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By Way of Deception

Jewish history is replete with examples of deception, including the Old  Testament: The Biblical stories of sojourning by the patriarchs among foreigners are very prominently featured in Genesis. Typically there is an emphasis on deception and exploitation of the host population, after which the Jews leave a despoiled host population, having increased their own wealth […]

The Working-Class Future of the GOP

AXIOS article by Mike Allen, Jim VandeHei: Republicans, long reliant on big business and the rich, see a post-Trump future centered on working class white, Hispanic and Black voters, top GOP officials tell Axios. Why it matters: This is a substantial shift, born of necessity and the post-Trump reality. It would push Republicans further away from the […]

Germany: Knowledge Superfluous —Thinking Undesirable — Lateral Thinking Forbidden!

From the German Magazine UN Unabhängige Nachrichten (Independent News) 1/2021) Translated by The Hun. After 70 years of free democratic governments and state political education work, is democracy so weak, so sick, that its continued existence must be strengthened with billions of taxpayers’ money? For a long time, more than 100 million euros of taxpayers’ […]

Roberta Kaplan: Jewish lawfare activist

Roberta Kaplan is a good example of what makes Jewish activism so effective: smart, well-connected, hyper-aggressive, in the context of a court system sympathetic to her causes. She is suing the Charlottesville protesters and was behind the successful gay marriage lawsuit. Now she is also going after Trump. Attorney Roberta Kaplan is about to make […]

First Thoughts on the Breach of the Capitol by Trump Backers: The Left Will Now Enact Permanent Hegemony

1. The obvious: violence and property destruction all summer by the left—still continuing in Portland et al.— tolerated by politicians and ignored by most of media which is now outraged by the breach of the Capitol. Sedition!! Insurrection!! How quickly they forget all the violence by the left, including the riots in DC before, during, […]