Moderate Extremism: Fantasy and Reality in Modern British Politics

Let’s play “Spot the Difference.” Here are some beliefs held by dangerous Islamist extremists:

∙ Islam is the one true faith and should tolerate no competition or criticism.
∙ Muslims who abandon their faith should be executed.
∙ Anyone who insults the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) should be executed.
∙ Homosexuality is an abomination and homosexuals should be executed.
∙ Jews are malevolent Islamophobes who want to rule the world.
∙ Men are masters over women and must keep them firmly in their place.
∙ Muslims are superior to non-Muslims and may exploit them as they see fit.

And here are some beliefs held by moderate mainstream Muslims:

∙ Islam is the one true faith and should tolerate no competition or criticism.
∙ Muslims who abandon their faith should be executed.
∙ Anyone who insults the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) should be executed.
∙ Homosexuality is an abomination and homosexuals should be executed.
∙ Jews are malevolent Islamophobes who want to rule the world.
∙ Men are masters over women and must keep them firmly in their place.
∙ Muslims are superior to non-Muslims and may exploit them as they see fit.

Can you spot any differences? Me neither. The beliefs of Islamist extremists look identical to the beliefs of mainstream Muslims. But British politicians have to pretend otherwise. David Cameron has just made a speech about countering the “extremism” that threatens the vibrancy of Brave New Britain. Here he is describing the United Kommunity:

Over generations, we have built something extraordinary in Britain – a successful multi-racial, multi-faith democracy. It’s open, diverse, welcoming – these characteristics are as British as queuing and talking about the weather. It is here in Britain where different people, from different backgrounds, who follow different religions and different customs don’t just rub alongside each other but are relatives and friends; husbands, wives, cousins, neighbours and colleagues. (David Cameron’s speech on counter-extremism, 20th July 2015)

That was the fantasy. Later in the speech Cameron contradicted himself by admitting the reality:

Indeed, there is a danger in some of our communities that you can go your whole life and have little to do with people from other faiths and backgrounds. … It cannot be right, for example, that people can grow up and go to school and hardly ever come into meaningful contact with people from other backgrounds and faiths. That doesn’t foster a sense of shared belonging and understanding – it can drive people apart. … Areas of cities and towns like Bradford or Oldham [heavily enriched with Muslims] continue to be some of the most segregated parts of our country. (David Cameron’s speech)

So first Cameron claims that we’ve built “a successful multi-racial, multi-faith democracy”, then he admits that in some “communities … you can go your whole life and have little to do with people from other faiths and backgrounds.” That’s a funny kind of success, isn’t it?

Democracy, Freedom and FGM

Here is some more of Cameron’s fantasizing:

We have, in our country, a very clear creed and we need to promote it much more confidently. Wherever we are from, whatever our background, whatever our religion, there are things we share together. We are all British. We respect democracy and the rule of law. We believe in freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of worship, equal rights regardless of race, sex, sexuality or faith. (David Cameron’s speech)

Got that? People in Britain are all British, which means they all believe in democracy, freedom and equal rights for everyone. Again, Cameron went on to contradict himself by admitting the reality:

It sickens me to think that there were nearly 4,000 cases of FGM [female genital mutilation] reported in our country last year alone. Four thousand cases; think about that. And 11,000 cases of so called honour-based violence over the last five years – and that’s just the reported cases.

We need more co-ordinated efforts to drive this out of our society. More prosecutions. No more turning a blind eye on the false basis of cultural sensitivities. … So I am glad we have gone further than any government in tackling these appalling crimes. And we are keeping up the pressure on cultural practices that can run directly counter to these vital values.

That’s why the Home Secretary has already announced a review of sharia courts. It’s why we have said we will toughen the regulations so schools have to report children who go missing from school rolls mid-year – some of whom, we fear, may be being forced into marriage. … There are other examples of this passive tolerance of practices running totally contrary to our values. The failure of social services, the police and local authorities, to deal with child sex abuse in places like Rotherham was frankly unforgiveable.

And look what happened in Tower Hamlets, in the heart of our capital city. We had political corruption on an epic scale: with voters intimidated and a court adjudicating on accusations of ‘undue spiritual influence’ for the first time since the 19th century. As the judge said: those in authority were too afraid to ‘confront wrongdoing for fear of allegations of racism’. (David Cameron’s speech)

Note that Cameron doesn’t name the “community” whose “cultural practices” are running “directly counter to these vital values” that all we British folk passionately believe in. It is of course the Muslim community. Now, because Muslims live in Britain, they’re British, which means – according to Cameron – that they all believe in democracy, freedom and equal rights. However, some mysterious force prevents them putting their beliefs into practice. Instead, they mutilate their daughters by the thousand, rape under-age White girls decade after decade, and create “political corruption on an epic scale.”

