Friends of Israel: Old and New Patterns in British Politics

Two interesting patterns became apparent after the recent general election in Britain. One of them has been extensively discussed in the mainstream media. The other hasn’t been discussed at all. Why not? Because it involves Britain’s most powerful ethnic group and that group intends to maintain its stranglehold on British politics. Power that can’t be discussed is also power that can’t be challenged.

Key qualities of the left

First, let’s look at the pattern that could be discussed in the mainstream: the resounding success of the Scottish National Party, which held six of fifty-nine seats in Scotland before the election. Now it holds fifty-six. A huge Labour majority has evaporated in a single day. The fiasco is further proof that the left doesn’t understand the societies it wants to control. As I pointed out in “The Toxicity of Truth,” parties like Labour are interested in power, not in facts, logic or objective reality. But their insatiable greed for power is sometimes thwarted by another of their key qualities: their boundless incompetence.

Mini-Obama: Nicola Sturgeon

Mini-Obama: Nicola Sturgeon

Labour gave Scotland more and more autonomy in the confident belief that this would “kill Scottish nationalism stone dead.” They thought they were injecting cyanide into the SNP. In fact, they were injecting steroids. Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP’s authoritarian, high-testosterone female leader, became a kind of mini-Obama during the election campaign. Just as millions of deluded narcissists in Europe wished they could vote for Obama in 2008, so thousands of deluded narcissists in England wished they could vote for Sturgeon in 2015. After all, she wants to put “equality and fairness” at the heart of Scottish politics, and she favours immigration and refugee policy that would only speed the Third Worldization of the U.K. What could be nobler than that?

But “equality” is an Orwellian term when it’s used by a left-winger. Like Obama, Sturgeon doesn’t want to make women, homosexuals and non-Whites equal. No, she wants to make them privileged, immune from criticism, free to abuse power as they please. If the SNP win full independence for Scotland, they will do what a very similar ruling elite has done across the North Sea in Sweden: open Scotland’s borders to the Third World and begin to destroy their own nation.

Friends of Israel

That is what Labour did to England after they won the general election in 1997, assisted by their many Scottish MPs. Thanks to their own incompetent meddling, Labour have now lost their dominance in Scotland, perhaps for good. Even their Scottish leader, Jim Murphy, lost his seat in the SNP landslide. Did his constituents finally rebel against his membership of the warmongering neo-con Henry Jackson Society? No. Most of them will never have heard of the Society, to which prominent Tories like Michael Gove also belong.

Nor will his constituents have heard of another organization that gave orders to Murphy: Labour Friends of Israel, which was the most important and influential lobby-group in British politics during the previous Labour government. Now that role is taken by its mirror-image: Conservative Friends of Israel. If anyone thinks Britain is a genuine democracy, they haven’t been paying attention.

Whichever party wins a general election in Britain, Jewish donors will exercise a disproportionate influence on the policies it then follows. But if you say that British politics are dominated by Jewish concerns, you will be damned as an anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist by all mainstream commentators. What do the facts matter, after all? But the evidence for Jewish influence is overwhelming, which is precisely why it can’t be discussed. Before the general election, the Tory party had two Jewish chairmen, the low-profile Lord Feldman and the high-profile Grant Shapps. Unfortunately, Shapps’ profile became a little too high: he was accused of making large sums of money by using disguise, trickery, plagiarism and testimonials from “people who seem not to exist.”

Meet the New Boss…

In a properly regulated society, such accusations, being clearly anti-Semitic in tone and motivation, would result in a stiff prison sentence. Alas, British society is not yet properly regulated and David Cameron, Britain’s part-Jewish, all-Zionist prime minister, felt the need to sideline Shapps after the election, making him “minister of state at the Department for International Development.” Shapps has been replaced as Tory chairman by one Robert Halfon, who will, according to Cameron, prove that the Tories are “the real party of working people.”

I doubt that, because I’ve been watching Robert Halfon for some time. Here he is back in 2010, hard at work on behalf of a foreign country:

The Friends of Israel Initiative was launched to a rapturous reception at the British Parliament …

At the invitation of the Honourable Robert Halfon, MP and hosted by the Henry Jackson Society, the Initiative was launched to a rapturous reception at the British Parliament on Monday, July 19. The event opened a UK front in the group’s campaign to bring reason and decency back to the discussion about Israel. Speaking in a packed Committee Room 14, scene of some of the most dramatic moments in British parliamentary history, former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar was joined at the launch by former president of the Italian Senate Marcello Pera, the acclaimed British historian Andrew Roberts and by British [author, academic and one time lawyer for Princess Diana, Anthony Julius. (Friends of Israel Initiative, 19th July 2010)

Robert Halfon (left) and other Friends of Israel

Robert Halfon (left) and other Friends of Israel

And here he is in 2014 discussing the millions of “working people” who support UKIP:

Ukip members ‘akin to Nazis’, says Tory MP who claims it has cleansed his party of extremists

A Tory MP has claimed Ukip has done David Cameron’s party a favour by “cleansing” it of people with extreme views. Robert Halfon accused Ukip MEP [Member of the European Parliament] Gerard Batten of supporting a policy “literally akin to the Nazis” by suggesting Muslims should sign a charter rejecting violence. …

