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Dmitri Rogozin: Russians do not want privileges, but equality and justice

The World Policy Forum recently held a conference in Yaroslavl titled “The modern state in the age of social diversity.” It has attracted wide the attention of Russians as well as foreign experts and analysts. In particular, the speech delivered by Dr. Dimitry Rogozin, the Permanent Representative of Russia to NATO has attracted considerable attention […]

On Traitors and Victims: The Ans van Dijk Story

On a cold winter morning in January 1948 a Jewish woman, Ans van Dijk, was executed in Fort Bijlmer near Amsterdam after being sentenced to death for collaboration with the German occupiers during World War II. The pivotal questions are why a Jewish woman was executed after the liberation and how she became involved in […]

Enslaving White Women: The Phenomenon of the Alien ‘Loverboy’ in Holland

One of the darkest chapters of multiculturalism in Holland is the enslavement of White women by immigrant men, mainly Muslims (see also “Pakistani family networks prey on White girls in the UK“). The current antiracist discourse makes White parents and their daughters blind to the dangers of foreign men. Since the 1990s the luring of […]

Notes on Holland: The Mauro Case

Holland has seen a slow but steady restriction on immigration since the so-called Fortuyn-revolt of 2002, but the Left is constantly fighting back by bringing up cases of individual ‘asylum seekers’ to gain sympathy from the public. The latest case is that one of the Angolan boy Mauro Manuel. Manuel Mauro was born on November […]