Wicked Muslims, Innocent Jews: The Deceit and Double-Think of Mark Steyn

My late father simultaneously abhorred Muslims and adulated Jews. Muslims were savage, stupid and very bad for the West. Jews were civilized, intelligent and very good for the West. What more need be said? A lot, I thought. I pointed out that Muslims were in the West because of Jews. My father dismissed this as nonsense. Jews weren’t stupid and Muslims were enemies of Jews. Therefore Jews could not possibly want Muslims in the West.

Reality shmeality

I produced copious evidence to back my claim, but it didn’t alter my father’s views in the slightest. If his subjective logic said Jews opposed Muslim immigration, while objective reality said they supported it, then so much the worse for reality. Muslims were bad, Jews were good. End of story. It should be no surprise, then, that my father was also a big fan of Mark Steyn, the shape-shifting neo-conservative who has recently aired one of his favourite themes:

Islamophobe Mark Steyn

Pre-war Europeans would never have entertained for a moment the construction of mosques from Malmö to Marseilles. But post-war Holocaust guilt, and the revulsion against nationalism and the embrace of multiculturalism and mass immigration, enabled the Islamization of Europe. The principal beneficiaries of the Continent’s penance for the great moral stain of the 20th century turned out to be the Muslims — with the Jews on the receiving end, yet again. (Butcher Bob Out of His Job?, SteynOnline, 15th November 2017)

He then said, with unblushing chutzpah, “It would help to be able to talk about this issue honestly.”

It would indeed, but there is no honesty in what Mark Steyn says about “the Islamization of Europe.” Take the idea that Jews have been on the “receiving end” of Muslim violence in Europe, as though Jews have been its first and worst victims. Steyn himself knows that this is a lie:

In the current issue of the Mark Steyn Club newsletter, The Clubbable Steyn, I recount my visit to Rotherham to meet some of those “raped and exploited white girls”. Actually, I’m not sure the general term “raped and exploited” quite covers the particular horrors inflicted on them — urinated on by groups of Muslim men, dangled over balconies, doused in petrol as their tormentors danced around them with cigarette lighters, etc. (The Mood Music of Mohammed, SteynOnline, 28th August 2017)

Not a Jewish place

How many of those “raped and exploited” girls are Jewish? Apparently none whatsoever. To paraphrase the Jewish Chronicle: Rotherham is not a Jewish place. Nor is Rotherham unique: Muslims have been committing similar crimes all over Western Europe for decades. They have also been beating, murdering and ethnically cleansing ordinary European Whites for decades. And consuming the taxes of ordinary European Whites through their welfare-dependency and their demands on public health services. The European media recently had a feel-good story about “seven-year-old Hassan,” a boy saved by new medical techniques after “losing 80 per cent of his skin to a rare genetic condition.”

The stories did not discuss the enormous cost of the new techniques, but did disclose these facts: a) the boy was “born in Syria, but now living in Germany”; b) owed his condition to “faulty genes inherited from one or both parents.” In other words,    ordinary Germans are paying for problems caused by Muslim inbreeding, which is common in Syria. Genetic diseases that are “rare” among outbred Whites are not rare among inbred Muslims. But are Jews on the “receiving end” of the bill for sick Muslims like little Hassan? No, if Germany is anything like Britain, it’s entirely possible that they make a profit instead: “It’s a little known fact that over 20 per cent of the medicines that the [British] NHS [National Health Service] uses come from Teva, an Israeli company, and it’s rising, heading towards 25 per cent.”

Rejecting repatriation

But Steyn’s big lie about who suffers from Islamization by no means exhausts his dishonesty. Take his claim that “Holocaust guilt” explains Muslim immigration into Europe. Britain was at war with Nazi Germany before the Holocaust began and was a devastated nation by the war’s end. Ordinary Britons rightly felt that they had paid an enormous price to help defeat the Nazis. I can assure Mark Steyn that they felt absolutely no guilt over Nazi crimes.

