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How I got to be an ethnic activist

I am now involved in yet another Twitter war with @nathancofnas. He wrote another diatribe against me in an academic journal that won’t let me reply. One of the threads started with Cofnas claiming I was an ethnic activist (see Twitter feed here). I responded as follows, somewhat edited: As I said many times, I […]

Christopher Caldwell’s “Why Are We in Ukraine? A steep bill comes due for decades of democracy promotion.”

Writing for the traditionally neocon-friendly Claremont Institute, Christopher Caldwell  (Summer, 2022) describes the unintended consequences of the Ukraine war—consequences that are indeed playing out now. Caldwell starts out with Prof. John Mearsheimer’s view on the causes of the war: [2014] was a hinge year. Ukrainian diplomats had been negotiating an “association agreement” with the European […]

Those Gullible Christian Zionists—Again

If you watch Fox News, you see lots of ads soliciting money for Jews in Ukraine from gullible Christian Zionists. This is based on a Mondoweiss article on a film on Christian Zionism. Here’s the trailer, with folks like Yael Eckstein, John Hagee, Trump admin luminaries and more. “In a classroom where children have collected their loose […]

Project Veritas shows how the liberal-left system works in elementary ed.

BREAKING: @emeadowschools Asst. Superintendent ‘Covertly’ Pushes DEI; Says ‘Sexual Identity’ Important to Make ‘Connection with Kids’; Reveals ‘EXPLOSION’ of Trans Kids in Wake of COVID Pandemic “Conservative movement will say…‘Why do we need to sexualize kids at a young age?’” pic.twitter.com/b8bwFSDmsK — Project Veritas (@Project_Veritas) March 8, 2023 Notice the administrator is gay, Black kids […]

Twitter feed from E.P. Kaufmann showing the effectiveness of propaganda on children

Eric Kaufmann is a professor politics based in the UK. I reviewed his book The Rise and Fall of Anglo-America here. We can only hope that the Millennials will wake up at some point. Kaufmann’s Twitter feed can be accessed at: https://twitter.com/epkaufm/status/1629091524746129408?s=20 1/ Why school indoctrination is working, and will make the Republicans unelectable in […]