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Darryl Cooper (@martyrmade) on the 2020 election

Darryl Cooper put out a Tweet storm on the 2020 election that is incisive while never treading into far-out stuff. Suitable for mainstream conservative audiences, which is why Tucker Carlson read it on air. This is the kind of thing that should persuade normies/liberals that indeed there is a very powerful elite in America that […]

National Justice: Yolk TV: Jews Control New “Woke” Asian Media Initiative

From National Justice: A brand new anti-white media initiative aimed at influencing and mobilizing Asian-Americans has launched. The enterprise, which calls itself “Yolk.tv,” claims to be the “uninhibited, authentic expression of Asian American identity…” While there appear to be some Asians working for Yolk as low level writers, its most important positions are occupied by Jews. The publication’s […]

We have moved.

As noted previously, we have moved to Hayden, Idaho. I would like to close out the mailbox in Medford, OR, so please note the change of address. This is especially important for people who are sending recurrent contributions (Thanks!!). The new address is: The Occidental Observer 9323 N. Government Way, Suite 69 Hayden, ID 83835 […]