Christopher Donovan: Law School: White Advocates Might Just Apply

Christopher Donovan: The legal job market is awful.  Even when it’s not, the promise of fulfilling and plentiful $100K+ jobs is a lie.  Law school creates huge debts (often on top of college debt) that can’t be paid down easily by most lawyers, who sometimes earn less than the police officers they work with in criminal law or the accountants they work with in civil law.

By now — exacerbated by the economic slump — everyone’s on to this as you can see from this article in the Wall Street Journal.

On a personal note, I can vouch for all this.  I went to a modestly-ranked law school in New York City and graduated cum laude, but this was nowhere near enough to land an associate position at the likes of Sullivan & Cromwell — or even many lesser firms.  And it seems that no matter what you end up doing — transactional work at a big firm, insurance defense or Legal Aid — it’s going to be mind-numbing, repetitive, unglamorous work, with pay that’s better than journalism (my earlier career) but still not always so impressive.

But going to law school, for me, wasn’t all about the possibility of getting rich.  Part of my motivation was the anti-White discrimination I’d experienced in my life, and the dawning realization that Whites as a group were getting pretty unfair treatment.  Thus far, being a lawyer has paid some dividends, and I hope it pays more.  Even if you never take up the White cause as a lawyer, understanding the law gives one a great advantage in a society that’s become ripped apart by multiracialism and turns to lawyers for every little thing.  In simply blogging about the issues, I write from a stronger position than someone unfamiliar with the working of American law.

For college-age White advocates out there, consider law school.  Jews through the years have correctly recognized that the legal arena is a great place to advance your cause, and they have done so with undeniable success (and have caused undeniable harm to us).  Whites should take note.

Christopher Donovan is the pen name of an attorney and former journalist. Email him.

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