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We have moved.

As noted previously, we have moved to Hayden, Idaho. I would like to close out the mailbox in Medford, OR, so please note the change of address. This is especially important for people who are sending recurrent contributions (Thanks!!). The new address is: The Occidental Observer 9323 N. Government Way, Suite 69 Hayden, ID 83835 […]

Jared Taylor on “The Heroic White Tribe of Africa”

This is an excellent overview of the tragic history of the Boers. For a bit more detail on the “British greed” that motivated the English-Boer war of 1899, see Part 2 of Andrew Joyce’s “Free to Cheat: ‘Jewish Emancipation’ and the Anglo-Jewish Cousinhood.” The relevant excerpt: Another example of the Cousinhood’s increasing grip on the […]

Anti-White Hate and White Ethnomasochism at the Opera

Given the obsession with “systemic White racism,” it’s not at all surprising that enterprising non-Whites can make a career out of their supposed oppression. A very lucrative career in many cases. A big problem for those intent on displacing White culture is the world of classical music. Brenton Sanderson described the assault on classical music […]

Expressions of Anti-White Hatred in High Places: Aruna Khilanani at Yale

As I noted in Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition, explicit expressions of anti-White hate are one of the most important of the psychological mechanisms that will wake White people up to identify as White and have a sense of White interests (section titled “Expressions of Anti-White Hatred Promote White Ethnocentrism, here). Recently it has come out […]

The Psychology of Moral Communities, Part 5 of 5: Psychological Mechanisms for a White Renaissance

Go to Part 1 Go to Part 2 Go to Part 3 Go to Part 4 Psychological Mechanisms for a White Renaissance In general, individualists are less ethnocentric than others, but this does not imply that they are incapable of ethnocentrism. It makes sense a priori to suppose that natural selection would act to make humans—even […]

We have moved!

I felt a need to relocate after being doxxed where I was previously. You never know what might happen once you are outed, with the militant left able to flout the law in many places, particularly in Oregon where I was previously. So I moved but remained in the Northwest. This is the new mailing […]