Stripping the mask from Islamic State

If that’s what a “successful multi-racial, multi-faith democracy” looks like, I’d hate to see an unsuccessful one. Note also that none of the above – the genital mutilation, the honour killings, the forced marriages, the mass rape, the political corruption – is carried out by “extremists.” All of it is standard practice among huge numbers of Muslims and all of it existed long before Al-Qaeda and Islamic State. So Cameron’s speech wasn’t simply about countering Islamist extremism: it was about countering the pathologies of mainstream Islam.

But how is he planning to defeat the extremists? He’s going to shine a bright light on some previously little-known aspects of their behaviour:

Let’s not forget our strongest weapon: our own liberal values. We should expose their extremism for what it is – a belief system that glorifies violence and subjugates its people – not least Muslim people. (David Cameron’s speech)

You see? We have to “expose” the “belief system” of Islamic State for it really is. Hitherto, they’ve concealed their glorification of violence by filming beheadings and then broadcasting them to the world over the internet. Cameron wants to strip that cunning and deceitful mask away. He wants “vulnerable” British Muslims to realize that Islamic State are not as warm and cuddly as their decapitation and incineration videos might make them appear. He doesn’t want more of our precious young folk lured to Syria or Iraq by sugar-coated propaganda that conceals the truth about Islamic State behind images of severed heads and sex-slave markets.

And he’s confident that exposing Islamic State as glorifiers of violence will help us to victory over extremism:

So this is how I believe we can win the struggle of our generation. Countering the extremist ideology by standing up and promoting our shared British values. Taking on extremism in all its forms – both violent and non-violent. Empowering those moderate and reforming voices who speak for the vast majority of Muslims that want to reclaim their religion. And addressing the identity crisis that some young people feel by bringing our communities together and extending opportunity to all. (David Cameron’s speech)

I’m puzzled by those claims. If “moderate and reforming voices” speak for the “vast majority of Muslims” in Britain, why do the voices need “empowering”? Why does Islam need “reclaiming”? Why is there an “identity crisis”? Why do “communities” need “bringing together”?

In fact, Cameron is again contradicting himself. His fantasies about the “vast majority” of Muslims in Britain have no connection with the reality. A poll of British adults by the Mirror showed that 1.5 million  identified themselves as supporters of “the brutal so-called Islamic State.” Given that non-Muslim Brits overwhelmingly oppose ISIS and that there are 3 million Muslims in Britain, this suggests that around half of Britain’s Muslims support ISIS.

But, staggeringly, the poll of 2,016 British adults taken over the weekend [4th-5th July 2015] also found that support for the terror group [Islamic State / Isis] was up by 2%, to 9%. It found that 3% have a “very favourable view”, up 1% from a year ago – suggesting that around half of Britain’s three million Muslims could be ISIS sympathisers. Another 6% admitted having a “somewhat favourable” view, up from five per cent last year.

Omer El-Hamdoon, president of the Muslim Association of Britain, said: “Any numbers which favour ISIS are worrying. The reasons will no doubt be varied. One reason may be due to the perception that ISIS represents an opponent to the West and those who are dissatisfied or disenfranchised with the new Tory policies – of further cuts and civil rights strangulation – are using this anonymous platform to express their frustration.” (Muslim leader: ‘ISIS-supporting Brits may be disenfranchised by Tory cuts,’ The Daily Mirror, 7th July 2015)

Heretics and non-Muslims

With figures like those, Cameron may not find it so easy to harness British Muslims’ passion for democracy, freedom and equal rights after all. But his clever strategy against extremism involves more than exposure of Islamic State’s violent side. He’s also appointed the Tory peer Tariq Ahmad as “Minister for Countering Extremism.” Lord Ahmad is of Pakistani Muslim heritage, so he’ll surely be welcomed with open arms by his fellow British Muslims.

Or will he? You see, there is a slight problem. Lord Ahmad actually belongs to a Muslim sect called the Ahmadiyya or Ahmadis.  This will mean nothing to most non-Muslims, so imagine a Muslim government creating a Ministry of Christian affairs and then putting a Mormon or Jehovah’s Witness in charge of it. Would Catholics and Protestants recognize him as a fellow Christian? I don’t think so. The attitude of mainstream Muslims to Ahmadis is even less positive:

[I]n a number of Islamic countries, especially Sunni-dominated nations, Ahmadis have been considered heretics and non-Muslim, and subjected to persecution and systematic oppression. Ahmadis are declared as Non-Muslims and further deprived of religious rights in the Second Amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan and Ordinance XX. Hundreds of Ahmadis were killed in the 1953 Lahore riots, 1974 Anti-Ahmadiyya riots and May 2010 attacks on Ahmadi mosques in Lahore. …

