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TOQlive Announcement

The Occidental Quarterly is starting a new monthly video show featuring James Edwards of The Political Cesspool fame interviewing various figures associated with TOQ, beginning with editor Kevin MacDonald. Shows will air live the first Sunday of every month for 90 minutes, including 30 minutes for audience questions. Shows will begin at 8 PM Eastern, […]

Lincoln’s Rhetoric on the Struggle Between Good and Evil: Relevance to the Present

In writing a chapter on Puritanism for my projected book on the Western liberal tradition, I came across a fascinating portrait of Lincoln by conservative intellectual M. E. Bradford — a portrait that is quite pertinent to the current political climate. Bradford, incidentally, was an early victim of the neocon takeover of the conservative movement […]

Fall 2018 issue of TOQ is available!

The Fall issue of TOQ is available to electronic subscribers. Just recently we were booted off Square, likely due to the activism of one Jessica Schulberg, who, one can be sure, has zero concern about advancing her ethnic interests (she describes TOQ as a “racist journal”). Given all the de-platforming and cutting off of financial services […]

Yet another exchange with Nathan Cofnas

Nathan Cofnas has replied to my critique of his comments on Ed Dutton (see list of my three previous exchanges with Cofnas in the References section; I realize this is getting confusing). There is nothing new here. Again, there is the tendency to ignore critical passages of Culture of Critique (CofC) as well as my […]