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The Extreme Hyper-Ethnocentrism of Jews on Display in Israeli attitudes toward the Gaza War

If you know anything about traditional Jewish ethics (i.e., Jewish ethics before a great deal of intellectual work was performed aimed at providing a rationale for Judaism as a modern religion in the West—apparent in the Wikipedia article on Jewish ethics), you know that pre-Enlightenment Jewish ethics was entirely based on whether actions applied to […]

The Unpunished: How Extremists Took Over Israel After 50 years of failure to stop violence and terrorism against Palestinians by Jewish ultranationalists, lawlessness has become the law.

One of my theories about Judaism is that the most radical, most ethnocentric Jews tend to provide the direction for the entire Jewish community in the long run: “Zionism and the Internal Dynamics of Judaism.” This has happened once again in contemporary Israel and is supported enthusiastically by the mainstream Jewish community in the U.S. […]

Judaism Is About Love?

As every Palestinian knows, Judaism is about love. Deception or self-deception? JUDAISM IS ABOUT LOVE Rabbi Shai Held ORDER NOW BOOK TOUR DATES ABOUT THE BOOK “A paradigm-shifting study.” – Publishers Weekly (starred review) “Highly literate, thought-provoking, persuasive…” – Kirkus Reviews (starred review) A profound, startling new understanding of Jewish life, illuminating the forgotten heart of […]