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Jeffrey Goldberg’s fantasy world

In his review of Hilaire Belloc’s The Jews, Andrew Joyce writes:  Belloc pours scorn on this falsehood [i.e., falsifying history to always portray Jews exclusively as victims] not only because it “corrodes the souls of those who indulge in it (134),” but also because it “produces in the Jew a false sense of security and a […]


Muslim Anti-Jewish Hatred

In the last decade, 40,000 Jews packed their bags and left France. It is a mass exodus of one tenth of the total Jewish population. According to a report, of the half-million Jews currently living in France, 40 percent or 200,000 Jews are also considering the possibility of moving to Israel. … Many historic French […]


The War Against Whites Is Massively Incentivized

Given Andrew Joyce’s tweet, I thought I would repost this. When Greenblatt says that “tackling hate is a priority for shareholders,” what he really means, as elucidated by @TOOEdit, is that there are massive incentives for anti-White activity. — Joyce (@TOQJoyce) December 19, 2017 The war on Whites is getting increasingly obvious, to the point […]


America as a Promised Land for Jews: Threatened by Muslims, Israel and White Identity?

Note: This is an edited, linked version of my talk at the NPI conference in Washington, DC, November 19, 2016. I am going to talk about Jews. It’s not that I relish doing this, but somebody’s got to do it, and it’s definitely a subject that needs to be addressed as best we can, fairly […]


Trump and the Jews, #6: Ramping up the hate (and paranoia) as we approach the finish line

With precious little time left to go in the election, it seems like Jewish angst is ramping up, although of course, not all Jews see Donald Trump as a disaster (see previous articles in this series). Here’s a typical Trump rally as imagined by New York magazine writer Jonathan Chait. Another huge Trump rally last night that isn’t […]