And how did those ordinary Britons react when mass immigration began after the war? With anger and hostility. They did not want their country invaded, as Britain’s political elite were perfectly aware. In 2013 Roy Hattersley, a former Deputy Leader of the Labour party, asked a damning question in the Guardian: “Should I, in 1964, have called for what a clear majority of my constituents, and most of the country, undoubtedly wanted — the repatriation of all Commonwealth immigrants?” His answer was firmly negative. After all, why should proles have any say in what happens to their neighbourhoods, their country and their children’s future?

MacShane’s myopia

It is no coincidence that Hattersley has a Jewish wife, a literary agent called Maggie Pearlstine who has overseen his profitable literary career. His pro-immigration, pro-minority views are taken from the hostile Jewish elite, not from the working-class he pretended to serve in parliament. Those views are shared by Denis MacShane (né Matyjaszek), the Labour MP and bon vivant who represented Rotherham while White working-class girls were, in Mark Steyn’s words, being “urinated on by groups of Muslim men, dangled over balconies, doused in petrol as their tormentors danced around them with cigarette lighters, etc.”

Despite his passionate commitment to feminism and child-welfare, MacShane entirely failed to spot what was happening in his “wonderful constituency of Rotherham.” Why the failure? Well, he was too busy fighting fascism, chairing the “All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Antisemitism,” and otherwise being, as the Jewish Chronicle put it, one of the Jewish community’s “greatest champions.”

MacShane was jailed in 2013 after he committed fraud to fund his campaigning on behalf of Jews in Europe. I can assure Mark Steyn that if Jews felt that Muslim immigration was bad for Jews, then MacShane would have opposed said immigration long, loud and often. He didn’t. Quite the reverse: he was part of a Labour government that massively and clandestinely increased Muslim immigration. And guess what? The immigration minister who oversaw that massive increase was one Barbara Roche, a Jewish SJW who “entered politics — she still emphasises this today — to combat anti-semitism and xenophobia in general.” Perhaps Mark Steyn missed the huge publicity given to Roche’s Islamophilia at the beginning of 2016:

Islamophile Barbara Roche

‘It was clear Roche wanted more immigrants to come to Britain,’ recalled Stephen Boys-Smith, the new head of the immigration directorate. ‘She didn’t see her job as controlling entry, but by looking at the wider picture “in a holistic way” she wanted us to see the benefit of a multicultural society.’ Jack Straw [the part-Jewish Home Secretary] never openly contradicted Roche — it simply wasn’t worth the risk of alienating the Labour Party. So she set to work on a speech, in which she outlined the advantages of reducing controls to immigration and portrayed asylum seekers as skilled labour. She didn’t discuss what she was going to say with Straw. …

‘Well done, Barbara,’ Blair told Roche soon [after the speech]. Despite its controversial content, her speech passed relatively unnoticed. But migrants quickly grasped its importance and passed the news on to their friends and family across the world. Labour was letting more people in, they told them, and — unlike other European countries — Britain would provide benefits and state housing. …

One of Roche’s legacies was hundreds more migrants camped in squalor in Sangatte, outside Calais, where they tried to smuggle themselves onto lorries. News about the new liberalism — and in particular the welfare benefits — now began attracting Somalis who’d previously settled in other EU countries. Although there was no historic or cultural link between Somalia and Britain, more than 200,000 came. Since most were untrained and would be dependent on welfare, the Home Office could have refused them entry. But they were granted ‘exceptional leave to remain’. [Et cetera ad nauseam] (Conman Blair’s cynical conspiracy to deceive the British people and let in 2million migrants against the rules, The Daily Mail, 26th February 2016)

I assume that Mark Steyn is aware that Somalis are Muslim. A British journalist called Rod Liddle certainly is. In 2009, he was widely condemned for writing that “many Somalis have come to Britain as immigrants recently, where they are widely admired for their strong work ethic, respect for the law and keen, piercing, intelligence.” The title of his piece was “Muslim savages update.”

Like Steyn and my late father, Liddle is another big fan of Jews and big opponent of Muslims. Apparently he too failed to spot Barbara Roche’s Islamophilia.

