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Chile’s Immigration Crossroads, Part 2

Go to Part 1. The Return of Sebastián Piñera Another enormous sign of hope was the result of the 2017 presidential election, during which center-right candidate and former president Sebastián Piñera made law and order a central issue of his campaign. In debates and interviews, he regularly toted around a graph that neatly showed the […]

Chile’s Immigration Crossroads, Part 1

The most defining trend of our era is the movement of non-Whites, jealous of the prosperous and stable societies created by Whites that they are incapable of building for themselves, flooding and fundamentally transforming White societies—it is the century of Camp of the Saints. The small Latin American nation of Chile, a very White place […]

Chilean President Sebastián Piñera Battles the Rising Tide of Color

Back in July of 2017, VDARE.com’s mainstay John Derbyshire noted that along with the rest of the white world, the small whitish Latin American nation of Chile is having its own troubles regarding our planet’s “rising tide of color.” Quoting from a recent piece put out by the Migration Policy Institute, he summarized: International migration […]