part 2: Dostoevsky A Reply to Jung. Jordan Peterson references Carl Jung in almost every interview, talk, or text he delivers, and these references are especially frequent in his lecture series on the Biblical stories. In 12 Rules for Life (p.131), Peterson describes Jung as both a “great […]


Reply to Jordan Peterson on the Jewish Question — From His Heroes Part Two: Dostoevsky

Go to Part 1: Solzhenitsyn. Jordan Peterson references Fyodor Dostoevsky in almost every interview, talk, or text he delivers —perhaps even more than he refers to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. His admiration for Dostoevsky is considerable and is made clear in 12 Rules for Life. In 12 Rules, Peterson refers to the Russian author as (p.68) “incomparable,” […]