With one million Ahmadis in Pakistan, persecution of Ahmadis has been particularly severe and systematic in Pakistan, which is the only state to have officially declared the Ahmadis non-Muslims. Here they are prohibited by law from self-identifying as Muslims, and their freedom of religion has been curtailed by a series of ordinances, acts and constitutional amendments. … As a result, persecution and hate-related incidents are constantly reported from different parts of the country, and Ahmadis have been the target of many attacks led by various religious groups. Madrasahs of all sects of Islam in Pakistan prescribe reading materials for their students specifically targeted at refuting Ahmadiyya beliefs. (Persecution of Ahmadis, Wikipedia)

The theoretical physicist Abdus Salam won a Nobel Prize for Pakistan in 1979. The Muslim world has very few modern achievements in science and technology, but Pakistan doesn’t celebrate its only Nobel laureate in science. Why not? Because Salam was an Ahmadi. In the light of such hostility to Ahmadis, Tariq Ahmad’s appointment as as Minister for Countering Extremism looks rather like a deliberate insult to me. However, Britain’s vibrant Muslim communities can hardly complain or they’ll expose themselves for the bigots that they really are.

But there’s more to Ahmad’s appointment than his membership of a heretical sect. Just like Sajid Javid, the Judaeo-sycophantic Tory I discussed in “Betraying Your Own,” Ahmad made his fortune in finance, working for companies like AllianceBernstein (sic). In other words, like Sajid Javid and David Cameron himself, Tariq Ahmad is certified kosher. He made his money in a Jewish milieu and is guaranteed not to challenge the Jewish interests that run the Conservative party. This is another reason for mainstream Muslims in Britain to reject him, because “anti-Semitism” is something else that unites Islamist extremists and mainstream Muslims. Cameron referred to it here:

It [radicalization] may begin with hearing about the so-called Jewish conspiracy and then develop into hostility to the West and fundamental liberal values, before finally becoming a cultish attachment to death. Put another way, the extremist world view is the gateway, and violence is the ultimate destination. (David Cameron’s speech)

His Master’s Voice

So if you hold “extremist” views about Jewish influence on politics and culture, you are heading inevitably towards violence. Where have I heard that line before? It was earlier this year:

Before now, in an attempt to stay true to liberal democratic tradition, the UK, and other European states have dogmatically, remained tolerant of the intolerant. They have allowed people to incite hate and to further radicalism, in the misguided and dangerous belief that freedom of speech is sacrosanct –  whatever the cost. Radicalism may start with speech, but it does not end with speech alone. Speech invariably turns to violence, as we have seen across Europe and the world this year – against Jews and against many other law-abiding citizens. (Britain is too tolerant of the intolerant, The Daily Telegraph, 13th May 2015)

Those are the words of Moshe Kantor, the ugly-art-loving, Christianity-hating Russian billionaire who heads the European Jewish Congress (EJC). Kantor has just signed the disgusting traitor Tony Blair up as chairman of the Orwellian “European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation,” but it’s obvious that his money and connections have brought him control over David Cameron too.

I make that claim as a member of what Cameron calls the “despicable” and “poisonous” “far right.” It’s not at all poisonous, apparently, to import millions of Third Worlders into Britain who practise suicide-bombing, public beheading, child-rape, genital mutilation, honour-killings, forced marriage and “political corruption on an epic scale.” No, all that’s healthy for the country and something to be celebrated. But if you discuss the role of Britain’s vibrant Jewish community in this enrichment from the Third World, you’re a poisonous and despicable extremist.

The lies of the hostile elite

Well, the cap fits, so I’ll just have to wear it. It’s not an argument to call an opinion “despicable,” “poisonous” or “extremist.” It’s a rhetorical evasion. For example, I claim that British politics are controlled for the worse by Jewish interests and Jewish money. I can back that claim with copious evidence, from the huge over-representation of Jews among the Tory elite to the central role of Labour’s Greville Janner in the current establishment sex abuse scandal. Put aside the question of whether Janner is guilty. That remains uncertain, despite the many accusations against him. What is not uncertain is this: on the government’s own admission he should have been prosecuted many years ago.

Quite clearly there was a long-lasting conspiracy at the highest levels to keep Janner out of the dock. Are we supposed to believe that the conspiracy had no connection with Janner’s Jewish identity and role as a prominent Zionist and Holocaust campaigner? Like the rest of Britain’s current political class, Cameron doesn’t care in the slightest about the suffering inflicted by Muslims on ordinary British Whites. He’s now using Muslim pathologies to justify further assaults on free speech and further surveillance of the entire British population. The same hostile elite that caused the disease are now offering to cure it by gutting traditional British liberties.

As ever, the hostile elite are lying. It isn’t “extremist” to believe that Muslims are a curse on any nation that hosts them or that David Cameron is a lying traitor whose only thought is to serve Jewish interests. It’s a sane and accurate reading of modern British politics. That’s precisely why Moshe Kantor and his minion Cameron want those who express such beliefs to go to jail. If they could win the argument, they would. They can’t, so they want to silence dissent by force. That’s what Cameron means by “liberal values”: the hardcore communism under which Moshe Kantor was born and which he now wants to impose on the whole of Europe.

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