2010 TOO Fundraising Appeal: Tax-Deductible Contributions Now Possible

There have been several changes at TOO. The new look seems to be working out with most people. We are certainly grateful to Matt Parrott and his anonymous helpers who have uploaded the hundreds of old TOO files to the new site.

Another major change is that donations to TOO are now tax deductible through the Charles Martel Society, the same organization that sponsors The Occidental Quarterly. TOO and TOQ remain separate entities (even though I am editor of both TOQ and TOO). However, money donated to TOO is now routed into a separate account at the CMS.

The ability of American donors to write off their contributions should be a breakthrough in our ability to securely fund TOO.  We have certainly achieved quite a bit on a relative shoestring but we need additional funds to consolidate and expand. To a considerable extent, our success has depended on the good will of our contributors. Several of our stalwarts are providing material gratis, and others (including those involved in the website redesign) are underpaid in terms of their situation in life and need for income. Whereas there are hundreds of well-paid professional ethnic activists working for our enemies, White advocacy is all about personal self-sacrifice and enlightened self-interest of people who understand the importance of our project for the long term prospects of our people.

But we will never be effective if those motives remain the only bases of operation. We must professionalize. Doing so will bring substantial benefits, especially in the long run. People active in pro-White advocacy should anticipate that they have a future—that open White activism is a viable career option. That will be a huge step forward for our people.

Payment will doubtless remain far below the levels of columnists for the New York Times or the Weekly Standard. That is acceptable because we know that our writers take joy in sharing the truth with their people. But we need to give them enough to live.

The reasons for contributing to TOO have never been more obvious. TOO occupies a unique space on the Internet. Quite simply, we are the only site where Jewish issues are consistently discussed openly and honestly, with intellectual depth and without resorting to name calling and propaganda. As everyone knows by now, the mainstream media routinely avoids discussions of Jewish issues in a way that might offend Jewish sensibilities. Just in the last few months, it has been stunning to behold how quickly Rick Sanchez and Helen Thomas were fired because they dared to depart from the media mantra of Jews as oppressed and morally above reproach. The message is clear: Don’t mess with the Jews. Truth and reasonableness are not defenses. As Joe Sobran said, a hypocritical etiquette forces most commentators to portray Jews as powerless and oppressed victims—and if you depart from this line these “victims” will destroy you.

We routinely discuss issues such as Jewish influence on the media, the influence of the Israel Lobby on US foreign policy, Jewish ethnic networking (so apparent in the choice of Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court), hypocritical attitudes of Jews on issues of race and multi-culturalism in Israel versus the Diaspora, historical research on Jewish issues (e.g., the series on Alexandr Solzhenitsyn’s 200 Years Together.) When Jewish writers like Charles Krauthammer, Alan Dershowitz, and Jonah (and Jeffrey and J.J.) Goldberg expound on issues in the mainstream media as if they are motivated by nothing more than high-minded moral principles and the interests of the United States, we point to their ethnic commitments, their hypocrisy and their double standards. We de-clothe the emperor.

This is a very exciting time. There is very encouraging progress in Europe where concern about Muslim immigration has led to an upsurge of mainstream political parties that reflect disenchantment with the multicultural future envisioned by the elites. There is enormous anger among lower- and middle-class Whites in the United States, but there is a crying need for intellectual leadership that will direct this anger into explicit opposition to multiculturalism and massive non-White immigration and an explicit awareness of all of the forces that oppose our interests.

Please help make us stronger. The links for tax deductible donations are here. This page also provides instructions for donors who wish to remain anonymous or prefer to send checks. And foreign donors and others unconcerned about US taxes may use the link on the main donations page or go here directly.

Thanks for thinking of TOO.

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