Friends of Islam in Ireland and Norway

The Islamophilia was shared by an immigration minister in Britain’s close neighbour Ireland. The minister was called Alan Shatter and this is how his departure from office was covered by the blogger Irish Savant:

Islamophile Alan Shatter

If you read [Shatter’s] valedictory address you’ll find it hard to believe his brief was (cough) Justice and Defence. Because most of the address is given over to his ‘achievement’ in granting Irish (and hence EU) citizenship to a motley collection of 68,000 Third Worlders (=1.5% of the Irish population) in the 28 months he’s been in office. Prior to that the annual average was just a couple of hundred.

So even his attenuated period in office will enable him to look back with satisfaction at the scale of his nation-wrecking. But this is somewhat offset by the glorious own-goal he scored in relation to the public’s perception of Jews generally. Because it’s fair to say he came to be universally loathed for, among other things, his overweening arrogance and willingness to throw everybody and anybody under the bus to save his own skin. To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, even his own friends hated him. (“Rejoice! The rat departs,” The Irish Savant, 7th May 2014)

Fancy that: just like the Islamophile Barbara Roche, the Islamophile Alan Shatter was Jewish. Irish Savant has also chronicled another Islamophile in one of Britain’s neighbours:

Islamophile Erwin Kohn

Meet Erwin Kohn, President of the Jewish Community in Norway and also — and you’ll be surprised by this — Deputy Director of the Norwegian Centre Against Racism. Erwin is a busy boy. In this interview you can hear him say: “Norwegian society is too homogeneous, too white. So there is a job to be done.” And we all know the nature of that job, don’t we, children? Erwin shakes his head wearily. But at least money isn’t a problem. “We have generous funding,” he assures the interviewer. And who provides this funding? Why, it’s the Norwegian Government. You know, the ones sworn to represent the very people being blended out by Kohn’s project.

But despite the size of the task, much good work has already been undertaken. Most of eastern Oslo has by now been enriched beyond recognition by New Norwegians from Pakistan, Somalia and Nigeria. With generous helpings of Iraqis, Kosovars and Albanians. Why, Mohammed is now the most popular boy’s name in Oslo, the nation’s capital. Mind you this has not been an unmixed blessing, not least because an epidemic of rape has coincided with the arrival of the New Norwegians. And the police report that every single rape in Oslo over a recent five year period was attributable to an enricher. Every single one. … As for you Kohn, you despicable back-stabbing nation-wrecking ingrate, I hope that one day you roast in the Seventh Circle of Hell along with your fellow-travelling fifth columnists such as Alan Shatter,Barbara Lerner Specter and Anetta Kahane. (“Norway’s Alan Shatter,” The Irish Savant, 24th March 2015)

Islamophile Anetta Kahane

Barbara Lerner Spectre and Anetta Kahane are Jewish Islamophiles who have facilitated Muslim immigration into Sweden and Germany, respectively. And it’s the same story in every other Western nation. Wherever you find Muslim immigration, you will find Jews facilitating the immigration, suppressing White resistance to it, and profiting from ever-increasing demand for housing, food and medical services.

Islamophobes and airheads

But Mark Steyn has apparently missed all of this. According to him, Jews have played no part in the “Islamization” of the West, being the helpless, hapless and voiceless victims of White European stupidity. Steyn’s readers accept his lies without question. Indeed, some of them go even further than Steyn does: White Europeans haven’t merely been stupid, but actively malevolent in opening Europe’s borders to Muslims. Here are two responses to Steyn’s “Wicked Muslims, Poor Jews!” nonsense:

Edmond Watson • Nov 15, 2017 at 13:09

“The principal beneficiaries…turned out to be the Muslims — with the Jews on the receiving end, yet again.” Makes one suspicious that the deference to Muslims is actually another way for anti-semites to persecute.

Owen Morgan • Nov 15, 2017 at 14:25

I don’t think there is any doubt about it. Britain’s Labour Party is desperate to claim the muslim vote and will indulge almost any amount of anti-Semitism. Even when the offence is so extreme as to incur a mealy-mouthed reprimand, the guilty individual is at most suspended and then allowed back, after a perfunctory and formulaic “apology”. The Liberal Democrats also have persistent offenders.

