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The Breitbart Defections: Was it all about Jewish hostility toward Trump?

Given the seismic events shaking up the American political scene, the resignation of a 28-year-old female journalist from Breitbart seems a trifling  matter indeed. But in fact it throws into sharp relief why the rise of Donald Trump has Jewish conservatives in an uproar. It is a tangled tale that began when Michelle Fields claimed […]

The Legacy of Tony Blair: Deception and Jewish Ethnic Strategizing in the Creation of Multicultural Britain

Broken Vows Tom Bower London: Faber & Faber, 2016 Few political indiscretions in Britain have had the effect of the Andrew Neather leak of six years ago. The former speech writer for Tony Blair recalled a speech on immigration he had worked on and wrote: Earlier drafts I saw also included a driving political purpose: […]

From Communist to Neoconservative: The Ethnic Blindness of David Aaronovitch

A sepia-tinted picture of life in the Communist Party in post-war London is painted in Party Animals, a memoir by neoconservative journalist David Aaronovitch whose father was a full-time communist organiser and whose non-Jewish mother was equally staunch. Today Aaronovitch is a fashionable neoconservative who backed Britain’s involvement in George W Bush’s wars and now […]

The Trouble with Tommy

As striking as the initial silence over the Cologne outrage, the speed with which the media boycott suddenly seemed to crumble and fall was also remarkable.  Those media outlets, usually so quick to turn a blind eye, suddenly seemed to shake off their usual censorship reflexes and reported the story straight. Part of this was […]