Christopher Donovan: The Media Eclipse That is Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart is riding high these days.  The Jewish funnyman — born John Leibowitz — hosts the top-rated Daily Show, released the best-selling book Earth:  The Book and is set for a satirical rally designed to mock the conservative Whites who attended the Glenn Beck rally.  President Obama is scheduled to appear on his show.

He is of course celebrated by his co-ethnics in the media as a genius.

He isn’t, of course.  He’s a modestly funny, left-wing Jew straight from the tradition of the culture of critique.  America, to him, is a big place filled with dumb, doughy Whites whose foibles deserve merciless skewering.  He throws in the occasional mockery of others for an appearance of balance.

His own background is typically Jewish — and typically connected.  He’s from New Jersey, claims anti-Semitic bullying as a child, has a brother who’s chief operating officer of the New York Stock Exchange, and was once roommates with Anthony Weiner, the Jewish Congressman from New York City (to whom Stewart donates).

Stewart, like Al Franken, enjoys taking his mockery of White America into the policy realm.  It’s a compounding of the mockery, as if to say, “You see how stupid these White Americans are?  I make fun of them, and then they let me actually walk into a power position, where I can mock them and their political system further.”

Through it all, humor serves as a devastating weapon:  Stewart himself parries the Jewish issue with gentle self-mocking — enough to get everyone laughing, but certainly not enough to abdicate his role.  I’m sure he’s got a bagful of wisecracks and video clips for any “anti-Semites” who come his way.

The problem with a John Stewart is that through of combination of Jewish activism and White gentile gullibility, he’s managed to become the entire media unto himself — news and entertainment wrapped into one.  Both my parents and in-laws think he’s great — along with other relatives who might actually be confused about whether The Daily Show is real or fake.  But who should know better.  They’re entertained by the cheap laughs, but don’t get that the joke is really on them.

So that’s where my complaint is.  Not necessarily with Jon Stewart — though it would be nice to see him back doing the 2 a.m. set at the comedy club instead of commanding the attention of all of America.  But with Whites, who should get a clue about who Jon Stewart is and what his real motivations are.  And then ignore him, even if he is occasionally funny.

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