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A Review of “Why the Germans? Why the Jews?” — Part 3

Part 1 Part 2 Götz Aly’s selective application of his “pathological envy” thesis While asserting that German hostility toward Jews has its origins in a pathological “envy,” as a fervent leftist Aly would never extend this line of reasoning to account for the hostility of American Blacks or other non-White groups toward Whites. Aly can […]

A Review of “Why the Germans? Why the Jews?” — Part 1

A Review of “Why the Germans? Why the Jews?” by Götz Aly The culture of the Holocaust is destroying Germany. Endlessly reinforced over decades by the intellectual and media elite, the notion that Germans and their descendants are responsible for “the single most evil event in human history” has had such a demoralizing effect that […]

Jill Soloway and the “Transgender” Agenda, Part 2

Part 1. Promoting the idea of “gender fluidity” The ideological glue that holds Jill Soloway’s Transparent together is the deconstruction of the whole concept of gender. What does it mean to be a man? What does it mean to be a woman? As one character in the show puts it, “We’re just a bunch of […]

Jill Soloway and the “Transgender” Agenda, Part 1

  In a recent article I explored the Jewish role in the hyper-sexualization of Western culture. I made the point that this phenomenon — the most obvious result of the Jewish takeover and virtual monopolization of the Western media and entertainment industries — represents the deliberate ethno-political application of psychoanalytic theory to a Western culture […]

Jenji Kohan och den judiska hypersexualiseringen av västerländsk kultur

Original Article: Jenji Kohan and the Jewish Hyper-Sexualization of Western Culture Sexualisering Som det utförligt redogörs för Kritikkulturen, ansåg Freud och hans anhängare att antisemitism var en universell sjukdom som bottnade i undertryckt sexualitet. Den teoretiska grunden för detta finner man i Freuds Tre essäer om sexualiteten där han kopplade aggression till frustreringen av mänskliga drifter […]

The Indoctrination Game, Part 2: Jewish media influence as decisive in creating a positive public culture of homosexuality

Part 1 The recent Jewish sanctification of Alan Turing as noble gay victim and Nazi nemesis is the photographic negative of pre-and post-World War II Jewish efforts to smear Hitler and his National Socialist comrades as “sexual perverts.” For decades the supposedly sordid sex lives of Hitler and the Nazi leadership filled tomes. Allegations of […]