Christoper Donovan: Hate-Fueled Black Mass Murderer in Connecticut Spun as 'Disgruntled Man' by Media

In Connecticut the other day, a black employee of a beer distributorship shot and killed 8 presumably white employees.  I say “presumably”, because his quip was “I killed the five racists that was there bothering me.”
Yet the majority of the MSM totally underplayed the racial angle, for reasons everyone by now understands:  the killer was black, and the victims were white.  My own local newspaper made absolutely no mention of the racial element in the small brief it ran.  But given that race was what (rightly or wrongly) drove the entire incident, the media’s censorship of this is a gross dereliction of duty. 
Here’s the AP’s take.
(As usual, the commenters inject the common sense that the media won’t give on its own.  Just look at the first five comments alone:  all of them note the double standard against whites and the underplaying of the story.  They don’t differ much from the comments on American Renaissance or this website.)
Readers are deprived of any understanding of what happened.  Importantly for whites, what would have been a story that balanced the “whites are bad, blacks are good” media line is kept away from them, thus rendering them poorly equipped in the policy debates and ultimately, less physically safe.  In other words, the media, through its unfair treatment of whites, is actually contributing to whites’ exposure to physical danger. 
Worse than underplaying it, some media outlets even attempted to spin the black murderer as a hero for having cut down “racists” in the workplace.  From CBS news,  Manchester, Conn. (CBS/WFSB/AP(Omar Thornton: “I Killed the Five Racists):
Family members say Omar Thornton, the man suspected in the Tuesday morning massacre at Hartford Distributors, was a quiet, hard-working man who wasn’t a violent person, but was pushed to the breaking point by harassment at work. 
Nobody, of course, is questioning the “racism” of these Connecticut workers (yes, Connecticut, home of so many bloodthirsty white racists).  Yet we do get the trickle of information that the killer was videotaped stealing beer, and had been confronted over it.  I can tell you that plenty of blacks are so steeped in racial entitlement that they would consider someone who merely confronted them over a crime they actually committed to be a “racist”, i.e., anyone who dares challenge their right to steal.  It’s a safe bet the killer fit this category.  Given how difficult it is to fire a black worker (lawsuits come quick), he must have been an inveterate troublemaker.
I also doubt that he would have found a hanging noose, given that this type of incident is frequently faked or claimed in order to engender sympathy.  There also doesn’t seem to be an prior reporting of this incident.
By now it should go without saying that a white employee who targeted 8 blacks for killing would be automatically termed a “white supremacist.”
Whites need to understand that media can spin any set of facts to fit its anti-white agenda — even the horrific killing of 8 whites by a black supremacist.  The bigger picture, of course, is a society in which most of the elite institutions — the media, government, academia — is populated by Jews, non-whites and liberal whites who seek the total submission of whites.  As the Connecticut shooting shows, whites face more than political or cultural dispossession and displacement — they face literal death.

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