Mr Halfon, whose Jewish grandfather was forced to flee Libya to escape persecution, added: “I genuinely find it abhorrent and frightening. I’m amazed that man is still an MEP. How someone could say such a thing and then not apologise for it…”

But he added: “In many ways Ukip have done us an enormous favour because they’re cleansing people from the Tory party that had these kinds of views, which is great because I don’t want people who have those kinds of views in my party. So good luck to them, really.” (Ukip members ‘akin to Nazis’, says Tory MP who claims it has cleansed his party of extremists, The Independent, 6th March 2014)

Steve Hilton, né Hircsák

Steve Hilton, né Hircsák

So Grant Shapps ceases to be Tory chairman and is replaced by Robert Halfon. Elsewhere, the decidedly non-conservative Steve Hilton, who thinks it would be an “incredible coup for London if Mike Bloomberg could be persuaded to run for mayor,” has returned to advise Cameron on further ways to strengthen cultural Marxism in the Tory party. Hilton, whose family originally came from Hungary and had the surname Hircsák, is very likely Jewish. His close collaborator, Oliver “Left-Wing” Letwin, is certainly Jewish. But this pattern of Jewish influence went entirely undiscussed in the mainstream media, despite its huge importance.

Freedom and Democracy

But the Jewish lobby’s plans for Britain are by no means complete. After the election, Cameron and Theresa May, our authoritarian, high-testosterone Home Secretary, announced that they want to defend the core British value of liberty by launching a further assault on liberty. It’s so precious it has to be severely rationed, you see. And guess who has warmly welcomed their proposals? None other than Moshe Kantor, the Russo-Jewish billionaire whose love of ugly paintings and hatred of White Christian Europe I discussed in “Moshe Is Monitoring You.”

Kantor channelled George Orwell for an article in the Daily Telegraph, the house-paper of the British franchise of Conservatism Inc. But while Orwell satirized double-think, Kantor expects his readers to take it seriously:

Britain is too tolerant of the intolerant

Measures proposed by David Cameron and Theresa May to crack down on Islamic extremism are crucial to protect our liberties

David Cameron’s counterterrorism bill marks a progressive step for freedom and democracy in the 21st century. In an age where war is waged by individuals, not armies, and weapons are readily available to anyone with the internet, we need new legislation to address adequately this changing security paradigm. According to the recent report on global anti-Semitic incidents by the Kantor Centre at Tel Aviv University, the UK registered the second highest number of violent assaults – and the largest percentage annual increase – of countries surveyed, up by 48 per cent, with 141 incidents in 2014, up from 95 in 2013. Not just incidents of anti-Semitic speech, however grotesque those are, but actual physical violence.

This dangerous behaviour has been evident for many years now, and as a representative and leader of European Jewry, I can attest to the increase of hate and intolerance experienced by Jews in the UK. The Jewish community does not experience this in isolation. All of society is currently dealing with this violent tide of extremism, and we will all benefit from decisive action from the UK Government.

Before now, in an attempt to stay true to liberal democratic tradition, the UK, and other European states have dogmatically, remained tolerant of the intolerant. They have allowed people to incite hate and to further radicalism, in the misguided and dangerous belief that freedom of speech is sacrosanct – whatever the cost. Radicalism may start with speech, but it does not end with speech alone. Speech invariably turns to violence, as we have seen across Europe and the world this year – against Jews and against many other law-abiding citizens. …

The time has come for us to commit to using the law to limit extremism which discriminates against religious belief and expression, yet maintains freedom of speech. If we continue to allow them to operate under the radar, we are knowingly undermining national security and the lives of the citizens the Government has been charged with protecting.

I have been a proponent of such legislation for a long time and I am working a draft pan-European Model Law for Secure Tolerance that I believe complements today’s measures and provides a framework for European states to review and implement for the sake of national security in an age of terrorism. Reasonable social and legal standards are needed to protect the rights of the individual and the sustainability of the multicultural community.

Legislation, however welcome, is not though enough on its own. It needs to be accompanied by better intelligence cooperation, smart policing methods and crucially educational initiatives to educate our young on the need for tolerance and community cohesion. (Britain is too tolerant of the intolerant, The Daily Telegraph, 13th May 2015)

Moshe Kantor: Tyranny Is Freedom

Moshe Kantor: Tyranny Is Freedom

You see? We have to defend liberty by destroying it. Mass immigration into Europe by violent and corrupt Muslims has been firmly supported by Jews like Kantor, but was never wanted by the native Whites of Europe. With classic chutzpah, Kantor uses the harm done by Muslim immigration to justify ever harsher laws against political resistance by Whites and ever more intrusive surveillance of their private lives. He then calls this neo-Stalinism a “progressive step for freedom and democracy.”

Have staunch libertarians like Mark Steyn, Nick Cohen and Douglas Murray ridiculed Kantor’s self-serving nonsense and condemned him as a dedicated enemy of free speech? No, of course not. When Kantor says he believes in “freedom and democracy,” he’s clearly lying. When Steyn, Cohen and Murray say they believe in free speech, they’re also lying. All four of them believe in something quite different: Jewish power and privilege.

But that single-minded dedication to power and privilege can backfire. Just like the Labour party, Kantor doesn’t care about facts, logic or objective reality. Labour pursued increased power in Scotland and ended up wiping themselves out. Kantor’s meddling in Europe may not deliver the neo-Stalinist tyranny he hopes for.

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