The Conservatives have less of a problem with anti-Semitism, but they certainly are guilty of appeasement of muslims, one notorious instance being the elevation of failed Parliamentary candidate (and weapons-grade airhead) Sayeeda Warsi to the House of Lords and her appointment to chair the Conservative Party. Despite her manifest unsuitability, she was maintained in the job for two years and was then given a ministerial post for nearly two years more. (Comments on Butcher Bob Out of His Job?, SteynOnline, 15th November 2017)

“Owen Morgan” (a suspiciously goyish name) doesn’t mention that the “weapons-grade airhead” Sayeeda Warsi was in fact a co-chair of the Conservative Party with Lord Feldman, who is Jewish and oversaw the ascent of the part-Jewish David Cameron to the premiership. Both men were, of course, members of Conservative Friends of Israel, which has been described by the Jewish Chronicle as “the biggest lobbying group in Westminster.”

In other words, Sayeeda Warsi’s ascent to high office wasn’t “appeasement of Muslims”: it was a way to ensure that the top of the Conservative party was less White, less male and less Christian. The same is true of Priti Patel, the Hindu shabbos-shiksa who shilled for Israel until her Jewish controller Lord Polak “got too cocky for his own good.”

Islamization is a Jewish project

Britain is not a democracy: it is an oligarchy. The most influential component of this oligarchy is Jewish, and if Jews opposed Third World immigration it would not be happening. That is why mass immigration by Muslims and other Third Worlders has taken place here decade after decade despite being opposed by “most of the country,” as the traitorous philosemite Roy Hattersley put it. The Islamization of Europe is a Jewish project. If Mark Steyn truly opposed Islamization, then he would, like Melanie Phillips, criticize Jewish support for it. Instead, he resorts to what Orwell called doublethink, or “the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.”

On the one hand, Steyn claims that Jews are “on the receiving end” of Islamization. On the other hand, he has met those who have genuinely been on the receiving end: the “raped and exploited white girls” of Rotherham, not one of whom has ever been reported to be Jewish. In short, Mark Steyn is a liar and a confidence-trickster. Some years ago, as Larry Auster noted with horror, there was an unmistakable note of gloating in what Steyn wrote about Islamization:

Some of us think an Islamic Europe will be easier for America to deal with than the present Europe of cynical, wily, duplicitous pseudo-allies. But getting there is certain to be messy, and violent.

Until the shape of the new Europe begins to emerge, there’s no point picking fights with the terminally ill. The old Europe is dying, and Mr. Bush did the diplomatic equivalent of the Oscar night lifetime-achievement tribute at which the current stars salute a once glamorous old-timer whose fading aura is no threat to them. The 21st century is being built elsewhere. (U.S. can sit back and watch Europe implode, Jewish World Review, 28th February 2005)

An anonymous commenter at the London Spectator once gloated even more explicitly, if less elegantly. The author, who calls himself “voidist” writes:

the swedes have been itching like the Germans to have an islamic, jew hating Country….the more islamists you have the more difficult it is for the jews to live in that Country…in Malmo swedes and arabs combined together to haunt and terrorise jewish residents…most of malmo is now jew-free…. unfortunately for the swedes , thier anti-semitism has now back fired…it seems thier arab Brothers have an own Agenda…….and i have booked myself a ringside seat and ordered some Popcorn…who said that the Karma wheel is defunct ? (The Spectator no longer allows links to its comments)

It is ludicrous to suggest, as “voidist” does, that Sweden has imported Muslims to harm its Jewish minority. Muslim immigration there has had the enthusiastic support of Jews based in Sweden like Barbara Lerner Specter and Peter Wolodarski. Accordingly, I suspect that “voidist” is both Jewish and expressing a characteristically warped, deceptive or self-deceptive Jewish psychology. There are certainly many Jews who simultaneously deny any Jewish role in the Islamization of Europe, believe that Jews are suffering first and worst from it, and gloat over the way in which it is harming White Europeans.

Islamophile Peter Wolodarski

In any case, not only are many of the major figures promoting Third World immigration to Europe Jewish as discussed here, there is not one Jewish organization that I am aware of (and yes, Jewish organizations are lavishly funded and highly influential) that does not welcome this invasion.

Mark Steyn is the cheerleader and champion of the gloaters and reality-deniers. His undoubted intelligence and literary talent make him more culpable, not less. Instead of serving the truth, he has served the Tribe. And it is long past time for him to admit his errors and change his ways.

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